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Found 27 results

  1. One of adventure gaming’s most stunning masterpieces re-imagined in HD with new puzzles and locations, yet keeping that classic Jane Jensen story. TheBigJB reviews the game from a ex-Sierra employees perspective. Have you played any of the Gabriel Knight games before?
  2. I've recently jumped back into the TI and in a whirlwind to explore new and fun game offerings on the TI, I've learned that I really suck at arcade games But turned based games like Tunnels of Doom, and Scott Adam's adventures are totally my speed. Chris of http://shift838.wix.com/shift838 & the SHIFT838 Newsletter provides a couple free games for the Adventure module. So I gave them a spin. Chris announced them in his Newsletters The Locked Room : can be found in Volumne 1 Issue 2. The Stafford Predicament : can be found in Volume 1 Issue 6. The adventures are available for download on his website at: http://shift838.wix.com/shift838#!ti-994a-software/cuog - The Locked Room - The first one, The Locked Room, was quite entertaining. It was a nice short warm up adventure to get used to the model of interactive with the world in simple <verb> <nown> command syntax. When I realized the mechanics of the riddle, my brain was truly tickled. - The Stafford Predicament - This second one is considerably more involved. You are thrust into the middle of a crisis and must use your TI skills to disarm the situation and escape with your life. This is a pretty on topic adventure for me. I've just spent the last couple months beginning to rebuild my TI skills. I've been on a quest for parts in real life, and that very well may have hooked me. ( Not to mention my own compulsive need to solve things. ) In this predicament, you get to run around a TI facility, encounter some retro pop culture loosely related to the TI, and save yourself if you are up to it! There are a few misdirects, to keep you on your toes. You have to explore everything. This adventure has a nice balance between difficult puzzles, and straight forward progress. I found the adventure flowed quite well. I was able to solve the main story line after a few questions to Chris, where his advice grossly paraphrased as to not give anything away, was to keep trying what you haven't tried, and stop trying what you already know doesn't work. Even after finishing the main path through the game, I know there are a few areas I haven't explored. Chris hints that there is an Easter Egg hidden in the game, and that nobody who has played has found it yet! So if you are looking to take a break this weekend from soldering up some cart boards, and want something more cerebral than Munchman ( don't hit me ), then you should give this a whirl! It is pretty great that there has been new content built for Adventure. [email protected]
  3. Dodge It Panoramic Adventure Pacman, KC Munchkin, Berzerk, Breakout, Adventure, Pitfall! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHpJjvHjmH0 Hope everyone enjoys! I'll post a link to the thread on the 2600 forum once I've uploaded this version
  4. www.aetherbyte.com/msx_inferno.html To anyone interested, this is an MSX2 homebrew I am working on for the #MSXDev 2012 Compo.
  5. Hello All, Here's an adventure game I have been working on called 'Adventure at lake Santeetlah'...Hope you all enjoy! I will answer all questions and provide hints if needed here on this post. And post updates here. Also here are the forms I made to create the adventures, I laminate 4-6 of them, then tape them together in a square to keep track of game locations. Three sizes 20, 30, 42 blocks per page. (When printing these, be sure to use the 'center on page' option) LAKESAN_v1.3.zip Adventure Creation Forms.zip
  6. I'm looking for a poster of the Atari 2600 Adventure. I figure that there must be one for sale, new, someplace, but if there is one for sale, then I can't find it. Can anyone point me to a poster of Adventure that's at least 20" tall? If no poster for Adventure exists, then are there any high-quality (600dpi - 1200dpi) scans of the Adventure box available? If so, then I can make posters myself. I've made my own posters for the Odyssey 2 games Invaders from Hyperspace! and Alien Invaders-Plus! using 1200dpi box scans and they look great. Adam
  7. I programed the adventure of atari using Qbasic this version works on windows. Not a copy of the original, but is based in him. I left the source code available to anyone to analyze and also simple code if someone wants make other phases. I hope you like it. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8-V33ib35A Download: https://mega.nz/#F!So4l0JaL!rpwQ-JK887H8Y18KHjJc0w compiled with: http://www.qb64.net/ Adventure V3.6.0.6.bas Minimum of instruction.bas Minimum of rooms.bas Adventure V3.6.0.6.zip
  8. So... I spent some time writing and converting the baseball game for the BBS. Now I have another itch--- An XB Adventure game which does not require the Adventure module... Primarily to run on the BBSes as well. Here's the plan: Come up with the premise, collect input from the members here on Atariage, write the game for the BBS, then get the "go-ahead" from the SysOp(s) to add it to the BBS as a playable door game. I had started work on a Beryl Reichardt adventure game, but scrapped it when I realized how inefficient the code was... I was able to read a book on Planet-99 which gave some very interesting insights into the development of the Adventure games and it really got me going! The methods described there are fascinatingly simple and straight forward and allow for a TON of stuff to be coded in with minimal duplicate code and minimal program space. Using a string variable array and TWO standard variable arrays is the key to having your map laid out AND having the ability to stock your world with the items you'll need to design the quest as you see fit. The key to the game is the parsing engine... How does the user communicate with the computer to TELL IT WHAT HE/SHE WANTS TO DO?!?! Well, as we all know, a computer doesn't speak english, and we cannot possibly code in every possible command. Therefore, we create a parsing engine which takes a noun and a verb (two separate string variables INPUT from the user) and attempts to read those from a list of acceptable nouns and verbs in the system. For instance, "OPEN DOOR" contains a verb and a noun. A successful parsing engine would read the noun (to determine if that thing (the door) is in the vicinity) and IF that noun IS legal, read the verb (to determine if the selected action can be performed on the noun)... For instance, "EAT BREAD" is cool if you have bread in your inventory. "EAT DOOR" does not work, even if DOOR is in the current "room." In this case you have a valid noun but an invalid verb to associate with that noun. This is the basis of the parser, and I have a much better understanding of it now than I did two days ago. With Willsy's permission, I will post a zipped pdf file of the book I'm referring to to this thread, once he gets on and allows it. =) Is anyone interested in participating in this development project? I will not be starting it immediately, as I have some pressing matters at hand writing some music and working with a couple suites... (ASLP by Hully and XB256 by Harry)... I would say that in the next week or two I will be returning my attention to this project. I just got my PEB set back up tonight and I'm picking up a monitor on Sunday, so I'll be hardware-active again this weekend.... WOOO HOOOO!!!!! That's an exciting thing for me.
  9. So, the release of "Adventure at lake Santeetlah" got me thinking about various adventures for the TI-99. As far as I can remember, Azgard Software released a variety of adventures for the TI, some of which (maybe all of them?) used the classic TI-99 Adventure module. I've looked everywhere online to find digital copies of these games. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  10. Warren Robinett when he was making Atari Adventure wanted to make it 2 player. He had this crazy idea of connecting two 2600's using a cable that plugs into the 2P joystick port, but it never came to be. So, I have revived that dream - not as an Atari hack, though. Atari Adventure's been ported to C++ and runs on Macs and PCs, but it's now an internet-based, head-to-head version. See the cool (and hilarious) promo video here. It should be ready by Fall, but if people want to try it earlier I am looking for beta-testers. Find out more at http://h2hadventure.ddns.net.
  11. An email, as well as a letter with pictures of both examples have been sent to Glenn Hendricks (Mayor) and Gustav Larsson (Vice Mayor) of Sunnyvale, CA. I'm dedicated to making this happen, but I understand it'll be a process. I wanted to stop by and share this with you all. Feel free to voice your opinions. I'll be sure to keep in touch as this project develops. –Evan
  12. . Hi Ho, found some nice pics, somehow fitting very nice into my imaginations, my fantasy, in the 80´s, while playing all night long Hope you like it, and you´re not getting frightend xXx RMSAAED UUUUuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhh So please come in !! all credits for this great pics up to here go to my buddy Nic from "Die verlassenen Orte" (The Forsaken Places) thx a lot.
  13. Hello Everyone! Today I want to talk about the Swordquest series and the sudden end of the series & contest due to the crash of '83. Five golden prizes were to be awarded to the contest winners, including The Talisman of Penultimate Truth, the Chalice of Light, the Crown of Life, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery. These are the holy grail of the gaming industry and in the nerd world. The Talisman of Penultimate Truth was awarded to the winner of the EarthWorld contest, Steven Bell. He melted it down, but multiple reports say he did it to pay taxes, or pay for his rent. He kept the baubles and the sword as keepsakes, with the sword being stolen from him later, probably lost forever. The Chalice of Light was awarded to the winner of the FireWorld contest, Michael Rideout. Unlike Steven Bell, Rideout stated in an interview in 2005 that he still has possession of the chalice, which is kept safely in a safety deposit box in an undisclosed location. The Crown of Life was awarded to the winner of the WaterWorld contest, which took place right after the Video Game Crash of 1983. The winner is still unknown to this day, and no one knows where the Crown of Life is, even if the Crown still exists. AirWorld was never released, and the series ended without a formal or official end. The Philosopher's Stone and the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery follow the same unknown path. Some say Jack Tramiel, the man who bought Atari Inc.'s assets after the crash, acquired the prizes from Atari and displayed the sword in his living room. ( He passed on April 8th, 2012.) This claim though is unproven. Some say Franklin Mint repossessed them and melted them down and reused the metal for other items. Even though the contest ended suddenly 34 years ago, the series is one of the founding fathers of the adventure genre in video games, inspiring other games like it including the likes of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Minecraft, and Red Dead Redemption. Comic books were also included with the games, mostly used to solve the clues the game gave. They were made by DC Comics and illustrated by George Perez. T-shirts were also made that were given out to Atari Club members. members also received the final Swordquest game, WaterWorld. It was made in limited quantities and is one of the rarest games for the Atari 2600. The legacy of the series still sticks around the Atari fandom today, even with a new comic book being made, Swordquest RealWorld. The fact that the original series is still unfinished to this day bothers me, and I still hope, but doubt that the winner of the Crown of Life will step forward. I think it would be cool if the former contest would be given a formal ending, with the last two contests being played and the final two prizes being reincarnated and awarded to the winners, the former winners being reunited with the new winner, and they battle it out for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery. with the AirWorld game being released, along with the final comic book of the series. A legendary series needs a legendary ending. Suggestions are welcome for what I should write about next. Ending Question(s): Did you ever sign up for the Swordquest contest? Which Swordquest game is your favorite? Adventure or Swordquest?
  14. Hi all, I have been online reading up about Atari 2600 cheating in emulation. More often than not, a Google search on the topic tends to bring up Bob Colbert's Cheetah. Primarily I'm looking to cheat in Adventure (mainly I would like to be able to walk through walls). Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to cheat in 2600.emu? If it's not possible to cheat in 2600.emu - should I be looking for a "hacked" Adventure ROM that has a "walk through walls" cheat already written into it? Any help/guidance/suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks! Matt P
  15. Breakout Adventure is a one or two player game featuring the Ball as player 1 and the Atari Logo as player 2 (or the CPU). Objective: What else? Get all of the bricks! Strategy: Player2 can go offscreen or try to stay with player1 - the camera only follows player 1. Game or Demo: Both - you can leave the game playing and watch it demo. Plan to add some things: Get enough bricks or clear the world - loads new breakout worlds and board colors Maybe load a new animation phrase for the center of the board. Thoughts and ideas on this game are welcome Breakout Adventure is written in Virtual World BASIC, here is the ROM and BASIC listing. BreakoutAdventure.bin BreakoutAdventure.txt
  16. Recently i bought a bundle of 8 pal 2600 games to kickstart my collection, in the bundle was a cartridge of adventure, i have tried looking it up online and cant find any record of a cart that looks like this, there is none on ebay currently apart from 1 that is slightly different, my cart has a little p on the end label and i can find one like this online, i was just wondering how much this would be worth if anybody could help me, i have pictures but i am new to the forum and i am writing this on mobile so i cant figire out how to post them but when i figure it out i will. ( i looked on tge rarity logs for this website but i couldnt find it on there )
  17. So I was listening to Warren Robinette's talk on Adventure, and he mentioned that an Adam Clayton was the first person to have written into Atari about discovering the secret room. See here for more info..... Adam was apparently 15 years old and living in Salt Lake City. Could this be the same Adam Clayton of Sculptured Software (based in Salt Lake City) that programmed Dark Chambers for the 2600? Anyone know more about this? I've developed a real appreciation for his work on Dark Chambers.
  18. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/763/entry-15813-day-1-still-tired-from-the-move/
  19. In mid August last year I decided to teach myself Atari 2600 programming for the fun of it. This February, I'm proud to introduce my first hack: Adventure Kingdoms is a functional and graphical hack of Warren Robinett's game, Adventure. Some new features of AK include a new and larger player world, sprite upgrades, five new items, a new dragon, a new objective, a role selection screen, background colors, dragon reflection, a new secret challenge, a new game+ feature, and various under-the-hood improvements. Many of these new features replace features in the original game such as level select, difficulty select, black and white support, and missile walls. I learned a great deal in the creation of this hack. My first month's work was done entirely in a hex editor because I didn't realize there was an assembler for Atari 2600 games. Most of the hack was programmed and tested without the aid of debugger, which I discovered in my emulator in January. I taught myself about opcodes, addressing modes, reserved RAM variables, the TIA, and all the little idiosyncrasies involved with them. I learned many things the hard way: Don't squeeze in too many subroutines per drawing frame of the screen will shake; Don't define graphics over a page break or they will distort; Don't define state-keeping variables anywhere near $FF or the stack will overwrite them; most importantly I learned how precious my RAM, ROM, and cycles were, how to juggle them, and when to sacrifice one for the other when resources grew scarce. I would have never been able to complete this without all the hard work that others had already put into the resources I used, so I'd like to give thanks where it is due. Special thanks to: Warren Robinett, for creating the original Adventure Joel D. Park, for providing a thoroughly commented copy of the source online. John Picken, whose opcode directory taught me the 650(7) opcodes, their lengths, and cycles. Mark Andrews, whose online book taught me what addressing modes were and when to use each. Steve Wright, whose guide taught me the functions of the reserved RAM variables Andrew Davie, whose tutorial sections on the TIA helped me resolve many cycling issues Steve A. and the Stella Team for their awesome emulator and debugger Matthew Dillon and all other contributors and maintainers for the DASM assembler Everybody responsible for the success of the Atari 2600 home video game console Everybody on the atariage forums who plays my hack. Please leave feedback! The bin and manual files are attached below. Cheers! ADVENTURE KINGDOMS.BIN
  20. Looking to purchase Adventure for the 2600 complete in box. Really, all I need is the box itself, as I already have a fine copy of the game and manual, but I'd love the original box to make it a "complete in box" set. The plastic replacement case that I have just doesn't do it for me. But I get that people that have the CIB set are most likely going to sell it complete, which is fine. If you've got one you're looking to sell, hit me up. Thanks!
  21. Do you want to be a hero? The Quest for Glory series by Sierra was a classic adventure/role-playing series that fans world wide remember fondly. TheBigJB (Ex-Sierra employee) talks about all five games in the series and which ones are his favorite, and which are not. Anybody else remember this Sierra series fondly?
  22. I was wondering if there are any programmers out there that can help me with the program code for some new custom objects that I have added to my Adventure hack I call "Adventure Beyond". I have what I think is a pretty cool idea but I have no clue about programming code. My hack is almost done except for this one idea. I have already successfully added dozens of rooms and mazes, a new Red Castle and something I call the "Forbidden Fortress". I used "Adventure Builder" and Nukey Shay's 8k Adventure source code and some tutorials he did a few years back. The thing I am working on is called "The Amulet" The object is supposed to start out in four pieces that are scattered throughout the kingdom and you have to find the pieces one by one and gradually piece them together until you have the completed Amulet. I already have the completed Amulet working in the game. It is basically a key for opening the "Forbidden Fortress" where the Chalise is being held. I already created and placed the individual pieces of the Amulet in the game including the 1/2 Amulet and the 3/4 Amulet. They are objects that can be picked up and moved around but they have no function yet because I don't know how to do the code. (I'm a noob) The only thing left to complete my hack is the program code for the Amulet Pieces, and then when that is ready, I will place the objects in specific locations for games 1 and 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated and anyone is more than welcome to use any of my ideas. In the attached file called "Amulet" I describe what I want the objects to do. (In the attached bin file I have placed the Amulet pieces and the completed Amulet in the three rooms just below the Yellow Castle) (I added two new Realms to the game. You get to the 2nd Realm by using the Bridge in the room below the right corridor to the right of the catacombs.) These are some changes that I have made so far: Two new realms with several new mazes, A new Red Castle with a huge 9 room maze, The Forbidden Fortress with another huge maze where the Chalise is being held (You need the Amulet to get in), The Amulet Changed the look of the dragons, Changed the Chalise, Changed the Sword, Changed the look of the Castles, Got rid of the invisible surround, Just changed those mazes to black so you can see the whole room now, Oh... and I deleted the Bat (Sorry... don't be mad ) There are a few other things but you can figure that out if you check out the game. beyond.bin Beyond.asm
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