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Found 6 results

  1. There is an event which officially starts tomorrow called "Final Fantasy Fiesta". Homepage and information here: https://www.fffiesta.com/ In this event, two Twitch Streamers/Speedrunners, BackgroundGuy02 and SevenS1ns, will be racing against each other in an attempt to be the first to finish/beat every major Final Fantasy title starting at the original Final Fantasy all the way to Final Fantasy XV, all played on original hardware (handhelds, consoles, computers) but focusing on the remakes and sequels when possible. Donations are not required to watch and partake in the event but you will need a Twitch.tv account to be able to chat and interact with other viewers. Each game will have unique challenges and additional conditions for each game as donations goals are reached as detailed on the Fiesta website. The overlaying rule for the entire Fiesta is that there is no escaping/running from ANY fight (unless the story line demands it in those very rare cases). Today begins what is considered the "Day Zero" where you can start donating towards incentive and character names for each game being made available in a first come, first served manner. Hope to see you there!!
  2. ZeroPage Homebrew LIVE every Wednesday & Friday Streaming the very best of Atari 2600 HOMEBREW games, LIVE on Twitch! SUBSCRIBE & WATCH: Twitch Livestream | YouTube Archive NEWEST EPISODE: 20200329 Let's Play: Beamrider (Patch Attempt #3: 35350/40000) UPCOMING EPISODES on TWITCH (Click Time Listing for Your Local Time): 20200403 Let's Play: Best of AtariVox: AtariVox Spell & Speak, Man Goes Down (WIP), Juno First (Retail), Q*Bert Arcade (Hack), Omicron (Retail), Wizard of Wor Arcade (Retail) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20200405 Let's Play: Tower of Rubble (Final Build Exclusive Update), Text Adventure 2 (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Zoo Keeper (WIP) (2020 Harmony Games) (LIVE @ 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT) 20200408 Let's Play: Jack and the Beanstalk, Super Maria Sisters, Super Maria Sisters 2 (WIP), Cosmic Avenger (Early POC), TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20200410 Let's Play: Kaboom! Deluxe! (Hack WIP Update), Flappy Bird, Space Battle, TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20200415 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20200417 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20200422 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) Completed & WIP Games in 2020: Atari 2600, Atari 8-Bit/5200, Atari 7800 Unscheduled Episodes & Games: Archived Shows (YouTube): 20200327 Let's Play: Kraken Attack, Ultra SCSIcide, Asteroids Attack (WIP Update), Rip Off (Early WIP), Boulder Dash (Levels E-H) 20200325 Let's Play: Mr. Yo-Yo (WIP Update), Abyss of Chernobyl (WIP Update), Beamrider (Patch Attempt #2: 16278/40000) 20200320 Let's Play: Tyre Trax (PATCH EARNED! @ 1st in 1/2/3/4), Beamrider (Patch Attempt #1: 10864/40000), Astronomer (Patch Attempt #1: 16/20) 20200318 Let's Play: Text Adventure, Fish Fight (WIP), Stake Toss Remake (WIP), Tyre Trax (Patch Challenge) 20200315 Let's Play: UFO LCD (Exclusive Premiere), Charge! (WIP), Star Crusade (WIP), Armageddon Complex (WIP), Circus Galacticus (WIP) 20200311 Let's Play: Spider Web (WIP), Asteroids Attack (WIP), Spear Diver, Zoo Keeper (WIP Update) 20200228 Let's Play: Matchie (WIP), Melbourne Tatty, Isolate (WIP), 21 Blue (WIP) 20200226 Let's Play: The Stacks (WIP) 20200221 Let's Play: Kheops, Spider, R.P.S., Game Catcher 2600, Seawolf 20200219 Let's Play: Peril (WIP), Evil Magician Returns, Evil Magician Returns II 20200214 Let's Play: Missile Defender (WIP), Z1B, Cisney, Corrirama, Labimento, La Cabrita, KITE! 20200212 Let's Play: Penult (WIP Demo Full Playthrough) 20200207 Let's Play: Save Gaia: The Cy-Mage (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Street Rod 2600 (WIP Update), 1 vs 1 Pro Tennis (WIP) 20200201 Event: 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Presentation! CLICK [Reveal Hidden Contents] FOR MORE YOUTUBE ARCHIVED SHOWS
  3. As it says in the subject, this is a thread compiling all the projects I know of that attempt some kind of chronogaming [aka chrongaming] or library completion via reviews or playthroughs. That is, they either: review every game within the library of a particular genre, platform, console, etc. in chronological order; and/or try to beat every game (in chronological order or otherwise) within the library of a particular genre, platform, console, etc. Categories included can basically be boiled down to: blogs YouTube channels Twitch streamers message board projects to "beat 'em all" With that done, here we go! ---- Blog format: The CRPG Addict Playing through and reviewing every computer RPG released in a Latin alphabet (e.g. English, French, German, Italian), in chronological order (with some backtracking to cover non-DOS games, as this was originally a DOS/Windows-only project). Over 300 games completed to date. CRPG Adventures Playing through and reviewing every RPG and adventure game released in English, in chronological order. The Adventure Gamer Playing through and reviewing every graphical adventure game released in English, in order (?), though with some criteria for notability. Used to be a one-man project, but I believe it's a group/community effort now. Take on the NES Library by arnpoly Playing through and reviewing every licensed NES game released in the US, with 120+ games done as of this writing. Hoz's 8-bit NES Quest Playing through and reviewing every licensed NES game released in the US. Underway since 2014, with 160+ games done as of this writing. Sega Does and Questicle Reviewing entire Sega home gaming library in order. The same person (Dylan Cornelius) was behind Questicle, which reviewed every NES release and was completed in 2014; the site recently resumed posting, now with Famicom reviews. SNES A Day Reviewing entire SNES library in chronological order. 200 reviews/games completed. Super Famicom RPGs Playing through and reviewing every Super Famicom RPG not released in English, except remakes and ports, in order. Now doing PC Engine CD games as well. UPDATE: kern (aka kurisu) has now started a second project, This Map is Completed!, in which he's chronogaming all strategy RPGs released on consoles. Let's Win the Game of SFC (in Japanese) Japanese-language blog documenting one person's effort to beat the entire Super Famicom library, with around 150 games beaten as of this writing, not in order. Not always easy to understand the Google Translate prose, but has unique coverage of games whose ending screenshots are nowhere else to be found. The 16 Bit Chronicles Reviewing entire SNES/Super Famicom library in order. Slow but steady, with 70+ reviews completed as of this writing. GameCube Chronology Challenge by ikk (Dutch version; English-language version of first 19 entries here) Dutch-language reviews and play sessions (not necessarily complete playthroughs) of every PAL GameCube game in chronological order. Main thread is at a Dutch-language site, button-bashers.nl. Ikk originally posted English versions of his entries at the RetroCollect forum, but stopped due to lack of interest (see post here). 1CC Log for Shmups Reviewing and 1CCing every shmup on every system, not in order. Wouldn't normally include this project since it's non-chronological, etc., but it's being done by Kollision, who's a cool guy. Inconsolable Nung Playing through and reviewing every turn-based console RPG, in chronological order. Japanese exclusives are covered when translation patches are available. Returned from hiatus in March 2020. The RPG Consoler Playing through and reviewing every console RPG released in English, in chronological order. No updates since July 2018. I Play All the Games The layout is confusing, so I'm not 100% clear on this site's mission, but the author appears to be playing and reviewing every single game ever released...?! No updates since September 2018. Inactive blogs: Chronogamer (inactive) The grandaddy of all chronogaming projects, this aimed to review every (!) game released on consoles in the United States, in order. Years 1972-1979 completed, 1980 in progress. No new reviews since September 2014. Used to have videos as well, but at least some of those have been deleted. Woodgrain Wonderland (inactive) Reviewing every Atari 2600 game ever made, in alphabetical order. Includes homebrews. Site owner ended project on September 27, 2019, with reviews of most of the Atari 2600 library completed. Xaqar's Game Reviews (inactive) Reviewing entire Famicom library in chronological order. Completed 10 reviews on main site, but allegedly had another site (now defunct, with no Archive.org cache) that completed another 16-18 reviews, through Ninja Kun. No new reviews on main site since 2006. Quest to Beat Every NES Game (inactive) Beating and reviewing every game in the NES library in alphabetical order. Completed 9 games. No updates since August 31, 2013. NES-a-day Challenge by fusoya (inactive) Message board thread at Straightdope.com. Beating every game in the North American NES library, with a short writeup. Completed 137 games. No updates since May 30, 2014. NESQuester (inactive) Started out reviewing NES games in chronological order, completing 36 reviews, then started throwing in various NES and SNES games before going dormant. No posts since November 2014. Copernicus Nerdicus/Life of a Gamer Nerd (inactive) Reviewing NES, Genesis, and SNES games in alphabetical order. Roughly 300 reviews completed. No updates since July 2015. I ♥ The PC Engine (inactive) Reviewing entire PC Engine library and hardware in order. Made it to August 1989, but no updates since 2011-05-16. Pre-Sonic Genesis (inactive) Reviewing Genesis games prior to the release of Sonic the Hedgehog. Last completed review was Revenge of Shinobi. No updates since December 2011. Sega Endings (inactive) Beating every Genesis game and taking screenshots of the ending. Completed 51 games, then inactive since 2015 (?). 100 Days of Megashock (inactive) Reviewing every Neo Geo game in chronological order. Completed 18 entries, skipped ahead for a 19th, then no updates since March 2017. Potion Shop 1e (inactive) Reviewing entire SNES/Super Famicom library in order. 17 reviews/games completed. No updates since 2015-03-05. SNES Reverse Chronogaming (inactive?) Playing through the SNES library in reverse chronological order. Five entries completed in 2009, followed by a few sporadic posts in subsequent years, including one in 2016. GBA Weekly/History of Game Boy Advance (inactive) Reviewing entire GBA library in chronological order. No updates since September 2010. Juggle Chainsaws (defunct) Reviewing entire NES library. Last completed review was Raid on Bungeling Bay. Website is defunct, link above goes to Archive.org. Super Famicom Games (defunct) Reviewing entire SNES/Super Famicom library in order. 20-30 reviews/games completed before going dormant, then private, a couple of years ago. No Archive.org cache is available. Owner has since continued with Super Famicom RPGs project, listed above. Starting a quest to beat every PS1 game ever made (never even started?) Claimed to be taking on the PS1 library, but I'm not sure this person even began the project. ---- Video format: Most of these projects have an associated blog, but the main action is on their YouTube channel. Atari Archive Video reviews of the entire North American library for the Atari 2600, in chronological order. The No Swear Gamer This YouTube reviewer has now completed reviews for the entire officially-released Atari 7800 game library, all captured from real hardware. (He reviews games on other systems too, though none of those are approaching 100% as of this writing.) Chrontendo, and the related projects Chronsega and Chronturbo. Short video reviews by Dr. Sparkle of every single release for (respectively) Nintendo, Sega, and PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 console hardware (no portables), all in chronological order. Videos available on YouTube or Archive.org. Updates much slower than in the past, but project is still active via YouTube and Archive.org, though blog itself is seldom updated. Sega Masters Reviewing the entire North American Master System library in order. Completed 71 text reviews in blog (now inactive), then converted to YouTube videos, with 60 complete so far. Turbo Views Video reviews of every North American release for the TurboGrafx-16, plus some imports. Generation 16 Video reviews of every release for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, by Greg Sewart, in chronological order. Originally used longer-format videos with multiple games, then converted to a one-game-per-video format with two "seasons" to date (Season 1 here, and Season 2 here). Jeremy Parish's projects: Game Boy Works [formerly known as Game Boy World] - 1989, 1990, and Gaiden NES Works [aka Good Nintentions] - 1985, 1986, 1987, and Gaiden SNES Works [aka Mode Seven] - 1991, Gaiden, and Extra Virtual Boy Works, which has completed reviews for the officially released libraries for US and Japan N64 Works Game Boy Works Color Game Boy Works Advance All of these projects are reviewing every game for their systems in chronological order. Most projects include all regions, while NES Works and SNES Works are North American releases only. YouTube channel for all his projects is here. He periodically publishes books that sum up his research. Virtual Boy Works has been completed, though additional coverage of unreleased and homebrew games is planned. Game Boy Works is on hold until late 2019, but a Square Deal & Parasol Henbee retrospective video was published in April 2019 for the 30th anniversary of the Game Boy. Neo-Alec's Neo Geo Reviews Video reviews of every release for the Neo Geo in chronological order/by catalog number. Biff's Gaming Videos Video reviews of Jaguar games, appears to be approaching the complete set. Virtual Boy Reviews by Johan Öberg (completed) Video reviews of the complete Virtual Boy library, including Japanese games, homebrews, and prototypes. Öberg has since moved on to reviews of selected Famicom and Super Famicom games, which can be seen in his channel. PlayStation Year One (direct link to YouTube channel). Detailed video reviews of PlayStation releases, in chronological order. Neo Geo Pocket Archives Video reviews of every release for the Neo Geo Pocket in chronological order. Inactive projects: Ages of Sega (inactive) Abandoned after 15 SG-1000 reviews. The SMS Quest by ninjabearhug (canceled) Planned to beat every PAL release for the Sega Master System (Kotaku article here). Abandoned after 15 games. FamiThon (canceled) Video reviews of "mostly" every Famicom and NES game, with over 100 completed as of this writing. The person behind this project doesn't speak Japanese, so untranslated Japanese exclusives are covered lightly if at all. UPDATE: Canceled after 121 videos. Super Nintendo Chronicles (inactive) Abandoned after five games. SNES Chronicles (inactive) Weekly video reviews of every North American SNES release, in chronological order. No updates since June 2018. Swan Song (inactive) Video reviews of WonderSwan games, in chronological order. No updates since November 2018. GameCube Index aka GCNDex (canceled) Reviews of every GameCube game in all regions, in chronological order. Placed on indefinite hiatus in April 2017, after 81 completed reviews. ---- Twitch streamers: Game order in these projects is typically not chronological, but is instead determined by a raffle among channel viewers. NESMania from TheMexicanRunner aka TMR. Completed. Successfully defeated all 714 licensed North American & PAL-region NES releases, completing the library. Channel continues with other projects. Dugongue's NES Completion Challenge As above. 689 games done as of this writing -- very close to completion. YouTube archive here, and Google Docs spreadsheet here. My NES Adventure by DoubleUnicorn. Beating every licensed North America & PAL release for the NES, with 50+ done so far. Beating Every NES Game Released in NA! by TheLostEyeball. As above. 95 games done as of this writing. Ultimate NES Challenge by gnarblast. As above. 65 games done as of this writing. Master System Mania by Revenged2. Beating every Master System game in all regions, with 55.4% done as of this writing. MegaMarathon by Goati. Beating every Genesis/Mega Drive game, all regions, licensed or unlicensed (but no Sega CD or 32X). Google Docs spreadsheet tracking progress here. SGENocide Crusade by sharpieplays. Beating all North American releases for the Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X. Beat the Game Boy by Zenic Reverie. Beating all North American releases for the Game Boy. YouTube archive here. 117 games done so far. Beat Every Original Game Boy Game by Floating Platforms. Beating all North American releases for the Game Boy. 31 games done as of this writing. Project Game Boy by grannen_hiro. Completed. Successfully completed all 136 Scandinavian releases for the Game Boy, finishing on June 25, 2018. Channel (which is in Swedish) is continuing with the 21 games on the SNES Classic Mini, after which more Game Boy games will be played, along with NES. Game Gear Challenge by ExtraGuy. Beating every game for the Game Gear, with 176 games done so far (spreadsheet here). Channel was active until September 2017, then resumed streaming in June 2018 but with non-Game Gear material. Update: streamer's PC is broken, so Game Gear project is on hiatus for now. SNES Challenge by PBRGamer/Peebs. Beating all North American, European, and fan-translated games for the SNES. 640 games done as of this writing. Also has a separate project website. N64Forever by MeridianPrime. Completed. Successfully completed all North American and European games for the Nintendo 64. Project continues with N64 speedrunning. N64AThon by Edgewoodblake83. Beating all (North American?) games for the Nintendo 64, with 3-4 games done as of this writing. ExiledPrince's Nintendo 64 Challenge Beating all US-released games for the Nintendo 64. Twitch archives are very scant, but project spreadsheet indicates 51 games beaten through August 2019. RPG Quest Beating every console RPG released in English in chronological release order, with 170+ games done as of this writing. (No fan translations.) Zophar321 From what I can tell, Zophar321's original project was to beat every Genesis game in alphabetical order, with 42 games done as of this writing. He appears to have expanded the project to other consoles, but the Genesis project is the furthest along. There's also a YouTube archive of his playthroughs. Inactive projects: Beef_Erikson (inactive) Attempted to beat all Sega Genesis games but gave up somewhere under 20 victories. Inactive since 2016. Game Boy Quest by John Carlson (johncarls) (inactive) Beating all North American releases for the Game Boy. 187 games done so far, but no new Game Boy victories since the end of 2018, and other projects are on indefinite hiatus. SNEStravaganza by Absnerdity (canceled/abandoned) Attempted to beat all North American, European, and fan-translated games for the SNES. Abandoned after 540 (!) games, as confirmed by Twitter post here; last completed game in 2017. SNES Challenge by Soapfish (inactive) Planned to beat all US-released SNES games but gave up after 21 games. Twitter here; also had a Tumblr site. Inactive since July 2015. SNES Challenge by Jerrimu (inactive) Unrelated to the other two (!) SNES projects with the same name, this user planned to beat all US-released SNES games (discussion in Reddit thread, and also started a subreddit) but gave up after attempting first game. Inactive since 2017. PSXplosion (inactive?) "PSXplosion is playing through (most) of the US-released PS1 games, excluding sports and edutainment games." Unlike other streamers listed, puri_puri will use cheat codes and/or abandon games if they're too frustrating. YouTube channel here, and Google Docs completion list here, last updated February 2017. Appears to have recently been banned from Twitch, and not active on YouTube since December 2016, so is this project dead? N64Mania by Shaquille_Oatmeal (inactive) Attempted to beat all US-released N64 games but gave up after 13 victories. Inactive since 2014. SlashTangent (inactive) Beating all North American, European, and fan-translated games for the Nintendo 64, with over 100 games done as of this writing. Also started a GameCube completion project on June 19, 2017, with 17 games done. Twitch archives are incomplete but from the streamer's Twitter account it appears that the last activity was in January 2019. N64 Challenge by SegaNick (inactive) Beating all US-released games for the Nintendo 64, with 10 games done. No new activity since 2018. Linkon18 (inactive) Attempted to beat all US-released N64 games but gave up after just one victory (!). Inactive since 2015. ---- Message board "beat-'em-all" projects: NOTE: the active NintendoAge projects below have moved to a new website, Video Game Sage, and can be found under their "Site-Run Events and Contests" forum category. I'll update them with the new VGS URLs for 2020. Can Sega-16 Beat the Last of the Genesis, Sega CD, & 32X Libraries in 2018? Ongoing since 2013. Genesis library is 95+% complete, others are farther from completion. Can NA Beat Every NES Game In A Year - 2019 Attempt to beat every licensed NES game released in North America, plus a smattering of Famicom games. Annually repeated since 2010 with different criteria, with success in 2012 (all licensed North American releases), 2015 (all licensed NA & PAL releases), and 2016 (all licensed NA & PAL releases, all unlicensed NA releases). Can NA Finish Off The SNES Library? - 2019 Attempt to beat every licensed SNES game released in North America within a year, and/or beat every licensed SNES game over the course of the project. Also tracking Super Famicom games as of 2018. Previous years have not succeeded; best result is 77.5% completion in 2017, with overall library completion at 98.2% as of this writing. Can NA beat every N64 game in a year ? - 2019 Attempt to beat every N64 game released in North America & Europe within a year. This yearly project began in 2012, and had success in 2018, with 100% completion of the NA/PAL library. N64Forever Beats 'em All! Multiyear project, started in 2012 and originating in the "2012-13 N64 Game-off", to beat every N64 game released in North America & Europe. Still active, and with only 10 games left as of this writing. Can NA Beat Every Game Boy Game In A Year? - 2019 Attempt to beat every licensed Game Boy game released in North America within a year. Previous years have not succeeded; best result is 43.4% completion (218/502) in 2016. Can CiBo Beat Every GB/GBC Game in a Year? - 2019 German-language message board attempting to beat all Game Boy and Game Boy Color games in all regions in 2019. Past projects were attempted in 2014-2018 for (respectively) the SNES, PlayStation, NES, N64, and the Mega Drive. Can NA Beat Every Switch Game In A Year ~ 2019 Attempt to beat every Switch game released in North America within a year. Done once before in 2018, with 88 games beaten. Inactive projects: Can NA beat every Virtual Boy game in a year? (2017) (project concluded, failed) Attempted to beat every licensed Virtual Boy game released in North America within a year. Ended at 71.4% completion. How Many Game Boy Color Games Can NA Beat In 2018? (project concluded, failed) Attempted to beat every licensed Game Boy Color game released in North America within a year. Previous years have not succeeded, with attempts in 2016 (earlier thread here) and 2017. Can NA Beat Every GBA Game In A Year - 2017 (project concluded, failed) Attempted to beat every licensed Game Boy Advance game released in North America within a year. Also attempted in 2016 without success. NintendoAge has also done a GameCube project in the past but, unsurprisingly, it didn't really go anywhere. Did Pcenginefx beat all licensed TurboGrafx-16 games in 2016...? NO (113/135) (project concluded, failed) Attempted to beat all HuCard and CD-ROM games for the TG-16. Failed, ending up at 83.7% completion (oddly enough, almost the exact same percentage as the NintendoAge N64 effort in 2016). No new effort for 2017 was started. ---- If you know of any qualifying project that I've omitted, please post it in the thread!
  4. Hello and welcome, I always thought the idea of a real life Atari gaming event was awesome. This system has quick, energetic games that get the blood flowing which is perfect for a social gathering. It's a bummer that this event is only one weekend, in one state. (Cali) And I'm not able to attend those meetups. However, I thought It would be fun to host an Atari Party of my own every week on my Twich Channel: AtariParty I've got around 150 games in my collection, and a supercharger to load games from my pc, so there will be lots of options. Game will be played on an ACTUAL CONSOLE Voting for the next game would be fun, too. I was wondering if this sounds like a good idea to anybody. I will be starting TOMORROW, Tuesday night around 6PM Central Time, and hopefully stream every other Tuesday, too! Hope to see some of you over at twitch.tv/atariparty -blade
  5. i'm a streaming noob, but i want to live stream games from my retron 5, anyone have any tips? what is the best equipment to buy for this? cheapest place to buy it? any other suggestions?
  6. Twitch Movie Night returns at #PAXEast2015 with the live premiere of our feature film documentary, Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution, this Friday at 6PM EST only on http://twitch.tv/twitch. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! For additional details, check out this posting on Armchair Arcade or this posting on the Gameplay Website. Trailer: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/gameplay/116907309
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