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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I recently purchased a TRS-80 Color Computer model 1 on ebay and have a few questions I'm hoping someone will be able to answer. The unit is an early model with the chicklet keyboard and badge on the left. Cosmetically it is close to near mint condition. However, when I turn it on there are vertical lines in the picture. My Color Computer model 2 does not have these lines. I also noticed that the colors appear washed out on the model 1 as opposed to my model 2. Is this normal for an early model 1, or are some capacitors possibly starting to fail? I also noticed that there is a noticeable buzz coming from the power supply, is that normal? My model 2 does not have this buzz. There is also a loose solder connection on the RF input jack, as when I move the RF cable the picture flickers. Should I just send the unit back for a refund? Thanks.
  2. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    This is the FD-500 that came with the J&M Disk Controller. The case is Smudged and Dirty too.
  3. MarkO

    2014 11 28 21.17.52

    From the album: CoCo SDC

    Close-Up of both my CoCo SDC's with my CoCo 2.
  4. I have an Epson PC286C that I wanted to restore but I simply have too many systems needing restoration and the back log is out of hand. So, I'm parting with this NEC PC98 clone. Cool looking machine and was billed as an Amiga killer in Japan. lol. The NEC PC98 has a huge library of coolr games. If you love restoring machines, this is one to get: https://www.ebay.com/itm/263394723135 Also, I have an MSX machine (fully working) https://www.ebay.com/itm/263390094541 (and load of MSX games for sale too) and a Captain Phasma TRS-80 Color Computer 2 https://www.ebay.com/itm/263382550254 Thanks all and Happy Holidays to you, your family and your vintage machine!
  5. Owners of Dragon/Tandy Color Computers and Odyssey 2 might want to have a look at this: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242786-multi-cartridge-for-dragoncoco-2-available/?do=findComment&comment=3553179 Use one multi-cartridge for both systems. Please find all the information you need in the Dragon/CoCo multi-cartridge thread. Feel free to PM or post questions any time. Cheers, Rolo
  6. Q1: Is there a list somewhere of which Color Comptuer drives are double-sided and which disk controllers support those drives? Q2: I'm seeing disk images for the CoCo that are 360K. I'm guessing these are for double-sided disks under OS-9 Level 1 or Level 2. Anyone know how to put one of those images onto a double-sided 5.25" OS-9-formatted diskette?
  7. MarkO

    2014 11 28 21.16.58

    From the album: CoCo SDC

    I finished building my second CoCo SDC. Now I just need to get it in its Plexiglass Case.
  8. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    The Bottom of a FD-500 I won on eBay, with very few Hours of Use.. Warranty Seal is intact, and not Scuffed or Worn.. Owner claimed 10 Hours or Less of use. Case is excellent, except for a Small Abrasion on Back Bottom Left.
  9. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    I received a few Cartridges with a Multi-Pak Interface. Skiing is the Only One that has DIP ROM Packages. I am planning to replacing them with some Motorola MCM68766C35 EEPROMs. The MCM68766C35 it appears can also be used on the 26-3022 Floppy Disk Controller, and in Commodore VIC-20's and C64's.
  10. I have some Questions about CoCo Cartridges... I bought on eBay a used Multi-Pak Interface, with Three Cartridges, untested... What is the probability of it being damaged, and Damaging my CoCo 2 or CoCo 3 when plugged into to them.. How about Damaged Cartridges?? Damaging a CoCo when plugged in when the Power is OFF, and then Powering up the CoCo?? I am opening up the Multi-Pak, and will check that the Power Supply is putting out the correct Voltage, on the correct Lines, and check the other lines for Damaging Voltage.. I bought the Cartridges to see if they could have an EPROM installed, so I could make a Custom Cartridge.. The Cartridges are Skiing, Color Baseball, and Demolition Derby. The Skiing cartridge's label is half missing, so I carefully removed it, and opened the Cartridge.. There are Two 24 pin ROM's?? Made the 8th Week, of 1981 with a Motorola Copyright Symbol, and appear to be an SCM90807P which I can find no reference to on the Internet.. Does anyone know if these can be replaced with an EPROM, and which EPROM it would be??? Since this is the first CoCo Cartridge I have opened, would guess this is a 16K ( 2 x 8K ) game cartridge.. I have found some references to the Motorola MCM 68766C and it appears that they could directly replace the ROMs in the CoCo.. This page mentions the ROM in the Commodore VIC-20/C64. My EPROM Burner is a Needhams EMP-20, and supports the 68764/68766 as well as the 27Cxxxx series and many others.. There are some individuals in the Apple ][ world that are making Apple ][ Prototype Cards.. Does anyone here know if there is anyone making CoCo Prototype Cartridges??? MarkO
  11. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    I used the Soldering/De-soldering Station at work with the hollow tip and the Vacuum Pump to remove the ROMs off of the Skiing Cartridge for the CoCo. I then installed some Sockets, that had to be Cut to Fit, because the Local Radio-Shack only had the 40 Pin Versions, and I needed the 24 Pin Versions.. I cut the Middle 8 Sockets out of each side, keeping the Ends, with 6 Sockets on each side... I am planning on buying some Mototola MCM68766's, which should Pin-Out identical with the Skiing ROMs, giving me a Custom Cartridge..
  12. As the title says, I got a TRS-80 CoCo. It comes with a Pak game. (Chess), and it's been modded to use RCA Video/In out style jacks. (I believe this is called a composite mod? I am basically returning to the collectors scene of retro games after a VERY long hiatus.) for what I think is a good price of 35 dollars off ebay. NOW, besides the cassette interface cable, do I need a super special cassette player to load tapes? Or can I just use any old cassette player after fiddling with volume settings? As far as I can tell the only benefit of a 'super special TRS-80 specific' cassette is the ability for the computer to control it directly? (Or heck, can I even play an audio file of the cassette off my computer or smart phone?) Just making sure I know what to get and look out for~
  13. ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! http://www.glensideccc.com/cocofest/index.shtml I count 60 days between now and CoCoFEST!, to be held May 4-5 of 2019 in Lombard, IL. Time will _NOT_ stand still for anyone -- THIS MEANS YOU!! Have you reserved your hotel room? If not, do so now by calling 630-629-1500 and mentioning "Glenside CoCoFEST!" in order to get the special overnight room rate at the Fairfield Inn of $94 plus 11% (total $104.34). Act now, because rooms have sometimes sold-out in the past... Have you registered as an exhibitor? Only a few tables remain... http://www.glensideccc.com/data/library/cocofest_exhibit/contract-2019.doc Even if you are not exhibiting, will you help to control the check-in lines by pre-registering? Do your part! https://www.tandylist.com/registration.aspx -- OR -- http://www.glensideccc.com/data/library/cocofest_exhibit/generaladmission-2019-blank.doc This is our big event, the CoCo New Year! I'll see you there!! ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!
  14. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    This is the FD-500 that came with the J&M Disk Controller. The front left, Bottom Edge has been hit, or Dropped.. View from the Front of Drive..
  15. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    This is the FD-500 that came with the J&M Disk Controller. The rear back, Top Edge has been hit, or Dropped..
  16. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    I got this on eBay, the Seller is from Dallas, TX and stated in the Auction that this Unit was Surplus came from a Tandy Outlet Store in Fort Worth, TX. I know this Unit won't work without 12VDC, so I had previously bought some Fujitsu MB8877A LSI Chips, in case I got a 26-3022 Board. Luckily the Western Digital FD1793B-02 is socketed, so a Simple Chip Swap is all that is needed to Upgrade this Controller. When connected to the CoCo2, the Boot Message stated, "Disk Extended Color Basic 1.1", on the CoCo 3 the Boot Message stated, "Disk Extended Color Basic 2.1". This is a Picture with the WD FD1793B-02 chip still installed.
  17. Like the title says. Does anybody know of a label variation guide for Color Computer cartridges? I collect the earlier CoCo 1 carts with the title in a colored bar next to a TRS-80 logo. I know many CoCo 1 carts also came in a plain white "Tandy" end label variation, and I've got a few of those that I'm looking to swap out for the earlier style. But, I'm not certain if they all even exist. (Specifically, I'm talking about Dungeons of Daggorath, Downland, Stellar Life Line, and Demolition Derby. I know I've seen the first three in the "TRS-80" variation, but I don't know about Demo Derby.)
  18. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    I decided to Hook Up the 26-3022 Floppy Disk Controller, with the Fujitsu MB8877A to my almost Brand New FD-500. I put in a DS/DD Un-Formatted Disk, and tried the DIR Command... It gave the Two Letter I/O Error message... So I looked up the Disk Format Command in the RS Disk Color Basic Manual.. "DSKINI0", and it worked like it said it should, the the DIR Command.. No ERROR!!! Typed in a 2 Line BASIC Program, SAVE "GOOD 001".. All is still OK... Then tried the DIS Command.. I got a Directory Listing!!!!
  19. MarkO


    From the album: Tandy CoCo's 001

    This is the FD-500 that came with the J&M Disk Controller. The front left, Bottom Edge has been hit, or Dropped.. The Seller of this FD-500 said that it would seem to Format a Disk, but wouldn't read the Directory. View from the Left Side of Drive..
  20. Ever wanted to try out a computer that you never owned? Want to play an old game you remember from your youth? Thinking about getting back into the REAL DEAL, but want to play around first? Want to play a video game at work on your lunch break? This thread is for links to all those different EMULATORS available online. If you know of one not yet listed, please post it, with any comments you think we should know about. TRS-80 Model III << HERE >> TI-99/4A << HERE >> (This one is EXCELLENT) BBC Micro Computer << HERE >> Commodore 64 << HERE >> (If you know of a better one, let us know)
  21. A new option for a Multi-cartridge: The Dragon/CoCo Multi-cartridge Three systems, two Extensions, one Multi-cart Introducing: The Dragon/CoCo Multi-cart to Vectrex Extension Please have a look at: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242786-multi-cartridge-for-dragoncoco-2-available/?do=findComment&comment=3558265
  22. If you have reserved a table at CoCoFEST! but there is not an entry for you at the link below then please contact me either here or on Facebook or Discord or via email ASAP. Please include a brief description of your display and include a suitable picture. If you haven't reserved a table but still intend to do so, please also comply with the request above when you fill-out your vendor/exhibitor form. Thanks! http://www.glensideccc.com/cocofest/vendors.shtml
  23. I have a interesting mix of items for sale. Right now, I have a CoCo and a TI994A. In a few days, I'll have an additional CoCo and TI994A for sale as well, so keep your eyes on all four. In addition, I have a bunch of games I picked up in Japan. CoCo Hardware TRS-80 Color Computer 2 (With a Hitachi CPU) Joysticks Joysticks with Rapid Fire RS232 Model should work on other 8bit machines Texas InstrumentsTI99/4A Bandai WonderSwan Games Final Fantasy WS Wonder Swan (JAPAN) #SquareSoft Puyo Puyo (TSU) WonderSwan Vaitz Blade WonderSwan (RPG) Hataraku Chocobo WonderSwan Twin Bee Konami Soccer ( Futbol / Football ) Exciting Baseball Twin Bee (Twinbee) (duplicate game) MSX Games Color Midway Mini Golf MSX Baseball Championship Soccer ( Futbol / Football ) by Pony Canyon Tomy Pyuta Games (VERY RARE, they usually go for $80 each) BOMBMAN Scramble Happy to combine shipping on anything or answer questions. Cheers!
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