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Found 14 results

  1. SILLY VENTURE 2018 ____ _____ _____ __ 8-BIT RESULTS PACK___\ /___ _____| | _/ __/__\/____ ____ ____ __\_ \/ /____ _\ | |____._ ______ ______ _\_____ \ | /__| /_\ \/ / / _ / \ | __/ | \ __ \ _ / | \/ / | / \ / \_ _/ \ / \_/ \ \ | / \ \ \/__/_ \_/ \ |_______/___|_____/_____/|____| \ /\______/__\___|_____/_____/_/\___/_____/ !NE7 ___________ _______\/__ 15 bonuses - 5 musics - 15 graphics - 13 intros - 6 demos - 4 games - 2 wilds This pack contains a disk image in MyDos format with all Atari 8-bit releases of SillyVenture 2k18. I felt they deserve a good presentation, especially the graphics and music releases for which no art pack/music disk exists. This pack comes with results viewer which also acts as a menu from where you can directly start all releases and read the readmes. The menu remains memory resident, so you don't have to load it again every time. This makes watching the graphics entries and listening to the music entries much more fun, especially on the real machine. If you use loadable speeders, you have to use the memory area $500-$5ff. For "SIO2SD TURBO" for example press "OPTION+START" at the boot screen. These are the controls for the menu: * Pressing any key while the menu is loading takes you to the DOS shell. * Pressing RESET in the menu performs a cold start. * Pressing RESET in while a release is running returns to the menu, if possible. * Further controls are displayed in the menu itself. The following releases have been patched by me for your seamless pleasure: * 16394 - Now without graphics errors and performs cold start upon RESET * Burn! - Now loads from DOS 2.5 * Fimbo's Quest - Now loads with BASIC enabled * No Bank Skank - Fixed after party version * Onedimensional - Now performs cold start upon RESET * RainboWomit - Now loads from DOS 2.5 * Seaxteen - Now performs cold start upon RESET * Pop'n'Drop - Now performs cold start upon RESET * Rolpower 256b - Now loads from DOS 2.5 and DUP menu * Silly Venture 2k18 Invitation - Now loads from DOS 2.5 * Sillyvitro 256b - Now runs under Altirra OS * Truemaze - Now runs under Altirra OS * We Invite You to Compusphere - Now loads from DOS 2.5 Original ASCII artwork by NE7, Music "Disse" by 505, menu by JAC! This download also contains a pre-configured Altirra installation. Just extract the archive to a folder and run "SillyPack2k18.bat". For the Rapidus demos run "SillyPack2k18-Rapidus.bat". Pouet: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=80216 Download: https://www.wudsn.com/productions/atari800/sillypack2k18/sillypack2k18.zip
  2. Arcade/MAME HSC 2018 Round 1: Time Pilot '84 Round 2: Toki / Moon Patrol Round 3: Hurt me a plenty Round 4: Polish your armor Round 5: Atari Arcade Round Round 6: Request round Round 7: Into the sea Round 8: Round 9: Train your brain Round 10: Street brawler Round 11: SHMUPS Round 12: Request round Round 13: Round 14: Moderator favorite Round 15: Taito Arcade Round Round 16: SHMUPS 2 Round 17: Polish your armor 2 Two games Special Round To your enjoyment we are now playing games requested by participants of HSC Round 2 Toki Time Pilot: Released by Tad corporation MAME ROMset: toki Dip Switches: Default ( 3 lives, Bonus 70000, Difficult; Medium) remember to play with the recommended settings, and do not use cheats or any kind of enhancements to take advantage Round ends September 2nd @ midnight MDT Toki 1 Leto 221050 +10 2 hero2billions 111900 +9 3 S.BAZ 101300 +8 4 Cynicaster 75650 +7 5 Ramses 53600 +6 6 Zoyous 51800 +5 7 Youxia 44200 +4 8 jblenkle 17550 +3 9 asponge 16000 +2 Scoring will be as follows: 10 Points for 1st 9 for 2nd 8 for 3rd and so forth Moon Patrol Moon Patrol: Released by Irem Corp. MAME ROMset: mpatrol Dip Switches: Default ( 3 lives, Bonus 10000, 30000 and 50000 ) remember to play with the recommended settings, and do not use cheats or any kind of enhancements to take advantage Round ends September 2nd @ midnight MDT Moon Patrol 1 Leto 77000 +10 2 Youxia 71850 +9 3 Cynicaster 71250 +8 4 asponge 53500 +7 5 Atari Warlord 36200 +6 6 Zoyuos 34250 +5 7 Ramses 27980 +4 8 jblenkle 16550 +3 9 SBAZ 15850 +2 10 hero2billion 7130 +1 Scoring will be as follows: 10 Points for 1st 9 for 2nd 8 for 3rd and so forth
  3. IntyBASIC Programming Contest 2018 Results What a wonderfully fun trip it's been! I am pleased to announce the results for the IntyBASIC 2018 Programming Contest. A few quick notes: Thanks to Óscar Toledo G. (nanochess) for IntyBASIC, to Albert for providing us a subforum for the contest, and to our awesome judges: -^Cro§Bow^-, DZ-Jay, Intymike, mthompson, nanochess, and Tarzilla. Like the authors of this year's entries, our judges reside around the globe, and put a great deal of thought and effort into their deliberations. Additional thanks go of course to our main sponsors: Rev, cmart604, intvnut and Albert. Here are the brave souls who took the challenge (in alphabetical order): artrag, atari2600land, boardgamebrewer, carlsson, decle, digress, emerson, Kiwi, mmarrero, postpostdoc, PuzZLeR, and Zendocon. Blah blah blah. Tell us who won already! With the fascinating mix of offerings here, it is clear that IntyBASIC offers the power and versatility to enable people to unleash their creativity. With six stellar judges on hand this time out, the maximum possible score was 510 points. As the results rolled in, a clear winner emerged. Even so, our creative classic computing colleagues created consternation as the next few finishers were separated by wafer-thin margins. The winners of the 2018 IntyBASIC Programming Contest are: Deep Zone (434) - By artrag Upmonsters (399) - By atari2600land The Crimson Tower (397) - By emerson Congratulations to artrag for a truly impressive effort on many fronts! All of the entries proved entertaining in unexpected, surprising, and fun ways. The talents and creativity of this community continue to show no limits. A heart-felt Thank You! to each and every one of you for devoting so much time, care, and attention to your entries. The runners up: 4. MazezaM (387) - By postpostdoc 5. Boot Hill (383) - By digress 6. Princess Lydie (379) - By mmarrero 7. Dwarven Mine (364) - By boardgamebrewer 8. A Sparrow Goes Flapping (349) - By Kiwi 9. Ouranos! (340) - By carlsson 10. Deadly Balls (299) - By PuzZLeR 11. Hunt the Wumpus (287) - By Zendocon 12. mINTY (260) - By decle Downloads Final Score Card: IntyBASIC Contest 2018 - Judges Scorecard - Final.pdf All Entry ROMs: IntyBASIC Contest 2018 - Entries.zip Contest Entries Following are links to each entry's results post. Deep Zone results Upmonsters results The Crimson Tower results MazezaM results Boot Hill results Princess Lydie results Dwarven Mine results A Sparrow Goes Flapping results Ouranos! results Deadly Balls results Hunt the Wumpus results mINTY results Here is the full score breakdown: ============================================================================================================================================ Title Originality Concept Execution Graphics Sound Presentation Game Play Lasting Appeal Source Code Total ============================================================================================================================================ Deep Zone 48 49 50 49 59 53 48 48 30 434 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upmonsters 45 46 46 41 44 50 49 48 30 399 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Crimson Tower 51 54 47 42 41 43 43 46 30 397 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MazezaM 54 57 46 38 10 44 56 52 30 387 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boot Hill 51 48 48 49 45 49 45 48 0 383 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Princess Lydie 47 46 40 46 43 48 39 40 30 379 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dwarven Mine 56 47 44 33 35 35 45 39 30 364 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Sparrow Goes Flapping 47 47 46 47 34 40 44 44 0 349 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ouranos! 44 44 40 33 33 39 39 38 30 340 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deadly Balls 27 35 40 37 31 28 37 34 30 299 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hunt the Wumpus 33 32 37 17 36 33 36 33 30 287 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mINTY 56 35 36 9 43 36 6 9 30 260 ============================================================================================================================================
  4. Revival was at the weekend here in the UK and I set up 5 Vectrexes on the stand and showed my 2 games plus a host of other games from other home brew luminaries... a few photos of the Vectrex stuff... Full album with all the arcade and other stuff here: www.flickr.com/photos/cnp/albums/72157667176851197
  5. Arcade/MAME HSC 2018 Game Requests Hello everybody. First of all, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am currently playing at Atari 2600 HSC ( I won the regular season and we are now at medal brackets), I love video games, especially retro games focused on NES, Atari 2600, MAME and old PC games, Now let talk about the new season and what I pretend to accomplish: Will be a 16 or 17 week duration season, every Saturday I will open a new thread with the game to be played, games suggested in this topic will be considered, I didn't see anything about games played on past season, but for the sake of freshness games played on the last two seasons will not be considered.
  6. Similar to Jason's 2017 thread and in the spirit of previous threads on this topic, what are your goals (playing, collecting, buying, selling, programming, other) for 2018?
  7. Results thread for the IntyBASIC Programming Contest - 2018 is here for those of you who may fear to tread into the (no longer quite so) scary Programming sub-forum.
  8. Let me present you a new game by MPG Productions (that is me and MaPa), that we submitted to this year's ABBUC Software Contest. The game is heavily inspired by the TV Show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", including gameplay, visuals and audio. There are two question sets to choose from - English (400 questions) and German (547 questions). We cannot release the game before the voting is over, which should be some time in November, so just be patient Requirements: Atari 800 series computer with 48KB RAM, PAL or NTSC. Credits: Code: MaPa Graphics, music and English question set: PG German question set: CharlieChaplin Video of the gameplay:
  9. THE 2018 ATARI AWARDS! LIVE ON FEBRUARY 23, 2019 presented by ZeroPage Homebrew, The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion and AtariAge The 2018 edition of the Atari Awards, celebrating the best in Atari 2600 Homebrew, will take place LIVE on the ZeroPage Homebrew's Twitch channel on February 23rd, 2019 at 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT! YOU GET TO VOTE starting January 23, 2019 for your favorite homebrews, hacks and demos when we reveal the final nominees in each of the categories below. After the voting closes on February 18, 2019 and your votes are tallied, the 2018 Atari Awards will be broadcast LIVE on February 23, 2019 to announce the winners and give out the awards! Award Categories: Best Homebrew Best bB Homebrew Best WIP Homebrew Best Game Hack Best Demo Best Programming Best Graphics Best Music & Sound Best Packaging Technical Achievement Award Please feel free to suggest and discuss below all your favorite homebrew games that you think should be nominated for an award for 2018! (Qualifying games must be released during the period of January 1, 2018 through to December 31, 2018) Current list of 2018 Games/WIP/Hacks and Demos: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TYGgJaphZRQ31LvNfCHovEWYB-c_g3Ba/view?usp=sharing (note: List is a living document and may not be 100% accurate, please let us know if you spot any issues)
  10. ZeroPage Homebrew will be attending PRGE 2018 and conducting interviews with a number of Atari 2600 homebrew developers and distributors including: Albert Yarusso of AtariAge John Champeau of Champ Games (programmer of Lady Bug, Conquest of Mars, Mappy, Wizard of Wor + more) Nathan Tolbert (programmer of Anguna, Robo-Ninja Climb, Quadtari) Dan Kitchen (programmer of Crackpots, Ghostbusters, Double Dragon, Ikari Warriors and the upcoming homebrew games Keystone Kapers II & Bon Voyage) Please let me know if there are any other Atari 2600 homebrew developers or distributors that will be attending the Expo that you think I should interview for ZPH! :-)
  11. The latest version of IntyBASIC is v1.2.9 and it can be downloaded from :- http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241446-intybasic-compiler-v12-the-good-things-are-now-better/ You'll also need an Intellivision emulator. There are 3 available :- jzintv Bliss Nostalgia Bliss and Nostalgia are quite old and haven't been updated in some time. Personally, I'd recommend jzintv because its actively maintained and has a built-in assembly language debugger. The latest version of jzintv and the As1600 assembler for Windows, OSX and Linux can be found here :- Win32: jzintv-20180115-win32.zip OS X: jzintv-20180116-osx.zip Linux-64: jzintv-20180115-linux-x86-64.zip Raspberry Pi (Raspbian): jzintv-20180115-linux-rpi.zip For other technical information on the Intellivision hardware you'll need the sdk1600 available from: jzintv-1.0-beta4-sdk1600.zip There is a manual in the IntyBASIC release but for more background information on the Intellivision's hardware, in the sdk1600 you'll find: \doc\programming\stic.txt - Information on the STIC's video modes and hardware sprites. \doc\programming\psg.txt - Information on the sound chip. Lots of useful resources http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248209-the-intybasic-compiler-official-thread/ and don't forget to visit the Intellivision Programming forum.
  12. Hello guys (m/f) Yellow_man has announce that the NOMAM 2018 will be held from the Friday the 6th, 12:00 o'clock until Sunday the 8rd of April 2017. Same location as the last couple of year, in Lübeck in the northern Germany. For more information, please check out my meetings page. BTW No, you do not have to tell us that NOMAM reminds you of Al Bundy's "No Ma'am". We know! Sincerely Mathy
  13. Sorry, unlike last year I was unable to finish this game on Christmas Eve, however I decided to use Snow Flakes to celebrate New Years Instead. For Fans of the Original Snow Flakes (2017) you'll be happy to know this version of the game is vastly superior in every way. The background isn't as empty and includes an Igloo The Paddle from before is now replaced with a Sled The Paddle controller is now supported (and recommended) Up to Two snow flakes at a time 5 Phases with each one becoming more difficult From Day to Night. The sky becomes darker the more phases you conquer Highscore is Saved Here's how to Play: Fire Button to Start Reset to go back to Menu Color Switch to Change Controls (Color = Joystick and B/W = Paddle) Left Difficulty Switch to change the size of your Sled Right Difficulty Switch to change how many flakes appear at a time Pro Tip: Phases change depending on time, not how many snow flakes you catch. 1st Phase is 30 seconds, and then the next one increases by another 30 seconds, so Phase 2 is 60 seconds, and the 3rd is 90 etc... Hope you enjoy, and of course have a great New Year Edit: I tried to upload this before 2019, however I was in such a rush I forgot to add the .bin file Snow_Flakes_2018.bas.bin
  14. Anyone going to TooManyGames in Oaks PA this weekend?
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