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Found 243 results

  1. Happy Holidays To all, Barb and I wish you the best for the holidays ****Coming very soon **** Sega combos. Many variations will be available, including the CD, the CD platform and so on. If you have any interest in these, send me a PM indicating which or what combinations you are looking for. How many times have you seen a console setting on a shelf,or a table,and covered in a fine layer of dust or sticky fingerprints? Dust and sticky stuff is not our friend!And its certainly not a friend to our consoles. So, a dust cover is not only "eye candy" but it keeps that console killer, dust out. Oh,lets not forget those other killers,foreign objects,unknown liquids,and little kids. And it adds a touch of cool to your collection *****And to all of you sending prayers our way, Barb and I thank you.******* Leukemia is for lack of a better description a life changer.Since I was diagnosed with this a year and a half ago, our lives have seen the entire range of emotions. I was told that I had 1-2 years left when they 1st found it. Then after a very aggressive pattern of chemo and blood transfusions, it went into remission 4 months ago. But now its back again, and I have to be very worried about infections. So we are back to the chemo again, and hope that another miracle will occur. After a depressing vist with the Dr. it appears that choices of treatment , have become limited. I can either go to the hospital for a month where they would treat this with a very very aggressive chemo, or I can get a milder version , given as a shot for 5 days, every month. The choice is becoming clear, and it is Quality or Quantity. I have chosen the quality, and with that I am not sure where it will go. I will say that at least I have been given the option, which alot of people do not get.And after the second go around with the Chemo, I am holding my own.I cannot decide which is worse, a round of 15 shots or getting a bag hooked up for an hour at a time. Bottom line,with Barbs help, and the amazing drugs I soldier on. Again thank you to all who send us best wishes. Since my wife(Barb) started making these covers over 16 years ago,she has continued to expand the choices.I am posting a lot of pictures so you will be able to see all of the choices available. For those of you just seeing these for the first time,we have been selling on Ebay over 15 years,Atari Age over 5 years and have sold covers to buyers worldwide! Covers for the Atari 400 and 800 now available with Red or White logos. . These are all custom made,from"pleather" which is a type of vinyl/leather.Easy to clean,and maintain Yes,we will accept Paypal-verified *******Shipping, no problem with going out of US, as long as you know I have nothing to do with USPS pricing******* Yes, we will combine shipping. And yes, we will give a discount when multiple items are bought. ******Note***** While most of the pictures show the cover installed on an actual console,a few do not,which is why they look dis-sheveld OK,pricing is as follows: 3DO $31.00 Atari 1050(Floppy Drive) $17.00 Atari 5200-$18.00 Atari 5200 Trak- ball-$16.50 Buy both of the 5200 units(Console and Trak-ball) $32.00 Atari 2600-$18.00 Atari VCS-$18.00 Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer-$18.00 Atari Jr/Rainbow-$14.00 Atari 7800-$18.00 **Atari Specials all 4 covers $60.00= 2600,7800,5200, and 5200 Trakball Atari Jaguar-(white)-$16.00 Atari Jaguar-(red)-$16.00 Atari 400- White or Red Logo-$17.00 Atari 800xl-$18.00 Atari 800 Red or white logo-$19.00 Atari Jaguar CD-$18.00-White or Red lettering Colecovision Console $18.00 Colecovision Roller Controller$16.00 Colecovision Module 1(Atari Adaptor)- $15.00 Colecovision Module 2-$18.00 Buy all 4 for $65.00 Commodore 64-$18.50 Commodore Vic 20-$18.50 Commodore C128- $18.50 Commodore C16-$18.50 Fairchild Channel F -$22.00 **Has cutout for power cord and joystick cords** Intellivision(Master System)-$18.00***With running man logo*** Intellivision II-$16.50 Both Intellivision Special Covers $32.00 Intellivision=INTV III- $18.00 Magnavox Odyssey II $25.00 Mattel Aquarius Computer $16.00 Nintendo-NES 101 Red or White Lettering-$16.50 Nintendo/NES White or Red Lettering-$17.50 N-64-White or Red Lettering-$17.00 SNES-White or Red Lettering-$17.00 Sega Dreamcast-orange-$18.00 Sega Dreamcast blue-$18.00 Sega Dreamcast Red- $18.00 Sega Genesis II-$16.50 Sega Genesis-16 bit $18.50 Sega Saturn -$18.50 Sega Master System -$16.50 Sega Mega Drive- $17.50 Sega Mega Drive II - $16.50 Sears Video Arcade II $18.00 ***Looks like the Atari 7800 Sears Tele-Games(Atari 2600) -$18.00 Sears Tele-Games(Atari Heavy 6r)- $19.00 Sony Playstation 1 $16.50 Sega Mega Drive- $17.50 Sega Mega Drive II - $16.50 RS 80/Tandy/Radio Shack Computer-$19.00 Texas Instruments 99/4a $18.50 Turbo Graphx 16/TG 16 $18.00 Vectrex Dustcover Black /w/ Blue ,White,Red logo $38.00 Vectrex Cover Gray with Black/Blue $38.00 XBox(Original) $25.00 PM me for additional questions And Thanks for looking. Over the past few years we have had numerous requests for consoles and computers that we do make. The reason we do not make them is because we have not had the actual console/ computer to use for a template. Buyers say, well I can give you the dimensions or send a picture. The problem is that dimensions do not take into account all the curves, bends, protrusions etc that are common on these units. So, working from supplied dimensions almost never works. Barb and I are not as mobile as we used to be, so trying to find these computers/ game consoles is a crap shoot at best and a waste of time at worst. What we can offer is this.If you have a console/computer, preferably a parts shell unit, that your willing to send us, we will make a cover for it and send it back at no charge! Now, we are not interested in units that are so obscure that there might only be 100 in the world. Obviously for us to make the cover there has to be a market of some kind, so please keep that in mind. So, shoot me a PM, let me know what your looking for and we can see if we can help each other!
  2. Hi guys. I've been stuck for several days with a flu with only a MacBook laptop, and unable to test Mecha-9 and other games sent to me because the available emulators just doesn't handle VDP nuisances, Megacart and even less Super Game Module. So I ported my private emulator with support for Megacart and Super Game Module, you'll need to download also libSDL 2 from http://www.libsdl.org (there is a chance you should download it, because OS X v10.11.5 somehow doesn't recognize the integrated SDL library) It's pretty simple but it works like a charm at least in my Mac, and you can play any game from the original ones till Pac-Man Collection You need to boot into Terminal for using it, also you must download the BIOS coleco.rom I don't intend to update it in a looong time, so enjoy it! Edit: Nov/30/2017 v0.6.6, now Raspberry Pi version included, also added Ctrl+Fn+F4 to save a memory snapshot and Ctrl+Fn+F9 to log PSG values in each frame. (although keys are configurable, Ctrl for these isn't) Edit: May/25/2017 v0.6.5, joysticks are now configurable, support shortcuts for full screen and saves state of it for next time (Mac Cmd+Ctrl+f and Windows Alt+Enter), enhancement of VDP emulation and undocumented modes, correction of execution time for some Z80 instructions, and solved bug where Sammy Lightfoot would crash. Raspberry version not available yet. Edit: Feb/15/2016 v0.6.4, now ADAM keyboard can be fully configured (very useful for users with non-US keyboards), and finally Raspberry version compiled. Edit: Jan/11/2016 v0.6.3, better emulation for Z80 solves pitch problem in speech in Sewer Sam and Squish'Em Sam, keys F4 and F7 are now configurable, Expertype and ADAM Bomb 2 are now working, fixed some ADAM keys for Windows, added 64K RAM expansion for ADAM, fixed bug in joystick support (not tested), added code to show joystick movement when using F7 (show codes). Raspberry not updated in this version because I didn't found my external keyboard Edit: Nov/27/2015 v0.6.2, solves small bugs in Z80 and VDP emulation. Ctrl+Fn+F4 creates debugging snapshots. Allows to use two keys to activate one button (both pressed at same time). Allows for two keys to activate same button (for example two controllers). Raspberry now shows status messages (important for F7 key codes). More keys are configurable: video recording, audio recording, screenshots, enable/disable roller controller. When using Roller Controller the sensitivity has been adjusted (was too fast). Edit: Nov/05/2015 v0.6.1, small bugs fixed. Pause and Reset key couldn't use joystick. Better compression for AVI and safeguard if 2GB limit is reached. PAL switching didn't update BIOS European byte. Able to exit using # and * key at same time (only Raspberry) Edit: Nov/04/2015 v0.6.0, all platforms updated! Added fast startup of Colecovision BIOS, Roller Controller enabled/disabled with only Fn-F5, VIDEO RECORDING!!! using Fn-F6 (AVI with ZMBV codec, playable with VLC Player), support for Right Shift + Enter to exit in Raspberry PI (useful for Retropie). BTW, several people has donated to CoolCV for the Mac version and also for the Raspberry version, including a Raspberry PI (still stuck in snail mail) but I've got another one for the development using the donations Thanks for contributing!!! Edit: Sep/23/2015 v0.5.4, Mac only, allows controller mapping to be changed (creates Documents/coolcv_mapping.txt), changed Fn+F7 to show instead key codes and joystick button codes, support for Super Action Controllers (you need to activate buttons in mapping file). Edit: Sep/01/2015 v0.5.3, Mac only, added Fn+F10 to save PNG screenshots, now also checks for file numbers previously used and doesn't rewrite them. Now also accepts dropping ZIP files, the first ROM/COL/BIN file inside will be used as game ROM Edit: Aug/31/2015 v0.5.2, Mac only, documented Fn+F8 feature to accelerate disk/tape read in ADAM mode. Added new feature to record audio files using Fn+F9, it saves files in your Music folder. Note it reuses numbers if re-run, so copy any files you like. Now you can use Q*Bert sounds for your cellphone calls, for example Edit: Aug/25/2015 v0.5.1, highly experimental Raspberry PI version now available in post #91 http://atariage.com/forums/topic/240800-coolcv-emulator-for-mac-os-x-linux-and-windows/page-4?do=findComment&comment=3307835 Edit: Aug/08/2015 v0.5.1, controllers should feel smoother now. Solves a bug in VDP collision register (failed in Carnival) and also allows to run Super Donkey Kong prototype (1983) deactivating SGM support (it crashed because the game wrote to port 7FH) (now ZIP file includes all platforms) Edit: Jul/31/2015 v0.5 Added keypad support for controller 2 in keyboard and experimental Coleco ADAM support for DSK and DDP (check Read Me file for details) I've tested only SmartBASIC, Dragon's Lair and Donkey Kong Jr. (Aug/01/2015 added Linux and Windows versions) Edit: Jul/29/2015 v0.4 Now supports for controller 2 in keyboard. Higher audio volume. Also implemented support for two joysticks (tested by grips03) with Fn+F7 to switch buttons and now it can launch ROM files (use context menu in your ROM file, select get info, change application to CoolCV, change for all) though not sure why there is a small delay in launching. Jul/30/2015 just added Windows and Linux versions. Edit: Jul/26/2015 Now also compiled for Linux, 32 bits and 64 bits be sure to run the right version. Also you need to drop your ROM file into the window. If it's running slow, make smaller the window. Edit: Jul/25/2015 I compiled this for Windows (very early). Same as Mac version, but you need to drop your ROM file INTO the window. If it's running slow, make smaller the window. Edit: Jul/24/2015 v0.3 I've made this an integrated app for Mac. Now download it, open it, then drag&drop your ROM file over the icon appearing in task bar (bottom of screen). In fact you can put the app in the Launchpad for running it easily (no more command line!!) Edit: Jul/23/2015 v0.2 ok, I didn't resisted the temptation to add window resizing and full screen mode. Snapshot saving/restoring. -pal option. And improved aspect ratio. coolcv_v0.1.zip coolcv_v0.2.zip coolcv_v0.3.zip coolcv_v0.3_win.zip coolcv_v0.3_linux.zip coolcv_v0.4.zip coolcv_v0.4_win.zip coolcv_v0.4_linux.zip coolcv_v0.5.zip coolcv_v0.5_win.zip coolcv_v0.5_linux.zip coolcv_v0.5.1_all.zip coolcv_v0.5.2_mac.zip coolcv_v0.5.3_mac.zip coolcv_v0.5.4_mac.zip coolcv_v0.6.0_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.1_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.2_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.3_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.4_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.5_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.6_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.6_all_extra_games.zip
  3. Nice Ideas is happy to announce the release of a new game for CBS Colecovision: Fireworks Factory. The goal of the game is to extinguish all the building fires and to chase pyroman to prevent him from setting mores fires. There are 7 levels with different layout and 4 difficulty levels. As the game progresses, it becomes more difficult as you will have more and more enemies to fight. You can see 2 videos of the game in the attached files. It is an official release! It is not a homebrew. Two years ago, Timothy Scanlan, the former CEO of Nice Ideas found the game and gave it to us. Fireworks Factory was programmed in 1984 and finished in 1985. Because the video game industry crash, the team renounced to release the game. Here the story about the meeting : gamotek.fr/home-2/fireworks-factory/ The game is really fun. We made 2 videos and took some pictures of the game. The game was made for other platform as MSX as Pyro-man. The CBS Colecovision edition is exactly the same! So, the graphic, the sound are GREAT! THREE DIFFERENT EDITIONS To celebrate this release, we offer 3 different versions of Fireworks Factory video game. There are a regular edition (with original CBS Colecovision cartridge, instruction and box in color) and 2 collector editions with a specific collector box and cartridge (Zippo Light style and Dupont Light Style). For the collector editions, there are only 30 for each (and numbered). The classic one is not numbered. We hope to be ready to ship the game before Christmas! - Classic cartridge will be black (see picture). - Zippo Light style cartridge style will be in silver color (not red) with sticker in color. #1 to #30 - Dupont Light style cartridge will be in white with sticker in color. #1 to #30. PRICE FOR A GAME You can see the reservation list in the last posts of this thread. Please, if you want to reserve a collector edition, reply to this thread and indicate “Zippo Light Style” or “Dupont Light Style” and number you want. For example “Zippo Style #25”. For the classic one, you don’t need to reply here. Just you can ask an invoice or send the money to this Paypal account : [email protected] ==> Outside Europe, please, send me the money in USD Currency. COLLECTOR EDITIONS Price by serial number: #2 to #5 = 115$ or 100 euros + shipping #6 to #30 = 100$ or 85 euros + shipping All dollar amounts in US dollars. REGULAR EDITION Price : $65 (or 55 euros) + shipping SHIPPING COST The games will be sent from France. Here the shipping costs. The French post is really good. If you want to buy more than 3 games, contact me. => US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and other countries outside UE Shipping for 1 game is 18USD (with tracking and insurance). IMPORTANT : If you already paid more than 18USD for one game, you'll refund a part of the shipping cost. ==> Please, DON'T change the currency, SEND money in USD <== + indicate your nickname with the payment please Shipping for 2 or 3 in the US, Canada, Australia and other countries outside UE is 29,70$ (with tracking and insurance) ==> Please, DON'T change the currency, SEND money in USD <== + indicateyour nickname with the payment please ==> All UE countries (except France, Belgium and Luxembourg) Shipping for 1 game is 13,30 euros (with tracking and insurance). Shipping for 2 or 3 games is 17,40 euros (with tracking and insurance). Please, send money in Euro and + indicate your nickname with the payment please ==> France, Belgium and Luxembourg Shipping for 1 game is 7,5 euros (with tracking and insurance) Shipping for 2 or 3 is 9 euros (with tracking and insurance). Fireworks Factory video.mp4 NIVEAU 4 - TABLEAU 2.mp4
  4. For sale this US NTSC Colecovision console modified by Yurkie, composite video output, straight cable cleaned controllers but after being on, the screen goes black after some sec/min , have to put it off and back on to have an image again, but the same problem comes back, so sold as is... with US power supply and the following loose carts BC II GROG REVENGE BURGERTIME CARNIVAL DUKES OF HAZZARD CENTIPEDE FROGGER II JAMES BOND 007 TAPPER TURBO BACK FROM THE DEAD ABLE TO MAKE IT WORK SO I AM KEEPING IT also EXPANSION MODULE 1 ATARi for NTSC console, working $35.00
  5. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/763/entry-15813-day-1-still-tired-from-the-move/
  6. I am interested in learning what the largest possible size would be for a cartridge, I'm not sure if the Super Game Module allows for larger cartridge sizes, but I do know it has more RAM for the system to use. I was also wondering if mapper chips would allow it to access 512k.
  7. Hi everyone. A little more than a year ago I've started collecting Colecovision loose cartridges, just for fun, in fact I started with the better games (I think) and then added one, other one, another one and without warning I started a collection that finally I've completed in May/15/2013 (obviously not including the S.O.S cartridge, given that only one or two exists) Some items were pure luck, like the Super-Sketch (Sketch Master) that I don't even intended to get. The Wizard of Id Wizmath and Q*bert Qubes were other two very difficult to obtain. Besides I've got five Q*bert before getting one with good label and in the process I got one with a silver label (not here because I think it doesn't fit along the other Parker Brothers) It took me one hour to unpack, fifteen minutes for the pictures and another hour to pack again So enjoy it! [bTW, I have some duplicate Colecovision homebrews, but with one is enough to show ] Added Jun/07/2013 Now my Colecovision cartridges duplicates, most are in not so good state, primary cause of having to order more cartridges. This picture includes the rare Q*bert with silver label. Also the Facemaker and Smurf's Paint and Play Workshop cartridges doesn't work. Also included three Atari cartridges that doesn't work. My collection of homebrews (part 1), including the Zombie Near game I wrote (I've four of this one ) My collection of homebrews (part 2), including the Princess Quest game I wrote (I've two of this one ) And here is my very small Atari Collection. Update Jun/11/2013: My small MSX collection, including the games I've wrote. Update Jun/26/2013: A recent addition to my Atari collection, plus all the other platform cartridges in my collection. BTW, someone used a permanent marker in the Total Recall cartridge . For being my first two NES games, I choosed the most unplayable games I like very much the colorful label of the Atlantis cartridge for Intellivision Update Aug/25/2013: Recent additions to my Sega Master System collection . Only Out Run 3D has the manual, so technically it is the only CIB. Update Mar/06/2014: Just taken pictures of all my homebrew collection without duplicates: Update Jun/21/2014:
  8. HI, I recently purchased the Ultimate SD Colecovision cartridge. I have a Colecovision with a bad memory chip. I ran the diagnostics using the cartridge and I received a failure code on the VRAM of 0x7143 [71,BF]. However I can't find any diagnostic codes that will help me identify which chip is bad. If you are familar with the test, I get the first white video screen and then I get the error. I appreciate any help. I have looked for this code or even part of it, but I can't find anything in the documentation I have found so far. Thanks
  9. Hello Folks, I'm looking to purchase qty 1 of: (EMPTY RETAIL BOX ONLY) Colecovision Expansion Module 1. Manuals and Styrofoam would be a great bonus. i'm located in Woodstock, Georgia. thanks Kirt
  10. Approaching my 35th year collecting colecovision I decided it's about time I shared my collection for my favorite console! Hopefully I can add more specific item pics in the future too. Back last thanksgiving I built custom shelves to display my nearly complete pre Nintendo USA based console game collection. It holds over 1200 boxed games. This is the colecovision section holding my complete cib collection of the original 140 released games, plus a few variants. And this last week I built some more generic shelves to hold my coleco hardware. I call it the wall of coleco. just about everything fit on except my telstar arcade that was slightly too tall which is now just to the left of the main wall and a couple astrocades took it's planned spot. Also my Dina 2in1 is not up there yet. Maybe something else too.....can't think what else there is?? I know I need 3 more telstar systems to have all 14 of those. The cib colecovision system is the one I got for christmas in the early 80s! Well hope you enjoy!
  11. We're about to release a previously unreleased ColecoVision vaporware! Vapowares/Prototypes/Unreleased games are really my thing In fact, my goal for 2019 is to release as many of those as possible I'll soon post more informations about it! Stay toon! You can follow us here!
  12. Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death is coming for the ColecoVision! Sydney must navigate dark caverns while avoiding bats, ghosts, hot lava and other obstacles. If you can survive all 10 caverns, you will be able to win your freedom! Here's some screenshots of the work in progress
  13. Hi, apologies for this question. I am not an expert in electronics. I have been searching for a replacement of a photo sensor used on COLECOVISION roller ball controller. Attached a partial schematic of the rollerball controller, one of the sensors has failed. I have confirmed everything else works perfectly by reposition the working sensor in place of the bad one. I get no movement, no reading from the bad one. Also I added few pictures of the sensor. I could not find anything on this part number, or the manufacturer. I then opened it, and would like to see if someone can help me confirming what kind it is. What would its internal schematics look like? Is this a photo transistor and a IR diode? There are a few sensors out there with similar dimensions, however I am not sure on the correct positioning of the pins vs. the original. The original has a #1 on the pin that connects to as shown (please consider this is a mirrored image because they are opposite when turning them around to face each other.) I tried to show it better in the other picture, where I wrote the correct pin # orientation. Hopefully someone can confirm with a diagram to be able to find a replacement. I need to know where the cathode/anode should be and the Collector/emitter should be. (if indeed this is a transistor) Thanks in advance for your input. Al
  14. I noticed one thing unusual about right handed joysticks. The Sega-made Sega Master System joystick, which has a right handed joystick, maps left-to-left, which means if you’re rapid firing the 1 button, you’re rapid firing with your middle finger if you want access to both buttons simultaneously, and boy, that is tiring. Thankfully, the Beeshu joystick for the Master System and Turbo Grafx 16 have a right-handed stick mode, AND the buttons are mapped with the main button on the index finger. (the one you press fastest) which for most games work perfectly. But I own one game for the TG-16, and know of another I might like which might a problem with, has the buttons reversed. Namely Side Arms, and possibly Pac-Land have te same problem. With a normal joypad and a Turbo Stick, and the Beeeshu Ultimate Stick when left handed, have Left shoot in Side Arms and (assuming the controls are the way I think) Left Run on the Left, and the respective rights on the right. I also own a Colecovision Tutankham and Front Line, which have a similar problem. But because the right handed mapping is Index-to-index, It’s reversed. I don’t know if the controllers are as easy as a pin swap or not. I know some machines are, some machines aren't. I also assume it’s cheaper to buy a physical pin swapper for a system that works for instead of an electronic converter, especially if one doesn’t currently exist. If a PIn-swap adapter can be made for the TurboGrafx 16 that a) is cheaper than the Tototek PS2-> TG16 adapter, and b) has less delay because there’s no processing, I’d like to purchase one, and use it with my Beeshu. But if not, I’ll use a PS2 -> TG16 adapter from Tototek and flip the buttons on my discrete input telephone operator switchboard device. By the way, I only see 2-button mapping for the TG16 on the Tototek website, I heard Street Fighter has a 6 button mode, and Forgotten Worlds has a 3 button mode. Any other "more than 2 button" games I should be aware of? And does anyone own a Tototek PS2-> TG16 or PC Engine adapter, AND a 3 button and/or a 6 button game? Also wondering if any games for a pre-Genesis system have a similar problem with righthanding the game. Especially ones where there is no software-based button swap option.
  15. Hi, first time poster long time unregistered lurker. I work for a small game shop, and awhile ago a regular customer of ours traded in these prototypes "Pitfall" "Stampede" an untitled cart, and "Pitfall 2" I've been tasked with selling these, and we plan to list these on eBay. I tried searching this site before posting this to see if there was any other posting about Prototypes, saw one about Stampede but that was all. Before I do that however, I wanted to know if these were worth attempting to find someone to rip the data off of them? I have no idea if there is anything worth saving off these carts, or if theres anyone in the Twin Cities MN area that might be interested in doing that? I feel like before having a collector stash them away forever it'd be in the best interest of preservation, and history to save the data. I'm not going to post the eBay link here, as it hasn't been made nor am I looking to do on here, not looking for publicity, but besides asking for someone who may be interested in copying the data, is there any clue as to what these are worth? Is there something I can go off of to get an idea? I can find little to no information posted online, so I am looking for ideas there as well. Thanks for any responses!
  16. Here's the development thread for Leisure Suit Toby (Larry) I'll post development progress in this thread I've about 75% of all graphics done, I need to double check some though So here's a few screens that has already been verified and works for CV
  17. I was thinking about the Parker Brothers boxes for the Colecovision and I remembered that they released two diferent kinds of boxes. In order to see which box is favored, I've set up this poll, and I'm curious to see which box gets more votes. Note: This poll is just for which box design is better, not for the games released in the boxes. If I had to pick one it'd be the Two-Piece boxes, as I think they are more unique.
  18. Hello everyone, I've got a quick question... My Colecovision doesn't turn on, that is to say when I flip the power switch I get no picture on my TV. I've replaced the power switch already with a Radio Shack DPDT Rocker - 275 691. I've checked continuity with my meter as well as voltage. When I check the PSU with the system in "Off" I get all the correct voltages 12v, 5v and -5v but when I turn the switch on the 12v rail drops to 6v. I checked voltages on the back of the plug receptacle and at the board where the switch is connected. A 6v drop seems to be a bit excessive... So, where do I go from here? Do I crack open the PSU or could there be an issue on the board? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dave
  19. Colecovision: AC adaptor X2 Controllers X4 (working condition or not) CIB Games Intellivision: Intellivision 3 shell or replacement metallic stickers Intellivision 3 controllers (working condition or not) replacement Transformer CIB games I have paypal or willing to trade other consoles or parts
  20. If interested, please visit the thread I posted in the marketplace: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/278924-interest-check-colecovision-homebrew-kung-fu-master-collectorvision/ Thank you for looking!
  21. Updated 5-27-2018: Gone. Thank you for looking!
  22. Have a large lot of Colecovision games I am selling. Titles and prices are listed below (shipping not included), willing to ship to Canada or UK and can be flexible on price. If you want pictures of any individual item listed please just let me know and I can gladly get them for you If interested PM me as I'm more likely to see it Cartridge Only Fraction Fever $7 Motorcross Racer $23 Miner 2049er $8 Facemaker $9 Blockade Runner $20 Jukebox $11 The Heist $9 Pitfall II: Lost Caverns $30 Moonsweeper $13 Robin Hood $21 Frogger $13 Frontline $7 Donkey Kong $4 Star Trek $21 Sammy Lightfoot $75 Rocky Super Action Boxing $4 Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom $5 Subroc $6 Victory $5 Defender $11 Fortune Builder $14 Frogger II ThreeDeep! $15 Venture $4 Pitstop $9 Smurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop $11 War Room $6 Telly Turtle $13 Up 'n Down $31 Super Action Baseball $3 Super Action Football $2 Tarzan $11 Q*Bert's Cubes $65 Cabage Patch Kid's Picture Show $30 War Games $7 The Dukes of Hazzard $15 Bump 'n' Jump $13 Popeye $8 BurgerTime $16 Space Fury $7 The Dam Busters $11 Slither $7 Cartridge and Manual Jupman Junior $12 Cosmic Avenger $5 Space Panic $4 Mr. Do! $7 Looping $4 Pepper II $7 Donkey Kong Junior $6 Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle $7 Ken Uston BlackJack/Poker $5 River Raid $11 CBS Super Action Football $20 Game & Case Flipper Slipper $16 Complete in Box Bump 'n' Jump Receipt, Manual, Registration $90 Illusions Manual, "The Key", Registration $75 Expansion Module 2 Manuals, Turbo Cartridge w/ Manual, Registration $60
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