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Found 11 results

  1. As we all know, E.T. for the Atari 2600 is one, if not the worst game of all time. I'm seeing all these Atari fans making a bunch of oldschool, homebrew Atari games. But someone needs to remake E.T.! Just saying, I would so it but I am working two different Atari homebrews in the works. So yeah, tell me your ideas. -CROSSWAY-GAMES
  2. 10. Nintendo Gameboy 9. Atari Jaguar 8. Atari Lynx 7. ColecoVision 6. Odyssey 2 5. Intellevision 4. Atari 7800 3. Atari 5200 2. NES Can you guess what #1 is? Atari 2600 BOOM!
  3. So as I understand Atari sold the company and ended the Swordquest series. Therefore the last game of the series, 'Swordquest: Airworld' was cancelled. Now there have been "Sightings" of the prototype cartridge, which turned out to be fake. I've seen many forums and discussions on that topic, no one knows where it is, and in what form the program was saved(disk, cartridge, etc.). So it got me thinking for a bit, once the news spread in the company of Atari, makes you wonder if the game was even saved, or if it was thrown away or burnt. I could very well be wrong, but it's just a thought of mine. Tell me your thoughts.
  4. Heya, guys, I don't know if any of you remember one of my first threads on Atariage. I posted something about "Haunted House III". Which eventually got cancelled since my developing partners kind of quit on me. However, I found a solution and began making my own Haunted House project. Of course I just began as of now, this being said I already have some artwork done to give you an idea of what it will be like. So here is an image of the title. I will continue to post updates of the game, as well as more snapshots. Plans as of now: I plan this to just be a free-to-play game available for PC. Plus if I even plan on selling the game in the future, I would probably have to change the name because of copyright crap. I would love to see this play on an Atari 7800 or a Colecovision, WHO WOULDN'T? Haunted House: Slashers should be available on a website known as "Gamejolt.com" when the game is playable. THANKS! -Dave
  5. Haunted House III Design: I thought I'd make it like Return to Haunted House's Adventure style, honestly that would be more simple. About the game: If you notice in Return to Haunted House it wasn't about getting the missing peaces to an artifact, it was pretty much just Adventure haunted edition(btw I love this game). Haunted House III is supposed to be more about getting missing artifacts lost in the haunted house, that's pretty much it for right now. I'll show you some screenshots of the game soon. End of the project: To be honest I don't plan on publishing this game at all, it's a fun project I think I can save onto a floppy disk or something. Thanks for reading! -CROSSWAY-GAMES
  6. You know the cool perk about buying an old Atari console/computer is games are still being made for it, homebrew games to be exact. It's awesome, games are being made for Jaguar, Lynx, 7800, 5200, and the best one: Atari 2600. It's pretty sweet. Also is someone going to make Halo for the 5200, or maybe the Atari 8-BIT computers! That would be sweet.
  7. Games made: Derpman: Map post Herobrine Combat Herobrine Combat II:The Revenge Games in developement: Haunted House III Undergrade Games soon to be worked on: Swordquest:Darkworld Tank Race(programmer, Alec da man). All of these games are for the Atari 8-BIT by the way. Also let me list the people who are a part of these projects: A.Tallman D.Oburke J.Johnston. Share your thoughts on these homebrew projects(Including the ones in developement)! ~Crossway-Games
  8. To celebrate my friends birthday I got him a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP. Afterword I got to tell you about our game night. We played a lot of Atari 800 games, like Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Missile Command, Galaxian, Star Raiders, and Pole Position. Then we played Doom on our Sega 32X. Of course we had to play at least a little bit of Halo 2 on the Xbox. But mainly the first thing we did was play GBA games, and Atari 2600 games. The great game night! -CROSSWAY-GAMES
  9. Hello, my dear friends! You may or may not know that I'm making a Haunted House III game for Atari 800 and (hopefully) 5200. However, let me list these other homebrew games needed to be done! Swordquest: Darkworld Swordquest: Lightworld Swordquest: Skyworld Swordquest: Heavenworld Soon to be made!!!! Now, if you don't want this done, speak now. I understand you guys are very passionate about your Swordquest childhood memories. (Because apparently Dutchman's Swordquest: Airworld made someone a little upset). But no worries! Besides Haunted House III needs to be done first. I already tested these Swordquest games and made the title screen for all of them. So stay tuned! -CROSSWAY-GAMES
  10. Hello. I'm a huge Atari fan, which includes Haunted House, Adventure, Swordquest, etc. I am well aware that there are so far two games based on the Atari Haunted House franchise(Not including the REAL Haunted house by Atari). The homebrews are really intresting, you have "Return to Haunted House" and "Haunted House II 3-D". So I asked my pals if they were intrested in making a game based off of the Atari franchise, they agreed. So I've been coding the game for a little bit and I only accomplished two levels so far. I plan to hopefully make 45 levels if possible. Well sorry I'm having trouble posting the title screenshot, welp maybe next time. Glory to Jesus Christ! Wish me luck! Tell me your thoughts!
  11. When I was working on Haunted House III, I just realized that I made a game earlier. I was very inspired by the new PC game, "Minecraft". There was this myth going around called 'The Herobrine' in the game. I was very intrested but I never really encountered Herobrine. So I decided to make a Minecraft type game named, "Herobrine Combat!". Luckily I finished that tough game. I made it on the Atari 800, But I might be able to save it on an Atari disc. But I can't focus on that right now, I am working on Haunted House III(four levels finished)! As well as the Swordquest: Darkworld game soon to be worked on. Thanks for readin'! -CrosswayGames
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