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Found 14 results

  1. During the past few weeks I've been mulling over how to proceed with TIMXT and its development. The code base needs some TLC and many of the routines could be more efficient if I just bit the bullet to rework or rewrite them. I figured a development thread might help me collect my thoughts and share the periodic update. On that note... A few AA members (i.e., Paradroyd, duhproject) have twitter feeds where they post pictures of various BBS systems they connect to. I noticed a few cool C64 BBSs and was curious how the color and graphics were being interpreted. The C64 palette and character sets are different from the TI, and PETSCII has its own way of moving the cursor and controlling which graphics set to use. With the F18A, we can adjust the palette and use the text mode attributes to display colors, just like TIMXT handles ANSI colors today. So I thought a good approach to redoing the core interpreter would be to try my hand at emulating PETSCII. This week I incorporated the C64 extra graphics (thanks to Sometimes99'ers font collection) and finished all but two control routines for displaying the graphics and colors. The terminal window is hard-coded for 80 columns, though I might try to allow for a 40-column color mode to get closer to the C64 experience. Note: Particles BBS allows for PETSCII in 40 and 80 columns; of course, I chose 80 for my call Also, a few pictures show "@" and "]" in place of horizontal and vertical lines; I did not realize until later that there is some uniqueness to the PETSCII character sets that required me to redefine a few more characters. Scorps portal has been down so I couldn't retake the photos. Don't mind the terminal status bar - I haven't updated it. What you are seeing is PETSCII at 38.4K. 1. PLACEHOLDER - Current Release Files Shift838 pulled the EA5 and FR99 images together. This version is from early 2017 and should work with the standard RS232 and the nanoPEB. Macros cannot be saved/loaded in this version; that will be corrected in the future. TIMXT_NANO.zip EA option 5 files TIMXT_NANO.bin FR99 bin file TIMXT-v02c-2017-01-NANO-EA5.dsk disk image (thx Schmitzi) ** The PETSCII version has not yet been released ** 2. PLACEHOLDER - hardware configurations TI terminal emulators generally do not support hardware handshaking. a. TI/CorComp/Myarc RS232 The following cable is NOT configured for any RTS/CTS hardware handshaking, so be sure to turn it off if your modem is configured. AT&K0 is one common command to shut down handshaking. RS232 - modem device 1 - 1 2 - 3 3 - 2 6 - 20 7 - 7 20 - 6 b. NanoPEB Serial - a standard DB9 to DB25 serial cable works well with the nano. The nano's rs232 port is configured similar to that of a PC for easy connectivity. This also means if you roll your own cable, be aware that the pins will be different. c. uberGROM cart UART Connecting the UART to a modem device requires either a TTL-to-RS232 converter or a device that can operated at TTL levels. There are only three required connections: Ground, Receive, and Transmit. 3. Links to other relevant threads: RS232 Interrupts: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/250049-interrupt-service-routine-and-the-rs232/?do=findComment&comment=3462424 NanoPEB Serial thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/259886-timxt-with-nanopeb-version-1/ **Edit: added placeholders for files and configurations
  2. It seemed appropriate to start a new thread. Heatwave BBS has been back online since Mad Hatter provided the files to me. The "testing" seems to have gone well, so I will plan to keep the BBS online going forward. I have not yet moved the BBS to its final hardware home, which means it is still running on my well-traveled Geneve programming system. You can get to it via telnet at heatwave.ddns.net port 9640 For those of you using the F18A, I recommend trying TIMXT at 38.4K. I have been making some tweaks and updates to the program but I don't yet have an ETA for its next release. Geneve users can use PORT, also at 38.4k.
  3. I am so happy to announce the public availability of WorldBankBBS. What makes WorldBankBBS special? The BBS Gateway! Once you're registered on WBBBS, you can use the system to connect to another BBS that is marked as Active on the Commodore BBS Outpost website. It makes life a lot more convenient than simply dialing blindly from an overstuffed phone book. All of the available systems are listed in alphabetical order for your perusal. WorldBankBBS is truly multi-platform. It has equal support for PETSCII and ANSI graphics, including a common Full Screen Editor. The message boards are fast and powerful! Call today and see for yourself: PETSCII - bbs.paytonbyrd.com : 6400 ANSI - bbs.paytonbyrd.com : 6401 ASCII - bbs.paytonbyrd.com : 23 I look forward to seeing you soon!
  4. I have in my possession a pair of disks that I believe I received via mail from the author Paul L.A. Sungenis around 1989. I have no recollection of the circumstances, but I must have crossed paths with him on a local BBS somewhere in Massachusetts (USA). I assume this is probably the same person as Pab Sungenis ? I see he hasn't logged onto the forum in a couple years. Would be interesting if he recognizes that as his own handwriting! I had the foresight to make ATR copies of these disks back in 1999, so I still have the images and can confirm they boot in Altirra. I can at least get some of the initialization screens loaded, but not much beyond that yet.
  5. Hey Guys, For a new retro blast from the desperately late 80's early 90's The Lower Planes BBS is back in business.(Read play) at tlp.zapto.org Either telnet or ssh login as bbs with the password bbs, and it will forward you to the first available node, of which there are 5. If cli is no good to you, you can also get there by http just have a look about and head to the login page. This thing actually runs on x86 hardware, when I first fired it up, I didn't have the cash to buy a second IIgs to turn into a BBS, so I got a 286 with a massive 40Mb HD. Best peripheral for your Apple II We have Online Games, Message Areas with QWK support and 600year Warez dude. And its the only SuperBBS in the world. I have pong what've you got to trade for it? ftp is also available.... Have a better one, Aunty
  6. Hello there! I've been hunting for HBBS for running a BBS on my spare IIgs, but the software is elusive. I have never seen a copy of it anywhere. I tried to contact the author, Mr. Dornquast about it, but he has not responded to my messages unfortunately. Is there a chance anyone can help me with this? Thanks everyone. - Taylor
  7. My BBS is now online catering to Atari ST, Atari 8 Bit, Atari Portfolio, and is on Telnet at it is called Spy Visits Spy BBS and has 256 nodes online. Message bases and file downloads are there, door games are coming. Running Wildcat 5.0 on my PC. It is compatable with the Atari ST and the NETUSBEE cartridge but Ihave not connected to it yet that way. Hope that some of you guys try it out with your Atari ST. Russ Campbell
  8. I recently obtained a little gadget that some of you may or may not know about, it's called a Lantronix UDS-10. It can get your old Classic Computer on the Internet. It acts like a modem, but it handles all the telnet protocols internally. One end hooks up to your classic computers RS-232, the other end uses an Ethernet cable and plugs into your router. I was amazed to find "GOBS" of active BBS's on the Internet. In my gallery << HERE >> you can see some images of the unit and a screen shot of the TI connected to one of the BBS's. << HERE >> Is the eBay search string. Sometimes you might have to wait a week or two to find a good, but you should be able to get one under $30.00 (shipping included) if you are patient.
  9. To those of you who have Lantronix UDS-10's and have been having problems downloading from Heatwave BBS lately, Kyle figured out the problem. The problem started right after Heatwave switched from port 23 to 9640 to stop hacking attempts made by bots to the nearly universal port 23. Anyway, most UDS-10 users use the odd default port of 10001. Well, for some unknown reason, (one I would like to understand), the two non-standard ports of 10001 and 9640 do not play well together. The easy solution/fix is to just change your UDS-10 to port 23 and the downloads will start working again.
  10. I'm running a ProLine BBS on my Apple IIgs (http://bbs.fozztexx.com) and I keep running into problems with not knowing how to do things. The PDF manaul that came with ProLine has lots and lots of info, but doesn't describe how to do some really basic things. A current problem I'm having is there seems to be no way to reset a user's password! The documentation says just use the passwd command as root, but uh, there is no root user. I've tried it logged in as the sysop account and it doesn't work. Another problem is the message board conference system is extremely clunky. None of my users can figure out how to join the message boards, and even less can figure out how to post a message. Did anyone ever make a different message board system that is simply menu driven like a normal BBS? I also can't find a way to break in and chat with someone while they're online! It's not a BBS if you can't jump in and freak people out by chatting with them. So far all I can do is bang my way through the menu system and go to the chat. Again, very crude and when the user doesn't realize what's going on they keep choosing different menus while I'm trying to get to the chat. If anyone out there used to (or still does) run a ProLine BBS, I'd love to hear from you!
  11. Hi all, I have an interesting challenge for those of us who have been in the 99'er community for a long time... say back into the 90's. Way back in the 90's, I had a game in TI Extended BASIC called "Space Trek". It was essentially a larger more robust version of TI Trek, loosely based on a Trek game I had seen in a magazine for the TRS-80 Color Computer. The display window was in the center of the screen, with two rails of output on the left and right. Unlike TI-Trek, the enemies could cloak and move around a little, and even fire a torpedo. You also had a computer that could give you exact torpedo courses and phaser energy amounts. (Which kind of broke the game, to be honest... it made it WAY too easy.) It required 32k expansion and used up most of the memory. Anyway, I have a copy of this game in my archives, but it is my 2.0 version, where I made radical redesigns to the display and graphics and made it disk-based for games. I would really like to find my original 1.0 version, I'm kicking myself I didn't keep a copy around... I DID upload it, though, to a TI BBS back in the 90's. I don't remember which one it was, though. Has anyone seen a game like this in any of the BBS archives? Adamantyr
  12. I have gotten heavy into telnet BBSs and became rather impressed by the ST terminal program, TAZ, that allows 16 color ANSI emulation at medium res (2-bit color, of course) by way of color interlacing. Kind of like Megaroids and Quantum Paint, in approach. Anyway, I wrote about it a little and have a video showing the effect. For those interested. http://www.bytecellar.com/2017/06/18/four-colors-into-sixteen-terminal-innovation-on-the-atari-st/ bp
  13. I have tried to avoid being a pest about the BBS, but have some news to share. The Altiworld BBS system has been under a lot of refinement lately, including adding some tutorials on effectively navigating the system. I've also put up a web front-end to the bbs at http://www.altiworld.com. Just use any modern browser that supports HTML 5. It doesn't matter what your favorite system is, we've got a subboard to interest you. You can also use Altiworld as your launchpad to other bbs systems via the gateway. Finally, we also offer IRC service to Freenode, Newnet, A2Central Chat and ADAM Wiki Chat. I hope to see you there! bbs.altiworld.com Port 6400 -> PETSCII Port 513 -> ANSI
  14. Hi, in the office, I connect with my WIN7-PC to the BBS. If I use telnet in a CMD, the world is OK (but cannot X-Fer) If I use my preferred SecureCRT, I have this strange character-sets, not showing the nice ASCII-graphics. I already have tried all types of terminal-emulations, like ANSI (Color), VT100, Wyse .... but no gain. Yes, I remember the Ansi.sys from former times, in the Config.sys.... but is that the solution, as it works proper with the windows-given telnet.exe ? Maybe something with my CodePage (CHCP is 850, german windows) ? Any ideas ? Thanks schmitzi
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