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Found 15 results

  1. Season 2-Story 7 "The Satyr" On the road with Twiki, the apology episode. This episode always was and will be the "Hey fans, we are soooooo sorry we stuck you with that other voice actor for Twiki and gave your beloved character background appearances. Here, have a story with Buck and Twiki for old times sake on us!" Edits I did on this episode for my own enjoyment was to shorten the part with the opening with the mother and son and NOT show the Satyr. To matter the fact, I edited it in such a way that you don't get a full on view of the Satyr till Buck finally meets the Satyr when he attacks him at night at the Shuttle. I also edited out where Buck reachs up to see a wound on the mother's neck... seemed a bit out of character for Buck to just grab like that. Other than that, Buck looked cool in this episode, had the leather coat, hair was in place, cool white shirt. Had Twiki. Oh and there was a line I did edit out where Twiki asks Wilma "Do you change in the moonlight?" Dumb dumb... Twiki would not ask that. So cut that, scene plays with Buck and Wilma flirting, works great.
  2. Season 2 - Story 5 "The Golden Man" Story with a twist, and great moments with Hawk. More editing of Twiki, story is alright for the most part. The penal colony locals looked slightly more primitive than the city they were supposedly living in was my impression, but oh well. Loved... loved... loved Hawk impersonating an inspector and how he wore the cloak. And man he had them going. Also loved how they establish the father and son relationship. Brings up questions though to the power level of these golden people. Do they start big and have a limited amount of power? Do they loose power as it used through life causing them to get smaller/younger looking to us? Just a thought.
  3. Season 2 - Story 3 "The Guardians" A story insightful into the dreams and fears of the characters. Usual edits (narration, Twiki) kinda your Raiders of the Lost Ark episode. An alright one. Liked it enough. Yeh if they were all lined up this would probably be the weakest one, but not to say I didn't like it.
  4. I'm looking for help repairing a bad/failed Buck Rogers TI-99/4a Cartridge. I can solder and have a multi-meter, but still an amateur when it comes to this stuff. Cart will not load, shows blank screen and typically loud beeeeeeep noise that goes on forever. It was free to me courtesy of Cschneider (thanks again!) when buying another cart. It has been tested on multiple functioning TI units. I followed continuity from the tip of the cart all over the place with no breaks, it's also been cleaned a lot. Is there a diagram that tells me what everything on the board is? I know the bottom right thing is a resistor, but no clue on the rest. Is there a typical failing part for bad cartridges? Thanks for any help! Jeremy
  5. Season 2-Story 11 (But I'll call this Story 10) "The Dorian Secret" The "shame on you" episode. So what would you do if you were suffering extreme heat and cold and it was all because your ship was harboring a fugitive? I've heard it said that Gil Gerard wanted more serious material over the fun tone of the first season. This one is great for that. A real thinker that makes you wonder who you would have been as a passenger on the Searcher going through all that? The story is so dark that Twiki, the living embodiment of a cartoon character basically, has no lines in this episode (that I remember). And I so liked the message of this episode as much as I love Twiki as one of the cast, I won't be editing in a line. Well, ok, maybe one. And the end, when I really think about it, that would be maddening. Of course, scars, age, and other factors would help make differences over time. All I have to say is that actor was able to lip sync with the dialogue quite well. The episode of Season 2, really lets things off in a darker almost downer tone. That is why I prefer to not have this as the last episode of Season 2 in the watching order on the playlist.
  6. Season 2 - Story 6 "The Crystals" MEL BLANC is back baby!!! <-- As Twiki's voice (And the story is good too) Watching it here recently I was laboring through noting the scenes where Twiki was talking for editing and when I heard Mel Blanc talk as Twiki it was, to quote the OTHER Twiki voice in "Time of the Hawk" ... "I think the sun just came out". Wonderful. I had gone from feeling sorry for Crichton to liking him, and loved him in this one. Not only his description of the "old moldy data", but also his willingness to admit he was wrong on what he did access. It was also in this episode we establish at last that he is "son" to Twiki, not the other way around. This actually helped give more depth to both characters and their interaction with each other, I thought.
  7. Season 2: Story 4 "Mark of the Saurian" Where the trio is cemented and rest of the Searcher gets on board with Buck. Still having to edit Twiki. Oh man, the whole "Top of the morning" bit from Twiki... UGGG!! But of course, if Mel Blanc said it, it would have been fine, great... funny! Anyway, this episode had me riveted watching it again. Maybe it was seeing Thunderfighters in formation again (stock photage) or the repainted station from Space Vampire, or wondering if the reptilian Saurian race was reused masks from V? Just loved this episode. And I liked how Wilma was on board with Buck, Hawk was established more than ever to be supportive of Buck (afterall Buck did save his life so... sure.. why not!?) and Azimov, and Goodfellow were intially idio...er... well... clueless at first. But this is where Buck earns their trust.
  8. SIO2


    From the album: SIO2 Projects

    My best game of BR so far.

    © Public

  9. Was watching Flight of the War Witch tonight. I think I see where the budget for season 2 went. All and all I've concluded no matter where your watching ends on Buck Rogers (some end at Season 1, some end at Season 2) the capstone, the end all is Flight of the War Witch. It is the only way it makes sense. For me as a Buck Rogers fan well, if you did not grow up with the show or have listened to people over the years, it goes something like this: Season 1 was great, season 2 was terrible (to most). This is strange phenomenon that also afflicted the TV show made only a year prior, Battlestar Galactica which many props were recycled into Buck Rogers. Ok, so your's truly had to come to a realization that no more of either show would be made. I could live with the facts of: * Buck was on Earth for the first season and that was fun. * Buck was in space on a ship with a downer last episode (and many things I wish they hadn't done, like change Twiki's voice, and opening narration.) Over time I found a way to love the bomb that was second season by realizing there were good parts, like the fact they had Buck, Wilma, Twiki (originally voice was possible in the last half of the episodes) and the new characters like Hawk, Crichton, and... well, that is all I can think of. . Anyway, there was some good there. So I made my own fan edit, editing out the more cringy parts, editing back in William Conrad on the opening narration, swap the last two episodes in the watching order, and editing in some Mel Blanc lines over the Twiki in the first half of the series. It's effort but as someone (I believe it was Alan Sharkis) in the Atari retro community once said "Go with your bliss" So what does this have to do with "Flight of the War Witch"? EVERYTHING. Do we want to leave Buck Rogers on that ship Searcher? Well as true as that was the ending I replace your reality and insert my own! And so I say Flight of the War Witch... well ok, I highly recommend, that you watch this episode last because IT... IS... AWESOME!!! And it really makes sense no other way. In this episode, no, it wasn't even an episode. This was a movie. It was actually originally intended as a TV movie and was turned into a two part episode. In this we have so much that season two ignored like the introduction of another dimension, and growth between Buck and Ardala. Why did season two ignore this? It was bad writing. AHEM. It hadn't happened yet! So OBVIOUSLY this takes place after season two. And what fireworks! You have Julie Newmar playing an excellent villianess in a epically cool ship (that was actually upside down, but it looked SOOO much more epic that way so they kept it). And where dogfight scenes were recyled photage in season 1, and mostly non-existant in Season 2, here it is all new photage for the most part. Do yourself a favor: WATCH... THIS... LAST! And one other perfect aspect is the crappy vocal version of the song, played originally in the pilot episode is played again here. Ok, most hate that, but for nostalgia I have a soft spot for that version. Yes, the voice singing it is terrible. But again another reason this is a perfect last episode and just the way it all ends with a freeze frame on Buck's smile. Perfect. ------------------------------------------------------ BONUS: A Fan Music Track using Flight of the War Witch dialogue.
  10. Season 2 - Story 9 "The Hand of Goral" The kinda mirror universe episode? So Lone Ranger and Tonto... er... Buck and Hawk... find themselves in the midst of a test that has them on a false version of the Searcher. All and all while seemingly obvious at times, it did give the characters a chance to completely step out of character in completely hilarious ways. Crichton comes in and is funny, but Twiki follows up and completely steals the show going off on a complaining rant. That had me cracking up. I was recording dialog of Twiki, but not only was this so out of character for Twiki, but there was just too much to write down. I loved it!! I have to agree with Dr. Goodfellow on one thing, the duplicate Wilma would have been the "Goral" of Buck's dreams. Well, at least part of me thinks it's a shame he couldn't save that version, might be nice to have around... but I'm sure the duplicate would have ended once they left Goral's vicinity. Just a fan thought. I know, a terrible one.
  11. Season 2 - Story 8 "Shgoratchx!" "That episode where they tried to undress Wilma." Yep this is the one that most remember as the one where the midgets try to "offthink" Wilma's clothes. Was memorable for me too. This episode was a ridiculous and fun episode. Not much editing I did on this till the very end when Dr. Goodfellow gives a long speech. UGGGG!!! Edited that out, flowed from Buck saying being with them was interesting and they compliment back that "you gave us something too"... more exchanges with the aliens, Hawk and Buck. The show is about Buck damnit, keep the focus on Buck! All and all, a zanny fun episode.
  12. Season 2 - Story 10 (But I will say Story 11) "Testimony of a Traitor" Getting back to Earth, and the past... This is the episode most think fondly about, and for more reasons than they probably realize. In this episode you have the Searcher back at Earth (for a deep exploration vessel they spend a lot of time close to home. Earth, Alpha Centari...) . You get more of the back story of Buck, how he wanted real badly to be on the Ranger 3 mission, and one secret mission before going off into space. In this the crew really melds together in my mind. Dr. Goodfellow finally comes into his own as a character as he helps Buck. Azimov and crew are supportive. Twiki got some good lines ... except for one. ** And it just all melds together. Fans missed the lack of dogfights in fighters in season 2 but here we get a dogfight scene as Buck and Wilma fly to Earth for more evidence. At the end everyone has a great moment together as Buck is congratulated, he gives Hawk a good long bro hand shake (which since I treat this as the true final episode of season 2, marks a good farewell handshake), Twiki congratulates Buck, Wilma kisses him. Great stuff. Opposition extends his hand to congratulate, Buck shakes his hand, and I cut the episode off right there and roll credits in my edit. Reason being, what I like next in my watching order is "Flight of the War Witch" which is a epic two parter that to me is the end I would have liked: Buck back on Earth, more Princess Ardala, and a dimensional gateway tech is introduced that is not addressed again in Season 2, soooo... why not be the last story of the series? Just a fun preference, and I think it works great. (Just give Buck a haircut, and he lost weight while enjoying country air, and sure...) . What I edited out of this episode was the final part. In Shgoratchx Azimov tells them to go to "Warp 3" when the ship does not have warp engines it has Star drives. At the end of this story, they are leaving the solar system, which is cool, but why? There are Stargates. Wouldn't that help get you to some remote star system with a lost colony faster? ** And as much as I like Twiki, the discussion of "robot intuition being like woman's intuition" was something I could live without honestly. So edit that scene, have Buck leave off with a hand shake, you can work in he departed the Searcher at that time, went back to Earth... next up, Flight of the War Witch! Good times.
  13. Season 2: Story 2 "Journey to Oasis". Take a little "Road To..." movie, mix some Star Wars, bam! You got this story. I like all Buck Rogers episodes. Mostly for nostalgia. This is one that is panned a lot by reviewers. I liked it because of Mark Leonard's character having a relationship with Wilma. Because of that I think we saw Wilma grow from just being an automatic love interest as Buck's sidekick/friend. Here they disagree, and Wilma has her own mind about things. And it hit me that maybe Wilma and Buck don't eventually hook up. A big moment in my 10 year old mind. Only notable edits I would do is the narration, Twiki, and taking some of the edge off Crichton. I think Dr. Goodfellow insults him at the end which I edited out. Didn't like Goodfellow till the end of Season 2.
  14. What do you guys think? I have not played the original, but I love the SG-1000 version, and having not only the pylons but extra stages from the Adam version would be fun! Zaxxon Super Game is being converted, and this game should too. BTW I'm new to the forums.
  15. I'm going to give thoughts on all Season 2 episodes. But I'll start by saying I like all of Season 1 episodes. My ONLY problem with season one (and something I would edit for fun) is that in the space dogfight scenes they often mix ship types like we wouldn't notice. Season 2: Story 1: "Time of the Hawk". Usual edits aside * great introduction of Hawk. * Usual edits in this one (for a fan edit) being Twiki's voice (sorry Bob Elyea), Crichton would grow on me but his earlier appearances are insufferable, and Dr. Goodfellow and Admiral Azimov even more so, mostly in what I call their bullying of Crichton. And of course the editing of the opening narration to that of William Conrad. Yes, I have done my own fan edit to make Season 2 more watchable, but amazingly, looking back, there was a lot there to begin with. The opening title and credits are usually shown with the Searcher flying by slowly. I generally try to put this in relation with the story (if they happen to be on the ship). This was not so carefully played out originally. But the opening music was always different and matched the tone of the story, so though the budget might have been less I don't think they skimped on the music. Notice I don't say a lot about Hawk and that is only because out of everything season 2, he was the only part that everyone seems to agree is just awesome. I was even lucky enough to score a fan made figure of Hawk.
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