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Found 57 results

  1. Ok all... please be gentle as I'm way out over my skis here! Lol. I've been an avid late 80's/Early 90's 286-486 PC collector for some time and have been interested in getting into Atari's 8-bit machines for a while but haven't taken the plunge. Well, I stumbled across this lot in a box at Savers today and couldn't leave it there as I never see stuff like this in the wild. Problem is, I have no idea what I'm getting into! From what I can tell both the 800 and 130XE have been modified. The 130XE has an Omnimon board by David Young but it won't boot... I tried both the 'Monitor' out and RF and both screens look the same. The 800 boots but keys "esc through 6" on the top row are unresponsive, could be something simple but I haven't cracked it open to see what's going on. I started to open it and found what looks like additional RAM/ROM and figured it was time to post pictures and get some more information from the experts. Excited to learn but a little overwhelmed with them already being modded. I'd love to sort the 130XE and fire up some games. And sorry about the PCjr looming in the background!
  2. Relisting as possible bundle... Even though no replies (or even view,) cannot delete it
  3. I put this same post in the wanted sub forum but after posting it I realized I should of probably put it here instead. So that was a mistake on my part and Im sorry, but anyway; Im looking to do a trade with my Atari 800. Its ram is maxed 48kb, everything does work on it, and all the keys do work. The flip cover on top works, though it might benefit with some grease. Everythinng does work 100%, the one catch is that the 8 key, even though it works great, falls out. It just needs to be glued in or something, though it wont give you any trouble using it. It pops right back in. Message me and Ill end you pictures, the 800 is slightly yellowed (I dont know its orignal color so idk by how much) Its one of the super late 800 models made. Im looking for an 800xl or 1200xl because it matches my accessories (I have the 1010 and the 1050 with a 1025 printer). If you have a 1200xl Ill do the 800 plus cash (we could work out the deal). I never used its extra features like the 4 joystick ports and the right cartridge slot. Id send you the power supply to the computer of course. You wont be disappointed! Id look for a relatively clean working (just like mine) 800xl or 1200xl and Id ask for its power supply like normal. The 800 has its RF cable built into it and I dont think the 800xl or 1200xl does, so Id ask for an RF cable so I can plug it into my tv monitor. Message me if anyones interested, a straight trade and we both would just pay for our own shipping. Ill even through in my 800 computers manual! Thank you for reading this in advance.
  4. I'm new to these forums and just replied all of this in another forum but thought to get best results that maybe I would start my own thread. Here is what I wrote in the other thread. Thanks. I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me. Bill Loguidice suggested I write something here in the Atariage forums for some help. My good Friend Doug Hardy who was one of the engineers who helped design the 2600, 400 and 800 just recently passed. When I say design, I mean the casings/consoles, cartridges and how everything went together. His name is on several Atari patents including the cartridge. He was part of the team at Fairchild and engineered the cartridge there and literally the day he finished and the prototype was done he walked out the door and went to Atari. He gave me what he said is the very first "Candy" as he called her still. This Atari 400 according to him was the first prototype they put together after they finished with all engineering and had all the parts. You can tell by the way it's able to be taken apart and the fact that there is no serial number plate on it that it's a prototype. It does have a handwritten number on the inside of the machine itself. All pieces are still there including of course the electronics. Doug always told me that this machine was something special and so I want to see if there is anyone I can talk to about it. If anyone wants to send me a message or contact me I would love to find out more. By the way, I have him on audio talking all about how he ultimately came up with the design for the cartridge and how it wouldn't wear out plus stories of the 2600, 400 and 800. I'd love to see how I can put that on here somewhere so people can hear his story. I also have some really good stories from him on audio/video talking about the atmosphere at Atari (yes it was some crazy times) and how corrupt it became once Warner took it over. Any help would be appreciated. Dennis
  5. I recently bought a plain Atari 800. I just cobbled together an SDrive-MAX and got it working powered by the USB connector, but when I connect the SIO +5V line and remove the USB power supply it doesn't work right. It sort of turns on, but the screen doesn't always show the whole display (sometimes there are thin horizontal "scanlines" over parts of the screen)* and disk functionality seems to be missing. It doesn't finish drawing its UI until after the Atari has gone into BASIC or Memo Pad. Going by posts like this one here (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/212003-what-good-is-an-850/?do=findComment&comment=2748745), which say that the 850 allows the SDrive-MAX to boot up completely before the A800 is turned on due to the 850's dedicated power supply, I decided to reconnect the SIO +5V line and run it through the 850. *(I may be misremembering whether the "scanline" appearance still persists in the newest SDrive-MAX I've built, when it's being powered only from the 800 with no intervening 850; it's possible only my earlier attempt which was really broken had that problem.) However, the result seems to be mostly the same; the SDrive isn't powered on at all until I turn on the 800, and when it does sort of power up, the Atari doesn't seem to be able to boot from it. When I go this route, the screen starts out with the "scanlines" but those eventually get replaced by the actual contents of the screen; but by the time I have the normal UI screen displayed, the 800 is already in BASIC. There doesn't seem to be enough time for the SDrive to finish initializing before the Atari tries to boot. Will BigBen's mod (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/286669-sdrive-max-and-atari-850/?do=findComment&comment=4189162) allow me to power the SDrive from the 850 and 800 alone? More SDrive-MAX questions: Is it dangerous to wire the SIO +5V line to the Arduino and have it also plugged into a USB power supply? I would assume so. Is there an editable (e.g. STEP or IGES) file for Kbr's XL-style case? I've printed it from STL twice, using somewhat different 3D printer settings, but both times the bottom plate is too long to fit into the top without trimming; that and the pegs that go up through the Arduino are just barely tall enough to be flush with the board; I'd rather have them stick up a little bit above it. Also, backing up a bit, I'd like to know what's the story with the Option, Select, Start, and System Reset keys as pertains to booting programs and restarting the computer. I've been looking around on Google and in these forums (and in the 800 Owner's Guide) and haven't found much. Specifically, I'm wondering if the advice to hold one or more of those keys while turning the computer on, or hold one or more of them while hitting System Reset, pertains to all 8-bits or just to XLs and XEs (for instance, I know that holding Option allows you to bypass BASIC on XLs and XEs, since their BASIC is built in and not on a cartridge). I've tried various combinations of them while trying to boot the SDrive-MAX and haven't found any of them to do anything noticeable. Thanks.
  6. Im looking to do a straight trade with my Atari 800. Its ram is maxed 48kb, everything does work on it, and all the keys do work. The flip cover on top works though it will eventually need lube or something. Everything works 100%, the one catch is that the 8 key, even though it works great, falls out. It just needs to be glued in or something though it wont give you any trouble using it. Message me and Ill end you pictures, the 800 is slightly yellowed (I dont know its orignal color so idk by how much but it doesnt look to bad at all) and like I said everything works 100%. Its one of the super late 800 models made. Im looking for an 800xl because it matches my accessories (I have the 1010 and the 1050 with a 1025 printer). And I ever used its extra features like the 4 joystick ports and the right cartridge slot. Id send you the power supply to the computer of course. You wont be disappointed! The only this is Id look for a relatively even match on an 800xl. I know my 800 go for slightly more, so Id look for a relatively clean 100% working (just like mine) 800xl and Id ask for its power supply like normal. Message me if anyones interested, a straight trade and we both would just pay for our own shipping. If its a super special 800xl like refurbished and whatnot Ill even through in my 800 computers manual!
  7. Hi Everyone, Can anyone one help with a couple of Atari 800 keys (with White connector type) Left shift & Left Control Key pls see pic. Happy to pay all associated costs & would be extremely grateful.. Happy New Year to all
  8. So I might be buying this Atari 800XL and all these extras in the next few days. Problem is, I'm not sure what it's worth. I've sold computers like this in the past and they seem to vary in price tremendously which renders my information on them skewed. So what is all this worth? Just judging what you can see of course. I'll include the description the seller gave me as well. Please help! "Here is a pic of the system in the box. The box does have a rip that was taped. I would have to look to see what pieces I have but I am pretty sure I have the disc drive & the modem. This was mine when I was growing up.....just a few years ago " "Here is what I have a disc drive, the box that connects them, 2 joysticks & a printer. I also have the books that came with the disc drive & the computer & a book of programs. I remember spending HOURS typing those things in to watch a dot go across the screen. How times have changed!!!" She is thinking somewhere around the $80 mark, which I think is a good price, but how good exactly? Any information helps. Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone. I'm looking for a 400\800 computer right now. Working of course. I really just need the computer itself. I already have a 800xl, (so I assume they use the same power\rf.....correct me if I'm wrong). Pm me if your interested in selling. I would prefer 800, but I could also be interested in a 400. All if this if the price is right and we can work out a deal.
  10. For quite a while now, I have been looking for a ROM of the ATASCII Animation program that was for the Atari 800, "Atari Toons". I used every search engine I know of, trying to find a ROM of it, and I have also been to a ton of ROM sites as well, but I can't seem to get ahold of one. I also can't find any physical copies of it on eBay or Amazon. Can someone help me out?
  11. So, Hi As the title states, I'm searching for PAL A8 items in working condition. - 1200XL - Atari 5200 (no preference over 2 or 4 ports) - PSU for Atari 1010 (got 2 tape players, NONE with a PSU !) - A8 accessories or related goodies (manuals, advertisings, Atari/Koala pad, etc...) In working order, loose, eventually with the PSU for the 1200XL (I have a step-down converter, don't worry), RF cable not mandatory, box & manuals not mandatory ! If you have a bundle of cartdriges for XL/XE pal computers for cheap, I'm interested too I am in France, and I'll pay for the shipping TRACKED and SIGNED FOR even from the USA. PM If you have any of what I'm searching for...
  12. I've had a vcs and Intellivision for a long time now, I have the opportunity to buy a 400 computer with a bunch of game cartridges pretty cheap, but I've heard most of the 400/800 games availible were just 2600 games with graphical upgrades. I can see there are a few titles I don't have for any system, just wanted to ask what people think about it.
  13. After picking up an Arabic NAJM Atari 65XE i started searching for info on it. That led me to someone stating they had a Hebrew Atari 8-Bit (both with keyboard and OS variants). I'm wondering what other Atari 8-Bit computers came with different language variations? Is there a list that shows all different Atari 8-Bit computer keyboard language versions? I tried searching the Forums but only found keyboard variations - not language / OS variants. Would love to find out more (and collect) other Non-English Atari's
  14. If this is true, is it possible to tell me what programs these are? Thanks.
  15. For those of you still needing to fill that Tigervision hole in your 8-bit Atari collection, there's a 'Matterhorn' up now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Matterhorn-HOLY-GRAIL-for-Atari-8-bit-Computers-400-800-XL-XE-ONLY-SEVEN-KNOWN-/111629975616? Not the crème de la crème, but rare as sin nevertheless.
  16. I may be tempted to part with my Prototype Incognito personality board for the Atari 800 (with Candles blessing) This is one of only 10 pre-production prototype boards made. It has been signed by Candle, it is fully working so could be fitted to your 800 if required, and I will include an unused fitting kit. Open to serious offers
  17. SOLD For Sale: Indus GT for Atari 8-bit machines. Tested, fully working, smoked door intact. The whole unit is very nice. Sorry I just realized the pictures are out of focus. If you need better pics, let me know. Has all the disks with their manuals, plus the overall disk drive manual. I rarely see one of these for sale with all of the disks and manuals... in their original Indus sleeves too. Has original working power supply with the "For use with Indus GT only" sticker wrapped around the input side. No disappointments here... goes great with your 800xl, 1200xl or any other Atari computer. $100 plus actual shipping. I'll double box it and pack it carefully. Prefer cash (PayPal), but will consider trades, tell me what you have, I'll tell you if I'm intersted!
  18. I am looking for a case with a working keyboard. Internals not needed.. just want a good working keyboard. If you have one let me know what you want for it. James
  19. I am selling all the components and the following software as one bundle, unless you let me know what you want and how much you want to pay for a certain item. This was all found in my inlaws home and as of right now, untested. I am going to start testing some items this week. I will take offers as I dont know what it is worth. I dont have the time to separate and list everything by itself. After I get say 4-5 offers, I will sell it to whoever wants it most. I feel here, it will go to people wanting items for their own, not just a reseller although I know you will sell items you dont need. Ok, this is what I found for software. Almost everything has the box, disk or cartridge, and manual. Most boxes are not great, but they are there. Not faded, but just smooshed. Centipede Pack Man Space Invaders Pacific Coast Highway Sesame Street Print Kit Congo Bongo Davids Midnight Magic Ball Blazer game only Monopoly game only Wheel of Fortune game only PrintShop & Print Shop companion no box Net Worth Data Soft Spell Wizard Star League Baseball Time Wise Atari Writer Computer Facts in Time Paint Advanced Music System looking for disc Music Composer Paperclip looking for disc Pole Position Touch Typing Invitation to programming 2 Ms Pack Man Star Raiders Astrology Wiztype Also some books if people are looking for that kinda stuff 101 Atari computer program tips & tricks your Atari computer 400 & 800 Inside Atari Dos Computes 1st book of Atari Atari Basic Book Inside Atari Basics Atari Games and Recreations Picture this All the hardware seems to have the owners manual as well. I am almost certain all the cables are in the one box as well. I dont have the time to piece it all, but will piece some if needed. If you need something, just let me know. Brad
  20. Does anyone know if there is a place that makes original size, material, texture, font nameplates? It would most likely cost too much for a small run of 150 or so, but I'd like to know if anyone has made anything like this.
  21. Hi. I'm trying to extract music from one demo file (X-Files, The (1988-02-01)(SHP)(pl)[stereo]), all I get after extracting is 14 corrupted 1Kb files. I tried to use ATADIM, makeATR, Altirra, etc- no luck... Are there any chances to extract the sound files? Thanks in advance for any help P.S. The demo file itself- http://nitroroms.com/show/file-info/L45161/Atari_8Bit/X-Files,%20The%20(1988-02-01)(SHP)(Pl)[stereo].atr.html
  22. I found some weird stuff at a yard sale recently. Can't price a lot of it online. Any help as to identifying or pricing any of this stuff would be really awesome!
  23. From the album: Yes my collection

    I always find myself using this controller over all the average joysticks I have because compared to those it's very fluent. I bought this from whoever sold their Atari XEGS to me. I'd have to say whoever made this deserves an award of some sort. It's just great.
  24. All this is about original 400/800 "non-XL" machines: I am trying to use tf_hh's 400 RAM card to best effect by burning an EPROM with Fastchip and Omnimon for the 400/800. While I have found a lot of documentation I have not been able to collect the necessary ROM files (or at least to assemble them in a form that works on Altirra before I burn them). My understanding is that I need 8K of OSN OS ROM which is patched to allow, inter alia, access to Omnimon with System Reset + Option, 4K of Omnimon and (optional) 2K of FastChip which should be assembled in the following sequence: Fastchip C000-CFFF empty/zero D000-D800 (hardware registers) FP ROM D800-DFFF OS ROM E000-FFFF I would be happy with a single file I can burn but short of that appreciate any vectors on where to find working ROM files. There is documenation about an extended Omnimon and a combined Omnimon/ROMDOS but I understand these to require a RAMROD board that allows for bankswitching in the C000-CFFF area. As I will eventually try to use these on an Incognito 800 as well, would that support bankswitching of the OSN type in the C000-CFFF area?
  25. Been looking for an Atari 800 or similar spec XL/XE model. Prefer XL/XE model, but will take the old style too! Ebay prices are either way too out there for me for what's being offered or Sold 'As Is and Untested' which I always kind of read as 'doesn't work and I'm selling my junk to you! Ahahaha!' Also interested in an SD Cart of SD Drive for it, but I'm finding those for more reasonable prices online so not required! Found one from an offer here! Thanks for checking~
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