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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, The original shell for my Ultimate Cart was a hacked Atari grey cart shell, which I spray painted blue. Unfortunately the paint has rubbed off a bit, and its now looking rather tatty. So, now that I've got a 3d printer of my very own, I decided to design a shell for the Ultimate Cart. Like the rest of the project, this shell is open-source. I've uploaded both the STL files and the design files (OpenSCAD) to the github site: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart/ The shell should fit any PCBs produced using the board files on github. This should be most of the boards out there, with the exception of the redesign by Panos that he used for his later runs (but I think these came with nice shells anyway). If you're not sure, compare your board to the pictures on github - if the connectors and screw holes are in the same places, it should fit. The cart has been tested for fit in my 65XE, and 800XL. Flashjazzcat has been kind enough to test it for me in a XEGS, 800 and 1200XL, and reports it fits well. If you don't have access to a 3d printer, I'm happy to make a few of these for others. This would be using the same printer and filament colours (bronze & red) as the pictures above. The price would be £22 + P&P (£1 to UK, £3 elsewhere). Send me a PM if interested. Robin
  2. Wondered if anyone has a copy of 3D Galax by Gremlin Graphics that they possibly would consider parting with? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm new here and am happy to release my "3d" tennis. If you find any glitches let me know. Atari_tenis.bin
  4. Thanks to a cart donation by flip, I've been working on a 3d printed replacement shell for the RCA Studio II cartridges. Fortunately the cart is a simple design suitable for my limited skills Here is what the first prototype looks like: I don't have an idea on cost yet (shipping from Canada will be a killer but maybe I can send a batch to someone in the US and they can distribute, same with Europe...we'll build that bridge later) For now, I'd like to get a rough idea of how many I'd have to produce initially. I'd expect to do some on demand later but for now I'd do a big batch. Colors: Red Green Natural (kind of an off-white) Blue Black Glow-in-the-dark Please post here how many you would want of each color, I'll keep a running tally.
  5. Just in case you have not seen already the 3D homebrew game Hyper Fighting for the Nintendo Virtual Boy: http://youtu.be/nW8lPCNEFGc
  6. Hi, I recently got Super Burnout and was wondering a few things about the strategies needed to win at it. First, for some reason I cannot get better than 6th or so in the america track, no matter which bike I choose (not counting cheats). I haven't found any of the other courses to be as challenging, with the drones seeming much weaker on the others. What's the secret here? Did they really start off the championship with the hardest course or am I missing something? Second, does taking the inside of a turn actually shorten the distance through the curve that you have to traverse (like in real life), or are you just less likely to slide off? The manual hints that taking the inside might actually shorten the curve, which would be a first for a pseudo-3d back view game like this (afaik) I found a good guide here.. any good strategies I should know that aren't mentioned there? http://www.gamefaqs.com/jaguar/586905-super-burnout/faqs/55195 (and, full disclosure, I'm only scoring a D in the championship so far haha. Guess I have a long way to go) Thanks all
  7. There haven't been many attempts at a mapped 3d engine/game for the Atari, and I wish to change that with an in-development project I call VePseu, the Very Pseudo 3d engine It works by going through the map and gathering a list of walls to draw, which are then rendered onto the screen. It (should be) very predictable and fast, but also limited (the max. viewing distance is 4 walls away). DASM has been marinating in my brain for about a year now, and I think I am finally prepared to take on a fully featured Atari 2600 program. It's fairly simple, and I hope it isn't absolute crap so you guys can use it. The GitHub page can be accessed here. UP to go forward, DOWN do go backward, LEFT to turn left, RIGHT to turn right Looking for ideas to make in the engine. I'm currently thinking of a zombie shooter and a Wolfenstein 3d "port", any other suggestions would be appreciated The demo for VePseu III.I.MMXIIX Rev. 0 can be downloaded here: vepseu.bin
  8. Howdy! Today, I'm here to inform you that I'm creating "Nintendo Power FX" for the SNES. It uses the Super FX Chip 2 to manage detailed 3D polygons at an outstanding framerate! Play as Mario, Luigi, Samus, Megaman, Link, Donkey Kong, Diddy, and Yoshi as you rush through iconic levels from games. There is a battery save system. Levels include World 1-1, Yoshi's Island 1, Cutman, Jungle Hijinks, and many more! This project will take lots of time, as there has been no attempt (as far as I know) to make a 3D platformer using the Super FX chip. I will keep you peeps updated.
  9. Yay, my new TIPI case arrived in the mail today! I'll be putting this bad-boy together this weekend. Thank you Thomas, it looks GREAT! When I bought my TIPI and 32k board, I screwed up and bought a "shorty" thinking it was "shorty" because it's a small short board. Not that the connector was too short to support any upcoming cases. So, Thomas also took care of me by sending a board with all components except the chips (at a great price). A simple chip-swap and I'll be able to use the new Case! Here's a pic. of that board...
  10. Planetvb is hosting a Virtual Boy coding competition. The compo will run from Sept 1st until Dec 31st 2013. The winner will get their project released on 20 physical cartridges, complete-in-box. The VB has been extremely well documented. You can find everything you want to know about the hardware over at planetvb. There also exists code examples, tutorials, documentation, a coding environment, and more. Developers can use emulation to work on their projects. I am sure planetvb members would be happy to test on actual hardware using their Flash Boy linkers. The Virtual Boy is a really fun system to use and has a lot of potential. All it needs are some creative coders to release some new games and applications for the system. For more info: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=373 *News borrowed from the Neo Flash off-topic forum and posted here by permission.
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