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Found 534 results

  1. Hi, I tried some simple composite video mods for my Atari 2600 with terrible results: Blurry image, ghosting, dark image, etc. Then I designed my own mod and it works good enough for me. I wanted to share it with all who want to give a try. First you need to remove some components from the board. I prefer to remove all unused components and store them. But if you are more conservative then remove the following components only Also, you need to remove or disconnect the "RF Modulator Module" and built the Video Amplifier. I designed two simple video amplifiers: The first is a simple one stage amplifier. This circuit Works good but due to the limited gain of only one amplification stage, there is some limitation in the brightness of the image. Most people will not notice it, but I wanted to ensure the best quality possible keeping it simple. The second is a two stage amplifier. This is still a very simple circuit with flat gain up to 4.2MHz (Composite video band width) which ensures brightness and color preservation with minimun distortion. Use the 5K trimmer to adjust the gain (brigthness) of the signal. Teorically you will have 0dB or unity gain with 1577Ohm. This is the Bode plot of my LTSpice simulation of the circuit This is the board with the circuit installed And finally this is the results: Video on a CRT TV Video on a LED TV
  2. Personal childhood collection of original Atari 2600 Activision achievement patches + corresponding game in professional shadow boxes: - Roadbusters / Enduro - Supreme Starmaster + Leader / Starmaster - River Raiders / River Raid - Decathlon GOLD (very RARE) / Decathlon - Explorers Club / Pitfall! - Cliff Hangers / Pitfall II (RARE) - Sky Stars / Sky Jinks - Chopper Commandos / Chopper Command Sorry for the glass glare. I could photograph without the glass but prefer not to remove.
  3. A lot of people think Bubsy started on Atari (really the SNES and then Genesis) so .... sure... why not! Here we have it folks... BUBSY : Kitt'N Kaboodle This fun hack of Fast Eddie was made possible by Hack-O-Matic 3 and some coloring by KevinMos3 who has already made many good color hacks for Atari 2600 games. The Woolies are at it again stealing Bubsy's stuff and this time they stole EVERYTHING and stored it on the planet Kaboodle!!! Bubsy will need to JUMP OVER the Woolies to get it all back. In the game you'll see objects Bubsy needs to collect on based on items he collected in... Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind. Bubsy 2 Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales Bubsy 3D Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Respective And even the newest which came out recently that I'm enjoying... Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back. Latest binary: Bubsy0 R20.bin Bubsy0 R21-HS.bin Holiday Special Latest Sound Beta: Bubsy0 S14.bin Play online by clicking here! Alpha stage: Bubsy A01.bin Bubsy A02.bin Bubsy A03.bin Bubsy A04.bin Bubsy A05.bin Bubsy A06.bin Bubsy A07.bin Bubsy A08.bin Bubsy A09.bin Bubsy A10.bin Bubsy A11.bin Bubsy A12-Color.bin Bubsy A13.bin Bubsy A14.bin Bubsy A15.bin Bubsy A16.bin Bubsy A17.bin Bubsy A18-No RL.bin Bubsy A19.bin Bubsy A20 2.bin Releases: Bubsy0 R1.bin Bubsy0 R2.bin Bubsy0 R3.bin Bubsy0 R4.bin Bubsy0 R5.bin Bubsy0 R6.bin Bubsy0 R7.bin Bubsy0 R8.bin Bubsy0 R9.bin Bubsy0 B10.bin Bubsy0 B11.bin Bubsy0 B12.bin Bubsy0 B13.bin Bubsy0 R14.bin Bubsy0 R15.bin Bubsy0 R16.bin Bubsy0 R17.bin Bubsy0 R18.bin Bubsy0 R19.bin Bubsy0 R20.bin Bubsy0 R21-HS.bin Holiday Special
  4. Note: I couldn't figure out how to change the title of an existing topic, so sorry for starting a *third* topic on basically the same homebrew game... Anyway, I'll be using this topic to keep you posted about new releases of... Amoeba Jump - I promise this will be the final name :-) I already got a lot of useful feedback in the old topics and on the ZeroPage Homebrew Twitch stream, but please continue to give me feedback on any bugs and/or suggestions. Downloads (last update on 05/11/2018) Latest versions: Amoeba Jump v1.3 NTSC.bin Amoeba Jump v1.3 - NTSC version Amoeba Jump v1.3 PAL.bin Amoeba Jump v1.3 - PAL60 version Amoeba Jump - R77.bin Amoeba Jump - RetroN 77 version Older versions: Amoeba Jump v1.2 NTSC.bin Amoeba Jump v1.2 (release candidate #2) - NTSC version Amoeba Jump v1.2 PAL.bin Amoeba Jump v1.2 (release candidate #2) - PAL60 version Amoeba Jump v1.1 NTSC.bin Amoeba Jump v1.1 (release candidate) - NTSC version Amoeba Jump v1.1 PAL.bin Amoeba Jump v1.1 (release candidate) - PAL60 version Amoeba Jump v0.1.bin Amoeba Jump v 0.1 amoeba_jump_NTSC.bin - NTSC version amoeba_jump_PAL50.bin - PAL 50Hz version amoeba_jump_PAL60.bin - PAL 60Hz version Changelog [v1.4] VBlank optimization for AA release version [v1.3] Title music is now playing a tad louder (sound level conform other homebrews) [v1.2] Returns to the title screen if the game has ended and left idle for more than 21 seconds [v1.2] When a new game starts and the joystick isn't moved yet, the score bar shows the score and high-score alternating. Note: saving your high-score on SaveKey/AtariVox is only supported in the cart version. [v1.1] Changed the acceleration curve for the amoeba a tiny bit so it feels close to the original controls, without being "too sensitive". And in the NTSC-version the red springs are now slightly darker red. [v1.0] Added a title screen with music, where the Amoeba is bouncing on the big "AMOEBA JUMP" title. [v1.0] The grey springs have been replaced by red and green spring-buttons, which I think look better on the screen. The red spring-buttons give you the normal boost, while the green ones boost you even higher! [v1.0] Jumping from spring to spring (i.e. a "spring run") will give you extra bonus points and you will hear a higher-pitched sound effect. [v1.0] When your score gets beyond 1000 points, little oval-shaped bacteria start appearing on the platforms, which can be eaten by the amoeba. Each bacteria holds one of the six letters from the word A-M-O-E-B-A. Collect all six and the single next time you jump on a spring, you will get a super long boost. While doing this super boost, the amoeba will show all kind of rainbow-colors, which is done by using code-bytes as colors (just as in Yars' Revenge) [v1.0] I did some (minimal) changes on the controls to give you more precision. You can now move the amoeba just a tiny bit my moving the joystick left/right briefly. On the long jumps, the deceleration is stronger when you stop moving the joystick, hopefully resulting in a better precision. Also, moving in the opposite direction while in mid-air works much better now, which makes it easier when you’re stressing to find a good landing spot for your amoeba. [v1.0] The all-white and all-blue screens are now half the size, which makes it a bit more doable - or less brutal :-) [v0.1] Unified NTSC/PAL version. Use the 'TV TYPE' switch to choose between NTSC colors (=switch set to 'COLOR') or PAL colors (=switch set to 'BW'). Both versions run at 60Hz now; 50Hz PAL is no longer supported, as most PAL CRT TVs support 60Hz. 07/11/2018 - Moved the "press fire" message *below* the playfield to better support older versions of Stella (like 3.7.5, which is used in the Retron 77) 07/10/2018 - After amoeba dies, the message "press fire" appears above the score bar 07/05/2018 - Added a PAL 60Hz version 07/04/2018 - As requested, an extra challenge: screens with all white or blue platforms! 07/02/2018 - Blue platforms now move independently from each other 06/29/2018 - Springs are no longer guaranteed on each screen but now appear randomly, which improves the game-play and makes "combo spring-jumps" more special. But don't worry speedrunners: 2- or 3-combo jumps are still possible now and then 06/26/2018 - Renamed game to "Amoeba Jump" and updated the graphics and animation About Amoeba Jump is a homebrew platform game for the Atari 2600. It's the first Atari game developed by me, Dion Olsthoorn (or Dionoid as I'm known on the AtariAge forums). I initially planned to build this game for the Commodore 64, but after reading the book "Racing the Beam" I decided to buy an old Atari VCS and challenge myself to write a game for this strange, limited but wonderful machine :-) The game is free for personal usage, and available in both NTSC and PAL versions (see downloads). An extended version of the game will be available in the AtariAge store somewhere early 2019 and features alternating 2-player mode (introducing Ms. Amoeba) and SaveKey/AtariVox support for saving your high-score! The game will be available on Hyperkin's Retron 77 as one of the pre-installed homebrew games (I think it will be part of the next batch of systems). Objective The aim of the game is to guide the amoeba (a single-celled creature) up a never-ending series of platforms without falling. The higher you get, the higher your score will be. There are three different platform types: Yellow - these are the basic, stable platforms White - these are unstable platforms that disappear after you bounce off them once Blue - these platforms are harder to hit because they move back and forth horizontally Jumping on a red or green spring-button will give you a short boost and some bonus points, but best of all: it makes the little amoeba rejoice! When your score gets beyond 1000 points, little oval-shaped bacteria start appearing on the platforms, which can be eaten by the amoeba. Each bacteria holds one of the six letters from the word A-M-O-E-B-A. Collect all six and the single next time you jump on a spring, you will get a super long boost. While doing this super boost, the amoeba will show all kind of rainbow-colors, which is done by using code-bytes as colors (just as in Yars' Revenge) The screen wraps around, which means that the Amoeba can leave one side of the screen and immediately reappear on the opposite side. You're going to need this to reach some platforms! Controller This is a single-player game which uses a joystick as controller. Support for the Driving controller (the one used in Indy 500) is in development. Videos Recorded livestream showing the latest build of Amoeba Jump on ZeroPage Homebrew stream:
  5. Is there an official list that I am missing? Please let me know, I've searched and searched and found nothing. Could combine this list with Atari 2800 serials as well. I have a Sears Video Arcade 2 S/N: SV 382 000701 Photos to follow... -Dan
  6. Hi all, I just wanted to share a new homebrew I just finished up - Bit quest II. If you played the original, then I would say Bit Quest II is a logical evolution of that idea - it's much bigger and has more variety. It's an adventure-type game with an overworld and several dungeons with hidden items. It's sort of inspired by the original Zelda, along with games like Venture and Adventure for the 2600. It also incorporates a lot of feedback I received around the original. In any case, hope you enjoy! Some notes: * Joystick to move, fire button to attack. (Full instructions included) The premise is, the hero from the first Bit Quest is captured, so you have to rescue him. There are 4 keys hidden throughout the world which will unlock the final dungeon. * Uses DPC+ so you'll need to play in a compatible emulator, like Stella. * Max hearts can be increased by finding heart containers, and you can continue after a game-over. * (NEW) Sub-screen with Game Select switch Attached are some screenshots, and the download link is below. If you're interested in checking out my other homebrews including the first Bit Quest, my Atari page is here: http://atari.metalbabble.com/ Thanks & have fun! UPDATE: I've made a few tweaks to the game since the initial post, thanks to some great ideas and feedback. I'm taking the attachments off the post - to help streamline things. The up-to-date latest version of the ROM is up on my site. Direct download link below: ** CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD **
  7. Hey there everyone! If there's two things I love in this world it's old video games and Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and you can expect to see a fair amount of both in this thread. If for some reason you are put off by either old video games or magical talking pastel colored unicorns I would suggest clicking the "Back" button on your browser now. You have been warned lol That said, let's start things off with a look at my home console gaming center! That's a bit of an older picture, before I added another game storage cabinet for my 130'ish Atari 2600 cartridges and some framed Atari posters to the back wall, but it should give you a fairly good idea of my setup. Maybe I can take some new pics later this week if people want to see them. On the subject of the Atari 2600, that seems like as good a place as any to start the look at my game collections for individual systems. Again, this will be a sightly older pic... I've acquired a good dozen or so new games since that picture was taken, including Princess Rescue and a reproduction of Shooting Arcade; as well as a Wico Command Control Trackball, Wico Command Control bat style joystick, a Best Electronics Lightgun, and a Competition Pro 5000 joystick. Those I shouldn't have much trouble snapping some new pictures of in the near future. I do collect for a few other systems as well as the Atari 2600, including the original Game Boy / Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and the Sega Genesis. I use the term "collect" loosely, because honestly I consider myself more of a curator than a collector. I'm not out to collect every game published for my favorite systems, just the ones that I personally like and find enjoyable to play. If I buy a game and decide I don't like it after playing it then it goes up on eBay or off to a local game store and gets resold. There are a few historically significant exceptions to this in my game libraries (such as the copies of Pac-Man and E.T. seen above), but for the most part I'm only interested in collecting the good and fun games for my favorite systems. I haven't taken any pictures of my Genesis collection yet since it's still pretty small (around 20 games) but I do have a few of my Game Boy library to share: I have a real soft spot for the old gray brick and the games on it, but the vast majority of the time whenever I play a Game Boy game it's on my custom Twilight Sparkle themed Game Boy Color. I really dig the color pallets that Nintendo programmed into the GBC for many of the more popular original Game Boy games, and I like seeing the games displayed on a screen the same size as the one they were originally made for; but without any of the motion blur of the original Game Boy screen. The Game Boy Advance SP does get used for original Game Boy and Game Boy Color games sometimes as well though (usually late at night when I don't feel like digging out the Worm Light for the GBC), and it has been somewhat customized too. It started off life as a Graphite colored AGS-101 model backlight GBA SP and really got the ever living daylights beat out of it by it's previous owner, but after I purchased it I ended up refurbishing it with a brand new purple housing, buttons, and screen cover. I also took it to a local game store and had them solder in brand new L and R trigger contacts, and it's been a constant traveling companion for me ever since. It really is a wonderful little system. That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed this look at my gaming center and game collections, and you can expect to see this thread updated regularly with new pictures of Atari 2600, Game Boy/Color/Advance, and Sega Genesis games and accessories.
  8. Remembering the game hack that started my love for game hacking, with a request by fans to have an original character for that hack I present.... BUSTER Buster is just your typical BBSing Bobtail cat (Felus Catus Atarius) who will not be stopped by rain, sleet, snow, or penguins to get his favorite Atari 800 computer and talk to his BBSing friends. Help Buster pounce over Galloway Guin and his Waddle Raft Pack to get all of his Babbles and unlock their SEKRET SURPRISE, and of course back to his computer! Buster_TBBSB R01.bin Buster, also lover of cosplay, dons his cape (or is it a plastic bag that he accidentally got caught in..??)
  9. Hi guys. We have released a very big update do the web-based emulator Javatari. http://javatari.org It now has a new interface designed for mobile devices with touch-screen controls. Finally run Atari 2600 games on your iPhone/iPad! :-) Also, it can be installed on the device as a WebApp, then you can launch it directly through the app icon. In this mode it also works when offline! Several advancements were brought from the WebMSX project (http://webmsx.org). You can very easily put games on your own page, or show games running in the web with a single link to the Javatari page. Just pass the ROM URL address... Please refer to the project homepage for the docs and examples: https://github.com/ppeccin/javatari.js Some images on an iPhone6: Enjoy! Paulo
  10. Hi, For offer is my Exus Foot Craz Controller + both original games. Offer includes: Exus Foot Craz Controller - Boxed (in ok condition, please check the pictures) - Original box - Game Mat (like new) - The manual is missing Exus Video Jogger - Original cartridge (label a bit worn, please check the pictures) - Custom manual - Custom box Exus Video Reflex - Original cartridge (label a bit worn, please check the pictures) - Custom manual - Custom box Shipping & Payment - EURO 1.000 - free worldwide shipping (insurance/tracking) - Payment Paypal only (if you are located in Germany a back transfer is fine) - Payment has to be in EURO - Exchange rate EURO 1 is about US$ 1.20 If you have any questions please drop me a line. Thanks for reading, Marc.
  11. See how I coined the term there. I've just finished "UFO" over the weekend! (for now at least, the best I could squeeze into 4K) and also here is the most recent update to "K.C.'s Crazy Nightmare!" ** Update ** I have added "Handy Pick Hank" to the files on this post to keep the collection together. My website for other 2600 games I've made: TacticalNeuronics.com Reders_UFO_13.bin Reders_UFO_13.txt Reders_KCs_Crazy_Nightmare!_13.bin Reders_KCs_Crazy_Nightmare!_13.txt Reders_Handy_Pick_Hank_20170415.bin Reders_Handy_Pick_Hank_20170415.txt
  12. **WANTED** It's been awhile since I've "asked" for anything on here, so I thought I'd scour the AtariAge peoples for a complete copy of Galaxian for the Atari 2600. To belittle the obvious, I would like a good-condition box, instructions, and cartridge. Doesn't need to be sealed, just complete. Not sure if a comic came in this or not during that particular "run" of carts from Atari, but if so, I want that, too. If you have such a thing, please send me a private message. Please note: My preferred method of payments are money order from U.S. postal service. I cannot pay with paypal. Thank you, folks. My boxed collection is growing, albeit slowly. -Steve
  13. http://cinemassacre.com/2015/03/04/wizard-of-wor-arcade-atari-2600-5200-review-by-mike/ Wizard of Wor Arcade review throws in 2600/5200 ports as well. There's also a list of Mike's Atari 2600 collection included in the link.
  14. Maybe you guys remember Debbie, she has listed some nice stuff on GameGavel recently, such as Rescue Terra I and Tigervision games, among others. Well, she is back listing several boxed items that will go untill November 24th. You can see Xonox and Zimag stuff there, and she is currently listing many more for a total of almost 200 games. Check it out! http://www.gamegavel.com/listview.cgi?seller=djmc1962
  15. Specifically, a small assortment from the first catalogs to the more recent catalogs featuring Atari 2600 games. I was rather disturbed to realize that I only had one red catalog in my collection, so I figured I'd come here to see if anyone has a few extra. Here's the one I have: I'm looking for this one in particular: But an assortment would be fine as well. Please send me a PM if you have and how much you want for them. Thank you!
  16. Mappy. With complete DPC+ soundtrack. Example: Sound: Press Select: 00-MappyBonusMusic2600.bin Food Fight. Take the sound right from the 7800 version. Stunt Cycle (done right with paddle)
  17. Anyone has an original Atari Game Center (not Sears or Generic) to be shipped to Brazil? Can pay money or trade for boxed stuff (have a spare King Kong and Miner 2049er CIB among other stuff). Cheers,
  18. My dad was the origonal creator and manufacturer of this controller. After a suit with the company who trademarked the word "astroblast" he ended up throwing about 10K of these away. I am looking for one (two if possible) in its origonal box. . I would love to have one for the front office of the company that is still going strong today. His birthday is this weekend and I think it would be funny and ironic to buy him one. http://s382.photobucket.com/user/Sr-Ferraz/media/Joysticks%20and%20Controllers/AtariStarplexVideoGameController2.jpg.html here is a picture of one
  19. Welcome to my Summer Sale! I will be thinning out a few things in my overall collections. *NOTHING RIGHT NOW - SORRY! CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES* (last updated 2-15-2019) I have plenty of positive feedback on eBay and here. Will ship within 48 hours of received/cleared payment. All games, manuals and boxes are clean tested and packaged with care. Any other questions, just ask. PayPal or Cash (if local) only, please. Thanks!
  20. What is your Favorite second Gen console out of Atari 2600, Intellivision, and Colecovision? And Why. Provide specific examples why it is your favorite and the games you liked for it. Personally I prefer the Colecovision for its good arcade ports and cool accessories and you gotta love the pack in Donkey Kong
  21. Hello! I purchased this game last year at a thrift store a year ago and was wondering what it's worth I've been looking for information on how much it's worth for awhile and haven't come up with anything yet. It's the rarer color label and it's complete in the box. Does anything know anything about this game? I added a picture to show what the condition is in. DH.bmp
  22. Hello guys, I'm looking for a lot of joysticks and/or paddles for Atari 2600, they dont need to be in perfect shape, I can repair them, unless you know they are really useless due to broken cable or stuff like that. To be shipped to Brazil. Thanx
  23. Hello Atariage, So here's the deal, I want to gage opinions on the matter of Rarity 10 (or Unbelieveably Rare) 2600 titles. 1. First of all, how many copies do YOU think exist of the following games, and how much would you value them at both cart only and CIB. Air Raid Birthday Mania Gamma Attack Pepsi Invaders (Coke Wins) Video Life Magicard Xante Carts (how many all in all do you think there are?) Music Machine Eli's Ladder Gauntlet Karate (Ultravision) Atlantis II Mangia Copy Cart ECPC Cartridge 2. Lets talk specifically about Music Machine. Is it just me, or does it seem a lot more common then say ANY of the other games listed? There was one on eBay recently and the seller was asking for $750 bid or $850 BIN, I see MM on eBay often enough that it seems more of a $300 game and not a $500+ game. So I guess my main question here is a game like Music Machine being an R10 and making regular appearances, should it be an R9? Just want a second opinion. 3. Does anyone have a rarity opinion on Beagle Brothers carts? I won the Armor Ambush by the Beagle Brothers in an eBay auction in 2004. How can I determine its absolute authenticity? Thank you all for your help! And thanks for having me on your awesome community! -Cody
  24. The interesting trend in the 70s was store-branded video games. There were store branded everything in the 70s. I posed this question asking about "linear media" on lddb.com, a laser disc website, and I knew about the Sears Beta, and later found out about the JCPenney VHS, and was wondering if there was a store brand Laser Disc or Selectavision (a format often confused with Laser Disc, but different). I used video game store brands like Sears Telegames, Sears Super Telegames, Tandy Vision, and Montgomery Ward Game System, which were respectively, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Intellivision, and Bally as examples. I don't know the logic behind it. I assume it was to keep store brand loyalty. But I assume it can backfire. If Sears was talking about the Telegames and Super Telegames, and didn't have an Atari 260 and Intellivision section, if you were from Mars, you'd say the were promoting their own brand. Kind of like what Aldi does with most of their food products. Was their marketing not to mention the brand name, and use only the store name? I understand they wanted store loyalty, but did they keep more sales they'd lose to other stores with store brands, or did they lose more sales from brand name people by browsing and seeing only store brand stuff? I'm trying to figure out whether it was a net positive to have store branding or a net negative. If you've owned any of these system during their prime, whether you were a kid, a parent, or a childless grownup at the time: Atari 2600, Intellivision, Bally Astrocade, Sears Telegames, Sears Super Telegames, Tandyvision, Montgomery Ward Game System, the question is "Have you dabbled or stayed loyal, ether out of ignorance of their intercompatibility or out of pride?" By the way, I voted no interactive media, since my first was a Colecovision, which had no store brand problems, and a Sanyo BetaCord (a name brand), and dad didn't avoid Sears for Beta tapes. I think they were branded as Sears Beta brand tapes, which he has bought before. I see them downstairs, so No for avoiding Sears Brand Beta tapes.
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