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Found 20 results

  1. Looking for a Working/Tested/Great condition/Clean Colecovision system with at least on controller (2 preferably), power supply. Doesn't have to come with original box. AV Modded is a plus, but not required. Included games are good, but not needed as I plan to grab a flash cart. PM me if you have one available! I'm in Denver, CO, 80205. Thanks, ISB
  2. If you collect rare Coleco Adam stuff then you might be interested in my newly listed eBay auction. "Colecovision & Adam Games w/ Boxes & Manuals, Gorf NIB, Smurf Paint n Play NIB" You can got to ebay and search on my : eBay Auction -- number 331057182269, or use full link below: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331057182269?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_3621wt_1312 Thanks for looking.
  3. I found a junk shop today and sitting near the door was a complete Coleco Adam computer system along with data cassettes, most of the manuals, and both matching controllers. Paid a little to get it as the guy is ePay savvy, but I have never found one complete with the printer/power supply before. Bad news is: it doesn't work. Just brings up trash on the TV screen and noise through the speaker. BUT, I have two more memory consoles that were given to me a few years ago. After some work and swapping the good cassette drive from the dead unit to one of my others, I now have: One functioning printer/power supply, 2 fully working memory consoles, two working keyboards, and two working controllers. Now, to start cleaning everything for pictures. (Filthy!) Oh, one other plus. They guy told me he has other 8-bit stuff stored in the basement of the building including Commodore, possibly Atari, and some TRS-80 stuff, which includes one possible new in box system. I told him I would be back to check those out soon.
  4. Since the Ocean Software conversions of Donkey Kong for the Commodore 64 and the Amstrad CPC (both UK only) seem to replicate the original title screen and stage start screen ("HOW HIGH CAN YOU GET?") very well, I am wondering if the Coleco Adam DK could've done the same? Commodore 64 (1986) version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-1OqbKNmzE Amstrad CPC version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNXLsobO3Gk The actual Coleco Adam Super Data Pack version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlFF8JCfBS0 (it is still missing the part where the blue barrels turn into fireballs from the oil can) I am wondering if the ColecoVision/Adam could in any way replicate the original arcade version's stage start screen (with scoring status bar) and scoring status bar in any way (since the CV/Adam versions lose one row of girders)? ~Ben
  5. This Colecovision/Adam keyboard was part of a Commodore lot I bought a few months ago. It's missing a few keys, a bit of yellowing but otherwise feels solid and in good shape. I have no way of testing it as I don't have a Coleco system nor do I have the cable to connect it. Free or Trade, just pay shipping (US only) as I know someone can use this either for parts or a cleanup/restore project. PM me if interested and we can discuss the cost to ship, etc. Cheers, ISB
  6. I was looking at the story behind the sad demise of the ADAM computer today. It's seems that it's not only the ColecoVision that's been "modded" over the years. I was particularly interested in this adaption: Coleco ADAM with VGA output I have spoken to the seller of this item ('Glenn') previously about CV "mods", however he has informed me that he "doesn't offer upgrade services". Is there anyone else that's tackled "modding" an ADAM like this?
  7. I just recently came across a new Coleco Adam computer. But, since space is a dwindling commodity at my house, I was really just getting it to check it out, make sure it worked, and ultimately see if I could resell it someday. Well, as soon as I followed my intuition to allow for a cartridge to be slipped in {no manuals included unfortunately}, I was hooked. I immediately said, "Now I know why people collect these things." That's really all, in case it helps someone out there who is on the fence about collecting this system. I guess I will add as well that these old systems, plastic bags and styrofoam are all very amazing things. The box to this thing looked like it had been consumed by bugs for decades and/or laying in the edge of a pond or puddle for years {even the welcome letter they left in the printer looks to have been nibbled on from time to time}, but inside the contents are new like they day they should have been opened for Christmas {within reason of course}. I'll certainly save the foam. But, unless the Preservers of All Things ADAM speak up quickly, that box is going out with the garbage VERY soon. Also, any useful info, links etc. to get me started on my way to ADAM bliss {or invitations to secret ADAM societies} will be usefully appreciated.
  8. Do you folks believe that Coleco could have released an Adam Super Game DDP version of Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator? I personally think so, for after you get Game Over in the form of "SIMULATION COMPLETED," there would be a high score screen that plays the whole Star Trek (The Original Series) theme song (by Alexander Courage), rather than just the final strains of said theme song from the cartridge version. I know Coleco did release both cartridge and DDP versions of another Sega arcade game, Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom, and Zaxxon. ~Ben
  9. Is Pole Position (1982) really possible to do on the ColecoVision, 1983-style? ~Ben
  10. Pics are attached. the one with the printer is for the Adam Computer. one is an expansion mod 3 with colecovision. it works with an issue...it overheats after 3 hours of play. 80.00 It comes with the Colecovision (no joysticks or cord) the CPU unit, Keyboard. No cables or printer the SECOND one. comes with is the full computer not the expansion mod...Keyboard, Printer and CPU. No cords or joysticks. 100.00 Both work...the second one doesn't overheat. I also have an Atari 5200...but i'm not sure I want to sell it just yet. Msg me here if you are interested.
  11. I recently bought an Adam Standalone and it would boot to the word processor but the tape deck didn't seem to detect the buck rodges tape. It would just reset to the word processor. I took the top cover off and unplugged and replugged the connectors. When I turned it back on the adam would only boot with a black screen. With a coleco game in it would display properly, but when the adam was reset it just goes black. I tried disassembling the adam and removing and reinserting all the socketed chips, but that didn't make a difference. The printer that is powering the console works just fine with my other adam, so i wouldn't think it is a power issue. Anyone have any suggestions or is it just toast?
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_YsJK9P8wU This is gameplay of the ColecoVision port of Mr. Do! on the Nintendo Wii, through an emulator called "WiiColEm." WiiColEm is, of course, the Wii version of the old Windows 95-based emulator, ColEm. Tutorial link: http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiColEm I am wondering if the color palette for this version of WiiColEm uses the Yamaha V9938-based color data rather than the original Texas Instruments TMS9928A-based color data, like the earliest version of the ColEm emulator for Windows? ~Ben
  13. What do you guys think? I have not played the original, but I love the SG-1000 version, and having not only the pylons but extra stages from the Adam version would be fun! Zaxxon Super Game is being converted, and this game should too. BTW I'm new to the forums.
  14. Forgive me if this has already been discussed. I am sure everyone here knows that the ADAM computer is getting old and the super games were released on high speed digital data cassettes, and they aren't going to last forever. On the Colecovision, originally, cartridges could hold only 32K of data while the ADAM DDP's could hold up to 256K of data. These days it is now possible with the mega cart for a cartridge to hold more than 32K. I have seen some versions of sort of a combined Colecovision/ADAM hybrid super game, but I haven't seen an actual fully functional rom of a full ADAM version of any super games that were originally released. Using a mega cart is it possible now to create a full version of the ADAM super games with all the screens and intermissions? Can a fully functional rom be created from an ADAM DDP super game? Or are there subtle differences in how the ADAM games were programmed that a Colecovision can't handle? I only ask this because some of the ADAM versions of these games looked pretty good, IMO, and I would like to see them preserved in some format because the digital data packs are going to wear out eventually. I don't mean to disrespect or upset the fine people here that make new games, I honestly respect and appreciate everything you all do, and have done. I will always try to support you all in any way I can. I think it would be nice to preserve the games we had from the past. In my view anything we can see and show of Colecovision games, old or new, just makes the system that much more valuable and interesting to others. Many Thanks for any information you might have.
  15. if you collect Coleco Adam Hardware,then you might be interested in my newly listed eBay auctions. You can go to ebay and cut-n-paste each eBay Auction "item number" below into search or just click on the link for each : Item-number ============ 380781989294 Coleco ADAM Power Unit,and Refurbished Keyboard and Controllers 310807796058 Coleco ADAM Home CIB Computer w/ Printer, Controllers, Keyboard Accessories Included: ADAM Printer, (2) Printer Wheels, (2) Replacment Ribbons, (2) Controllers, Keyboard, Instruction Manuals, Original Box Thanks for looking
  16. http://my.stratos.net/~hewston95/RTM29/RTM29.html I was reading this link about the various home ports of the 1981 Konami arcade game, Super Cobra, and one of the problems with the ColecoVision port is that it does not support the Super Action Controllers. I'm wondering if you folks here think differently than the reviewers in the above link? What could we do as ColecoVision fanatics to make Super Cobra compatible with the Super Action Controller? Thank you, Ben
  17. I was in a local used game store called "The Exchange" and found a slew of retro comuters and systems. I was shocked to see this boxed copy of an Adam there going for $650.00. I am not very familar with the Adam collector market so I am not sure if this is a good deal or not. If someone is in North East Ohio and may want to check this out I figured I would post this. The Location is 4725 Great Northern Blvd.North Olmsted, OH 44070 Here is another picture of some other stuff.
  18. Hi all! While I enjoy these forums, I've never really had anything meaningful to add to them, so I've never joined joined until today. I've been at these retro video games since they were brand new, so I'm fairly familiar with them, and 8-bit era computers (the PET, TRS-80, etc). So the other day, I saw a huge Adam box in good shape, and managed to haggle the price down to where I couldn't resist, because the unit wouldn't power up. They even threw in one of those old wooden cassette holders full of programs. Nice! Got it home, and I've been doing all the normal things, clean it well, power switches, power adapter, clean and reseat chips, the usual. But I cannot get this one figured out, so I am hopeful someone here can help, or at least give me a new direction to go. Note, this is the add-on Adam (Expansion #3), not the Adam with the built-in CV. Symptoms: Power up the CV and Adam plugged in, the printer goes to home, indexes the daisy wheel, sets ok. Video is black, kind of a high pitch squeal from the TV. Unplug the tape drives and modem, no change. Press the reset button on the Adam - no change. Press it on the CV, and I get the Colecovision rainbow screen (do not insert expansion module, etc). Ok, so I test the Expansion #1 adapter on the side port of the Adam, and hit the CV reset, it plays the Atari game well, but I already have a 2600 for that... Unplugged the Atari adapter, and put in Slither, pressed reset on the CV, and got 12 wide vertical bars. Changed to Smurfs & Omega Race, same deal. Took out the cartridge, still get the black screen on the Adam, but now when I press reset on the CV, no rainbow screen, just the same 12 bars. There is currently no way to test the CV without the Adam, as the power brick it came with had 5v, until I turned on the power, then it went to 1.38v. With the Adam power supply, it measures 5v at the switch. I have a new Power Supply in transit, but it's a few days out, and won't help the Adam anyways. So I'm really out of ideas, and I'm not sure what else to try. Quite frankly, I'm not even sure where to look next, so any suggestions will be tried. Thanks, ~Allison
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