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Found 113 results

  1. A jaguar console with manual 2 controllers (1 in box) and dino dudes 140 plus shipping 6 lbs package sold jag in box like near mint in box possibly new old stock all baggies and paper work plus an extra controller in box 230 plus shipping 7 lbs package sold jag cd in box with all packaged software and manual, box is taped all over and no styrofoam inserts, 375 plus shipping games shipped, all in box with manual, but no inserts unless noted $15 games checkered flag x2 1 left club drive sold brutal sports football sold iron soldier sold theme park sold 20 dollar games syndicate sold 25 dollar games zool 2 (really great shape, includes insert) 30 dollar games double dragon 5 sold pitfall (again near mint) 45 dollar games wolfenstein 3d sold tempest 2k (again near min, includes insert) sold Highlander last of the macleods sold neo geo Cyberlip us complete 200 shipped sold 5200 4 port, tested and working perfectly, well I couldn't test ports 3 and 4 but honestly they probably work if everything else does sold includes switch box and ac adapter, no controllers. back lid is in perfect shape 40 plus shipping (11 pounds) sold mess of nes wireless crap, 1 dollar plus shipping (4 pounds) sold, intellivision games, dracula, atlantis, plus kool aid man 2600 15 shipped the us galaxian for the atari computers line 10 shipped always open to offer, buying more than 1 thing at a time makes discounts possible all price for the US also 2 copies of resident evil 7 available, 1 new sealed for 40 shipped, once new, but opened with a little bit of damage to the box, 35 shipped sold
  2. Please enjoy my 2nd Jag review for Arcade Attack. This time I look at the awesome Tempest 2000: http://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/tempest-2000-jaguar/ Best game on the console? Kind Regards Adrian
  3. I've recently completed a small tile matching Jaguar game called Jagmatch. In it, the player matches games with Atari systems (computers and consoles). It can be found here: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=117&n=Atari-Jaguar-development-Jagmatch
  4. Hello i have a atari jaguar ,i colocate the new regulator but i have a black screen and not load the cartridges please some one help me with information about this . the name of the regulator is this MC34163DW I put a new capacitor too . but the black screen never changes but the light turn's on ,i put a audio video cable and i get a green image in the TV . I have two atari jaguar's with this same trouble and i have way to put working on. thanks for your patience!
  5. UPDATED 9/22/18: 100% on Racketboy (RB) forum, +48 RB overall, Link to Racketboy Feedback +31 listed in RB BST Transaction OP, additional +17 not yet totaled in OP. **TOP 5 RB BSTer FROM 12/2015 TO 3/2017 Link** 100% on Atari Age (AA), +13, Link to AA Feedback 100% feedback on ebay, 335 positive,Link to ebay feedback All Current Auctions: N.A. Items up on ebay. My main page: m15granger ebay Home - link
  6. How to buy/pay Plaese send Payment in € (EURO) into my PayPal account : (mynick on AA)@gmail.com (unshure ? contact me!) Include your nick on AA and shipping adresse!!!. Sipping day is Thursday (sometimes also Wednesday). You should get email including tracking number Friday after shipping day. If you don't get tracking number, please contact me immediately. There is also possible to pay via bank transfer, if so please contact me. preorder Price: If there is someone who didn't get preordered SkunkBoard, please contact me. Price for AA users: 75€ + P&P. - payment via PayPal as Gift or add 4% to cover PayPal fees. Ebay price: 90€ + P&P via Ebay (please contact me if you wish to buy via Ebay) P&P: 8€ + 2€ every extra board - insured (1pc - 8€, 2pcs 10€ etc..). This is possible for following countries: .at .be .bg .br .cn .cz .dk .fi .fr .gr .es .nl .in .ie .is .jp .kr .no .nz .pt .sk .si .ch .se .tr .ua .hu .it 12€ all other countries (UK, USA, DE etc ...) - insurance is covering only 1 piece! if you want more - please contact me first. If you are unsure, please contact me!! Willy.
  7. I live in Australia and i was wondering if any of these will work with a american atari jaguar ? sega master system 2 ac adaptor specs > input 240 v 50hz 15 w output 9V dc 1A center polarity Atari flashback ac adaptor input 240 v 50hz output 9V 300mA center polarity stepdown transformer input 230 v 50hz output 110 v 24VA max center polarity and i have a sega megadrive 2 ac adaptor but heard that may fry the jaguar do any of these work ??? or do i need a new stepdown transformer and official american jag power supply ???
  8. I'm looking to purchase a working Skunkboard for the Jaguar v2 or v3. Just got back into this and looks like I missed out.
  9. Jaguar system with box now inserts or manual console is scuffed and the box is rough but it is tested working with 2 controllers ac (genesis 1 original ac) and atari rf unit plus iron soldier and cybermorph Atari av cable Wolf 3d Hoverstrike the entire set up 225 plus shipping All working I also have about 80 (slightly more) nes original dust jackets/sleeves (shipped to the US) all of the sleeve 50 dollars plus shipping all sold
  10. Ok so i have been working on a variation to this thread http://atariage.com/forums/topic/231131-flashback-to-colecovision-controller/?hl=%2Bflashback&do=findComment&comment=3805492 i have gone through and fixed the issues with the code pasted in the above link and rewritten it to allow a jaguar joypad to be used the current working prototype runs using every usabe IOpi on an atmga328p-pu microcontroller using its internal 8hz clock before i would decide where i should go from here i would like some feedback i cant add any more functionality using this processor becuase it is being fully used, so say if i wanted to add 2 players it would mean using another processor of the same settup to control joypad 2 an option would be to use at atmega 2560 which has many more pins that could be used. unfortunately this is a surface mount chip so it i a bit of a pain to make your own boards with it attached especially for prototypes i have hopfully attached a poll to this for everyone to provide some feedback before i decide what to do next
  11. hello everyone, i have old tried open box then stored jaguar hardware i want to get rid of just dont use. set-1 jaguar power kit in box. doom cartridge in box with manual and key overlay, and jaglink in box set-2 jaguar cd in box with all the discs even tempest 2000 soundtrack. set-3 jaguar boxes, i might part out havent decided i also have atari jaguar composite video cable new unopened for sale pictures start at post #17 im a gamer just want my money back (selling retail paid) i use u.s.p.s. u.s.a. money order with signature required shipping. local pickup is o.k. 32168 i dont live on the internet dont expect fast service
  12. With MGC being about 3 months away, figured now is the best time to send out my feelers for helpers for Jagfest section there. I am hoping to make it this year to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of this event that started in chicago on july 12th,1997(working on getting my license to drive instead of taking megabus or relying on going with others) if anybody is interested in helping let me know. Side note: we also looking for some help on the section for VGS in July as well while we can't do much with space limits,but any help with jagfst section is good. so let me know about that as well.
  13. OK, Here it is: the rare Jaguar denim jean jacket. The color is darker than in the photos - more like indigo blue - like when you buy a new pair of jeans.
  14. - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Oklahoma's Retro Video Game Exhibition Returns TULSA, OK (April 5, 2013) – Classic video games will return from history, as mid-America's one and only OVGE returns for the tenth Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition! On September 21, 2013 video game collectors and enthusiasts from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and even further will travel together to the Spirit Bank Event Center in Tulsa to celebrate the history, hobby, collecting, and entertainment of the video gaming industry. “Before the OVGE, people from the surrounding states had to travel across the country for events such as this,” said Jesse Hardesty, founder and organizer of the OVGE. "And since the OVGE first began back in September of 2003, we have inspired many other retro conventions in the surrounding areas." In 1972, the release of the Odyssey by Magnavox, the first multi-video game system for the home was a new technological curiosity. Seven years later in 1977, Atari released the 2600VCS and both created and changed home entertainment forever and the beginning of a new industry! Then, in the year of 1983 an overflow of poor games and even poorer sales resulted in the great crash of the video game industry. A crash that wouldn't heal until 1985, with the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System, video game sales and popularity have flourished ever since! Still, many video game players find themselves returning to classic video games. With the advanced high definition graphics and motion control of today’s video games, why are so many people fascinated with the classics? “Even though modern game systems have amazing graphics and sound, the most important aspect of any video game is that it actually be fun to play. Because classic game systems, like the Atari 2600, had very simple graphics, game designers had to focus on the game-play. Those same games that were fun in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s are still just as much fun today,” stated Albert Yarusso, modern video game programmer and co-founder of AtariAge.com. It is this simple pick up and play philosophy that makes for quick gaming and is a philosophy still active today with the rise of mobile games and powerful portable handheld gaming systems. "With video gaming being today’s main form of home entertainment, the history behind it should not be forgotten,” said Hardesty. “The Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition provides today's youth and their parents a chance to visit and interact with that past." This year, some of the proceeds from OVGE will benefit the Autism Center of Tulsa a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by autism, a series of spectrum neurological disorders now being diagnosed in approximately one in every eighty-eight births in the United States alone. Numerous video game systems, computers, and arcade machines, will be set up for the public to play plus tournaments and door prizes! Vendors and exhibitors will have memorabilia on display with most items for purchase. Doors will open to the public at 9:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. Cost of admission for ages eight and above is $5 dollars at the door. The OVGE is organized by gaming enthusiasts who want to share their hobby and passion for classic and modern video games with the public. For more information and complete details, visit www.ovge.com.
  15. I know it's hard-to-find, but if you have one for sale or trade, please let me know! Thanks!
  16. I seem to remember a youtube channel that specialized in the atari jaguar that had made some homebrew games and had a series called Jag virgins (or something like that) where they forced their friends to play jaguar games who never had before. Anyway I can't find this channel anymore, does it still exist? does anyone else even know who I'm talking about?
  17. Hey all! Just curious if anyone knows if the Atari Store is still operating and shipping products during COVID? About to purchase Iron Soldier 2 but I don’t know if they have the store on hold right now to be safe (which I fully support if so). Thanks!
  18. So collecting everything Bubsy got me started on collecting the E3 and video game promotion enamel and metal pins. Then while see what Zool had out there (having found about all I could for Bubsy) I found the Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension pin! (Update hours later...) There is a Rayman pin. looks like bigger in scale than the ones above. That one is on the way. And so far no Kid Kleets /Soccer Kid pin. But will naturally keep looking. What else is out there I wonder? Cannon Fodder? Didn't see one for that yet. But one for the Worms franchise, luckily fairly available.... Who else am I missing as far as mascots and characters go? Looked for Dizzy which have been recently ported to the Jaguar. Spread to the action games? Kasumi Ninja, Ultra Vortek, Wolfenstein 3D... nothing yet. But no surprise to find Doom. Naturally the Doom logo was out there, but so was the character one... About all I can find for now. if you find other character pins related to those found on Jaguar games let me know and I'll add it and the finder's credit here!
  19. I recognize I’m late to all of this, but is there anywhere/way to get a modded Jaguar controller for Colecovision? I recently got ahold of the SGM and a dozen or so games, love them! ...but, the standard and SAC don’t quite cut it with those games and I feel like the Jaguar controller is where Coleco would’ve went to. I’ve found a handful of pics online, but no solid contact. The below image is perfect, if it’s real. Thanks!
  20. Hi, in in my quest to collect factory sealed copies of every Jaguar game, I picked up a sealed Team Tap in great condition. I put all of my cartridge boxes in protectors and I’d like to do the same for the Team Tap. However, it is slightly too big for a regular Jaguar cartridge box protector. Does anyone know of any protectors for other games or accessories that might work for it? Thanks.
  21. Sorry to post this, I'm sure you guys absolutely hate seeing these things, but I've been working on this Jaguar for several weeks now and am at the point where I could use some assistance. I got all the information I used to fix this Jaguar (including troubleshooting tips and double checking methods) from the AtariAge forums and think you guys are my best shot at solving this. Maybe this could even help people in the future fix Jaguars that weren't as simple as replacing 3-4 things. So I got a broken Atari Jaguar off a guy I've know like three years, and I know he had been sitting on it for at least that long. He has a bad habit of buying broken consoles with intention of repairing them, but he doesn't even have the tools to do it. Anyway he finally agreed to sell it to me, and it was a super good deal and is one of the only consoles I'm still missing, so I wanted to start working on it right away. I have quite a bit of experience doing some basic console repairs and modding, hell I even recapped both the monitors in my arcade cabinets. Figured I had a good shot. Plugged in a cart, turned it on, nothing. No power. Got pretty excited, no power is usually a pretty simple fix for most game consoles. Spent some good time doing my homework (mostly on these forums), and sure enough, UC38, REG1, and C134 were all blown to high hell. Someone used the wrong power supply on it (which I find interesting since he included a 1st party power supply and video cable with it... maybe he bought those himself who knows). Anyway, bought a new U38 and REG1 off console5 and caps for C134 and C158 (just in case) off mouser since I needed caps for more Game Gear repairs anyway. Got em soldered in, turned it on, eureka, we have power boys. But the video... is just this - https://i.imgur.com/GnuJM1l.jpg When you boot up a game, it's dark blue on black, then about 5 seconds later (after the Jag splash screen finishes I'm assuming) it changes it to like blue and tan, which I'm assuming is the game video. No sound at all. It gives the exact same video using RF or the composite cable (for RF I'm using a TG16 cable since they are compatible). I have an official Jag composite cable for it as well as a third party one, both give the same thing so nothing is wrong with any of my cables. I have 3 games for it too, so I doubt it's any of the carts. Also does the same thing if I use a Genesis model 1 power supply (which is compatible with the Jaguar). I have to say, I'm pretty stumped, and am looking for things to test next, and where to go from here. I did a bunch of power readings with my multimeter, and the U38 itself seems to be functioning properly, all the power readings are what they should be. C158 is also giving me the amount it should (it isn't too low). I was hoping someone could help me rule out my REG1 being the culprit. Using Pin 4 of the U38 as GND, I took power readings of all the pins. Pin 1 gives me 5V (which is correct I believe), Pin 8 gives me 11.47V (which I think might be high but I have no idea), and all the other pins give me a reading of 0V. Is this correct? Also I remember somewhere on the AtariAge forums someone mentioned you can test REG1 by jumping Pin1 of REG1 to L7 and get audio if your REG1 is broken, and that trick did not work for me, I still don't have audio, which makes me think it's something else. The only thing I have not done to this Jaguar yet is a full recap, but I'd like to avoid that if it won't do anything. None of the caps are giving me readings that are suspect (IE, incredibly low), nor do any of them appear damaged (C134 was unbelievable obvious). I have a full chart of the capacitor readings from my Jaguar if anyone is interested in seeing it. Sorry about the huge wall of text, I want to get in as much info as possible initially so no one is like HaVe YoU tAkEn VoLtAgE rEaDiNgS yEt?? (lol)
  22. Hi all! Anyone know Jaguar CD units region free? I live in the US. Would a Jaguar CD purchased from the UK work in my USA Jaguar and would it play all of the Jag CD games? Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks, guys!!
  23. I was wondering if anyone on this forum developed software or hardware for Jaguar back in it's retail production run. This articles offered me a few hints that lead me to believe this might be the case. http://www.gamefaqs.com/jaguarcd/916378-jaguar-cd/faqs/2895 If so, would you mind sharing your name (if you feel comfortable) and what you worked on. Perhaps also some memories from working with Atari or your company and in the industry at that time, and what things were like. Thanks!!
  24. Dear all I just wanted to point all you lovely people to a new retro gaming podcast. On Arcade Attack's first ever podcast, myself and two of my close friends discuss many topics. As a huge Jaguar fan (and collector) I give my views on this misunderstood console. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think: http://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/podcast-november-2016/ P.s. While listening back, I noticed I made 2 clear errors about the Jaguar, no prizes for anyone who points them out!!! Thanks all. Adriano
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