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Found 59 results

  1. Has there been any updates on the Big Comfy Couch prototype for the Xbox? I had heard something several months ago about possibly locating the rom, but nothing since. I really enjoyed that show and would love to get ahold of any sort of build for the game if available.
  2. Wanted: new unopened Xbox Series X system. I'll do local pickup only at a police station we agree on. 01001 zip, I'm willing to travel up to 50-90 miles for pickup. I have cash, willing to pay up to $600 OR gamecube, dreamcast games and cash. Thanks
  3. Add it to your account for free on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/242700/Injustice_Gods_Among_Us_Ultimate_Edition/ Apparently it is also free on PS4 and XBox.
  4. I started this round of the swap box and it came back fully loaded to the gills!!
  5. Hi! I'm looking for some hard to get Xbox 360 and Xbox One games but I don't really know what to look for. To be specific, I'm looking for the regular edition of some games and not special editions. Although most special editions tend to go up in price quickly, they are extremely expensive where I live. I think the only hard to get game I have in my collection is a sealed copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 for the 360 which costs around $40, but I paid around $10. I haven't opened it yet, but I might play it in the future. Also, I saw a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the Xbox One, but I didn't buy it because I'm an idiot. That game costs around $45 because there aren't that many copies around and the digital edition has been de-listed for licensing issues. So any other games I should be on the lookout for? Thanks in advance!
  6. There I was, in garage sale heaven. Standing over a box of second hand XBOX controllers. I got a little less excited when I noted how second hand they were. I thought I would salvage parts and asked, "How much?". She said, "$2". I said, "OK." He looked like he just lost an old friend and his wife was telling herself, "I should have said 3!" Fast forward 16 months and I'm sorting them into a box labeled "electronic recycle" because I was to lazy to open them up for salvage. One did catch my eye, it was an undersize wireless controller that made me think, "Can the d-pad and a trigger button be wired to plug into my Atari?" Fast forward another couple of months and I'm playing Star Raiders with an XBOX Controller. At least one got saved from the landfill. -------------------------------------------------------------------- These photos were taken for reference. 1 - The controller was a 2.4 Ghz wireless MadCatz. (Receiver not avalible.) 2 - The main board after removing the transmitter and battery holder. 3 - Removed 2 screws and lifted the D-pad. 4 - Cut off existing wires. 5 - Solder wire for up, down, left, right, and Ground (common). Note wire colors, mine not standard. 6 - Contacts in placed and wires routed. One of the cross pieces in the plastic bracket needed to be remove for the board to sit flat. Solder joint interference. 7 - Cut a notch in case for CX40 cable. 8 - Solder 2 wires for trigger switch. One for the trigger pin and one for the ground. (solder joints are for a different design that didn't work so well. They didn't need to be moved.) 9 - Clean off resistive material across B contacts and solder micro switch as close to center as you can. Be sure the plunger will make contact with button. (the wires could have been soldered to the push button switch and glued into place.) 10 - Solder leads to joystick cable. UP-Pin1, Down - Pin2, Left - Pin3, Right - Pin4, Trigger - Pin6, and other side of trigger and common on d-pad - Pin8. 11 - Because the push button was to high, the plunger needed to sanded shorter. 12 - On the upper case, the button guide required some material removal to keep from depressing the switch. 13 - Put the case together. Be sure wires are not pinched or interfering with button movements. The case was opened and closed several times to make modification before the trigger reliably worked. I was really close to giving up. There was a bit of lucky with the d-pad. This joystick tester came in handy. I think it saved me more time then it took to build it.
  7. For offer, the limited bundle from Taco Bell promo. Includes: - Xbox One X Eclipse Edition - New (V2) Elite Controller - 6-month GamePass Ultimate membership - Console start-up sound is the Taco Bell bell - Console vertical stand There are several unboxing videos out there, here is one with some apparently popular girl, which can show in more detail. YouTube Unboxing Link to my Flickr album with pics PM if interested, thanks
  8. Mine is Verdun, it's (probably) the most realistic WW1 shooter out there. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a close second.
  9. My questions are simple really. I have a chance to get a Kinect for the 360 and I was wondering if that particular piece of hardware is worth it or not. I remember years ago going to a friend's house and playing a bunch of minigames, but I didn't spend enough time playing to make a purchase decision. Also, how much would you pay for it? I don't want to spend too much money on a thing I don't see myself playing all the time. I know some games are cool, like Kinect Sports or Dance Central, but other than that nothing comes to mind. Are some of the "better with Kinect" labeled games any good, like Skyrim or Forza? Or is it just a dumb gimmick? I did some research online, but there are barely any video reviews out there. Finally, can you control the console using voice to turn on/off, launch games and apps and other things? I assume you can, but I don't know if it's responsive or just old tech that sometimes works and it's kind of cool but that's it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Does anyone have one of these boxes (along with any inserts)? Thank you
  11. I've been meaning to record some gameplay clips on my Xbox One for quite some time now, but every time I feel like I've made some progress in terms of new equipment or knowledge about the whole process, I encounter a new problem. I already have a USB 3.0 hard drive to store the long clips and I have a camera, but I can't get to record audio from the camera's mic. From what I've read online, you can't use a camera and get audio from that, but some people pointed out that that's how they record gameplay. Apparently, if you want to get audio on a clip or stream, you need to buy a super expensive headset (they are well beyond my budget in my country.) So I have no idea if that depends on the camera or not. As I was writing this, I realized that there's a menu on the settings that allows you to check video and audio from the camera and maybe you can enable an option from there, but I don't have my console with me right now, so I'll check it out at home. I was wondering if anyone over here tried to capture footage from their Xbox One console and experienced the same problem and can help me out. I know apart from using the OS from the console, there are a bunch of alternative apps like Upload Studio, Twitch and Mixer that have different functionalities, so maybe I should check out those just in case. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it!
  12. I've been looking for a good Xbox One headset, but I have no idea what to look for. Primarily, I'd like to use the microphone to record some gameplay footage and upload it to YouTube. I know the best option to do this probably involves getting a capture card hooked up to the PC and then get a better microphone, but since the Xbox One can capture gameplay right out of the box, I think this is the better/cheaper option for now. So what brands should I research? How much money should I spend on a good headset? Are 360 headsets compatible with the Xbox One? And finally, what about the headset that came with the Xbox One originally? Is that any good at all? Thanks in advance!
  13. I just found out that you can play original Xbox games on the 360 and since I have a copy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in my collection I wanted to play that really bad. Apparently, that game's supported on a list I found online (I think Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive list of compatible games.) But as soon as I try to launch the game on my 360, I get an error message saying that it's not supported. The only thing I can come up with is that as a requirement to play original Xbox games on the 360, you need an official HDD. I think I read that somewhere and I hope someone here can double check that. The 360 I have has an unofficial HDD installed with a bunch of game, so maybe the hard drive is full? Since I've never played an original Xbox game on the 360 I don't know how that works. I don't know if the game just launched or if I need to install something, so if anyone here can help me out, I'd appreciate it.
  14. is my xbox controller supposed to light up when i plug it into my android OTG cable? because it's not. i tried USB/BT joystick Center, and it recognizes the controller, but the buttons don't do anything. my device is a samsung galaxy S2 with android 4.0.4. i checked with a compatibility app that my device is compatible with OTG. what do i do? i cant even move a cursor with my controller. can somebody help please?
  15. *SOLD!!!!* Hi all, Trying to re-organize my game room, and I have no space left. At all. So it's time to start moving some stuff along that doesn't get as much use as they deserve. $250 $200 - Xbox One X 1TB, 2 wireless controllers, controller charge station, complete in box, great condition - has only had a few hours of play time in the few months i've had it. Based in the USA. Paypal friends/family/gift whatever it is. Buyer pays shipping. I'll be home in about 6 hours so I can post pics at that time. I'll be posting more stuff as I try to make room in my little game room, unless I kick the missus out and take over the entire house. SOLD - $200 - Amiga 600, includes Furia EC020 - no mouse, no PSU, no video cable. Bought after receiving a recap from the UK. More info on the Furia here - https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=105. I have my 1200 so this one needs to go to a good home. Great condition, no yellowing
  16. I'm looking for a good Raspberry Pi setup I have the following Xbox to trade or possibly sell (includes) IDE Adapter to Sata Card 80 pin high speed ribbon cable 750GB 7200 Rpm hard Drive Clear "Ghost" Case 2 Controllers Dukes Power Cable Hi-def component cables Red lighted Controller Ports Blue Lighted Top Power Switch On the Controller Clear DVD Cover Mod vid_1.mp4vid_2.mp4 PM me for details Thanks for looking!
  17. I'm looking for a good Raspberry Pi setup I have the following Xbox to trade or possibly sell (includes) XBox IDE Adapter to Sata Card 80 pin high speed ribbon cable 750GB 7200 Rpm hard Drive Clear "Ghost" Case 6Ft Extension Cable For Controller 2 Controllers Dukes Power Cable Hi-def component cable Red lighted Controller Ports Blue Lighted Top Power Switch On the Controller Clear DVD Cover Mod vid_1.mp4vid_2.mp4 Send me an offer if you would rather buy PM me for details Thanks for looking!
  18. From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    Microsoft XBox with the Steel Battalion controller.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  19. Used Xbox One console (black), 500GB, great condition Comes with box, system, one controller, AV cable, power brick, (original) Destiny game on disc Asking $130 shipped (for US shipments.. outside of US would be more). Paypal or trade (looking for more ColecoVision homebrews) listed here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/279778-colecovision-homebrews/ I also have a few backwards-compatible 360 games on disc I can add in cheaply: - COD: Black Ops II - Gears of War 3 - Bioshock Infinite - Borderlands 2 - Mass Effect 3 - Left 4 Dead 2 (also have 360 games: Rock Band 3, Dead Rising 2, and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, but these are not on the backwards compatibility list) 6/23 edit: games list
  20. Hey, me again. Among some other finds secured from Habitat for Humanity was 3 Xbox 360 units in various conditions. Two are Xenons while one is a Jasper. I am disinclined to try and even test the Xenons because what's the point? I did scavenge the heat sinks from them and will hang onto them for spare parts should the need arise. The Jasper actually turns on and shows the NXE, but after a short amount of time, the display turns off, the fan speeds up, and it flashes two red lights on the left side(I believe it's 1 and 3) of the ring of light. I have since cleaned out the Xbox, removed the heatsinks and cleaned/applied fresh thermal compound, and tried running the system again. Still turns off after a short time and flashes the error code. So I installed two copper heatsinks from the two Xenon motherboards since I have read they are a bit better for heat dissipation than the aluminum blocks that came with the Jasper. Same behavior. So I even went so far as to solder a wire on the underside of the board to pull additional power to run the fan at full speed all the time(single wire 12 v fan mod). This time the system ran for a few minutes this time before eventually doing the same thing. I'm pretty much at my wits end as far as thinking of possible solutions. It does look like this system was previously tinkered with, possibly even recapped, and so who knows what might have happened to it for it to end up being sold to me for $3 as a parts machine. Short of trying to rig up some kind of water cooling system - which I have no experience doing and would quite probably be overkill for an xbox I would like to RGH - I don't know what else could be done to keep the processor cool or identify what the deeper problem is. *edit: There is one other thing I could try, but I don't know if it would actually help, and would probably push me past the point of no return. One of the Xenons had a bunch of washers and bolts in lieu of the x-clamps, so I assume it was an RROD x-clamp fix/mod to apply more pressure from the heat sink to the chip. I kept the washers/bolts so it's something I could do, but I don't know if it would have an appreciable effect as far as providing a more secure connection from the heatsink to the chip, thus preventing overheating, or if it would simply damage the BGA.
  21. Xbox $50 for $45 PSN $50 for $45 $100 for $90
  22. Here are some pictures of my game room. Took about two years to complete from start to finish. I built it up from scratch, framing the walls, running electricity, etc. Hope you guys enjoy.
  23. clearing out some of my random video games. all prices are firm. min of 2 games per sale to save on shipping material. shipping paid for by buyer. PC: $5 StarCraft 2 Legacy of the void ps3: *complete* $10 Wet $8 Alien Isolation Nostromo Edition $8 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition $5 Heavenly Sword *missing booklet* $5 The Last of us $5 Assassins creed black flag $3 Front Mission Evolved $3 Saints row IV *redbox sticker on disc* $3 Brutal Legend $3 Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 $3 Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 $3 Two Worlds 2 $3 Max Payne 3 $3 Assassins creed 2 $3 Fifa Soccer 12 $3 Fifa Soccer 10 $1 Singstar Ps3*loose* $3 Call of duty black ops 2 $3 Final Fantasy XIII $3 Army of Two $3 Eat lead the return of mat hazzard $3 Dark Void $2 Tiger woods 08 $2 Nba 2k9 Xbox 360 *disc only, most have some jagoffs name on it. looks like it would clean off easy.* *in paper cd sleeves* $3 each The Bureau Xcom Declassified *complete* Hitman Absolution *disc only* Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Ghost recon future soldier Halo Reach Frontlines fuel of war Battlefeild bad company 2 Assassins creed Assassins creed 2 Assassins creed 3 Assassins creed Brotherhood Assassins creed Black flag Assassins creed Revelations Dark Sector Battlefield 4 Air Conflicts Secret war Halo 4 Crysis 2 Crysis 3 Hunter edition Mercenaries 2 World in flames The Crew Mortal Kombat vs dc universe The outfit Wii: $3 Bleach Shattered Blade *missing booklet* $2 Wii play *complete* $2 Glacier 3 the meltdown *disc only* $2 Samurai Warriors Katana *disc only* $2 Samba de amigo *disc only* $2 Cranium Kabookii *disc only* Xbox *complete* $4 XIII Gamecube *complete unless noted* $3 Hulk *missing booklet* Ps2: $2 World Championship poker Howard lederer's dvd edition *complete* $2 Tiger woods 2003 *complete* $2 Ghost recon *missing booklet* 4k Movie: $4 The Divergent Series: Allegiant *4k disc and case only* Bluray Movies *blu ray only. no dvds or digitals* *with case* $3 Sausage party $3 American history x $3 Star wars The force awakens $3 Dirty grandpa Unrated $3 SpongeBob Sponge out of water $3 The Smurfs $3 The Internship Unrated $3 007 Skyfall $3 Money for nothing *new sealed* $2 The Goonies *artwork is beat up* Bluray Movies Disc only $3 The Revenant $3 Deadpool $3 The Divergent Series: Allegiant $2 2Guns $2 Hit & Run $2 Harry Potter and the sorcers stone $2 Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets $2 Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix $2 Twilight Breaking dawn part 2 $2 The Incredible burt wonderstone $2 The Lone Ranger $2 Corpse Bride Tv Seasons DVD: *complete* $3 Family Guy Volume 4 $3 Family Guy Volume 1 Seasons 1 & 2 $3 South Park The COmplete 3rd season $3 Ugly Betty The Bettyfied Edition season 1 $3 Sleepy Hollow Season 1 $3 How i met your mother season 3 $3 Cougar Town season 1 $2 The Office All season *has the uk & us version* 17 discs 1st season of bolth. there are scratches on some the discs untested Dvds: with case $4 How to train your dragon 2 *sealed* $4 Ice Age continental drift *sealed* $3 Happy Feet *sealed* $2 WWE No Way Out 2004 *Eddie vs Brock for the title* $2 WWE TLC 2009 $2 WWE DOuble Feature Twist of fate & Shawn Michaels story $2 Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary Edition $2 Coming to america *sealed* $2 Scary Movie 4 Unrated *sealed* $2 Stone Angel *sealed* $2 American Pie 4 Play Pack *band camp,naked mile,beta house,book of love* $2 Wild Hogs *sealed* $1 New York Doll $1 Jackass #2 Unrated $1 Austin Powers Goldmember $1 Saw $1 Saw 2 $1 My Cousin Vinny $1 Veggie Tales The Star of Christmas $1 Call'n Bears - They Come to Eat! Hunters Specialties $1 Dragons world a fantasy made real $1 Grudge 2 Dvds Disc Only: $0.75 Each Hit & Run Crazy in Alabama Jerry Maguire The Virgin Suicides The Guardian Dantes Peak Cant Hardly Wait Smokey And the bandit part 3 Four Christmases The Nutty Professor The Mother Hips Beauty rock live at the catalyst Alfie Hot Boyz The incredible burt wonderstone Rocky Bullwinkle/ Josie and the pussy cats double disc Mchale's navy/ Thunderbirds DOuble Disc
  24. *im Raising money to go see tom petty and the heartbreakers in september at the hollywood bowl. im selling these games. games are all in playable shape. some are minty and some have some minor scratches. nothing to terrible. all the art work is in good to very good shape. some may be in lesser shape but will still play. feel free to ask any questions. SHipping will be paid by the buyer so if wanting large amounts i can send either media mail or priority flat rate box. Help my dreams come true with these cheap prices. new rule: Orders have to be a min of $10. im eating the cost of packing supplys and everything else so any order under $10 is basicly me just giving away the games for cost. N64 $20 Expantion pak Nintendo Brand Ps4: $15 Natural Doctrine Complete Unless Stated otherwise $5 Call of duty modern warfare 2 $5 Call of duty black ops *no booklet* $5 Call of Duty Advanced warfare $5 Saints Row IV. *has redbox sicker on disc ring* $5 Diablo 3 $5 Two Worlds 2 $5 Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster $5 Brutal Legend $3 SingStar *no mic* $3 FIfa 10 $3 Little league world series 2010 $3 Eat Lead return of mat hazard *disc only* $3 Dark Void * DIsc only* $3 Army of Two *Disc only* $3 Final Fantasy XII *DIsc only* Complete unless stated $4 Bleach Shattered Blade *missing booklet* $2 Prince of persia forgotten sands $2 Hannah Montana the movie $2 Goplay Lumberjacks $2 Battle of the bands $2 Wii Play Disc only $2 Glacier 3 the meltdown $2 Nerf N-Strike $2 My Word Coach $2 Guinness World Records the video game $2 Ssx Blur $2 Shaun White snowboarding world stage $2 Sega Superstar tennis $2 Samurai Warriors Katana $2 Samba De Amigo $2 each PlayStation 2 complete. Nba 2k7 TIger woods 03 World Championship poker Mlb 2k6 Pirates of the caribbean the lgend of jack sparrow $2 each PlayStation 2 Missing booklets Ghost recon complete unless noted $8 Spyro's Heros tail complete. *disc has minor scratches* $5 doom 3 $5 Simpsons road rage $5 XII *Thirteen* Bluray: $2 Money for nothing *john cusack* brand new still sealed DVDS: *Still sealed* $2 The Stone Angel *still sealed* $2 Comming to america special edition *still sealed* $2 Scary Movie 4 unrated *still sealed* Dvds used: $1 New York Doll W/case $1 Saw 2 W/case $1 Veggietales the star of christmas W/case $1 Hit & run *Disc only* $1 The virgin Suicides *disc only* $1 Hot Boyz *disc only* $1 The Mother Hips Beauty Rock Live At The Catalyst *disc only* $1 McHale's Navy/ Thundercats Combo disc *Disc only
  25. Hi all, I've got some games to sell or trade. I am looking for Gamecube games and a few NES game (want list at the bottom). Shipping is at cost. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking! DS SOLD Chrono Tigger (complete) $5 SOLD Game & Watch Collection (complete) $15 SEGA CD SOLD System Model 2 (with Power cable) $30 SOLD Backup Ram Cart (loose) $20 SOLD Konami Lightgun $10 SOLD Mickey Mania (complete) $10 SOLD Panic! (complete) $10 SOLD Popful Mail (complete) $150 SOLD Snatcher (complete) $250 ATARI 2600 SOLD Chopper Command $1 SOLD Enduro $1 SOLD Megamania $1 SOLD Starmaster $1 ATARI 7800 HOLD Centipede (a little beat up but works) $1 Dreamcast HOLD LOK:Soul Reaver (complete) $10 SOLD Rayman 2 (with case and only the front cover of the manual) $10 SOLD Sword of the Berserk (complete) $10 SOLD Worms Armageddon (complete) $10 PlayStation HOLD Gran Turismo 2 (complete) $2.50 HOLD Tomb Raider (complete) $2.50 HOLD Wipeout XL (complete) $2.50 PS2 HOLD The Getaway (complete) $5 SOLD Odin Sphere (complete) $5 SOLD Silent Hill 2: GH (complete) $5 PS4 HOLD Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (complete) $5 SOLD Dirt Rally (complete) $10 SEGA SATURN SOLD Grid Runner (complete) $5 XBOX 360 SOLD Dirt 2 (complete) $3 HOLD Dirt 3 Complete Edition (complete) $20 HOLD Fallout 3 (complete) $3 SOLD Midway Arcade Origins (complete) $3 SOLD Dodonpachi Resurrection: Deluxe Edition (UK, complete) $25 WANT LIST Gamecube (with case and manual) Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Enter the Matrix F-Zero GX Gauntlet Dark Legacy Lego Star Wars Lego Star Wars II Luigi's Mansion Mario Party 4 Mario Party 5 Pikmin Pikmin 2 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Rampage: Total Destruction Resident Evil 4 Skies of Arcadia Sonic Heroes SSX 3 Star Wars Clone Wars Star Wars Rogue Leader Star Wars Rebel Strike Super Mario Sunshine Super Monkeyball 2 Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe 2 NES (cart only is fine) Gumshoe Hogan's Alley Ms. Pac-man (Tengen) Pro Wrestling N64 (cart only is fine) Goldeneye Mario Kart 64
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