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Found 898 results

  1. Hey all. Since all I have in my apartment is a 4k flat screen TV, I guess I need to purchase a composite-modded Atari 2600 if I want to get back into my 2600 with my Harmony cart. Thus, I'm interested in purchasing an Atari 2600 system that has been modded for composite output that will work beautifully on a modern TV. I'm not sure what the pricing for such an item would be; I'll trust that whoever has a system ready to go will offer it for a fair price here. Thanks!
  2. So about a week ago, I was wondering what I wanted my first 2600 game to be. I had seen the Nyantari demo, and I liked how it was implemented. However, it isn't a game, only a demo, and as far as I know nobody has made a Nyan Cat homebrew game yet. I looked up some Flash games and found Nyan Cat FLY! It's not the greatest game, but I like the concept, especially because the gameplay should be entirely possible on the 2600. I have been brainstorming for the past week now, and I started writing code for the game over the weekend. I wanted to start with the easy part (if you want to call it that, nothing on the 2600 is easy), so as of now I only have the score/level display. This was my first time making a 6-digit score, or even a 48-pixel sprite, for that matter. The kernel for the 6-digit score is well commented, but the rest is very messy. I will probably spend a couple days making it neater before I move on to the next step, but I just wanted to put this out here for now. For the latest source code and .bin, here is the Github repository: https://github.com/JeremiahK96/vcs-nyancat nyancat.bin nyancat1.3.asm
  3. ZeroPage Homebrew LIVE every Wednesday & Friday Streaming the very best of Atari 2600 HOMEBREW games, LIVE on Twitch! Twitch Livestream Channel: https://twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew YouTube Archive Channel: https://youtube.com/zeropagehomebrew Twitch Livestream Schedule (Click Time Listing for Your Local Time): 20190719 Let's Play: Galagon (WIP Update), Mini Sokoban, Pressure Cooker (Patch Challenge) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20190724 Let's Play: Music Attack, TBD (LIVE @ 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT) 20190726 Let's Play: TBD, MegaMania (Patch Challenge) (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) 20190731 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT) ... 20191018 LIVE from Portland Retro Gaming Expo (Oct 18-20) 2019xxxx Interview: Dan Kitchen at PRGE2018 2019xxxx Let's Play: Dan Kitchen's Gold Rush (WIP | was Keystone Kapers 2) (WIP Exclusive Premiere) 2019xxxx Let's Play: QuadTari Hardware: QuadGames (WIP Exclusive Premiere). Galaga, Wizard of Wor Arcade (WIP Update) 2019xxxx Let's Play: Daniel Kitchen's Bon Voyage (WIP Exclusive Premiere) Upcoming Games: Complete Games: The Wicked Father, Phantom II/Pirate, Boulder Dash, Gate Racer, Kirby 2600, RAMless Pong, Arctic Landtran, Sea Wolf, Conjoined, Delta Force Sniper, Diamond Drop, R.P.S., The Deep, Skee-ball, Space Game 2K, Sync 16K, Pitch'n Catch, Stell-A-Sketch, Asteroid Rescue, Super Pong 2600, Dark Mage, Joust Pong, Seawolf (2004) WIP Games: [email protected] of Chaos 2: Treasure of Minos (WIP), Grand Chalice Cinci (WIP), Mardi Gras! (WIP), Panic! Rooms (WIP), Save Gaia: The Cy-Mage (WIP), Dystopia (WIP), Drive! (WIP), Apollyon (WIP), Blackjack Theta VIII (WIP), Star Crusade (WIP), Shifty Lifty (WIP), Matchie (WIP), Mondo Pong! (WIP), Rip Off (Early WIP), Street Fight World (WIP) WIP Updates: Wizard of Wor Arcade (WIP Update), Gyvolver (WIP Update), Amoeba Jump (WIP Update), EggVenture 2600 (WIP Update), Tumble Temple (WIP Update), Peril (WIP Update), Temple Runner aka Escape from Kukuku Temple (WIP Update Next Ver) Video Issues: Kelly Kangaroo (WIP) Hacks: Defender Arcade 100% PLAYTHROUGH: Caverns, Blinky Goes Up, The Stacks (WIP), Reindeer Rescue Challenges: Draconian (Single Level Highscore) Activision Patch Challenge: MegaMania (45,000), Pitfall! (20,000), Pressure Cooker (45,000) Other: Atari Blast! on XEGS Archived Shows (YouTube): 20190717 Let's Play: Galagon (WIP Update), A Roach In Space (WIP Update), NanoWing, One Button Bob, Drone Wars (WIP) 20190712 Event: Stella-thon 12 Hour Fundraiser! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) 20190710 Let's Play: Championship Golf, EggVenture 2600, Bifröst, Diamond Drop 20190705 Let's Play: Qb (Special Edition), Freeway (PATCH EARNED! @ 20/20 on Game 3), River Raid (PATCH EARNED! @ 15670/15000) 20190703 Let's Play: Qb (Special Edition), Pixel Ninja Pit Jumper, Cave In, Bit Quest 20190628 Activision Patch Challenge: Stampede (PATCH EARNED! @ 3387/3000) & Keystone Kapers (PATCH EARNED! @ 44150/35000) 20190626 Let's Play: Chaotic Grill (WIP Update), Flappo Bird, You Can't Win, Caverns 20190621 Activision Patch Challenge: Spider Fighter (PATCH EARNED! @ 44910/40000), Galaga, Deepstone Catacomb (WIP Update) 20190619 Let's Play: UnoCart Special, Gorilla Force (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Wushu Masters (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Robot Zed (Demo), Deepstone Catacomb (WIP Exclusive Premiere) 20190522 Let's Play: Halo 2600, Space Game (2019 Homebrew Tournament Round #3) 20190519 Let's Play: Galaga (Part 3: Arcade vs. 2600 Beta Testing) 20190517 Let's Play: Kung Fu Combat (Exclusive Final Release), Strip Off 2, Knabber Rob (Exclusive Final Release) 20190515 Let's Play: Galaga (Part 2: More Testing) 20190515 Let's Play: Galaga (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Shield Shifter, The Horde (WIP) CLICK [Reveal Hidden Contents] FOR MORE YOUTUBE ARCHIVED SHOWS
  4. Its time to announce the 2019 Harmony Games Tournament, Unlike the past HSC where the winner of of each round picks the game starting this this games used are the winners from the 2018 Atari Awards which was held by ZeroPage HomeBrew, AtariAge.com and The 2600 Homebrew Companion. the Following is the schedule of games: Aardvark (Best Work in Progress): starts March 11th at noon central ends April 2nd at 2:00pm central Miner 2049 (Best Game Hack) starts April 11th at noon central ends May 2nd at 2:00pm central Space Game (Best bB(batari Basic) Game) starts May 11th at noon central ends June 2nd at 2:00pm central Mappy (Best Homebrew Game,Programing,Technical Achievement ,Music and sound and Graphics) Starts June 11th at Noon Central Rnds on July 13th at 6:00pm Central Mappy will be used as well at Video Game Summit as well (which is July 13th and show ends at 6pm) All these games can be found in the 2018 Atari Awards post. will be posting the first HSC thread in while
  5. Its, time to announce the Final Game in the 2019 Homebrew Tournament. Which is Mappy that won for Best Homebrew Game (as well as Programing,Technical Achievement ,Music and sound and Graphics). This round officially starts on June 11th at Noon Central and ends on July 13th at 6pm You can download the game here and instructions here Rules play on standard with both difficultly switches et on "A" Scoring goes for as forward: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 Good Luck!!
  6. Various good stuff I'll be sad to part with, all items are loose and without retail packaging, suggested prices not including shipping, Nintendo Bioforce Ape prototype reproduction cartridge $40 Atari Telemach 200 joystick - import with IL arcade components, switch for Amiga compatibility $85 Vectrex Control panel $80 Minestorm overlay $30 Star Castle overlay $35 Original Lightpen with all three lightpen cartridges $160 Debuzz kit and Cap kit $40 .. I also have not pictured a never assembled Rolo's Vectrex controller .. I have the lightpen game manuals but I haven't decided to include them yet Spikes Circus and Vectrex Logo PCB reissues maybe for sale. Debris Revisited maybe for sale.
  7. DRAGON'S DESCENT Direct your dragon through a sprawling labyrinth, hunting for treasure, power, and danger! -Thousands of possible maps to explore, either randomly selected or predetermined -Eight different types of enemies -One mid boss, one final boss, one hidden boss -Powerups to increase firepower or health as you delve deeper into the labyrinth ...and an easter egg or two, of course! [EDIT: High Scores build] Latest build: I've added four separate high scores, one for each "mode" - they should show up when you have the appropriate switches/settings applied on the title screen. I think it works properly (with caveats, for instance you can fool it by using the switches mid-game) but I would appreciate feedback! I also added an easter egg bug fix. DragonsDescent_2019_May_HiScoreTests.bin Here's a video of the first three levels, up to the midboss. The default mode has four more levels ending with the final boss, and other modes allow potentially thousands of different levels! This game is, among other things, an experiment in procedural maze generation for the Atari 2600 - There are a few secrets to find, so I won't reveal everything here, but I will give a basic outline of the controls and mechanics. [EDIT: HIGH SCORE CONTEST!] High score contest! I'll be posting in the High Score Club forum with details - it's very informal, but I have a specific, common build people can use to play. Further details here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/289548-dragons-descent-homebrew-high-score-contest/ High score contest build: DragonsDescent_2019_April_Competition.bin DragonsDescent_3_22_2019_Beta8.bin 3-22-2019 Another update - found a semi-exploit (really just method of scoring late game that results in boring gameplay) and adjusted things to discourage the behavior. DragonsDescent_3_19_2019_Beta7.bin 3-20-2019 Another update - no better method to find a bug or quirk in a project than to claim it's finished! The method to reach the hidden boss, while functional, had some odd loopholes and inconsistencies that I wanted to close. Fixed a thematic inconsistency involved with getting to the hidden bonus boss. DragonsDescent_3_5_2019_Beta6.bin - Font change and a few other tiny adjustments. DragonsDescent_1_10_2019_Beta5.bin - Retry random maze option (press up or down on the Game Over screen to see the "Retry Maze" screen, press button to start again), starting rooms have no enemies, score placement adjusted. DragonsDescent_12_16_2018_Beta4.bin - Maze generation fix, random seed shown when picking random level, other small fixes I might go into more details about what I did to fix the maze generation later - the short answer is that every seed -seems- to work now, without the hacky checker I had in earlier versions. I also added a -little- more time solve a given level before various "complications" arise. It can still be a little mean. I'm keeping an informal version history even as I remove the older versions - I can repost them if folks clamor for the older versions, but hopefully the bugs present in them have been addressed. Version History: 3-5-2019 - Changed to a custom font. Semi-final build. 12-16-2018 - Current public version. All attempted maps seem to be solvable, certain UI color cycling adjusted. 12-15-2018 - Tentative "fixed" beta for random mazes This version has a band-aid for the random mode bug - I'm keeping it here for the moment in case the above version has some unforseen bug or error. 12-14-2018 - Old version, only play the default mode (Left/Right switches set to "B") on this one. I've tentatively tested it on my ol' sixer as well as the Flashback Portable, and the game seems to run ok, although I would welcome any bugs/issues found if anyone else plays. I'm curious to see what people find! Current known bugs/fixes/updates: -You can now retry a randomly generated maze by pressing up or down on the Game Over screen - when you see words "Retry Maze," press the button to restart the game at your old starting point. -Starting rooms on a level no longer generate enemies, giving you some time to breathe or get used to the controls. -Hopefully the level generation bug is fixed - any random seed should generate a solvable level. When choosing a random level, you will be shown the seed in case you want to try the level again. -I also fixed a flashing problem to a more pleasant "pulsing" effect for max health/fire breath. I'm working on a little write up of how I generated the mazes, and programmed the game in general. Many thanks to those on this board who have posted an incredible amount of useful information, as well as those who have authored the kernels and other components on which this game has been programmed. STORY Legends speak of a labyrinth created by the mind of a dreaming elder dragon. This maze is filled with the promise of wealth, power and danger-an endless length of corridors, with spectres and monsters appearing out of thin air, and strange happenings occurring the deeper one travels and survives. You are a young dragon yourself, perhaps trapped here, perhaps tempted by the wealth and power that drives your kind. Regardless, you have little choice but to find your way through the corridors and chambers of the labyrinth, finding glory, or perhaps escape... CONTROLS Joystick - Move the dragon around the labyrinth. Button - The dragon will breathe fire in the direction it is facing. SETTINGS Left Difficulty A - Game will continue indefinitely, only ending with a game over. Left Difficulty B - Game will end after you complete level 7 Right Difficulty A - You will start in a randomized maze. Right Difficulty B - Maze will be the same layout each playthrough. Game Select (Make sure right difficulty is also set to "B") - Will allow you to set the random "seed" when starting the maze. Move the joystick left/right to select the left or right seed, each can be set to a value between 1 and 255. The title screen will reflect what options the game is set to - an infinity symbol for an unending maze, and an alternating maze pattern for random mazes. HOW TO PLAY Depending on your game settings, you may find an end to the maze on the 7th level, or the maze can continue until you are defeated, trying to attain the highest score! A - The Player B - Dragonfire C - Monster D - Firepower Meter E - Score F - Health Meter G - Room exit Each level of the maze is made up of several rooms - you can leave through any exit on the boundaries of the screen you find. To make progress in the maze, find the key on each level, and then the level's exit. The exit, resembling a door with a key imprint, will only activate if you touch it while you have the key found on the same level. Upon each new level you will face more dangers but also potentially increased power and scoring! Key Exit Avoid touching walls and enemies - doing so will deplete your hit points, and eventually terminate your game! Scoring comes from collecting gems and defeating monsters. You get more points for defeating monsters in deeper levels, and a slightly higher score for each shot you use with higher fire breath power. In addition to a key and exit, each level of the labyrinth has a treasure room: This room allows you to pick one of three power ups, just wait until you see the one you want: Gem - increases your score. Heart - increases your total hit points, while completely replenishing your health. Lamp - increases the strength of your fire breath, while refilling its supply. Don't stay too long on a single level, or you may find things getting much more difficult! The deeper you explore, the more monsters, dangers, and higher scores you find... Your hit points are indicated by meter on the right, as well as the color of the dragon. The strength of your fire breath is indicated by the color of your score, as well as the size the fire itself. If your firepower ever increased, you only have a limited amount you must replenish somehow - this amount is indicated by the meter on the left. If it ever runs out, you will go back your initial, weakened fire breath. You can find non-flashing hearts and lamps from fallen enemies, which will replenish a small part of your hit points or fire breath, respectively. If you survive long enough, you may reach a maximum amount of hit points or firepower, in which case your health meters or score will be flashing. SCORING Defeating Enemies: Fiery Eye - 5 points Medusae - 10 points Dragon Head Sentry - 10 points Teleporting Masque - 20 points Janus Guardian - 25 points Ghost - 20 points Dragon - 25 points Shadow - just 1 point base, if you can even manage it. Getting rid of it might be reward enough, though... Revenant Dragon (Midboss) - 500 points Elder Dragon (Boss) - 1000 points Jeweled Dragon (a hidden beast) - 2000 points Collecting a gemstone in a treasure room will get you 500 points. Your strength of your firepower is also added to your score whenever you hit an enemy with your fire breath, so you can gain 1-6 points for every hit even if an enemy is not defeated. Defeating enemies on lower levels adds further bonuses: Level 2 - 1 point Level 3 - 2 points Level 4 - 3 points Level 5 - 4 points Level 6 - 5 points Level 7 - 10 points Level 8+ - 15 points HINTS -Find a balance between increasing your hit points and increasing your firepower - each level gives you the opportunity to do one or the other. -Gems give you large amounts of points, but your forgo an increase of power for that level - they're for those brave or foolish enough to think they can survive regardless. -The beginner mode always gives you the same maze, be sure you become familiar with the game before tackling the random mazes offered by the advanced mode. -Each enemy has a specific type of behavior, learn all of them-and learn how to counter them! -Time can be your enemy, but remember that you don't have to fight everything - pick your battles! -Despite the enticement to hurry, be patient and careful! Most situations can be escaped with a little bit of caution and forethought, and impatience has ended more games than the cruellest monster. There are many secrets to discover within the labyrinth, so I won't tell you everything here! [Ongoing EDITs for bug tracking/reporting] DragonsDescent_3_22_2019_Beta8.bin - Scoring adjustment DragonsDescent_3_19_2019_Beta7.bin - Fix on method to finding hidden boss. Semi-Final build. DragonsDescent_3_5_2019_Beta6.bin - Font change, cleanup. DragonsDescent_1_10_2019_Beta5.bin - Retry option, quiet starting room, UI adjustments DragonsDescent_12_16_2018_Beta4.bin - Random maze fix, and other adjustments, current recommended version
  8. Announcing the release of Dig Dug 35th Anniversary Edition to the AtariAge community!   This hack started as a graphics update to a fine hack known as Dig Dug Arcade.   What I changed:   1) All of Dig Dug's animation frames.   2) All of the animation frames for the falling rock.   3) All of the fruit/vegetable bonus items.   Things that I'd still like to see done with the hack (but are beyond my capabilities):   1) Static (unloosened) rocks using the first frame of the falling rock animation instead of the ball sprite.   2) Terrain (strata) divisions made wavy instead of straight.   3) Terrain having a dotted pattern instead of lined.   4) Tops of some of the fruit/vegetable bonuses (carrot, turnip, tomato, pineapple) made a different color than the main body.   5) The mushroom and garlic bonus items changed to colors that better match the arcade.   6) The "8" in the "© Namco 1982" on the title screen made to look more like an 8 (I'd fix this one myself but I can't seem to find it when viewing the rom graphics in Hack-O-Matic).   Please enjoy and Happy Birthday to both America and Dig Dug! Dig_Dug_ 35th_Anniv_Ed.bin
  9. ****UPDATED October 20, 2017**** Scroll down to see photo's. Atari, Commodore 64 and Sega Master System controllers for sale. I've tried to make these a bit more budget friendly but still have a nice design with quality parts. I can do button placement on the right or the left of the joystick. PM me with special requests. The joysticks are made with IL Eurostick joysticks* with cherry micro switches. The buttons are concave Happ buttons. Cables and strain relief boot are brand new. Nyloc nuts are used to prevent loosening over time. The Atari joysticks work with both the Atari 7800 (two buttons) and the Atari 2600 (both buttons act as "fire"). * The iL Eurojoystick may be better known as the original HAPP Competition. iL (Industrias Lorenzo) is a Spanish manufacturer of high quality and extremely durable arcade parts. Originally known for manufacturing HAPP parts (such as the Happ Competition Joystick) until HAPP moved production to SUZO facilities in China, iL continued to provide high quality parts under their own label. Poorly lit video demo of joystick in use: https://youtu.be/0KPjN-yAEDI What I have to offer: Standard Edition in both Black and White. $68.95 Special Edition Controllers with Atari characters (Boxing, Q-bert, Pitfall, Etc.) $75.95 AND UP (Depends on design - see photo's/pricing below) Single button 2600 Edition $63.95 (Works with the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600) Commodore 64 Joystick $63.95 (Works with the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600) Sega Master System (Mark III) $68.95 (Works with the Sega Master System) Orders are accepted for anything you see here. If it's not in stock I can make one for you. Lead time is usually 1 1/2 to 2 weeks depending on what parts I need to order. Shipping cost depends on location. It varies from $9 up to $17 (Priority mail with tracking). If you send your zip code I can give you an estimate. Paypal Accepted. STANDARD EDITION BLACK: ($68.95) STANDARD EDITION BLACK - RIGHT SIDE JOYSTICK: ($68.95) STANDARD EDITION WHITE: ($68.95) SPECIAL EDITION BOXING: ($74.95) SPECIAL EDITION Q-BERT: ($77.95) SPECIAL EDITION PAC-MAN: ($77.95) SPECIAL EDITION DONKEY KONG: ($77.95) SPECIAL EDITION PITFALL: ($85.95) SPECIAL EDITION DOUBLE DRAGON: ($77.95) 2600 SINGLE BUTTON EDITION: ($63.95) COMMODORE 64 EDITION: ($63.95) SEGA MASTER SYSTEM (MARK III): ($68.95)
  10. Hello everyone I'm in the process of building a VCS based hardware clone from scratch and have a few queries; I am going to replace the 6507 with 6502 (to get full 64k addressing + hardware interrupts + phi 1 and phi2 clocks ) and adding 32k of extra ram like the super Atari project (site is down but thanks for the wayback machine http://bit.ly/2FHlAH7) But these "NEW" eBay 6502 cpus (http://ebay.to/2DzjYJC) should work, or are these new chips like 65c02 in that the silicon has been altered due to "modern manufacture reasons"? And what's the highest clock speed available on a 6502? Also can you place some asynchronous buffer sram [cy7c408 = 128byte sram fifo memory] (http://bit.ly/2HGAAlm) between the data lines on the tia and 6502/7, so that the when the TIA Is drawing the data is already in the buffer, and all the cpu needs to do is correctly send the corrects address locations relevant to data stored in the buffer? (i.e instead of cpu calculating the display every scan-line you simply write a few scan-lines of image data into the buffer before The TIA begins to draw, then just correctly address in the order of whats stored in the buffer and do program logic) Since the [cy7c408a] is dual ported with asynchronous R/W, means you can just clock the output data [DO0-DO7] bus with the 1.19MHz clock from the TIA, iirc the TIA doesn't tend to like bus speeds higher than 1.19MHz? Then this should allow one to overclock the 6502 with for simplicity of counting cycles a multiple of the [ntsc] color-burst [TIA] clock ( i.e being able to have 684 cpu cycles per scan-line {using a 6502 clocked @ 10.75MHz = ~3x the TIA clock } instead of just 76 cycles) in such cases also sacrificing [native 2600] compatibility for increased cpu speed and more time for crunching instructions. I would also assume having the TIA reading the buffer @ 1.19Mhz would present in situations a bottleneck as well (when "drawing" to the TIA)? Since you can write data faster to the buffer than its being read (if the CPU is overclocked)? Since it seems the cy7c408 operates similar to a giant shift register, once its written you have to wait until data to reach to the TIA before it you write new data?? Can you just fill the buffer with 128 bytes of scan-line/sound data for the TIA, then handle the TIA addressing, and just fill the buffer as its being emptied, and essentially have 128 bytes of "VRam" (well more like Video buffer)? Also Can NMI be used instead of RDY, so that when the tia begins a new frame, wsync simply have the TIA tell the 6502 to "Stop, Pause , Go and do Display routine and then come back here", instead of just halting the cpu? Aswell i have a few microchip and avr (atmega8515) mcu's laying around wanting to be used for something and with a both MCU's, it's instructions are pipelined so that it takes effectively 1 cycle to load and execute data or decode and execute an instruction, except iirc when changing the program counter which iirc takes 2 - 3 cycles, So you don't have wait states [i.e iirc if using a z80, thats takes 3+ cycles for most of its instructions which is why they have such high clocks]. Is it possible to use the atmega or 18f4550 as sort of display controller for the TIA having the MCU handle reads from the buffer instead, and handle writing the data to the TIA, and use the atmega8515 to emulate the RIOT? Is it possible to emulate the Riot but with 256 bytes of ram? iirc RIOT ram is in page 0 so is faster to access than the 32k of extra ram? Plus is it possible, using A12 and A15 with a 74hc138 and a logic gate or two as a way to partially decode address to swap between cartridge space and 32k ram, so one can simply keep some compatibility, simply if A12 is high and A15 low then cartridge ROM is accessed, and if A15 is high in any case 32k Ram is Accessed? just building it to just play 2600 games isn't really hard (it was done from 1977 to 1992 literally millions of times), and seems a little redundant to me, I just figured since you can build your own 2600 compatible hardware clone for less than $50 in parts shipped, why not beef it up for some shits and giggles like a dev kit, have 256k of rom space and 32k ram, 6502, if possible using an MCU or 2 as an "In Hardware display Kernel", as well as emulate the riot, And CO10444D. why you ask? Because i i'll have the only atari "super" VCS with full USB 2.0 support (upto 12Mbit/s if I do use the 18f4550 lol) and plus i can really push the hardware to the limit see what it can do with some actual "power" behind it
  11. Now i'm not a programmer, but I've been thinking of a Game where you play as a JSDF helicopter Pilot and you have to fight a division of evil helicopter pilots, alien U.F.Os and the final boss Godzilla. Even though I said i'm not a programmer, I drew up some crappy sprites on some graph paper as seen below. So what do you guys think? Would you play an atari game about godzilla?
  12. Hi All, Some of you may know me from the Atari 8-bit forum - I've designed a couple of open-source multi-carts for the Atari 8-bit (the UnoCart and UltimateCart). The Atari 8-bit was my childhood home computer, but I picked up a 2600 jr on ebay at xmas, since I fondly remembered playing Combat on a friend's Atari VCS after school. However I thought it would be nice to play some other games and try some of the more recent homebrew creations, and so... Over the last couple of weeks, I've been busy building a version of the UnoCart for the Atari 2600 - The UnoCart-2600. The video below shows it in action (code from a week or so ago - I've renamed it since then!) Like the UnoCart, this is something you can build yourself with minimal soldering. It just requires an off-the-shelf STM32F4-DISCOVERY board, an SD-card breakout board, and a breakout board for the Atari 2600 cartridge slot. Everything can be hooked up with jumper wires. The source code, firmware, breakout-PCB design and (very rough) building instructions are on a new github page for the project: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UnoCart-2600 The cartridge successfully auto-detects and emulates pretty much all the ROM dumps available on AtariMania (with the exception of Pitfall II, since I'm not emulating the DSP stuff). So far, this has just been tested on my Atari 2600 jr - would anybody else be interested in building one and helping me find any remaining bugs in the cartridge emulation? I've got a few cartridge breakout PCBs spare, since that is the only part that is hard to obtain. PM me if interested? Robin
  13. I got way too many projects on my plate so I just don't have the time to create cartridges for this game. plus i'm already working on a much better version and some 7800 games. therefore, here is the download of Parsec 2600 .bin. maybe one day I will make cartridges. Legal: I own this game so please do not repost on other sites without my my approval. also don't sell it. parsec2600v13.bas.bin instructions: simple shooter. at bottom left is max ships left (shows up to 4). start game with 8, 1st wave is swoopers. timer on right to clear level.higher levels you must hit up to 3 times to clear. next is beamer. it shots at you. timer on right. .higher levels you must hit up to 3 times to clear. next is refueling tunnel. no shooting in here. just make it through to end. higher levels tunnel gets longer. backwards swoopers. like swoopers except come from behind you. next is invisible beamer. it shots at you. starting level 2 the ship goes invisible. .higher levels you must hit up to 3 times to clear. finally is meteor swarm. you just have to avoid them. now next level. if you switch A to pro at beginning you can choose the level and how many ships. Youtube video: https://youtu.be/tDzGTof7qqE enjoy.
  14. What games should have AtariVox voice hacks and what should they say? Would you want have Keystone Kapers say: I am going to get you? Would You want tips and ET catchphrases to ET? Would you want taunts and expletives to be had in Outlaw? Would you want menacing voices and taunts from the Boss in Yars' Revenge? Post what games you would think would be beneficial to have AtariVox voice support and what lines you would want to hear.
  15. I've recently been offered 3 2600 games; 'Dancing Plate', 'Sea Monster' & 'Space Tunnel' all of which I know very little about, and was hoping someone could give me some insight, as when searching i've found very little information. All games are in their boxes with manuals and appear to be in excellent condition. Image is attached. Would really appreciate anyone who could help shed some light on the rarity and value of these games. Thanks!
  16. The recent post about the Sears Telegames catalog(s) reminded me just how fascinated I am by this 1984 catalog put out by Atari Inc. that spotlighted not only the 2600 and 5200, but also the 7800. Not to mention a handful of unreleased titles and the Mindlink! It looks like it was a poster-style catalog, and given the number of things in it that never saw the (official) light of day, never mind the fact the 5200 was being pushed alongside the pre-Tramiel 7800, I can't imagine it was in print for very long or widely distributed. (AA has scans of the whole thing here.) So, my question is: how was this obtained back in the day? The easy answer is it came with games, but if so, which ones? My eBay searches haven't turned up anythng. Hits on the later Corp.-era "Atari Advantage" posters, sure, those are fairly plentiful, but I saw nothing regarding this particular poster/catalog. Can anyone offer any info? Does anyone (besides whoever provided those scans) have it? (I know I could have posted this is any - or all - of the 2600/5200/7800 forums, but I think most people 'in the know' will see it here just fine; no need to bombard!)
  17. Time to announce the third game of the 2019 Harmony Games Tournament which is Space Game which that won for best batari Basic Game in The 2018 Atari Awards. you can get the game here (along with instructions) Here are the rules: Play on Save the Earth Hard Mode (Left difficulty on B Right on A) Scoring goes for as forward: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 This round ends on June 2nd at 2pm Central if you beat the game you get 5 bonus points Good Luck (sorry took so long to post this was busy with other items)
  18. Hello, I have a later-model Atari 2600 "Darth Vader" with a rev. 16 board. It worked fine a few years ago. But now when I power it on, with or without a cartridge, I just get a blank screen with a colored line down each side. It's a similar problem to the one posted here, but on a different model 2600: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/207387-broken-atari-2600-with-black-screen/ I checked the voltage regulator and it has ~9V in and ~5V out, so that seems fine. The power switch looked fine, but I cleaned it anyway. I also cleaned the contacts in the cartridge slot as best I could. I checked the three main chips (TIA, CPU, and RIOT) and none of them feel hot while the unit is powered on. Unfortunately, the chips are soldered onto the board instead of in sockets, so it's not a simple task to swap them out. With that in mind, is there anything else I can check and/or do to try and fix this system? I've never worked on a 2600 before, so I'm not exactly sure where to go from here. And if it's dead, I'll just need to be ok with that. :-) Thanks!
  19. Carpenter

    Rally Racer

    Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you the new release from More Work games: Rally Racer I have made a post on "Buy, Sell and Trade" section (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/289764-rally-racer-new-release-from-more-work-games/). Please check there to see pricing and more details. The initial batch of 50 numbered copies is gone but you can still get the non-numbered series. Gameplay: Don't miss it! :-)
  20. There are a few really good quality Atari ads in this video that I hadn't seen before, I dig that Betty Rubble herself is our age. https://youtu.be/wKD0q-M04Z4?t=999
  21. Here is what I have so far with bB 1.1d making Satan's Hollow. Press right or left at the titlescreen. Closest demo to a game yet. You can fire and if you hit a gargoyle on the left, you get 10 points, build the bridge to the other side. Nothing else happens. Newest: Satan20130507.bas.bin
  22. Just wanted to make a post in which I can share my channel with others. I cover a ton classic consoles, oddball items, as well as newer games. Come check it out! https://www.youtube.com/user/swlovinist
  23. I recently purchased a 2600 Darth Vader at a yard sale. The unit was labeled ‘2600 Original Needs Work’. It was $15 so I decided to pick it up anyway. I fixed the first issue which was the power jack not making connection with the power cord end. Now that the unit powers on, it displays incorrect graphics. From looking around on threads, it seems that this is an issue with one of the ICs. I am unable to get a clear answer if this is a bad TIA chip or RIOT chip. I would rather not buy both unless necessary. Does this seem to jump out as a specific issue to anyone? Any help would be appreciated. Symptoms: Misplaced/distorted graphics No (or very little?) sound Related(?) Threads https://atariage.com/forums/topic/263506-atari-2600-jr-bad-tia-or-riot/ https://atariage.com/forums/topic/240746-bad-tiariot-need-help/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/181394-atari-2600-strange-video-problem/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAeXVazgUXc In this video, the 2600 is having similar issues to mine. He troubleshoots it by swapping the ICs with a working machine, but I only have a working 2600jr with soldered ICs.
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