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Found 21 results

  1. Hurray!!! Our first Episode is on line for your Atari listening Pleasure. Please download it and give it a listen. We will be looking to have our podcast added to iTunes shortly. Episode 0 http://xegs8bit.com/episodes.htm Check out our new website http://xegs8bit.com/index.htm and drop by our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/AtariXEGS.and.8Bit.Game.Podcast/ If you have any suggestions, feedback, audio submissions, or would like a particular Xegs game reviewed we can be reached at Feedback@XEGS8Bit.com or visit our twitter account at https://twitter.com/XEGS8bitPodcast Hope you enjoy it, Thanks Bill, Michael & David
  2. A conversation yesterday with a fellow Atari enthusiast sparked my interest in this. Most everyone has come across more than a handful of the attached Atari Advantage catalog/poster that came with many 7800 games. What has seemingly proven to be MUCH more elusive is the XE version of the Atari Advantage catalog/poster. Does anyone know which XE games included this catalog/poster bundled inside the game box? Any insight would be greatly appreciated; I'm more curious than anything else. I already have one for my personal collection but can't recall which game box it originally came out of.
  3. Hello again guys and gals! This time I'm looking for an Atari XE light gun, either new in the plastic wrap or in gently used and pretty condition with no unsightly blemishes. I am aware that B&C ComputerVisions still carries new old stock XE light guns, but their asking price of $55 shipped​ seemed a little steep so I figured I'd enquire here instead. If anyone has one of these that they'd be willing to sell for a slightly more affordable price then feel free to shoot me a PM and we'll do business.
  4. Among the officially released titles, I'm down to only needing the following: Airball (manual) Crime Busters (manual) Crystal Castles (manual) Flight Simulator II (manual - I currently have the disk version manual) Karateka (cart/manual/box) Mario Bros (manual/box) Rescue on Fractalus (manual - I currently have the disk version manual) Summer Games (manual) Willing to pay big bucks!!!
  5. The Adventures of Bounty Bob, brave Cananian Mountie on the trail of Yukon Yohan. Bounty Bob, who looks neither like a Mountie, nor like the miner on the box covers and as the title would suggest. Until now. With sprite designs by TIX, and sprite hacks by your's truly, I introduce to you the burley Miner 2049er! Click here to download Prior revisions and the thread on how this was hacked here
  6. I'm closing a deal right now to get a working Atari XE game system. While it should contain Missile Command, Flight Simulator II and Bug Hunt, I'm looking at some Atari 8-bit cartridges to get along with some XE games. There's quite a bit of overlap out there as some of the 8-bit cartridges are games I already own for the 2600 and 7800. So I'll throw this question out to you Atari 8-bit enthusiasts. What are some good Atari 8-bit cartridges to get?
  7. Looks like a little over 18 hours are left on this eBay auction listed by seller "nintendolover." Looks like a part of that huge video game collection that the same guy was looking to sell complete but didn't have any takers at his astronomical price, so he appears to be splitting it up by system. It's currently at $510 and counting. Any ideas on what the winning bid will wind up being? Too rich for my blood and I have the system and a complete collection already, so I thought I'd point it out in case anyone was interested. Not mine, as my eBay ID is the same as my username here. Cheers. https://ebay.to/2WfWHG2
  8. I had a purchase fall through on one of these systems (shifty seller on craigslist) and now I'm itching to get my hands on one! Doesn't necessarily need joysticks or a light gun - I'd be satisfied with just the system, keyboard and power supply. Name your reasonable price and I should be able to meet it. Let me know if you've got one to sell!
  9. Hello, Anyone know if was made any Yars Revenge game Version for Atari 8 Bits Series?. Any comment are welcome. Regards
  10. Hi Everyone. So I decided to go ahead and buy an Atari XEGS, and I finally just had the chance to test it out this weekend. Before I say anything else let me just put this statement forward, I am hooking the XEGS up to a small flat screen TV to test it out, and knowing that some old systems and new TV's don't get along well I am using a VCR as an intermediary, something I have to do for my 7800. Ok, so I hook the XEGS up with and without the VCR as a go between, and in both cases nothing but a green screen with lines on it. It reminds me of turning an 2600, 5200, or 7800 on with the a cart that isn't sitting in it the right way, or may need to be cleaned, yes a lot like that screen, kind of like something wants to happen. In my case though I tried the XEGS with and without carts in it too, and got the same screen. Yes, the power light is on, and I have tried resets. I'm hoping its an easy fix or something I'm overlooking, if anyone has any ideas let me know.
  11. I am working with a character set in RAM (copied from ROM) using an example program from ANTIC Magazine. In the article it replaces the ampersand symbol (&) and says that it is located at decimal number 6 [CHR$(6)]. But I am on an XE system and I have noticed that the entire ATASCII character set has been rearranged on XL and XE systems compared to the original 400/800 models. Is this the reason for the need of a translator cartridge? I am sure that there are other reasons as well but this might change the way I need to develop any programs for the Atari 8-bits. To make sure that programs written on one machine will work correctly on another, is there a way to POKE somewhere to tell what type of Atari computer a person is using?If not then I will have to let the program ask the user what Atari they are using so the character set can be correctly loaded. Are there any other differences I should be aware of (besides CTIA/GTIA and controller port differences)?
  12. This is a call for brave volunteers to patrol the lunar surface to protect the citizens against visiting riff raff. Seen above is a sprite hack of the Atari 800 version to something more like the Arcade*, with all background and buggy character color matched to arcade screen shots. The latest rom to try is here: moon-test-n2b.bin How you are needed: At current we are getting conflicting color reports... ... Altirra (Windows under Wine) is the larger image left and the small image to the lower right was taken from Atari800OSX. Can someone please try the above image on real hardware and report your results/screen shots/pictures to the hacking thread? There are more technical programming questions regarding this that can be found on this programming thread. * Sprite hacks drawn and hacked by TIX. Technical research and color alters by DoctorClu.
  13. I never did find a satisfying answer for color differences on the 5200 and A8 hardware. Why is it that some colors are sometimes more greenish ? I know I ran into this with my first game Koffi, where to get red fire , I chose a color that on emulators looks purplish. But on the real system, it was red. To illustrate my current issue: Here, I'm using Altirra and I prefer the Kingdom 1 yellow sand color (PAL colors) over the green hue shown by default (NTSC colors). I have noticed this before where sometimes (NTSC) 5200 AdvII looked a bit too green in Kingdom 1, both in some emulators and at a Philly Classic show I noticed it on the TV. But on my TV at home, it looked more yellow. This is true of real hardware but not all the time - see the video below of real 5200 Adventure II, with more yellowish sand color, the color/hue we intended and expected. It seems to vary, based on different videos and pictures I've seen. I mainly use Atari800win 4.0 for playing A8 games and developing games. For Adventure II, I only use NTSC mode and the colors look better, more of the yellowish hue than the green, as shown in the next screenshot. Atari800win NTSC palette looks like Altirra's PAL palette. both can't be correct! I don't currently have a programmable cart to actually play AdvII XE on real hardware, so I don't know what color it'll appear on my 800XL or XE game system. (I gotta get a Classics eprom cart soon!) So, is there any knowledge on this difference and which I can expect an 800XL, or Atari XE system, to look like? It's mostly the yellow vs green of kingdom1 I take issue with - the other kingdom's colors are usually consistent from what I've seen. Here is a video of real 5200 hardware, taken with a camera. This is how we intended the Kingdom1 screens to look - with more yellowish sand, not too green. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWGn3K6dlBo I'm not sure exactly which color (the yellow vs greenish hue) I'm talking about either. These screens use 00 (black) and also E6, C6, F6, or E4 though .
  14. I can't run the favorite cartridge ROMs from my childhood on Altirra 2.50 (Thorn EMI's Computer War and Atari's Final Legacy). In every emulation format, I get a blank screen, except one where I get the purple screen with the 5 1/4 disc image. Can someone help me troubleshoot? And please assume i'm really stupid and doing everything wrong, because I probably am. Thanks.
  15. I recently got an S-video cable to hook up my Atari 65XE to my LCD display. It doesn't quite work so well with the brand that I'm using it with which is Audiovox. I guess it's not the best brand out there and I understand that S-video doesn't work with all modern brands. My question is for those who have successfully made S-video work, can you please tell me which brand/model TV/monitor you're using?
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