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  1. ZeroPage Homebrew LIVE every Wednesday & Friday Streaming the very best of Atari 2600 HOMEBREW games, LIVE on Twitch! SUBSCRIBE & WATCH: Twitch Livestream | YouTube Archive NEWEST EPISODE: 20200327 Let's Play: Kraken Attack, Ultra SCSIcide, Asteroids Attack (WIP Update), Rip Off (Early WIP), Boulder Dash (Levels E-H) UPCOMING EPISODES on TWITCH (Click Time Listing for Your Local Time): 20200329 Let's Play: Beamrider (Patch Attempt #3) (LIVE @ 1PM PT | 4PM ET | 8PM GMT) 20200401 Let's Play: Jack and the Beanstalk, Super Maria Sisters, Super Maria Sisters 2 (WIP), Text Adventure 2 (WIP Exclusive Premiere) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20200403 Let's Play: TBD, Flappy Bird, Space Battle, Zoo Keeper (WIP) (2020 Harmony Games) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20200408 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT) 20200410 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20200415 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT) 20200417 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) Completed & WIP Games in 2020: Atari 2600, Atari 8-Bit/5200, Atari 7800 Unscheduled Episodes & Games: Archived Shows (YouTube): 20200325 Let's Play: Mr. Yo-Yo (WIP Update), Abyss of Chernobyl (WIP Update), Beamrider (Patch Attempt #2: 16278/40000) 20200320 Let's Play: Tyre Trax (PATCH EARNED! @ 1st in 1/2/3/4), Beamrider (Patch Attempt #1: 10864/40000), Astronomer (Patch Attempt #1: 16/20) 20200318 Let's Play: Text Adventure, Fish Fight (WIP), Stake Toss Remake (WIP), Tyre Trax (Patch Challenge) 20200315 Let's Play: UFO LCD (Exclusive Premiere), Charge! (WIP), Star Crusade (WIP), Armageddon Complex (WIP), Circus Galacticus (WIP) 20200311 Let's Play: Spider Web (WIP), Asteroids Attack (WIP), Spear Diver, Zoo Keeper (WIP Update) 20200228 Let's Play: Matchie (WIP), Melbourne Tatty, Isolate (WIP), 21 Blue (WIP) 20200226 Let's Play: The Stacks (WIP) 20200221 Let's Play: Kheops, Spider, R.P.S., Game Catcher 2600, Seawolf 20200219 Let's Play: Peril (WIP), Evil Magician Returns, Evil Magician Returns II 20200214 Let's Play: Missile Defender (WIP), Z1B, Cisney, Corrirama, Labimento, La Cabrita, KITE! 20200212 Let's Play: Penult (WIP Demo Full Playthrough) 20200207 Let's Play: Save Gaia: The Cy-Mage (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Street Rod 2600 (WIP Update), 1 vs 1 Pro Tennis (WIP) 20200201 Event: 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Presentation! 20200127 Let's Play: 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Nominees Playthrough Part 4: Atari 8-Bit/5200 & 7800 20200124 Let's Play: 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Nominees Playthrough Part 3: Atari 2600 Completed 20200122 Let's Play: 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Nominees Playthrough Part 2: Atari 2600 ≤ 4K 20200117 Let's Play: 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Nominees REVEAL and Playthrough Part 1: 2600 WIP 20200115 Let's Play: Steam Tunnel Bob (WIP), Pressure Gauge, Pressure Gauge II, Tumble Temple (WIP Update), Ninjish Guy in Low Res World (WIP) 20200110 Let's Play: Mr. Yo-Yo, Beer Pong, George 2007 (WIP), George 2019 (WIP), 1 vs 1 Baseball 20200108 Let's Play: Peril (WIP Exclusive Update), Penult (WIP Update) 20200103 Let's Play: Ninjish Guy in Low Res World (WIP Update), Pilot X, Snow Flakes 2019, HugoHunt CLICK [Reveal Hidden Contents] FOR MORE YOUTUBE ARCHIVED SHOWS
  2. I borrowed this card to try to fix it. (always with black screen). I remade all welds and tracks, tested the circuits with my logic circuit tester (TOP3000) and they were all shown to be good. But the sign keeps giving black screen. I checked eprom 27128 (which came without a protective sticker) and read its contents (in the attached file) Analyzing the hex files it seemed to be two games (popeye and montezuma). But through my file analyzer realize that the files were different from the roms downloaded from the net for the same games (few bytes were different). The games copied from eprom (and divided into 2) did not work on the stella emulator even though choosing the parker bros bank. It seemed to me that the files were corrupted by the exposure of the eprom. I recorded a new eprom with ROMs (Parker bros 8k) from the internet but the card still doesn't work. Is this a different card? or is it a parker bros with original layout and am i missing something here? * The card came with loose wires and as they were connected to the highest address of the eprom I thought they were for the game exchange key, but it had no effect when placing it. Could anyone check the position of the diodes? I received the plate I don't know if anyone tried to repair the plate before ... the two diodes came with the mark down. Following is a file with the ROMs and more pictures of the circuits removed. Board circuits: 74LS173 x3 74LS00 x1 Diodes x2 Ceramic capacitors x3 Resistors x3 Original Eprom: 27128 Intel Thanks to everyone and thanks to "ODIN Games" for providing me with the test board. Parker bros.zip
  3. Hello to everyone! I’ve been on AA for many years, but have never had a chance to a) build and b) showcase my classic video game collection. With our recently expanded space, I now have room to set up items that I’ve been storing for years. There’s a bundle to show, but I will begin with just a few shots that demonstrate my humble kickoff to a budding game room. I figured that there was no better time than now to assemble such a showcase. Enjoy! List of games and consoles shown: - Select classic boxed Colecovision console and games, CIB or NIB: Frenzy, Cosmic Avenger, Zaxxon, Front Line, Carnival, Smurf Rescue, Donkey Kong (my own repro box), DK Super Game (Adam), Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure, Antarctic Adventure, Mouse Trap. - Select Opcode Games and modules: Gradius, DK (box only), Penguin Adventure, Super Game Module (Coleco logo) and SGM (Opcode logo), SGM Pro (box only). - Select Atari 5200 games, mostly NIB: Missile Command, Pac-Man, Countermeasure, Dig Dug, RS Soccer, RS Tennis, Centipede, Berzerk, Jungle Hunt, Kangaroo, Pengo, Mario Bros, Gremlins. - Atari 7800 console and games: OG 1984 Atari 7800 (Warner) nearly CIB (missing original inserts), early-run 1986 Centipede (purple) and Asteroids, both NIB. - Colecovision loose games, too many to list, but nearly complete collection. - Atari 2600 CIB/NIB collection. Missing a lot from pre-1982 color line. Have focused on the silver (all pre-1984 Warner) and red box games. Still missing over 50 from the post-1984 era. - Sony 27” WEGA Trinitron CRT Television Set (2004)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdh5zU1J4Kk This is a compilation of every Atari game to be released on more than one of their cartridge-based consoles. If it was released on a combination of the 2600, 5200 or 7800, it's on here.
  5. Just wanted to make a post in which I can share my channel with others. I cover a ton classic consoles, oddball items, as well as newer games. Come check it out! https://www.youtube.com/user/swlovinist
  6. For those who have might have missed the post about the 2020 Harmony Games in last years games thread: The 2020 Harmony Games are now being played at Atari Video Club (Club) in Atari age. there's a Topic for Harmony games there and that is the only place to post Scores do not post them here I got it set up over there first round can be found here
  7. Its time to announce the 2019 Harmony Games Tournament, Unlike the past HSC where the winner of of each round picks the game starting this this games used are the winners from the 2018 Atari Awards which was held by ZeroPage HomeBrew, AtariAge.com and The 2600 Homebrew Companion. the Following is the schedule of games: Aardvark (Best Work in Progress): starts March 11th at noon central ends April 2nd at 2:00pm central Miner 2049 (Best Game Hack) starts April 11th at noon central ends May 2nd at 2:00pm central Space Game (Best bB(batari Basic) Game) starts May 11th at noon central ends June 2nd at 2:00pm central Mappy (Best Homebrew Game,Programing,Technical Achievement ,Music and sound and Graphics) Starts June 11th at Noon Central Rnds on July 13th at 6:00pm Central Mappy will be used as well at Video Game Summit as well (which is July 13th and show ends at 6pm) All these games can be found in the 2018 Atari Awards post. will be posting the first HSC thread in while
  8. Time to announce the first Game of the 2020 Harmony Games Tournament which is Zoo Keeper from Champ Games which won for Best Work in Progress in the 2019 Atari Awards. Here are the rules for this Round: Play On Standard only 4 lives Difficulty settings: Right doesn't matter as it only effects the play field (either solid or similar to arcade) Left set to "A" (bonus items at random spots) Play until you loose all your lives Scoring is the same like before: Point scoring: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 Game instructions are here We are using the current build of the ROM which is here Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page This round begins on 3/9/2020 at noon Central and Ends on 4/6/2020 at 2pm Central Good Luck!! Scores For Round 1 James O(ZPH)- 265,450 10 pts Aerlan (ZPH)- 129,850 9 pts
  9. For 5 years, since 2015 it's been my mission to uncover lost and or missing video game commercials that weren't documented wither it be from Nintendo, Sega, a chain of department stores, and in the case of the forum's topic, Atari more specifically the Tramel era. For example Atarian issue 1 has a section about their upcoming sports games featuring Ozzie Smith, Spud Webb & Doug Williams and in it are screencaps from existing advertisements. The Ozzie Smith ad we all know and has been preserved, NOT the ads for Double Dunk or Super Football. This also confirms @Random Terrain's assumption for Super Football's release. Enclosed in this folder are ads I managed to find on youtube in the past five years of doing this including WWE Sponsorship Bumps for the 7800. These have not been documented by Scott Stilphen or @Rom Hunter aka AtariMania. Enjoy! Lost Atari Ads (Tramel Era) 1988-89.zip
  10. As big Atari and classic gaming fans, i'm sure just about everyone here who collects has at least one Atari 2600 in our personal collections, and some games. Yesterday, I acquired a rather interesting title on eBay: "Popeye". However, this isn't the normal Parker Bros. release, this is the unlicensed "Taiwan Cooper" version. I bought in in the box for $11. When I think about it, this would be just about the rarest 2600 game currently in my collection. So, how about you guys? What's the rarest game you currently own? (Ps, Photo is from original eBay Listing, I can post additional photos once the game arrives in the mail).
  11. Hi All, Some of you may know me from the Atari 8-bit forum - I've designed a couple of open-source multi-carts for the Atari 8-bit (the UnoCart and UltimateCart). The Atari 8-bit was my childhood home computer, but I picked up a 2600 jr on ebay at xmas, since I fondly remembered playing Combat on a friend's Atari VCS after school. However I thought it would be nice to play some other games and try some of the more recent homebrew creations, and so... Over the last couple of weeks, I've been busy building a version of the UnoCart for the Atari 2600 - The UnoCart-2600. The video below shows it in action (code from a week or so ago - I've renamed it since then!) Like the UnoCart, this is something you can build yourself with minimal soldering. It just requires an off-the-shelf STM32F4-DISCOVERY board, an SD-card breakout board, and a breakout board for the Atari 2600 cartridge slot. Everything can be hooked up with jumper wires. The source code, firmware, breakout-PCB design and (very rough) building instructions are on a new github page for the project: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UnoCart-2600 The cartridge successfully auto-detects and emulates pretty much all the ROM dumps available on AtariMania (with the exception of Pitfall II, since I'm not emulating the DSP stuff). So far, this has just been tested on my Atari 2600 jr - would anybody else be interested in building one and helping me find any remaining bugs in the cartridge emulation? I've got a few cartridge breakout PCBs spare, since that is the only part that is hard to obtain. PM me if interested? Robin
  12. After selling well over 200 controllers I am working toward having these manufactured fully in china and packaged properly. This will take some time to sort through companies, in the mean time we are putting the store on hiatus eventually closing the etsy store due to fees. If I do manage to complete this task I will most likely find another store (or another way) of selling these controllers. Maybe amazon? Who know at this point. I can still have PCBs made if there is still enough interest. I'm also working on upgrading my printer that currently has 1200 hours on it we will sell 3D printed atari carts and label on AA. Just DM me and I can give you a quote! Thanks again for all of your interest!! The Atari 7800/2600 Controllers KITS ARE OUT OF STOCK! Fully assembled controllers OUT OF STOCK! PCBs & CUSTOM 3D PRINTED LABELS ARE OUT OF STOCK!! New updated instructions for kits here... Atari 7800 Controller Assembly Instructions (2).pdf Order here: http://www.itsallgeek3d.com Hello there AtariAgers! I wanted to make an official AA Marketplace post from the original forum post here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/272541-7800-controller-project/ Tired of the Pain-Lines or the bulky standard CX-40 joystick? Oh yeah, That’s right you are. Order now! Call today! Supplies are limited… no seriously, they are. This is the All-New V1.2 Atari 7800/2600/SMS NES style controller! Excellent! Two-Button Atari 7800 Action! Wow! Both buttons act as fire button with Atari 2600 games! Unbelievable! 3D Printed face label is a 2-Color print. Standard V1.2 Atari 7800/2600/SMS Controller is in a Silver/Black configuration. Although color can be customized for a fee, it is limited to the stock of filament colors I have. Which changes weekly. Keep in mind that the controller itself is black. The PCB is the new V1.2 can also be compatible with Sega Master System In theory. This is in BETA phase and has yet to be tested. There is no difference in the components of the SEGA/ATARI kits (SMS compatibility only available in kit form) It’s just a matter of swapping a wire or two during assembly of the kit. Three ways to buy! Full Brand New V1.2 Atari 7800/2600/SMS NES Style Black Controller New Redesigned V1.2 PCB w/DB9 Cable (Coming Soon!) Kit! New V1.2 PCB w/x2 620 ohm Resistors, DB9 Cable, Black NES Shell, D-Pad, Start/Select and Red ‘A’ and ‘B’ Buttons and all the rubber contacts. 3D printed label, you specify ‘ATARI’ or ‘SEGA’ Order Here: www.itsallgeek3d.com Also, the 7800 controller coupling will be in the store as well. For the AtariAgers that have a 3D printer here are the files... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2767791
  13. I checked out the AtariAge online store and noticed that Pac-Man 4K is no longer available, even when I clicked "search", no sign of it available, what happened to it, I DO have it on my SD card of almost 700 titles but play that one religiously and many are missing the boat as it is far better then the 1981 Atari original (which was also 4K) and even prefer it as opposed to the 8K Pac-Man Arcade that is also great that is still available.
  14. [edited: link to PDF added] Hot news: the book Atari 2600 Programming for Newbies - Revised Edition by Andrew Davie is now available on Lulu.com for only $4.69. Order your copy here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-davie/atari-2600-programming-for-newbies-revised-edition/paperback/product-23644281.html Basically this book is the printed version of the Atari 2600 programming tutorials by Andrew Davie that he originally posted on these forums between 2003 and 2004 (and one extra session posted in 2012). Editing and formatting was done by yours truly. Note that in 2011 someone already bundled these tutorials into a book and published it on Lulu.com, but IMO there are a lot of issues with that version (e.g. no page numbers, missing session no. 25, images cut off on the end of the page, outlining issues, code samples hard to read because of wrapping). That's why I decided to call my version the "Revised Edition" :-) I formatted all code samples to make them readable in print-format, fixed a few spelling errors and also did some editing where the original text was clearly assuming the reader is reading the text online. Note that I'm not making a single dollar-cent on this; you only pay for the printing of the booklet. The consequence is that Andrew Davie is also not making any money from this, but knowing that in 2011 he was OK with the other published book on Lulu.com, I hope he's also OK with this new "Revised Edition". The binding and printing of this book is really nice. The pages are black & white, but the cover is full color (see attached images). I also added Andrew's avatar on the back of the book :-) And Lulu.com regularly has these promotions where they offer free shipping, making this a real bargain! Here is a link to the PDF for your convenience: Atari_2600_Programming_for_Newbies_Revised_Edition.pdf Cheers, Dion
  15. Overview Mallard Season is a waterfowl shooter for the Atari 2600. It is open source licensed and the source code is freely available. Objective Shoot all the ducks before they escape. Aim the cursor at the duck and fire. If the duck is hit, it will fall down to the ground. If you miss 3 times or take too long the duck will escape. Controls Note if a button is not listed, it means it is unused. Joystick Up - Move cursor up Down - Move cursor down Left - Move cursor left Right - Move cursor right Fire - Fires bullet Switches Reset - Starts a new game You can download the ROM from the downloads section Feel free to discuss and ask questions here!
  16. Carpenter

    Rally Racer

    Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you the new release from More Work games: Rally Racer I have made a post on "Buy, Sell and Trade" section (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/289764-rally-racer-new-release-from-more-work-games/). Please check there to see pricing and more details. The initial batch of 50 numbered copies is gone but you can still get the non-numbered series. Gameplay: Don't miss it! :-)
  17. This just to let you know the date of The 2020 Harmony Games will start on on March 9th,2020. based on the categories of the 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards its narrowed to 4 that we will be used for each Round: Round 1. Best 2600 WIP: ZooKeeper Round 2: Best 2600 Graphics: Aardvark Round 3: Best 2600 Homebrew <4k: Ameba Jump Round 4: Best 2600 Homebrew: Galagon when the Tournament starts I will post new topic for each round right now this topic is locked until March 9th here's the url to The Harmony Games page at AVC Online http://www.atari-video.club/harmony-games/ which has the start times and end times of each round as well as standing from last years leader board (minus the scores from the game from last years final round) once the games start those will be cleared
  18. Is there an official list that I am missing? Please let me know, I've searched and searched and found nothing. Could combine this list with Atari 2800 serials as well. I have a Sears Video Arcade 2 S/N: SV 382 000701 Photos to follow... -Dan
  19. Hello, I'm relatively new here and I'd like to present a game I've been working on for a while. First, let me tell something about myself. I'm 8bit and 16bit geek from Czech Republic. I'm a professional sound engineer who works on high budget games and I've been active in the demoscene for over 21 years now (I participated on plethora of productions: demos, intros, games,...). I always liked restrictions and Atari 2600 seems perfect for my taste. I do sports, especially ice hockey and inline hockey. Now about the game itself. It's a single player game. You are some guy who lives near some huge factory. And you have a dog. The problem are common deadly acid rains and acid snow storms because of the permanent pollution. One freezing day your doggy really wants to go out for a walk. So you go out despite imminent acid snow storm. Did I mention that if a snowflake hits you then you die instantly? Oh surely I did. You control both yourself and your dog. You can go to the left or to the right. If you press joyfire, you tell your dog to stay. If you press it again, you tell your dog to come. He will come and stay nearby you. You and your dog only need to stay away from those deadly snow flakes for as long as possible. Snow flakes come in waves - slow falling and fast falling. After every wave the delay between seeing a snowflake and when it actually starts to fall decreases, so the game becomes harder and harder. Color/BW pauses the game. It's a common 4k game without any technical achievements. Although the concept is simple I think it can be fun for a while. I had more complex music in mind but I quickly ran out of space, sorry about that. I had same problem with SFX, some had to go. Recently I saved about 80 bytes (learning is fun) so I may do something about it. Despite I'm from EU region I made the game primarily for NTSC regions. I made a PAL conversion, too. My friend phob made that gorgeous graphics and the rest is mine. I haven't tested in on real HW but I'd like to make my own cartridges. Curious how that will go. I may release source code on request but it's a mess (I have limited programming skills). So please tell me what do you think about it. Is there something what can make the game more fun to play? UPDATE 2019/09/19 I put a new version together (0.92 RC). I added some sounds and changed missiles speed progression. It may also be the final for the 4k version if there are no bugs and gameplay is somehow balanced ;] UPDATE 2019/12/16 Version 1.0 is just the same as 0.92 RC, I just formally made a release 1.0 version. Hope you enjoy it and make it over 500 unlike me ;] dogwalk_v0.9RC_NTSC.bas.bin dogwalk_v0.9RC_PAL.bas.bin dogwalk_v0.92RC_NTSC.bas.bin dogwalk_v0.92RC_PAL.bas.bin dogwalk_v1.0_NTSC.bas.bin dogwalk_v1.0_PAL.bas.bin
  20. March 19, 2019 news. Release Candidate 1 DK_Arcade_2600_RC1.bin I've decided to share "DK Arcade 2600" and post the Release Candidate. This has sound, item, color differences, along with a fixed Kernel that should eliminate any "flashing ghost playfield pixels" that appear when nearly cycle maximum and that some machines were displaying. The "latest batari Basic" version from RevEng's thread has this fixed kernel. Reply in this thread any comments and suggestions - they are all considered, no matter good or bad, or not possible to include! Thank you. It is also decided by me, the author, that any "Release" will be through this "batari Basic Forum Thread". If you expressed desire for a real cartridge in this thread, no need to post again. You will be contacted when I have finished cartridges available later in 2019 or next year 2020. Payment will only be taken when finish cartridges are available - made with AtariAge hardware. This was my first designed game, both because I liked the game, I liked the challenge, and I wanted to show that very good games can be made with the "batari Basic" DPC+ kernel. - iesposta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- October 12, 2014 Two Demo binaries! You can now play as "The Lady" (created for the 2 women on AtariAge!). By popular demand, "The Carpenter" moves quicker up and down ladders. Fireballs descend ladders quicker. Alarm sound when timer falls below 1000. Numerous sound updates and bug fixes. Japanese order only (Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4) that end after Level 4. The title is a selection screen: Up, down, left or right selections. (Note: American selection defaults to Japanese order for these demos.) Remember to turn Phosphor Effect (Ctrl-p) on in Stella! DemoE = easy. As will be the first time though the levels. DemoH = hard. As will be the increased difficulty the next time through the levels. DK20141011BcDemoE.bin DK20141011BcDemoH.bin October 11, 2014 Second Demo Binary(s) soon! We have listened to comments and suggestions. I think everything done since the last demo has been an improvement in every area. Gameplay, graphics, sound and music, and options. List of "bugs" that probably are permanent "features": - Some odd TIA chips cause a few playfield pixels to blink. Does not affect gameplay. - Cement Factory level with hammer will show ghost garbage pixels when fireballs climb down due to Intelligent Flicker and virtual sprite vertical alignment. Does not affect gameplay. - Jumping to the left-most part of the center elevator (descending) player becomes unresponsive to joystick. Affects gameplay. -Jumping a fireball over a rivet can trap the fireball over the gap. One I had trapped later climbed thin air to the level above and started acting normally - except it was a few pixels below the girder. September 27, 2014 No binary, but we are still working on this! Latest binary directly below, in March 1. rem Note: 9-02-14 Made ditty1 note duration shorter, Opening longer, How High tune ends with harmony. rem Note: 9-09-14. Started adding Pauline Edition. rem Note: 9-20-14. Moved pies down in three! different locations. rem Note: 9-21-14. Fixed 'static' in ditty sounds. Added Pauline climb head wiggle. Fixed broke items grab sounds on elevators. rem Note: 9-22-14 Fixed "Death scene gone bad Elevator Level". Fixed winning Elevator w/Mario and having Pauline appear below. rem Note: 9-22-14 New PreTitle Screen layout. Removed a redundant ballheight=0. rem Note: 9-23-14 Needed to add Pauline Colors in skipmario2. PreTitle Screen has left / right joystick player selection. rem Note: 9-27-14 Difficulty increases by Byte Knight! New Pretitle Screen removed. Added Harmony to Opening Tune. rem Switched L/R selection and icon. Screen order progression fixed. Sped up prize sound. Fireballs descend faster. rem set optimization noinlinedata works. March 1, 2014 DK23Arcade2600.bin Bug fixes for the demo: Ramp Level Mario shouldn't get stuck in girders any more. Overlapping barrels shouldn't sneak through the hammer any more. Increased barrel spawn timer to make the level a little easier. Moved hammer up and right on top level so you can't grab it from the level below and you can jump straight up and get it. Fixed Mario jumping bug that would kill Mario after 5 jumps in a row. Cement Pie Level Kong has less separation anxiety! Fixed ghosting of the tops of fireballs. Elevator Level Mario won't "fall" through girders on Elevator Level. February 19, 2014 There's a new DK in town called DK Arcade 2600, joining AtariAge member Joe Musashi's phenomenal D.K. VCS! This playable demo features all 4 levels in full-screen goodness, so check it out! Brought to AtariAge by members "Byte Knight" and myself, "iesposta." Binary: DK_Arcade_2600.bin The playable demo features all four levels but will end after the rivet level (Level 4). Let us know your thoughts and post your high scores! The release version will feature: Japanese and US level order. Difficulty level increases. The ability to play Mario or Pauline. Thanks to RevEng and Bogax for technical help, and Atari Brian for beta-testing. February 12, 2014 Update. - Dynamic titlescreen has 1 to 4 Stupid Monkeys on How High Can You Try? depending on level. - Bonus/Countdown timer has color. Score is 6 digits and white. - Spinning death sound created. - Japanese and American order selection (difficulty switch). - Flicker reduced on top of level 1 by adding 2 playfield screen lines and removing 1 line from The Lady, putting her 7 lines above the barrels. Notice I said reduced. It still flickers a lot but that is where everything happens at once. - Going "over cycles" fixed by adjusting Overscan time, adding scanlines. Currently stable at 270 lines. - Custom Score Font. (I know it looks like other games, but I did create each number to match the arcade game.) February 5, 2014 Let it spin, let it spin, let it spin. No game, just spinning... DK21y140201bSpin.bas 2.bin January 19, 2014 This binary plays levels 1, 2, 4 and then properly goes back to level 1. DK21y140119f.bas.bin January 15, 2014. !! Level 2 pie/cement factory done!! Binary 1-15-2014: DK21yMKH14cr.bas.bin >>Positive or Negative Feedback appreciated, especially on real hardware during gameplay (rolling or jittering). Note: It does jitter before Level 4.JumpmanBLU20130826.bas.bin JumpmanBLU20130826.bas JumpmanBLU20130915a.bas.bin JumpmanBLU20130915a.bas JumpmanBLU20130919a.bas.bin DK26b.bas.bin DK2600-2013-12-23.bas.bin DK2600-2013-12-25.bas.bin
  21. DRAGON'S DESCENT Direct your dragon through a sprawling labyrinth, hunting for treasure, power, and danger! Dragon's Descent is currently part of the Holiday Homebrew High Score Competition - here is a ROM you can use for the contest: DragonsDescent_Holiday_2019.bin Now for sale on the AtariAge Store! Instructions on how to play below... -Thousands of possible maps to explore, either randomly selected or predetermined -Eight different types of enemies -One mid boss, one final boss, one hidden boss -Powerups to increase firepower or health as you delve deeper into the labyrinth ...and an easter egg or two, of course! Here's a video of the first three levels, up to the midboss. The default mode has four more levels ending with the final boss, and other modes allow potentially thousands of different levels! This game is, among other things, an experiment in procedural maze generation for the Atari 2600 - There are a few secrets to find, so I won't reveal everything here, but I will give a basic outline of the controls and mechanics. I posted little write up of how I generated the mazes, and programmed the game in general. Many thanks to those on this board who have posted an incredible amount of useful information, as well as those who have authored the kernels and other components on which this game has been programmed. STORY Legends speak of a labyrinth created by the mind of a dreaming elder dragon. This maze is filled with the promise of wealth, power and danger-an endless length of corridors, with spectres and monsters appearing out of thin air, and strange happenings occurring the deeper one travels and survives. You are a young dragon yourself, perhaps trapped here, perhaps tempted by the wealth and power that drives your kind. Regardless, you have little choice but to find your way through the corridors and chambers of the labyrinth, finding glory, or perhaps escape... CONTROLS Joystick - Move the dragon around the labyrinth. Button - The dragon will breathe fire in the direction it is facing. SETTINGS Left Difficulty A - Game will continue indefinitely, only ending with a game over. Left Difficulty B - Game will end after you complete level 7 Right Difficulty A - You will start in a randomized maze. Right Difficulty B - Maze will be the same layout each playthrough. Game Select (Make sure right difficulty is also set to "B") - Will allow you to set the random "seed" when starting the maze. Move the joystick left/right to select the left or right seed, each can be set to a value between 1 and 255. The title screen will reflect what options the game is set to - an infinity symbol for an unending maze, and an alternating maze pattern for random mazes. HOW TO PLAY Depending on your game settings, you may find an end to the maze on the 7th level, or the maze can continue until you are defeated, trying to attain the highest score! A - The Player B - Dragonfire C - Monster D - Firepower Meter E - Score F - Health Meter G - Room exit Each level of the maze is made up of several rooms - you can leave through any exit on the boundaries of the screen you find. To make progress in the maze, find the key on each level, and then the level's exit. The exit, resembling a door with a key imprint, will only activate if you touch it while you have the key found on the same level. Upon each new level you will face more dangers but also potentially increased power and scoring! Key Exit Avoid touching walls and enemies - doing so will deplete your hit points, and eventually terminate your game! Scoring comes from collecting gems and defeating monsters. You get more points for defeating monsters in deeper levels, and a slightly higher score for each shot you use with higher fire breath power. In addition to a key and exit, each level of the labyrinth has a treasure room: This room allows you to pick one of three power ups, just wait until you see the one you want: Gem - increases your score. Heart - increases your total hit points, while completely replenishing your health. Lamp - increases the strength of your fire breath, while refilling its supply. Don't stay too long on a single level, or you may find things getting much more difficult! The deeper you explore, the more monsters, dangers, and higher scores you find... Your hit points are indicated by meter on the right, as well as the color of the dragon. The strength of your fire breath is indicated by the color of your score, as well as the size the fire itself. If your firepower ever increased, you only have a limited amount you must replenish somehow - this amount is indicated by the meter on the left. If it ever runs out, you will go back your initial, weakened fire breath. You can find non-flashing hearts and lamps from fallen enemies, which will replenish a small part of your hit points or fire breath, respectively. If you survive long enough, you may reach a maximum amount of hit points or firepower, in which case your health meters or score will be flashing. SCORING Defeating Enemies: Fiery Eye - 5 points Medusae - 10 points Dragon Head Sentry - 10 points Teleporting Masque - 20 points Janus Guardian - 25 points Ghost - 20 points Dragon - 25 points Shadow - just 1 point base, if you can even manage it. Getting rid of it might be reward enough, though... Revenant Dragon (Midboss) - 500 points Elder Dragon (Boss) - 1000 points Jeweled Dragon (a hidden beast) - 2000 points Collecting a gemstone in a treasure room will get you 500 points. Your strength of your firepower is also added to your score whenever you hit an enemy with your fire breath, so you can gain 1-6 points for every hit even if an enemy is not defeated. Defeating enemies on lower levels adds further bonuses: Level 2 - 1 point Level 3 - 2 points Level 4 - 3 points Level 5 - 4 points Level 6 - 5 points Level 7 - 10 points Level 8+ - 15 points HINTS -Find a balance between increasing your hit points and increasing your firepower - each level gives you the opportunity to do one or the other. -Gems give you large amounts of points, but your forgo an increase of power for that level - they're for those brave or foolish enough to think they can survive regardless. -The beginner mode always gives you the same maze, be sure you become familiar with the game before tackling the random mazes offered by the advanced mode. -Each enemy has a specific type of behavior, learn all of them-and learn how to counter them! -Time can be your enemy, but remember that you don't have to fight everything - pick your battles! -Despite the enticement to hurry, be patient and careful! Most situations can be escaped with a little bit of caution and forethought, and impatience has ended more games than the cruellest monster. There are many secrets to discover within the labyrinth, so I won't tell you everything here! Older builds: Another change to the door graphic - the door should be flashing with a key symbol. DragonsDescent_2019_8_15_2019.bin This older build has a changed the graphic for the exit. I even squeezed a few more bytes out so that it has "closed" and "open" graphics, depending on whether you have a key. I'm hoping this is close to the final version, so any feedback on how it plays is appreciated! DragonsDescent_2019_8_12.bin I've added four separate high scores, one for each "mode" - they should show up when you have the appropriate switches/settings applied on the title screen. I think it works properly (with caveats, for instance you can fool it by using the switches mid-game) but I would appreciate feedback! I also added an easter egg bug fix: DragonsDescent_2019_May_HiScoreTests.bin DragonsDescent_3_22_2019_Beta8.bin 3-22-2019 Another update - found a semi-exploit (really just method of scoring late game that results in boring gameplay) and adjusted things to discourage the behavior. DragonsDescent_3_19_2019_Beta7.bin 3-20-2019 Another update - no better method to find a bug or quirk in a project than to claim it's finished! The method to reach the hidden boss, while functional, had some odd loopholes and inconsistencies that I wanted to close. Fixed a thematic inconsistency involved with getting to the hidden bonus boss. DragonsDescent_3_5_2019_Beta6.bin - Font change and a few other tiny adjustments. DragonsDescent_1_10_2019_Beta5.bin - Retry random maze option (press up or down on the Game Over screen to see the "Retry Maze" screen, press button to start again), starting rooms have no enemies, score placement adjusted. DragonsDescent_12_16_2018_Beta4.bin - Maze generation fix, random seed shown when picking random level, other small fixes I might go into more details about what I did to fix the maze generation later - the short answer is that every seed -seems- to work now, without the hacky checker I had in earlier versions. I also added a -little- more time solve a given level before various "complications" arise. It can still be a little mean. I'm keeping an informal version history even as I remove the older versions - I can repost them if folks clamor for the older versions, but hopefully the bugs present in them have been addressed. 3-5-2019 - Changed to a custom font. Semi-final build. 12-16-2018 - Current public version. All attempted maps seem to be solvable, certain UI color cycling adjusted. 12-15-2018 - Tentative "fixed" beta for random mazes This version has a band-aid for the random mode bug - I'm keeping it here for the moment in case the above version has some unforseen bug or error. 12-14-2018 - Old version, only play the default mode (Left/Right switches set to "B") on this one. I've tentatively tested it on my ol' sixer as well as the Flashback Portable, and the game seems to run ok, although I would welcome any bugs/issues found if anyone else plays. I'm curious to see what people find! Updates: -You can now retry a randomly generated maze by pressing up or down on the Game Over screen - when you see words "Retry Maze," press the button to restart the game at your old starting point. -Starting rooms on a level no longer generate enemies, giving you some time to breathe or get used to the controls. -Hopefully the level generation bug is fixed - any random seed should generate a solvable level. When choosing a random level, you will be shown the seed in case you want to try the level again. -I also fixed a flashing problem to a more pleasant "pulsing" effect for max health/fire breath. DragonsDescent_2019_April_Competition.bin
  22. Well, this was a surprise. Found this bugger in a lot of 10 games for 20 bucks. You can still see where the proto label was before it fell off. Amusingly, the previous owner, "TIM", had a piece of scotch tape with his name written on the front (as many other games in the lot did) but it was easy enough to remove without damaging that shiny red label. 999% likely a review copy/final rom but still crazy to bump into. Figured I'd post here as well in case there's anything I'm missing about this that I should check for differences, and just to show that it exists!
  23. Alright. You guys like Phantasy Star? You like Adventure? You like Link to the Past? Well, I'm going to develop a game based on Adventure where you can blast into space to various planets. There will be various NPCs to talk to in various towns, and a currency system where slaying foes and opening certain chests will give you points, which you can spend on herbs to heal HP, and a sword in case yours gets stole by a bat. Just want to know: is this possible? Also, I need story ideas.
  24. Solaris for the 2600 is my favourite game on the system. I've been playing it since it first came out but was only able to finish it a couple years ago with help from people on this site. Back then we didn't have the internet, and I was hoping to find a decent map so that I didn't have to start drawing it from scratch. The best I found was an infograph created by John Russel Ernest (I've included it below), and although it's good, I was sorely disappointed. So I decided that if a decent map of the Solaris universe didn't exist, I would have to build it myself. So I did. I re-wrote the awful instructions, included my map and the solution I used to finish the game. Created a topic and gave everyone that guide. Years later I'm back. Why? Because the map wasn't finished. No one had ever mapped the wormholes or figured out how many keys are on each of the Corridor Planets or how many Cadets are on all the Zylon Planets. So I included it. Since I was already in there, there were strategies on Zylon Fleets I didn't include, or a section on Phasing, that I use through out the entire solution. So here it is....everything you ever wanted to know about Solaris but were afraid to ask. Included below is my new guide and the map (also in the guide). I want to see others do as I have done and complete this awesome game. Good Luck! Solaris Solution 1.5.pdf
  25. Hi everyone. I've been working on this broken 2600 Junior for the last week and since my huge amounts of research usually lead to this forum, you guys seem like the perfect bunch to ask since I'm now stuck. A bit of backstory: I believe this Jr. encountered some tough times as the RF shield is very rusty. It turned on, but only tuned to a black screen. So on opening it up, the board was a bit messy but it did clean up quite well using isopropyl and white vinegar. I also reflowed a bunch of solder joints that were looking a bit dull, but this didn't change anything. Just to clarify, the equipment I'm using to test this Atari (RF cable, game, power adaptor etc) have been confirmed with another working 2600 Jr I own. So, this rules out anything external - the problem lays somewhere in the Atari itself. Onwards with the research, I learnt that the power regulator is prone to failure. Reading the pins, 9.03v was measured on one although the other measured at 4.93v - pretty low. So, I replaced that and it now read 4.98v and 9.06v - much better! The 2600 still wasn't working, however, now showing a colourful garbled mess of static instead of a black screen. I then checked a few voltages over the board. 4.98v was tested going to the cartridge slot, the TIA, the RIOT 6532 and the CPU 6507. I also confirmed continuity to those chips by measuring between their Vss's and the ground pin of the vreg. This tells me the chips are powering on (I'm assuming 4.98v is adequate) but I do not own an oscilloscope to test that they're behaving as they should. For what it's worth, neither get too warm while the console is operating. Hoping that it's not any of the chips that are the problem, I scoured the board for anything that seemed out of place. Two components stood out to me; C38 and R43. The legs on both were corroded and the pads below were a bit of a mess. I have no means of testing the cap, but the resistor (when removed) measured about 8.8K oms, while according to the schematic it's supposed to be 9.1K. That was replaced easily enough, while the cap was replaced with a 0.1uF ceramic disk type - a recommendation I found in this thread: Here are some photos of the replacements soldered in. They soldered in fine from the bottom of the board, but do you think the pads on the top are too corroded? I couldn't get any solder to stick. I'm not sure if they connect to traces on the top or not and if a connection is being severed. If it helps, here are a few more photos I took of the board overall. Thanks for reading. I look forward to your answers!
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