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Found 218 results

  1. I sort of discussed this briefly in a recent post, although most old timers here know that I have been trying to get something like this done since the early days of the SGM1 planning. Anyways, this time we got what it takes, we have the team and skills in place to make this happen. Without further ado: Super Game Module 2 Pro Arcade System Components: Super Game Module 2 (expansion module) Super Game Cartridge 2 (game cartridges) Super Game Controller (handheld controller) Goals: Upgrade the ColecoVision to arcade-level quality, circa 1987/1988. Use technology consistent with the late 80s. Create a natural evolution of the ColecoVision hardware, with components that are backward compatible or similar in architecture to the original ColecoVision chipset. Create a cartridge with vastly superior memory capacity but reduced complexity, resulting in games that are more advanced and yet affordable. Create a replacement for the dreadful ColecoVision controllers. Upward compatible with OMNI. Super Game Module 2: Backward compatible with SGM1. New backward compatible co-processor, 24-bit linear address mode, 5 MIPS. New video processor, 2 independent scrollable planes, thousands of tile/sprite patterns, 64 sprites on screen. 16 colors per tile/sprite, 256 colors on screen from 32,000 colors. Configurable screen resolution from 256x192 to 320x240 pixels. Zoom and rotation. New sound processor, powerful and versatile synthesizer with FM, PSG and ADPCM. High quality analog video (composite, s-video, and RGB) and stereo sound outputs. Estimated size 8”x4”, similar design to Coleco’s planned Super Game Module. Super Game Cartridge 2: Stores main ROM, video ROM and audio ROM. Can save progress and content. Same physical format as OMNI cartridges. Small form factor, shaped like Coleco planned Super Game Wafer. Super Game Controller: Compatible with ColecoVision regular controllers. 12 keys keypad. 4 action buttons. Similar size to ColecoVision original controller, but sideways. Overlays. Super Games: First wave will be a collection of arcade ports, with “arrangement” mode including enhanced graphics, sound and possibly gameplay. From there, if we can get enough traction, we plan a mix of enhanced arcade ports and sequels for Atari era classics. Hi there fellow ColecoVision fans, This is an exciting moment for me. Next week our team will dive into Super Game Module 2 design mode. Hardware team in Brazil is producing the first revision of the prototype board, while Ted Mayer (the designer behind the Intellivision II and III) will sink his teeth into our first tooling design based on his concept work from last year (most of it still unpublished). For those who still don’t know, the Super Game Module 2 system will be the successor of the original SGM, fully backward compatible, but also upward compatible with the OMNI system. It is the module I have been dreaming of for years, since I started creating the original SGM, but couldn’t get done because I lacked the skills or resources back then. Well, now with a talented team behind me, things are finally possible and the time has come. For those who have been following me for a while, I came up with many of the SGM2 ideas during the SGM1 long development cycle. Then, when the SGM became something a lot simpler, I moved most of those ideas to the “ColecoVision 2” system we started developing in 2012. I soon had to halt development to deal with difficulties in my personal life. We resumed the system in late 2016, and it eventually morphed into Prometheus as the result of our fallout with Coleco. Prometheus morphed into OMNI due to another fallout, and while OMNI is still coming, we decided that releasing it as a ColecoVision add-on first would make more sense. The SGM2 allows us to tackle the challenge of a new system in smaller and gradual steps. SGM2 is our vision of what the next ColecoVision would have looked and sounded like. By assuming a 5/6 years lifespan, the CV successor would have come out around 1987/1988, so we designed a hardware that would have been possible within the technology constraints of that time. This isn’t an emulator system. Isn’t a Raspberry Pie sort of system. It isn’t a FPGA multicore system. Those have been done again and again. The SGM2 is an expansion module that greatly but elegantly enhances the CV graphic and sound capabilities and brings it in line with early 16-bit systems of the 80s. When the SGM2 is plugged into the CV expansion slot, the CV becomes a multiprocessing system, with the CV CPU handling all sound and I/O tasks, while the SGM2 CPU handles the graphics. Both CPU are compatible, but the SGM2 finally offers 24-bit linear addressing mode (Nintendo did the same thing with the SNES, compatible with the NES CPU but with 24-bit linear addressing). The new video and sound processors on the other hand have never been used on a console before, and that makes the SGM2 totally unique. But hardware is meaningless with no software. For our first wave of SGM2 games, we have started some prep work for arcade ports of some of the most complex arcade games from the golden age of arcades: Zaxxon, Moon Patrol, Jungle King and Elevators are some examples. With the SGM2 the ColecoVision will finally fulfill its motto and offer a great arcade experience home. But the SGM2 can offer more than that. You can get pixel perfect arcade from MAME as well, but does MAME offer “Arrangement” modes with improved graphics, sound, and in some cases, improved gameplay with new content and modes? We have a team of talented professional artists in place ready to start working on those arrangement versions. After the first wave, the plan is to create sequels for classic Atari era games. Last year we had the chance to make deals with several Atari era developers to bring those games to the SGM2/OMNI. All of this content will be exclusive to the SGM2/OMNI. This combination of unique hardware and unique software is what makes the SGM2 the most ambitious, most challenging project in ColecoVision homebrew history. And I want to invite the community to participate on the SGM2 creation. If you share the same passion for bringing new stuff for the ColecoVision as we do, for pushing the envelope, for introducing new and exciting things, for being creative and innovative, for taking the ColecoVision to the next level, or simply want try something new and yet grounded on Atari era for your CV, you are invited to subscribe to our Innovator and Early Adopter campaign. By subscribing you won’t be just helping us getting enough backers to make this project happen, you will also be receiving first hand information, will get a look behind of scenes of the SGM2 creation and learn how all of this works . Please check the details below, and I hope to talk to you soon. Innovator and Early Adopter campaign: The goal of this initiative is to find 200 people interested in helping us with producing and manufacturing the complete Super Game Module 2 system. This is NOT a pre-order list. The 200 people limit applies only to this campaign. 200 people is the threshold number of backers we need to cover all production costs involved with the Super Game Module 2 system. No money will be required or requested until we are ready to go into manufacturing. By staying in the campaign you demonstrate genuine interest in the project and intent to buy. You are free to leave the campaign any time though. Please unsubscribe if you no longer have interest in purchasing the system. That way we can keep an accurate forecast of demand. The campaign membership is non-transferable. Once the total number of subscriptions is reached (200 subscriptions), no more will be offered. Furthermore if you leave mid campaign, you may not be able to come back later. We are offering two types of subscription: “Innovators” and "Early Adopters”. Innovators are limited to 50 people, and we reserve the right to select who will be in this group based on their history with us (Opcode). Early Adopters will be limited to 150 people, first come first served basis. As a member of the Innovator and Early Adopter campaign, you will be offered some benefits: Learn first hand about the project progress Help select the games that will be part of the first wave Your name will be listed in the documentation as an Early Adopter As a member of the Innovator campaign, you will be offered additional benefits: Help with design decisions Even more exclusive, non publicly available information You may be selected to participate in beta testing and pilot runs Your name will be listed in the documentation as an Innovator Please go here to subscribe: http://eepurl.com/gfE7TP FAQ========= Q: What is the planned price point for the module? A: Under $150. Q: What is the planned release date for the system? A: Q4 2019. Q: Will it come with pack-in game? A: Undecided. Will depend on final cost. Q: Will it run all my SGM games? A: Yes, it will. Q: Will the SGM2 offer AV outputs? A: Yes it will. However the SGM2 AV output will only work with SGM2 games. You can’t use it for legacy ColecoVision or SGM1 games. Q: Can I use my ColecoVision RF output when playing SGM2 games? A: Yes, you can. For convenience you can play all your games, ColecoVision, SGM1, and SGM2 using the standard RF output on your ColecoVision console. Q: My ColecoVision has been modded to offer better quality video output. Will I be able to leverage that when playing SGM2 games? A: That depends on the mod you got. The general rule is, if your mod works with the Atari module, then it will work with the SGM2. The F18A has its own video output, so the SGM2 will not be able to use that. However the SGM2 offers its own AV outputs, and you will be able to enjoy high quality analog video (composite, S-video, and RGB) and stereo sound regardless the condition of your ColecoVision AV output. Q: Is my ColecoVision being only used for power supply when in SGM2 mode? A: Not at all! In SGM2 mode the ColecoVision becomes a multiprocessing system, with the ColecoVision CPU handling all the sound and I/O functions. Q: Why can’t the SGM2 use a regular ColecoVision cartridge for SGM2 mode games? A: For similar reasons that the Sega Genesis required a different cartridge format even though it could also run all Sega Master System games. The SGM2 more advanced hardware needs more cartridge lines than the ColecoVision cartridge can offer. For example, the SGM2 offers 24-bit linear addressing mode, while the ColecoVision cartridge slot barely offers 16-bit addressing. However while the Genesis required a cartridge adaptor to play SMS games, with the SGM2 you can still use your ColecoVision cartridge slot for legacy titles. Q: Does the Super Game Controllers plug into the SGM2? A: No, they plug into the ColecoVision unit, just like regular controllers and can be used to play most CV legacy games that require regular controllers. Q: If the Super Game Controllers plug into the CV, why is it part of the SGM2 system? A: While the Super Game Controllers can be used independently, we believe they will improve the SGM2 experience greatly with way more precise control and the addition of two extra action buttons. They are completely optional though, and not included with the SGM2.
  2. Well there it is. I've used it to replace the broken one in my controller. STL's attached. No Warranty! coleco controller thing.zip
  3. New Super Game Controllers for the ColecoVision and Super Game Module 2 Last year we announced that we were working with renowned designer Ted Mayer, best known for his work for Mattel (Intellivision II and III, He-Man toys) and the original Star Wars movie. Ted has been helping us with a number of designs, including the OMNI and accessories. One such accessory is the OMNI controller. Before OMNI is released, we plan to offer a ColecoVision compatible version of the OMNI controller, which we are calling the Super Game Controller. The Super Game Controller is fully compatible with the regular ColecoVision controller, including a numeric keypad, and adds two extra buttons, for SGM2 games. The Super Game Controller also allows the use of special game overlays, and we plan to offer a complete set of them for both legacy and new games. We hope to finally offer a complete, high-quality, and viable alternative for the dreadful Coleco controllers. We are now in the process of investigating the costs involved, but so far it looks promising. We have all the sources in place. That said, our goal is to find out if there is enough interest in this project to make it happen. Since we are still investigating costs, it is hard to give precise numbers for minimum orders and final price just yet, but we are estimating 400 units and $60 per controller. We would also prefer to sell them in packs of two controllers. Please keep in mind the price is a guesstimate at this point. It is our best interest to sell the controller at the lowest possible price point, at no profit (for many different reasons, one being this is also our OMNI controller). So how can you “pre-order” them (more like a wait-list at this point, since we don’t plan to charge people until the controllers are final and ready for manufacturing)? Please subscribe to the wait list here:: http://eepurl.com/gmrNpL I will keep this thread updated. UPDATE (4/1/2019): we have crossed the 200 controllers mark already. Thank you! I would say very very promising, so let's get this done! UPDATE (4/2/2019): we are past 270 controllers. Thank you again! The more orders we get, the lower the price goes. UPDATE (4/2/2019): we are past 300 controllers! Amazing. Definitively happening!
  4. I just ran across this on Twitter, a new DIY ColecoVision RGB board by Citrus3000psi. Still in prototyping phase but will hopefully be coming out soon, after some more testing. This might be a nice alternative to the F18A for DIY'ers. Check out @citrus3000psis Tweet: https://twitter.com/citrus3000psi/status/953443909501444096?s=01 Now if someone would come out with a better Intellivision RGB board, I'd be on cloud 9!
  5. As we recently announced, the SGM Pro was placed on hold so we can concentrate on our new and major project, code-name Project Prometheus. Prometheus is a cartridge based super 8-bit system that is also backward compatible with the ColecoVision and Super Game Module. After many false starts since 2010, it is now in full production. However such a complex project takes time, so the ETA is late 2018. First complete prototype should be here soon. Games also under development. Please check our facebook page for videos. More info to follow...
  6. First off I want to thank everyone who has helped back and spread the message about this project. When the initial goal was set, we didn't anticipate the larger number of higher reward level backers. After reviewing our finances and updating our projections based on the current backing from the kickstarter, we will be moving forward with Plan B. We are going to move to a standard Pre-order through the CollectorVision website. By doing the direct pre-order through the website, we will be able to maintain the original timelines for the project. This will also allow us to accept Paypal, which a lot of people have asked for and prevented them from backing the kickstarter. The original timelines from the kickstarter are the same with a March timeframe for Early Access and a June/July timeframe for the rest. The pre-order is available now at: https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-phoenix/ https://collectorvisionphoenix.com should also take you there as well If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks, Brian
  7. UPDATED 6/15/19 11:51 AM EDT: Rare ColecoVision Homebrews For Sale A couple of rarities remaining from my collection that I no longer need/want for various reasons. Asking prices are generally the same as what I paid for them. Both games are complete, in the original box, and in MINT/NM condition unless otherwise stated. CS/PONG comes in a plastic game box protector. Please see photos. Computer Space / PONG (CollectorVision) - Limited edition numbered #143 of 150; BLACK cartridges ... $160.00 USD **SOLD** Steamroller (Retrotopia) - Cardboard box; 2000 release; some discoloration on cart label ... $80.00 USD **SOLD** Prices INCLUDE USPS/Canada Post standard ground shipping anywhere in Canada or continental United States. If you wish me to ship via air or some other carrier, or if you need me to ship outside North America, please contact me. Payment via PayPal accepted at algonquin2034 (at) gmail (dot) com Will ship well protected in strong shipping box within 2 days of receiving payment.
  8. Following up on another thread that discussed having a complete collection and inspired by Cmart's 125 Game List thread in the Intellivision Forum, I have decided to list things out in more detail. This list of 135 is unique titles and does not take into account release variations such as those made by Coleco of Canada Limitee and CBS Electronics, although there is an Addendum to the list at the end which covers some other unique games for the CV & ADAM. I have finally decided to include the Bit Corp. titles in this list seeing as they were produced during the ColecoVision's lifespan as well as being made available in CIB form and sold in stores. The addendum contains some unreleased and prototype games, but by far, not all. You can check my Collector's List attached below for complete listings of these. Coleco 1. 2010: The Graphic Action Game 2. Antarctic Adventure 3. B.C.'s Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge 4. Brain Strainers 5. Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom 6. Bump 'n' Jump 7. BurgerTime 8. Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park 9. Cabbage Patch Kids - Picture Show 10. Carnival 11. ChopLifter! 12. Congo Bongo 13. Cosmic Avenger 14. Dam Busters, The 15. Destructor 16. Donkey Kong 17. Donkey Kong Junior 18. Dr. Seuss Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler 19. Dukes of Hazzard, The 20. Fortune Builder 21. Frenzy 22. Front Line 23. Gorf 24. Illusions 25. Ken Uston Blackjack & Poker 26. Lady Bug 27. Looping 28. Monkey Academy 29. Mouse Trap 30. Mr. Do! 31. Omega Race 32. Pepper II 33. Rocky - Super Action Boxing 34. Roc'N Rope 35. Slither 36. Smurf - Paint'N Play Workshop 37. Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle 38. Space Fury 39. Space Panic 40. Spy Hunter 41. Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator 42. SubRoc 43. Super Action Baseball 44. Super Action Football 45. Tapper 46. Tarzan 47. Telly Turtle 48. Time Pilot 49. Turbo 50. Venture 51. Victory 52. WarGames 53. Zaxxon Coleco of Canada Limitee 54. Evolution Activision 55. Beamrider 56. Decathlon, The Activision 57. H.E.R.O. 58. Keystone Kapers 59. Pitfall! 60. Pitfall II - Lost Caverns 61. River Raid 62. Zenji Atari/AtariSoft 63. Centipede 64. Defender 65. Galaxian 66. Jungle Hunt CBS Electronics 67. Super Action Football (Soccer) Epyx 68. Gateway to Apshai 69. Jumpman Junior 70. Pitstop Fisher Price 71. Dance Fantasy 72. Linking Logic 73. Logic Levels 74. Memory Manor Imagic 75. DragonFire 76. Fathom 77. Moonsweeper 78. Novablast 79. Tournament Tennis 80. Wing War Interphase 81. Aquattack 82. Blockade Runner 83. Sewer Sam 84. Squish'Em featuring Sam Micro Fun 85. Heist, The 86. Miner 2049er 87. One on One Basketball Parker Brothers 88. Frogger 89. Frogger II: Threeedeep! 90. Gyruss 91. James Bond: 007 92. Montezuma's Revenge 93. Mr. Do's! Castle 94. Popeye 95. Q*bert 96. Q*bert's Qubes 97. Star Wars - The Arcade Game 98. Super Cobra 99. Tutankham Practical Peripherals 100. Super Sketch - Sketch-Master Probe 2000 101. War Room Sega 102. Up 'N' Down Sierra On-Line/SierraVision 103. B.C.'s Quest for Tires 104. Learning with Leeper 105. Oil's Well 106. Sammy Lightfoot 107. Threshold 108. WizMath, The Wizard of Id's SpectraVision/SpectraVideo 109. Flipper Slipper 110. Frantic Freddy 111. Sector Alpha 112. Spectron 113. Super Cross Force Spinnaker 114. Alphabet Zoo 115. Facemaker 116. Fraction Fever 117. Jukebox Sunrise Software 118. Campaign '84 119. Gust Buster 120. Mountain King 121. Quest for Quintana Roo 122. Rolloverture Xonox 123. Artillery Duel 124. Chuck Norris: SuperKicks 125. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll 126. Motocross Racer 127. Robin Hood 128. Sir Lancelot 129. Slurpy 130. Tomarc the Barbarian 131. Word Feud Bit Corp. 132. Cosmic Crisis 133. Meteoric Shower 134. Strike It! 135. Tank Wars   ADDENDUM   CBS Electronics 136. Victory (additional game elements versus Coleco release) Nuvatec 137. The CAT Scheduled Oil Sampling Game (only 1 confirmed to exist) Sierra On-Line/SierraVision/Sydney Development 138. Energy Quizz (only 1 confirmed to exist) Splice 139. Castelo (rom file may only exist) TeleGames UK/USA 140. Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (Activision) 141. Amazing Bumpman (Number Bumper by Sunrise Software) 142. Boulder Dash (MicroFun) 143. Rock'N Bolt (Activision) 144. Skiing ColecoVision & ADAM Computer Collector Rarity List v2.10 (2014) (NIAD).rtf
  9. From the album: Games

    Jungle Hunt Date/time on cam is incorrect for this pic - took this pic right before uploading it. Have since set the correct date/time on my camera.
  10. How protected are your valuable games? Jason from Trade-N-Games offers some frank insight.
  11. From the album: ColecoVision

    BIOS, F18a, a/v Composite, Pause... Internal HDMI and power supply to follow.

    © TJW 2016

  12. While I do know Sega did a somewhat average port of Galaga for its SG1000 console (under the name Sega-Galaga), as well as the MSX version and CollectorVision's homebrew, I cannot help but wonder how the programmers at AtariSoft might have been able to do the game justice for the ColecoVision. Furthermore, wouldn't AtariSoft's programming team have learned from the Sega and MSX versions? The omission of the Challenge Stages is the only reason I dislike the SG1000 port. I'd bet that as a 32 KB cart, at least some if not all the Challenge Stages could be added (since Sega's port only had an 8 KB ROM size). ~Ben
  13. This is the thread I'm going to use to release any ColecoVision Unreleased/Prototype/Vaporware games (or rom files, if you will) The ColecoVision Brotherhood is composed of a few members here who put their money together (sometimes alone) to buy ColecoVision prototypes to release them to the public, so anyone can finally enjoy them! If you have any unreleased prototypes, please contact me We're offering very good $$$$ reward for any unreleased games! PS: Feel free to contribute to this thread!
  14. This is the last of 3 large ADAM Computer Packages that I have made available to AtariAge members. If you have been considering picking up an ADAM Computer, I would seriously consider this package as it will be the last one I assemble and eBay is not the best option to use when buying ADAM Computers unless you get lucky with an honest seller. I have up for sale a very large ADAM Computer package that I have meticulously assembled with the idea of offering it up for sale to someone here on AtariAge that has been looking to buy one of these systems, but did not want to go thru all the time, hassle and expense of finding "working" components of the system.... let alone test and clean everything and then acquire software to use with it. Each item listed out below has been tested, disassembled, cleaned, re-assembled and tested again very thoroughly over the course of the last three weeks to the best of my abilities and using all the available ColecoVision and ADAM test utility cartridges and software that I have available to me. As far as the system and all the extras stand, they are in 100% working condition and physically are in good condition. Local pickup is very welcome if you are within a reasonable distance. Shipping will be via the best option that I can find, not necessarily the cheapest, with USPS being the frontrunner currently and will be insured accordingly. The ADAM Computer lot will be packaged up into two separate boxes that combined will weigh roughly 40pds. I have yet to package everything up, but as soon as I do, I will post details of the box sizes and weight so that shipping cost estimates can be made. I will consider any and all Foreign purchasers. Here is the complete list of everything I have amassed along with a large number of pictures: Complete ADAM Stand-Alone Computer System with built-in ColecoVision - Memory Console (Revision 80 - last one made by Coleco) - NEW OLD STOCK - ADAM Logic Board installed in Memory Console - Digital Data Drive (has been speed calibrated) - False Digital Data Drive Door - Printer with built-in system Power Supply (printer ribbon and print wheel in good shape) - Keyboard with ADAMnet Cable and Hand Controller Attachment - 2 Hand Controllers - RFI Kit - ADAM RF Switchbox with RF Cable Set of ADAM Owner's Manuals - Programming with ADAM: A Simple Guide to SmartBASIC - ADAM Set-Up Manual: Getting Started - ADAM System Check-Out and Trouble-Shooting Guide - ADAM SmartWRITER Easy Reference Guide - ADAM Word Processing: Typing with ADAM - Supplement to the ADAM Set-Up Manual for the SmartWRITER Printer (not pictured) Coleco ADAM 5 1/4" Floppy Disk Drive - original Power Supply - 3ft ADAMnet flat cable - Disk Manager software (copy, not original) Coleco ADAM 64K Memory Expander (Coleco brand, not 3rd Party) - byte tested to be good from address 00000 to 65535 with Homebrew test software - with original Manual Wico Command Control Joystick for CV or ADAM 2 blank ADAM Digital Data Packs (1 Loran brand - the manufacturer of DDPs for Coleco) PitStop cartridge with manual (French/Canadian release) Coleco ADAM software on Data Packs: - Buck Rogers Super Game (original) - Donkey Kong Super Game (original) - Donkey Kong Junior Super Game (original) - SmartBASIC (original) - SmartLOGO (original case, replacement DDP) - VideoTunes (a terrific 3rd Party music composition program) (original) ADAM Software on 5 1/4" Disk (copies of Homebrew/3rd Party releases): - ADAM Bomb II (the best game ever made for the ADAM... hands down) - BrainStorm (a great mix of Tetris and Hangman) - CopyCart+ v2.0 (the best cartridge copy program) - Diablo (one of my favorite ADAM games) - Family Feud Question Pack - Family Feud Writer (make your own Question Packs) - File Manager v3.0 (the best copy utility program with numerous features) - Jeopardy Question Pack - Jeopardy Writer (make your own Question Packs) - MicroChip (a tremendous Homebrew game made in 1995) - Temple of the Snow Dragon (2 disk monster of a graphics adventure game) ADAM Software on 5 1/4" Disk (copies of Coleco releases) - ADAM Utilities (a collection of Coleco In-House utilities for testing the ADAM Computer) - ADAMCalc - CP/M 2.2 & Assembler - Disk Manager (included with the 5 1/4" Disk Drve) - Electronic FlashCard Maker - ExperType - Richard Scarry's Best Electronic Wordbook Ever (2 disk set) - SmartBASIC - SmartFILER with manual - SmartLOGO - 2010: The Text Adventure - The ADAM Home Software Library (for the 32 Basic Programs book) - B.C. II: Grog's Revenge - Best of B.C., The - Best of Broderbund, The - Best of Electronic Arts, The - Buck Rogers Super Game - Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park Enhanced - Dam Busters Super Game - Donkey Kong Super Game - Donkey Kong Junior Super Game - Donkey Kong Junior Super Game (5 screen version) - Dragon's Lair - Family Feud - Front Line Super Game (Demo) - includes a special replica Coleco style disk label - Jeopardy (2 disk set) - SubRoc Super Game - Temple of Apshai (by Epyx) - Troll's Tale - Tunnels & Trolls (Demo) - Zaxxon Super Game I am not including the beautiful set of Coleco replica labels made by PBoland and myself with this package, but if you are interested in obtaining these labels, I have provided thread link with full pictures of the labels and disk sleeves, pricing and how to order. The labels and disk sleeves are only $1.50 each!!! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/195840-adam-game-disk-labels-disk-sleeves-interest-check/page__hl__%20adam%20%20disk%20%20labels A SPECIAL BONUS... I will make you a DVD of my entire ColecoVision and ADAM collection of digital files (rather large) including almost everything ever made fo the ADAM software wise in Disk and DDP image files, emulators, manuals, pictures, rom images, ADAM to PC conversion utilities, etc., etc. If you have a PC with a 5 1/4" drive that can boot into DOS, you can supply yourself with any software program you desire... you'll just need the disks and some free time. NO CURRENT HOMEBREW CARTRIDGE RELEASES INCLUDED unless they were released by their authors. See all the pictures provided below! And now, the big one, the price of this large package... $525.00 paid via PayPal or Cash
  15. Can anyone here explain if the graphics indicate a still unfinished version of the CV DK we know and love? Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/4ePUeCFOMTM ~Ben
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jlq360e3bdI I wonder if Opcode is interested in doing this? Released in December 1982 by Namco in Japan and all other markets except North America, and in January 1983 by Atari for North American sales. From the USA perspective, no console ports of this game appeared until Atari released this for its 7800 system in 1987, followed by Bandai's NES release in 1989. But, I wonder what the ColecoVision version of Xevious would've looked like if on a 32K ROM cartridge, in the same style of graphics as other AtariSoft efforts like Dig Dug and Jungle Hunt?? Atari 7800: Nintendo NES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjWIqtkSlQE ~Ben
  17. Does anyone know whether or not the ColecoVision version of the Donkey Kong cart ever came in a white casing... like the Atari 2600 and some copies of the Intellivision version? This is not about eBay auctions of the Atari 2600 port mistaken for the CV port. What I want to find out is whether or not a white case version, with the CV's cartridge slot shape, ever existed for Donkey Kong on this system? Thank you, Ben
  18. Here is another box design of Coleco's that varies from the final release... this time it is Destructor. As with "The Dukes of Hazard", this early box design varies greatly from the final release. It uses the large CV&ADAM Splash info area instead of the diagonal Info Bar and again it does not mention anything about being for use with the Expansion Module #02. Funny thing in this case is that the French/Canadian cartridge label WAS released using the artwork from this box design, but the box used the blue text artwork from the U.S. final release.
  19. Here is a pic of the original box design for "The Dukes of Hazzard". You will notice that the entire cast of main characters appears on the front of the box compared to the final box version that was used and contained an artistic drawing of a car chase with only Bo, Luke, Daisy and Boss Hogg on the back. Other differences are that the large CV&ADAM Splash info area is used in this version compared to the release version's diagonal info bar at the bottom right corner and that there is no mention that the game requires the Expansion Module #02. Seeing stuff like this always perks my interest and gets my asking "Why the change?". We all know that there are probably numerous variations created before the final release candidate is settled on, but in this case I'm sure there were other considerations like using the likeness of all those actors could possibly be more expensive or it was just a quick and dirty creation in order to have it available for the catalog.
  20. I wonder if Sears had any considerations over slapping its own name on the ColecoVision during 1983, to sell it as the Tele-Games (and no, we are not to confound this defunct brand name with Telegames without hyphen) Pro Video Arcade, just as they had with selling the Atari 2600 VCS as the Video Arcade and the Mattel Intellivision as the Super Video Arcade? Since much of the ColecoVision library was based around arcade licenses, like Donkey Kong and Zaxxon, and at least one cartoon license, Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, there would not be many title changes for the Sears versions (such would only apply to Coleco original programming, like Super Action Baseball) of these cartridges. The 12-second title screen on the Coleco publications (with the Sears Tele-Games label) would remove the rainbow COLECOVISION lettering but would retain the other text identifying the game title and licensor, and the Coleco copyright notice. Did you folks have any thoughts on whether Sears could've sold the ColecoVision under its own name? ~Ben
  21. I'm wondering if anyone could confirm the release dates of every single ColecoVision cartridge that was released? I'd like to think that Coleco would release 10-20 titles per year (and how many per quarter, or every three months, of each calendar year?). For the late July 1982 launch, these were the games that were released initially: 2411 - Donkey Kong (included with ColecoVision console) 2417 - Venture 2419 - Mouse Trap 2433 - Lady Bug 2434 - Cosmic Avenger 2435 - Zaxxon 2443 - Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle 2445 - Carnival Turbo (2413) was released in October 1982 and was included with the Driving Module accessory. Other titles shown in the 1982 brochure that were released later: 2415 - Space Fury (released January 1983) 2439 - Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker (released January 1983) 2422 - Head to Head Football (released January 1984 as Super Action Football) 2423 - Head to Head Baseball (released October 1983 as Super Action Baseball, included with the Super Action Controllers set) Thank you, Ben Edge
  22. MINI-ARCADES: Ok. We get it. Atari Age users are the gurus at Hardware and Emulation. Everyone is asking for the Minis. We do need your help. Our goal is to create a Mini that is similar in size and quality as the mini's from the 80s. The goal here would be to have each mini focus on one featured game (for EXAMPLE only: Say its Ms. Pac Man on one unit, Donkey Kong on another etc.), then each unit may have a few other games on the system as well, but they would not be featured on the side stickers, and only mentioned on the box art. Please feel free to give your opinion on the technical specification of the Mini's that you would suggest. Screen type and size, emulators, hardware, platform or any other specs that you think we should consider. The more specific the better. LET'S do this as a team!... Keep in mind that we would like to keep the quality of the plastic high as well as having a mid range quality on the guts of the machine. BUT, at the same time, we would need to be able to have a retail price point that consumers would be interested in. (And while we are at it, you may as well give us an idea of what you would expect to pay for a mini). Any other advice would be appreciated. This is out first thread, and we are hoping to keep up with responses the best that we can! You can also give your opinion on the same topic on our facebook page.
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