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Found 30 results

  1. Well, here it is. Eleven years of collecting 3DO and 3DO-M2. These pictures represent about 97-98% of the collection. The only things I didn't include in the pictures are a couple of Konami M2 arcade units, a 3DO dev station and a handful of PAL titles. They are stuck in a storage locker and will have to be pulled out later. I collect for other systems, but 3DO and M2 are by far the systems that I am most passionate about. A lot of what is pictured below I found to be extremely difficult to locate. Some of the items took more than ten years of active searching. The pictures are more or less grouped together in categories to make searching a little easier. For larger images, just click on the respective smaller resolution picture. Anyway, I hope you can all enjoy the following trip back to the mid-1990's from the perspective of an often dismissed gaming system. Pictured below is a boxed Korean 3DO Goldstar Alive model 1: Pictured below are factory sealed / unopened systems: (Click on images) Pictured below are loose consoles without boxes: (Click on images) Pictured below are 3DO Robo's. There is also a link to a video of a Robo running: Pictured below is a complete in box 3DO Robo and a shot of the two different Robo's stacked together: (Click on images) Pictured below are 3DO Blaster's, one of which is running in an old 486 PC. There is also a link to a video of the running 3DO Blaster: Pictured below are shots of a 3DO Blaster running as well as shots of the hardware and interconnects: (Click on images) Pictured below is what a complete 3DO Blaster looks like followed by a collection of the required CD drives, 2 complete in box Japanese 3DO Blasters, and finally, a factory sealed 3DO Blaster: (Click on images) Pictured below are 3DO Testing Stations. These were used by developers to debug games and are therefore able to run unsigned code: (Click on images)
  2. Hey People, I have noticed that there is a video cartridge available for Japanese 3DO's that allows the user to play VCD's. Anyone ever attempted to set this up on a US model? What do I need? If I plug this sucker into the side of my NTSC 3DO will it be able to play VCDs? http://www.ebay.com/itm/JAPAN-NTSC-U-C-J-PANASONIC-REAL-3DO-FZ-FV1-FULL-MOTION-VIDEO-CD-ADAPTER-CIB-used-/221593125105?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3397fac0f1 Would it play the Phillips CD-i VCD's or are those proprietary to that system? Were there commercially released "general use" VCD's or would I have to burn my own? Thanks!
  3. Does know any good sources for my "Failed gaming systems" speech? I have to do a speech for my speech class that has: At least 1 book At least 3 articles No more than 2 websites as my sources
  4. In case anyone who in interested isn't tracking... The 3DS, (specifically the New 3DS) has recently gotten ports of Stella, Prosystem, Handy, O2EM, Virtual Jaguar, 4DO, and more via RetroArch/LibRetro. Emulation of these systems run full speed: 2600 7800 Lynx Vectrex Odyssey2 Game & Watch Near full speed: CPS3 Interesting, but not fast enough to be considered playable: 3DO Jaguar These are not yet part of the official build, but can be found in posts by MrHuu in the thread at gbatemp. He plans to make a separate thread at some point, but as of the time of this posting, the builds are posted at page 270 (Stella, Vectrex, & Prosystem), page 273 (Handy, O2EM, VirtualJaguar, & 4DO), page 275 (Game & Watch), and page 279 (CPS3). MrHuu also posted a playlist generator here. Also interesting is that on a New 3DS (not XL), the screen size when set to "integer" is exactly the same as the screen size on a real Lynx.
  5. Looking to trade for a 3DO Light Gun. I have a bunch of 3DO games as trade stock as well as a bunch of other stuff. If you have one (or two!) PM me and hopefully we can work something out! Thanks!
  6. Picked up a 3DO FZ-1 model the other weekend and am going to move it. Thought I'd try to post it here before eBay. Comes with the RF connector, sampler disc, Alone in the Dark (Disc Only), Alone in the Dark (Demo), Need for Speed (game + longbox), Way of the Warrior (game + Longbox), Samurai Shodown (Disc Only) and 2 controllers. Tested everything, works well. Discs have definately been used but seemd to play fine for me (heck, if you have a disc resurfacer or access to one you'd be golden). Can provide pics upon request. Feel free to ask any questions!
  7. Papa

    3DO cabinet

    From the album: Custom Arcade

    This cabinet houses a 3DO, Super Nintendo (region modded) with a Pro Fighter X disk system, a RetroPort (NES compatibility), and a RetroGen (Sega Genesis compatibility)!! It uses a 3DO to SNES controller adapter.

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway 2015

  8. CatPix

    3DO WTF?

    From the album: CatPixtures

  9. CatPix

    3DO back

    From the album: CatPixtures

  10. Specifically looking for a 3DO FZ-10 console only. I have power cable, vid cable and controllers. I have a broken one, and so I'd love to get a working one that I can swap parts and test with. Looking to spend $75-ish but negotiable. FOR TRADE: (bare consoles, if interested I can see if I have power supplies/controllers, all 100% tested/refurbished and work, pictures available) Sega Master System Model 1 w/ Hang On built in Sega Genesis Model 2 (I have 4 of these) Sega Genesis Model 1 (I have 3 of these) Nintendo NES front loader Sega CD Model 2 (can include burned backup games) Atari 2600 vader Sega Dreamcast Obviously, I don't want to trade ALL of these for a 3DO, but let me know and we can made a deal.
  11. There are no firm prices for anything, it's all offer based, I wanted to offer it here before I dumped them broken up on eBay. Bundles: Boxed NES (All Games are Boxed, Some are Complete) Boxed NBS Action Set (w/ original game, gun, and controllers) [some wear, see pictures) Seicross Michael Andretti's (World GP) Tetris The Hunt For Red October Fast Break Gold (Bandai) Rygar Star Voyager Super Mario 3 World Cup 1943 Dr. Chaos Gameboy Advance Package • Japanese Gameboy Advance (Complete) • Super Mario Advance Japanese Import (Complete) Unlicensed NES Package: Sunday Funday Raid 2020 Impossible Mission II Bible Adventures The Ultimate Stuntman Metal Fighter SNES Pirates: Pokemon Stadium (Boxed) Pokemon (Boxed) Digimon Supervision Package: • Super Vision (Complete) • Crystal Ball (Loose) • Tennis Pro 92 (Loose) • Magincross (Loose) Game Gear Package (All items are loose and packaged in the carry case unless otherwise noted, many games have manuals) • Game Gear • AC Adaptor (Official) • Battery Pack (Official) • Carrying Case (Offical) Games: • Sonic The Hedgebog 2 (x3) • RBI Baseball 94 • NBA Jame TE • WorldCup USA 94 • Super Columns • Super Columns (Boxed) • PGA Tour 96 • MicroMachines • Sonic Drift 2 • The Majors: Pro Baseball • NFL Quarterback Club 96 • NHL Hockey • Frank Thomas: Big Hurt • NFL 95 Neo Geo Pocket Color Package • Carbon Fiber Neo Geo Pocket Color (missing battery door) • AC Charger (SNK official) • Games: • metal Slug 1st Mission (Complete) • cool Boarders (Complete) • SNK vs. Capcom : Match of The Millennium (Complete) • Bust a Move Pocket (Complete) • Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 (Missing Manual) • Shanghai Mini (Loose) Consoles: • XBOX 360 w/ 20gb HD and iXTREME Firmware, not banned (rrod) Famiclones: • Gunboy (Damaged Box) • Gameplayer [PS1 Clone] (Complete) • New Century Joypad Player, 32 in 1 (Complete) Computer: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6450 1GB (Boxed) Games: NES: • 4 in 1 Quattro Adventure (Boxed) Genesis: • Vectorman (Sealed) • Zoop (Review Cart / Prototype) Genesis (Pirate): • Mortal Kombat 2 (Boxed) • The Incredible Hulk (Boxed) • Lion King 2 • Raiden Trad (Boxed) • Super 6 in 1 • Super Mario 2 1998 Megadrive: • Fatal Fury 2 (Boxed) SNES: • Super Noah’s Ark 3D (Loose) Super Famicom: • Final Fight Atari Lynx: • Pit-Fighter (Sealed) Gameboy Imports: • Bionic Commando –Japanese Import- [GB] (Loose) • Exodus : Journey to The Promised Land [GBC?] (Loose) • Kirbys Dream Land [GB] –CHINESE Import- (Loose)
  12. For the last few months, I supplemented my money from work with sales on ebay. Now this thread will show what I have left over. There are going to be more items added eventually, and I am going to make a text only list of complete in box music cds I have at the bottom for those who are interested in buying any of those cheap from me. I buy them cheap so I will sell them equally cheap when I am done with them. All games with pictures shown are available. Ask for prices of games that don't have a price shown yet if you want them. The items will be arranged from most expensive first to cheapest last so collectors who are really into it can see the rarest stuff first. If you buy enough stuff from me at once I won't charge for shipping. I'm having a hard time selling the complete in box Atari 2600 games on ebay as the demand is low for pre-NES stuff there. Haggle with those if you want them. Sega Nomad system only - $40 Sega Game Gear system only - $30 Mr. Nutz [sNES] - $30 Bust-A-Move (complete in box) [3DO] - $30 The Incredible Hulk (complete in box) [Game Gear] - $20 Tom & Jerry (complete in box) [Game Gear] - $15 Klax (complete in box) [TurboGrafx-16] - $12 Dodge 'Em (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $12 Freeway (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $12 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (complete in box) [Game Gear] - $10 Astroblast (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $10 Breakout (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $10 Red Alarm [Virtual Boy] - $10 Asteroids (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $9 Defender (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $8 Night Driver (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $8 Missile Command (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $8 Pole Position (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $8 Video Pinball (complete in box) [Atari 2600] - $7 Mario's Tennis [Virtual Boy] - $5 Keith Courage in Alpha Zones [TG-16] - $2 Games I have that need pictures and/or prices: Tetris (complete in box) [CD-i] - $15 Mutant Rampage: Bodyslam (complete in box) [CD-i] - $15 CIB CD-i movies: Star Trek VI Naked Gun 33 1/3 Guardian War (complete in box) [3DO] Xbox Console with composite cable 007: Agent Under Fire (complete in box) [Xbox] The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (complete in box) [Xbox] Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee (with MS employee store sticker) (complete in box) [Xbox] Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee (Platinum Hits) (complete in box) [Xbox] Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (complete in box) [Xbox] Shenmue II (complete in box) [Xbox] Madden NFL '07 [Xbox] Sega Genesis Model 1 console only Nintendo GameCube (black) console only Double Dragon (complete in box) [sega Master System] Dragon Spirit [TurboGrafx-16] Nintendo Power Magazines and guides shown in the pictures List of music cds I have available to sell. $2 each and complete in box unless noted. (anything with a different price than $2 is usually because I had to pay around that price to get them in the first place): 112: 112 112: Room 112 2 Unlimited: Get Ready 3LW: A Girl Can Mack Alicia Keys: The Diary of Alicia Keys [with bonus DVD] The All Time Greatest Movie Songs Allure: Allure Ashanti: Chapter II Babyface: The Day Bestie Boys: Check Your Head Beastie Boys: Ill Communication Beastie Boys: Hello Nasty Blaque: Blaque B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e: Faces of Death - $15 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: E. 1999 Eternal - $8 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: The Art of War [2 Discs] - $8 Brandy: Full Moon Celly Cel: The G Filez - $8 Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera City High: City High Craig David: Fill Me In [single] Craig David: Slicker Than Your Average Crazy Town: The Gift of Game Da Brat: Unrestricted Damizza Presents Where I Wanna Be - $8 De La Soul: 3 Feet High and Rising Destiny's Child: The Writing's On The Wall Destiny's Child: Survivor DJ Quik: Way 2 Fonky DMX: Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood Dru Hill: Dru Hill E-40: Federal [1995 remaster] - $8 East Coast Family Volume One - $5 Eminem: The Eminem Show Eve: Let There Be Eve - Ruff Ryders' First Lady Eve: Scorpion Fabolous: Street Dreams Fat Joe: Jealous Ones Still Envy Fat Joe: All or Nothing Foxy Brown: Ill Na Na Fugees: The Score Funkmaster Flex: Volume IV - The Mixtape Ginuwine: 100% Ginuwine Hi-Five: Hi-Five Ja Rule: Venni Vetti Vecci Ja Rule: Rule 3:36 Janet Jackson: Janet Janet Jackson: All for You Jay-Z: The Dynasty Roc La Familia Jennifer Lopez: On the 6 Jennifer Lopez: J.Lo Jennifer Lopez: This Is Me... Then Jermaine Dupri: Instructions [Clean Version] Jon B: Cool Relax Jurassic 5: Power In Numbers K-Ci & JoJo: X Keith Sweat: Keith Sweat Kelly Rowland: Simply Deep L-Burna aka Layzie Bone: Thug By Nature - $8 Len: You Can't Stop the Bum Rush Lil' Troy: Sittin' Fat Down South LL Cool J: 10 Ludacris: Back for the First Time [Clean Version] Mariah Carey: The Emancipation of Mimi Mariah Carey: E=MC^2 Mase: Harlem World MC Serch: Here It Comes [Promo Single] - $5 Method Man: Tical 2000 - Judgement Day Millennium Hip-Hop Party (missing booklet; skip doctored) - $1 Moulin Rouge! Soundtrack MTV The First 1000 Years: Hip-Hop Mya: Mya Nappy Roots: Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz Naughty by Nature: Naughty by Nature Naughty by Nature: Nineteen Naughty Nine - Nature's Fury [Clean Version] Nelly: Nellyville Nelly: Da Derrty Versions - The Reinvention [Clean Version] New Edition: Home Again Next: Rated Next Onyx: Bacdafucup OutKast: Stankonia [special Edition Bonus Track] [Clean Version] - $5 Pink: Can't Take Me Home P.M. Dawn: Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross - The Utopian Experience P.M. Dawn: The Bliss Album...? Public Enemy: Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black Puff Daddy & the Family: No Way Out Puff Daddy: Forever Quad City DJ's: Get on Up and Dance Queen Latifah: She's a Queen - A Collection of Hits Ray-J: Everything You Want Run-D.M.C.: Greatest Hits Salt-N-Pepa: Very Necessary Save the Last Dance Soundtrack Shade Sheist: Where I Wanna Be [single] Shaggy: Boombastic Shaggy: Hot Shot Sir Mix-A-Lot: Swass [skip doctored] Sir Mix-A-Lot: Seminar Sir Mix-A-Lot: Return of the Bumpasaurus Sisqo: Unleash the Dragon Snow: 12 Inches of Snow Stereo MC's: Connected St. Lunatics: Free City The Sugarhill Gang: The Best of Sugarhill Gang (missing booklet) SWV: Greatest Hits Technotronic: Pump Up the Jam - The Album Tevin Campbell: I'm Ready Timbaland & Magoo: Welcome to Our World Timbaland: Tim's Bio - Life From Da Bassment Timbaland & Magoo: Indecent Proposal TLC: Ooooooohhh... on the TLC Tip T-Mac & The P-Squad: T-Mac & The P-Squad - $20 [rare album; no scratches] Tyrese: Tyrese Will Smith: Big Willie Style More CDs will eventually be listed, like the rock music. This is less than half of my cd collection.
  13. I found a decent item for cheap at around 2004, a 3D Zero SNES controller adapter. At first it worked, for both a control pad as well as a fight stick. Then later I bought Pataank, and the 3D Zero didn’t work. It didn’t work with neither the SNES Pad nor fight stick. But the Goldstar 3DO controller and Panasonic fight stick work fine. Also I tested the daisy chaining abilities of the 3D Zero, it worked anywhere from Player 1/4 to Player 4/4. I know it can work with up to 8 people, but I don’t have 8 controllers. First of all, any 3D Zero owners notice an incompatibility with Pataank, or is it just mine? Second, can anyone name a 3DO game they have that doenst work with a 3D Zero? Finally, how do other SNES->3DO adapters work with their 3DO games, i especially what to hear about incompatible ones with 3D Zero, like Pataank?
  14. Hi all! I just got an used Panasonic FZ-1 3DO with a very strange noise. Sounds like a grinding noise when it reads the disc (also when you open and close the tray). I uploaded a video to youtube: http://youtu.be/sXzGFytUitA You can hear the noise at: 0:02 0:07 0:13 0:27 0:35 0:38 0:45 0:49 From 0:53 to 0:58 Actually, it reads the disks and I can play the games, but the noise is very annoying and it could mean that something inside is broken. What do you guys think? Thanks!
  15. Hi! I would like to buy a japanese 3DO in working condition. Please contact me if you want to sell! Best regards, Nick
  16. 3DO Games Gex $5 3DO Game Guru $10 Star Control II $15 Night Trap(2 Disks) $30 Twisted: The Game Show $5 Sega Master System games Great Golf $2 Pro Wrestling $2 Space Harrier 3-D $5 After Burner $2 Hang On/Safari Hunt $2 My Hero(card) $3 Shinobi $5 Super Wonder Boy in Super Wonder Land $5 Gensis Games: Lethal Enforcers $2 Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II $2 PGA Tour Golf $1 Sonic & Knuckles $5 Sonic 2 $3 Jurassic Park $3 Mortal Kombat I $3 Sonic Spinball $3 Sega CD Games: Microcosm: $3 Cobra Command $3 Sewer Shark $3 Mortal Kombat I $5 WWF Rage in the Cage $3 Wirehead $5 Jurassic Park $5 32X Games: Virtua Fighter $3 36 Great Holes Staring Fred Couples $2 Discounts available for multiple game purchases.
  17. CatPix

    3DO under

    From the album: CatPixtures

  18. Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 model including box. I also have 2 additional Capcom 'Street Fighter' model controllers. Games w/ boxes (from bottom left) Battle Chess, Escape from Monster Manor, Wing Commander III, Road Rash, Off Road Interceptor, Super Wing Commander, John Madden Football. All of these games have original boxes and manuals / inserts. Boxes range from good to worn condition. Games w/o boxes (from top left) Way of the Warrior demo disc, Guardian War, Station Invasion, Sample This demo CD & Street Fighter II Turbo. Would prefer to sell as a bundle, but individual offers & questions welcomed. Make offers via e-mail to [email protected] I am rated on eBay as scarlilt & have a good seller history on the PC Engine forums as ScarletFever. Thanks!
  19. Does anyone have a different way of collecting? a "sub-collection" or just something cool they like to get they're games with? a sort of non-standard collection? Me, I enjoy having the price tag on my games, as long as they have a high price on them. I also enjoy having games in rental cases... I find that very odd. but its cool. :thumbsup:
  20. The 3DO was released in fall 1993 for $600-700, IIRC. The Saturn was released in spring 1995 for $399, IIRC. The PlayStation was released in fall 1995 for $299, IIRC. (Please correct me on any of the numbers if I'm wrong.) My question is: Does anyone remember what the 3DO price had dropped to by spring and fall 1995? (Also, what was it at Christmas 1994?) Did it go below the Saturn and PlayStation prices as these systems were released?
  21. HI everyone first post here and excited to find this community. Recently(now that my son has moved out, and daughter is headed to college) I decided to get back everything I had to sell off over the years (video game collections) to make ends meet, and expand. Needless to say I have gone a bit overboard and even have been picking up broken consoles too to fix and trade or sell to get more for my collection. I love fixing them, it's like rescuing something that would have been doomed for no good reason, especially the simple ones!! I have tons of tools and intermediate electronics experience (I have my own metcal soldering station and reflow air blower, desoldering gun etc etc etc) Yesterday I came across a Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 at an estate sale. This estate sale was unlike no other I have been to in the area as the person was a Arcade / coin op machine repairman. On top of the 3DO I saw 2 things, first the $15 price tag (and there was 25% off that day too!!!) and a sticker indicating a new brush-less motor had been installed. Sadly they couldn't find the controller for it. I get the 3DO home, plug it in grab an audio CD since I didn't have any games handy, hook in to my tube TV and it powers on! As I look at the 3DO logo I thought AWESOME! I eject the tray, pop in the CD, the access light flashes brightly a few times, the screen goes black, 3DO logo appears again, screen goes black, 3DO Logo and the access light goes off.... nothing. I eject the disc out, unplug the machine and open the system up to take a look. This system is incredibly clean...I take the shield cover off the optical drive, plug it all back in and power it on. I can see the laser assembly move around a bit back and forth and bob up and down and can even see the red laser. I eject the tray pop the music CD back in and hope for the best. The CD spins the laser sled moves around, the laser moves around again as the CD spins up faster, then the CD slows a tiny bit bot nothing happens on screen. I'm left staring at the 3DO logo and nothing else. I go back to my desktop and start to do some research. I read that when no disc is inserted the 3DO should show the 3DO logo when powered on then after a bit either show an insert disc screen or a screen saver consisting of asteroids. I get none of this either with a disc in or out, the empty CD Tray in or out, even after an hour of sitting there I assume you do not have to have a controller plugged in for any of this to happen.... is my assumption correct? So I need the advice and help of the repair GURUs, should I go ahead and re-cap the whole thing? I do not see any obvious signs of caps bulging or leaking but I know that can be tricky sometimes as they may not look bad but end up being bad anyway. I'm leaning more toward the board since I am not getting pas the BIOS screen and the CD does spin and the laser assembly moves. Should I reflow solder joints just to make sure of good contact? Peeking around the internet I haven't found anyone with any issues like mine as most everyone says the get the insert disc or asteroid screens. even a few have said they get the no controller screen. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for any assistance!
  22. Let me know what you've got! I already have Star Control 2, Crash & Burn, Madden, Shockwave 2, Out of this World, The Incredible Machine, and a few others. Biggest wants right now are Road Rash and The Need for Speed, but I'm interested in just about anything. Thanks!
  23. I have a Panasonic M2 FZ-35S (VERY RARE) that was used as a kiosk at a local auto dealership. It is in Like New condition and everything is tested and working. It has the same underlying hardware as the 3DO M2 game systems that were never manufactured. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeLGfeDHIYohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivogNG9jazk There were two games uploaded years later (never officially released) and I have both burnt to disc. One is a racing game and the other is a shmup. In theory, the M2 arcade titles would work if the bios could be modified, bootloader, etc. I have one of the arcade games but it doesn’t work on the stock unit. The system includes the power cable and uses standard VGA, s-video, composite cables. There’s a switch on the back to select your preferred video mode. I do not have a controller, but a standard 3DO controller has been verified as working. I removed the expansion plate (upper right rear) to see what was behind it. It turns out there was nothing there. For some reason I didn’t put it back on!? But I know I have it somewhere and will either ship it with the unit or drop it in an envelope and mail it separate if I can find it. I know I wouldn’t have thrown it out, but I just can’t seem to find it at the moment. It totally bugs me too! I’ll probably kick myself later for parting with this, but I’m trying to build out my collection and looking for systems that have more games, as I also like to play games and not just collect them. PLEASE NOTE: This system only has a couple games and MAY NEVER have anymore. It’s more geared toward the hardcore collector who must have every system. I’m willing to trade for any two of the systems below. They must be in very good condition, completely working and come with all the necessary controllers, cables, etc. Atari Jaguar + CD Neo Geo CD TurboDuo Please feel free to contact me with any questions, thanks.
  24. There were so many other games from back in the day that would have been better candidates to trigger a rating system. It kind of baffles me that this one started the rating system. How bad do you think this game is in comparison to the others at the time?
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