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Found 43 results

  1. So, as I've mentioned before, I've recently come back to Atari 8 bit computing after decades away. Currently I don't actually have any of my old hardware, other than 520ST. I am in the progress of procuring some old hardware in the form of an 800XL and supporting hardware(possible disk drives/SIO solution/display/etc). One of the goals I have set for myself is to *finally* do some programming for the old 800XL. I did BASIC back in the day on my old 400/800XL, when I was a kid. Then didn't really touch computing from 90-96 or so while I was in the US Navy. After leaving the navy I went to school and became a software engineer, which I still am today. But I never have done any assembly programming. Until I have actual hardware to develop on, I plan on using one of the emulators I've used over the years(most likely Altirra) to write/test my code. I'm also considering using a windows editor/compiler for the actual development work, whether I have actual hardware or not. Does anyone have any thoughts on how they would proceed if they were me? More later...
  2. I have a running atari 800xl in good shape comes with ps and rf video cables. 140 OBO plus shipping. Pictured running visicalc. Thanks Brad
  3. Hi chaps and chappesses! Finally got my hands on an atari 800xl.. Been after one for a while... I have a few questions about potential mods and repairs As i bought it potentially not working is there anything i need to look out for? What are common issues? Do the usb power connectors actually work? Ive seen there are ram upgrades.. Even up to 256mb.. Is there a guide how to do the upgrades? Is there a list of mods anywhere for other fun stuff? Is there a way for rgb output? (Just cause the rest of my set up is rgb) Is it posible to make your own cartridges? And is there a way to convert tape only stuff to cartridge? I'm sure theres more questions i have but i'll wait till i get it running to ask
  4. While browsing the web, I found this picture: It looks like someone is working on remake of full size 800XL motherboard. Source: https://ezcontents.org/atari-800xl-pcb-remake https://twitter.com/ezcontents Did anybody heard about it before or know this person?
  5. I've a few items for sale: Shipping UK: £5 - £10 ■ EU: £8 - £15 ■ USA: £10 - £25 (depending on size/weight) Paypal Friends and Family only (or buyer pays fees). detailed pics available for serious enquiries. ■ Atari XL/XE - Ralf David’s XL/XE Eprom Burner (reimaged Dropcheck) £40 (with 2x PIA) or £33 (without) SOLD ■ Atari 65XE - Arabic 65XEN nijem (no1) £74 SOLD ■ Atari 65XE - Arabic 65XEN nijem (no2) £72 SOLD ■ Atari Calculator CC 1900 £44 ■ Atari XL 256k memory upgrade (you will require an additional 74SL15** chip of your own!) £37 ■ Atari Calculator CC 1200 £39 ■ Atari Atarimax Maxflash Cartridge System £65 SOLD ■ Atari Interfaces - PC>Atari HDD, ■ ICD Cable ■ SIO/serial £60 ■ Atari 2 Bit Systems Cartridge & Disks £35 (please note - not original cart case - i acquired it "naked" and re-cased it myself in a blue clear case) ■ Atari 800xl ***ULTRA rare*** Hebrew Modification OS/Keyboard £170 ■ Atari Quintopus Deluxe Multi SIO Adapter + Apelink £130 ■ Atari Supercart [Super cart XE] - make your own game cartridges! £70 ■ SIO cables - £8 each
  6. Hi folks, I recently took my old 800xl (stock, no mods) out of storage and after powering it on and getting to the READY screen the screen becomes completely scrambled about 3-5 seconds later. It’s not a static scrambled screen either, the garbage displayed on the screen changes at random time intervals. I tried all the obvious fixes (took out every removable I.C. and reseated them, double checked all ICs were firmly set in their sockets, replaced RAM, ANTIC and CPU). I also threw out the old power supply and made a new one but the problem persists. Note that about 25% of the time when I turn on the machine I just get a black screen. Power Supply ======== I had the old ingot style power supply that I’m pretty sure must have fried something when I initially powered up my 800xl. It was reading ~ +6.5 to 7 VDC! The first thing I did after reading about those ingot PSs was to throw it away and build a new PS using an old USB cord. The power from that new PS reads +5.50VDC. I verified that the new RAM chips are getting power within tolerance: measured +5.3VDC , tolerance is between +4.5 and 5.5 VDC. RAM === Next, I bought two different sets of RAM chips off eBay but none of them fix the issue: * Motorola 4164 (MCM6665BP20) 64K DRAM * Oki M3764-15RS 64K DRAM note that I am not mixing the RAM chips (E.g. I am not using some of the Oki’s and some of the Motorola’s together). Replacing the ANTIC and CPU ================== After replacing the RAM and seeing that it did not improve things, I read all of the Atari 800xl tech manuals I could find (great stuff btw, really wish I had access to that back in he 80s!). After understanding exactly what the different ICs do, I came up with a hypothesis: if the machine was operating normally, then on the READY prompt screen the video out signals on the ANTIC and GTIA chips would have a consistent pattern of pulses because that screen is static (it only displays READY). The converse should also be true: when the screen on my 800xl becomes randomly scrambled, then the video out signals from the chips would vary with the randomly changing scrambled output I was seeing. So I should be able to work backwards from the composite out port -> display circuitry -> GTIA chip -> ANTIC chip using a logic probe and find the source of the scrambled display. Sure enough, I could see that the signals on pins 2,3 & 5 of the ANTIC chip (pixel data & H/V sync command output to GTIA) were indeed varying with the randomly changing scrambled output I was seeing on the monitor. So I ordered an ANTIC chip (C021697-11) and a CPU just for good measure (C014806C-29). I put those chips in, turned on the machine and..... the problem still exists. Unless I somehow received two bad batches of RAM, the schematics show that it could be a bad MMU chip or the two multiplexer ICs (u26 & u27; 74LS158’s). But before I go buying more chips, I wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this issue or if anyone has advice on next steps to troubleshoot. Thanks, Jeff
  7. IMG_1069.MOV I pulled out my old 800xl. It seems to work but there is interference in the RF output. It’s pops and clicks with lines like an old VHS tracking disorder. The monitor output has never worked on this machine. The hole in the case isn’t even large enough to fit the monitor to RCA cable. I have tried many different RF cables, switch boxes, and adapters and different monitors and TVs. What do you guys think? Would it be the power supply or the graphics chip? Should I open her up and reseat chips or something? Or does it seemed trashed? I’m trying to upload a video but it doesn’t seem to work IMG_1069.MOV
  8. So I'm a new owner of a previously owned 800 XL. Along with it came several issues of Antic(unfortunately without their disks). One issue was Volume 3, Number 4 from August 1984. The Game of the Month, Creepy Caverns, was printed in 2 parts for "the benefit of readers who have only 16K of RAM.", according to the instructions under "How to use the program with (minimum 32K) DOS systems". But the 800XL I have has 64K. So how do I type this in if I don't have this limitation? I had first thought to just type them both in one after the other, but as I was looking at both listings I noticed they have some duplicate line numbers. I'm guessing though that if I just typed them both in, then there might be problems since there can be only one of a single line number. Typing one and then typing the other would overwrite the one before it. This is a huge shot in the dark, asking this question here. I don't exactly expect anyone to have an answer for me, but with me being a new user, any help I can get is appreciated.
  9. Hello everyone! Okay, so I know this isn’t a topic about the 5200. I just couldn’t find the right place for my post. I am new here and my husband and I have an Atari 800 (1979). We also have a 410 program recorder. Both he owned since new. We just replaced the belts on the 410 recorder and got it fired up. But we are having a few issues. 1) I put a blank cassette in, started at the beginning of the magnetic strip, and put the Program counter to zero. I was able to record the program I was working on, but when it comes to CLOAD ‘ing the program, the 410 recorder will throw a few different codes. 143, 138, 29 and 130. Since my husband is the original owner we luckily have the original owner’s guide for the 410. Inside it said that (codes 143, 138) the head of the tape deck needed to be either demagnetized or cleaned. So, I popped in a demagnetizing tape, and a head cleaner. Plus I did a traditional head clean with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. We then ran a traditional cassette inside the program recorder with the POKE command, (to eliminate head issues) and it did manage to play music through the television. The audio was clear. So we again tried CLOAD ‘ing the program I CSAVE ‘ed with our system, and still received the same codes. We also tried several other cassette games and it was the same issue with the same codes. After CSAVE ‘ing it will display the “Ready” prompt. But will continue to struggle to load anything. Has anyone else had this issue? Or could offer pointers on why it is unable to load anything? We just replaced the original CPU/GTIA in our Atari 800 and it plays games beautifully. Plus it will read the programs I create in BASIC. The computer works great. So please note this appears to be an issue with the 410 program recorder only. Or could it be something else? 2) The other issue is... The rewind button is not working on the 410 recorder either. We have been using another tape deck to rewind. We did replace the belts, did one slip? Also, I have inserted my cassette with the Recorded program (only) into a standard cassette deck and it will make the typical screeching. So the program is there. let me know your thoughts on all of this. I am looking forward to saving programs.
  10. I have a hardware problem with Atari 800 XL. In every game that uses sprites they got corrupted after about 6 sec. since initializing them. In SysInfo there is a sprite collision test and it works, but soon after it finishes, garbage occurs: If I restart the test it works again fine. In River Raid, sprites become small letters of alphabet and player graphics is a full screen height column of capital letters (letter depends on the vertical position on the screen, so moving sprites scroll vertically across the alphabet): In Super Cobra it works for a while, but when it crashes for the first time, the heli crashes immediately after reappearing (it is a constant collision). In Pitfall II the demo doesn't scroll, and there is no character on the gamefield. All games work for ~6 sec. and then garbage appears on the screen. If I reset computer it works again for same time, and in SysInfo it is enough to re run the test, so it is unlikely to be thermal issue. I have swapped GTIA, RAM and OS ROM, but with no luck.
  11. kjps86

    WTB: Atari 800XL

    Hello, first topic to the forums, please excuse me if I unknowingly break some rules. I would like to see if anyone has an Atari 800XL they would be willing to part with, complete with power supply and maybe some software (this would be my first unit of this type). Please respond to this topic or pm me to discuss details. My goal is to have a working unit in decent, but not necessarily perfect, condition. For reference, I live in the US and am looking for a US NTSC unit. Thanks for reading, any tips or ideas are appreciated.
  12. So I might be buying this Atari 800XL and all these extras in the next few days. Problem is, I'm not sure what it's worth. I've sold computers like this in the past and they seem to vary in price tremendously which renders my information on them skewed. So what is all this worth? Just judging what you can see of course. I'll include the description the seller gave me as well. Please help! "Here is a pic of the system in the box. The box does have a rip that was taped. I would have to look to see what pieces I have but I am pretty sure I have the disc drive & the modem. This was mine when I was growing up.....just a few years ago " "Here is what I have a disc drive, the box that connects them, 2 joysticks & a printer. I also have the books that came with the disc drive & the computer & a book of programs. I remember spending HOURS typing those things in to watch a dot go across the screen. How times have changed!!!" She is thinking somewhere around the $80 mark, which I think is a good price, but how good exactly? Any information helps. Thanks!
  13. I picked up an 800XL in fantastic condition and added an Antonia CPU/RAM upgrade. Sold it to a friend of mine, and then ended up getting it back :-) It has pretty fuzzy video though. According to this post: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/198754-current-best-s-video-picture-improvement-mod-for-800xl/ I'm going to I'm skipping step 2, as no banding is present; it's just REALLY fuzzy and currently s-video outputs black and white only. My soldering skill are improving, and I've a shiny new solder station arriving on my day off. I guess I could easily do this with just schematics, but ... It would be greatly appreciated if someone has pics of these simple finished steps (I like pictorial verification, because I'm pretty new at this stuff still). Any other advice on what to do while I'm in there? Besides the Antonia, all my other work has been on XE models. I put a UAV in my 130XE and if this doesn't work out, I'll probably buy another for the 800XL. Thanks, Thomas
  14. From the album: SIO2 Projects

    Atari 800xl stackpole type key cap, carrier, and springs.

    © Public.

  15. I found my original 800xl from when I was a kid in the garage. Did not have a power supply so I picked up a 61982 off ebay. When I turn it on I see scrambled video and hear a buzz. This happens when I use the RF out and when using composite out via the monitor port. I recently had a similar issue with a 2600 and swapping out the TIA worked. Could this be as easy as replacing the GTIA or does the buzzing indicate another issue?
  16. Just a small demo to celebrate New Year! Enjoy! where_is_the_snow.xex ps. Hope it won't induce any headaches
  17. Hardware Legacy engineering USB Atari Joystick, £5 Commodore C64c Power supply. working £8 Commodore 1541 drive, tested+working, no leads £20 Atari 810 drive, boxed, Super Archiver fitted, tested and works great £90 (no PSU) Atari 1050, boxed, tested and working, £35 (no psu) Atari 1050, tested and working £20 Atari XEGS, Boxed, complete with polys etc £70 Sic! cart 4m £12 Atari 2600 light 6'er, tatty box, PSU,games,sticks £30 Sega Megadrive 2, 2 controllers, 3 games £10 Software Antic magazines, on 3 Discs pdf's and .atr's £10 A.N.A.L.O.G.magazines on 2 Discs pdf's and .atr's £10 Kolony 2106 boxed set £10
  18. SOLD For Sale: Indus GT for Atari 8-bit machines. Tested, fully working, smoked door intact. The whole unit is very nice. Sorry I just realized the pictures are out of focus. If you need better pics, let me know. Has all the disks with their manuals, plus the overall disk drive manual. I rarely see one of these for sale with all of the disks and manuals... in their original Indus sleeves too. Has original working power supply with the "For use with Indus GT only" sticker wrapped around the input side. No disappointments here... goes great with your 800xl, 1200xl or any other Atari computer. $100 plus actual shipping. I'll double box it and pack it carefully. Prefer cash (PayPal), but will consider trades, tell me what you have, I'll tell you if I'm intersted!
  19. Hi everyone, New to the forum and the Atari 800XL. I recently (yesterday) managed to get my hands on this machine with disk drive and a bunch of games (both cartridge and disks), and the touch tablet from Freecycle. Not bad really but alas my joyful evening of playing Space Invaders has been ruined by a lack of power. Not in the house, thankfully, but with the machine. Now I have an issue. Is it likely to be the power supply that came with it or the 800XL itself. How am I to tell? Is there an easy way to tell? Does anyone live near me with a working power supply that is happy to let me come check my machine - or does someone have a spare supply that they don't need?! I don't really want to go and buy a replacement PSU if the machine is a brick anyway understandably. My current PSU is the CO61763 if that helps any. I flick the switch and nothing happens. Changed the fuse and nothing. Don't know what to do now. Hoping to get other systems along the way (Would love a Lynx, Jaguar and 2600) so this is my first foray into Atari systems - though I used to play a 2600 quite a lot as a kid So is there anyone in the Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London (UK BTW) area that could help me out? Cheers R
  20. Hi all, I recently rescued my old Atari 800XL from my parents' attic and wanted to give it a whirl. It's just a base unit with an XC12 cassette deck, bust I spent a huge amount of time on it when I was a kid, both playing games and programming. I connected it up and was delighted to find that familiar blue screen looking at me! However, it does not seem to be able to read data from the tape deck. In fact, having the tape deck even attached seems to affect the startup of the computer - with nothing attached to the SIO port, it starts up as normal. With the cassette deck attached however, the little noise before READY appears is different and much faster. I don't know what the purpose of that clicky noise is between the blue screen appearing and READY appearing, but having the tape deck attached affects it where it never used to back when I used it regularly. Anyone have any ideas what might cause this? I'm pretty good technically, but most of my retro experience is repairing Amigas - I don't have any experience with the Atari at all, so any pointers as to where the fault might lie would be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Hi everyone. I recently picked up an 800xl that on the outside looks mint, but upon power up it displays a red screen and that's it. So, reading on here and other forums around the net, the first culprit appeared to be the memory - a couple of chips were indeed almost too hot to touch, so I sourced and replaced all 8 ( 4264-15's ). Now when the system is powered up the ram chips all run at a cool temp - way cooler than before. But, still the red screen. So I have scoured the forums trying to get some pointers as to what to try next. If I leave the system running for a few minutes, the top right chip becomes hot - I beleive that is the BASIC ROM, it's marked C024947A-01. I also understand that sometimes the ANTIC and GTIA chips can also fail ( these being the chips tasked with correct display? ). Has anyone had any success with tracking down the cause of the RED screen of Death and resurrected an 800xl successfully? If so, any pointers as to what fixed it? I am happy to work through this, report my findings to help others, and get this clean machine back operational again. If I wanted to source replacement chips here in Canada/US where would I start? Best Electronics? Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. Damian.
  22. Hi, I just got a large box of floppies and a 1050 drive. While trying to load the disks, some work, some don't some kind of work. For example - Loderunner loads up, but the screen is reddish and all of the graphics are scrambled - this floppy is a copy, so that may be it. Forbidden forest starts to load and then hangs - this is a factory disk that states 'for all atari computers'. Some of the disks are labeled 130xe, but most just have a user printed label with the game name. The Ultima I disk (copy) has 'needs fix XL' written on it, and Ultima II or III won't load all the way either. Epyx Dragonriders of Pern doesn't finish loading (original). I've tried 2 different working drives and 2 different working 800XL's. Is there a way to check which system these games are supposed to be used on? Thanks!
  23. I have an Atari 800XL PAL unit with Supervideo XL mod that I paid a good bit for from Germany. The keyboard in it had a stuck key. I confirmed it was mechanical. Air did not help so I took the membrane loose. Apparently a mistake. Replacing after cleaning, only the function keys work. Reseated cable repeatedly. I was going to buy another unit on eBay and take the keyboard, but they are too expensive, so I will not be watching scene demos on this but shelving it, it seems. I can't afford a new one. (Someone is currently selling a PIECE OF FOAM from the box of a 600XL for $32....) Before I close the door on my A8 experience for probably a decade, I wanted to see if anyone had a spare keyboard for the unit that I could buy for a fairly low price. Probably not, but I wanted to take one more chance before I put this broken system away. Thanks. :-/ bp
  24. I recently retrieved an old 800XL from my parents' attic, and have found that it's not working. I can't remember if it was like this when I put it away 25-ish years ago, but I had two of them and the definitely both worked at one point. The fault is a brownish coloured screen as soon as the computer is turned on, usually with scrambled-looking output in light brown to the right of the screen, though occasionally it ends up as one or two solid vertical bars of the cream / light brown colour. The attached photos show the output. It's a Rev. C board with all socketed chips. I've tried removing and reseating them all, but no joy. I have a good bit of experience troubleshooting and repairing Amigas, but I'm starting from scratch with this, and I can't seem to find any schematics of the 800XL anywhere, which doesn't help matters. So far I've gotten as far as checking that the CPU clocks, which are both running, and the halt pin, which has regular pulses. To me, this would suggest that it's not able to reset properly for some reason, but I thought I'd ask and see if anyone has suggestions on where to look. Thanks!
  25. The most wireless computer in the world could be this ATARI 800XL. It is a record? I dont know Wireless Video Wireless Audio Wireless Software Loading Wireless Input (joystick) All powered by batteries
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