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Found 19 results

  1. Not Required anymore
  2. I am digging out some of the rare stuff in my collection (after 20+ years of storage) and wondering what the value on some of them are... Specifically, here's an Atari 1200 prototype unit. I haven't tried to turn it on, but it worked years ago when I last powered it up. I have a couple of 8-bit prototypes, 5200 prototypes, and quite a few 2600 prototypes I'll be asking about soon, too! Thanks for your help...
  3. I decided to fire up a 1200XL I bought years ago, and it doesn't work right. I can get into the memory test, and it completes it fine. Nothing else works, I get gibberish on screen right before it locks up. Attached is a screen shot when I first turn it on with nothing attached before it goes into the hardware test. Where should I start?
  4. I just received a MicroPrint parallel printer interface made by Supra Corp. This was a new in package item. I've connected it to my Atari 1200XL and to my Epson MX-80 printer. When I issue LPRINT commands the Atari acts as if all went well, but nothing happens at the printer. The printer is online and does have paper. I am able to print without issues from my Apple IIgs and my C64. The 1200XL does have a U1MB installed, but disabling high speed I/O doesn't seem to make any difference. I own a FujiNet but it is not connected at the moment. I have also done the 5v SIO fix on my 1200XL. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could resolve this problem?
  5. If anyone has one they are willing to sell, please drop me a line. I haven't had much luck getting mine working. Everything seemed to be ok for a little while. 1UMB working correctly. Now I'm stuck with a dark-green screen upon startup. Nothing seems to change that. So I'm opting for a pre-built one if someone is willing to part with it. The more upgrades the better. Frank ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: I took my U1MB out of my 1200XL and put it in an 800xl. It worked fine. I reflashed it back to original (I had upgraded to the latest BIOS). Booted back up, was working normal. Plugged in back into my 1200XL and it started working fine. I think I'll wait on the new BIOS for the 1200XL's right now.
  6. My newly acquired 1200XL has a bad joystick 0. Using the little program below, when a known/good joystick is attached, it is reading '13' instead of '15'. What are the toubleshooting steps to diagnose and fix such an issue? Other details... Joystick 1 works great. Joystick 0 works somewhat with some games. Example: with Centipede I can move left/right and fire but can't move up/down. with Donkey Kong, it works great. with PacMan it does not work at all as PacMan immediately goes South and gets stuck on the first wall it hits. Thanks!!
  7. Hey guys, I'm new here, but I recently saved a load of stuff from the garbage. A lot of this stuff I have no idea on the value, so I'm posting it here in hopes that people will find it interesting and make fair offers. I don't expect to get "ebay prices", I'd just like this to go to people who will enjoy it. Pictures are below. I realize most of them are inadequate, so if you'd like to see something in more detail, let me know and I'll post more pictures! I ship from Provo, UT. Local pickup is totally acceptable! Not pictured: 7x 1541 Commodore disk drives. Probably not worth their shipping weight, but if you can think of something let me know!
  8. I have a 1200XL in my collection with an unknown history, but that has apparently had a hard life. Along with the nefarious physical damage, it has spent some time in a high humidity environment. The PF shield is pretty rusted, but the motherboard seems to be in decent shape. I bought a power supply for it and connected it to a Commodore 1702, but I am getting nothing but a black screen. I currently have just the motherboard on my bench and am doing some diagnostics, but not exactly sure what I am seeing, and was hoping for any recommendations. The LEDs weren't working, so I replaced them and the power LED lights up when the unit powers on. I tested the LM340s and both are putting out 5v on the output pins. I removed and reseated all of the socketed ICs. There is corrosion on some pins, but I cleaned the ones that I could see with a fiberglass pen and all the ones I tested did show continuity from the pin to the solder point on the reverse side of the motherboard. One of the pins on U16 (SN74LS114N) broke when I removed it so I replaced that IC with one from Ebay. I removed the two EPROMs and dumped them with an EPROM dumper I built and both seem good. When I use my BitScope logic probes, on boot up, I only see activity on D1,D3,D5,D6 and D7. Also, the only activity on the Address lines are that A8,A9 and A10 are high the entire time. The CPU reset line is also high. The Phase 0 clock seems fine. I also get signals from Pin 21 (COL) and Pin 25 (CSYNC) on the GTIA. They last for a few seconds. If I crank up the brightness on the monitor, the screen looks dark initially and then gets brighter. It is still blank the entire time. This corresponds with the signals on Pin 21 & Pin 25. I am a bit stumped as to why I am not getting any activity on D0,D2 and D4 nor on any other address lines. Any suggestions are welcome! IMG_1542.mp4
  9. I've recently decided I want to indulge my nostalgia and play Qix on Atari like I did as a kid. However, I've now realized I have no clue what I'm doing. I figured out what we used to have was an Atari 1200XL and that those are hard to find now. So here are my (doubtless way too basic for this forum) questions: 1) Does the 1200XL use the same controllers as the 800? (because the only 1200XL I found on ebay doesn't have controllers and the controllers I found only say they're for 800) 2) Does the 800 - or 800XL play Qix and Moon Patrol the same way the 1200XL did? If so am I better off just getting an 800 since those seem to be more available? 3) Any other advice or things I should know? Thanks
  10. segasaturn

    Wanted: 1200xl

    Looking to buy outright(wed decide on the price) or trade+cash my 800 computer for an Atari 1200xl. Message me if interested. The 800 is maxed out for ram, overall decent condition for something 40 years old too, and works great.
  11. Atari 1200xl up on eBay right now - item number is 322247199548 What is the box worth?
  12. Is there an idiots guide to fitting a UAV board to a 1200xl? I looked in the UAV threads but the info is pretty sketchy imo
  13. Good morning, everyone, I'm finally brushed up on my soldering and desoldering (practicing off an obsolete 1027 mainboard), and am gathering the components I'll need to incorporate the ClearPic 2002 mod in my new family of 1200XLs. However, I'm already stumped and am hoping for assistance. For the resistors (1, 47, 75, 130, and 1k ohms) it appears that wattage plays a role in choice, yet that seems to be the most elusive bit of information for me after searching the forum as well as Google. I'm seeing anything from 1/4w up to 10w choices, but nothing at what I thought is the wattage of the 1200XL mainboard: 5v. Am I just looking for the wrong thing entirely? Thank you, in advance! Tim
  14. Hey all - I had a great opportunity to pick up some Atari 8-bit stuff last weekend for really cheap at a convention. I scored an Atari 800 (48k) with what appears to be the original shipping box (including foam inserts for the side of the machine), a 1200XL that seems to be heavily modified, and external keyboard for the 1200XL (keep reading...), 5 floppy disk drives (goodness), a sealed Donkey Kong, and a few other odds and ends. I was lucky to get all of this, and my only experience with 8-bit Atari computers was with games via the XEGS about a decade ago. I happily dug out Centipede, Megamania, and some others to fire up the 800. Gorgeous. That system has been cleaned and is waiting reassembly after everything is dry. Now then - this 1200XL. Several things about this guy. First of all, there is a DB-25 port on the front left side to connect an external keyboard. The bottom of the machine denotes the following mods in Sharpie - "FEHR Video Mod+" and "320k Mod - Lawless." Included was what looks to be a homemade external keyboard of sorts. It is a rather industrial-looking keyboard from somewhere (where?) that has been screwed into the bottom shell of a 600XL. It is so...weird. I chatted a lot with the seller about various things, but I didn't ask about the keyboard. Now I am intrigued. The 6 key is taped on with that green tape. The post-it on the 1200XL states "External keyboard does not work. video issues" I have been around the block many times with soldering, modding, etc., with numerous gaming systems. I have no experience or knowledge of what is out there as far as Atari 8-bit computer mods. So I look forward to cracking this 1200XL and keyboard open to see what the heck is going on. I plan to do it as soon as I get the 800 put back together and off the workbench. Can you guys offer any knowledge or opinions on this stuff - Where does that keyboard come from? What are your thoughts on the 1200XL mods that were mentioned? Apparently the video mod is having issues - so I have to either fix it or reverse it/change it for another mod. I know the built-in keyboard for the 1200XL tends to have issues, but I would prefer to just fix it (I saw a method for that in one of the threads here) than mess with this external thing - nevertheless, it sure it weird/interesting.
  15. I have an old "beater" 1200XL which I have decided to upgrade with various things. It does seem to work. When I fired it up after years of storage, the Atari rainbow logo came up but was weak and the color was washed out. I had purchased a UAV before and installed it last night, double checking the joints, etc. So now I have a stronger signal but still somewhat dim and the color is poor and fuzzy. Any ideas?
  16. A little background: This weekend, I acquired a 1200XL with the 5V SIO mod done to it so I can use self-powered devices like the SIO2SD. Before this, I already owned an 800XL and a XEGS, and I have two SIO2SD devices (one bare board, and one in a nice case, both from Lotharek), and a MyIDE-][ cart (but that's not the subject of this particular post). I'm seeing some odd behavior out of the 1200XL when trying to use the SIO2SD, and I'm wondering if it's due to some difference in the OS that I'm not aware of. I've tried searching on this forums and various other places across the Internet, and I haven't quite found anything quite like I'm seeing. Here's the details of the hardware setup: The 1200XL is running Rev 11 OS Both SIO2SD devices are on firmware 3.1 RC2 I have both the original and 400/800 fixed versions of the SIO2SD Configurator v3.5 (SIO2SD.XEX) on a 2GB SD card When I boot the original version of SIO2SD.XEX, the configurator behaves differently than what I see on the 800XL. For example, whenever I choose a directory on screen, it takes an extremely long time to actually load the access the SD card. When it finally finishes, instead of refreshing the bottom half of the screen and showing just the directory's contents, it just adds the directory's contents below what's already there. If I press the inverse video key to force a refresh, it just spits the directory contents again below what's there. Sometimes, a directory fails to load at all, though, and pressing the inverse video key seems to joggle it and make the directory output. Likewise, pressing and holding the "X" key to load the disk image(s) selected takes forever for the computer to actually reset and start loading. If I swap to the fixed version of SIO2SD.XEX for the 400/800, the directory loading seems to work properly. However, if I attempt to assign a .ATR image, an exclamation point appears at a random location on the screen, and the computer freezes. Likewise, if a disk image is already present, and I press and hold the "X" key to load, a "k" character appears in the top-left corner of the screen, and the computer again freezes up. The other issue seems to occur with only certain games when loaded. For example, with Rescue on Fractalus! (1985 Epyx disk), the game appears to load fine. But after pressing the "Start" key, and after descending onto the planet, when the mountains begin to load, the graphics glitch out, and the game ultimately crashes. Other games, however, like The Eidolon, or even simpler games like Q*Bert and Star Raiders, seem to load perfectly fine. As a side note, loading Fractalus! cart image for the XE (1987) via MyIDE ][, incidentally, seems to work just fine. Likewise, using the original v3.5 SIO2SD.XEX on both the 800XL and XEGS loads all games correctly, including the aforementioned version of Fractalus!. The MyIDE ][ behaves exactly the same in the 1200XL as it does on the 800XL and XEGS, and nothing immediately stands out as an issue with the 1200XL itself. Is there something that I'm missing regarding the 1200XL that's different from the 800XL and XEGS, such as some difference in the OS, or has anyone ever run into this issue? I'm at work at the moment, and won't be able to fire up the 1200XL until later, but if pics of the screen for the above problems would be helpful, I'll be glad to post those.
  17. Guest

    UK Power Supplies

    Hoping someone can advise. Got a 1200XL and Indus GT from America, and realise that you can't just plug these in and go.... not unless I want my 8-bit shenanigans to be all smoke-based. My understanding is that for the Indus GT a 5200 PSU should work - these are 9V. But other reports suggest 12v DC +. If the 9v 5200 PSU is suitable, what about a std 1050 PSU? So question is: to make both a 1200XL and an Indus GT work in the UK, which PSUs/adapters are the best to buy, and from where? thanks
  18. I'm hoping someone here can help me. I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere but I wasn't able to find it. Cleaning out my garage I found an old 1200 XL in the styrofoam from my father-in-law. I plugged it in and tried to turn it on and got nothing, no lights no nothing. Pulled out the multimeter stuck it on the Atari end of the power supply ... nothing. So my questions for you all are #1 is there anything I can do to try to fix the original power supply, I'm fairly comfortable tinkering with electronics/soldering etc. #2 if the answer to number 1 is nope, will this one work? 9v 2a guitar pedal psus on amazon Any help at all would be greatly appreciated , if you need any more additional information please let me know 🙂 Here are some pictures of the original Power Supply if that helps :
  19. Does anyone make or know of an expander (extension) for the cartridge port on the Atari 1200XL? Some cartridges I have just don't fit right in that slot. I know they're available for several other computer brands, but I don't recall seeing any for Atari 8-bits.
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