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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys: I've actually been working on this as well... Started from scratch after finding the algorithm for drawing the mazes on line. I can't promise this will be completed, as it all rides on the CPU time it takes to do all of the necessary collision detection: Will have four types of play: - Single player - Two player alternating - Two player cooperative - Two player competitive Some things that will be different from the arcade: - The 'flash' of the player's death animation is a bit slower (from 2 frames to 4 frames per change) I'm trying to save CPU time, and I don't want to call another routine just for that (the player moves 1 of every 4 frames) - The robots movement speed will be slightly different from the arcade, but like the arcade, no robots ever move faster than the player (they start out slow, and eventually only become as fast as the player in either case). - The shrapnel from the robot explosions will be shaped differently Todo: - Object to Object collision check (other than shots and walls) - Be able to move to next room - Evil Otto - The 'Animated' rooms for Frenzy (i.e. Big Otto, Robot Factory, Computer Control, Power Plant) - Sound Still not sure how to handle dual player mode when one person leaves the room and the other is still there. Also, how to introduce them in the next room. This is the difference between Two Player Cooperative, and Two Player Competitive: - You get 80 points for shooting the other player in either mode - You share the score and lives pool in cooperative mode - You do not get points for non player initiated events (i.e. evil otto kills robot or they shoot each other) in competitive mode - Evil Otto / Robots go after the closest player in either mode. - The player to kill the last robot in the room gets the bonus points in competitive mode What stopped development on this the last time I started it (I'm already farther than I was then) was the CPU time it took to do all of those collision checks. I have an idea about that now that I'm going to try. Also, handling things on different frames will be a help. Being that a player moves once every 4 frames, I have the time split that way: Frame 1 - player 1 Frame 2 - even numbered robot Frame 3 - player 2 (if active) Frame 4 - odd numbered robot Shots are processed every frame. Will be putting evil otto in there somewhere. I will post a bin once I get a little farther. Thanks, Bob
  2. Hi There, I recently picked up “Frenzy” for the 7800. The game is great and I am especially pleased with the inclusion of “Berzerk” which is one of my favorite 5200 games. While I was playing the Berzerk contained within Frenzy, I noticed I would randomly die without any perceivable reason, but this would only happen in the 1500-3000 –ish point range. On my setup, an unmodded 7800 RF connected to a CRT TV, the dark green shade of the robots in that point range were extremely close to black, and what I soon figured out was happening is that I was being shot vertically or diagonally and I am unable to see the shot fly. I also noticed that the “press fire to start” text was this same barely visible shade of green. A revisit to the 5200 edition (also connected via RF) found robots in this point range a much more visible shade of blueish white. Interestingly, when I downloaded the rom for Frenzy, emulated it via ProSystem in RetroArch and got to the same point range, I found the robots to be almost the exact same (and very visible) shade as the 5200 edition. Changes in Tint, Color, Picture or Brightness on my TV did little to alleviate the problem. I am stumped. What might be causing this and what might I be able to do to fix it? Is it possible there is something wrong with my cart? 7800? What I have done is included a couple of pictures. The first one is the title screen, and here it is pretty easy to see that the green “press fire to start” text is very dark, this was easy to capture. Next I have circled a vertical shot in that point range to emphasize how hard it is to see (even though in this picture the robots seem to show up fine) and then for comparison purposes, I included a similar picture of a red vertical shot, which is very clear. Also for comparison reasons, I included what the colors in same point range look like on the 5200 version of Berzerk. Finally, in case the color profile of my 7800 is actually way off and I don’t not know (I don’t have a good point of comparison) I enclosed a picture of “Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest” which is feel gives a pretty good idea of the way things 7800 look on my setup. Please advise and thanks in advance, --DiscoDr.Bones
  3. I like this. Someone remade the Atari 2600 version of Berzerk for Android, with full controller (nvidia shield, for instance!) support. I thought the addition of internet memes was stupid but then I remembered the source game is 32 years old, so what's the harm in having a time capsule inside of a time capsule? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=thewholecake.manik It's free with no ads, tricks, or extra things to buy.
  4. For those who don't know there is a Cabinet of Berzerk that was in Friar Tuck's Game Room in Calumet City outside of Chicago that has 2 Deaths associated with it. The first death was from heart problems while playing the game and getting a high score. The other was from a deadly knife attack after a fight over tokens left on the game being used by someone else. Friar Tuck's closed and I am assuming they sold off all the games to private collectors and or other arcades. Which brings me to the question did purchase the Berzerk and do they know it's deadly history? Anyone hear about any collectors bagging or talking about the cursed Berzerk? Would anybody want to play on that Berzerk?
  5. Nateo

    Vectrex Berzerk

    Is it just me or is this incarnation of the game extremely difficult? The first few screens are easy enough, but I just can't get above roughly 8,000 points. When I get to that point, I eventually just appear in a screen where a robot is right in front of me and attacks me a split second after play begins, giving me virtually no time whatsoever to react. Is there some sort of strategy I'm missing out on here?
  6. Dodge It Panoramic Adventure Pacman, KC Munchkin, Berzerk, Breakout, Adventure, Pitfall! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHpJjvHjmH0 Hope everyone enjoys! I'll post a link to the thread on the 2600 forum once I've uploaded this version
  7. kruuth

    20180528 150734[1]

    From the album: Uploads

  8. Just visited James Higgs' old website. I was unaware that he had released the sourcecodes to his conversions of Berzerk, Choplifter and Moon Patrol for the Lynx. Any chance one of our resident coders will pick those games up? It's kind of sad to see them rot in development hell, and I am quite fond of Berzerk. With the sourcecodes available I imagine it might not be too huge a task to complete those simple games, seeing how fast GadgetUK ported Alien. At least let this serve as a reminder that there is still some Lynx games out there just waiting for completion... http://jum.pdroms.de/lynx/lynxprog.html
  9. iesposta

    Teaser image

    From the album: Hacks

    Player has colors!
  10. kennetzel


    From the album: Corel 2600 Screenshots

    © 2012

  11. nicknickuk

    IMG 0721

    From the album: Raspberry Pi Custom Atari case designs

    My Raspberry Pi case inspired by Atari the 2600 Berzerk cartridge. Black plastic case and I used Paint Shop Pro to design labels for Berzerk which the end result has a very good resemblance to an Atari 2600 cartridge. This looks amazing in the flesh.
  12. What is your favorite vectrex game? I have a tie between top favorite scramble and solar quest both are great additcting in opinion there are many good games for the vectrex so what's your fav vectrex game?
  13. Are the Berzerk and Frenzy (arcade version) maps randomly generated, or is there a finite set of pregenerated maps? Also, what about the home versions on the 2600, 5200/A8, ColecoVision etc.? Do they work the same way or differently?
  14. You're caught in a combination of old video games - Berzerk, Pacman and Breakout in Mario world! Stay alive and strive for a high score before the timer runs out! Can you save the virtual world? I've added Flashback portable compatiblity, game plays well with two minor bugs: 1. You always start out with the fast ball and the slow ball, in Stella and the older consoles the very first play starts out with the slow ball, but subsequent restarts have both at once (relying on pre-initialized memory...) 2. The score is somewhat garbled, lazywriter paints it clearly on Stella and the older consoles - I'll look into fixing that at some point Pixels.bin
  15. A couple of questions for anyone who's spent some time looking at the Berzerk disassembly.... First off, I'm curious about how the player-missiles are allocated. I played the game for the first time since I started work on a 5200 homebrew, and it blew my mind that the player's shot is a different color! Second, I'm trying to hack the rom so I can change the color of the player (to see if I can get a brighter green like in the arcade), but I've had problems finding the value to change in the rom. So just what color is the player? I assumed he was regular green, but I incrementally changed all the C4 bytes into C8 ones, and not only didn't it change the color, but made the game crash in the emulator. (Do 5200 roms have checksums?!) Thanks!
  16. nicknickuk

    IMG 0722

    From the album: Raspberry Pi Custom Atari case designs

    My Raspberry Pi case inspired by Atari the 2600 Berzerk cartridge. Black plastic case and I used Paint Shop Pro to design labels for Berzerk which the end result has a very good resemblance to an Atari 2600 cartridge. This looks amazing in the flesh.
  17. nicknickuk

    IMG 0718(1)

    From the album: Raspberry Pi Custom Atari case designs

    My Raspberry Pi case inspired by Atari the 2600 Berzerk cartridge. Black plastic case and I used Paint Shop Pro to design labels for Berzerk which the end result has a very good resemblance to an Atari 2600 cartridge. This looks amazing in the flesh.
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