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Found 194 results

  1. Planetvb is hosting a Virtual Boy coding competition. The compo will run from Sept 1st until Dec 31st 2013. The winner will get their project released on 20 physical cartridges, complete-in-box. The VB has been extremely well documented. You can find everything you want to know about the hardware over at planetvb. There also exists code examples, tutorials, documentation, a coding environment, and more. Developers can use emulation to work on their projects. I am sure planetvb members would be happy to test on actual hardware using their Flash Boy linkers. The Virtual Boy is a really fun system to use and has a lot of potential. All it needs are some creative coders to release some new games and applications for the system. For more info: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=373 *News borrowed from the Neo Flash off-topic forum and posted here by permission.
  2. This photo is actually from 2017 but (surprisingly) my collection hasn't changed that much. I am casing CIB NES and SNES games now and I have more Sega CD games than what's pictured. But this is still pretty much how it looks. I have a lot more photos up on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/retromegabit/
  3. Nothing includes shipping 1 game is usually 3.50 to ship, additional games usually add about $1, obviously once the package goes over 1 pound shipping needs to be calculated 3 consoles available each includes an original ac adapter, 2 controllers, av and rf cables plus mario duck hunt, 45 without zapper, 50 with zapper games name price qty 8 eyes 5 athena 8 bases loaded 2 2 batman 4 battle toad 20 bionic commando 10 blades of steel 10 boy and his blob 5 bubble bobble 20 captain skyhawk 2 castlevania 25 castlevania 3 25 chip & dale 20 Contra 25 contra bad label 15 déjà vu rough label 5 dr mario 4 dragon power 5 dragon spirit 7 duck hunt 2 duck tales 20 faxanadu 5 fester's quest 2 galaga 8 gaurdian legend 8 gi joe atlantis factor 25 golf 3 gyromite 2 2 ikari 2 5 iron sword 3 Joe & mac 15 karate champ 4 kid icarus 15 life force 10 little nemo 10 ljn baseball 1 m.c. kids 15 mag max 3 magic of schererazade 15 metal gear 8 metroid 20 mike tyson punch out 20 monster party 15 ninja gaiden rough label 8 pacmania 15 pinbot 3 rad racer 3 RBI baseball 3 15 rolling thunder 8 sky shark 3 smb 3 rough 7 smb/dh/wctm 5 3 solstice 4 stinger 10 super c 15 super mario 2 rough label 10 super mario 3 12 super mario bros 8 super mario/duck hunt 4 many available 4 super spike v ball 2 super spike vball/wcs 4 t&c wind water rage 5 the immortal 5 tmnt 3 tombs treasures 12 top gun 2 3 top gun 2 2 total recall 3 world cup soccer 2 xenophobe 3 zelda 2 15 all games sold
  4. Hi Guys - my father has rheumatoid arthritis and loves to play video games. However his hands are very disfigured and it does not allow him to hold a older-style console joystick comfortably. Especially the one for the Atari 7800, that one even hurts my hands. So I searched around and could not really find any alternative NES-style / SMS-style control pads easily (except for these NES / SNES controller DB9 adapters available in Europe for about $45 each). Some I found don't work with 2 button on the 7800. He loves the the Atari 7800 old school games (he played these with me as a kid) - I searched all over, and found a way to convert one - and I was successful in taking an OEM NES controller and making it work with the Atari 7800 (2 button games) and 2600 (1 button games). It actually makes the 7800 2 button games more enjoyable such as Choplifter. Playing Megamania is more fun too. So now I am building these to order and have made a few available for purchase on eBay if you are interested. Not looking to get rich quick off of this, I just have some parts inventory from my retro-collection and want to start making some room on my shelves. You can see them here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/263557597264 Thanks for looking!
  5. I've got 14 consoles, and I'm looking at getting an Extron Crosspoint to connect all of them too. My Atari and CV would run S-Video to BNC, while the rest of my consoles would be SCART to BNC. I'd then run component to my plasma. I'm also looking to find an SLG HD to get scanlines in component (if I can find one now). Besides cables, do I need any other devices to complete this setup?
  6. Asking $110 SHIPPED in U.S. Comes w/ new set of Energizer batteries. Asking $150 shipped in U.S. Comes w/ everything in pic as well as zapper gun and small bundle of games including: Mario/duckhunt TMNT Double Dragon II Indiana Jones & Temple of Doom SOLD
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281349398984?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649#ht_386wt_1026
  8. Today, Hal Hawkins, the owner, creator, and director of the On Fire! Championships, announced its first inaugural NBA Jam championship tournament to debut this October 4 at the Hilton in College Station, TX. The tournament will consist of a 1v1 Championship open to 256 entries and a 2v2 Championship open to 128 teams. The tournament will feature the game NBA Jam T.E. for the Super Nintendo System and will be played in HD on large, flat screen TVs and a massive, championship projection screen. “I have always dreamed of having a large and fun tournament for this game since first playing it 20 years ago,” said Hawkins. “The love of retro games, especially NBA Jam, continues to exist among millions of people today. As a businessman, gamer, and former college athlete, I want make sure this event is of the highest quality, competitive, and rewarding. I want everyone to enjoy the game as much as I do and come compete in this tournament for many years to come.” The tournament will include a cash purse for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in both Championships and “The Flame”, a tall, flame-shaped trophy in honor of the game’s trademark feature, which is awarded to each Champion. The tournament will be streamed live on the On Fire! Championships website. For more info, visit http://onfirechampionships.com
  9. The mighty Nintendo DS handheld was a smashing world-wide success with over 150 million units sold since 2004. The DS is home to hundreds of fun & unique games in every genre...but in this video my friend Kinsey & I reveal some Hidden Gems or lesser known games that every DS gamer should have in their collection. What games would you like to see in Parts 2 & 3?
  10. Now I had some time to make a video showing my Nintedo Virtual Boy collection. The Virtual Boy is my 2nd favorite gaming system after the Vectrex. I uploaded also a version of the video in 3D. Video in standard 2D: http://youtu.be/-YQkbhGBh98 Video in 3D (3D glasses required): http://youtu.be/SaJHv0TsvuQ
  11. Many of you already know about this, but just in case, I wanted to start the topic for my upcoming book, Vintage Game Consoles: An Inside Look at Apple, Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, and the Greatest Gaming Platforms of All Time, which will be released in February, but is available for pre-order now. This is the next entry in the Focal Press Vintage Games series, which started with the critically acclaimed 2009 release, Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, and the Most Influential Games of All Time. In contrast to Vintage Games, which covered 35 of the most influential computer, console, and handheld games of all time (up to the book's publication date), Vintage Game Consoles covers 20 of the greatest game playing computer, console, and handheld platforms of all time (up to 2001, which means no platforms still actively sold (i.e., their history is still being written)). It's full color throughout, with 400 images, an extensive preface, and major section introductions to complement each platform chapter, which provides a thorough history of the industry through the lens of the very platforms that helped define it. Any questions? Ask away! (also be sure to check out my other recently released book, CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy's Underdog Computer, and the next book to see release after Vintage Game Consoles, My Xbox One; March will also see the first unveiling of our major feature film documentary on the history of videogames (based loosely on the Vintage Games series books), Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution) Contents: Preface Generation One (1971 – 1984) Arcade (1971) Apple II (1977) Atari 2600 VCS (1977) Atari 8-bit (1979) Mattel Intellivision (1979) PC DOS Computers (1981) Commodore 64 (1982) Coleco ColecoVision (1982) Generation Two (1985 – 1994) Nintendo Entertainment System (1985) Commodore Amiga (1985) Sega Genesis (1989) Nintendo GameBoy (1989) Nintendo Super NES (1991) Generation Three (1995 – 2001) PC Windows Computers (1995) Sony PlayStation (1995) Nintendo 64 (1996) Sega Dreamcast (1999) Sony PlayStation 2 (2000) Microsoft Xbox (2001) Nintendo GameCube (2001) By the way, the cover art is by none other than Nathan Strum, long-time AtariAge member and renowned homebrew cover artist. For those not familiar with the style, it's meant to evoke my first (and favorite) childhood magazine, Electronic Games. I think he nailed it:
  12. Hey everyone, My latest book, The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987, is now available for pre-order. It's a hardcover, full-color book from Schiffer Publishing: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0764346180/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&tag=atariage&creative=390957&creativeASIN=0764346180&linkCode=as2 There have been many top 100 books before, but rarely one like this. Here are the best of the early video games, shown in over 400 color photos and described in incredible detail in the entertaining and informative text. Each game's chapter features production history, critical commentary, quotes from industry professionals, gameplay details, comparisons to other games, author anecdotes, and more. The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987 celebrates the very best of the interactive entertainment industry's games from this highly crucial, fondly remembered decade. This pivotal period was marked by the introduction of the indispensable Atari 2600, Odyssey2, and Intellivision, the unleashing of the underrated Vectrex, the mind-blowing debut of the next-gen ColecoVision and Atari 5200, plus the rebirth of the industry through Nintendo's legendary juggernaut, the NES. Whether you're young or old, new to the hobby or a hardcore collector, this book will introduce you to or remind you of some of the greatest, most historically important games ever made. As always, thanks for reading!
  13. Hey you guys! I'm looking to get rid of both Spy Hunter and Mr. Do's Castle for the Colecovision. Both are cart only, but the carts are in pretty good shape. I'd take $15 for Mr. Do's Castle and $30 for Spy Hunter. $40 if you'd like both. I'm also interested in selling a Red 3DS XL. It comes with all of the original materials, including the charger and the sealed AR cards. The screens have had screen protectors since day one and I've also got two old 360 feet attached to the upper screen to prevent any of the infamous 3DS screen scratches (the feet are cleanly removed if you don't want to use them). The machine is in great shape. Looking for $160ish shipped. Primarily looking for Paypal right now. PM me if you're interested. I don't have any feedback on here, but I do have quite a bit of eBay feedback under the name drxavion and on other forums such as CAG and NeoGAF.
  14. I finally found my Nintendo 64! so I plugged it in and got everything together. I turned on the system then the tv. I turned it to the av channel and.......nothing. all there was was a black screen! so I tried turning it off and back on. the screen flashed for a second then nothing. I did everything correct I put the cartridge in before starting the system. could it be the av cable?
  15. So, this thread is all about the original Gameboy, Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance! I love Nintendo's line of Gameboy handhelds and they are certainly my favourite systems of all time! They are what I have the biggest collection of too out of all of my consoles as the vast majority of the games are extremely affordable nowadays. I just think that there are so many classic first party titles from Nintendo on the Gameboy as well as a ton of hidden gems! So, if you fancy a discussion about the Gameboy line of systems and the games on them, feel free to have these discussions here! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them! Anyone who is friendly and respectful is welcome here regardless of whether you're new to the Gameboy or very familiar with it. So, I hope you enjoy! So, let's get this started with a question! What are some of your favourite Gameboy games? Two of mine have to be the Super Mario Land games! In my opinion, they are simply classics! Here is a review that I did of the first Super Mario Land if you are interested:
  16. Selling my Tengen Tetris for NES. This is the unlicensed version. Tengen was an off-shoot of Atari. It is way better than the Nintendo one. Has more game modes (vs CPU, etc.) Initial price is $99. Offers are welcome. Will shipping for free world-wide. Game overview: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris_(Atari)
  17. Sold, will update post later with another Game Boy Advance SP lot. Thanks! If you're looking for feedback on some deals I have done here, you can check HERE. Some of my personal rules for selling: If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to post a reply or PM me. I work on a first-come-first-serve for selling, so the first to PM me gets first dibs on it, and so on. If you PM me with a question or interest in purchasing and I reply, then you do not reply to me within 2 days, I will offer it to the next person in-line. This is so I don't get hung-up waiting for people who ultimately decline to purchase it. I accept PayPal only. I am not interested in trades. I will be courteous and polite to you, and make every effort on my end to ensure the sale goes smoothly and worry-free for you. Thank you very much for taking a look!
  18. Things just got real! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z86thNe-inQ&feature=youtu.be
  19. Here is a video ive been meaning to upload on a blue led nintendo dealer sign i snagged on ebay. Hope you enjoy it. I think it was a great deal!
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