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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering if their was anyway I could load a .cas file that was converted into a .wav file and play it through a mp3 player to my Atari XE system. I'm fairly new to the retro computer scene and I would like to try playing a few games on it instead of using an emulator. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello together! Recently, I discovered, that we do not have a digitized version of the: Light Pen CX70 Demonstration Cassette CX4124 Does anyone has this cassette or knows, whether it is just audio, just data or both? Again, it would be so cool to complete the last missing artifacts. Thank you so much in advance. All the best.
  3. Hi all, I have an 800xl upgraded with VBXE, Stereo Pokey, U1Mb, and an internal Sio2Sd. And I also have an 8-year old (human) who actually might enjoy "Invitation to Programming", so I've plugged in the 1010. Motor control works fine, (eg, CLOAD or POKE 54018,52) - but I'm just hearing dead silence - none of the familiar loading noises, nor any audio that's on the other track with tapes like that. I cleaned the heads, even though I felt grubby heads would at least give me some sort of noise. I did some SIO cable wiggling, and then tried a different SIO cable. Then I tried a second 1010 - all making no difference. So, I'm thinking it must be down to the 800xl itself - maybe some side-effect/issue caused by the upgrades it's got - which all work perfectly and were expertly done (not by me! I'm happy with a multimeter, and buliding new kit, but didn't think I'd manage un/soldering on the 800xl board...) I appreciate it's a bizarre combination - having all these upgrades, and then trying to load from tape. But does anyone know any reason why this shouldn't work - or where I might start on diagnosing it? Thanks, Wes
  4. After long time of silence, new version of cassette-oriented utility named Turgen System is available. Download from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/turgen/ and try with your RAMBIT upgraded data recorder. Support for Rambit turbo system New Rambit plugin allows you to convert monolithic and segmented binary files to the Rambit system from UK. The new plugin comes with two sets of loaders - original and modern. The modern loaders were updated to increase probability of successful loading of segmented binary files with INIT segments while sacrificing the fancy screen effect of the original loaders. With modern loaders, you can load modern games like Ridiculous Reality. Rambit experience is not limited to data recorders with Rambit upgrade. Owners of data recorders with Czechoslovak Turbo 2000, Polish Turbo 2000F, Turbo ROM, Atari Super Turbo (and clones), or Lower Silesian Turbo can try RAMBIT too if they connect DATA IN and INTERRUPT pins in their SIO connector. Source code of the modernized loaders was released in the updated loaders package (now 1.12) This plugin is brand-new. Please report bugs using the Tickets section. Tape Image Extractor Selection of non-extractible chunks does not prevent extraction of a boot file. This increases convenience when extracting boot files
  5. When it’s a camouflaged storage box. It took me years of careful deliberation before I could gut one of my 410 Data Cassette Recorders. I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to replace the belts just so I could play "Sammy the Sea Serpent". Why not put the case to good use and have it out on display? My original thought was to turn it into a bank. Put a coin in front of the cassette door and have a hand reach out and grab the coin. Then I couldn't believe how nicely a tray from my jewelry box fit into the bottom but my wife wasn't sure if she wanted it on the dresser(or maybe she was). I just ended up putting some felt in the bottom and some dividers for general use. I'm going to organize a collection of thumb drives, flash drives, Sony memory sticks, SD cards and a reader. What ever it was going to become, I wanted it to look like a functioning 410 Recorder when the top was closed. These are some photos taken as the build progressed. 1. Opened up 410. Removed four screws on the bottom. 2. Remove guts. 3. Salvage parts. I used the supply spindle and take-up spindle and tape counter. 4. Remove inside plastic pegs and supports that are in the way. Dremel tool and sand paper. 5. Trim the spindle shafts and super glue the parts together. Then insert them into the cassette holder from the bottom and glued. (I trimmed the disks for no good reason and don't think I would do it again.) After a cassette was placed in the holder, the tooth picks are jammed into the latches to keep the cassette door from opening. 6. Simulate the counter. Place the counter on your scanner and make a decent copy of the wheels. (use some white paper as a mask to save some ink). Cut out the numbers and tape in place. The push button was made by gluing a piece of scrap plastic over the hole, trim off a length of the black button and glue it in place. 7. Double sided tape is holding the felt in place and some dividers make of Jumbo Popsicle Sticks were cut, glued and placed on the felt. Now that I think about it, maybe I should take out the felt and sticks and mount a SIO2SD unit inside. Then rig the cassette keys as navigation buttons. I wonder how the display would look mounted in the cassette door.?
  6. Does anyone have a copy of this? 410 Diagnostic Tape
  7. So there I was, trawling eBay (again) for an XC11 and trying all combinations of Atari tape, cassette etc., when up pops this in the results: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Atari-Walkman-Sealed-in-Blister-New-Old-Stock-Free-Fedex/254247543838?hash=item3b3255a41e:g:nE8AAOSwVKhc7p5Z I knew Atari did some occasional non-computer hardware (eg. the credit card style calculator that was advertised as a subscription freebie in Atari User all the time), but I had no idea they did audio electronics! Anyone seen one of these before?
  8. The Cassette Motor Control(CMC) bit in the Port A Controller (PACTL ($D302)) address is going to be used as feed back from the Atari8 to the Arduino in the digital horn project. This bit controls the logic state of Pin 8 on the SIO port. This bit has been used to control the data cassette motor. If you're not using the bit to load data from the cassette it is free to be used for other purposes. Put a music tape into a 410 and play 1 audio track through the Monitor or sound system. MIDIMAX uses it to turn itself on/off while accessing other devices in the SIO chain. Control a relay…why not? MAPPING THE ATARI says to POKE 54018, 60 to turn the motor off and POKE 54018,52 to turn it on. Let's see, if (60-52 = AND (8 is the decimal for Bit 3) then changing this bit turns on/off the CMC bit 3. This works until a program changes any of the other bits from their default value. BASIC is not well equipped to do Boolean logic on bits. It can be done but can consume more time then I want to dedicate to the task. Machine language is adept at Boolean logic and can toggle CMC by using the EOR instruction. A BASIC USR call can toggle CMC with just 10 bytes. EOR(exclusive OR) The thing that makes EOR special is that when comparing 2 bits when both are True, the result is False. EOR Logic Table EOR| 0 | 1 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 0 | Watch the logic: 60 = 00111100 8 = 00001000 EOR 52 = 00110100 8 = 00001000 EOR 60 = 00111100 Note that bit 3 (4th bit from the right) is on, off and on. The rest remained unaffected. MAC/65 Assembly Language for the USR call looks like this. 10 ;USR CALL TO TOGGLE CASSETTE MOTOR 20 ;KEVIN PACKARD 09/2017 30 ; 40 ;X=USR(1536) 50 ; 0100 PACTL = $D302 ;bit 3 controls 0105 ; Cassette Motor 0110 ; 0120 *= $0600 0130 ; 0140 PLA 0150 LDA PACTL 0160 EOR #$08 0170 STA PACTL 0180 RTS 0190 .END The code was assembled, the BYTES were converted to decimal, and then put into BASIC DATA statements. These were read into page 6 and run using A= USR(1536). The program could have been placed in a String and called at the string address. This still may get done if page 6 is required for something else. The test. All my Atari cassette drive belts slip so I decided to put an LED and 330ohm resistor between pin 8 and pin 4 for testing. The BASIC program loads the code into Page 6. It then starts the loop to strobe the LED. 1 REM CASSETTE MOTOR CONTROL USR TEST 2 REM BY KEVIN PACKARD 9/2017 100 GOSUB 30000 110 X=USR(1536) 120 FOR X=1 TO 100:NEXT X 130 GOTO 110 29999 REM LOAD MOTOR CONTROL USR 30000 RESTORE 30060 30010 FOR X=1536 TO 1545 30020 READ A 30030 POKE X,A 30040 NEXT X 30050 RETURN 30060 DATA 104,173,2,211,73,8,141,2,211,96 The FOR-NEXT delay was used to slow the blinking. When removed, the LED blinked at about 64.4 hertz. When Direct Memory Access (DMA) was turned off (POKE 559,0) the rate jumped to 94 Hz. Slow but fast enough. What next I wrote this USR for use in an Atari8 BASIC MIDI Data Monitor for the DH100 digital horn project. This should help set the specification for the Arduino interface programing and provide a method of testing the interface.
  9. TI-99/4a Program Cassette Recorder with dual cable, box, manual, & power cord. Complete & tested in original box. More pictures on request. Asking $30 plus shipping & PP fees. (SOLD)
  10. It looks like what was old is new again. I saw this on the news tonight and I thought it may be of interest to this community. Sony has developed 185 TB cassettes for backup purposes. Looks like there going to market it towards internet companies that have a lot of data to back up. The tapes can store data reliably on a medium that takes up less physical space then more modern options. If I went back in time and showed some Atari users a 185 TB tape would anyone even know what a TB was? I figure the term terabyte would come off sounding like a jiggawatt or a bazillion dollars! Just some made up term to describe an unimaginable storage capacity. http://www.toptechnews.com/story.xhtml?story_id=023001IFGAYJ
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