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Found 23 results

  1. Well I figured this is probably the best place to ask. I got an atari 600xl a year and a bit ago, didn't come with a power supply and didn't get one till about 6 months ago. I got some cart games and software to play around with and when I was messing with the self-test, the RAM test kept going for a long time, up to 48 blocks of RAM were tested. Concerned that there was a bad RAM chip, I opened up the machine and discovered a massive Applied Engineering RAM daughter card installed over where the stock RAM would've been. I thought Applied Engineering only produced upgrades for the Apple II, Mac and Amiga machines? I looked up the data sheet for the RAM chip type on the board, and it turns out there's a bunch of 4K chips that add up to 64K total. Can someone shed some light and tell me what the hell have I got? An apple II upgrade that was modified for a 600XL, or an actual AE stock product sold for the 600XL? Will post pics later when I crack the machine open again.
  2. I saw a 800XL in my local game shop, but it was over $100. I don't know how much they're worth, but that seems a bit much. So, I've become intrigued by the A8 line recently and wouldn't mind having one. My preference would be a 600XL or 800XL as they have a smaller footprint and look nice. It doesn't matter which one you have if you just want to play games, right? The 16k in the 600 isn't a limiting factor? I would want one with a power supply and some way to hook it up to a TV. I honestly don't know how they connect, do they have AV cables or RF or a switchbox? Disc or tape drives aren't necessary ATM. Right now I'd just want to screw around with carts. I also do not need any joysticks. If anyone can help me out, shoot me a pm. Thanks!
  3. I've been having a weird SIO problem that I'm hoping someone might have some insight into. The symptom of the problem is this. The Atari will attempt to read a sector (or some other SIO operation). There is about a 70% chance that it will succeed, but the other 30% it will sit for the timeout period (a few seconds) and then retry the sector read. I've seen a sector fail to read 3-4 times in a row before it succeeds and then a bunch will succeed in a row. The aspeqt log looks like this: [Disk 1] Get status. [Disk 1] Read sector 1 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 2 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 3 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 4 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 5 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 6 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 7 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 8 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 9 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 10 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 11 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 12 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 13 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 14 (128 bytes). <-- this is the failed command [Disk 1] Read sector 14 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 15 (128 bytes). ...etc... So aspeqt isn't noticing a problem; rather the system just isn't seeing the sector come in for some reason. Here's the history of the problem. It all started when I dropped in a PAL ANTIC for playing some PAL games. At the time I figured the occasional glitch might be due to timing differences so I didn't think anything of it. After a few weeks of not using my system, I received and installed one of mega-hz's stereo boards (in the process I moved my OS ROM IC to the BASIC spot and removed BASIC, because in a 600XL the board doesn't quite fit). I booted up and everything seemed to work great on the first try, *except* that this SIO problem was still there and in fact was quite a bit worse than it was before! Figuring I had banjaxed something (SIO = POKEY = seems like it might have been related to the stereo board install), I tried reverting the upgrade and there was no change - the SIO problem was definitely still there. I swapped my ANTIC out for the original NTSC one again hoping that this would resolve the issue but it did not. I checked and rechecked the board for broken traces along every path I could find, even tried different POKEYs to no avail. Then I made a quite interesting discovery. If I boot in Aspeqt using the "boot XEX" feature, it consistently works fine (after it loads the initial few sectors containing the boot loader). This is interesting to me because the OS loads sectors at 19200 bps, but the Aspeqt XEX booter uses 57600 bps (I believe) to transmit the XEX data. So maybe the problem is actually in the OS ROM somehow, though I don't see how since it passes self-test which I think does a checksum test. My other thought is that maybe IRQs are not being handled right somehow since (I think) the OS SIO routine is IRQ-driven, whereas high-speed boot loaders aren't? Anyone have any thoughts about what I should try next? I was thinking about writing a test program pair for the atari and linux which transmits a data stream and checks for problems, and maybe just swapping ICs (SALLY gets a little warm but I think that's her normal behavior).
  4. I've always wondered about this, and more specifically, if anything can be done to improve it. Lots of devices use RF output and they look great. Case in point from about the same time period is the Nintendo game machines. RF was great (IMO, at least). Has anyone ever experimented with improving the RF? Anyone ever see a mod directed specifically at the RF. Seems like it might be useful, especially for the 600XL (even though there are monitor mods.) -Larry
  5. From the album: My Game Collection

    My Atari 600XL.
  6. From the album: My Game Collection

    the box my Atari 600Xl computer came in (I know, wrong box)
  7. Sorry for the double post. I added another TAG, and the thread got posted. (???) -Larry
  8. After a string of lucky "Untested/As-Is" 8-bit hardware purchases where things just worked, my luck ran out with a recently acquired 600XL (the last of the common 8-bit Atari computers missing from my collection). I never knew that the 600XL was smaller than the 800XL both behind and in front of the keyboard. Here it is next to the first Atari my family ever owned (purchased in 1984): I plugged in the 600XL, tuned my TV to channel 3, turned on the computer, and...got a noisy black screen. After disassembling everything (the 600XL seems to be built a little more solidly than my 800XL, with interlocking top and bottom RF shields), I reconnected the power, turned it on, and looked for hot chips. Finding none, I then started removing and reseating the socketed (whew!) ICs. GTIA, nothing. ANTIC...aha! We're in business! Of course, the picture is pretty terrible. I'm guessing that replacing the RF shielding will help somewhat, but I have two questions: Should I remove and reseat the rest of the ICs (or just some of them?) Should I use some kind of cleaner on the chip pins and the sockets? Atari computers with soldered ICs may be a pain to repair, but at least they don't suffer from the dreaded socket corrosion affliction (I have 3 socketed 2600s, none of which works—the only one I've had a chance to work on improved when I reseated the ICs). stock.mov ANTIC.mov
  9. Hi, I´ve a PAL 600XL for repair and was surprised about the fact, that only GTIA, ANTIC and CPU were in sockets - all other parts are directly soldered in! Until today I never have had an Atari 600XL seen with a mainboard, where NOT all chips are in sockets. Not dependent if it was a PAL or NTSC 600XL mainboard. I´ve made some pictures... (Both DRAMs, both 74LS158, the 74LS375 and 74LS32 were desoldered and sockets placed in by the owner - originally these chips were also directly soldered in) Also not common: Basic "C" - I never found a Basic-C version in an Atari 600XL. Datecode "1284" is very late for 600XL...? Also I never saw such "rubberfoam" at the PBI´s connector (bottom, solder side). Any comments? BR Jurgen
  10. P1r

    IMG 1224

    From the album: 600 XL

    Swedish Atari 600 XL, closeup of keyboard mapping.
  11. Just what it says on the tin, folks. I've got a pretty sweet, never-used 600XL sitting in a box begging to be modded. I know it's a simple mod in terms of the actual work required on the machine - just wondering what types of DRAMs I need to track down. Thanks for any pointers in the right direction.
  12. I have a variety of Atari 8-Bit Computer items up for sale: eBay Items For Sale More items going up shortly including: • 400 Computer System (16K) • 800XL Computer System with 6 Game Cartridges • 2 x Trak-Ball Controllers Make me an offer. Thanks for looking.
  13. Hi all, I need to start reducing the amount of systems I own and I also need the money at the moment. I recently restored one of my PAL 600XLs and did the 64Kb mod. It's fully working, in clean and white condition. I've applied a new case badge and the console keys and trim have been re-anodized. I've polished out the cartridge flaps to a chrome finish. The power supply is one of the good types CO70045-01, it's in perfect condition and I've put a new black UK plug on it with a 5Amp fuse. I'm looking for £119 + shipping. Send a PM if interested please. Thanks, Tezz.
  14. I just opened my 600XL to install Antonia 4MB. AFAIK there is no other mod on the MB (a capacitor and a resistor are soldered to one pin of the UHF modulator). The Motherboard has a "Rev. A" stamped next to the joystick connectors and says CO 61677 7/1983 Rev X9B on the bottom). Do I have to attach EXTSEL if I want to use an Ultimate Cart with that machine? I want to use SIDE2? or is this only required if I use the old firmware (no Idea which one I have). I also read something about taking out the delay lines (CO60472) and shorting two pins of the socket. Is this required, optional, required in certain cases only? Thanks for your help! While the machine is open, is there anything else of use that can be modified to improve operation? The SIO2SD page mentions adding a resistor and removing capacitors from DATAIN/DATAOUT but doesn't name where they're located on a 600XL. (I do have a Rev. B UAV here but will try the stock video before deciding on an upgrade.)
  15. P1r

    IMG 1223

    From the album: 600 XL

    Swedish Atari 600 XL with 1064 extra RAM.
  16. How many mods has someone actually squeezed into a 600XL? I love the small size, but realistically I know there is limited real estate inside. It would be great to have everything: U1MB, VBXE, stereo pokey board, u-switch, TK-II or AKI, Rapidus, and I'd have to do the 64k and a/v mods. Is it doable or do I need to play it safe with a larger model?
  17. Album: "aTTraction" by Yerzmyey. Released in March 2016. Chiptune/micromusic songs as well as MOD-like/digital and MIDI music from classic ATARI computers (Falcon 030, Atari TT, Atari ST/MIDI and Atari 600XL). DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/attraction/yerzmyey-attraction2016.zip Tracklist: 01. Yerzmyey - aTTraction (ATARI TT) 02. Yerzmyey - Globular Cluster (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32) 03. Yerzmyey - Amai (ATARI FALCON 030) 04. Yerzmyey - Time Machine II (ATARI TT) 05. Yerzmyey - Inside a game (ATARI FALCON 030) 06. Yerzmyey - uTTerly unseTTling transmiTTal (ATARI TT) 07. Yerzmyey - Purple Galaxy (ATARI FALCON 030) 08. Yerzmyey - Bizarre creature (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32) 09. Yerzmyey & Tfardy - Brutal attack (ATARI FALCON 030) 10. Yerzmyey - The missing piece (ATARI 600XL) / Bonus Track Total Time: 34:59 min. The idea behind this album was to collect all my songs made with 32-bit ATARI computers: Falcon 030 and Atari TT. Finally I decided to add also two songs made with the 16-bit machine - Atari 520ST - but those have been made in MIDI technique, using also the classic module - Roland MT32. All the songs have been recorded from real machines, the sound hasn't been changed. As the bonus track I added a song created with 8-bit computer - Atari 600XL - with heavy postproduction setup: track-by-track recording / filters / phasers / choruses / flangers / delays / echoes / reverbs / equalizers / compressors / limiters. Guitars on the 9th track "Brutal attack" by Tfardy. ATARI soft&hard used: Atari Falcon 030 (with 14Mb of RAM) - Digital Home Studio Atari TT (with 4Mb of RAM) - Hex Tracker Atari 520ST (with 4Mb of RAM) - Cubase Atari 600XL (with 256Kb or RAM) - Chaos Music Composer - NeoTracker. Related WWW sites: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/ https://www.facebook.com/yerzmyey/ https://soundcloud.com/yerzmyey https://www.youtube.com/user/yerzmyey The cover-art has been made by Jokov. http://jokov.deviantart.com/ © by Yerz, March 2016
  18. I now have two Atari computers. The 600XL that I was trying to get th3 keyboard working on and then I quit working altogether. I tried buying another off eBay. It was advertised as a 600XL, but turns out to be an 800XL. That would be great if it worked. The weird thing is that they both display the same symptoms. With one power supply, I get colors flashing across the screen and a hum from the sound. Using th3 other power supply, I get top half of screen black and the bottom very snowy, mostly white. I have a multimeter and a logic probe. I figure the first step is to check power supply voltages. Then what next? Is the test cartridge sold by Best Electronics any good?
  19. Hi all, I've been looking for this information all day yesterday, but could not find a specific answer to my question... I have a stock 600XL (16Kb of memory) and I wanted to test my SIO2SD on it yesterday, but could never get to the screen to select the game or software I wanted to launch. I was thinkng I did sometime wrong and the SIO2SD was not properly configured. But I tested it on my 800XL, and it worked right away. So the questions I have are the following: 1) I guess it is because it does not have enough memory and BASIC is going over/before the SIO2SD software can load. Does this make sense? 2) is there a way to tell it not to load BASIC and load the SIO2SD software first? 3) I read that 16Kb of memory may not be enough for most games, ­is the only solution to use a 600XL is to upgrade it to 64 Kb? Thank you all
  20. I am consolidating to a 600XL as my primary games machine. It is already upgraded to 64k and I'll be installing a UAV Rev D for graphics. I have a SDrive Nuxx as my primary image source. I am considering adding an Antonia 4MB, Ultimate 1MB, or APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1. Primary motivation is faster game loads. I have an APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1 in my 1200XL and like it but really only ever use the Warp+ OS. Still, I am leaning towards another since I am familiar with it and it is a little cheaper than the other two. I also like that it is all pre-loaded so I don't have to hunt down OS's and learn to flash them. Additional memory of the first two is nice, but not really a driving factor. I'm not really into demos plus I do have a RAM 320XL if needed. What would give me the fastest game loads? Any compelling advantages (based on the above) that I may not have considered? Is it possible to just get a ROM chip with a faster loading OS? Warp+ or equivalent on a ROM chip would pretty much be all I need. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
  21. Hi all, I've got a problem with a 600XL and I'm not sure how to solve it. When the machine is started up it immediately goes into the memory test and the 2nd ROM test is red as shown in the screen shot. Here's the things I've done: Swap GTIA with 800XL and chip works fine. Swap ANTIC and things work. Swap Pokey and things work. Swap Sally and things work fine. Swap PIA and things work fine. Swap BASIC ROM and things work fine. Swapped OS ROM and the 800XL had a black screen. Performed the composite mod from Best Electronics. Ordered new CO61598B from Best Electronics. The new CO61598B is giving the memory test failure. I did the composite mod to the 5-pin din and after the mod was done it booted to the Ready screen once, then the memory test failure each time after that. I've tried the new CO61598B in the 800XL and it does the same thing. I haven't tried the CO61598B from the 800XL in the 600XL because I'm afraid that something in the 600XL is blowing out the chip. Is there anything I can check to make sure that there isn't something in the 600XL causing the problem with the OS ROM? Thanks for your help, I appreciate you reading through this long post.
  22. I've seen some topics on upgrading the RAM in a 600XL, and by that, I'm assuming it turns the computer into an 800XL. Since I am using my 600XL for gaming, is there any point in doing so? Will games run faster / better on an 800XL than they would on a 600XL?
  23. Finally I "finished" my 600XL..... Finished is always a "big" word....as it probably never is, but it is what I wanted it to be right now I was happy to finally find a 600XL with the "correct" keyboard a few years ago. It was also in like-new condition....not a scratch... I did do some light retrobrighting which made it look like brand new. Now here is the inside. Removed the RF modulator of course. Installed: - Sophia (RGB) - AntiX Prototype - U1MB - Stereo Pokey controlled by U1MB I have to thank Jon for the idea of using changing and using the BASIC socket for U1MB, and also for using a DIN connector for the video and stereo audio out. However, following a suggestion from Fred_M I chose to install a mini DIN socket instead of a full size one. I had hoped that the size of the hole for the RF output would be large enough to not have to mod it, but it turned out that to fully insert the connector I had to make the hole slightly larger...but not as much as with a regular sized DIN. I found out that Sega's Megadrive II had the perfect pin out as I required it: RGB video incl. control signal and Stereo sound. This made it possible to buy a ready-made video cable of high quality, which are not available ready-made with the larger 13 pin DIN connector. Instead of Jon's idea of drilling a lot of holes and removing the copper, which is very nice and almost factory like-but also a lot of work, I decided to glue the socket upside down to the PCB and solder the wires from the top. Sadly, the high-quality cable I ordered had a lot of extra components which are not required for the Sophia RGB output (in fact, I believe they are not required for the Sega either...but then I'm no expert on those). Luckily that seller used a nice little PCB inside the SCART connector so it was relatively easy to remove those caps and resistors and bypass them with a piece of wire.....but it kinda defeated the idea of buying a "run of the mill" cable and not having to mod it......but it still is a very high quality cable with all signals separately shielded.
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