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Found 30 results

  1. Hi. I am new to the Atari 5200 Homebrew scene. The 5200 system was my first system I ever owned. I hope there someone out there that can help me out and would be willing to sell me the Atari 5200 M.U.L.E. Cartridge. I have a 4 port system and my friends & I are M.U.L.E. fans so I hope there's someone that can help me out, thanks.
  2. I'm looking for reproduction cartridges of certain exclusive NES games. RetroUSB previously had everything I'm looking for up for sale on their website but they are now all discontinued. I'd appreciate it if anyone who knows could point me in the right direction on where to purchase these carts. I really haven't heard of any good repro websites aside from RetroUSB. Edit: To clarify, I'm looking for repros of games not available on NES, such as exclusive Famicom games, or the Vs. arcade games. I'm not interested in repros of existing NES games, otherwise known as a fake.
  3. I found out yesterday that someone had scanned this and posted it to Atarimania a while back (thanks to whoever did the scanning). It's an interesting little DOS, so I decided to add bookmarks and make it text searchable. Download here: K-DOS - Manual -------------------- BTW, while going through manual I noticed they mention a "K-COM I" terminal software cartridge. I'd never heard of this before. Has anyone every seen or heard of one of these before, or was it just vaporware?
  4. Hi all Some of the Jaguar or PC Engine people may already know of my website. But I have recently added a far more universal service: Cartridge battery replacement and refurbishment for ANY system. I am based in the UK but will provide the service globally. If you are interested, my website is www.tennokoe.co.uk Thanks for looking! P.S. *hat in hand* I have no online presence beyond Atariage and my website and YouTube channel, so if folks with social media skillz could spread the word, I'd be grateful
  5. Hello All. Finally got myself a Harmony Cartridge {Probably 10 years after everybody else it seems}. AND, it seems I'm living {or am going to live} the nightmare I've feared with these {multi}carts in the past {fortunately, I've had no major problems with any of the other multicarts/flashcarts I've obtained up til now}. First, I've only got an AV modded 7800 {2 actually} to test it on. When I first received it, I was able to briefly {1-2 seconds at most} on occasion get what appeared to be a garbled menu screen on one of my consoles. Other than that, it has been as if no cartridge is inserted in the console {i.e. single or multiple solid lines or blank screen, etc.}. I've since compounded the problems, and believe I have now deleted some of the main files/directories {i.e. program files that had the loader etc..-My SD card only has the following folders now: Drivers; Homebrew; Manual}. So, my 1st question is, can anybody guide me on how to rebuilding the directories that I've deleted? But, from there: Am I perhaps just out of luck with this thing? I've definitely cleaned the contacts as well as they can be cleaned. Is there any chance the problem is with the Cart itself? I've been attempting to contact the seller {I think Batari}, but have not been able to do so before extending the problems with this. If it's potentially the consoles causing the problems, then I do not wish to start fumbling with them-so that might be a dead-end for me because I do not want to buy a spare 2600 if I don't know pretty much 100% that the problem isn't with the hardware/cart? This concern is particularly real because I think I did the re-install of the Firmware properly before deleting everything tonight {only thing I struggled with was: What's the root directory? I chose E: for that choice}.? But, would that briefly appearing garbled menu indicate the hardware/cart itself is fine? or might it indicate the problem could be with the hardware/cart itself? {A note here: After attempting to reinstall the firmware, I no longer was able to get that garbled menu anymore}. Lots of questions. So, sorry this inquiry is all over the place. {I went back and put bolds where the main inquiries are for this topic}. I hate to think I've got an unusable "BRICK" on my hands, which, of course, was by no means cheap, but I also don't want to piss anyone off if I were to pursue recourse in that regards {Some day I'd like to be ahead of the curve with all of the great products out here to be had - such as, perhaps, a 7800 multicart?}-{Note here too-I'm currently licking my wounds after "discovering" the latest SGM for C-vision, only to realize I just missed the pre-order deadline-so I surely am a hard luck story here}. I'd hate to accept that my knowledge of the 2600 might remain limited to Seaquest, Phoenix and the several other titles I have, but am afraid the current can of worms I see open before me is not going to resolve itself anytime soon, and, if it can't be resolved soon, then I may have to bury it in my backyard or crawlspace until I forget it and stop trying to resolve it. I hope someone can make sense of the mess here that lies above, and help me on my way to resolution? {or make me an offer to get it off my hands? lol - I hope?} Thanks.
  6. Sold! SIDE Cartridge - Compact Flash Interface with 128MB SanDisk Card, up for sale on Ebay: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 322018817890
  7. So a few weeks ago I was going through the closet at my granparents house. I found about 30 2600 carts, but when I asked about where the 2600 was, they said my reclusive uncle who lives about 100+ miles away took it about 20 years ago. Working 2600's go for about 50 bucks if i'm not mistaken. Is there any way to build an NES cartridge with a connector port on top that accepts 2600 games and is able to play them using NES Hardware (maybe using dip switches on the converter to select difficultly and game modes)? I don't have very much programming knowledge at all but I am a fast learner. I can solder OK. I have an original front loader NES and a Retron3 avalible to me.
  8. I am interested in learning what the largest possible size would be for a cartridge, I'm not sure if the Super Game Module allows for larger cartridge sizes, but I do know it has more RAM for the system to use. I was also wondering if mapper chips would allow it to access 512k.
  9. I got a wonderful wedding gift from Ermanno from Italy - Astharot on atariage. It is an Extended Basic Plus I didn't know existed. It is from Sebasoft from 1987. There was no single reference to it in the whole The Cyc (cadd99.com). Now after honeymoons I finally had some time to examine it, at least by opening it. Is this some unique PCB layout? It seems it shows ROM and 2 GROM to the TI, but fakes the GROMS to the TI using standard Eproms and some logic. The board uses TMS27128 for some reason, which means 16k per chip if I am right. I made lots more pictures of the PCB parts if anyone is interested.
  10. I have some Questions about CoCo Cartridges... I bought on eBay a used Multi-Pak Interface, with Three Cartridges, untested... What is the probability of it being damaged, and Damaging my CoCo 2 or CoCo 3 when plugged into to them.. How about Damaged Cartridges?? Damaging a CoCo when plugged in when the Power is OFF, and then Powering up the CoCo?? I am opening up the Multi-Pak, and will check that the Power Supply is putting out the correct Voltage, on the correct Lines, and check the other lines for Damaging Voltage.. I bought the Cartridges to see if they could have an EPROM installed, so I could make a Custom Cartridge.. The Cartridges are Skiing, Color Baseball, and Demolition Derby. The Skiing cartridge's label is half missing, so I carefully removed it, and opened the Cartridge.. There are Two 24 pin ROM's?? Made the 8th Week, of 1981 with a Motorola Copyright Symbol, and appear to be an SCM90807P which I can find no reference to on the Internet.. Does anyone know if these can be replaced with an EPROM, and which EPROM it would be??? Since this is the first CoCo Cartridge I have opened, would guess this is a 16K ( 2 x 8K ) game cartridge.. I have found some references to the Motorola MCM 68766C and it appears that they could directly replace the ROMs in the CoCo.. This page mentions the ROM in the Commodore VIC-20/C64. My EPROM Burner is a Needhams EMP-20, and supports the 68764/68766 as well as the 27Cxxxx series and many others.. There are some individuals in the Apple ][ world that are making Apple ][ Prototype Cards.. Does anyone here know if there is anyone making CoCo Prototype Cartridges??? MarkO
  11. The new game of Alain Prudhomme (Vetea) for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive is on the way! Bomb on Basic City Special Edition has a lots of improvements, new levels, enhanced graphics, two player mode, zombie mode, etc. And a demo of Papi Commando Tennis is offered on the same cartridge as a bonus! Bomb On Basic City is published by Côté Gamers, a French editor who has already published different games: Knight'n More on ColecoVision and Escape 2042 on Atari ST. More to come in the next months, on different machines too ! Don't wait to preorder it, the delay is really short, until tomorrow evening for American people. Of course, there will be few copies left after the delay but don't really count on this: there will only around 10 copies left. Please note that the edition has two box labels and two cartridge stickers, for NTSC and PAL versions and a great little book about the makingof! Also a free playable demo is placed on the official website, you can download it and test yourself a part of the game. The preorder page is the following one (direct link): https://goo.gl/1CxWey Here are the details with this image:
  12. From the album: Game Collections

    This is Yastuna 1: The Alchemy of Cubes and Yastuna 2: The Space Incident, two homebrew game compilations for the Atari Lynx.
  13. Hello all, hoping someone here can give me a bit of advice regarding SD card/compact flash cartridge solutions for an Atari 400 - after years (ok, decades) of wanting to play Lucasarts and Llamasoft games on an Atari 8-bit I finally got hold of an Atari 400. Only to find the membrane keyboard had started to die so I couldn't hold down Start when turning on to load from tape. Got that replaced with a new one from Best Electronics (and in the process also discovered it had had a memory upgrade so it's a bit more capable than a stock one) but still having a fair bit of trouble as need to replace the belts in my xc12 and a spring in my 410p. Just about able to get *some* things loaded on the 410 but it's very hit and miss so think what I could really do with is a cartridge solution to load from disk/tape/cartridge images instead. So, what would you recommend for an Atari 400 (with memory upgrade)? I know the atarimax myide2 isn't an option as borrowed one from a friend, only to find it's XL/XE only. I've seen sd2sio and sdrivemax doohickeys going on eBay but would really rather a cartridge solution instead, does such a thing exist or are they all only for XL/XE systems?
  14. This cartridge for the TI99/4A contains 120k of Grom and 512k of Rom memory. It’s a combination cartridge with utilities, games, and of course Extended Basic v2.7 most functionality requires 32k memory expansion and a disk controller and drives (or nano/cf7) is recommended. Press spacebar at title screen for the games menu. To learn more: https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/?page_id=11#!/Extended-Basic-2-7-Suite/p/44354005/category=15846004. Had this cartridge a few months, like new. $40 plus $7.20 priority flat rate shipping to anywhere in US only. PM me if interested. Accept PayPal
  15. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    I used the Soldering/De-soldering Station at work with the hollow tip and the Vacuum Pump to remove the ROMs off of the Skiing Cartridge for the CoCo. I then installed some Sockets, that had to be Cut to Fit, because the Local Radio-Shack only had the 40 Pin Versions, and I needed the 24 Pin Versions.. I cut the Middle 8 Sockets out of each side, keeping the Ends, with 6 Sockets on each side... I am planning on buying some Mototola MCM68766's, which should Pin-Out identical with the Skiing ROMs, giving me a Custom Cartridge..
  16. nicknickuk

    IMG 0721

    From the album: Raspberry Pi Custom Atari case designs

    My Raspberry Pi case inspired by Atari the 2600 Berzerk cartridge. Black plastic case and I used Paint Shop Pro to design labels for Berzerk which the end result has a very good resemblance to an Atari 2600 cartridge. This looks amazing in the flesh.
  17. Solar Conqueror is the main game for Round 1 of the second season of the Astrocade High Score Club. This game, which takes place in space with you controlling a ship that must shoot baddies, reminds me of Blast Droids, the last game that we played in season 1 of the HSC. However, the similarities are slight. Whereas Blast Droids was a chore to play, Solar Conqueror is fun! The BASIC bonus game, Space Gauntlet, is an another game that takes place in in the depths of the dark forbidden universe that teams with, you got it!, more baddies. This game, while released on tape for both Bally BASIC and "AstroBASIC," the program has only been archived in 300-baud Bally BASIC format. This means that you'll need the Bally Tape interface to load it. Season 3, Round 1 will last about three weeks. The round ends on Sunday, February 26'th at 8pm MST. Solar Conqueror Solar Conqueror is an 8K cartridge by Astrocade, Inc. released in 1983. This game is among the last official releases for the Bally Arcade/Astrocade. This game was developed at Action Graphics by Scot L. Norris (design and audio), Thomas McHugh (programmer), and Julie Malan (graphics). In the Bally/Astrocade Game Cartridge and Hardware FAQ, Michael White says that this game "was called Solar Quest in some references in Astrocade newsletters." A game called Solar Quest was released for the Vectrex game system, but (other than taking place in space), this Vectrex game seems unrelated to Solar Conqueror. For emulation use in MESS, the Solar Conqueror cartridge ROM image (called "solarcnq.bin") is part of this archive: http://www.ballyalley.com/emulation/cart_images/cart_images.html#AstrocadeROMCollection In the October 24, 1983 issue of the Arcadian newsletter, in The Game Player column, Michael Prosise wrote a positive review of Solar Conqueror, which you can read here: http://www.ballyalley.com/documentation/reviews/astrocade_reviews.txt A pdf of the Solar Conqueror manual is here: http://www.ballyalley.com/cart_manuals/pdf_manuals/Solor_Conqueror_(instructions)(astrocade)(color)(300%20dpi).pdf The Solar Conqueror announcement/press release is here: http://www.ballyalley.com/documentation/press/Solar_Conqueror_[Press_Release_06-06-1982].pdf On March 30, 2011, "Nice and Games" published a video review of Solar Conqueror: On February 2, 1999, Rob Mitchell retyped the Solor Conqueror manual. I've included it here: Solar Conqueror Instructions You are in deep space, test-piloting the latest in space technology, when your home planet Libnah learns of a surprise attack of the diabolical, war hungry DEMENS from the NATIS galaxy. A radiation death-ray threatens to wipe out your entire race. It's up to you to conquer the enemy solar systems! Solar Conqueror (1-4 players) As the dreaded DEMENS death-ray gets closer and closer, your computer has classified their solar systems from lightly defensed to almost invincible! It will guide you through harder and harder systems until you have conquered their entire civilization. Starting the Game Choose Solar Conqueror by pressing 1 on the keypad or by using remote game selection (pull the trigger on hand control #1, turn the knob until 1 appears on the screen, then pull the trigger again). Select the number of players (1-4). As the player proceeds from one solar system to another, the game becomes increasingly more difficult. Players can start at a more difficult level by choosing a higher number solar system to begin with. This serves as a handicapping for better players. Playing the Game The hand control functions for Solar Conqueror are: Joystick - Steers the ship and controls its speed Knob - Has no function Trigger - Shoots the bullets The object of the game is to score the most points by destroying enemy defenses, defeating their planets, and conquering their solar systems. Each player starts by selecting the number of ships on the menu. Ships have 8 possible directions and a maximum speed controlled by the joystick. A ship decelerates when no direction is selected, but it is always in motion. The trigger shoots 1 of 8 possible "in-air" bullets. You have defeated a planet once you destroy all its weapons. When you have conquered all the planets in a solar system, you advance to the next. Whenever a player is hit, he loses a ship and he gives up his turn to the next player. If a planet is defeated and the player dies, he still moves on to the next planet. Solar System Number of Planets 1 and 2 2 3 and beyond 4 Planets appear on the right side of the screen, numbered in decreasing order as you get closer to the sun, e.g. in Solar System 1, which has 2 planets, Planet 2 appears first, followed by Planet 1. The more gravity a planet has, the more difficult it is to control your spaceship. The larger the planet, the stronger the planet's gravity. The higher a planet's solar system, the better its defenses. As you fly closer to the planet, the effect of its gravity increases. The alien defenses have 3 types of weapons: Kamikaze combat ships Ground-to-air missiles Super fighting (killer) satellites Planets also have dangerous asteroids floating around them. All alien forces appear near the planet and travel toward the player. Kamikaze ships are essentially flying bombs. True to their name, they will try to crash into you. Missiles are fired from the planet's surface. If a missile launcher is left after all other weapons and asteroids have been destroyed, it will launch its last missiles and disappear. If there are alien defenses remaining, the launcher will rebuild. A timer appears in the upper left corner to time the rebuilding process. Rebuilding is quicker in higher systems. Killer satellites have minimal weaponry range but excellent timing and accuracy. And they change size depending on how close they are to the player. In higher systems there are two at once of every weapon! Whenever you are ready to enter the space vortex to reach your next planet, or to enter hyperspace to reach a new solar system, the pulsating aura near the left edge of the screen surrounds your ship and makes you invisible until you are in range of the next planet. The moment you become visible to each other, the fighting begins! Scoring The number of points you score depends on the type of enemy force you destroy: Type of Defense Points Asteroids (large to small) 4, 6, 8, 10 Kamikaze Ships 20 Missiles 10 Missile Launchers 50 Killer satellites (large to small) 10, 20, 30, 40 Conquering a planet gives you bonus points equal to the solar system number times 25. Conquering a solar system awards the player a free ship and bonus points equal to the system number times 100. When playing System 9 and beyond, the same scoring applies, except you are given 2 free ships instead of 1. Strategies for Winning Learning to control your spaceship against the ever changing forces of gravity is the most difficult aspect of the game. There is also a SLIPPER built into the ion drives of the ship, which enables you SLIP in one direction and face another without accelerating in the direction of the ship; e.g. accelerate up, then face right for an instant and let go of the joystick. The ship will continue to slide up while the player faces right and strikes a target. Becoming skillful at the SLIPPER will prove a powerful advantage over the enemy. If you begin at the lowest system, it will be easier to gain extra ships, but you will accumulate points slower and you risk losing ships. Starting higher gives you more points sooner, but be careful: they won't come easy! Playing Again To play Solar Conqueror again, press the RESET button, and follow the instructions for starting the game. As usual, 10 points can be earned this round (excluding bonus points). The play settings for Solar Conqueror are: # of Ships - 3 Enter System - 1 There is a hyperdrive-like sequence before every solar system. Watching the stars whizz by your "windshield" is neat a few times, but then it gets repetitive and seems to take too long. You can skip this "warp" screen by pulling the trigger. Solar Conqueror Bonus Points There are five ways to score bonus points for Solar Conqueror: 1) Highest Solar System and Planet Reached - The player who reaches the furthest in the game will be awarded a bonus point. If you can manage it, take a screenshot of your highest solar system (which is displayed prior to a level beginning). 2) Beating 89,588 points starting on level 1 - Chuck Hirsch scored 89,588 points with three men on the "Official Astrocade Scoreboard," ARCADIAN, 6, no. 11/12 (Oct. 31 1984): 111. Beat his score and you'll get bonus point. 3) Beating 136,742 points starting on level 9 - Thomas Wenzel scored 136,742 points with three men on the "Official Astrocade Scoreboard," ARCADIAN, 6, no. 11/12 (Oct. 31 1984): 111. Beat this impressive score starting from system 9 and earn a bonus point. 4) Spotting a Possible Bug at 10,000 Points - As noted in the December 22, 1983 The Game Player column in the Arcadian newsletter: "Solar Conqueror programming flaw? Maybe. When the score goes over 9,999, it changes to two digits instead of five, and six extra ships are awarded. Also, the sound effects become distorted. What's the story here?" The first person to document what happens at 10,000 points gets a bonus point. If you make a video of this "bug," then you'll earn another bonus point. 5) Documenting the Solar Conqueror Prototypes - There are three prototype versions of Solar Conqueror that are available in the Astrocade software archive. You'll earn a bonus point for each prototype that you play and document. Yes, you can earn up to three bonus points here. It is possible to earn up to eight Solar Conqueror bonus points. Wow, that's a whole lot of bonus points! Space Gauntlet (BASIC Bonus Game) Space Gauntlet is this round's BASIC bonus game. This game was released in 1982 by Tiny Arcade on tape 100 and Supertape 1. It was programmed by Tom McConnell. Space Gauntlet is pretty simple, and it controls quite slowly. I'm not sure how much fun there is to be had here, but I'm putting this game forward for others to try because I like the idea of this game. Unfortunately, I don't think that BASIC has the power to do this game justice. Perhaps the "AstroBASIC" version of this game plays a little better (since "AstroBASIC" runs a little faster than Bally BASIC). It would be double-plus cool to see a machine language homebrew cartridge based on this idea. Here is the tape that was sent to Bob Fabris of the Arcadian (there was probably a Tiny Arcade labeled version of this tape, but I've not seen it). You can read the game's instructions here: http://www.ballyalley.com/tape_manuals/tiny_arcade/tiny_arcade.html#SpaceGauntletTinyArcadeDocs There are two different BASIC listing for Space Gauntlet available: BASIC Listing (as printed on a printer): http://www.ballyalley.com/type-in_programs/Tiny_Arcade/Tiny_Arcade.html#SpaceGauntletPrintedBASICListing BASIC Listing (hand-written): http://http://www.ballyalley.com/type-in_programs/Tiny_Arcade/Tiny_Arcade.html#SpaceGauntletHandwittenBASICListing You can download Space Gauntlet for Bally BASIC here: http://www.ballyalley.com/program_downloads/300_baud_programs/Tiny_Arcade/Space%20Gauntlet%20(1982)(The%20Tiny%20Arcade)(BB).zip Here is a game description of Space Gauntlet from the Winter/Spring 1984 Sourcebook catalog: You're at the controls of an interstellar cruiser patrolling a remote sector of the galaxy when you encounter the local inhabitants. These denizens of deep space don't "cotton" to strangers and they arrange themselves into two columns, firing missiles and daring you to survive their deadly gauntlet. The longer you survive, the closer the two columns of alien nasties approach (making it more difficult to avoid their missiles). Exiting graphics and excellent play value. One player. Here are the full instructions (which I've OCR'ed) for Space Gauntlet: Space Gauntlet Instructions (One Player) You control a star cruiser patrolling a remote sector of the galaxy when you encounter the local inhabitants. These denizens of deep-space don't "cotton" to strangers and they arrange themselves into two columns, firing missiles and challenging you to fly between them and survive the deadly gauntlet. Your objective is to pilot the ship through the attackers, avoid their missiles (the small square objects) and score points by destroying as many of the hostiles as possible. To accelerate through the columns (down the middle of the screen) pull the joystick back; to slow down, push the stick forward. The engines of the ship work on an action-reaction principle, so it takes a short time to speed up and slow down. Use the ability to change speed to avoid enemy missiles and position the ship to fire at the attackers. (You cannot move "backwards"-i.e. toward the top of the screen, but you can come to a dead stop.) To fire at the right column of aliens, push the joystick to the right. To fire left, move the stick to the left. The right column fires missiles at random, while the left column fires missiles that tend to "home in" on your ship. The longer you survive, the closer the two columns of aliens will approach. At the start of the game, each alien hit is worth 10 points. At their closest approach, each is worth 50 points. You have a fleet of four ships with which to engage the enemy. The game ends when all four have been destroyed. Press any key for replay Space Gauntlet Bonus Points 1) Playing Space Gauntlet - You get a bonus point just for playing Space Gauntlet. 2) Highest Score for Space Gauntlet- You can earn another bonus point if score the highest on this game. 3) Video of Space Gauntlet - A bonus point will be awarded to the first person to upload a video of Space Gauntlet containing a full game. If the video is a video review, then you'll earn two points! High Score Club Rules Please post all of your scores for both games here. Scores posted on the Bally Alley discussion group will not be accepted. If you post a video score, then please note the score obtained in the video-- as this makes it easier for me to keep track of all the scores. It's time to conquer the combined power of this round's Solar Gauntlet. Tightly strap yourself into your ship and blast off into space to do battle with the Bally Baddies! Adam
  18. Does anyone have any tips/tricks for taking apart cartridges that don't screw together? I have a Popeye cart that looks like someone buried it in the dirt for safe keeping, and I'd like to take it apart for a full cleaning.
  19. Sold! Atarimax: Maxflash USB Cartridge Programmer & Accessories - $48.95 + Shipping (for use with Atari 8-bit computer systems: 400, 600, 800, 1200, XL, XE, XEGS) Description: Very good condition. Tested and fully working. Works in conjunction with Atarimax Maxflash Cartridge Studio (included on CD-ROM). The shell was cut down slightly near the connector in order to accommodate use of an XL cartridge adapter. This allows connecting Atari brown carts without having to play around with the door/opening latches. It also helps in orienting carts properly with the Cartridge Programmer -- assuming the XL cartridge adapter is oriented properly. The XL cartridge adapter is included in the sale. Information: Program: Maxflash 1Mbit/8Mbit, MyIDE +Flash 1Mbit, MyIDE-II CompactFlash (512KB), XEGS RAMCart 32KB/64KB/128KB Dump: 8KB (Left/Right), 16KB, Maxflash 1Mbit/8Mbit, MyIDE +Flash 1Mbit, MyIDE-II CompactFlash (512KB), ICD SpartaDOS X, ICD Express!, Diamond GOS, OSS 16KB (Type A/B), OSS 8KB, Williams 32KB/64KB, XEGS 32KB/64KB/128KB/256KB/512KB/1024KB, MEGA 16KB/32KB/64KB/128KB/256KB/512KB/1024KB, Ultracart 32KB, Bounty Bob Strikes Back [Note: Will also dump Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, ColecoVision, and Intellivision cartridges -- with appropriate adapters.] Includes: 1 - Atarimax: Maxflash USB Cartridge Programmer 1 - Atarimax: Maxflash Studio Installation Disk (Microsoft Windows ONLY) 1 - USB A-A Interface Cable 1 - Atari: XL Cartridge Adapter Packaging/Shipping: Shipping to U.S. destinations ONLY. The Maxflash USB Programmer & Accessories will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail and include insurance for the sale value of the items. The USB Programmer & Accessories will be individually bagged and placed inside a new USPS 8" x 8" x 7" box with packing peanuts filling all open space. Payment: PayPal, using account or credit card, bank card, etc.
  20. Not my listings Direct from the creator himself Mr. Sean Kelly are more Vectrex Cart shells in translucent Orange and translucent Teal. Orange: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-Empty-Cartridge-Shells-LOT-OF-4-TRANSPARENT-ORANGE-BRAND-NEW-/232526077425? Vectrex Empty Cartridge Shells - LOT OF 4 - TRANSPARENT ORANGE - BRAND NEW! Vectrex Empty Cartridge Shells *** LOT OF FOUR - TRANSPARENT ORANGE *** This is an exact replica of the original Vectrex cartridge shell done in transparent orange. You are bidding on a LOT OF FOUR SHELLS. I do not have any auctions for individual shells presently. The cost plus the shipping plus the time it takes to package only one is really not worth the effort. I also have TRANSPARENT TEAL in another auction. You are welcome to mix and match colors for a total of four shells. If you need larger quantities of either of these colors, please purchase the number of lots of four that you need and I will refund the shipping difference. This item will be shipped via First Class Mail within a week of the auction's end. Domestic shipping is $4 for one lot plus $2 for each additional lot. International shipping will be calculated based on the destination and shipping through eBay’s shipping program. Teal: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-Empty-Cartridge-Shells-LOT-OF-4-TRANSPARENT-TEAL-BRAND-NEW-/122757285896? Vectrex Empty Cartridge Shells - LOT OF 4 - TRANSPARENT TEAL - BRAND NEW! Vectrex Empty Cartridge Shells *** LOT OF FOUR - TRANSPARENT TEAL *** This is an exact replica of the original Vectrex cartridge shell done in transparent teal. You are bidding on a LOT OF FOUR SHELLS. I do not have any auctions for individual shells presently. The cost plus the shipping plus the time it takes to package only one is really not worth the effort. I also have TRANSPARENT ORANGE in another auction. You are welcome to mix and match colors for a total of four shells. If you need larger quantities of either of these colors, please purchase the number of lots of four that you need and I will refund the shipping difference. This item will be shipped via First Class Mail within a week of the auction's end. Domestic shipping is $4 for one lot plus $2 for each additional lot. International shipping will be calculated based on the destination and shipping through eBay’s shipping program.
  21. I have a ton of games mostly old school classic Atari INTV & CV Carts. My favorite way to display your collection is CD DVD Media tower and book cases with adjustable shelves. I am continually buying and reselling extras so the probably have 2000-3000 games. Here is some of the racks. They can get rearranged a bunch depending on which system I might be enjoying the most.
  22. Has anyone managed to dump the Dorsett tapes used by the Educational Master System cart? I'd love to see them in action. -Thom
  23. I have two cartridges as pictured below that I believe go to a personal computer from the early 80's. However, I have so far be unable to identify what computer they are for. It's possible that they go in some sort of stand alone word processing system as well. Does anybody here recognize these, or perhaps you have a good educated guess? Thanks.
  24. My former boss used to work at Parker Brothers in the early 1980s, pre-'84. I don't recall his exact position but I believe he was high up on the engineering side, possibly director-level. He told me stories about leading the team at Parker which reverse-engineered the VCS/2600 so they could produce games for it. As I'm sure most know, they also made games for the 8-bit computers in that era. Once he learned of my own interest in Atari and retrocomputing in general, he gave me a couple of small items from his Parker days.
  25. nicknickuk

    IMG 0716

    From the album: Raspberry Pi Custom Atari case designs

    My Raspberry Pi case inspired by Atari the 2600 Berzerk cartridge. Black plastic case and I used Paint Shop Pro to design labels for Berzerk which the end result has a very good resemblance to an Atari 2600 cartridge. This looks amazing in the flesh.
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