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Found 64 results

  1. A quick note about the hacks: I have decided to place all of my hacks in one, convenient thread. As I grew up with my Atari 5200 and Atari 800XL, there were certain games that I thought had a little more potential. I had created basic hacks for a few of these games. I always thought that my 5200 Popeye could look better. Brutus didn't have a number "5" for a head in the arcade version. I knew I had drawn more accurate Mario characters on my 800XL. If only I could plug them into the games. I teamed up with Playsoft, who provided the tools and wisdom to make these games possible. Some of these games have other contributors. Tep392 helped us tweak the collision and touchy controls in DK Jr. I believe that Tep392 and Kjmann worked on the original Donkey Kong RMT sound version. I believe there is another member who helped Playsoft in some of the A8 to 5200 conversions. I am not sure who drew the giant Popeye head. If anybody has clarity on this, let me know, so credit can go where it is due. These are truly community projects, and I had a great time watching them transform. Playsoft did an amazing job of hacking display list interrupts, giving me a little more height area (eg. thicker 5200 Mario Bros floors, as well as multiple floor types). I have been holding off on releasing the latest Mario Bros hacks, because I didn't want to release as many revisions. I was also hoping for some upgraded sound effects for Mario, but there's not always enough time in the day. There's a bonus hack for the 7800 Mario Bros. I found the 7800 graphics tedious to hack. The characters were drawn too small and flat, and the game itself plays horribly. That version has the least number of animation frames, so the animation is poor regardless. It is my "Lipstick on a Pig" release. Donkey Kong: Atari 8-bit Computer Arcade version -- DK_A8_Arcade.xex Atari 8-bit Computer RMT version (Updated sound) -- DK_A8_RMT.xex Atari 5200 Supersystem version -- DK5200_Arcade.bin Donkey Kong Jr: (Arcade & Enhanced versions) Atari 8-bit Computer Arcade version -- DKJr_A8_Arcade.xex Atari 8-bit Computer Enhanced version -- DKJr_A8_Enhanced.xex Atari 5200 Supersystem Arcade version -- DKJr_5200_Arcade.bin Atari 5200 Supersystem Enhanced version -- DKJr_5200_Enhanced.bin Popeye Arcade: Atari 8-bit Computer version --PopeyeArcade_A8_Final.xex Atari 5200 Supersystem version -- Popeye5200_ArcadeFinal.bin Mario Bros (1983, 5200 version): Atari 5200 Supersystem bin version -- MarioBros_Arcade_52.bin Atari 5200 Supersystem car format -- MarioBros_Arcade_52.zip Mario Bros XE: Atari XL/XE version - MarioBrosArcade_XE.zip Mario Bros 7800: Atari 7800 version - Mariobros_7800_Arcade.a78
  2. Bob did a fantastic job programming this one (as always). Video goes live at 8 PM ET!
  3. nicknickuk

    IMG 0715

    From the album: Raspberry Pi Custom Atari case designs

    My Raspberry Pi case inspired by Atari 7800. Black metal case and I designed the centre vinyl sticker faceplate using paint Shop Pro
  4. In this video, just uploaded to Youtube, I show over $500 worth of Atari Homebrew gaming goodness for the 2600 VCS, 7800 ProSystem, and Jaguar. Even so I missed some, so I'll need to do another video. Technically some of these games are Homebrew ports of Arcade games, but there are many that are totally original as well. Most were purchased from Atari Age. I purposely left out the Custom Reproductions that I have ordered, as I'm saving them for an upcoming video. While the above video was uploading, I discovered that I now have a second supporter on Patreon. Supporters get exclusive content, which I plan on expanding what I offer as I go along. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=11084981
  5. Is this auction from a few weeks back to be believed? $985 + shipping?! It appears to be complete with all inserts and it's an A1 unit. It has the first-run (purple with checker box) manual, but the later iteration box. This just seems, I don't know, maybe $700 or so beyond its value, unless I'm missing something? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Vintage-Atari-7800-Electronic-Arcade-Video-Game-Console-System-NEW-IN-BOX-/192895450472?hash=item2ce976fd68%3Ag%3AzpkAAOSw8kFcuQjK&nma=true&si=wD26bMChdQY5vi21h40iB9LxpI8%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  6. A complete in box Atari 7800 console. I opened up the flaps and it's still in the original factory bags.
  7. I apologize for a great many things in advance of this post, but thank you for reading it if you do anyway. Many many moons ago I bought a Cuttle Cart II when they were being produced and there was a topic thread in the 7800 subsection of the AtariAge forums. It was pretty much everything I had ever dreamed of - a multicart for my 7800 so I could leave one cart in my console most of the time (because as we all know 7800 carts are a TIGHT FIT and wear out your hands and arms going in and out). The cart worked great for me for a long time, until one day while yanking it out of the cartridge slot to test a new cart I had just got, I slammed my hand and the cart into it into the wooden shelves of my setup for the system. OUCH. The MMC card reader at the top got dislodged and the card disappeared inside of the shell along with whatever held it in place. Now if this sounds like deja vu here's where I must apologize, because I asked about this before and somebody sent me the part I would need to repair it. Unfortunately I was a nervous nelly after all the money I spent getting the Cuttle Cart II and didn't want to crack open the shell and possibly make things worse. On top of that I had a very long bout of depression that went untreated, so I spent at least half a decade or more barely visiting the AA forums and seldom if ever posting. Things have greatly improved for me over the last two years thanks to therapy and medication, but despite many times cleaning up and reshuffling the deck for all the consoles and games I've collected (including a massive overhaul in the last week alone) I've never found the part I was sent by a kind user in these forums, and I can't even remember who that was/is. I do still have the Cuttle Cart II though, and I know my MMC is still rattling around inside it. So here's my stupid question... Could anybody fix this for me?
  8. I've been dying to buy POKEY games for the 7800, but it's getting to be expensive and troublesome. Copies of Ballblazer for the 7800 are getting harder to find and this was to be expected. On eBay things are quite limited. Boxed copies can be had for about $30 to $50 dollars, but I'm not buying a mint or sealed boxed copy just to get the cartridge. Loose copies, well I'm only finding the ones with the red end labels, and they tend to go for $50 to $80. I sometimes see loose PAL cartridges for around $25, but I don't even know if they are compatible. POKEY chips can be found in a 5200 console, but then I'd have to buy one, pay to have it shipped to me, destroy the console to get at the POKEY chip, remove the POKEY chip (which I don't even know how to do), and then ship it to Atari Age. POKEY chips can be found in some Atari Arcade games, but no way am I going that route either! The cheapest option that I can find is to buy just a board with a POKEY chip on it. Cost $30. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ballblazer-Atari-7800-Pokey/152564067928?hash=item238586ee58:g:RJ8AAOSwjKtccao9 The one POKEY version that I'd really like to own is Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest. Cost? $52.25. So if I could go with the board that I found on eBay, which includes free shipping, my cost would be $82.25 not counting the shipping charge from Atari Age, and assuming that I can have this board shipped directly to Atari Age. And that's the CHEAPEST option! If these boards like the one that I've linked to are common, and I have no idea if they are, perhaps Atari Age could buy them in bulk. The seller seems to be offering that option (for $25). If Atari Age passed that expense along I'd be willing to do it. Actually, I'd also be willing to buy the board, have it shipped directly to Atari Age, and have them use that. But I am disabled now so my options are limited.
  9. Hello there! I'm new here, and I came to ask few questions to the mighty atari fans out there! I'm from a scoring website https://www.video-games-records.com/home.html (which I highly recommend you if you want to show your scores on every atari systems, or more), and I was wondering what was the main differences between games that are in all these platforms (2600/5200/7800). Let me explain you: when I propose a new game on the website, the game will be tidy with games from the same system (2600, jaguar...) but sometimes you can link some games when they are the same (for instance, games that are on PS3 and PS4 will be both add on the same platform, together). So, I was wondering what was the differences between the games that are on 2600, 5200 and 7800, and especially, what are the differences in the SCORING itself? For example, Joust or Ms-Pac Man both came on the 3 systems. Are they the exact same game? Or are they different? What about the gaming itself, is it easier to score/play on a 7800 system or 5200 than on a 2600? It's confusing, because you can play your 2600 games on the 7800. To conclude, my major question is: are the games different? Does something change in the way of playing (with the controller for instance) ? And if not, should I regroup both games (for instance Moon patrol) in 1, or add 2 on differents platforms? Thanks for clarifying this, if you know more! I have all these systems, but I can not fix my atari 7800, for a reason I ignore (even if I follow every tutorial out there to clean/repear it), and my atari 2600 is still functional. Great to see so many still pationated guys here! Cheers!
  10. This premier goes live tonight at 8 PM ET. Enjoy!
  11. Hey there guys and gals I'm trying to get my Atari 7800 collection in good order before a friend from out of state who grew up with a NES comes to visit in August, since I want to show him the best of what Atari's offering from the time period was all about. With that in mind there are a whole bunch of games I'm hoping to pick up for the system before he comes to visit but being a little short on cash (and not wanting to pay massive fees for selling games on eBay) I've decided to see if anyone here would be interested in buying some of my lesser played PS1 and GBA games or trading some of the Atari 7800 games I'm trying to track down for them. To give you a reference for my reliability as a buyer and seller, you can see all the feedback I've received from selling games and related accessories on eBay over the last half a dozen or so years here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/hanz0d0g You can also find my AtariAge Marketplace User Feedback thread here: http://atariage.com/...pic/254880-jin/ That all said, here's what I have available for sale / trade: PlayStation Games For Sale / Trade All games are complete in box and, since I'm more than a little obsessive about the condition of the games I buy, are in excellent condition with no cracks in the cases and all discs, manuals, etc. present and accounted for. The condition of the discs vary from pristine to lightly scratched but still perfectly playable with no problems whatsoever. The prices listed below are firm and do not include shipping costs. 2-Xtreme (Greatest Hits) - $3 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Greatest Hits) - SOLD Crash Bandicoot (Greatest Hits) - $30 Crypt Killer (Complete but missing UPC from back of case artwork) - $10 Dance Dance Revolution - $8 Dance Dance Revolution Konamix - $6 Final Fantasy Chronicles: Chrono Trigger & Final Fantasy IV (Greatest Hits) - $18 Jet Moto - $6 Riven: The Sequel to Myst (Includes official PlayStation edition Player's Guide book) - $20 Spyro the Dragon (Greatest Hits) - $20 Star Wars: Dark Forces - SOLD Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Greatest Hits) - $18 Game Boy Advance Games for Sale / Trade As before, since I'm a wee bit picky about the condition of my games, all games available for trade here have near perfect mint condition labels with no trips, tears, or significant scratches unless otherwise noted. The prices listed below are firm and do not include shipping costs. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (Has slight color fading near the top of the label) - $5 Doom II - $40 Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls - $10 Iridion II - $10 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - $5 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - $5 Mario Golf: Advance Tour - $9 Missile Command (Original GameBoy game) - $5 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance - $12 SimCity 2000 (Complete in Box) - $13 Street Fighter Alpha 3 - $18 Tetris Worlds - $4 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear - $6 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 - $4 And now for the things I'm looking for! Atari 7800 Games & Accessories I'm Willing To Trade For In terms of games I'm willing to trade for I'm really only looking for loose cartridges or cartridge + manual copies, however I will consider trading for complete in box games if the offer is right. Just be aware that I'll probably resell or re-trade the box once I get it since I don't collect boxes for Atari 7800 games. Lastly, just as a reminder, I am very picky about the condition of labels and will only trade for games with excellent condition labels with no rips or tears and minimal scratching. Accessories Atari XE Light Gun (New in plastic or gently used like-new condition only) Games Alien Brigade Ballblazer Basketbrawl Centipede TB (AtariAge homebrew cart) Crossbow Desert Falcon Food Fight Frenzy! (AtariAge homebrew cart) Ikari Warriors Midnight Mutants Ninja Golf Rampage Robotron 2084 Scramble (AtariAge homebrew cart) Space Invaders (AtariAge homebrew cart) Tower Toppler Xenophobe Thanks for taking the time to view my trading thread and just shoot me a PM if you're interested in buying or trading!
  12. As far as I can tell, these just popped up last night or this morning. The prices aren't great, but at least Best Offer is an option. For anyone who has been searching far and wide for these elusive titles as you seek to complete your 7800 collection... Ikari Warriors: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253739510979 Rampage: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253739098110 Fatal Run: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253739066969 Impossible Mission: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253739582610 Double Dragon: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253739127946 Midnight Mutants: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253739543624 They also happen to all be from the same seller, so I'm sure you could get some shipping savings by purchasing multiple games from him. I have no connection to this seller whatsoever, just passing along these recent finds. Cheers.
  13. Based on the memes of Axl Rose, I've made a small amount of copies of a Fast Food remake for the Atari 7800 titled, Fat Axl. Please PM me or post to this thread if you're interested in a copy. EDIT - IMPORTANT!- Don't use a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive controller. Otherwise you'll get a repetitive Game Over screen. Use a standard controller. Cart reserved for: 1. neotokeo2001 - paid 2. toiletunes- paid 3. atarinut76 - paid 4. Mayhem- paid 5. davidcalgary29 - paid 6. davidcalgary29 - paid 7. mlcarm02 - paid 8. atarian63 - paid __________________ 9. atarian63 -paid 10. TAV - paid 11. mianrtcv -paid 12. masematte -paid 13. Sapicco - paid 14. fred - paid 15. gambler172 - paid 16. thanatos -paid 17. swlovinist -paid 18. TrekMD -paid 19. Marc Oberhauser -paid 20. Dauber - paid 21. Machine -paid 22. toymailman -paid 23. Smiley -paid 24. FibroFreak78 - paid Here's Retrogamer81081's YouTube video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VXk5v4tRn0 Please PM me if you're interested in a cart.
  14. Can anyone tell me the largest MMC cart that Chad Schell's Cuttle Cart 2 can handle for the Atari 7800? (Is there a max?) Thanks in advance, I just snagged a brand new CC2 off of ebay. Finally! Tom
  15. Is the Jinks 7800 cartridge the best shell to use for donor/homebrew purposes? Or is the draw with the board used with the game? Or both? Reason why I ask is because I found a spare cartridge and I thought if the shell is the best of the best, then why not scan it for 3D printing purposes? If the Jinks shell isn't the best, which shell is?
  16. Hey everyone. My last post of this nature didn't gain any traction, unfortunately (am still seeking Rampage CIB) but thought I'd make a similar thread in search of Motor Psycho for Atari 7800. I thought I was getting a solid deal on a NIB Motor Psycho for $50 (through the forums here) but when it arrived I flipped over the box (only saw a pic of the front previously) and it was very clearly PAL format, so that will not do. Anybody with an NTSC Motor Psycho that they'd be willing to part with? Doesn't have to be NIB or even CIB - I would even just take the cartridge. Thanks!!
  17. I'm looking for many games and systems to fill some holes in my collection. At the moment I'm trying to complete my Odyssey2, 5200, and 7800 collections, so those would be most appreciated. Please PM me any offers. Atari 2600: Phaser Patrol Communist Mutants From Space Fireball Suicide Mission Escape From the Mindmaster Dragonstomper Killer Satellites Chuck Norris Superkicks/Artillery Duel Spike's Peak/Ghost Manor Mr. Do! Q*bert's Qubes Track & Field Star Fox Challenge of Nexar Raft Rider (Standard label) BMX Airmaster Frankenstein's Monster Beany Bopper Survival Run Bank Heist Time Pilot Deadly Duck Cosmic Ark (Text label) Shuttle Orbiter Sorcerer's Apprentice Magnavox Odyssey2: War of Nerves! Dynasty! Intellivision: Intellivision II ColecoVision: Fortune Builder Roc 'n Rope Front Line Gyruss Defender Wing War Keystone Kapers Pitfall! Pitfall II: Lost Caverns River Raid Mr. Do's Castle Frogger Popeye Monkey Academy Spy Hunter Pitstop Nova Blast Star Wars: The Arcade Game Up 'n Down Atari 5200: K-razy Shoot-Out Astro Chase Ballblazer Kaboom! Megamania Pitfall! Pitfall II: Lost Caverns River Raid Star Wars: The Arcade Game Sega Master System: Sega Master System Any games Atari 7800: Titlematch Pro Wrestling Kung-Fu Master Pete Rose Baseball Planet Smashers Xenophobe Scrapyard Dog Barnyard Blaster Super Skateboardin' Mario Bros. Double Dragon Crack'ed Rampage Dark Chambers Fight Night
  18. RE-USED FOR SALE THREAD UPDATED 9/29/2017 All tested and work, see images for cosmetic condition. $1ea plus shipping, give me your zip and i'll get you an estimate. Also, add 50 cents to each transaction for paypal fees unless you want to do friend/family option. Armor Ambush Asteroids Astroblast (has weird tape on it, must have been taken apart, but works fine) Berzerk Bowling (Sears) Breakout Circus Atari Chopper Command Defender (Sears, reprinted top label) Defender E.T. SOLD Football Grand Prix Haunted House Home Run Kaboom SOLD Lock 'N' Chase SOLD Moon Patrol Ms Pac-Man SOLD Night Driver Pac-Man Real Sports Football Real Sports Baseball (reprinted top label) Solaris Starmaster Star Raiders (X2) Street Racer Super Breakout Yars' Revenge
  19. For those who don't know, I have a new homebrew out for the Atari 7800 titled, Crazy Tank. Details about it are here.
  20. I've listed a bunch of Lynx and 7800 games fulfilled by Amazon Canada, search or click through them here: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aag/main/ref=olp_merch_name_2?seller=ASVVEHBRLZEPV I didn't spend a lot of time setting prices, feel free to make me an offer on here if I've overpriced something and I'll reduce it on the site. I listed them here because I need to get rid of a whole load of stuff and I shipped it all to Amazon in a single box for CAD$10 - packing up and calculating the shipping for 60+ individual boxes is just too much effort for me. Also shipping is cheap (or free if you have Prime or order enough) within Canada, and hopefully shouldn't be too bad from the US either.
  21. Coding with the use of banks have been a bitch. I've been getting errors ever since I had to change from 48k to a size higher like 128 or 256k. It's possibly my coding, but as I added more graphics, that's when I had to choose a higher rom size and then all the errors started happening. But there's one thing that saved my butt: a backup. I've been making a practice of making a backup of the files just in case things start going nuts- and they did. It's also a good idea to keep it on a USB stick. It could also be a possibility the file could of got corrupted-but I have no idea. So I've reverted back to a recent 48k version just so I can get back on track, but as I keep adding to Draker Quest, I'm going to have to change the rom size and that means dealing with those dreaded banks. One other thing is that I greatly appreciate the help by RevEng's been doing even though I'm still new at this and I don't have the mind of a mathemetician. This demo has been updated with more enemies and such. Don't expect anything to be perfect as this is still very early in development. More screenshots: draker_quest_demo.bas.bin
  22. I fairly recently got my hands on a 7800 intended for the scrap heap. The power supply plug was in somewhat bad shape and the power jack was broken off. When I opened it up I discovered that the soldering points for the power jack was almost completely ruined, as you can see below. However with some careful consideration I managed to find a work around, fitted a new power plug and jack, and got it to power on. However I got nothing but a black screen and some humming/buzzing. Also, I found it strange that the plug wasn't a standard RF jack, but rather the same type found for connecting a monitor to an Atari ST computer. Curious that I am, I decided to open it up further and well, as you can see in the second picture, someone has been a busy little bugger. It has certainly been heavily modified during its lifetime. Still, this brings me no closer to a solution. Anyone know what might be wrong with the system or is it a lost cause?
  23. Hi all, I'm new to selling on EBay and have decided to sell some of my Atari 7800 games. 18 Game Cartridge Lot including Ninja Golf: https://www.ebay.com/itm/18-Game-Atari-7800-Lot-Ninja-Golf-RARE-Midnight-Mutants-More-Tested/292485145238?hash=item4419792296:g:6CUAAOSwacVaphUN 3 Sealed Games including Scrapyard Dog: https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Game-Lot-SEALED-Scrapyard-Dog-2-More-Atari-7800/292485151033?hash=item4419793939:g:8McAAOSwWUlaph5K 8 Games with Box and Manual including Food Fight, Dig Dug, etc.: https://www.ebay.com/itm/8-Game-Lot-Atari-7800-Complete-Box-Manual-Food-Fight-Dig-Dug-More-CIB/292485153872?hash=item4419794450:g:tlYAAOSweBFapwIi Please let me know if you have any questions! Also, if you have any advice for me as a first time seller, please feel free to make recommendations!
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