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Found 50 results

  1. Good afternoon all, I have just picked up an old Phat PS2 PAL model. I am getting disc read errors on PS2 games, PS1 games and audio discs. I did briefly manage to get a PS2 game to load, but it eventually locked up on the title screen when left alone. I know the discs are all fine because I play them on another console that I have. I was just wondering what could be the cause of this and if its not too expensive I may attempt to repair/replace myself. Many thanks for your help!
  2. Brittney helps me with our Top 10 PS1 Games & we discuss our first Playstation memories + Honorable Mentions! This list isn't like most Top 10 lists, but that's ok. Games shown: 1. Final Fantasy IX 2. XenoGears 3. Breath of Fire III 4. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped 5. Twisted Metal 2 6. Einhander 7. Resident Evil II 8. Chrono Cross 9. Tetris PLUS! 10. Fear Effect 1&2 What would be on your list? What did we miss?
  3. From the humble beginnings of small white blips on an oscilloscope to the mighty Atari 2600 VCS began a new form of entertainment that would change how people interact with their TVs, computers, phones, and eventually with each other. Now come back for a day to see how it all started and to once again live in your youth and share your fondest memories with Mario, Pac-Man, all your favorites including the adventure square! As IvoryTower Collections, All Your Base, and PJ Gamers are proud to present the: 2014 Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oklahoma's Original Retro Video Game Exhibition Returns TULSA, OK – Classic video games will return from history, as mid-America's one and only OVGE returns for the eleventh Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition! On August 9, 2014 video game collectors and enthusiasts from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and even further will travel together to PJ Gamers in Broken Arrow to celebrate the history, hobby, collecting, and entertainment of the video gaming industry. “Before the OVGE, people from the surrounding states had to travel across the country for events such as this,” said Jesse Hardesty, founder and organizer of the OVGE. "And since the very first OKGE back in September of 2003, we have inspired many other retro conventions in the surrounding areas." Come and celebrate a day of very family friendly competition, discussion, buying, selling, trading, and showing off of our beloved hobby on August 9th during the 11th annual OVGE! The new facility offers space for many new ideas and including the largest free play arcade the OVGE has seen yet! So please, visit the new website generously hosted by Earl Green at TheLogBook and send in those table requests! The new website has all the details for table pricing (our cheapest prices in several years), along with the event layout, and registration forms. August 9th will be here before we know it! We thank each and every one of you who have supported us and look forward to seeing you all at the PJ Gamers facility on August 9th! http://www.ovge.com
  4. I have some retro computers and lots of games for NEC PC Engine, PS, etc. Along with vintage computer gear for sale. RETRO COMPUTING MSX Computer - Sanyo PHC-27 Silver Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 2 - 64K Ext BASIC w/ Hitachi CPU TRS-80 Color Logo Manual for the Radio Shack Color Computer Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer Direct Connect Modem PAK PC ENGINE GAMES Galaga 88 Space Invaders Lords of the Rising Sun F1 Triple Battle Racing USA Pro Basketball Power League 2 Baseball Power League 3 Baseball Pro Baseball World Stadium '91 Pro Baseball World Stadium Power Golf Winning Shot Golf NAXAT OPEN Golf Ganbare! Golf Boys Formation Soccer JLeague J-League Tremendous Soccer Power Eleven (Soccer) Formation Soccer Cup 90 TV Sports Football BOMBERMAN Bomberman '93 Final Match Tennis World Court Tennis PLAYSTATION PEBBLE BEACH NO HATOU PLUS Minna No Golf 2 BANDAI WONDERSWAN Final Fantasy WonderSwan WS Bandai Wonder Swan Video Game (Box + Manual) Happy to combine shipping though many items are free shipping!
  5. hi, i'm hoping someone can help me with this. i bought a NIB innovation x-drive which is a ps1 memory card reader / writer / copier that also works with pocketstation, i've set it all up on an old laptop (it uses the parallel port) running windows xp (sp3), copied the supplied (dos) software onto my hard drive, turned off EPP in the bios plugged it all in correctly using a pal megadrive 1 psu (which i know works) but when i run the software i just get presented with 2 empty blue boxes in the dos window and none of the keypresses required to use it work. does anyone have any idea how i could get this working? (i want to be able to back up my saves from ps memory cards and to upload "doom" homebrew game onto my pocketstation). i have tried win 98 compatibility mode.
  6. Anybody have a playstation portable kiosk? for a decent price or any other kiosks for a decent price that can be shipped?
  7. It was suggested that I post in the marketplace that my latest book, My PlayStation Vita, is available on Amazon for $18.89, and in a Kindle version for $11.39. My affiliate link is here if you want to check it out: http://t.co/H7qUwhI5 You can see the list of my other books either here: http://www.amazon.com/Bill-Loguidice/e/B001U7W3YS/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0 , or here: http://www.armchairarcade.com/neo/node/2212 Thanks for the support, guys! I have three more books on the way in the coming year...
  8. http://youtu.be/34kEY0404d4 Sony's Playstation 1 ruled the second half of the 1990s and there were hundreds of great games for the console. However, some hidden gems are still out there for serious collectors. How many have you played? What would you like to see in Part 2?
  9. I'd like to pick up some PlayStation games that I missed, but I'm slightly confused as to all the intricacies of backwards compatibility between the generations. I know PS1 games will play on a PS2, so I don't need a PS1. PS2 games will play on certain PS3s - but those command a hefty price premium? PS4s will play PS1 games (from disk? do you have to repurchase them?) - will they play PS2 or PS3 titles? So at a minimum, I need a backwards compatibile PS3 and a PS4 to access the full library, but it may be more cost effective to get a PS2 and a non-compat PS3? Is my knowledge out of date? I have a Trinitron in the basement so I can hook up a PS2 there if need be, but I'd like the keep the number of systems to a minimum.
  10. Hi! So my cousin gave me his broken Super Slim PlayStation 3 and since I have some free time here and there, I made it my personal mission to try and fix it. I got it today and disassembled the whole thing, cleaned it as much as I could (it was really dusty) and replaced the HDD with one that worked. The problem is that the system is not working properly: when you turn it on, it immediately turns off. As far as I know, this is a common issue (yellow light of death is the internet is to be believed), but I can't seem to find if there's an actual solution. My cousin's solution was to wrap a bunch of rubber bands around the system and this seemed to work for a while (it might be similar to what's happening to this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz-_RL1h-4U). Although I like to troubleshoot these kind of problems, I'm by no means a technician or anything like that. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do other than start to replace parts, take it to someone else (who, god forbid, knows what they are doing) or throw it away. Again, I have some free time and I'd love to sort this out myself, but there are so many ideas out there that I wouldn't even know where to start. Should I use thermal paste, should I re-ball, should I disassemble the PSU? I don't know, any ideas are more than welcome. Slim Thanks in advance!
  11. I have a 7800 with a small collection of games, but I've been looking at getting some compilations for my Xbox 360 like Atari Anthology and Midway Arcade Treasures. Since its not feasible to actually get all of those physical arcades, which would you prefer? Playing the true arcade versions on a 360 or Playstation with those controllers, or sticking to the ports for the 7800, but you can use the joystick, paddles, or trak ball? I think the graphics and sound of the arcade versions are what make the compilations attractive, but there's just something better about using the Atari controllers. Unless there's a way to use Atari controllers on an Xbox lol Thoughts?
  12. What a great intro! Fast cars, hot babe, good music. Great game too! They don't make them like this anymore.
  13. Hi I'm YarJr. and I have a Sega Genesis question so what better place to ask than an atari forum? lol (was not going to be my first post here but since I have a legitmiate issue might as well ask. I should be talking about my lovely Atari jr. though) See Ive been ressurecting my old consoles and I lost my power supply and a/v cables for my genesis so I picked some up but the damn power supply is for a genesis 1 and I have a 2 and 3. My question is could I use a Sony 7.5 v supply with an input of 120v ~ 0.37 A and an output of 7.5v -2.0a for a Genesis 2 or 3?
  14. http://youtu.be/A0S1MwgSutI The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) rocked my world in 2005 with it's amazing power, beautiful 3D graphics and fun games. Here are some more PSP Hidden Gems from my collection. Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure Untold Legends The Warriors Code Pangya Fantasy Golf Brave Story New Traveler Sid Meier's Pirates! Chili Con Carnage Gitaroo Man Lives! Pursuit Force Extreme Justice What games would you like to see in Part 3?
  15. http://youtu.be/vRSeeqsV97I This week, I show highlights from seven retro gaming magazines in my collection. Vintage consoles, rare Nintendo articles, ads for games lost & forgotten and much more. GamePro Computer Gaming World Game Players Nintendo Power Official Playstation Magazine Official XBOX Magazine
  16. Does anybody know how to remove the cable wires from the PCB, and what type of ferrules are used? I am trying to repair a broken, modified DualShock 2 cable. Copper is exposed, very close to the exit from the controller. I work for a rehabilitation engineering company; a long time ago we modified a load of PS2 controllers for use with electric wheelchairs. The wires in the cable are terminated using crimps that fit inside a small block on the PCB. I can see two ways to fix this: 1) Cut the cable just before and after the broken outer sheath, and reattach each wire by splicing 2) Remove the crimps, cut the wire off just after the broken outer sheath, crimp the wires, then put these in the block I would really rather do (2), because (1) means adding heatshrink, which means adding rigidity, and is a point of mechanical weakness. I could probably unlock the ferrules using a knife or a screwdriver, but I want to avoid all risks and would prefer to use a crimp removal tool. My colleagues think the ferrules are soldered into the board, but I'm not sure since this would mean adding a 90 degree bend inside the block. I would be very grateful if anybody could either tell me where I can find this info out? Attached is a picture of the ferrules in the block. Thanks in Advance
  17. Mine is Verdun, it's (probably) the most realistic WW1 shooter out there. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a close second.
  18. Looking for a replacement disc 3 for Legend of Dragoon for PS1 (Preferable greatest hits to match my other discs) The ePay ones are at silly prices, can buy an entire new game for the price of a single disc >.<.
  19. Are generic PlayStation 2 memory cards any good? They are pretty inexpensive, but the one I saw, which is 128MB, I'd use not only to back up all the saves from my previous memory cards, but also for new games I get. So far, I've used the PlayStation-branded ones which are solid and extremely reliable, but I don't want to get a new card and then lose all of my progress on dozens of games. Any thoughts?
  20. The PS2 ROCKS with over 1,850 games released in North America! Here are a ton of great hidden gems for the console you may not know about. Games Shown: Legend of Kay Gungriffon Blaze Mister Mosquito Silpheed Lost Planet Disaster Report Maximo Ghost to Glory War of the Monsters Okage Shadow King Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil Aqua Aqua Primal
  21. selling a few of my old video game's that i no longer need, among these games are turok 2, donkey kong 64, rayman 2, Nascar 99, Mario Party 2, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2, Quake 2, Megaman 64, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Tooie, Space Invaders, Rocket, and Madden 99 Harvest Moon 64, Harvest Moon Back to Nature, Harvest Moon Gbc, Harvest Moon save the homeland, Harvest Moon A wonderful life and Harvest Moon anouther wonderful life The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne and Megaman Legends 2 demo disc check this link for the listings: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fsch%2Fdigitalxfacter%2Fm.html%3F_nkw%3D%26_armrs%3D1%26_from%3D%26_ipg%3D25%26_trksid%3Dp3686
  22. What a find this weekend! My work hosts events around the area, and yesterday's was an electronic event. We go to some remote place, then take everyone's old electronics. Well, one woman came in with a box full of goodies. See the picture below. All in all, 16 complete Playstation 1 games! With the PS2 power cord that was in the box, I managed to get my old PS2 working again and played the hell out of Final Fantasy 7 (greatest hits collection). GREAT score this weekend, and I thought I'd share it with all of you.
  23. I'm selling my old PlayStation game system with 14 games. The system comes from a smoke-free home, and has been tested. PlayStation System /w controller and all required cords to hook up and play. (No box). One Memory Card 14 games: Twisted Metal 3 Twisted Metal 4 (no manual). Pong: The Next Level Army Men: Air Attack Army Men: World at War Army Men 3d Jet Moto WarGames Future Cop Driver Driver 2 Alien Trilogy Air Combat Dragon Seeds. PM for offer, pictures coming soon.
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