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Found 5 results

  1. I am going to start a YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxuqdYak8Q81EUkUeSDoUVg of my 2b2t experience. My plan is to kill myself so I start back at spawn, then work out from there. Hopefully passing along a few bits of wisdom for new players and a few laughs. I'm bringing home a headset from work tonight to see how that works out. QuickTime does a great job of recording the actual gameplay at 4K then converting it down to 720p for YouTube.
  2. My second base was semi successful. While the mine bottomed out into lava, it still yielded a few diamonds and other ores; but no emeralds (not that I've seen a village, where emeralds are used for trading). I also found an abandoned mine shaft, complete with a cave spider spawner. Unfortunately, it's difficult to create a automated grinder for cave spiders. I constructed a Nether portal, but discovered it linked to an existing portal so I didn't return to my base. I now better understand how portals are linked. Given the number of existing portals it may be difficult to use them in the way I do on the PS3. Once my spiral mine could no longer be extended without running into lava or obsidian, I packed all of my most valuable items and prepared to leave. The first thing I did was to build another emergency respawn point. I tweaked my layout to both reduce the amount of dirt required and avoid potentially not respawning adjacent to my bed. I decided to journey back to one of the primary axis and follow it back towards the spawn area. I was hoping I'd see more of the legendary ruins and constructs which I'd heard about if I was on the "beaten path". And I did see some, but not as many as I'd hoped. One unexpected item was the canal along the axis which blazed a path straight through hills and mountains. Building it obviously required a lot of time and effort, but some of its characteristics puzzled me like: why so deep, why line it with cobblestone rather than just leaving the existing blocks, and why bother storing the waste ores in chests and leave behind crafting tables? But it was there, so I used it to speed my journey. I did find a couple of interesting bases, including a tower made entirely of obsidian surrounded by fields of catus. Being obsidian made it difficult to walk up and down the enclosed open staircase in the evening twilight. Beneath the tower was an obsidian lake, so the creator may have mined it, but that would have required a large number of diamond picks. Maybe the creator cast it using lava, or used some kind of hack or cheat. I also passed a platform high in the sky with both a waterfall and several pillars reaching up to it. I didn't bother trying to get up to it, seldom have I found anything worth the trouble. (I did find one base with an Ender Chest, which I broke before I realized I wouldn't get the Eye of Ender necessary to recreate it.) But still I explored the occasional tower or structure along my journey. However, I avoided the various Nether Portals. Although they might have speeded my journey, they could just as easily send me far off course or kill me. But it wasn't Nether portal or other player which killed me (I did see one other player, who was busy clearing ice from the canal). Instead it was a tower and me moving around taking screen captures. The next thing I knew I was falling far enough to kill me. The good news is my respawn idea worked. I returned to the platform in the sky where wood and food waited for me. The bad news is lost all of the items I had collected and crafted. So I gathered the wood, broke the floor under the pond and floated down the waterfall to the ground below. I'd built the platform close to my second base, so I returned there to gather some of what I had left behind and think about my next plan.
  3. My first plan on my journey away from my book making base was to set up a fresh spawn point. So I column jumped up to cloud level and created a 7x7 small platform on which I put small pond, melons, wood blocks and my bed (which I slept in to reset my spawn point). The idea was if I died I would at least have enough food and wood to make a fresh start, and I could get down from the clouds by turning the pond into a waterfall. One item of interest I found on my journey was an Ocean Monument, complete with an Elder Guardian - a tough semi-boss who I had no interest in even attempting to defeat. I eventually found what I was looking for - an Extreme Hills biome; under which I should be able to find emeralds. So I carved out my second base, starting with a hidden entrance, a room for an enchanting table and bookcases, and a mine shaft.
  4. I ended up playing a lot of Minecraft on 2b2t over the long weekend. Once you get away from the chaos of the spawn area (and turn off the chat) the server becomes remarkably peaceful. Maybe I'm just travelling a different direction than most, but I've seen very few large builds; although there is still occasional evidence I'm not the first player to pass this way. Although while wandering though the wilderness may be far better than fending off other players, I decided I wanted to settle down, do some farming and some mining. But in order to that, I'd need to find a couple of cows - but mobs seemed to be in short supply. So I continued walking until I finally heard the moo of a cow. No, two cows! Three! And trees! A small pond even. I quickly constructed a simple underground base - hopefully hidden well enough from casual travellers. My herd of cows (needed for leather for books and bookcases for enchanting) slowly grew. I built a a farm around the pond which is producing a bumper crop of sugar cane (again for books) and melons (food for me) along with wheat (for breeding cows). And I dug the shaft down for my mine. I discovered several caverns and a dungeon (and died a couple of times - good thing I slept in my bed). Then I realized I could turn the dungeon spawner into a mob grinder (skeleton in this case). So I did some research, then did some experimentation in creative mode on the PS3. I built a simple drowning trap with a hopper & chest to catch what they drop. But if I stand near the hopper I can also hit them so I gain experience points and potentially additional drops. Easy bones and arrows. Unfortunately, the mineshaft bottomed out into a cluster of caverns and lava lakes. I did find some diamonds so I was able to craft a diamond pickaxe and mine some obsidian for the enchantment table and a pair of nether portals. My "vertically integrated book factory" was going like gangbusters and I'd soon have enough cows to make all of the leather I'd need for bookcases. But after some thought I decided it was time to hit the road again and find a place to build a more well hidden base and hopefully do some serious mining. But first I tried to clear out as much of the old mine as possible, making long and tall tunnels between the lava lakes - finding a few more diamonds in the process. Then the adult cows were slaughtered for leather and steak. Finally I packed up my bed and headed away from my first 2b2t base, proceeding along the axis - no longer directly away from spawn.
  5. I finally took the plunge and bought Minecraft for the PC (after playing many hours on the PS3). An article about 2B2T, an "anarchy" server with a world which is now five years old, intrigued me. The world is littered with stuff players have built up and others have torn down. The central spawn point is a wasteland of blocks floating far over bedrock. Simply not dying of falling or starvation when you start is difficult. And yet, in spite of it's reputation as a lawless environment, it's surprisingly peaceful once you escape the spawn zone. Even in the spawn zone there are oasis where wood and food can be found, left behind by good Samaritans. And none of the other players I've run across has attacked me, in spite of the NSFW chat. (Even the hostile mobs seem placid.) OTOH, any of the chests I have found are empty or only contain the most trivial items. Food is still scarce, although I've been lucky finding a few melon farms which haven't been razed. And in spite of walking close to 9km of game distance, I am still finding frequent evidence of previous players. A couple of notable items I've come across on my journey. First was I stepped through a Nether Portal with the intent of gathering some netherack. But when I stepped back through the portal I found myself in a completely different location, far underground. While some use the nether to more quickly move through the world, I think I will avoid it until I am better prepared. Second was the pair of Mooshroom cows in a normal forest biome. I don't know whether another player lured them there from their Mooshroom island home, or whether they spawned there due to some bug, but I appreciated them and milked them for their mushroom stew. I briefly considered trying to set up camp and farm them, but it was too close to the spawn zone to avoid the griefers who delight in destroying whatever they can find. A shout out to doctrzombie for his YouTube videos which have inspired my 2b2t journey.
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