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  1. LIVE every Tuesday & Friday Your BEST source for the NEWEST Atari 2600 & 7800 games, LIVE on Twitch! SUBSCRIBE & WATCH: Twitch Livestream | YouTube Archive WATCH THE NEWEST STREAM (Click on Date to Watch): 20210409 Interview: Developer Spotlight: Bob Decrescenzo (Live Video Interview) UPCOMING LIVESTREAMS on TWITCH (Click Time Listing for Your Local Time) 20210413 Let's Play: Squareraid (WIP), QR Code Generator, Kung Fu Kombat 2 (WIP), Tower of Rubble (for 2021 Harmony Games) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20210416 Let's Play: Serpentine (7800), TBD LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20210420 Let's Play: TBD, Ninjish Guy in Low Res World (for 2021 Harmony Games) LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20210423 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20210424 Event: Special Unannounced Event #2 (TENTATIVE) 20210427 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20210430 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20210504 Let's Play: TBD, Edtris 2600 (The 2600 High Score Showdown S5) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20210507 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20210511 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20210514 Let's Play: Exclusive World Premiere of Champ Games Secret New Homebrew! -= SPRING BREAK =- 2021xxxx Let's Play: Dan Kitchen's Casey's Gold (Exclusive World Premiere) 202110xx Let's Play: Halloween Homebrew Special: Last Stand: Halloween (7800), Deadworx (Cakewalk Hack), Halloween III (Kaboom Hack), TBD 202112xx Holiday Homebrew Special: Christmas Salvo (7800), TBD 20220212 Event: 4th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards Presentation ARCHIVED STREAMS (YouTube): 20210402 Let's Play: Worm! (7800), Into the Void (7800 WIP), Dungeon Stalker (7800), Get Lost! (WIP | 7800) 20210330 Let's Play: MovieCart (Exclusive World Premiere), Doom 2600 (Exclusive WIP Premiere), Paint The City (WIP), Immunity (WIP), Robot Zed (WIP Update) 20210326 Let's Play: SpaceVenture (Exclusive WIP Premiere | 7800), Cosmic Cabbie (WIP | 7800), Wizard's Dungeon (WIP Update | 7800) 20210323 Let's Play: Ature, Dragon Hunt (WIP), Sisyphus, RobotWar: 2684 (Exclusive WIP Update) 20210319 Let's Play: DragonFly Cart Special: E.X.O. (Exclusive WIP Update | 7800) 20210316 Let's Play: Slide Boy in Maze Land (Final Updated Binary), Hunger Shark, Zeviouz (for 2021 Harmony Games) 20210312 Interview: Circus Convoy Exclusive Premiere w/ LIVE Interview with David Crane, Garry Kitchen & Dan Kitchen 20210309 Let's Play: Vroom! (Exclusive WIP Update), Local Hero II (Exclusive WIP Update), Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days (WIP Update | for 2021 Harmony Games) 20210305 Let's Play: Raindrops (WIP | 7800), Tubes (7800) T:ME Salvo (7800) 20210302 Let's Play: Mr. Yo-Yo (WIP Update), Bounce & Catch (WIP), 79 Pompeii, Allia Quest for The 2600 High Score Showdown S5 20210226 Let's Play: Arkanoid (WIP | 7800), Dragon's Havoc (WIP | 7800), Froggie (Retail | 7800) 20210223 Let's Play: Lady Bug Arcade (Exclusive WIP Update), Uncle Hairy's Nosehair (WIP), Chaser, Hellway (WIP) MORE ARCHIVED STREAMS (2018-2021) 2020 List of Completed & WIP Games: Atari 2600, Atari 8-Bit/5200, Atari 7800 Future Episodes & Games: HOMEBREW, IMAGIC & ACTIVISION PATCH CHALLENGES
  2. Just wanted to make a post in which I can share my channel with others. I cover a ton classic consoles, oddball items, as well as newer games. Come check it out! https://www.youtube.com/user/swlovinist
  3. Leader board Scores after round 1 Charles Wieland and James O are tied for 1st place at total of 18 points Charles: 10 for normal game (1st place)+ 8 for Bonus game(2nd place) : 18 points James 9 for normal game(2nd place) + 9 for bonus game (1st place): 18 points Arenafoot gets second place with total of 15 points 8 for normal game (3rd place) + 6 for bonus game(4th place) :15 points Dan I(me) gets third place with total of 12 points 7 for normal game (4th place) + 5 for bonus game(5th place) :12 points Tanya O gets 4th place with 7 points 7 for Bonus game (she might have played regular game but forgot to record the score,if we find it we will update) Leaderborad get updated after each round finishes
  4. Time to announce the first Bonus Game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Zeviouz by Chris Walton which won for Best Work in Progress-Port Here is the rules for this game: Play using two buttons only and on Expert Level We are using the current public ROM available which can be found here: zeviouz00_NTSC.bin As this is a Bonus Game for Harmony Games Scoring for bonus points start at 9pts for first place and ends with 1pt for 9th place and each place after ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page This Round starts on March 8th,2021 noon Central and ends on April 5th,2021 2:00pm Central Round 1 Bonus Scores: Name Score Rank Points @ZeroPage Homebrew (James O) 81,120 1st 9pts @cwieland (Charles Wieland) 21,330 2nd 8pts @ZeroPage Homebrew (Tanya O) 16,540 3rd 7pts @Arenafoot (Brian M) 8,760 4th 6pts @Dan Iacovelli (Dan I) 4,490 5th 5pts
  5. Time to announce the first Game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days by Vladimir Zuniga which won for Best Work in Progress- Original in the 3rd Annual Atari Awards(2020) Here are the rules for this Round: since there is no scoring system the last screen you get to before you lose you lives will be counted for ranks we are using the current public release of the game which can be found here knightguy_CastleDays_20210307.bin ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page Scoring: 10 points for first and 1 points for tenth place and for each after This round begins on 3/8/2021 at noon Central and Ends on 4/5/2021 at 2pm Central Round 1 Scores: Name Scores Rank Points @cwieland (Charles Wieland) Completed game on 3/9/9/21 at 9:40pm Central 1st 10 pts @ZeroPage Homebrew (James O) Completed game on 3/9/21 at 11:00pm Central 2nd 9 pts @Arenafoot (Brian M) Screen 10 3rd 8pts @Dan Iacovelli (Dan I) Screen 6 4th 7pts
  6. Bombs Away! (NTSC).bin Bombs Away! (PAL60).bin INSTRUCTIONS.pdf README.txt Bombs Away! Game Accessibility Info One-button play and restart. Easier play option (game variation 3). High-contrast. Colour-Blind accessible. Deaf accessible. Flashing off option. No time limit. 19/12/2017 Update: New versions (12-2017) have two minor bug fixes. Physical cartridge planned for 2018. Bombs Away! (NTSC) 12-2017.bin Bombs Away! (PAL) 12-2017.bin
  7. Time to announce the Second Bonus Game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Tower of Rubble by Dion Olsthoorn which won 2nd Place for Best Graphics -Port. **ZooKeeper by John Champeau / Champ Games won 1st place for Best Graphics -Port but it also won for Best Port so instead having you play the same game twice, we went with second place winner** Here are the rules since we are only using 1 player demo version which can be found here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/286275-tower-of-rubble-2600-dionoid/ just play until you loose you lives (I don't think there is end screen) Scoring for bonus points start at 9pts for first place and ends with 1pt for 9th place and each place after ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page This Round starts on April 8th ,2021 noon Central and ends on May 5th,2021 2:00pm Central
  8. Time to announce the second game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament Which is Ninjish Guy in Low Res World by Vladimir Zuniga which won for 2nd place Best Graphics Original in the 3rd Annual Atari Awards(2020). *Unholy by Vladimir Zuniga won for Best Graphics Original in the 3rd Annual Atari Awards(2020), but since the game does not have a scoring system we went with second place winner** Here are the rules for this Round: Play game as normal scores after 2nd screen will count if you finish the game we will give an 1point for each life you have left. we are using the current public release of the game which can be found here:https://atariage.com/forums/topic/291040-ninjish-guy-in-low-res-world/ (its first bin posted on the top Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page Point scoring: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 This Round starts on April 8th,2021 at noon Central and ends on May 4th,2021 at 2pm CT
  9. Hi Everyone: I previously posted in this thread, but it was suggested we break this out to its own thread for folks with similar hardware and issues to reference going forward. Back in April 2017 I purchased an NTSC composite-modded Woody 4-switch CX2600A from @Osgeld. It had been working great but was in storage for the past year unused (climate-controlled, dry finished basement in closed Rubbermaid storage container). I recently pulled it out after purchasing a Harmony cart for it, and when I hooked it back up it was not displaying color, only black and white. The black and white switch still works, as evidenced when playing Adventure and switching it I can see the grayscale changing. Here's a picture of the composite mod, which Osgeld mentioned in the previous thread: In the other thread, it was suggested I clean out and adjust the R213 pot which affects color. I used some electrical contact cleaner and adjusted it back and forth to free up any corrosion, but it did not fix the issue. I know it's getting voltage as I measured it, which I'll reference below. I also noted I can see some convergence going on when adjusting it either way, so it seems to be working as intended. The good folks in the previous thread asked me to take some voltage measurements of the areas of the board responsible for the color signal, which I've copied here: R213 - 6.22 R212 left side - 9.52 R212 right side - 6.23 TIA pins 9 and 20 - 5.02 TIA pin 10 - 4.66 I put in Asteroids, and yes voltage on pin 9 changed to 2.75. Turning the pot clockwise about a quarter turn increases voltage slightly to 2.82. Counter clockwise a half turn and it goes down to 1.81. For Pin 10, turning the pot clockwise about a quarter turn increases to 5.95. Counter clockwise a half turn and it goes down to 0.35. I was also asked to measure the voltage along the traces for multiple resistors. For orientation, please reference the picture below: ^ Top; v Bottom C210 "bottom" - 4.78 C210 "top" - 5.02 R210 "bottom" - 4.98 R210 "top" - 5.01 C211 "bottom" - 0.19 <- I wonder if this could be the problem? C211 "top" - 4.98 R222 "bottom" - 0.19 R222 "top" - 0.00 C215 "bottom" - 0.19 C215 "top" - 0.00 Upon close inspection, C211 doesn't look to be a stock resistor (maybe part of the mod performed?) and might suffer from a cold solder joint as referenced by a poster in the other thread: Or maybe those voltage readings are completely normal...I dunno. Here are some other pictures of the circuit board and mod for reference: The good folks @ChildOfCv, @DrVenkman, @fdr4prez and @-^CrossBow^- helped me get to where I am now, but I need some help to further diagnose this issue and identify a fix. Also, as I mentioned, this will be a good reference in the future for others with this mod setup. TIA!
  10. Looking for an NTSC copy of Double Dragon for the Atari 2600.
  11. Hello everyone I'm in the process of building a VCS based hardware clone from scratch and have a few queries; I am going to replace the 6507 with 6502 (to get full 64k addressing + hardware interrupts + phi 1 and phi2 clocks ) and adding 32k of extra ram like the super Atari project (site is down but thanks for the wayback machine http://bit.ly/2FHlAH7) But these "NEW" eBay 6502 cpus (http://ebay.to/2DzjYJC) should work, or are these new chips like 65c02 in that the silicon has been altered due to "modern manufacture reasons"? And what's the highest clock speed available on a 6502? Also can you place some asynchronous buffer sram [cy7c408 = 128byte sram fifo memory] (http://bit.ly/2HGAAlm) between the data lines on the tia and 6502/7, so that the when the TIA Is drawing the data is already in the buffer, and all the cpu needs to do is correctly send the corrects address locations relevant to data stored in the buffer? (i.e instead of cpu calculating the display every scan-line you simply write a few scan-lines of image data into the buffer before The TIA begins to draw, then just correctly address in the order of whats stored in the buffer and do program logic) Since the [cy7c408a] is dual ported with asynchronous R/W, means you can just clock the output data [DO0-DO7] bus with the 1.19MHz clock from the TIA, iirc the TIA doesn't tend to like bus speeds higher than 1.19MHz? Then this should allow one to overclock the 6502 with for simplicity of counting cycles a multiple of the [ntsc] color-burst [TIA] clock ( i.e being able to have 684 cpu cycles per scan-line {using a 6502 clocked @ 10.75MHz = ~3x the TIA clock } instead of just 76 cycles) in such cases also sacrificing [native 2600] compatibility for increased cpu speed and more time for crunching instructions. I would also assume having the TIA reading the buffer @ 1.19Mhz would present in situations a bottleneck as well (when "drawing" to the TIA)? Since you can write data faster to the buffer than its being read (if the CPU is overclocked)? Since it seems the cy7c408 operates similar to a giant shift register, once its written you have to wait until data to reach to the TIA before it you write new data?? Can you just fill the buffer with 128 bytes of scan-line/sound data for the TIA, then handle the TIA addressing, and just fill the buffer as its being emptied, and essentially have 128 bytes of "VRam" (well more like Video buffer)? Also Can NMI be used instead of RDY, so that when the tia begins a new frame, wsync simply have the TIA tell the 6502 to "Stop, Pause , Go and do Display routine and then come back here", instead of just halting the cpu? Aswell i have a few microchip and avr (atmega8515) mcu's laying around wanting to be used for something and with a both MCU's, it's instructions are pipelined so that it takes effectively 1 cycle to load and execute data or decode and execute an instruction, except iirc when changing the program counter which iirc takes 2 - 3 cycles, So you don't have wait states [i.e iirc if using a z80, thats takes 3+ cycles for most of its instructions which is why they have such high clocks]. Is it possible to use the atmega or 18f4550 as sort of display controller for the TIA having the MCU handle reads from the buffer instead, and handle writing the data to the TIA, and use the atmega8515 to emulate the RIOT? Is it possible to emulate the Riot but with 256 bytes of ram? iirc RIOT ram is in page 0 so is faster to access than the 32k of extra ram? Plus is it possible, using A12 and A15 with a 74hc138 and a logic gate or two as a way to partially decode address to swap between cartridge space and 32k ram, so one can simply keep some compatibility, simply if A12 is high and A15 low then cartridge ROM is accessed, and if A15 is high in any case 32k Ram is Accessed? just building it to just play 2600 games isn't really hard (it was done from 1977 to 1992 literally millions of times), and seems a little redundant to me, I just figured since you can build your own 2600 compatible hardware clone for less than $50 in parts shipped, why not beef it up for some shits and giggles like a dev kit, have 256k of rom space and 32k ram, 6502, if possible using an MCU or 2 as an "In Hardware display Kernel", as well as emulate the riot, And CO10444D. why you ask? Because i i'll have the only atari "super" VCS with full USB 2.0 support (upto 12Mbit/s if I do use the 18f4550 lol) and plus i can really push the hardware to the limit see what it can do with some actual "power" behind it
  12. hello everyone.. I'm looking for the hi-res artwork that was on the main console box. Does anyone know where I might find this... thanks! michael
  13. Hello Everyone, Firstly, thanks to whoever approved my registration so quickly 🙂 I have followed these forums for some months as I am newish to the 2600 scene and found a wealth of knowledge on things in general already. I didn't want to start necro-bumping threads from 2004 etc so figured it best to start a new one? Recently, I have been looking to get a woody (that is never going to sound right is it!?) and cosmetically I love the look of the Sears Video Arcade which from other topics I think I am not alone on this. So, as I am in the UK, I have grabbed one from the US for $10 and took the hit on postage since theres a bunch of accessories with it and it looks a good deal for that alone. My question is, I have seen a few threads of old on here were people have done similar and discussed hooking it up in PAL land but none have any actual update to say that it worked? I am aware some people have had no problems doing this though. I am hoping you guys can kindly help me with the following? - Is it true that the power adaptor off my PAL Junior will work on the Sears model without a hitch or do I need a step down convertor? Just I was told many years ago that a UK adaptor on a US Megadrive (Genesis) would work and lets just say that NO it didn't, and said Megadrive has never powered on to date! Don't want to make same mistake with the Sears. - TV signal. I have both CRTs and an LCD that my Junior runs on that (might?) support NTSC signal. What is the success rate with this as I don't really want to go down the MOD route if I can help it but not totally opposed to it. I have had some odd issues (no sound on x1 CRT but sound on LCD) with my Junior vs various TVs with no explanation, not sure why? - Cart compatibility, I always thought 2600 was region free but I have heard issues with colour signals are common between regions. I only have one US cart (Telegames Asteroids) and have had no display issues. But again I have had an odd issue with my Demons to Diamonds cart where it displays horrible colours on my CRT but normal on my LCD! Yes, the more modern TV displays correctly, the CRT doesn't! Not sure if this is my Junior just being picky with TVs or my TVs are picky with the Junior. I don't have this issue with my orher consoles. Anyway, sorry for long post. Help is much appreciated 😀
  14. I'm back! Tons more games for sale for many systems. I tried to make everything cheaper than you can BIN it on ebay, but if my prices are off feel free to let me know. Shipping is from 10016. Right now I'm only shipping within the US due to the complexities and uncertainties of shipping overseas during a pandemic. Check my old feedback and new feedback. ************************* **ATARI** ************************* Atari 2600 Pictures for 2600 & 7800 games: https://postimg.cc/gallery/506L48Q I also have some CX40s available for cheap. Frogs and Flies (w/manual): $4 Spider-Man (w/ manual): $9 Atari 7800 Sirius: $30 (pending) Plutos: $30 (pending) These two were made by CPUWIZ back in 2014. Adding a few bucks onto each for inflation. ************************* **COLECO** ************************* ColecoVision Pictures: https://postimg.cc/gallery/NtC9mFg Antarctic Adventure: $8 B.C.'s Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge: $10 Bump 'n' Jump (w/ manual): $23 Congo Bongo: $10 Frogger II: Threeedeep! (w/ manual): $12 Illusions (w/ manual and key): $24 Module Man (CIB, requires SGM): $35 ************************* **COMMODORE** ************************* Commodore 64 Picture 1: https://postimg.cc/8fMKym1x Picture 2: https://postimg.cc/5jCRNbwp Jumpman Junior: $7 ************************* **NINTENDO** ************************* Nintendo/Famicom Pictures: https://postimg.cc/gallery/vgsFmny (more pictures coming shortly) NES Advantage (CIB, some styrofoam stuck to the cords): 30 ************************* **SEGA** ************************* Master System Pictures: https://postimg.cc/gallery/7qYhCFL Bomber Raid (CIB): $14 Enduro Racer (CIB): $8 Global Defense (CIB): $5 Hang On/Astro Warrior (CIB): $8 Penguin Land (CIB): $9 Quartet (CB): $12 Thunder Blade (CIB): $7
  15. Hello all, I'm currently teaching myself how to program the 2600 using the 8bit workshop tutorials. Currently, I am wondering how to slow down player movement. Here is the code I am currently using for player movement. ; Read joystick movement and apply to object 0 MoveJoystick ; Move vertically ; (up and down are actually reversed since ypos starts at bottom) ldx YPos lda #%00100000 ;Up? bit SWCHA bne SkipMoveUp cpx #2 bcc SkipMoveUp dex SkipMoveUp lda #%00010000 ;Down? bit SWCHA bne SkipMoveDown cpx #183 bcs SkipMoveDown inx SkipMoveDown stx YPos ; Move horizontally ldx XPos lda #%01000000 ;Left? bit SWCHA bne SkipMoveLeft cpx #16 bcc SkipMoveLeft dex SkipMoveLeft lda #%10000000 ;Right? bit SWCHA bne SkipMoveRight cpx #153 bcs SkipMoveRight inx SkipMoveRight stx XPos rts Normally, I am used to coding for the NES and I would be able to just DEX and NOP until the player slowed down, wondering what I would do here in this instance. Thank you! And here is a link to my current test project, took me all day yesterday how to figure out the 'ground' bit of playfield 2600 Test
  16. Still factory sealed, new and complete in the box, Vidco Copy Cart, packed with 'Dishaster.' In the early 2000s, I bought a little dead stock for sale in a used record/head shop. It was boxed common games and a couple third party controllers however, there were also 2 new-in-the-box sealed Vidco Copy Carts! In 2003, I traded one of the Copy Carts to another forum member. I hung on to this one for another 15 years Because it was the cool point of interest in my collection. Almost pushed 'List It' on this as an ebay auction. Thanks for looking and any advice or serious offers you can make. *edit* couple more photos added to show the instructions on the back.
  17. After my experience with 2600 Midnight Magic and the response I decided to try a whack at porting a simpler but motion oriented game, Seaquest. I don't intend to make a career out of porting 2600 games -- for sanity reasons, if nothing else -- but this was a fun little game I remember that was good for quick runs growing up, and I figured I'd try a game that was a bit more sprite heavy. Again, this is a close-as-possible port of the original 2600 game, based on the original binary code. Porter's comments: Midnight Magic was a 16K banked game, but Seaquest is just 4K. No banking to rip out. This time the porting cost was +0.5KB. Joystick 1/2 for controls, Start for Game Reset, Select for Game Select (1 or 2 players), Option flips both left and right difficulty. B&W/Color hardwired to Color. Default is easy difficulty, switching to hard slows down the shots. Like many 2600 games, this was made for NTSC and it will play slower and with a bit funny colors on PAL. Sorry, but the game doesn't have fraction tables and PAL GTIA colors are significantly different, and I'm porting these games as-is. Adaptation is an exercise left for the reader. Decoding sprite positioning from a 2600 display kernel... sucks. I had to duplicate some data to emulate player reflection. As I expected, repeating sprites would be a pain. Seaquest displays up to five 8-bit player sprites on a scanline plus a missile, so a straightforward mapping to GTIA sprites wasn't an option. Since only one of the players was repeated I reimplemented the enemies on top of the playfield. There's also quite a lot of interesting code in the game to deal with the case of you shooting out one of a group, by recomputing a new horizontal position and switching the NUSIZ1 pattern to match the remaining enemies, which took me a while to figure out (I couldn't figure out at first why the sharks were jumping when shot on some waves). If someone wants to try putting this in ROM, there was one location that I used self-modifying code (because I was lazy). Dethreading the player sub and torpedo from the entire display kernel was annoying, but the huge pain in the butt was the divers. It turned out they were rendered using the ball, by moving and re-sizing it on every scanline. Once I figured this out I was able to rip out a ton of the display kernel and remap the divers to a regular GTIA player. The entire display is shifted a bit left than I would have expected. I didn't notice this until I put in the sea bed and started comparing the position of everything. I've kept the existing positions, but one side effect is that you can spot sprites popping in on the right side. Based on the 40-bit playfield, I think this is correct and was intentional to prevent sprites from wrapping around HBLANK on the TIA, but I don't have a real 2600 to verify (the right part of the screen is cut off in Stella). Unlike MM, Seaquest does use hardware sprite collisions. Fortunately, GTIA's collision capabilities are a superset of TIA's and this was easy to map. The TIA 5-bit div 6 sound is a problem here again, this time more apparent as it affects the player shots. I've mapped it the same way, but it doesn't have the nice metallic sound. I thought about trying high speed IRQ emulation, but bands of background gradients made this difficult. seaquest.zip
  18. This just to let you know the date of The 2021 Harmony Games will start on on March 8th,2021. based on the categories of the 2020 Atari Homebrew Awards its narrowed to 4 that we will be used for each Round: Original Games for normal scoring points (10pts for 1st place ends with 1pt for 10th place) Round 1: Best Work in Progress: Knight guy in low res world Round 2: Best Graphics: Nijishguy in low res world (Unholy did win but there is no scoring system on the game, so we went second place winner ) Round 3: Best Homebrew <4k Game: Cannonhead Clash (Dog Gone it did win but it also won best Original so again we went second place winner) Round 4: Best Original: Dog gone it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- with the addition of Port games to the Awards we added them as Bonus scoring taking the same time as the orignal games round, Scoring for bonus points start at 9pts for first place and ends with 1pt for 9th place Round 1 Bonus: Best work in Progress(Port): Zeivious Round 2 Bonus: Best Graphics: Tower of Rubble(Port) ( Zookeeper won but it also won best port, so again we went with second place winner) Round 3 Bonus: Best Homebrew (Port) <4k: Robot City Round 4 Bonus: Best Port: ZooKeeper Like before we will be using the latest build of each game if the programmer allows otherwise we will be using the same roms that was voted for. rules for the first round games will be posted after I play each game few times and read the instructions(if any) to see about difficulty settings as well. Good Luck!! ones games start the leaderboard will be reset. next year we might change things around for harmony games.
  19. Hi I have a problem with every game I on the Atari 2600 juniour, here are the pictures I can record a video too if needed. In most of the games those vertical lines are gust a graphical glitch, bun in early games like Adventure and Combat those lines are solid walls and your character can not pass threw them . I cleaned and checked all slot connections .
  20. From the album: Digital Illustrations

    No woodgrain for you!

    © 2021 DoctorSpuds

  21. I always had this kinda strange (or not) Frogger Atari 2600 cartridge with a drawing of two frogs on a pond. The game is effectively Frogger, I have been playing it on my Atari 7800, and the label style match up with other Zeller cartridges from Canada. But I got this cartridge from an unknown source, but I recognize it as one of those carts that were sold very cheap along with other bootleg carts. So my question is: Is this a Zeller's game that didn't made it, a rare variant, a common bootleg cart from Hong Kong or what?
  22. I’m new to this site, so I know this is a long shot. Anyone have Waterworld CIB? And would like to sell it? Can’t find it anywhere. I know it’s rare. Latest posts I saw were around like 2010 and people talking about them going for around $500 (CIB) that was back then though. So I’d imagine it’s more now? But for $500 i’d buy it instantly, my problem, isn’t $$$. My problem is, not finding it. Like the 2800 (cause I have seen posts on this site with people saying things like “I wouldn’t pay $500-$600 for a 2800 but that’s what they go for etc.) I’m just over here like, dude $$$$$$ isn’t the issue. The issue is you can’t find these items. Or people willing to depart/sell them. At least with me that’s been MY personal problem. Finding them. So anyone out there have either waterworld CIB or the 2800 CIB? Please just give me a price lol I have no idea where else to look. Thank you all!
  23. Carpenter

    Rally Racer

    Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you the new release from More Work games: Rally Racer I have made a post on "Buy, Sell and Trade" section (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/289764-rally-racer-new-release-from-more-work-games/). Please check there to see pricing and more details. The initial batch of 50 numbered copies is gone but you can still get the non-numbered series. Gameplay: Don't miss it! :-)
  24. Hi I have been reading some tutorials on 2600 programming and I am trying to make a simple tag game. Right now I'm trying to get it so the player can move vertically by implementing skip draw. Sometimes when I start the ROM there is no sprite on the screen but other times there is one that I can control but it doesn't look like the sprite I want. Here is what my scan loop looks like: This is my sprite data: This is how I'm making the pointer: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Hi AtariAgers, MC to all.... I am new here and been collect over 1170+ files total 9.95 mb. Directories Listing: 08/20/2020 12:51 AM <DIR> Flashback Series 12/25/2020 05:03 AM <DIR> Hacks (hidden directory called Black background hacks) 12/25/2020 05:46 AM <DIR> Homebrews 12/25/2020 05:18 AM <DIR> Non-Original Games 11/26/2020 03:35 AM <DIR> Original Games 08/30/2020 07:58 PM <DIR> Original Games With Menus 06/10/2020 01:16 AM <DIR> Previews 12/07/2020 02:40 PM <DIR> Prototypes 06/10/2020 01:16 AM <DIR> SECAM Video Games 12/12/2020 05:59 PM <DIR> WIPs I been lurking around here since 2011, never join here until now... hehehehe...
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