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Found 7 results

  1. This will be the last Snow Flakes game to be made with batari basic. You could think of this as a trilogy coming to an end or something. While it may not be as big of a jump as 2017 to 2018. There are five new additions that really make this one stand out. 1. Proper Night Transition (The playfield and sprites kept the same brightness, no matter how far you got. Also Phase 4 no longer has an ugly gray/grey background.) 2. Faster Speed for Joystick Players (Phases 4 and 5 became impossible for Joystick players, since there was no way to reach the other side of the screen in time. Now simply hold "down" on the joystick, and you'll go twice as fast.) 3. Sound Effects (There's no way James would let me get away with that three times in a row.) 4. Custom Settings (Change the color of your Sled with the Select Switch, and choose whether you want the Igloo present during gameplay with the Reset Switch.) 5. New Challenge Mode (Replacing the broken two snowflake difficulty mode, now your catching snowflakes, while also avoiding... falling ice sheets?) If you've never played a Snow Flakes game before, it's pretty similar too paddle games like Kaboom. In fact, even though this version has improved Joystick play, I stick highly recommend trying this out with a paddle. Here's a list of how to play: Fire Button to Start Color Switch to Change Controls (Color = Joystick and B/W = Paddle) Left Difficulty Switch to change the size of your Sled Right Difficulty Switch will add dangerous Ice Sheets to Avoid Pro Tip: Phases change depending on time, not how many snow flakes you catch. 1st Phase is 30 seconds, and then the next one increases by another 30 seconds, so Phase 2 is 60 seconds, and the 3rd is 90 etc... Also Ice Sheets will give you points when they hit the snowy ground below. 3 changes for the updated version: Sound frequency slightly increases with each catch. New Sound for successfully dodging an Ice Sheet Fixed the timing issue where both objects would have the same height, now they are perfectly spaced out. While it won't shock your mind or anything like that, this simple game even surprised me when I discovered how much fun it was too play. Thanks for at least checking it out, and have a great New Years! Snow_Flakes_2019.bas.bin Snow_Flakes_2019_old.bas.bin
  2. THEY'RE HERE! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? visit www.wave1games.net to order your copy today! The time has come! SAUCER WARS for the Atari Jaguar and Jaguar CD formats is finally available to order! I want to thank everyone who was involved in this project as it has become something I am really proud of! I really poured my heart and soul into this release and the folks who were involved in the playtesting did a great job as well! Jason Greene who did the artwork for the comic book and helped mold the storyline also did a phenomenal job as well! This is really something everyone involved with can be proud of! I also want to thank SainT for his assistance in making the game incompatible with the Jaguar SD device! What's Included? Jaguar Cartridge Version: *Saucer Wars Alien Green Cartridge *Saucer Wars Comic Book by Jason Greene *Instruction Manual *Controller Overlay *Jaguar Commercial Release Sized Saucer Wars Box *Clear Jaguar Game Box Protector Jaguar CD Version: *Saucer Wars Game Disk *Saucer Wars Comic Book by Jason Greene *Instruction Manual *Controller Overlay *New DVD Style Case Product Description: In Saucer Wars you take on the role of scientist Milo Marslender. Your mission is to stop an alien invasion of Earth with your home made laser turret prototype. The aliens use special rifts in space time to get to our planet faster. Your laser turret has accidentally tuned into the alien forces signal. A timer on your laser turret will count down to zero. Once your timer hits zero a new rift in space time will open up, transporting you and your laser turret to another location! Keep taking out the alien forces until you can reach the alien homeworld and destroy their Queen. It's up to you Dr Marslender, now get out there and save humanity! Below are a few pages from the 10 page comic book, as well as a few screenshots!
  3. With 2019 coming at us fast I have been thinking about some of my collecting goals for the new year. One is being more mindful with my entertainment spending. I can definitely improve on my new game buying habits since new games where I live cost $91.97 cad or approx. $70 USD. If you start preordering a lot of games it can add up fast! So I think I will try to limit myself to 2 preorders for 2019. Here are some games on my radar for 2019/2020 (since release dates are sometimes sketchy) in order of importance: 1. Cyberpunk 2077 CE 2. Yakuza 3-4-5 Remasters 3. Cuphead (if it gets a physical release) 4. The Last of Us Part 2 5. Titanfall 3 or Respawn's New Star Wars game. How about you do you have any tips or how do you handle buying new games? Thanks
  4. Hello guys (m/f) Yellow_man has announce that the NOMAM 2019 will be held from the Friday the 12th, 12:00 o'clock until Sunday the 14th of April 2019 around 15:00 o'clock. Same location as the last couple of year, in Lübeck in the northern Germany. For more information, please check out my meetings page. BTW No, you do not have to tell us that NOMAM reminds you of Al Bundy's "No Ma'am". We know! Sincerely Mathy PS I'll add some pictures from last year to get you guys and girls in the mood:
  5. Hello, the recent batch of The!Cart was sold out in the ABBUC shop in just a few days, so we are thinking about a new batch with support from the ABBUC. https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tools/thecart Estimated price is 75 EUR plus shipping for ABBUC members. Wolfgang (head of the ABBUC) also mentioned that it might be possible, as it was done in case of the Mega-Speedy, also for non-member for a few EUR more. Details depend on the demand. So to get an idea of the demand, I create this separate thread. If are interested, please post shortly as "<handle>: <number of carts> cartridges". Another question is, if there a people (already current users) who would be interested in a dedicated USB based burner. No such device exists yet! Price would be around 40-45 EUR. If you are interested in such a thing, please also indicate that. Regards, Peter.
  6. We'll it's all go here in Atariland... lots of new games, a new Pro(c) Atari Magazine, a bunch of new players eager to play in the high score club, ok maybe that's pushing it too far?! Anyhoo here's the much improved version of my game, originally entered into the abbuc software contest 2019! Block On Legs: First Steps v1.1 Checkout the superb instructions artwork, thanks again RedThunder 😎 Block On Legs v1.1.ATR Block On Legs v1.1.pdf Have fun Jason
  7. Dear Atarians, on behalf of AtariOnline.pl I would like to invite you to take part in traditional Kaz Kompo contest Help us decide which 8-bit Atari game published last year was the best. The full list of games with screenshots and links (as PDF file) is attached to this post. The package with game files can be found here, the auxiliary spreadsheet with the titles can be found here. You may read the rules below. So... play the games, have fun and vote! Kaz Kompo 2019 rules: 1. All games for 8-bit Atari published between January 1st and December 31st last year can participate in our competition. No matter if they are commercial or freeware games, awarded in other competitions or not, running only on Atari with 16kB or 1MB, do they require any extensions, cards, etc. It is important if their authors published them as completed, or declare abandonment of work, or the context indicates that they have abandoned the further development of the game. We created a list of these games on a regular basis throughout the year, and it was verified before the competition by the team: AdamW (@+Adam+), Kaz (@Kaz atarionline.pl), Rastan. We are unlikely to miss something, but of course possible. Anyway - let us know, we can add the title to the list. 2. Anyone can vote in the following ways: - adding your comment under this post - by sending Kaz an email to [email protected] email address - on the AtariOnline.pl website under this article We will try to confirm voices by email from people we do not know, and if it fails, they will not be included in the counting. The voting results (nickname, points) will then be public, so that everyone can see who and how they voted. No twists, scams or ambiguities. 3. Authors or co-authors of games participating in the competition can vote for their works. Also, game publishers can vote for the games they publish. 4. Everyone can vote for ten games, but their order should be given, because points will be awarded in this way: for 1st place - 10 points, for 2nd place - 9 points ... , for 10th place - 1 point. All points from voters will be summarized and the ranking of games will be determined on this basis. It should be emphasized that we score up to 10 games. If you vote for less than 10 titles, then we will count the points to the last position only. If you vote for more than 10 games points will count up to 10 games only. 5. The voting will end at midnight on January 25/26, 2020 (Saturday) - midnight in the time zone where the voter is located. 6. The prize in the competition is to win first place - the title of the best game of 2019 and the opportunity to use the "golden" logo of the competition. Also the second and third games can use the title and badge of the KazKompo competition - silver and bronze respectively. As in previous years, we do not expect prizes for the authors, the biggest gratification is taking a good place, or receiving points from voters. 7. For those who votes (which is a specific effort considering the number of items), as usual, we have prizes that we will distribute after the end of the competition. And they will be: the unique and expensive official "Jim Slide XL" game box with cartridge and disk (funded by AdamW), not-to-buy cassette with the game "Monty on the Run" (funded by Rastan) and the book "Oni migają tymi kolorami w sposób profesjonalny" ("They flash these colors in professional way") with the authors' autographs (funded by Piotr Marecki) - this is the story of Tomasz "TDC" Cieślewicz about the beginnings of the Polish demoscene and the Polish gamedev, in Polish language. The first prize will be awarded to the person who adds the most interesting summary of scored games to the scoring. Therefore, it is worth adding a sentence or two about a given game. The second and third prizes will be traditionally drawn. We hope this encourages you to vote. Traditionally, as every year, the Larek's program will draw: 10 REM KONKURS DLA GLOSUJACYCH 20 REM KAZ KOMPO 2019 30 REM PROGRAM LOSUJACY ZWYCIEZCE 40 REM -------------------------- 50 GRAPHICS 0:LIST 10,40:? 60 ? "PODAJ ILOSC GLOSUJACYCH: "; 70 INPUT IG 80 ? 90 REM ROZGRZANIE GENERATORA 100 X=RND(0) 110 REM MIESZANIE, MIESZANIE 120 Y=INT(RND(0)*500)+500 130 FOR Z=0 TO Y 140 ? " ";:X=RND(0):? CHR$(30);" ";CHR$(30); 150 NEXT Z 160 REM LOSOWANIE 170 X=INT(RND(0)*IG+1) 180 ? "WYLOSOWANO NUMER: ";X 190 END 8. If it happens that a game from 2019 is not included in the list, you can vote for it, but you must clearly indicate it to complete the list after our verification. 9. All doubts and problems are resolved authoritatively by us: AdamW, Kaz, Rastan. This is to make quick and efficient decisions. And as every year, we ask for your understanding for such rules - there is no need to create excessively strict regulations where it is primarily to be fun. KK2019games.pdf
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