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  1. The Intellivision was born on December 3rd, 1979. Before we get into more holiday madness, let's look forward to playing a favorite title or 2 before we go to bed tonight. If you have a Twitter account, tweet this! Spread the love! Thanks folks!
  2. All, I've made a minor but useful update to AS1600 in this release. jzIntv should be unchanged, other than to be freshly compiled. Download the update here: http://spatula-city.org/~im14u2c/intv/ Updates: The -m (aka --show-map) flag now works again. This will print a memory map summary for your program at the end of assembly. The new -e flag (aka. --err-if-overwritten) flag now enables ROM overwrite checks. (More below.) The new directives ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN and FORCE_OVERWRITE now provide the ability to warn about overwriting already-assembled ROM, with the ability to override the warning. What is ROM overwrite? First, the tl;dr: The most common symptom is that your program has started crashing and you don't know why. Add the '-e' flag to your assemble script, and this will become an assemble time error than a run time error. Longer explanation: Consider the following simple example: . ORG $5000 DECLE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ORG $5004 DECLE 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . This code assembles 8 words at $5000 - $5007, and then assembles 8 more words at $5004 - $500B. The second part overwrites the ROM assembled at $5004 - $500F. AS1600 currently does not warn about this. Usually, when this happens, it is an error, but occasionally it's a feature. For example, I'll often assemble a fixed pattern into memory, and then assemble my game over top of that, so I have a consistent fill value for the portions of ROM I'm not using yet. The latest release of AS1600 adds directives to control this behavior. I'll just paste the documentation from jzintv/doc/utilities/as1600.txt here: . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN expr Mark code as "not intended to be overwritten" FORCE_OVERWRITE expr Force code to be overwritten anyway ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ By default, AS1600 lets you assemble new code over addresses you've already assembled code into. That allows for some interesting tricks; however, most often this is really an error. The ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN directive controls a flag that indicates whether the code that follows may be safely overwritten. 0 means "safe to overwrite", while 1 means "throw an error if overwritten." >>> Note: ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN defaults to 0. You can change the default at >> the command line by adding the flag -e or --err-if-overwritten For example, if I wanted to fill some ROM with a fixed pattern, and then overwrite it with final code, I could do something like this: ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN 0 ; About to write some filler data ORG $6000 REPEAT 4096 / 8 DECLE -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1 ENDR ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN 1 ; Now overwrite it with real code ORG $6000 ; The following generates no errors or warnings. fun: PROC MVII #ISR, R0 MVO R0, $100 SWAP R0 MVO R0, $101 ;... ENDP ; This code, however, will trigger an error, because it's overwriting ; the code we just assembled at 'fun': ORG $6000 DECLE 12, 34 ; ERROR - ROM overwrite error on $6000 - $6001 The FORCE_OVERWRITE directive gives you the ability to forcibly overwrite code that was previously assembled with ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN == 1. Revisiting the previous example: ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN 1 ; Now overwrite it with real code ORG $6000 fun: PROC MVII #ISR, R0 MVO R0, $100 SWAP R0 MVO R0, $101 ;... ENDP ; With FORCE_OVERWRITE, this code now assembles without errors. FORCE_OVERWRITE 1 ORG $6000 DECLE 12, 34 The FORCE_OVERWRITE directive is meant for use in specialized macros that may wish to "back-patch" code that otherwise should have ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN turned on. Use it sparingly. There is no way to query the current state of ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN or FORCE_OVERWRITE. If you need to track that for some reason, wrap these in macros. Truth table: ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN FORCE_OVERWRITE Result on an overwrite off off No error off ON No error ON off Report an error ON ON No error Note that ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN tags current code to detect _future_ attempts to overwrite, while FORCE_OVERWRITE affects the code you're assembling right now. For example, this still generates an error, because the first DECLE was assembled with ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN == 1: ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN 1 ORG $6000 DECLE 1234 ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN 0 ORG $6000 DECLE 3456 Conversely, this example does _not_ generate an error: ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN 0 ORG $6000 DECLE 1234 ERR_IF_OVERWRITTEN 1 ORG $6000 DECLE 3456
  3. So we've entered the season of pumpkin spice... well... everything. So I bring you the Pumpkin Spice Patrol! spicepat.zip
  4. Hello! Long time lurker of the forums here at AtariAge, this is my first post ever! I wanted to let you know of a project I am involved in, a New Retro Gaming Magazine called "Classic Console Magazine". As someone who has lurked on the site for a while, I know of all of the people who claim they are working on a retro gaming magazine, only for it never to see the light of day. I also know that there is an awesome magazine called Retro that many on here subscribe to. Understanding that, we are attempting to approach things from a different avenue. We are doing this as we are fans of retro gaming, and are offering it for FREE and via digital only. The old model of magazine subscriptions is dying, and if we did it the traditional way and offered print copies from the start, we wouldn't last anymore than a couple of months.. we are also a monthly publication, as we felt having monthly issues instead of bi-monthly will help us grow a larger base of subscribers quicker by offering more good content. I also decided to wait until the first issue was out to post here just so everyone knows we are really serious! We are in this for the long haul. If you would like to subscribe, simply visit our website: classicconsolemag.weebly.com I am always looking for article submissions, so if you have any ideas for an article you might want published send me an email: [email protected] We already have a small team of dedicated writers in place, but the more the merrier! Unfortunately at this point we can not provide any compensation for articles submitted, we are all doing it as a labor of love.. maybe someday that will change. I have added a few pics so you guys can know what we are all about. Thanks for your time! -Josh
  5. Intellivision Triple Challenge Complete In Replica Box Comes with working cartridge and original manual. Shipped in a plastic game case and in an actual box, NO PADDED ENVELOPE! Game tested and working but sold as is. Happy bidding! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283777473494
  6. I already posted a video on youtube about it & it was posted on Intellivison Revolution (thanks IR btw). I am just posting this to just show a better photo of it & does anyone know how much it's worth. I need to get a intellivision, so I can see whats on it.
  7. Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents Following some false starts and many delays, I am very proud and happy to announce that the game Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents is finally available for sale to the general public. Christmas Carol is a wholly new and original game concept, designed and programmed by James Pujals (a.k.a "DZ") and professionally produced by Left Turn Only Productions. As Carol Greenleaf, one of Santa's most trusted elves, you must explore the dark and frozen Ice-Cube Caverns to retrieve all the presents before the Evil Snowman returns. Packed with whimsical charm and exciting arcade action, Christmas Carol offers fun for kids and adults alike, and is destined to become an instant classic! The game comes complete with instruction booklet printed on high-quality glossy paper, and hand-controller overlays, all packaged in a glorious "gate-fold" style box. For more information on the game, or to place and order, please visit the official Christmas Carol web site at: http://www.CarolVsGhost.com/ The game is sold directly by Left Turn Only, LLC. Make sure to visit their site for information on additional game titles and other products available for sale. Also, visit the official game site often to stay abreast of the latest development in the world of Christmas Carol. Thank you all for your patience. It's been a wild and difficult ride to this point, but we've made it. I hope you all enjoy the game as much as I've enjoyed making it. It truly is a fun and charming game. Regards, dZ.
  8. I wrote up a quick and dirty C program to simulate many millions of tics of weather movement across the Utopia map, to see if there are any biases inherent in the weather algorithm. It turns out there are. The weather turns out to be very sensitive to its initial velocity, in fact. The weather movement algorithm is pretty simple. Weather always originates from [27, 0], with a velocity of [+5/8, +4/8]. (+5/8 means it takes 8 tics to move 5 pixels.) On any given tic, there's a 1-in-10 chance of modifying the weather's velocity. If the algorithm decides to adjust the weather velocity, it picks a direction (N/S/E/W) and increments the velocity by 1/8 in that direction. If the weather moves off screen, it gets deactivated. It turns out that the fixed starting location/velocity and the deactivate-on-exit behavior lead to a pretty stable distribution of "likely weather" areas. Furthermore, the right island seems to get more weather than the left island, on average, if my simulation is accurate. Below is my "heat map". Every four bands in the color spectrum represent a factor of 10 difference in likelihood that pixel seeing weather. Two adjacent bands in the color map are approx a factor of 1.78 apart. As you can see, the right island gets more rain on average than the left, with the buld of the benefit concentrated in the northwest corner of the island. The entire west coast of the right-hand island gets a pretty good bit of rain. The left island has a more concentrated set of raininess along its east coast. Overall, it's dryer. I suspect this ends up making the right hand island easier to get started with, while both islands are agrarian and just getting established. In the long run, though, since all weather follows these trajectories (rain, tropical storms and hurricanes), the right island will also see more damaging weather events. Now, I did experiment with the parameters a little bit, to see how sensitive the model is to that initial velocity. It turns out it's quite sensitive. Here's what it looks like with [+5/8, +5/8] as the initial velocity: And here's what it looks like with [+4/8, +5/8]: As you can see, slight changes in that initial velocity really shift the distribution around, even though most of the motion is a random walk. You have an extreme sensitivity to initial conditions, and I think it's reinforced by the fact weather deactivates when it reaches a screen boundary, so you can't average behavior over an unbounded amount of time. I suspect this bit of code was intended to reduce the bias a little by shifting the weather entry point occasionally: MVII #$0003, R0 ; 51EB \_ Random 0..2 JSR R5, X_RAND2 ; 51ED / TSTR R0 ; 51F0 \_ If non-zero, done spawning BNEQ L_51F8 ; 51F1 / weather INCR R2 ; 51F3 \ MVII #$001B, R1 ; 51F4 |_ Set X coord to 27. SWAP R1, 1 ; 51F6 | (But, it should already be 27!) [email protected] R1, R2 ; 51F7 / But, as my disassembly comments indicate, this picks between a starting X coordinate of 27, or with 1-in-3 chance, selecting 27 instead. That is, no matter what, you're starting at [27, 0]. You can see my quick and dirty code here: http://spatula-city.org/~im14u2c/intv/dl/weather-track.c Enjoy!
  9. I have 2 shelves only for Intellivision homebrews, what about in the next 2 years ?? ^^ What about your shelves ? (for sure, I'm proud to show you my shelves, so please, don't blame me )
  10. I have these three Bandai Inty games, they are like new, complete in box. Which is pretty much a requirement because basically they are the import boxes with the instruction slot on the back with the Bandai instruction books. They are not shrinkwrapped. I'd like $12 apiece for them, not including shipping. Or $40 shipped in the US for all three. Paypal is best. Thanks, ian
  11. Because some can't seem to find them, I thought I'd upload some text versions of the original library manuals. Sharp Shot is included . . . hint hint manuals.zip
  12. Hi, Want to complete my Intellivision collection. I trade CIB Colecovision games (see pictures) for CIB Intellivision games below : - Learning Fun I - Learning Fun II - Stadium Mud Buggies - Spiker Most of these Colecovision games are in mint condition. Only Tennis is not CIB : instruction is missing.
  13. A Grand Ole Prize. In honour of WispFollower's epic achievement in the Carol vs. The World! Championship, and to celebrate Carol's upcoming first anniversary, I have prepared an article describing in great detail Wisp's extra special bespoke version of the game, entitled... Christmas Carol - Elf-Knight Edition The story is available on the Carol Vs. Ghost web site, and includes plenty of screenshots, videos and photographs of the very special package prepared exclusively for WispFollower. To whet your appetite, below is a video of a new introduction sequence animation created especially for the Elf-Knight Edition. It shows Carol Greenleaf in full suit of armour, including a helmet-crown and a long sword. http://vimeo.com/71571549 You can also visit the Trailers page on the game's site to view all four new videos of the Elf-Knight Edition in action, or visit the Vimeo channel directly. -dZ.
  14. I know next to nothing about Intellivision so don't laugh if its obvious but why does my copy of triple action say "© Mattel Inc. 1979 USA" when Triple action was released in 1981? The board inside says 1980. Is this a case of an old cartridge shell/Board being used or something weirder?
  15. Hello! Im new here at this forum and Im really happy that I found it. Anyway, I just bought an intellivision and there are few Color/Graphics problem i think. Im playing it on a lcd but it looks the same on a crt. Here are some pics on Lock n chase and Snafu. hope to hear from you soon.
  16. What's your take on the top 10 rarest Intellivision, Inc. titles? As many of you know, I'm not talking about the INTV releases such as Spiker, Stadium Mud Buggies, or Learning Fun I/II. I'm talking about the post-Mattel re-released titles. I haven't even been able to verify the existence of CIB copies of some of them, although maybe some of you can. Here are what I see to be the contenders, and feel free to rank away: Locomotion (can't verify CIB) Tron Solar Sailor (can't verify CIB) Jetsons (can't verify existence) Melody Blaster (can't verify existence) Tennis Chess Backgammon Math Fun Mind Strike Snafu Shark! Shark! Bowling Boxing Horse Racing Buzz Bombers He-Man Mr. Basic Meets Bits 'N Bytes Super Series Big League Baseball
  17. As the Carol vs. The World! championship continues, Santa has added a new twist to the challenge... Game Achievements! Achievements are small incremental goals that track your progress through the game. They can serve as additional personal challenges or provide extra bragging rights. They are completely optional, and do not really affect your chances in the competition. They're just neat to earn and brag about, and lots of fun! All your earned achievements will be shown right next to your high-score in the official Carol vs. The World! Championship leaderboard. So, head on down to the main contest web site and visit the Achievements section for more information. http://www.carolvsghost.com/cvw2013 With 27 achievements in total, how many can you earn? How do they work? Some achievements are earned automatic, meaning that they occur as you play normally. These can be inferred from the score, so submitting your high score photo as usual is sufficient. Others require that you submit proof separately. For instance, consider achievement "Santa's Magic Touch," which is earned when you reach 300 points. When you submit your normal high score entry, if the score is greater than 300 points, you will be awarded the achievement automatically. In contrast, to earn the achievement "The Perfectionist Elf," you must submit a separate photo showing proof that you got a "Perfect Level Bonus." This may or may not be your high score entry submission. For more information on achievements check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  18. Just a thought for discussion. Given the fact that even super rares turn up on eBay multiple times a year, I was wondering if collecting for Intellivision is only about having enough money to buy them. I don't mean to diminish the achievement of obtaining the "125," but a dedicated speed collector with the right contacts could grab them all in about a week. I've never pursued the 125 goal, but I could be there pretty quickly if I wanted to spend about $1,000. I wonder if Intellivision collecting is different in this way from, say, 2600 collecting or NES collecting, where it would be much, much harder to collect using this brute force method. How else might we measure "success" when it comes to Intellivision collecting? There's always variant collecting, sealed collecting, or both. One interesting measure would be total cost to obtain the 125. But I'm not sure we would be able to itemize our collections in this way.
  19. What's the story behind these white trays? I think I remember someone discussing them in another thread. I have one, the later-revision Demon Attack (winged demons). Maybe they were a cost-cutting move. Any other titles have them?
  20. I'm just back in front of my PC and I can't contain my excitement... But let's proceed in order: it is going to be a pretty long story and I need to calm down a little bit first to tell it properly. Ok, as some of you know, I have been living in Singapore for more than 9 years now and, like any other Intellivision Brotherhood member and collector, I always had the curiosity to find out more about our beloved "Inty". I guess most of us know also that Intellivision games and peripherals were not only manufactured in the USA but also in different Asian countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and, last but not least, Singapore. Finding out more about how and where Intellivision games were manufactured over here was something that took, on and off, a sizable part of my free time in the past few weeks. In fact it wasn't an easy task at all: Singapore had a tremendous growth in the last 30 years or so and it is now a very modern country. This implies not only that companies move fast but also that actual buildings and infrastructures are constantly upgraded or completely demolished and rebuilt at a very fast pace. Trying to find traces of a manufacturing plant that operated 20+ years ago is almost an impossible mission. Anyway, little by little, asking here and there, I managed to get an address within the St. Michael Industrial Estate in Jalan Tenteram, an industrial area within the city. Was that one of the 'historical' sites where our beloved games where made and packaged to be then shipped around the world? I had to find out. As predictable, at the address location there is now a modern, well established electronic manufacturer and people there know nothing about the Intellivision. Anyway, after annoying a pretty PR lady for half an hour, I managed to find out that this company settled over there only in the mid 90s but, before it, there was another company that leased the site. That might have been the one I was looking for. In the end, I managed to get some names to keep investigating and left the place even more determined to find out more. Several phone calls later, I got confirmation that, indeed, that earlier company was in the electronics manufacturing and packaging business and, most likely, also had commissions from American gaming companies during the 80s. I knew I was on the right track, though I still thought nothing particularly surprising would have come out from all this research work. Most importantly, though, I also got a new lead to keep the research going: a name and a phone number of the last manufacturing manager of said factory. If this was indeed the right company, this guy might have had some good stories to tell about those early days! I called the number and, after an understandable initial surprise, I managed to have a chat with Mr. Daniel Tan, today an affable 80+ year old "uncle" (as they call here older people in sign of respect) who confirmed that, yes, he was one of the managers at the company that also made Intellivision games! I asked for an interview and managed to get it a couple of days later, i.e. earlier this morning. Once arrived at Mr. Tan's place, he kindly offered me a cup of green tea and I could finally unleash all my questions about the life in Singapore during those days, how those game carts were done and assembled, the costs involved and if they ever played those games too. This was all extremely interesting and I was already delighted but I still had no idea of what was coming up next. After we "broke the ice", Mr. Tan said "You know, I think I still have saved a few cartridges and new boxes of some game runs back in the bombshelter, let me check..." (don't ask me why many new homes in Singapore have bombshelters, which are just used as simple storage space anyway). My excitement was reaching new heights: I indeed spilled a cup of tea all over the place in hearing that! I started feeling like I was unearthing a long forgotten secret treasure. A few minutes later Mr.Tan came back with a big box. I was ecstatic: inside there were some mint boxes of Burger Time, Bump 'n' Jump, Mission X (the gatefold version) and... and then I almost had a heart attack! There were some white boxes too. Yes, you guessed right: nothing less than Spiker! But the surprise was far from over: alongside the "standard" Spiker boxes we all know and long for, there were also a few different ones. A box variation based on the same design but with two female, not male, volleyball players!!! I can't recall exactly what happened next. I think my blood pressure "spiked" to 200. I pointed at the box and tried to say something. I don't think I could utter any meaningful word for a while, then I finally managed to explain Mr.Tan why I suddenly became so pale. He thought I saw a ghost! Then, like if nothing extraordinary happened, replied that, while he didn't know whether that game was actually distributed or not since INTV orders were really dwindling at the time, they definitely had also the female design available and, as we could see, printed and ready to go! To prove myself I wasn't dreaming, I took a picture of the alternative box before taking my leave and rush back to my PC to tell you all about this unbelievable adventure. Anyway, enough writing. Here it is, for all of you to see: one of the alternative Spiker boxes that were not actually released but remained hidden in Mr. Tan's bombshelter for all these years!
  21. Hi everyone. After a slight pause finally I was able to implement the SCROLL and BORDER statements in IntyBASIC , also path selection for libraries using a command-line argument. Documentation was added to manual and also SCROLL.BAS to show how to use it. The libraries are slightly accelerated with DZ-Jay contributions and some parts of scrolling code were contributed by intvnut. Myself I've a hard time getting scroll upwards to work without flicker, but it now is fine. Looking forward to a test in real hardware of scroll routines. For the newcomers, IntyBASIC is an integer BASIC language cross-compiler for Intellivision that helps greatly to ease game writing. The original IntyBASIC thread is here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/221362-intybasic-compiler/ but I had to start a new one because I cannot edit further the original. Platforms supported: Wind*ws, Mac OS X (32/64 bits) and Linux. Edit: Mar/03/2014. Now added IntyBASIC v0.6 with CONST statement, also corrects a bug in FOR STEP, and added sample for MOB use in SCROLL.BAS intybasic_compiler_v0.5.zip intybasic_compiler_v0.6.zip
  22. Idea for a modular retro controller. Thoughts?
  23. For a while, anyway. Even as a kid, I was disappointed by Space Hawk. It seemed sluggish and repetitive. The only way to play it was with autofire unless you wanted to destroy your fingertips. As I've bragged about in other threads, I own a grips03 custom Sega Master System-to-Intellivision controller adapter. (I believe he is now making a Sega Genesis-to-Intellivision controller adapter.) I have been waiting for a proper arcade stick to pair with it, and I finally got a Battlestation II last month. I thought I would give Space Hawk a go with this new setup. Long story short, I'm impressed. The game becomes somewhat challenging at higher levels. The bubbles home in on you pretty quickly, and there are new foes such as the giant amoeba. I used fastest speed, manual fire, direct movement (no drifting), and quick rotation. The latter two options take some getting used to, but they give you precise control over your guy. I consider myself an average twitch gamer, and I scored 500,000+ points with this setup. I had 84 lives left when I quit. Took me a little over an hour. I may go for a million when I have more time to spare. Video (about 3 minutes) shows you how fast the game is at this level.
  24. I was reading the excellent material on intvfunhouse.com and noticed that the author is uncertain whether Mattel did a Spanish-language localization for its international editions. http://intvfunhouse.com/mattel/ I dug up an example that I have (sealed, no less) in case there was still any doubt.
  25. LOT OF 3 HANHELD ATARI LYNX SYSTEMS : eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230898173641 LEMMINGS AND 1 LYNX CONSOLE : eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230898153829 SOLD IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES - THANKS ATARIAGE MEMBERS! 75+ INTELLIVISION GAMES FOR SALE eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230898185215 Many RARE - GREAT START OR FINISH TO A COLLECTION
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