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Found 297 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm working on a 7800 platformer called Morf, but hitting a few issues maybe you can point me in the right direction. Having trouble with sprites inverting their colors In the above image: - The main character Morf is inverted, green/black - The second tile set should be using a blue color palette for the water at the bottom of the screen. - Recently for no obvious reason the sprites break up when moving vertically like the drip from the pipe below. Also you can see the left moving sprite has the correct palette. Any help or advise would be awesome 😄
  2. We are very pleased to announce Millie and Molly 7800 will be available for purchase on cart here in the AtariAge store in 2021 (TBC). *** PLAY THE DEMO *** Final playable demo is now available in JS7800 (thanks @raz0red). Reviews Cousin Vinnie has given Millie & Molly the special treatment in his great review of the game! Millie and Molly is a retro inspired puzzle game featuring 100 levels spread over five themed worlds. This is an Atari 7800 conversion of the Commodore 64 retro smash created by Carleton Handley. Background I first saw this game on the Commodore 64 not long after it's release in early 2020. I thought it looked great, was really fun to play and had some unique features - all adding up to a very enjoyable experience. The game is a platform puzzle game where you play grannies Millie and Molly (either separately or together) which starts off easy enough showing you how to dig through dirt, move blocks into position and kill monsters to complete each level. But don't let that fool you as the puzzles are very well constructed leaving you scratching your head soon enough! Special thanks After making some initial contact with Carleton Handley in early March 2020 (after completing a proof of concept), the team continued to develop, build and test the game until it was around 90% complete. Carleton was very impressed with how well the game had come together, enough to suggest we contact his other team members Chun Wah Kong (level design), Saul Cross (graphics), and Hans Axelsson-Svala (music) to approve a release. We are very pleased to announce that each has given their blessing for our conversion to be released on cart. Whilst we have had the pleasure to create this conversion we cannot thank each of them enough for designing such a brilliant, thoughtful and enjoyable game. If you are a Commodore 64 user and have yet to play this game please support Carleton and the team by purchasing the original. Instructions Help Millie and Molly clear their world of the malicious monsters. Monsters are killed by walking into them from the side. Don't fret, Millie and Molly can't die! They can fall from any height and even have items dropped onto their heads. To help you get at those hard to reach monsters items can be pushed, ladders can be climbed and dirt can be dug through. Millie and Molly can even use each other as platforms when they are in a level together Features 100 original levels spread over 5 themed worlds Rewind feature allowing you to step back and fix your mistakes 1 or 2 button joystick/joypad support Level passcodes Save key and level passcode support (for tracking your current progression) Graphics have been faithfully re-created and colored for the Atari 7800 8 incredible pokey tunes re-creating the superb originals Support for both NTSC and PAL users with matching palettes and music playback speed Easter eggs! Controls Joystick or joypad in the left controller port Button 1 to switch between the sisters Hold Button 1 to rewind your mistakes Button 2 or Pause toggles menu access Credits Original Design Code Carleton Handley Puzzle Design Chun Wah Kong, Patsy Chim Graphics Saul Cross Music Hans Axelsson-Svala QA @tonik_c64 Conversion Code Matthew Smith, Mike Saarna Music Bobby Clark QA Robert Tuccitto, Steve Ramirez AtariAge Albert Yarusso, CPUwiz Release Millie and Molly 7800 will be available for purchase on cart here in the AtariAge store in 2021 (TBC). ZeroPage Homebrew streams featuring Millie and Molly I would also like to thank James and Tanya @ZeroPage Homebrew for previewing Millie and Molly 7800.
  3. I'm back! Tons more games for sale for many systems. I tried to make everything cheaper than you can BIN it on ebay, but if my prices are off feel free to let me know. Shipping is from 10016. Right now I'm only shipping within the US due to the complexities and uncertainties of shipping overseas during a pandemic. Check my old feedback and new feedback. ************************* **ATARI** ************************* Atari 2600 Pictures for 2600 & 7800 games: https://postimg.cc/gallery/506L48Q I also have some CX40s available for cheap. Frogs and Flies (w/manual): $4 Spider-Man (w/ manual): $9 Atari 7800 Sirius: $30 (pending) Plutos: $30 (pending) These two were made by CPUWIZ back in 2014. Adding a few bucks onto each for inflation. ************************* **COLECO** ************************* ColecoVision Pictures: https://postimg.cc/gallery/NtC9mFg Antarctic Adventure: $8 B.C.'s Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge: $10 Bump 'n' Jump (w/ manual): $23 Congo Bongo: $10 Frogger II: Threeedeep! (w/ manual): $12 Illusions (w/ manual and key): $24 Module Man (CIB, requires SGM): $35 ************************* **COMMODORE** ************************* Commodore 64 Picture 1: https://postimg.cc/8fMKym1x Picture 2: https://postimg.cc/5jCRNbwp Jumpman Junior: $7 ************************* **NINTENDO** ************************* Nintendo/Famicom Pictures: https://postimg.cc/gallery/vgsFmny (more pictures coming shortly) NES Advantage (CIB, some styrofoam stuck to the cords): 30 ************************* **SEGA** ************************* Master System Pictures: https://postimg.cc/gallery/7qYhCFL Bomber Raid (CIB): $14 Enduro Racer (CIB): $8 Global Defense (CIB): $5 Hang On/Astro Warrior (CIB): $8 Penguin Land (CIB): $9 Quartet (CB): $12 Thunder Blade (CIB): $7
  4. Happy Holidays To all, Barb and I wish you the best for the holidays ****Coming very soon **** Sega combos. Many variations will be available, including the CD, the CD platform and so on. If you have any interest in these, send me a PM indicating which or what combinations you are looking for. How many times have you seen a console setting on a shelf,or a table,and covered in a fine layer of dust or sticky fingerprints? Dust and sticky stuff is not our friend!And its certainly not a friend to our consoles. So, a dust cover is not only "eye candy" but it keeps that console killer, dust out. Oh,lets not forget those other killers,foreign objects,unknown liquids,and little kids. And it adds a touch of cool to your collection *****And to all of you sending prayers our way, Barb and I thank you.******* Leukemia is for lack of a better description a life changer.Since I was diagnosed with this a year and a half ago, our lives have seen the entire range of emotions. I was told that I had 1-2 years left when they 1st found it. Then after a very aggressive pattern of chemo and blood transfusions, it went into remission 4 months ago. But now its back again, and I have to be very worried about infections. So we are back to the chemo again, and hope that another miracle will occur. After a depressing vist with the Dr. it appears that choices of treatment , have become limited. I can either go to the hospital for a month where they would treat this with a very very aggressive chemo, or I can get a milder version , given as a shot for 5 days, every month. The choice is becoming clear, and it is Quality or Quantity. I have chosen the quality, and with that I am not sure where it will go. I will say that at least I have been given the option, which alot of people do not get.And after the second go around with the Chemo, I am holding my own.I cannot decide which is worse, a round of 15 shots or getting a bag hooked up for an hour at a time. Bottom line,with Barbs help, and the amazing drugs I soldier on. Again thank you to all who send us best wishes. Since my wife(Barb) started making these covers over 16 years ago,she has continued to expand the choices.I am posting a lot of pictures so you will be able to see all of the choices available. For those of you just seeing these for the first time,we have been selling on Ebay over 15 years,Atari Age over 5 years and have sold covers to buyers worldwide! Covers for the Atari 400 and 800 now available with Red or White logos. . These are all custom made,from"pleather" which is a type of vinyl/leather.Easy to clean,and maintain Yes,we will accept Paypal-verified *******Shipping, no problem with going out of US, as long as you know I have nothing to do with USPS pricing******* Yes, we will combine shipping. And yes, we will give a discount when multiple items are bought. ******Note***** While most of the pictures show the cover installed on an actual console,a few do not,which is why they look dis-sheveld OK,pricing is as follows: 3DO $31.00 Atari 1050(Floppy Drive) $17.00 Atari 5200-$18.00 Atari 5200 Trak- ball-$16.50 Buy both of the 5200 units(Console and Trak-ball) $32.00 Atari 2600-$18.00 Atari VCS-$18.00 Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer-$18.00 Atari Jr/Rainbow-$14.00 Atari 7800-$18.00 **Atari Specials all 4 covers $60.00= 2600,7800,5200, and 5200 Trakball Atari Jaguar-(white)-$16.00 Atari Jaguar-(red)-$16.00 Atari 400- White or Red Logo-$17.00 Atari 800xl-$18.00 Atari 800 Red or white logo-$19.00 Atari Jaguar CD-$18.00-White or Red lettering Colecovision Console $18.00 Colecovision Roller Controller$16.00 Colecovision Module 1(Atari Adaptor)- $15.00 Colecovision Module 2-$18.00 Buy all 4 for $65.00 Commodore 64-$18.50 Commodore Vic 20-$18.50 Commodore C128- $18.50 Commodore C16-$18.50 Fairchild Channel F -$22.00 **Has cutout for power cord and joystick cords** Intellivision(Master System)-$18.00***With running man logo*** Intellivision II-$16.50 Both Intellivision Special Covers $32.00 Intellivision=INTV III- $18.00 Magnavox Odyssey II $25.00 Mattel Aquarius Computer $16.00 Nintendo-NES 101 Red or White Lettering-$16.50 Nintendo/NES White or Red Lettering-$17.50 N-64-White or Red Lettering-$17.00 SNES-White or Red Lettering-$17.00 Sega Dreamcast-orange-$18.00 Sega Dreamcast blue-$18.00 Sega Dreamcast Red- $18.00 Sega Genesis II-$16.50 Sega Genesis-16 bit $18.50 Sega Saturn -$18.50 Sega Master System -$16.50 Sega Mega Drive- $17.50 Sega Mega Drive II - $16.50 Sears Video Arcade II $18.00 ***Looks like the Atari 7800 Sears Tele-Games(Atari 2600) -$18.00 Sears Tele-Games(Atari Heavy 6r)- $19.00 Sony Playstation 1 $16.50 Sega Mega Drive- $17.50 Sega Mega Drive II - $16.50 RS 80/Tandy/Radio Shack Computer-$19.00 Texas Instruments 99/4a $18.50 Turbo Graphx 16/TG 16 $18.00 Vectrex Dustcover Black /w/ Blue ,White,Red logo $38.00 Vectrex Cover Gray with Black/Blue $38.00 XBox(Original) $25.00 PM me for additional questions And Thanks for looking. Over the past few years we have had numerous requests for consoles and computers that we do make. The reason we do not make them is because we have not had the actual console/ computer to use for a template. Buyers say, well I can give you the dimensions or send a picture. The problem is that dimensions do not take into account all the curves, bends, protrusions etc that are common on these units. So, working from supplied dimensions almost never works. Barb and I are not as mobile as we used to be, so trying to find these computers/ game consoles is a crap shoot at best and a waste of time at worst. What we can offer is this.If you have a console/computer, preferably a parts shell unit, that your willing to send us, we will make a cover for it and send it back at no charge! Now, we are not interested in units that are so obscure that there might only be 100 in the world. Obviously for us to make the cover there has to be a market of some kind, so please keep that in mind. So, shoot me a PM, let me know what your looking for and we can see if we can help each other!
  5. I'm currently porting a version of my Atari 2600 Roguelike, Dragon's Descent, to the Atari 7800! The latest build can be found here: ***MAJOR SCORING REVISION*** - Hard Mode now has its own set of leaderboards, removing the 70000 point "bonus." Infinite mode doesn't affect what leaderboard you're on, only combinations of Random and Hard modes. DragonsDescent_1_7_2021.bas.a78 - High Score graphics glitch fixed DragonsDescent_1_7_2021.bas.bin - binary version of above DragonsDescent_12_16_2020.bas.a78 - Sprite revision DragonsDescent_12_16_2020.bas.bin -binary version of above DragonsDescent_3_28_2020.bas.a78 DragonsDescent_3_28_2020.bas.bin - binary version of above CONTROLS Joystick - Move the dragon around the labyrinth. The dragon is flies through the maze, and has momentum - keep that in mind! Button - The dragon will breathe fire in the direction it is facing, left or right. SETTINGS You can change the settings by choosing the options on the title screen. If the text is gold, the setting is "on." If the text is blue, the setting is "off." Infinite Maze Mode: Game will continue indefinitely, only ending with a game over. If turned off, the game will end after you complete level 7 Random Maze Mode: You will start in a randomized maze. If turned off, the maze will be the same layout each playthrough. Music: This option on the title screen toggles music on/off Hard Mode: If turned on, walls will harm you if touched. If turned off, the walls are harmless. "Hard Mode" is the same mode as the 2600 version of the game. Maze Select: Allow you to set the random "seed" when starting the maze. Move the joystick left/right to select the left or right seed, each can be set to a value between 1 and 255. The levels are procedurally generated, but are always the same progression, and the layout can be mapped. HOW TO PLAY Depending on your game settings, you may find an end to the maze on the 7th level, or the maze can continue until you are defeated, trying to attain the highest score! Each level of the maze is made up of several rooms - you can leave through any exit on the boundaries of the screen you find. To make progress in the maze, find the key on each level, and then the level's exit. The exit, resembling a door with a key imprint, will only activate if you touch it while you have the key found on the same level. Upon each new level you will face more dangers but also potentially increased power and scoring! Avoid touching walls and enemies - doing so will deplete your hit points, and eventually end your game! Scoring comes from collecting gems and defeating monsters. You get more points for defeating monsters in deeper levels, and a slightly higher score for each shot you use with stronger fire breath. In addition to a key and exit, each level of the labyrinth has a treasure room. Treasure rooms allow you to pick one of three power ups, just wait until you see the one you want: Gem - increases your score. Heart - increases your total hit points, while completely replenishing your health. Lamp - increases the strength of your fire breath, while refilling its supply. Don't stay too long on a single level, or you may find things getting much more difficult! The deeper you explore, the more monsters, dangers, and higher scores you find... You hit points are shown next to the heart icon at the bottom of the screen. Your game will end when if the hit points reach zero. The strength of your fire breath is indicated by the color and size of the flame. If you collect a flashing lamp from the treasure room, it will increase in power but you will only have a limited amount, shown at the bottom of the screen next to the flame icon. If this supply ever runs out, you will go back your initial, weakened fire breath. You can find non-flashing hearts and lamps from fallen enemies, which will replenish a small part of your hit points or fire breath, respectively. If you survive long enough, you may reach a maximum amount of hit points or firepower, in which case your health or score will be flashing. [EDIT: Older posts] -------------- DragonsDescent_2_18_2020.bas.a78 - "Reset" will reboot game from title screen, start a new game with existing parameters if used during gameplay. "Select" will return user to title screen if pressed during gameplay. DragonsDescent_2_18_2020.bas.bin - binary version of above DragonsDescent_6_25_2019.a78 Earlier build(s) here: DragonsDescent_6_14_2019.a78 This version fixes a background color bug. I also found MAME rendered the background a little dark, so I tried brightening the background tiles. Let me know if you feel this is too dark/light! Older versions: DragonsDescent_6_13_2019.a78 Dragon's Descent has you explore countless mazes filled with monsters, treasure, and power - How long can you survive, and how powerful can you get, as you seek the masters of this endless labyrinth? Here's a preview with the first three levels - and the game has much more to explore, fight and find! [EDIT: Original post text] I'm still updating the graphics (the backgrounds are the last major element I need to complete) but I wanted to post a picture or two to compare, and share little bit of my experience in porting the game. Here's a screenshot from the 7800 version compared to the 2600 version (which you can find at http://atariage.com/forums/topic/286017-dragons-descent-rogueliteaction-game/ ) Here are a few more new screenshots as I update the background tiles, compared to the old playfield graphics on the 2600: Whew! On the one hand this was easier than I feared it would be, and worked as well as I hoped. The basic logic of the game didn't really need to be touched (it's 99% Basic) - as long as it didn't touch the graphics/collision detection. What took the longest was integrating/updating the new graphics - I actually find the system pretty fun to use, although there was a little learning curve, as with anything. I also realized that I designed the 2600 version of the game to take advantage of a lot of the older machine's quirks and limitations (limited sprites, good but limited collision detection, built-in mirroring, etc.), limitations that the 7800 often directly addresses. This actually made things more complicated than if I had decided to make the game for the 7800 first. I went from a pretty big Atari 2600 game (16k) to a very small 7800 game (32k) - mechanically it's a near-identical game, but after updating the graphics, incorporating the character/tile system, adding text to menus (hey, there's space/expectation for text now!) and updating the collision systems, the extra 16k filled up pretty quickly! The one thing I'm possibly looking to add is music - I have about 200-400k left as I look at the possibility of adding music, and fix some lingering menu bugs - The Basic music tracker included is very impressive, and would even sorta fit in the space available, but doesn't seem to play nice with the existing method I'm using to handle sound. I might see how far I can get with a more limited/customized method of storing/playing music - I know the TIA isn't the most melodious of chips, and music is not one of my creative strengths, but it's something I've been playing with regardless. I plan on posting updates here as I get the game releasable. It's perfectly playable at the moment, but I still have some old graphics and menus that need updating. I might post a few questions as I continue, but I've worked through a lot of unknowns so far - it's been a fun experience, and the 7800 is a pretty fun platform to work with - thanks to everyone involved with developing/supporting 7800 Basic!
  6. From the album: Digital Illustrations

    Surprisingly easy to draw.

    © 2021 DoctorSpuds

  7. vitoco

    WTB: Atari 7800

    I want to buy a cheap but working 7800 set for play and development purposes. I tried on eBay, but I've been outbidded many times, because I cannot pay too much as the final price will be increased by tracked shipping to Chile and extra local taxes (the price can be doubled). Hints and suggestions are welcome!
  8. So I just picked up an Edladdin "Seagull 78" adapter, that allows using a Sega Genesis controller (of which I have plenty) with the 7800. (For those of us who dislike the Pro-Controller it "liberates the games", so to speak.) Is there an official list of which 7800 games actually multiple buttons? Of all the titles I own, it seems like a ton do not. (In fact, at least one game manual I looked at mentioned how to hold a joystick, with the fire button at the top left -- was two-button support something they added late in the development of the system!?) In any case, here's what I've come up with my personal collection of games. Hopefully I'll go back and start playing them more now. (I've used my 7800 as a 2600 quite a bit, but the poor "Prosystem" games get neglected. ) Game Plys Controller Type Ace of Aces 1 Joystick? Asteroids 1-2 Joystick Ballblazer 1-2 Joystick Centipede 1-2 Joystick Commando 1-2 Pro-Controller Crack'ed 1 Joystick Crossbow 1 Joystick or Lightgun Dark Chambers 1-2 Pro-Controller Dig-Dug 1-2 Joystick Donkey Kong Junior 1-2 Joystick Fatal Run 1 Pro-Controller Galaga 1-2 Joystick Hat Trick 1-2 Joystick Ikari Warriors 1-2 Pro-Controller Joust 1-2 Joystick Karateka 1 Pro-Controller Ms. Pac-Man 1-2 Joystick Ninja Golf 1 Joystick One-on-One Basketball 1-2 Pro-Controller Pole Position II 1 Pro-Controller Realsports Baseball 1-2 Pro-Controller Robotron: 2084 1-2 Joystick (x1 or 2) Scrapyard Dog 1 Pro-Controller Super Huey 1 Pro-Controller Winter Games 1-2 Joystick Xevious 1-2 Joystick (Left Diff A) or Pro-Controller (Left Diff B) Does that seem right? Anyone want to add to the list? (At least, we should have a "requires (or benefits from) Pro-Controller" list) PS - Thanks to Trebor's Atari 7800 Difficulty Switches Guide Edit: I pasted from a spreadsheet and saw a nice table in the editor, then when I submitted the post it was a single, mashed-together paragraph of text.
  9. Looking for an Atari 7800 with VGA, DVI or SCART output on the system. No S-Video, HDMI or AV. Already have an AV and HDMI system with these outputs.
  10. Both of the CX24 Proline joysticks that came with my 7800 years ago started showing signs of failure a few months back. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I ended up with two sticks that were in varying degrees of being on their last legs. Some quick testing with the multimeter later, it was apparent that the joystick wiring was fine, but the PCBs had gone the way of all flesh. Anyway, I ordered a pair of CB103154 CX24 upgraded PCB replacement sets from Best Electronics. They arrived today and I installed them this evening; the following are notes from the installation, otherwise known as 'lessons I learned from doing this the hard way on the first joystick'. Tools: Philips screwdriver, long tweezers, Vise-Grips. Pretty much all of the work is going to be done inside the upper half of the casing. Remove the lower screw on the back of the joystick first, then the upper. Be sure to hold the case together as you do this. Separate the case halves carefully so that the fire buttons don't go springing off into never-never land. RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE PCBs AFTER CRACKING THE CASE OPEN. NO NO NO NO NO DON'T DO IT BAD BAD BAD. Now go ahead and replace the fire button PCBs one at a time to avoid confusing which one is the left button and which one is the right button. Don't pull the joystick PCB out completely to remove the wiring; do it with the PCB in-situ. This helps with avoiding the really fun time you'll have later with recreating the braid they were twisted into to route them correctly if you should happen to untwist it, and also leaves the terminals routed to where they need to be anyway. Separating the joystick from the shaft: grab the ball end of the shaft with a pair of Vise-Grips, doing your best to not crush it. Twist the Vise-Grips and joystick knob back and forth in opposite directions until you feel the joystick start to free up from the shaft and begin to twist easily. Now pull them apart, putting the pulling force on the joystick knob, not the Vise-Grips. Pride yourself on avoiding making double entendres involving all of the equipment (fnarr!) mentioned in the previous step. Swap out the joystick PCB. Reinstall the joystick, but don't put the knob back on yet. Making sure that you're not pinching any wiring (the long tweezers come in handy here), reassemble the two halves of the casing. The fire buttons can be fiddly to keep in place during this process. Go play with your rejuvenated stick to make sure it works properly. If it does, you can put the knob back: just slide it over the shaft until it feels like it won't go any further, then give it a good press straight down through the shaft. You'll know for sure when it's in there all the way, and it'll be ready for hours and hours of fun.
  11. Does anyone know if this new Blaze Retro Atari portable can play 7800 roms from an SD card? https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3423017 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Atari-Pac-Man-Handheld-Console-Electronic/dp/B07XTRPSRN?ref_=ast_bbp_dp
  12. I'm trying to troubleshoot a console I got off eBay. Video is scrolling, it's in black and white and also has static. It's hard to tell if I have any audio as well with the static. Any suggestions?
  13. This is NOT the Popeye arcade game!!!!! Please do not expect the arcade version. This was my learning tool. There is a history of my journey below the latest version. When I finally figured out how to plot a background, I made Popeye follow the board. Brutus just went back and forth, jumping up occasionally. ...Then I added extra punch frames. ...Then I added Olive. ...Then I made Brutus follow the screen, collision detection, spinach, a heart, etc. ...It would require almost a full re-write to change this up, because there wasn't a lot of planning behind the current code. I just kept adding things. It would take planning to consolidate and add anything more. I also lack the time to dedicate. I wasn't planning on releasing this, but I figure somebody might enjoy it. It's almost like having Popeye. In the past 3 days, I've added basic logic to Brutus, scoring, sound, and cheesy title/level end screens. It's become kind of an obsession. Every time I think I am content, I decide to add something new. This doesn't play like Popeye. It is a little faster. Just try to see how much you can score before Brutus gets you. The hearts will also fall into the water. You have one life and one level, so it's like an Odyssey 2 game with better graphics. The scoring is based on the arcade 24 hearts clears a level. Level 2 adds some additional logic to Brutus. I added basic sound, because I felt it was too quiet. 9/1/2020 -- Minor Updates. PopeyeMiniGame.beta3-1.a78 PopeyeMiniGame.beta3-1.bin Used "double buffer" to get rid of the random garbage (Cannot shake the screen with the double buffer) Added proper heart for level clear Cleared the screen on "Game Over", like the arcade (Clear with yellow text) Added pauses before rounds ------------- End 9/1/2020 ------------- 8/31/2020 -- Added Sea Hag, bottles, up to 3 hearts at one time, and other adjustments -- More Info Here PopeyeMiniGame_beta3.a78 PopeyeMiniGame_beta3.bin 8/25/2020 - Full screen adjustments and tweaks PopeyeMiniGame_beta2.a78 PopeyeMiniGame._beta2.bin Added Utilized full screen width. This compromised the number of sprites per row. To remedy this, I drew the hearts, spinach, bucket, and punching bag on the correct size sprite, instead of using an entire 16x16. I redrew the spinach platforms as part of the screen, instead of using sprites. Added screen shaking when Brutus hits the wall Made adjustments to find the top and bottom of steps easier Cleaned up some sound effects Re positioned the heart count. I tried to draw all of the hears, but it cause major slow-down. I might try a couple other ideas later, but this is on hold. Eliminated the 30pts when punching the bag. Sprites were not getting drawn. Slowed down the speed of the hearts on the first two levels. This makes it easier to camp out, but doing so will lose out on a chance to use the spinach and bucket. Tweaked jumping off the top levels Adjusted the punch to lunge less, like the arcade. Considerations As time allows, I will consider adding bottles. I am not sure what the sprite limitation will be. As time allows, I would like to consider multiple hearts. I'd like to clean up the sprites. If the above go well, I may consider refining the logic, to consider a full game. End 8/25/2020 8/23/2020 Bugfix I consider this a beta, because I might take some time to fix some of the quirks. PopeyeMiniGame_beta1.a78 PopeyeMiniGame_beta1.bin End 8/23/2020------------------- Update 8/24/2020 -- ** Bug Fix **: I figured out how to reproduce the bug. It occurred if Popeye started up stairs just as the spinach wore off. I think this has squashed it. PopeyeMiniGame_beta1b.a78 PopeyeMiniGame_beta1b.bin End 8/24/2020 HISTORY: I didn't set out to make this into a game. Here is the general order of things. I wanted to learn about the 7800, so I downloaded 7800Basic on the 9th. It took me 3 days to figure out how to create a PNG file that would display on screen. Once I figured that out, I created a really rough Brutus sprite. He was animated for left and right movement, but moved anywhere on the blank playfield. Eventually, I made Brutus go back and forth. Popeye was controlled by the stick, and Brutus would jump up if Popeye got too close. It took me another 3 days to figure out how to draw a playfield. Even after that, it was pretty ugly. I had given up, but decided to start over on the 14th. By the 15th, I started to get it. On the 16th, I finally got it. The steps looked kind of narrow. On the 17th, I decided to start the playfield over. I changed it up a little By the 18th By the 19th, it resembled the current version. I started adding play elements. Once I finalized the background, I started adding things. I decided to add sound yesterday, 8/22/2020. I used the samples from Atari Basic. Today, 8/23/2020, I learned how to tweak the sound. It isn't much, but it's better than silence. --Darryl PopeyeMiniGame_beta1a.a78 PopeyeMiniGame_beta1a.bin PopeyeMiniGame_beta1b.a78
  14. I am curious if anyone knows whether the Atari 2600 pause mod can be installed on a 7800 console to pause the 2600 games and if so, can you provide me with the instructions on where to connect it to the board? Thanks in advance!!
  15. Sega Genesis adapter for Atari 2600/7800 (WIP) Button A : Fire (2600 / 7800 ) Button B : Top/Thrust (2600) / Left button (7800) Button C : Front/Trigger (2600) / Right button (7800)
  16. ***UPDATE: Download the ENTIRE NTSC & PAL Atari 7800 set HERE. Original Post follows... This is relatively important, especially for our game developers I'm hoping this helps and makes color conversion from one format to another a bit easier. Download both raw color palettes here: There is no bias and both palettes share the following same attributes per standard Atari 7800 configuration without any display device influence (And no 'warm-up' factor). This is system cold/factory default settings as follows: Contrast = 0.05 Brightness = 0.00 Color = 0.22 Phase = 25.7 Colorburst = 180 degrees This NTSC palette and the ones to follow are brand new and never released before due to error on my part, but this PAL palette has been released before under a different name, again due to errors on my part. Again, they are both the 'raw' ones for their respective regions. Your input (especially PAL users as I am in NTSC land) is greatly appreciated for this thread. Thank You, Robert
  17. SlidellMan


    From the album: 7800 Build Screenshots

    From New Vertical Shooter Demo, 8-26-2020 build.
  18. Hello all, I'm looking to modify my Hyperkin Ranger controller to make it fully compatible with all my 7800 games. It looks like all the pins are in use already. Can anyone give any suggestions on how to add a second fire button?
  19. Finally added a 7800 to the collection last week, was just waiting for the right CL deal. Ordered a UAV after seeing how rough the RF signal is. I've done many mods to other consoles, but the case on the 7800 really is a bugger. Knowing how brittle the plastic is and also would never be happy with jack placement, I just didn't have the heart to take a drill to this thing. Had a 9v battery enclosure hanging out in the parts bin and got the idea to use that as a jack box for the unit. Held on with some VHB tape, wires route through added hole in 9v box that lines up with the 2/3 switch opening. Header pins used for vid connections on UAV and audio line is soldered, easy to fish wires back out should any future repairs be needed. Someone that is savvy in the 3d print world could do a slim line box that would stick to the molding of the cable wrap on botton and have all jacks in one row. I'm just an idea guy, but really happy with the results, it's easy to hook up when needed and no drilling. The video quality is stunning with the UAV. good day.
  20. This has been sold,please delete
  21. I believe the saying that happiness is not always having what you want, but it is wanting what you have. With the Fall season taking hold, I find myself getting back into a nostalgic frame of mind. While I find it is not productive to live in the past, I find that some of the best memories actually help me appreciate what I have more. As I tossed the draw of nostalgia around in my head, I began to wonder if kids today will have the same opportunities. We live in the age of the microwave. We want things when we want them, and that is usually now. I guess one can argue that it has always been that way, but I it is truly a lot more attainable in today's age. Sometimes it makes me wonder if kids of today are missing out. Although I do not prefer them, the rough times in my life have been some of my best opportunities for growth. I am not going to go that deep. I am just talking about video games here, but I find it an interesting parallel, how many of times of want have become some of my most cherished memories. When I was writing this the first time (I accidentally tabbed out and pressed backspace.. gone), "I'll Wait", by Van Halen started playing in my headphones. In my mind, I was thrust back into the late 80's. I was inside the arcade/corner shop, which many would stop by, on the way to our Junior High School. As much as I didn't care for cigarette smoke, it was a small price to pay, because games were 2 credits for a quarter! in fact, I met my longest friend there. We used to play Mario Bros. Sometimes we would play as a team; other times, we would play competitively. We still talk about those times to this day. I was very fortunate to have my Atari 5200, because the Mario Bros version was better than other conversions of the time. In many ways, it even outshines the NES version in animation and competitive nuances. We would sit and play that game all night at times. As much fun as it was, it was still a treat to play the arcade version. Of course we wished we could have our own arcade machine, but that just wasn't realistic at the time. Those are some great memories. Who would have thought that wishing for arcade perfect (or even better than we had) would be just as great of a memory? Pac-Man is probably the game that changed my life. Just as there are memories of actually enjoying the 2600 Pac-Man, I have just as many fond memories drooling over the Sear's catalog, because the Atari 400/800 computers had a version with the same maze layout. The sounds were closer than I ever imagined a home version could be. When the 5200 was released, I was finally able to obtain that version. It was even better than the computer version, because the high score racked up during gameplay, and it had the intermission cut scenes. I was so enamored with it. However, I still longed for that crunchy "whacka", when I dropped a quarter into the actual arcade machine. It wasn't the same. Donkey Kong was another favorite. I had a friend with a ColecoVision. While I was very hung up on that version, it was very lacking. The graphics were very sharp, but it had very few on screen enemies, it was slow, and it was very glitchy. It was still fun. It was like an alternate. I couldn't afford to also own a ColecoVision, and I personally thought the 5200 conversions were more detail oriented. One day, I noticed Donkey Kong in an Atari Computer brochure. Could this be? The 5200 and A8s (Atari 8-bit computers) were just different arrangements of the same hardware. The version I saw had the missing "crazy barrels", "Springers", and the Conveyor level. I later found out that Atari had the computer rights, but they could not produce the video game system version. Now I had to pine after an Atari A8 if I wanted the best Donkey Kong home version. I can't count how much time I spent re-reading that catalog and looking at that still picture. It came to life in my imagination. One of the major retail catalogs later got another screen shot. It just all added to the image in my mind. Just when the 5200 was getting some unique games, such as Pengo and Space Dungeon, Atari announced the 7800. I was a little disappointed, because I felt the 5200 was just starting to see its potential. I had two articles on the 7800. The first was announcing the new system. It touted virtually unlimited sprites, with virtually unlimited colors. The pictures were crude drawing, as screenshots were not common back in the day. I wasn't sure how the game would actually look. I assumed they would be higher resolution, since the current A8/5200 fell a little short on detail at times. The extra colors sounded nice. I assumed the sound would be just as good, if not better. it was also backward compatible with the Atari 2600, which didn't seem like such a big deal in this generation. I was thankful that there would be a module to allow my 5200 to play 7800 games. I was hopeful that my deluxe 5200 TrakBall would be compatible. The second article I had stated that Atari had dropped the 7800. It was a sad article, stating what could have been. At that point, I figured I would never know what incredible capabilities this Atari system possessed. Even though, I can't even count the number of times I re-read those articles. I still fondly look back on how great I dreamed it would be. I still have the tattered magazines. When I look at them, I feel that same excitement, even though the actual system is in my current basement. I've seen how badly the 7800 missed the mark of my imagination, and I still enjoy the memory of wanting one. Around 1985/1986, Mom and Dad said I could get a new video game system. It was a gift for some achievement in school. I heard the 7800 was finally released. I was anxious to get to see how amazing this Maria chip is. I would finally get to see the system that would blow away my beloved 5200. They took me to Children's Palace. There were no systems in stock. I looked at the back of the game boxes. The games didn't really look much better than my 5200 versions. Ms Pac-Man looked almost the same. There weren't many games, and I began to wonder if it was as good as I had heard. They did have the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in stock. I took a look, and I saw graphics that were arcade realistic. Super Mario Bros looked incredible, and I couldn't tell the difference from the version at the local arcade. The pictures of my favorite classics, Donkey Kong and Mario Bros, looked spot on too. I took a chance and grabbed an NES. Man, did I dodge a bullet! I got the NES home, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. The graphics were arcade perfect. The sound was incredible. It was unlike anything I ever thought would play on my television. I couldn't wait to get Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. I didn't see a 7800 in person until about a year later. The sprites were multi color, but the resolution was low, the colors were washed out, and the game play was choppy. I was so disappointed. Worse than any of that was the sound. Unlike some, I can't enjoy a game fully without sound. With the 7800, it's hard for me to enjoy the games because of the sound. I already had an almost arcade mirror of Galaga for my NES. Here was a 7800 version that looked like a colorful 2600 version. It sounded like it too. Apparently, Maria takes up so much processing time, it's hard for the system to draw smooth curves. Similar issues were seen in Mario Bros, where Mario leaps off the ground, ending in a crude arch. In fairness to the 7800, I have seen some redeeming homebrews. Although the 320 mode is limited, it exists. One of my favorite redeeming games is Donkey Kong Pokey. Even with the lower resolution, it would have blown me away back in the day and justified the 7800 as a successor to the A8. My point here is that I own a 7800 now, and I think I sometimes enjoy the memory of WANTING a 7800 more than I do the system itself. I think I enjoy homebrews, because they kind validate the expectations of my fond memories. As for the NES, I was blown away by Super Mario Bros, Ghost & Goblins, and Galaga. However, I was not impressed with Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Pac-Man, or even DK Jr. While they looked better than previous versions, but they lacked the charm and challenge of the arcade counterparts. Pac-Man didn't fit in the maze, the whacka was off, and it was sluggish. Donkey Kong was missing game elements, a whole level, and it was too easy. As much as I felt the NES could have handled a perfect conversion, I am kind of thankful that I still had something to want. The 16-bit generation changed it up a little. I actually started to get into fighters. I wasn't a big fan of the 16-bit era. Sonic was fun. The only thing I cared about was that they could handle almost arcade-perfect versions of SF2, MK, MK2, SF2 Turbo, etc... This was a very fun period, because arcades were still chugging along. I have played games online with friends. It's fun, but it's not like meeting strangers at the arcade fun. It was great to be able to go to the arcade with a few close friends. They were in your corner, you played, and you went home with your close friends. At home, you practiced with your close friends. The home versions were not arcade perfect, but they were great. There's a great memory to still having that superior version to look forward to. I have great memories of wishing I had the arcade version at home. When PS1 came out, I saw the writing on the wall. Ridge Racer, Tekken, and Namco Classics were all about as close to the arcade as I could tell. Memory restrictions were an obstacle for games like MK3, as were loading times, but they were still pretty good. I think this was the crossing point. After this, games at home were pretty much arcade quality. The arcade was dying. Fast forward to today. I caught myself in a nostalgic mood. I now own about every system I have ever owned or wanted. Every system has some sort of SD card to play ROMs, except the 7800, for which I made my own EPROM carts. I can play most games on my PC, phone, PSP, GP2X, etc., via emulation. I even bought a few of my favorite arcade cabinets. When it comes to video games, there's not much that I badly want, but yet I still felt something was missing. That didn't make sense to me. One day, I realized that I think I enjoy wanting as much as having. Some of my fondest memories are wanting. They were looking at still magazine pictures and imagining what it would be like to have all of those games at my disposal. It was using my imagination to dream about the day that I would have arcade quality games at home. Back then, it was only reserved for the elite, like Rick Shroeder. Could some of my fondest memories be of reading video game magazines and "wishbooks"? I think they might be. That explains why it's sometimes fun to just turn the arcade machines on and watch the attract mode. It's almost as fun to think back to the times I wished I had a quarter, as it is to actually play the game. Is that why I enjoy classic game shows so much? One of my friends once made a point that classic game shows don't really change; if you've seen one, you've seen them all. Aside from the fact that "classic" is relative and does change, there's something great about going back and remembering what it was like to WANT those childhood gems. Sometimes, it's seeing something in person that we only saw in a magazine. I then got to wondering if today's generation is missing out. Sure, they want the latest video game, but they are going to have that game when it's released. They do not have to use their imagination to make it fit the arcade counterpart. They don't have to worry about making their quarter last. There's nothing to lose. Maybe that's why I still prefer retro games. I downloaded Rayman3 the other day. The first part of the game was flying through a 3D environment. I needed to steer my character into the gems. It really felt like a lame combination of Pole Position and Pac-Man. It was lame, because there was no challenge. If I missed, I looped back through. if I am going to collect dots on a screen, I am fine doing that on my Pac-Man machine. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the modern games, even though they are just putting lipstick on a combination of our childhood pigs. It's just that I prefer the real thing! Strangely, my XBoxOne gets more Mortal Kombat X play than anything else. lol.
  22. From the album: Hardware

    Another pic of my 7800 ProLine Joystick Coupler. Formerly owned by Dan Kramer. One of 3 known to exist in the world. Maybe there's more in the alt.universe that the Atari Force traveled to...
  23. FireTiger

    AB front

    From the album: Alien Brigade

    © Jamie M Smith

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    From the album: SIO2 Projects

    32k 7800 PCB rev c
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