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Found 22 results

  1. SOLD FOR SALE - Warp & Warp for ColecoVision & ADAM by Opcode Games. Like new, complete in original plastic case. REQUIRES SGM $35 + $7.15 priority mail flat rate small box shipping = $42.15 Please PM me if interested. Thanks
  2. Today I was lucky enough to pick up an ADAM that looks to be in excellent cosmetic shape and includes a floppy drive! So I have now joined the world of ADAM owners. I hardly ever see these available for sale in my area so I had to jump on it. I believe I got a pretty decent deal, in fact I'm so pleased by the purchase I'm giving the seller a plug at the end of my post as he has a video game selling business and he will soon have some lovely boxed ColecoVision items to sell if anyone here is interested... The photos below show all that I picked up. The only things missing are the data cables for the disk drive and keyboard, so I can't take her for a test drive just yet. It smells a bit like cigarette smoke so it needs a good cleaning, and I'm going to brighten up her plastic with some hydrogen peroxide and UV light. Anyway, today feels like Xmas and I feel like a kid again The seller is ACME Video Games, Mike Dymus owner/proprietor. He is currently selling stuff on eBay and Kijiji. http://stores.ebay.com/ATARI-ACTION http://www.kijiji.ca/o-posters-other-ads/1134787
  3. ColecoVision Games WANTED LIST *UPDATE - I'M CURRENTLY NOT ADDING TO THE COLLECTION. PLEASE DISREGARD THIS THREAD AT THE MOMENT, AT LEAST TEMPORARILY. (It's more or less a personal reference/placeholder/log for what I still don't have)* Greetings! My goal is to have a complete CV library someday and am looking for the following games either Loose (cartridges), Loose with Manual/Overlays, or CIB (Complete In Box), etc. Box and/or Manual Only would be fine in some cases.. Just depends on the title. I would be willing to take anything into consideration... Trades are also welcomed, just PM me a list of what you're looking for. Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress Alphabet Zoo Amazing Bumpman Aquattack Artillery Duel Brain Strainers Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures In The Park Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show Campaign '84 Choplifter Chuck Norris Superkicks Cosmic Crisis Dam Busters Dance Fantasy Decathlon Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler Dragonfire Dukes of Hazard, The Evolution Fathom Flipper Slipper Fortune Builder Frantic Freddy Gateway to Asphai Gust Buster Gyruss It's Only Rock 'N Roll Jukebox Jungle Hunt Kung Fu Superkicks Learning With Leaper Linking Logic Logic Levels Memory Manor Monkey Academy Moonsweeper Motocross Racer Motocross Racer/Tomic the Barbarian Mountain King Oil's Well Quest for Quintana Roo Robin Hood Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot Roc N' Rope Rock 'N Bolt Rolloverture Sammiy Lightfoot Sector Alpha Sewer Sam Sir Lancelot Skiing Slurpy Smurf Paint 'N Play Workshop Star Wars: The Arcade Game Strike It Super Cobra Super Crossforce Super Sketch (Loose or CIB) Tank Wars Telly Turtle Threshold Tomarc The Barbarian Up 'N Down Wing War Wiz Math, The Wizards of Id's Zenji Thank you for your time..Cheers-
  4. As some of you may know from my post in the computer section, I finally managed to piece together a complete, working ADAM computer. I actually have another working memory console, but it started to have distorted sound. Is this a chip issue, or something out of adjustment? Also, what are the do's and don'ts of these systems besides the obvious warning on the case? Thanks for any help!
  5. For some while, I was thinking about making Coleco TV A place where people could see upcomming projects , Coleco collecting etc.. Nothing too ambitious, just doing this for fun I though about doing this over youtube but I don't have much time editing videos So, last weekend I saw hardhat doing a live stream of the AdamCon, so that gave me the idea to do Coleco TV live trough Stickam I will at first, do 1 live video per month and if time permit me, I plan to make 1 live video per week You will be able to give comments, opinions and suggestion live, during the presentation I will give the schedule once everything is set If you want to subscribe to ColecoTV Channel, contact me It's free, obviously
  6. I had the good fortune recently to get back in touch with a former Coleco employee and old friend from the Users Group days. In our talks he informed/reminded me that he is still in possession of 1 of the only 2 prototype ADAM Serial/Parallel Interfaces ever made. Suffice it to say, I asked if he was thinking of selling the unit and just like 25 years ago the response was "NO"... maybe in another 25 years I'll have better luck. Thankfully, however, he was willing to take a large number of pictures of the unit as well as provide a little description of how it works and attaches to the ADAM. So here you are: The Interface is installed between the ADAM Printer and Memory Console (either the Stand-Alone or Exp. Mod. #3) and is powered by the power supply in the ADAM Printer. The ADAM Printer power/data cable that usually plugs into the Memory Console now plugs into one of the 9-Pin connectors on the Interface and then a new cable plugs into the second 9-Pin connector on the Interface and then plugs into the Memory Console. There is a 3-way switch on the front of the Interface that allows the user to select which of up to three printers (ADAM Printer, Serial Printer or Parallel Printer) will be used for output (he states, "one way for the ADAM Printer, one way for a Parallel Printer and the other way for another printer... not sure what type of connector it is"). The final two connectors you will notice in the pictures are a 25-Pin Serial and a Parallel connector. As far as using the Interface, again the toggle switch selects which printer output will be sent to, but the unique part of this Interface is that Parallel or Serial driver software is not required like all 3rd-Party/Homebrew Interface cards required that installed internally in Slot#1 or Slot #2 or externally in the Expansion Bus. Now that would have been very convenient to have back in the day instead of always having to load driver software/patches to the Operating System to gain access to alternative printers. I hope I got that all right. Again, there are only two of these units known to exist. Thanks to P.K. for providing the pictures and information.
  7. Attached below is my latest update (v2.08) to the CV&ADAM Collector's Rarity List that I have been maintaining. This is a rather large update with numerous additions and corrections and I have detailed some of these in the list below: Removed some wrongly listed Epyx titles that I thought were available in "For ColecoVision" style as well as "For CV & ADAM" The Foreign Releases section has been reorganized and grouped by manufacturer instead of just alphabetically. This change makes this section a lot easier to read through. Added known TeleGames creations/releases of unreleased/prototype cartridges Added clones and expansion units for other systems to the ColecoVision System section... some of which may never have actually been released. Updated to included all the latest Homebrew releases and numerous corrections made Numerous new Homebrew sections added I still have further additions to make such as Coleco litertaure, press kits, paraphenalia, etc, after which time the list will be as complete as I can get it and further updates won't be as frequent. Concerning Ikrananka's PDF and Excel versions of the list, he is extremely busy at this time and may not be able to supply these for the forseable future. As always, if anyone notices any errors or missing items, please post the info here so as to shre with everyone. ColecoVision & ADAM Cartridge Collector Rarity List v2.08 (2012) (NIAD).rtf
  8. http://www.digitpress.com/eastereggs/cvdonkeykong.htm Has anyone here ever been able to execute any of the following bugs successfully? If so, I'd like to see a video of these efforts. I've tried doing all of these without any success. 1. Start at Level 5: press # and 9 simultaneously. 2. Start at Level 6: press # and 0 simultaneously. 3. Start at Level 7: press #, 9 and 0 simultaneously. 4. Fall through the floor (elevators): Bring Mario to the top right of the elevator screen, where the Purse is. Below it is a short ladder. Climb it up and down quickly and Mario will fall right through the floor. What should I be doing? Thank you, Ben Edge
  9. What would Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong 3 have looked like on the ColecoVision, in the usual CV/ADAM graphical style (not the Opcode Games MegaCart-type porting) of other ports of Nintendo games, such as Coleco's own Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong, Jr., released for the CV in 1982 and 1983 respectively? RetroIllucid would probably be able to help me on these two. These two being products of the year 1983 in arcades, these obviously never saw a release on the CV because of Nintendo's setback with Coleco during the 1983 CES show where Coleco demonstrated a version of Donkey Kong (on cartridge) to be released for their upcoming ADAM computer, angering both Nintendo and Atari, the latter of whom was assigned as distributor for all computer-based ports (Coleco, as you should remember, was given the console-based rights to DK). The Atari/Nintendo tie-up also involved Atari in being the U.S. distributor of Nintendo's FamiCom console, but such plans never materialized although the Coleco debacle eventually played no part in this pact. The Donkey Kong Super Game was only released later in 1984 for the Coleco ADAM computer, but in data pack format, and after Atari's sale to Jack Tramiel (former boss of Commodore computers) from Warner Bros. Most home versions of Mario Brothers were never released by Atari other than their own consoles and computers (the 2600, 5200 and 7800 consoles, and the XL and XE series computers; Nintendo released the game on its own for its FamiCom console in 1983, and to the NES in 1986). Two non-Atari computer/console ports eventually were developed but never finished by AtariSoft in 1983-84: for the Apple II and Commodore 64 computers. Donkey Kong 3, as many of you here should know, was only ever released for the FamiCom (in 1983) and the NES (1986), although in Japan it also saw a release on the NEC PC-8801 computer (released by Hudson Soft, which also published under license from Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Special). Thank you, Ben Edge
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUVRyMrzWqo I wonder if Eduardo has any interest in getting this 1983 DK installment done for the ColecoVision/ADAM, seeing that it's the least known of the original trio behind the original 1981 Donkey Kong and its 1982 sequel Donkey Kong, Jr.? You are Stanley, a gardener. Bugs of all types invade your garden, as DK scratches the beehives at the start of every board. Stanley must either spray DK all the way up (don't let him fall down or you lose a life), or spray all the bugs DK throws out at you from the beehives, to win each and every board. Coleco had plans to release DK3 to the ColecoVision in 1984 (going by its entry in the ColecoVision FAQ under "Unreleased Games"), but it was scrapped because of the video game crash of '83 and because of Coleco's setback with Atari and Nintendo over a primordial version of the original DK to be released for the forthcoming ADAM computer system (at the 1983 Summer CES convention). ~Ben
  11. Which ADAM console version is recommended from a reliability standpoint (you know, less failure)? I think I remember a lot of you say the version that is the add-on for the ColecoVision console (Expansion Module 3). Correct? If I ever find another CV console in the future (and don't you guys hold your breath), I would like it to be modified a la what Yurkie had been doing for all (or most of) the rest of you CV fans in want, also for reliability reasons. Same would go for the standard Hand Controllers and maybe even the Super Action Controllers (I wish I knew what you guys would recommended so as to modify these controllers to be made more reliable; I know the Atari 5200 controllers also have that kind of honor, of breaking down prematurely, and that the Rev. 9 versions of those hand controllers are recommended for that reason). ~Ben
  12. So about a month ago, I bought an ADAM. On Monday, another one followed me home... https://youtu.be/Ngj3YN8y_4I
  13. Up for sale are the citrus3000psi RGB boards for the Colecovision/ADAM. These boards are designed to be soldered to the bottom of the VDP and provide RGBS to an output connector of your choice. To properly calibrate these boards, 3 onboard POTs are used to adjust each color individually. Please note that to properly calibrate the board, you MUST use an oscilloscope. If you do not calibrate with an oscilloscope and choose to adjust by eye, please note that any compatibility issues, damage, or world ending results via the summoning of Cthulu are solely your responsibility. Each kit is sold as a DIY and fully assembled/tested before shipping. If you receive a board and have issues, please contact me. If the issues are found to be related to misuse or improper installation, you are on your own. If there appears to be a defect in manufacturing, I will work with you towards an amicable resolution. No output connectors are provided, except with install service. Output connectors can be whatever you wish but the cables themselves must be pass-through, ie no capacitors or resistors installed. If you need assistance with purchasing cables or output connectors please reach out and I can answer your questions. Each board is $30 shipped in the Continental US (CONUS). If you do not feel confident with the installation or would prefer to have it installed for you, I will be providing install services with oscilloscope calibration of the board. Cost of this service is $80 including the board, but not including return shipping.
  14. Hello! I've set up an IRC server on the Adam Wiki server. You can now chat at irc.adamwiki.info on port 16667. Please notice the port is NOT 6667 as that port is banned by GoDaddy's VPS hosting. I will try to always have the room #ADAMChat up and running for you guys. Feel free to open other rooms as you see fit.
  15. Hi folks, I hope you are all keeping well. I was wondering if anyone could help me source the instruction manual and software, for the following ADAM accessories: ADAM 5 ¼” Disk Drive ADAMLink Modem. I have a DDP for it, however I don't have an instruction manual. If I could even get copies of the software/manuals (i.e. PDF versions) that would be a great help! If anyone can offer any assistance, I'd be very grateful. PS - Do you know anything about the ADAM 'AutoDialer' device?
  16. So, I've bagged myself an ADAM, the keyboard, the printer and a controller plus a data pack still in the box from a neighbor -- and for $20! what a steal, eh? There's a bit of a problem, though: When I got it the machine itself was in rather sad shape, and more or less inoperative. It's pretty obvious the thing's spent the last thirty years in the dude I got it from's garage. Exterior condition's pretty messy and on boot the machine partially renders the word processor and hangs, leaving the under-oiled printer to repeatedly slam the...uh... platen*? ... into the side over and over. Since that may not have been the clearest explanation, here's a video showing off the machine failing to boot. For clean-up I've done a bit of toothbrush-and-isopropyl cleaning work on the main unit's case, and the expansion slots. did a bit on the PCB inside the printer too, but I'm afraid of what might happen if I brush up against that huge cap on the board. Efforts thus far have not helped the machine much, sadly. I'd like to do some more in-depth scrubbing, but I still need to figure out how totally tear the printer and console apart. Anyone know what's up with this thing and how I can fix it? Can this thing be saved? If worst comes to worst, I have some experience with a soldering iron and I do own a SMT soldering station. I have to admit I've never really done any particularly tricky repairs before but I'm willing to give this one a shot. Here's another photo, showing about as far into the startup process as the machine gets. *this may or may not be the first printer of it's type I've worked with. actually never seen the internals of a non-inkjet or a non-laserjet before, lol... more like a typewriter than anything. kinda weird.
  17. It's been ages since I updated my ADAM/Colecovision web page, but I finally made a few changes to the main page. Nothing real earth-shaking, but maybe it will get me motivated to do more: * Changed the "Other Stuff/Links/Etc." area from one column to two columns and added links for Collectorvision and Opcode Games (Team Pixelboy was already there). I also added a link for the CV/ADAM section here at AtariAge. Now there is more room to put more links, as well. * In the ADAM/ColecoVision News section I added a plug for Opcode's upcoming SGM with instructions how to get on the pre-order list. Borrowed most of the text from Opcode's web page. * Re-wrote some of the other "news item" texts to be more current. Most were written many years ago. you can find the page at: www.sacnews.net/adamcomputer
  18. I've been giving a lot of thought to the early 8-bit home computers lately. Although our family bought the original 1977 Atari Heavy Sixer video-game console; for computers, I found myself drawn to the TRS-80. Its monochrome text display (...okay, I didn't know it was simply a black-and-white RCA television) seemed to make it more of a "real" computer than something you "hooked up to your television". But then again, the video-display terminal was at that time, still a relatively new development. I haven't been able to track down the price of a DEC VT52 computer terminal when it was introduced in 1975, but the 1980 price was still over $1,300. So in 1977, when Radio Shack and Commodore offered complete computer systems for under $1,000 including video monitors, it was quite remarkable. I wandered into a computer store in early 1981 and the sales associate demonstrated how the Atari 800 could start a program instantly, like "Star Raiders" on cartridge, instead of having to wait for a slow floppy-drive or even slower cassette. Still, it made me wonder if an Atari computer wasn't so much a computer that used cartridges, as much as it was a cartridge-based video-game system that had a computer keyboard. Later that year, I visited that same store when the IBM 5150 "PC" came out, and noted that to put together a whole PC "system" - with floppy drives, monitor, keyboard, RAM, and power-supply (...yes, sold separately), you were looking at more like $4,000 (To be fair, Radio Shack's 1981 Model II "business computer" had a price tag close to that, and they offered a letter-quality daisy-wheel printer that cost almost $2,000 all by itself; pages 172-173). I've been fooling around with the VICE Commodore emulator, as well as the C64 Forever free-version (...which appears to be an enhanced setup/front-end to VICE, with some bundled software titles). Again - it "feels" more like a game machine than an actual computer. That seems to be echoed in the decision to market the C64 Direct-to-TV as a joystick plug-and-play device for games, instead of something with a keyboard. I feel a little bit sad that Commodore's 80-column 8-bit business machines never gained traction; I think they could have offered small-businesses computing power at half the price of what IBM and even the early PC clones provided, if they could have gotten the marketing right. But I can't feel too sad for the company that had the best-selling computer of all time in the C-64. Jack Tramiel is such a polarizing figure; I can't say whether he saved Atari or ruined it - or perhaps he was just trying to run it as best he could, while the world was moving on. Radio Shack computers suffered a similar fate and now the Radio Shack brand itself is on its last legs. The irony is that I think the Coleco Adam could have been the most useful home computer of that era, if they hadn't failed in the execution. Having a letter-quality printer at the center of their strategy was actually brilliant in the argument for "this machine can help your kids with their homework". This was happening near the end of an era where there were girls at college supplementing their income by typing term papers for the guys, because typing "wasn't something that men did". Being a typist was a specialized skill. The typewriter wasn't nearly as forgiving as the word-processor and noticing a mistake in the middle of a typed-page meant doing the whole thing all over again. I've been thinking about and working on this post over the course of hours and I've gone back and made revisions repeatedly - this would have been much more difficult if I had to resort to typing on a typewriter or writing it out long-hand. And without the Internet, and the AtariAge website, how would I share it? Another curiosity - or maybe an irony; the computer I'm using is hooked up to a TV... ...a 22" 1080p HDTV that I'm using for a monitor. And my primary use for this machine is entertainment; playing classic games via emulation, watching video content and social networking. So it seems that I've come full-circle; I have a computer, in my home - a "home computer", that's hooked up to my TV. Through the magic of emulation, I can experience owning an entire collection of technology from the past; home computers, game consoles, coin-op arcade machines, and libraries of software that if tallied up at their original selling prices, would be worth tens of thousands of dollars. It's a nice escape from a world filled with violence, injustice, strife and unrest. I'd enjoy reading your thoughts on the matter...
  19. Hello! I recently started an Archival Materials Kit topic thread for INTELLIVISION here on AtariAge; now, I opened such a thread for COLECOVISION! There’ll be archival items like: game controller overlays for homebrew and additional CV/Adam games that didn’t originally have them, game rules instruction manuals, game cart box designs, and more! Stay tuned for a controller overlay template for COLECOVISION/ADAM games, along with a NEW design of the overlays for the upcoming game Fidelity Electronics’ Horse Racing Challenge. Please request overlays for NEW/homebrew CV/ADAM games via THIS THREAD! I’ll try to create these materials as my spare time permits. Thank You!
  20. Unfortunately I'm going to have to sell a few of my ColecoVision homebrew games to finance buying some needed accessories for my computers. I'm offering the following: Moon Patrol ($55 + $5 shipping) Module Man ($55 + $5 shipping) Battle of Hoth ($55 + $5 shipping) A.E. (($45 + $5 shipping) The Goonies (SGM required) ($55 + $5 shipping) Joust ($55 + $5 shipping) All are CIB and in like-new condition except for the A.E. box which is slightly bent on the ends. I'm basically just trying to get back what I originally paid for them. PM me if interested...Thanks!
  21. Hi all, I have the following item on Ebay if anyone is interested. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 190694238715 Thanks
  22. Seeing that the ADAM version of Dragon's Lair has become a hot topic ever since Mystery Man and Team PixelBoy converted/released a ColecoVision compatible version for use with the soon to be released Super Game Module (or ADAM Computer), I figured that I would share a screen mockup that I recently came across in the Coleco Electronics 1984 Press Kit. If you know the ADAM version well enough, you will immediately recognize that this picture of the Ropes/Platforms/Fire level is different from the completed and released ADAM Super Game... and of course the newly released CV cartridge game. I have included a screenshot of the released version so that you can see firsthand the differences. As a bonus, you will also see in the picture a description of the Super Game version of Star Trek along with a title screen mock-up. Too bad this one never was completed or a prototype found.
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