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Found 44 results

  1. Dear 8-bitters Your advice on which Atari micro to purchase would be greatly appreciated! I thinking of getting back into the Atari 8-bit scene and plan using the machine with some regularity but am not sure if I should go with an Atari 130XE or Atari 800. To me the Atari 800 is very special indeed as it was my first micro computer so it holds an enormous sentimental place in my heart but then again I might be better off with a machine that has more RAM, has BASIC built-in and can enjoy a larger software base. In addition to this, I would like to get one of those newer hardware add-ons like the FujiNet which I know very little about but keep hearing about or an SIO to SD type of device, something I have also only heard about. The plan is to avoid the need for a floppy drive on either system and if I can load software from the LAN it would be pretty incredible. Can both the 800 and 130XE benefit from either of these hardware add-ons? Can the Atari 800 enjoy a RAM upgrade today and is it relatively affordable? What advice would you offer? Kind regards —Alex
  2. All, I am going thru my collection after a lengthy time away. (college, kids etc) Mostly 8 bit systems (Atari,Commodore,TI,TRS-80 etc) I have a few composite to HDMI upconverters running around....Are these still the go to devices to get the signal to HDMI? Looking for something that I can basically setup and then swap the systems in and out to verify functionality on a HDMI monitor. I know people are always trying out new video converter devices and the ones I have are those cheapo ones found on ebay (<$10 - white or black boxes). I may set up each system with something more specific (for better results) but one step at a time... Thanks Chris
  3. I had this machine for a very long time in my collection of weird clone hardware, this one is probably among my rarest ones. Is a 64k pc similar to an commodore 64, that has a famicom built in, its a weird specimen even for famiclone standard, it uses a specific 5v ac adapter, wich makes some games have sound error's and visual glitches. Uses nes ports for the controllers, and has an expansion port that i still have no clue whats for, i have two of these but this is the only one that i have that has a fully working keyboard, the machine was bought in 1992 from a magazine number in CDMX, is a very interesting piece of clone hardware, and the last of the 3 bit corp computers. Im thinking about trading it for other weird clone console, or maybe another Gentry sufami clone to fix mine, if someone is interested pm Anyway, has someone ever heard of these computers by BitCorp before?
  4. Hi everyone c: I did this conversion of "Despacito" for MSX/Colecovision/Intellivision tonight, and I wanted to show it to all of you. I add the .bas file to compile on Intybasic and listen on your Intellivision. Enjoy. I will post here more of my works later. Check more of them on http://adan.eu.pn/ Despacito.bas
  5. Hi All, I’ve recently worked on an Atari 400 and 800xl and installed the new Sophia 2 chips with dvi connections. Both are outputting great video now. My 400 had some issues at first running cartridges but after a few tries and cleaning some carts off it worked. My 800xl is another story though. I can’t get a single cartridge to start. Ones that I already tested as working on the 400 do not work on the 800xl. I ran the self test and all items pass. Wondering how to test the cartridge slot itself. I did use some canned air to blow out the port as well as a little 99.8 isopropyl. Anyone have any thoughts to verify if the cartridge slot is working? Are there any continuity points I can check from the cartridge pins? Any suggestions appreciated. GabeShack
  6. I've aquired a extra boxed VG5000. This is slightly less common Schneider version (white instead of Philips black model) boxed with power supply and controller interface. I have a video cable I can throw in as well but its flaky. (A new cable is only like $15 on eBay) To use this in the US you'll need a 220v to 110v converter and a Scart to HDMI adapter. I also have a couple loose game tapes I'll send along. You can use any Cassette deck just needs a MSX compatible cable. $100 + shipping
  7. SIO2


    From the album: SIO2 Projects

    My Score

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  8. SIO2


    From the album: SIO2 Projects

    My Score

    © Public

  9. Hi all, New features for version 2.2: - improvements to video timing - Bennet tables implemented for DMA timing - mid-scanline timing fix (e.g. Fast Eddie, Silly Things demo, Master of the Lamps) - 6502 store timing fix - VSCROL fixed - VDELAY fixed - player & missile colours fixed for GTIA modes - "Share Joystick fpr Player 2" menu item added (share a single joystick for 2 players, playing alternately) - PIA memory repeat added - PIA fixes for DCRs and data registers - menu option to turn on/off console speaker - SIO disk fixes - sound restored when window gets focus - more trace info for CPU, SIO, PIA and display options - scanline ruler added - CONSOL read fixed for 5200 (Xari Arena ok now) - 20% faster than v2.1 http://www.chrislam.co.uk/rainbow-atari-8bit-emulator.htm Regards, Chris.
  10. Ever let the pilots expire outside of the ship or zap them with the shield just to be a dick? LOL I guess I have a twisted sense of humor, I abandoned a game to answer the phone and it just cracked me up when the pilot pounds on the door, then knocks, then gently thuds... then nothing. Wasn't Cybermorph just a bad remake of RoF! ?
  11. Hi all, New features for version 2.2: - improvements to video timing - Bennet tables implemented for DMA timing - mid-scanline timing fix (e.g. Fast Eddie, Silly Things demo, Master of the Lamps) - 6502 store timing fix - VSCROL fixed - VDELAY fixed - player & missile colours fixed for GTIA modes - "Share Joystick fpr Player 2" menu item added (share a single joystick for 2 players, playing alternately) - PIA memory repeat added - PIA fixes for DCRs and data registers - menu option to turn on/off console speaker - SIO disk fixes - sound restored when window gets focus - more trace info for CPU, SIO, PIA and display options - scanline ruler added - CONSOL read fixed for 5200 (Xari Arena ok now) - 20% faster than v2.1 http://www.chrislam.co.uk/rainbow-atari-8bit-emulator.htm Regards, Chris.
  12. Hi all, New version features: - improvements to video timing - corrected calculations for DMA cycle stealing - ATR header written for disk images with extensions .ATR or .atr - joypad buttons added for OPTION, SELECT, PAUSE and START - improvements to 5200 joystick - 5200 keys 0..9 now also at numeric keypad - 6502 fixes - PRIOR bit5 fixed for overlapping players - NMI fixes - Trace output better formatted and more accurate info - Tools menu added (disable PMGs, DLIs, etc.) http://www.chrislam.co.uk/rainbow-atari-8bit-emulator.htm Thanks, Chris.
  13. Looking to sell several different Atari 8-bit computer programming languages, price doesn't include shipping but open to any and all offeres Educational System Master Cartridge $20 OBO Pilot $10 OBO Assembler Editor $35 OBO
  14. I am looking for a case with a working keyboard. Internals not needed.. just want a good working keyboard. If you have one let me know what you want for it. James
  15. Dear friends When I bought my first Atari 800XL, in 1984, I immediately realized to have in my hands not only a good “game machine” but also a powerful ‘didactic’ instrument to learn. I enjoyed myself with several good games published in the first half of the 80’s and then, I started to program with the excellent Basic available on the Atari 8 bit trying to explore and exploit the graphic and the sound of my machine. Italian books or magazines were almost not existing and, obviously, Internet was far to be a solution… I didn’t stop in my passion and, with many difficulties, I was able to get some documents in English from the USA. With these info and billions of hours awake in the night, I made the jump from Basic to the ‘mystic’ Machine Language... In those years it was very popular “Winter Games” by Epyx but, unfortunately, it didn’t exist an Atari version. For this reason I decided to try to convert the Ski Jump event and to show my creation to Lindasoft, a mythical Italian software house supporting the 8-bit world. The meeting was very positive and they asked me to complete an ‘Atarian’ version of winter games. I finished the game and it was published (obviously without the Ski Jump event, too similar to the original from Epyx) but, due to the Italian Atari market, based mainly on systems connected with cassette recorders, Lindasoft decided to sell it only on tape... a multi-event game is conceptually made to be run by diskette and the cassette version was not a good idea. Now, after a lot of years, and thanks to the support of Filippo Santellocco ( http://www.santelloc...atari/index.htm ) and other friends, It's possible for me to recover this old program and to share it with all you in this complete and never released disk version. I've prepared also an English version of the instruction manual and I recommend you to read it before to play White Circus is a multi-event sport game, it runs on all Atari 8-bit systems and it gives you the opportunity to compete with your friends in 5 different winter disciplines. Please remember: currently my English is very far to be perfect, but it was absolutely terrible when I was a boy, so I beg your pardon for any text error in the game. Also, White Circus has been my very first game... I programmed the code in Machine Language, I created the graphics, the music and the sounds effects. I assembled it in about 10 months in 1987, using BBK Monitor, not a real and comfortable Assembler tool… It’s normal that White Circus is not perfect and that the playability is not always at the top. I know that it is not a masterpiece but it’s a my creature and I will always love it It’s a great joy for me to have finally the opportunity to share it with all you, Atari fans Ciao P.S. You can find this game and other news also in the nice website of Filippo : http://www.santelloc...i/programmi.htm White Circus.zip
  16. There was (BITD) an audio file of an advert about a mushroom air freshener. Does anyone have the audio file? I (BITD) played this through the PC speaker of an old TANK of a PC, Win 3,11 system! What an old piece... COVOX could do this very well. Still looking for that audio file. There's a mushroom in my bathroom and a lovely fragrance in the air. If anyone can find audio , or better yet video of this, I would appreciate it. I just want to find this stuff I found back in the day. IIRC, that file was modulated to play through the Pc Speaker. If not, then GTIA does MUCH better with that sort of stuff. PoKey could do it beautifully. Let's find that music. Edit: added more info.
  17. SIO2


    From the album: SIO2 Projects

    My Score

    © public

  18. Found in cart slot of a old 800 I picked up on eBay, Help identifying would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Undertale - Muffet Song - Spider Dance STORY I really like this music and wanted to create a ColecoVision version of it. So I took a day listening to the original music and multiple covers including the great acapella version by Smooth McGroove. I took a day to decide the way I wanted my version to sound like and coded the first 30 seconds, added the valid cartridge header and very simple needed routines to work properly. DOWNLOAD Muffet Spider Dance Demo (30 seconds loop) SRC+ROM: cvmuffetdemo.zip
  20. Medical bills and moving force sale. All reasonable offers considered. I will take offers for the lot or indiVidual games. The one with faded label is Journey to the Planets. Also listing on Facebook.
  21. Looking to sell a brand new/sealed pack of 10 Datalife cleaning disks as well as an opened package of Datalife Head cleaning kit Brand New/Sealed Datalife Cleaning Disks $50 OBO Datalife Head Cleaning Kit $20 OBO
  22. I have a bunch of 8bit atari computer floppy disks that I'm looking to get rid. I understand that the value for them is probably intrinsic or that someone may want them for historical purposes. Whatever the case may be please let me know what you're interested in and just make me an offer as I don't want these to simply be thrown out Thanks https://drive.google.com/open?id=18UuV-EuY_vwF0GBX9s-t78IlVZVsy-lf
  23. Good morning everyone! No, this is not clickbait... it's real. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the ColecoVision game system To show my music composing talent And to show how I don't care about drama, about being imposed restrictions in my hobby. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN RAINBOW BRITEtm JUKEBOX MUSIC FOR THE ADAM COMPUTER, COLECOVISION AND COMPATIBLE SYSTEMS BY NEWCOLECO AKA DANIEL BIENVENU Please leave a like and comment! Enjoy! ROM FILE : RAINBOW BRITE JUKEBOX 2017.zip SOURCE FILE : RAINBOW BRITE JUKEBOX 2017 (SRC FILES).zip FAQ Q: Software to make the music? A: My own software CVSoundGen.zip and 2 days of patience and listening the theme song in chunks with Audacity. Q: Development kit? A: My own kit based on Marcel deKogel's devkit released in 1998 and adapted to work with SDCC compiler. Q: Can I use this music and sounds for my own projects? A: No, unless I tell you otherwise. Q: Will there be a playable game Rainbow Brite for the ColecoVision? A: Maybe, maybe not. Q: Why you decided to make a jukebox with the Rainbow Brite theme song? A: For fun. First time ever I've heard the music and I quite like how catchy and groovy it sounds as a chiptune.
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