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Found 10 results

  1. If anyone has an old manual for the PC app CADKEY version 3.0 (or even 2.x) and you decide to scan it into a PDF, please let me know! Thanks in advance: https://archive.org/stream/PC-Mag-1988-08-01#page/n145/mode/2up https://archive.org/stream/PC-Mag-1988-08-01#page/n133/mode/2up
  2. I'm calling this one done and at version 1.0! Unless someone finds a major bug. The spiritual sequel and final installment of the Wizard's series published by long-gone-but-not-forgotten Rainbow software, Wizard's Doom is a new 3D dungeon game written in TI Extended BASIC with assembly language assistance. Features include: Three different character classes to play Procedurally generated dungeons for infinite replay Two dozen different monsters with varying characteristics and abilities Six dozen different items to find including weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, rings, and much more Save and load game feature Full manual in PDF format I also have a very limited print run of paper copies of the manual! If you want to acquire one, I will be happy to ship one to you at the cost of postage. (About $3 for U.S. domestic) Please private message me if interested! Only while supplies last! Wizard's Doom 1.0.1: WizardsDoom.zip
  3. Hi... I just purchased an "Atari ST 520" off of ebay for the first time "Ever"; I never really owned one before so I am a first time of one of these machines. I was wondering has anyone ever programmed Mode 7 style graphics on the Atari ST? I've posted picture of a demo of mode 7 on a Sega Genesis and wonder if anyone ever tried to pull it off on the ST yet? It sounds like a neat little project for somebody.
  4. vdub_bobby

    Final Defense

    I DON'T THINK I've ever shared this unfinished project. FD20061003.bin The concept: You man an anti-aircraft turret located in the center of a besieged city. It is up to you to defend your city from enemy aircraft. Very loosely inspired by Fighter Pilot. Details/dreams: -would use a crosshair to aim. The crosshair would be free-moving, the screen would scroll when the crosshair reached the edge of the screen -use 24+ pixel width sprites for enemy aircraft -changing weather/visibility conditions -have a very robust 3D engine underneath it all, enemy fighters would approach from the horizon, pass over the city, bombing buildings that they passed over, and then fly back over the horizon. -city buildings stored in RAM so that you can see which buildings are still standing. When they're all gone: game over. Why I stopped working on it (besides usual reasons of lack of time, etc.): -I really, really, really wanted the city buildings to have a parallax effect. I could not figure out how to do it (with the playfield). Any brilliant insights on how to display (at least) three rows of parallax-scrolling cityscape that (a) doesn't constantly flicker and (b) spans at least 80% (128 pixels) of the width of the screen?
  5. All, Just wanted to share this link of someone at retrominute.com who made a 3D model of the Aquarius computer. Kind regards, Martin
  6. Hey guys wondering if anyone can make one of these... http://www.pelikonepeijoonit.net/files/vec/kevec3d.html I have been looking for a way to contact the guy who made them on this website and have come up empty >.>. It would be so awesome to be able to use my SMS Glasses for my vec! Cheers!
  7. Hello great people of Atari Age! I just made my first post in the Classic Gaming forum regarding some recent Vectrex purchases I've made. I received a number of PMs regarding some of the items in the lot, so I figured I'd post an official FS/FO thread here. Although I have no feedback on this forum, I have countless feedback on DP, NA, and Neo-Geo.com, as well as eBay. Beyond that, my brother mrmark0673 has been a member of these boards for years and can vouch for my legitimacy. Now, onto the good stuff! First up, is a boxed Vectrex 3D imager. I've been told that is missing some paperwork, so it is not 100% complete apparently. It was sold as "Unused" in a lot that contained numerous (verifiable) NOS items, and in looking at it that very well may be the case. If it was used in the past, it doesn't display any noticeable wear. I can take as many detailed pictures as you'd like once I get home. I don't have a firm price in mind, but I was hoping to field offers in the $800-$1,200 range. If I'm way off here, feel free to pm me and let me know. Other interesting item I will be taking offers on is this NOS Vectrex Dust Cover Due to the fact that the Dust Cover was a mail-order exclusive, I would have to think that very few exist in an unused state. This is the only new copy I know of. A used example just ended on eBay this week for over $130, so I would be looking to get well over that if possible. If not, I'll likely hold onto it for now. Feel free to send any questions, comments, or concerns my way via PM. Thanks!
  8. After countless work hours, 108 Stars and I are presenting the playable Luchstenstein 3D demo. The main goal for us was to see what we could do with the engine and then hopefully make plan for a full content game. Keys : A : shoot B : strafe Option 1 : open doors I would like to personally thank 108 Stars for his patience working with me painfully limiting his creative and artistic mind ! Luchs3d.zip
  9. We've seen some fantastic cases made for TI stuff like the FlashROM 99, NanoPEB, CF7, the 32K sideport expansion, heck even a speech synthesizer box. Down the line someone will probably want an enclosure for the new 32K sideport P-Box adapter, an HXC enclosure or possibly even a case for a new home built TI joystick. What would you guys like to see in a so-far unavailable object for the TI?
  10. Hi all, I've worked for a while on this personal challenge of making a true 3D engine for the 2600 that can turn into a game in 4KB using only the original HW, no ARM, etc. After many false starts, I believe I identified a good direction. However, I'm finding I need peer review and also cannot commit the required time to finish this engine alone. Instead of letting the bits rot on my HD, I'd like to develop the topic in the thread (and share the code). So that the project may come to fruition. I basically separated the problem of creating a 3D game into game logic and engine (nothing new here), the code contains engine only. I decided on a Portal-based 3D engine where each room on the map may be one or more convex zones with portals connecting them. The engine is further split into 2 parts: 1. Taking level data (ROM) and player position and performing Backface culling, Rotation, Translation, Clipping and finally Projection into RAM 2. Drawing up to 21 color-textured polygons on screen taken from RAM using the playfield (textures are 16x16 with 16 colors under limitations). Note that the display is rotated 90 degrees to allow the colorful textures. Note that 16 colors are allowed in the textures as the engine uses 8 shades to perform Gouraud shading. 63 bytes of RAM are used to store the 21 polygons, and this list is being refreshed every other frame (30Hz). The blanking time is fully used by the engine every other frame, and left alone for the game logic otherwise. Information about the level information, RAM storage format, etc. is in the source file. Most math is done using 8 bit fixed point (multiply and divide using fast tables, obviously). There's not much to see if you compile and run it. I need to squash a few bugs to get the basic single zone (simple convex room) to work. Clipping to frustum is not working yet. Entering and exiting Portals also not handled (I need to get a single room working properly first). I'm sure the coding Ninjas on the forum can drastically improve the code, allowing more room for the eventual game. If I see you're interested I could go much deeper to explain and work with you on the different parts. Enjoy! aMAZE4K.asm
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