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Found 53 results

  1. Old version MT-32, working & complete (with extra power adapter - lower profile & reduced heat generation.) Quite a few vintage games take advantage of bugs in the old version OS and don't sound correct on later models. Games designed specifically for the MT-32 are available for the Atari ST, Amiga, PC, MSX, NEC PC 98x1, & Sharp X68000 computers. Unit is complete with original power adapter, smaller profile power adapter, & MIDI cable. Asking $175 + shipping & PP fees. SOLD Based on sold listings at the bay (a little below over all average.)
  2. Hi everyone, I just opened my box with my Amiga CD32 and SX1 in it here in Melbourne, Australia. It has been sitting in the box for 20 years. I've connected it up to a small TV via composite plugs (yellow video and red/white audio) and it works! I plugged the floppy drive into the SX1 and have got a few disc games working. (Ones that are compatible for A600/ 1200 AGA anyway. Some won't load). Some of them however require a keyboard. Could someone please recommend which keyboard to get for my CD32 SX1? If I recall correctly I can plug it into either the AUX port on the CD32 or the AT KBD port on the SX1. Any other ideas to maximise my enjoyment with my new entertainment would be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks Adam
  3. Deluxe Emplant card for Amiga with Zorro slots. Key MAC chips for running MAC software on a Zorro capable Amiga with 68020 or better CPU. All 5 RAM slots are populated and properly set for maximum RAM. New battery installed to maintain RAM contents. Has the e586DX expansion added. Do not have reliable floppies with software, but the Emplant software is freely available on the net. Fully supported by Fusion 3.2 (latest version.) Includes the MAC's VIA chips, MAC compatible serial & device ports, SCSI interface, and SIMM slot to read SIMM based MAC ROMs. Can also read chip based ROMs but the RAM chips will need to be temporarily removed to read those. Does not run the ROM from the board, but makes an image, so only need to remove the RAM to read the ROMs once. Asking $125 + shipping & PP fees. SOLD!
  4. From the album: AmigaBill's Pics

    AmigaBill and Jay Miner at AmiExpo 1990
  5. From the album: AmigaBill's Pics

    AmigaBill and Jay Miner at AmiExpo 1990

    © Bill Winters

  6. The following HDD's & Optical drives: 1.28 GB (Conner) $2 SOLD 1.28 GB (Fujitsu) $2 SOLD 3.49 GB (Fujitsu) $5 SOLD 4.3 GB (Samsung) $5 SOLD 6.48 GB (Maxtor) $10 40 GB (Maxtor) $15 80 GB (Western Digital) $20 120 GB (Maxtor) $25 48x CD-ROM $10 SOLD 16x DVD+/-R (DL & RAM) Omni-Burner $20 20x DVD-ROM $10 Or, $100 $75 for the lot. Good for classic systems. Well, the 4GB & smaller ones for DOS 6.2 and before. the 40GB & larger for Win95+. Same thing applies with Amiga's KS 3.1 for 4GG & less and 3.1.4 (or earlier with one of several extenders available.) The Optical drives are also good for earlier Most IDE based machines. They were all working when pulled from their respective systems, though they have been sitting in storage for several years. Prices do not include Shipping or PayPal fees.
  7. I've been so close to buying a MiST for the past couple of months, but the VGA-only keeps scaring me away. I do have an Acer monitor that has VGA in (as well as DVI and HDMI) but I have no idea if it can support the output from the MiST. Naturally, the Amiga, ST, and C64 are best played in PAL 50Hz mode, but I've read that most VGA screens can only do a minimum of 56 Hz. Does this mean that at best, games would run ever so slightly too fast? Or, if my monitor can only manage 60 Hz, then I'd be stuck playing Amiga and ST in NTSC mode and the games would be totally too fast. I've seen the MiSTer board that has HDMI, but that isn't sold by anyone and I'm not sure if it has real joystick ports which is a big reason I'd like a MiST. Should I just sit out the FPGA scene until there's some kind of HDMI solution? I don't want to shell out the dough for a MiST and end up not being able to use it.
  8. Most of it is for commodore (64 & Amiga.) The DDR sticks are for PC. Some of the first few chips were bought as replacements for an Amiga Emplant card. Hate having to buy several when only 1 is needed *** RAM *** Commodore 128 64k VDC drop-in upgrade $10 50-pin SCSI in-line terminator $5 Kylwalda Floppy adapter & autoswitch for Catweasel $20 Cyclone Floppy Dongle $10 VLab video Capture card v1.3 (zorro II) $20 A64 adapter (complete) $20 5x Amic A29040B-70F Non-Volotile 512K Flash RAM $2 each 8x ISSI IS61C512-15J 64K static RAM $2 each 2x Kingston KHX8500D2 1G DDR2-1066 SDRAM $3 each 1x 512MB DDR2-667 SDRAM $2 16x Fujitsu MB81C4256A-60P 128K Dynamic RAM $2 each *** Chips *** 2x Zilog Z85C3008PSC Serial Chip $4 each 1x Ecliptek EC1100 3.6864 Mhz crystal oscillator $3 1x Motorola MC68000P8 8 Mhz CPU $3 1x Commodore 391304-01 Kickstart 2.05 (v37.300) chip $5 1x WD33C93A-PL SCSI Chip $10 1x Set of v6.6 A590/A2091 ROM chips $5 1x Set of v7.0 A590/A2091 ROM chips $10 1x Commodore 318018-02 C128 LO BASIC Chip $5 1x Commodore 318019-02 C128 HI BASIC Chip $5 1x Commodore 318020-03 C128 Kernel Chip $5 1x Commodore 251913-01 C128 C64 Mode Chip $5
  9. I'm having trouble with getting games to work on Akiko (CD32) emulator. Everytime I try to load a game I get a window and it changes from black to yellow, and that's all it does. Can anyone help? thank you
  10. Have the following items I must get rid of to make room. Could also use some extra funds for the holidays. Prices do not include shipping, as I cannot calculate for every single item on the list. There are several rather heavy items in the list. I only marked out 2, but please be aware that some of the others can get rather heavy as well. Purchase of multiple items can get discounts Just tell me which ones you want & I'll see what I can do. ** Special Items ** The Party Quiz Game w/Hardware (C64/Atari) $20 Dynamic-CAD (Amiga) $30 NOTE: Very heavy, shipping extra Word Perfect (Amiga) $15 NOTE: Very heavy, shipping extra Ogre w/Radiation Badge (Amiga) $30 Ogre Manual, Strategy Guide, & Radiation Badge only $15 Wishbringer complete (C64) $25 Leather Goddesses of Phobos complete (C64) $25 Gothic 2 Collector's Edition (PC) $25 Telengard manual & poster $10 EverQuest cloth map (still sealed) $15 Everquest poster & post cards $10 Robocop 3 w/Holographic Sticker (Amiga) $25 ** complete in box ** The Print Shop (C64) $10 The Print Shop Companion (C64) $10 GEOS Font Pack 1 (C64) $10 Fire Trap (C64) $5 Phantasie (C64) $15 Superscript (C64 & C128) $15 Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get all the Girls (PC) $20 Printmaster Plus (Amiga) $15 Fonts & Borders w/Printmaster Plus upgrade (Amiga) $10 Starglider (Amiga) $25 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) $15 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Tribunal (PC) $10 Space Hulk (Amiga) $15 AsimCDFS (Amiga) $10 Infiltrator II (C64) $15 God of War II (PS2) $5 ** Complete except for noted ** Phantasie {Missing C64 reference card} (C64) $10 Telengard {Disk is toast, replacement provided} (C64) $10 ** No box, but otherwise complete ** Early Learning Fun (TI-99/4a) $5 Numeration I (TI-99/4a) $5 The Golden Voyage (TI-99/4a) $5 Oldies but Goodies - Games I (TI-99/4a) $5 Sculpt 3D (Amiga) $10 Superbase Personal w/Dongle (Amiga) $15 Gothic 3 {German version} (PC) $15 ** Incomplete ** Might & Magic {Disks, Manual, & Map} (C64) $5 sold Might & Magic II {Disks & Reference sheet} (C64) $5 sold Amiga 500 Starter {Manual & KindWords disks} (Amiga) $5 ** Loose media ** all for $5 each Windwalker (C64) The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight (C64) sold Dr. Doom's Revenge (C64) Phantasie (C64) Phantasie (C64) Questron (C64) Questron (C64) Flight Simulator II (C64) Batman: The Caped Crusader (C64) Echelon (C64) Temple of Apshai (C64) GEOS Font Pack 1 (C64) JumpMan (C64) Top Gun (C64) VIP Terminal (C64) 64 Term/Victerm (C64 & Vic-20) {tape} Gateway to Apshai (C64) {cartridge} Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon (Amiga) sold Strip Poker Three (Amiga) Tie Fighter w/Defender of the Empire (PC) Quicken v6 (PC) Microsoft Word v2 (PC) Microsoft Excel v4.0a (PC) Microsoft Office v4.2 (PC) Star Trek Klingon w/Pamphlet {no CD case} (PC) Star Trek Armada II (PC) Starfleet Command (PC) X-Kaliber 2097 (SNES) sold Soul Blazer (SNES) sold Tetris (NES) sold Back to the Future (NES) sold Dragon Warrior (NES) Adventure (Atari 2600) Star Raiders {PAL} (Atari 2600) ** Manual Sets - No media ** All for $10 each Hillsfar manual, code wheel, & Amiga reference card Star Fleet volume I maual & C64 supplement Spellcasting 201 manual, map, school registration sheet, & moodhorn music book. Star Wars Galaxies manual & PC quick start guide Star Flight manual, map, & code wheel Battletech - crescent Hawk's Inception manual, recognition guide, & C64 reference card Adventure Construction Set manual & C64 reference card The Bard's Tale manual & map (folio cover) The Bard's Tale II manual & Amiga reference card The Bard's Tale III manual & code wheel Ultima Quest of the Avatar (NES) manual & map sold GEOS v2.0 user's manual w/ GEOS 128 v2.0 supplement Amiga OS 2.1 booklet set complete in box (5 books) Qmodem Pro v2 for Windows 95 user's guide & script guide ** Single items ** All for $5 each Dragon Warrior III Gamboy Color manual Ultima Collection install guide & reference booklet Black Crypt manual sold The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past manual sold Secret of the Silver Blades Adventurer's Journal Elvira: Mistress of the Dark horror guide The Movie Monster manual Elite flight training manual Silent Service manual Gemstone Warrior manual Blue Max 2001 manual Karateka Apple II & C64 reference card Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus manual Death Sword manual Gunship C64 supplement Dragon Wars manual Movie Maker manual Money Mentor manual in binder Commodore 1571 user's guide Commodore 1670 1200 baud modem user's manual Commodore 64 user's manual GEOS Desk Pack 1 user's manual GEOS v1.2 user's manual GEOS v2.0 user's manual TI-99/4a user's reference guide Compute!'s First Book of TI Games sold Reading Fun for the TI-99/4a manual TI-99/4 Extended Basic reference card sold F/A-18 Interceptor code wheel Strike Aces code wheel 500+ empty game/utility boxes. Far too many to list. So, if there are any in particular, ask & I'll look for it. These will eventually all be thrown out. So, except for special cases, I'll throw one in with another purchase, or sell them by themselves for $2 each.
  11. Definitely my bad this time. Ugh. Here's a great example why it's not a good idea to do hardware changes when you're in a rush. You know, by lifting the cage that houses the power supply and bays without first disconnecting the ribbon cable from the motherboard. In the process I accidentally broke one of the pins off of the floppy drive connector on an Amiga 2000 motherboard. The pin is securely stuck in the end of the ribbon cable's connector. Any advice on the best way to fix/replace the motherboard's connector? I'm guessing that the cable itself is kaput, since I don't see how I can get the actual pin out of it. Another question: It's been awhile, but I was pretty sure that PC and Amiga disk drive ribbon cables were the same. Is that correct? Thanks!
  12. For years now I've been hoping to see a series like this for various retro computing platforms (Atari 800, Apple II, TRS-80 Model III, Fujitsu FM7, C64, VIC-20, Atari ST, TI-99, SG-3000, X68000, Acorn, BBC Micro, Color Computer, PC-88, Spectrum, Adam, etc...). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOT5j3ELi5BaSrb24fJEKvTqlRK4fg9wS In this case, it's for the Amiga. If others decide to make YouTube tutorial series' like this, please let me know. There are a bunch of platforms that I'd like to learn. And if someone can recommend a free video screen-capture utility that is Windows Vista compatible (and doesn't contain viruses), I may actually do more of these. Oh, and maybe an app that can add captions since YouTube is no longer offering annotation and captioning services as part of their site tools.
  13. DoctorSpuds

    Mogul Maniac (Amiga)

    From the album: My Collection

  14. Hello, So I was thinking about getting an Amiga or ST and I'm trying to decide which one to get. I live in the US and there's a game I want to play that was released for both systems called "Fire & Ice", but it only came out in Europe. Comparing the Amiga and ST, which one is the most import friendly and which model would be the best to get, so I can play PAL games like "Fire & Ice" in the states? Thanks in advance.
  15. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 5, at the Grand Prairie Municipal Airport from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. The facilty is open on Monday, July 4, but since that is a holiday, I figured that Tuesday would be a better day. Contact DoctorClu on Atariage for more details. See you there!
  16. A lot of stuff: Tandy 600 AC adapter CD32 with original controller and mouse adapter CD32 competition pro control pad cocolino PS/2 to Amiga mouse adapter Some MAC software. Shooter pack includes: SIN gold HeXen II Heretic II
  17. Just a little bit of fun on the Amiga today. https://youtu.be/mIL-lzCZmsE Part of my task to my piserve modem of all platforms.. Mike
  18. I have an interesting joystick from Spain: Telemach 200. I'm looking to trade for other rare joysticks. The joystick has arcade components, Industria Lorenzo stick. It has a 9 pin connector. I use it on 2600. There is a switch on the back for other systems, (Amiga?). There are 4 suction cups on the bottom. I'm most interested in homebrew joysticks. But also various rare or quality that I don't already have. I mainly play 2600. Also Vectrex. I can use db15 gameport analog joysticks on Atari with an adapter that I have, which I like and which is another trade option. Possibly arcade or industrial joystick components. Old Pong console modded to work as VCS Paddle controllers!!!! ... Atari Game Brain, H.E.R.O., Montezuma's Revenge... VecMulti for Vectrex..
  19. Worn box, but joyboard in very good condition. Includes in box game (Mogul Maniac). Instruction manual and original survey form included. No wear on joyboard or game.[/size] eBay Auction -- Item Number: 252181467572
  20. We all know about OctaMED's 8-channels and how StarDust takes two channels and mux's them together to make a total of 6-note polyphony. However, here's a novel way to get a 5th audio channel out of the Amiga by making good use of the (until now) useless composite port: http://jmp.no/blog/a-5th-audio-channel-on-the-amiga Additionally, I was doing some reading on the Amiga's audio circuitry and it's pretty interesting. Here's some of the neat things you do: - Make your own waveforms by drawing them using Audiomaster or some other tracker app. - Feed raw data into Paula to generate crazy waveforms. - Play two waveforms over one another to sum them to a single channel. - Modulate one audio channel with another. - Use DMA to handle the audio or switch it off and let the CPU take direct control. - Append one waveform with another in code. - Overlay all of the channels to create a 14-bit stereo sample playback unit. - Do AM and FM synthesis with an app like OctaMED. - Make use of Paula's four included state machines (and send data to them via the CPU or Agnus). - Increase the sample rate to 57.7 KHz if you have a SuperDenise chip. It's too bad they didn't up this same design to 16-bit for the release of the AGA machines. As 8-bit audio chips go though, the sound quality is pretty awesome. A good example of this is the real-time monitoring mode of the DSS8+ cartridge on a machine with a 68030. It almost sounds like a 16-bit stereo sampler.
  21. I see we're down to the last 12 hours for this one. Looks like it's all stretch goals now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1462758959/commodore-the-final-years-book?ref=a5znrq
  22. The following link contains high-resolution Amiga photographs. These are free for anyone to use (even for commercial projects, books, magazines, etc...) and are an attempt to supply publications with clean images of Amiga computers. The Amiga 500 in these images is new and was sealed in climate-controlled storage for almost 30 years. It was unboxed in order to take the following photos. A link to a 180 MB Zip file containing print resolution photos is also featured on this page. https://www.blitter.com/~nebulous/AmigaPhotos.html
  23. From the album: My Home

    Here's a photo of my Amiga A1200, the final Amiga microcomputer from Commodore after the A500 and A600 (of course, there were also desktop Amiga computers with more expansion capabilities, but I like the micros) which came out in 1992. It's running Workbench 3.1 which is installed on an 8GB SanDisk Compact Flash card in an IDE-CF adapter, and I have a mild expansion in the form of a DKB Cobra accelerator with a 28Mhz 68030 and 64MB RAM.
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