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Found 9 results

  1. In 1975, Atari came out with an 8-player, top-down racer called Indy 800. Unknown to most, however, also in 1975, in an alternate timeline where Nikola Tesla managed to prove his genius, a motorsport known as GRITS was skyrocketing in popularity. The eight cars in Indy 800 are really from that alternate universe. Anyhow, (for legal reasons, I'm sure) my game, GRITS Racing, isn't really a reboot of Indy 800. But, it is a game inspired by Indy 800 (among others) and the eight car colors for the eight players in GRITS Racing are definitely borrowed from Indy 800, as seen here: We've just released our first demo of the game, still in development, on itch.io and Steam. I would appreciate some fellow Atari fans taking a look and telling me what you think. I've put a ton of effort into the physics of the car trying to take this game to where no top-down 2D racer has gone before. Drawing the permanent skid marks with good detail was also a huge challenge. You'll need multiple players and dual-analog controllers to really understand this wacked-out, up-to-8-player game. I hope to also publish this on the new VCS... that is, if I ever hear more than just the occasional blip of an email from their dev team. Also, considering a one-button mode for the game -- which should totally be doable.
  2. Welcome to the VirtualVCS (Atari 2600) emulator for the Atari Jaguar written by Bryan Edewaard and Damien Jones of Temporary Sanity Designs (TSD). Fun stories of the development can be found at this place, and this place. ------------------------------------------------------------- Over time TSD handed the VirtualVCS source code to Carl Forhan who assemebled, with considerable work, the VirtualVCS demo that has floated around the internet for years. With the release by Curt Vendel, Atari Historian, of the other Atari 2600 emulator, it has been the hope of Carl, Curt, and many others (including myself) to one day see working Atari 2600 games on the Atari Jaguar. As later explained in this message under "Background information" game images have been hex edited in to replace the game images already in the VirtualVCS demo. The menu graphics format in VirtualVCS were unraveled by sh3-rg. The main objective is to find games that work in the confines of the abilities of VirtualVCS in it's alpha state. The strengths of this emulator being very close to true speed emulation, good controls, and many display abilities intact. The weaknesses being no sound, no hit detection, some display abilities needing refinement and no apparent bank switching ability using rom images of 4K or less. Limiting, but not impossible. All efforts are for the enjoyment of the Jaguar community, and in the hopes to understanding the true technical limitations to add in better development of VirtualVCS and/or the 2600 emulator later down the road. Images can be loaded on rom loaders (Skunkboard, Flash card (though not tested)) to try out. No actual cartridges will be sold from this, strictly fun and research. The following games have been found to work (more than less) under these conditions: Mario Brother 4K fan game released March 23, 2018: Download VirtualVCS - Muticart 01 released March 27, 2018: Download More multicarts are planned. Instructions have been provided for others to experiment with VirtualVCS to find other games that work as well. A Google Spreadsheet has been started to record the testing of Atari 2600 titles that could work in VirtualVCS. If you would like to participate in research, send me a PM. ---Background information on the Hex Editing --- ---Posted Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:31 AM -------------------------------------------------- So this whole idea started with hacking my Bubsy hack into VirtualVCS, and it displayed pretty well released a later version here. Then I started to wonder, what if I could find a game that could work in the limited range of games that would actually work on VirtualVCS and hack those in with a hex editor. So far I have found that 2K and 4K images work. So far no luck with anything greater. A sweep for "STA CXCLR" (85 2c) and those that use that method of hit detection also helped. And after playing around, I found a game that displayed fairly well, and actually interacted in the environment at least somewhat. A 4K version of Mario Brothers. The turtles won't kill you, but you can hit from underneath and knock them over, and then afterwards go up and knock them over. Actually playing the original Mario Brothers game, it has it where the Turtles do no kill you, and all the hit detection I mentioned above. Mario bros_4k_v2.bin All that is not working then on the Virtual VCS in this case is the score. So here we have a working VCS game on the Jaguar under VirtualVCS. Just select option 2 (where Pac-Man was, on the menu) vvcs-Mario brothers.rom A fun find. Plans are try other images, see what games don't have the limitations of the VirtualVCS, and find other games that more than less work. Such games as Video Checkers and chess, hangman, and others have been suggested. Asteroids was suggested as it did not use the 85 2c style of hit detection. If we could get a 8K game to work on VirtualVCS. And for that, maybe some of the Super Charger hacks will come in handy? More to come. Or perhaps if you want to try hex hacking, here is the copy of Virtual VCS that I found... vvcs.rom Other downloads: 50 VirtualVCS roms with 300 Atari 2600 roms to try. (April 4, 2018) Adult Pack 01-Women (April 17, 2018) Adult 01-Women.zip Adult Pack 02- Men (April 17, 2018) Adult 02-Men.zip Puzzle Pack 01 (April 18, 2018) Puzzle 01.zip Sci-Fi Pack 01 (December 31, 2018) vvcs-Sci-Fi Pack.rom
  3. Finally had a chance to bust the package open!
  4. Remembering the game hack that started my love for game hacking, with a request by fans to have an original character for that hack I present.... BUSTER Buster is just your typical BBSing Bobtail cat (Felus Catus Atarius) who will not be stopped by rain, sleet, snow, or penguins to get his favorite Atari 800 computer and talk to his BBSing friends. Help Buster pounce over Galloway Guin and his Waddle Raft Pack to get all of his Babbles and unlock their SEKRET SURPRISE, and of course back to his computer! Buster_TBBSB R01.bin Buster, also lover of cosplay, dons his cape (or is it a plastic bag that he accidentally got caught in..??)
  5. KC Munchkin - The $130,000 Game preorder thread! KC Muchkin Monster Maze is an innovative and unique homebrew with tremendous gameplay that cost $130,000 to develop: Written in 100% optimised Assembly and featuring such goodies as a dozen tile mapped sprite characters on screen at once (or off interating elsewhere in the virtual world) on a constantly changing four way scrolling board, this game clocked in at 2,000 hours of professional development for a total development cost of $130,000. Follow the link here to read some reviews from gamers at AtariAge and to watch the video review by Metal Jesus and the Immortal John Hancock - it's at 12:15 in their SuperCharger anthology PREORDER: If you'd like a copy to play with your Harmony or SuperCharger flashcart, KCMM is available for preorder here for $60 and will begin shipping again in November! The game ships with a four page colour manual and a genuine retro flyer/advertisement from my 80's Video Game Company, Saint John Gallery Software A deluxe edition/upgrade with an incredible reproduction box is also available for an additional $20/14 Euro from Marc Oberhäuser. AWESOME OPPORTUNITY TO OWN THE PRODUCTION RIGHTS: Like that awesome game you see in the video and reviews and want the chance to control all aspects of production? No problem! - a unique opportunity can be had own the full rights to KCMM for one lucky individual at cost with no extra charges or fees - I am willing to sell all rights to the game for just the development costs with no extra fees or profit - just the $130,000 it cost to develop. Purchasing the rights will enable you to: Sell the game on Tape or Cart Set any price you think is fair Make piles of cash, like this: Do the Math!!! (Jaguar, Jagual Jaguar!!!) All you'll need to do to break even is sell 2,000 copies at $65 each, and then some more to cover your production costs - after that it's all gravy and you can just rake in the profits like it was 1982; that's the beauty of owning the IP! Alternately you can just make the ROM and the media (Tape, Cart, CD) available free for everyone to enjoy and include a Robot with each order! You can even make the game unavailable to watch the ebay copies go through the roof and then surprise everyone with another production run!
  6. Does Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure contain a VCS/2600 Emulator to run the Atari 2600 version of Pitfall? I don't think so. I would like to be wrong. Over the years Activision has managed to port Pitfall fairly faithfully from the Atari 2600, Atari computers, Intellivision, all while looking about the same. They took a slight divergence with the ColecoVision, but all this to say Activision has had the ability to port their games and keep the same look and feel. So to me it was not surprising that they could do it yet again with the Atari Jaguar. And that's all fine and good, but what I am bringing to this age old debate/mystery? Since this is practically hexediting/emulation month for me (sprite hacking in past months) I thought I would look for the hex values of the original 2600 Pitfall. Now previously I had said on the VirtualVCS thread that I looked for these values in the Jaguar Pitfall image and did not find them. Then I realized that the Jaguar cartridge image was in a compressed format. At one time I was guided to use a program called Multi Ripper or "mrip260.zip" as it can be found on the internet for unpacking a compression format that Imagitec tends to use from the Rob Nothern Computing or RNC for short. The multiripper can look for these files and it spits out... a bunch a files with the .RNC extension. This worked really well in breaking down Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tales into graphics, map, music, and other files, though I had to pull (with help) the file directory to rename most of those files. Still have some to identify or file, but found like 90% that way. So I did the same to Pitfall tonight and looked for the opening "78D8 A200" characters of 2600 Pitfall throughout all the RNC files that Jag Pitfall spit out annnnddd... no match. But this might not be the end. As you can see in the picture above there is the RNC in the text portion, leading me to wonder if this needs to be further unpacked? But tonight I took it through at least one level of compression and found nothing so far. (File contains the unpacked files I looked through if others want to do more digging and comparison.) Pitfall.zip
  7. If you wanted to see Bubsy on a Atari system other than the Jaguar, now's your chance to play it online! http://www.virtualatari.org/soft.php?soft=Bubsy Enjoy! -Doctor Clu
  8. Atari is awesome! Atari just shipped me this cool Nolan Bushnell era Legacy Development Kit!!! I did some recent work for them and shared my admiration for the iconoclastic VCS and the Flashback consoles. I haven't opened the package yet - just shook it to listen I need to pickup the hardware to connect it along with a six switch model it's designed for; I've only got a Vader and a Junior at present but I've been wanting six switches on the console for some time and now I really have no excuse! I will post pictures of my Retro Development Kit once I have that equipment; for now, here is a picture of the package as I received it from Atari last weekend - you can see it's from California and was shipped to my software company
  9. From the album: Atari VCS

    The box for the Atari VCS
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