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Found 14 results

  1. I wanted to start an open discussion on music programming with the Atari 800XL home computer. This topic is for sharing Atari basic source code for music and sound effects as well as learning how to program chiptunes on your Atari at home. I hope here we can learn and experience more about programming in basic and help others write their own music projects with this classic system. Rock on! \m/
  2. Relisting as possible bundle... Even though no replies (or even view,) cannot delete it
  3. Hi eveyone, I am using CC65 to code a game that use conio.h to display characters on the screen. It works fine in graphics mode 0 but I get weird results with other text modes. (I am compiling with cl65.exe -O -t atarixl --start-addr 0x4000 ... to get enough memory). I would like to use any other text mode that adds support for colors like graphics mode 12. (I would use re-defined characters but this is not my issue). My goal is to have a text mode with at least 4 colors and to know how to draw characters and set their colors with CC65. (1) If I set graphics mode 12 I get the lower four lines in monochromatic mode. Is it normal? I thought it was a BASIC thing. How can I get read of them? (2) The conio library seems not to behave correctly when used with any graphics mode other than 0. How to I set colors? Where can I find any simple example? Fabrizio
  4. I am on the west coast, Los Angeles. I want to buy an Atari 800XL or 130XE. I need to make sure it will work with an s-video cable. In Atari 800XL versions produced before August of 1984, this cable will not work. This can also be checked with the version of Atari BASIC (This would be listed as Rev C but not all Rev C versions support S-Video) Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have a 800XL computer with a 1050 Floppy Drive connected correctly to it. When I hold the "Option" button down to boot from the floppy drive the computer goes into "Self Test" mode. I select all the tests and it runs it, passing all ROM and RAM as well as sound and keyboard tests. It still goes into "Self Test" when pressing Option and not booting from the floppy drive which has DOS 3. Anyone know why this is happening? Is it suppose to be like this? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Joe
  6. Hello, I just received an Atari 8Bit Lot, including a Atari 800XL. Testing the machine, all seems are working fine, but when i load some games, like International Karate (take a look to the video), the game background is flickering. With games like Pole Position, Moon Patrol or Berzerk, the main character not appears on the screen or blinking on the screen. The Memory Self Test pass ok, but down on the screen where say : "Reset or Help to Exit", this letter are flickering. I tested with other PSU, and the same problem. I am using a Composite Video cable on CRT TV. So, someone know what are happening?. If you know, please let me know. Comments, suggests are welcome. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwPWEYKJS7w
  7. Have been fiddling with an Atari 800XL I bought a couple of months ago from someone in England, so it's a revision D PAL unit that I'm using over composite (from retrocomputershack) on my LCD (no space for the old CRT thingies) with one of Lothareks PSUs. Have been looking at the posting on http://atariage.com/forums/topic/230225-colors-ntsc-vs-pal/to help debug some color issues I'm having, essentially the wrong colors substituted in the middle of the spectrum. I can adjust R38 back and forth and it'll either go totally out of whack or B/W, don't have a scope though so I've tried using small increments. The closest I get on the startup screen is what I can only refer to as DOS blue though my XLF, extreme jailbars aside, looks more like teal. I've replaced all 4146 RAM chips (mostly dead MT4246 originally), GTIA, ANTIC, 4050 with CD4050BE, PAL crystal, 2N3904 transistors as well as all electrolytics without any significant changes to the colors. Picture below is from SALT 2.05 running via a SIDE2 cartridge, have also tried using a basic script to show all colors and hues where I'm seeing the same "repeat" of colors in the middle. Anybody got ideas any ideas on how to explain this? NB! LCD works with ZX Spectrum, Acorn Electron, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Dragon 32, Atari 520STFM, Amiga 500/600/1200 with some duplicates (which is probably why I've got storage problems). Never seen anything like it so I think it's something to do with the circuit.
  8. I've been following eBay listings for a while now and prices seem to be all over the map, so I was just wondering if you guys and gals might be able to offer me some guidance on what a reasonable price I should expect to pay for a tested and working nice condition Atari 800XL with power supply would be? For reference when I say "nice condition" I mean no yellowing of the case, all keys and rubber feet present and accounted for, and minimal scratching on the housing and chrome side keys. Not brand new or like-new, just well cared for and in good shape. I should also note that this isn't a want to buy ad, since it'll probably be some time in late summer or early fall before I'll be in the position to purchase one of these computers, I'm just trying to do a little market research ahead of time to figure out what I should expect to pay.
  9. I wondered if anyone might be able to help me replace a missing spring on a Mitsumi 800XL keyboard? The keyboard is "Type 5" in the 600/800XL Keyboard Variants thread, and I rather like it. Unfortunately efforts to fabricate a replacement spring for the Break key have been unsuccessful. Here's a photo of the required spring: Frustratingly, I had a cannibalised example of this keyboard many years ago but rather foolishly threw it away, and later did the same thing with the five console key springs I had kept. If anyone has such a spring spare and doesn't mind parting with it (for a nominal fee, covering postage, etc), a PM would be most welcome! Thanks in advance.
  10. Not long ago I put up a market research thread to see what the going rate for an Atari 800XL computer was and the general consensus seemed to be around $60 + shipping for a good condition computer with power supply, so I'm hoping that by offering $100 + shipping I can get my hands on a really pristine like-new condition computer with power supply. I don't need the original box, although instruction manuals would be nice to have since this will be my first classic computer. I wouldn't mind getting a few common cartridges as well, though I do plan to buy a SIO2SD from Lotharek as soon as I've gotten myself a computer so getting software for it isn't too high of a priority. I would be fine with paying a little extra if it came with a composite video cable, but it's just fine if there's no video cable included since I can always buy one separately on eBay. Thanks for taking the time to view my ad and if you do happen to have a really minty fresh looking Atari 800XL that you'd be interested in selling then just let me know.
  11. Spanner

    My Atari 800XL Keyboard

    From the album: My Retro Stuff

    It needs fixing,some of the keys don't work but will do soon.
  12. I recently got a Atari 800XL from a local classifieds but I am having issues with it. The power light comes on however the display not working, there are some funny colors and lines (image attached). When I type on the keyboard there is no sound. When I insert a cartridge there is no sound from the game starting screen. Basically it does not just look like the display is garbled its almost like the computer is also not responding. I opened the Atari to see if there is something obvious like a burned cap, but I can't see anything. I took high rez photos of the board on both sides. Can you guys please have a look and try to point me in the right direction. Thank you for all your help, please help me save this Atari,
  13. Trying to debug another 800XL that has issues with the color circuit. Yes, it's another one - ordered this one as a spare so I had something to check against while fixing the other one, but when I got it I found that this was an 800 XLF revision 3 board instead (actually says XLF on the actual board). With an entirely different problem related to colors, what rotten luck :-( There's some noise in the color signal and while it looks strange, the adjustment of the color pot also has a wierd effect that I'm not sure if is normal since the other one I have is not an XLF. I get vertical banding, when adjusting it seems like I'm opening colored curtains before it goes B&W (see youtube clip below, some interference with camera) instead of shifting the color spectrum. Have been trying to match this to the schematic I found by SOBOLA, but I think there are quite a few changes leading up to my revision 3 board since his revision 1. Not sure if it matters, but I've been looking at the Phi 2 signal though it might be a totally wrong place to end up. Schematic connects phi 2 for ANTIC behind 74ls08 with GTIA getting signal directly from SALLY - the board however connect POKEY, PIA, ANTIC and GTIA via 08 pin 3 only leaving FREDDIE connected directly to SALLY pin 39. Is this normal, I could understand it if they were simply bridged but seems like completely separate on PCB so thinking schematic doesn't match up.
  14. Sorry if this is the wrong place but here are the details as best I can - - I have an Atari 800XL bought from Ireland (typical Irish power is 230v 50hz). - I am using in New Zealand (230/240 volts 50 hertz). - It came with an old style power supply Pt. No. CO 61763-34. Big solid brick type that can't be opened. (from what I've been reading these are dangerous to use and unreliable). The power supply is rated at 240V~ 50Hz 24W OUTPUT 5V-7.5VA (made in UK) - I've been using it without problem with a SIDE 2 flashcard multi-cart from Lotharek. (Which I only mention in case someone else has had issues with it) - Recently the sound seems to almost disappeared. If I turn the volume right up on the TV I can still hear it, but it's very faint. - I ran the self-test on the Atari and it detected no problems. So my questions are - - Is it possible the power supply damaged the sound chip just enough to give faint sound? (I'm pretty sure the answer to this is yes). - If so, can someone recommend a good choice for a replacement power supply? (I don't need a lot of options, just something that works and is light-weight so I can save on shipping to NZ). That's my main question. Although I'm also curious if anyone has both a Lotharek multi-cart and an Atarimax My IDE multi-cart and if they prefer one over the other. (I want to get an Atarimax card because I like their menu presentation better but I'm not sure if there are any other differences between the two cards). Thanks for any help, assistance or advice anyone can offer. I've just realized I have one more question - if the sound chip is damaged in someway, then where would I find a replacement?
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