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Found 7 results

  1. Little time ago I posted some files here that were roll-ups of files for MAME/MESS from the, what I call, the 'other' 99s; that is the TI99-8, TI99-2, TI-99 PSystem, MyArcII XB and the Geneve 9640. Looking over them I realized I hadn't vetted these very closely, especially the Geneve. (FYI: if you don't know anything about the Geneve, here is the Wiki article with some excellent links for a deeper dive on the subject: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geneve_9640 ) So I went back and pulled up MESS Geneve and began testing and adding software so now I have a much better package with lots of games and tested software that runs on the MAME/MESS Geneve without much effort. The tested and working files are put in two .HD files; OS7 and FDRIVE. OS7 is the operating system and the development files. FDRIVE is the games, Advanced BASIC and XB26 files and other miscellaneous files. As stated, I tested these files as working to the extent of my ability. If something is missing that you may know of from the Geneve I either could not get it to work or I just didn't know about it. Here is the brief listing of OS7. BATCH contains batch runtime files for: AB - Advanced BASIC startup Bible - A Christian Bible program CAL- displays a monthly calendar EA - loads TI-99 Editor assembler in MYGPL The HELP files - GPLHELP, MDOSHELP, PROGHELP & QDEHELP 4th - starts the Forth programming package MA - starts Myart MW - starts Myword XB - starts XB2.6 in MYGPL Some of the other packages on OS7: Forth - the Forth programming package directory DSK - holds the Fortran programming package. Start the Fortran in XB then RUN "HDS1.DSK.FORTCOMP.XBBOOT" to execute DSK1 - the virtual Disk 1 drive TASM - the 9640 assembler TIC - the 9640 C programming package MDOS - the MyDOS operating system files. Notable utilities: D - this is a two column formatted directory program DM - the directory manager EDITOR - an advanced editor GAMEGPL - starts GPL programs directly bypassing the TI menu QDE - the general purpose editor for the 9640 XCOPY, XDEL & XDIR - more advanced directory commands FDRIVE listing: ABD - directory program that will run in Advanced BASIC XBD - same as above for XB26 GAMES - MYGPL and MDOS game executables Listing for game executable. Can be run straight from MDOS alpiner, blasto, anteater, burgertime, carwars, chisolm trail, donkey kong, henpecked, jungle hunt, junkman jr, mbgames (includes connect 4, hangman, yathzee & zero zap), microsurgeon, moonmine, moonsweeper, munchman, munchman2, othello, popeye, princess & the frog, return to the island, roto-raiders, schnozola, tetris (MDOS native), the attack, TI invaders, tombstone city, topper, video chess, wingwar, hunt the wumpus and yathzee. Note: it is recommended when starting all these games except Tetris to press SHIFT+SHIFT+CTRL the F4 to slow the speed down otherwise they will run at up to 5 times the speed. Tunnels of Doom -TOD. the files for Tunnels of Doom are in HDS2.TODDISK Adventure - Adventure files are in HDS2.ADVDISK Infocom - all the Infocom games are in the HDS2.INFOCOM XBGAMES - these games must be run from XB26 otherwise they won't work. buckrogers, centipede, congo bongo, dig dug, hopper & Qbert. I also added some other .HD files: 9640news - all of Beery's 9640 newsletters. PSYS - this is the Psystem for 9640. It, sorta works but not well enough to have added it to OS7. MDOS7 - these are the original MDOS7 files. other Games - these are some games that mostly run but with issues. How to run. Copy all the MESS files in your MAME/MESS directory. It contains the ROMS and other import files to run the 9640 emulator. run the supplied batch files GENEVE-9640.BAT to run the emulator Some thoughts on the Geneve 9640. It's still very much a work in-progress. Berry and his other programmers are continuously working on updating the system and adding more features to what is a fairly stable platform. There is also some work on a 9640 hardware recreation, so we got that too. The 9640 was/is a good upgrade of the TI-99 line. It has a much nice BASIC, faster, better graphics and sound. Personally, I think it been a better product than the 99/8. But, that is history. If you want something to play with in the vain of the 99-4a, I would recommend the 9640. Even if you can't get a real iron, make you a virtual one with MAME/MESS or wait and see if a real 9640 finally makes it out the door. Enjoy, HLO Geneve9640.zip
  2. In the last post I threw around some terms that might not be familiar to those who may have never used the Geneve 9640. So, here is a brief description. MYGPL - Programs from the TI99/4(a) can't be run directly on the 9640. A lot of TI99 software has a underlying layer known as GPL in the code. MYGPL has a GPL emulator built in that enables those TI99 programs with GPL to run on the 9640. To run TI99 software with MYGPL you type in 'MYGPL nameofTI99program' at the MDOS prompt. This executes the TI99 program. But, the program will be running at the native 9640 speed which is about 5 times faster then a normal TI99. This can be an issue if playing games such as Parsec which is already fairly fast. To slow down the program you will need to do a SHIFT+SHIFT+CTRL. This will bring up thev MYGPL menu. See screen below: Pressing F4 will enable you to adjust the speed of the game. Most TI99 games run best at 1 or 2. After setting the speed press ENTER to return back to the game. This is also the way to exit MYGPL by pressing ESC on this screen. EXEC - Sometimes the TI99 program may not have GPL inside it. This is software from the TI99 that usually is executed by entering the Editor/Assembler then pressing 5. Several of the applications run this way. It is executed similar to MYGPL with 'EXEC nameofTI99program'. The down side of EXEC though is that there is currently no way to adjust the speed otherwise I would be using it more with games. BATCH FILES - I run a lot of the MYGPL and EXEC commands from batch files. The batch files are very similar to batch files from MSDOS as they are a collection of commands in a runtime script that will execute from the MDOS prompt. HDS1, HDS2, HDS3 etc.. These are the hard drive designations for Hard Drive 1, Hard Drive 2, Hard Drive 3. There can only be up to three hard drives in MDOS. Within MDOS prompt you can also specify these drives by the letter E:, F:, G: in the form of E:/MODS.DM . The letter designations don't seem to work outside of the MDOS prompt environment though. Like in XB you must refer to the files with the full name 'OLD HDS2.GAMES.BUCKROGERS'. The RAM disk H: DSK5. - The RAM disk is H: OR DSK5. It a 128k drive and is volatile. So if you reboot your system, you will lose the contents of this drive. DSK1 to DSK4 - These are the disk drives 1-4 or A: to D . in MAME/MESS I have them setup as 5.25 DSDD. HELP - you can type HELP at the MDOS prompt anytime to get a list of other HELP files for the MDOS commands, common programs, MYGPL usage and the QDE editor usage. If you need to reboot - Press SHIFT+SHIFT+CTRL like in MYGPL. This will also reboot the system (if not totally locked up). D - typing the letter D at the MDOS prompt will give you a nicely formatted directory listing of your current directory location. As for as I can tell, it won't take any parameters. PATH - As in MSDOS you can specify a PATH command in MDOS. I have set BATCH, MDOS and GAMES as default paths. any program or batch in those directories can be executed anywhere from the MDOS prompt. DSK1 directory - DSK1 directory on E: is a shadow location for the disk drive 1. You can put files in this directory and they will be executed as if in DSK1. Good example is the E/A files: ASSM1, ASSM2 and EDIT1. When running E/A you won't have to have the E/A boot disk in DSK1 to run since MDOS will look for the files 1st in E:/DSK1. This is also handy with XB. I have the XB LOAD file in DSK1 to give that ding dong sound when XB26 starts. That's about all I can think of for now. Good gaming. HLO
  3. --- Update after 30 days --- So, I set a time limit on resolving this issue. There are not enough Geneve users to sink a ton of time into this. The problem at hand was that at the low level, sending data to the TIPI on a stock Geneve was not working. This was fixed with a CPLD update on the TIPI. The update can be applied by anyone, instructions to do so are on the TIPI wiki: https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki/CPLD-Programming-With-PI. This shows TIPI to function in GPL under ROMPAGE mode. The storage system is not supported by MDOS. Further, there are errors receiving data from TIPI when using the 'recvmsg' function in the TIPI ROM from MDOS mode. This seems to only happen when the destination memory buffer is external to the Geneve in the PEB. That points to a hardware flaw in TIPI still. But value vs. time prohibits further hardware investigation on my part. Some experiments in software workarounds are still pending. Probably the vrecvmsg routine in TIPI ROM will work just fine, as it reads into VDP memory. Again this is only a problem if you are addressing external CPU ram in the PEB, such as a MEMEX card or a Myarc 512k card modified for the Geneve. [email protected] --- Original Post --- Ok, so Tim has put in my hands a Geneve that reproduces the problem with TIPI. I've built a test cartridge that exercises the TIPI in GPL/ROMPAGE mode, and a corresponding python script. What we see is that I cannot write to the 8 bit latches in the CPLD at 0x5FFD and 0x5FFF. This is all I know so far, all the rest of TIPI works... reading from the latches set by the PI work fine, reading the ROM works fine, the crubits work fine. --- I've been sitting on this for a while. but I have a lot of other things I want to do in my hobby life... So... For the next 30 days, this will be my HOBBY priority. and if I do not have a solution by then, I am done. The only interest I have in getting it to work on other peoples' Geneves is gaining a little bit of knowledge. But I need to make a good effort, and then admit defeat and move on, or rejoice in success! ( I am hoping for the latter ) I don't build TIPIs... I won't build TIPIs. So if the outcome requires physical changes, you'll all have to find someone to build them. --- So, if you want this to work, now is a good time for you to learn how to read verilog, and assembly, and pester me. Beery has been feeding me clues for a while... Given some of what he has fed me, and the lack of information out there, I'm going to start back at the prototyping process to figure out how to latch 8 bits in the DSR address space on write. Seems simple enough... But I have to pretend I don't know how to do it on a 4A or I'm trapped in the loop. --- Interesting thing I read last night in the 9995 datasheet... the WE and CRU_CLK signal are the same pin... [email protected]
  4. So, I have a Geneve. A few folks recently have Geneves that are in various states of repair. A handful of you all have working Geneves. --- Looking around, I see lots of software development tools and proofs of concept, but no applications... Growing up, my father used his Geneve for 80 column multiplan... That was really it. That and printing. He didn't game... He managed a mailing list, which was a TI Writer or Multiplan file with peoples names and addresses organized for printing on avery labels for things like 'Christmas letter' or the user-group's newsletter mailing. I used Myart to turn my 'C' at best homework into something that wow'ed the teachers into an 'A', or wrote little GPL snippets that crashed it. I know there was some ABASIC stuff written, but I don't know what any of it was called. In order to find anything on WHTECH you already have to know what it is. I'd love to make something like Vorticon's Gameshelf, but Geneve specific, and not limited to Games. So, I'd like to learn... what is out there for the Geneve? What are your favorite Geneve specific programs? What 4A programs were greatly enhanced by running on the Geneve (even if just for the speed)? And yes, I'd like to include those tech demos and dev tools as well. [email protected]
  5. I'm creating a poll, hopefully, to determine how many Geneve users using original hardware or an emulator, are on this Forum. Beery
  6. Hi, I am (slowly 😀 ) rebuilding my PFM modded Geneve (384+192K) system and I really don´t know what controller/combination to use. Can/should I use the HFDC for the harddrive only plus adding a BwG (or CC9900) for the (2+HxC) floppy disk drives ? Makes that sense for an extra FDD-controller ? Maybe just to have it full or to prevent from any problems ? I have some controllers, so it is not the question to save up one. And I have no need for formats bigger than 720KB. I also want to add an HRD3000 Ramdisk, is it possible to boot from that, instead of the harddisk ? Does this make sense at all ? Or just install it without boot, just to have it ? Is there any use for the TripleTec-Card ? Speech maybe ? And use the CC9900 floppy controller instead of the BwG ? I also have the Myarc 512 KB RAM, but I think there is a special mod to be done, to use it in the Geneve ? And I will add a RS232, maybe I take the Myarc instead of the TI (?) I also have an ASCSI2-Controller, but I really do not want to use that because I want to keep my SNUG system complete. (if anyone wants to get rid off a WHT-SCSI, I am your man) What did I forget ? thx If needed, here is a picture: More detailed here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/315250-ti-994a-show-your-modded-systems-here/?do=findComment&comment=4734298
  7. I find binaries for the v1.00 Geneve ROM, and genmod variant. But do we have the source code for it? I'm surprised that isn't part of the source distribution for MDOS... I'd love to see what's actually in there. Gain some understanding... Or maybe it inside one of those .ark files? [email protected]
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