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Found 72 results

  1. I have the following chips for the Commodore 64 available for sale MOS 6510 $7.99 MOS 6526 $4.99 MOS 6581 $23.99 MOS 906114 $21.99 MOS 901225 $4.99 MOS 901226 $5.99 MOS 901227 $6.99 MOS 6567R8 $12.99 MOS 7406 $2.99 MOS 8701 $4.99 All chips have been test and are working. US shipping would be $2.70 plus $0.10 per chip. International shipping is $5.70 plus $0.70 per chip. PM me with which chips you need and how many as well as the shipping address and I will send an invoice through paypal. I will also consider any reasonable trade offers of atari 2600 games or original Commodore software.
  2. DoctorSpuds

    Power (Avantage)

    From the album: My Collection

  3. From the album: My Collection

    A letter sent from the VP of Marketing at SubLOGIC to game journalists and reviewers apologizing for the delay in sending out review copies.
  4. We're proud to announce the C64 port of Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe! Ported to the C64 by Andrea Schincaglia (Wanax), Music by Saul Cross and project leaded by Jérémie Marsin The game is available in both Cartridge and 5'' 1/4 Floppy format Pre-order now! http://collectorvision.com/shop/commodore-64/sydney-hunter-and-the-sacred-tribe-limited-edition-commodore-64/
  5. C64 Commodore 64 Deluxe Power Supply Saver bought for $50 will sell for $40 C64 Commodore 64 Deluxe Power Supply Saver Protect your vintage C64 by Ray CarlsenRay Carlsen, veteran Commodore repair technician, made this Computer Saver. The Computer Saver functions as a voltage limiter when plugged in-line between the C64 and the C64 power supply. The two LED's on the Saver case are indicators of the Power Supply status. The LED on the left monitors the 9VAC from the supply and it should be on all the time the Power Supply is plugged in to AC power, whether the computer is on or off. The other LED (marked "failsafe") is normally off. It only comes on if the Power Supply fails due to a shorted internal regulator. That fault is what damages chips in the computer, most often the RAM.
  6. Have the following items I must get rid of to make room. Could also use some extra funds for the holidays. Prices do not include shipping, as I cannot calculate for every single item on the list. There are several rather heavy items in the list. I only marked out 2, but please be aware that some of the others can get rather heavy as well. Purchase of multiple items can get discounts Just tell me which ones you want & I'll see what I can do. ** Special Items ** The Party Quiz Game w/Hardware (C64/Atari) $20 Dynamic-CAD (Amiga) $30 NOTE: Very heavy, shipping extra Word Perfect (Amiga) $15 NOTE: Very heavy, shipping extra Ogre w/Radiation Badge (Amiga) $30 Ogre Manual, Strategy Guide, & Radiation Badge only $15 Wishbringer complete (C64) $25 Leather Goddesses of Phobos complete (C64) $25 Gothic 2 Collector's Edition (PC) $25 Telengard manual & poster $10 EverQuest cloth map (still sealed) $15 Everquest poster & post cards $10 Robocop 3 w/Holographic Sticker (Amiga) $25 ** complete in box ** The Print Shop (C64) $10 The Print Shop Companion (C64) $10 GEOS Font Pack 1 (C64) $10 Fire Trap (C64) $5 Phantasie (C64) $15 Superscript (C64 & C128) $15 Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get all the Girls (PC) $20 Printmaster Plus (Amiga) $15 Fonts & Borders w/Printmaster Plus upgrade (Amiga) $10 Starglider (Amiga) $25 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) $15 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Tribunal (PC) $10 Space Hulk (Amiga) $15 AsimCDFS (Amiga) $10 Infiltrator II (C64) $15 God of War II (PS2) $5 ** Complete except for noted ** Phantasie {Missing C64 reference card} (C64) $10 Telengard {Disk is toast, replacement provided} (C64) $10 ** No box, but otherwise complete ** Early Learning Fun (TI-99/4a) $5 Numeration I (TI-99/4a) $5 The Golden Voyage (TI-99/4a) $5 Oldies but Goodies - Games I (TI-99/4a) $5 Sculpt 3D (Amiga) $10 Superbase Personal w/Dongle (Amiga) $15 Gothic 3 {German version} (PC) $15 ** Incomplete ** Might & Magic {Disks, Manual, & Map} (C64) $5 sold Might & Magic II {Disks & Reference sheet} (C64) $5 sold Amiga 500 Starter {Manual & KindWords disks} (Amiga) $5 ** Loose media ** all for $5 each Windwalker (C64) The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight (C64) sold Dr. Doom's Revenge (C64) Phantasie (C64) Phantasie (C64) Questron (C64) Questron (C64) Flight Simulator II (C64) Batman: The Caped Crusader (C64) Echelon (C64) Temple of Apshai (C64) GEOS Font Pack 1 (C64) JumpMan (C64) Top Gun (C64) VIP Terminal (C64) 64 Term/Victerm (C64 & Vic-20) {tape} Gateway to Apshai (C64) {cartridge} Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon (Amiga) sold Strip Poker Three (Amiga) Tie Fighter w/Defender of the Empire (PC) Quicken v6 (PC) Microsoft Word v2 (PC) Microsoft Excel v4.0a (PC) Microsoft Office v4.2 (PC) Star Trek Klingon w/Pamphlet {no CD case} (PC) Star Trek Armada II (PC) Starfleet Command (PC) X-Kaliber 2097 (SNES) sold Soul Blazer (SNES) sold Tetris (NES) sold Back to the Future (NES) sold Dragon Warrior (NES) Adventure (Atari 2600) Star Raiders {PAL} (Atari 2600) ** Manual Sets - No media ** All for $10 each Hillsfar manual, code wheel, & Amiga reference card Star Fleet volume I maual & C64 supplement Spellcasting 201 manual, map, school registration sheet, & moodhorn music book. Star Wars Galaxies manual & PC quick start guide Star Flight manual, map, & code wheel Battletech - crescent Hawk's Inception manual, recognition guide, & C64 reference card Adventure Construction Set manual & C64 reference card The Bard's Tale manual & map (folio cover) The Bard's Tale II manual & Amiga reference card The Bard's Tale III manual & code wheel Ultima Quest of the Avatar (NES) manual & map sold GEOS v2.0 user's manual w/ GEOS 128 v2.0 supplement Amiga OS 2.1 booklet set complete in box (5 books) Qmodem Pro v2 for Windows 95 user's guide & script guide ** Single items ** All for $5 each Dragon Warrior III Gamboy Color manual Ultima Collection install guide & reference booklet Black Crypt manual sold The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past manual sold Secret of the Silver Blades Adventurer's Journal Elvira: Mistress of the Dark horror guide The Movie Monster manual Elite flight training manual Silent Service manual Gemstone Warrior manual Blue Max 2001 manual Karateka Apple II & C64 reference card Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus manual Death Sword manual Gunship C64 supplement Dragon Wars manual Movie Maker manual Money Mentor manual in binder Commodore 1571 user's guide Commodore 1670 1200 baud modem user's manual Commodore 64 user's manual GEOS Desk Pack 1 user's manual GEOS v1.2 user's manual GEOS v2.0 user's manual TI-99/4a user's reference guide Compute!'s First Book of TI Games sold Reading Fun for the TI-99/4a manual TI-99/4 Extended Basic reference card sold F/A-18 Interceptor code wheel Strike Aces code wheel 500+ empty game/utility boxes. Far too many to list. So, if there are any in particular, ask & I'll look for it. These will eventually all be thrown out. So, except for special cases, I'll throw one in with another purchase, or sell them by themselves for $2 each.
  7. I already have the system but I need the hook ups, the power supply and composite cable as well as the sd2iec and the epyx fast load reloaded cartridge.
  8. From the album: My Collection

    I can't find anything on this game anywhere an the Internet
  9. From the album: My Game Collection

    a 1988 Commodore 64C pc from my collection, the wedge shaped "Amiga" style
  10. I have a very nice collection of hardware and software for Commodore, Amiga, Atari, and Apple for sale. You can see a list of the highlights at: http://1drv.ms/1Ef5TRn A list of things you may be interested in: Flat 128 w/JiffyDOS and 64K Video Upgrade 1541 Ultimate Gen 1 w/Ethernet 2x EasyFlash 3 1764 w/512K MSSIAH RA Thunderdrive 4GB CMD RamLink (needs love) Apple IIgs w/2MB Focus IDE+CF 3.5 Unidisk 5.25 Drive for IIgs Apple //c+ Apple //c w/Power Supply A2000 w/80GB SSD (SCSI to SATA adapter) 68030/30 w/16MB of RAM SCSI CD-ROM Commodore 2002 Monitor Parallel IP Link Hundreds of disks Many originals I WILL NOT part up the collection. It's all or nothing. Bring a U-Haul, you're gonna need it. $2000 or best offer.
  11. I know there are devices out there to warn you when the C64 decides to flake out, but is there a replacement for the C64 power brick that can avoid the issue all together?
  12. Link to pictures below Need help identifying this stuff, I own a small retro store in Dracut, Ma called Bazaar Game Trading (Facebook.com/bazaargametrading) and being the only retro gaming store in the area that takes anything pre nes, I am seeming to run into a lot of really really cool stuff. I got an atari 400/800/xl/xe lot in recently, most CIB, most including ALL inserts, most having pristine beautiful labels, and I'm seeming to only find loose cart copies circulating for a lot of these. so, 1. anyone know what these are worth? These are here because it's hard to find reliable salse data on them within the past 90 days from ebay, amazon, half.com etc. So, I've already done all that =] 2. How rare are these titles in this condition exactly? I am at heart a collector, I love what I work with so I am tempted to keep stuff all the time ; ;. 3. I have people who are wanting them but I need to find a price for them that's fair for me, and them. So I told them I had to do research here to find out what's fair. Thanks everyone! Message me by reply, private message, email- [email protected], or facebook message at facebook.com/bazaargametrading My pictures are uploaded on flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/with/15471969531/
  13. There are ten mystery boxes in this thread, each contains 2 games of middling rarity and/or value. If you see a system listed you want, post in this thread which one you want. Rules: 1) First to post for an item, gets that item 2) ONE choice per poster. 3) Be definitive when you post; I will disregard posts with more than one pick, or an "either or" pick. 4) USA only, just because of the cost of shipping. Sorry After posting here, I'll contact the poster via pm for where to ship to. Below is a list of how many of each type of box: 1- C64 CLAIMED - INFRAMAN 1- Intellivision CLAIMED -EBELHAKI 1- Colecovision CLAIMED - SCALPEL 2- Gameboy Advance 2 CLAIMED - RED 5 AND DRAGONAUTIC 5- Atari 2600 5 CLAIMED - RHCOCKER, JETSET, SEGASATURN, ROADRUNNER, ATARI 181
  14. I am new to the Colecovision scene but I have noticed in the threads that Flappy Bird & Space Taxi are being ported to the Colecovision. I even read about Zelda for the CV so I thought since that's possible why not some classics like Archon, Trap Door, Mail order Monster, etc. Is there any interest in the community to have some C64 all time classics ported to the CV. thanks
  15. Howdy Y'all! Been a long long time since I have been back on Atari Age, so long that I had to create a new login, haha! But anyways just wanted to pop in and put up a pretty awesome Commodore 64 lot that I got into my shop, Freaks And Geeks, in Denton, TX, recently. Please feel free to comment below or private message me with any questions. All of my items are: - Tested! - Smoke Free Home! - Pet Free Home! - Shipping $4 first game + $2 every other game ordered. (*Unless Otherwise Noted.) - Shipped With Tracking! - Payment Through PayPal! Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Loose Cassette): $6 Flying Shark (Loose Cassette): $6 Super Zaxxon (Loose Cassette): $6 Blockbuster (Loose Floppy): $6 Chomp! (Loose Floppy): $6 PaperBoy (Loose Floppy w/ Sleeve): $6 PaperBoy (Loose Floppy w/ Sleeve) Worse Condition: $4 Skate Or Die (Loose Floppy w/ Sleeve): $6 Indian Jones And The Temple Of Doom (Loose Floppy w/ Sleeve): $8 Indiana Jones In The Temple Of Doom (Hardbound Book w/ All Inserts): $5 ToolBox System (Cassettes): $20 (Shipping Counts As 1 Item) Music Maker (Loose Cassette w/ Case): $6 Word Writer 3 (Loose Floppys w/ Sleeves): $4 Dancing Feats (Loose Floppy w/ Sleeve And Manual): $6 Instant Music (Complete): $8 MusicCalc 1(Complete w/ Sticker On Front): $8 MusicCalc 2 (Complete): $8 MusicCalc 3 (Complete): $8 Cartridges: Fast Load: $20 Music Machine: $10 Pac-Man: $6 CynthCart V1.2.4: $25 Incredible Musical Keyboard (Complete): $50 WaveForm Colortone Keyboard (Loose): $50 Thanks For Looking Y'all!
  16. EDIT: n/m, I'm all set.
  17. What is the opinion on how durable the VIC-20 is when compared to it's bigger brother, the 64? I have fiddled with three VIC-20's over the years (two are mine, one cleaned up for someone else) and I really haven't had much issue with them. I currently own two breadbox 64's and one works, one just brings up a blank screen. (Possible power supply failure on one of them?) Now, both of my current VIC-20's have the two prong power supply plug for roughly 9 or so volts and one is a bit of a middle range unit that has the later logo, but still uses the earlier power adaptor. One thing I have noticed is that the these units don't seem to have the failiure rate that the later power supplies used on the 64 did and my earlier supply can even be opened up and the fuse replaced in it if need be. Looking in through the back of the VIC-20 (Yeah, you can see the insides through the ports!), I can see some socketed chips in there compared with the one 64 I checked, which had all soldered chips. In all honesty, I originally thought the VIC-20 sould be super cheaply made compared to the 64 when I got my first one, but so far the units are a bit more like tanks. My only issues I have had have been the external RF boxes acting up (easily bypassed with the right AV cord) and the power switches wanting to seize in the off position. Actually, I might have gotten that repaired too with some good lubricated switch and relay cleaner today. So, what's the opinion on how durable the VIC-20 actually is?
  18. All prices are without shipping. Feel free to make an offer if you see a price you don't like. I will gladly send pics of anything. Positive feedback here, NintendoAge and Racketboy. Want list at the bottom. Prices are without shipping. Shipping to Canada is tough unless you're making me an offer I can't refuse. Please ask any questions you like. Want list at the bottom (short version: I want CIB Sega stuff). Intellivision ALL CIB except NFL (no overlays for that one) Sharp Shot $3 Q*Bert $10 Popeye (box is a little water warped but very much intact) $10 Happy Trails (top flap of box missing) $20 Space Hawk $3 Star Strike $2 Poker & Blackjack $2 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons $7 Armor Battle $2 NFL Football $2 Atari Heavy Sixer console x2 (not tested...yet) Make Offer Superman Tele-Games text version $20 Atari Manuals/Inserts/Catalogs (feel free to make offer on anything) Miscellaneous Inserts Atari Game Catalog (1982, booklet) Atari Game Catalog (1983, foldout) Atari Cartridge 90 Day Warranty page Atari Accessory 90 Day Warranty card x2 Tips on Getting E.T. Home Fast! (foldout hint page) Swordquest: Earthworld comic (front and back cover are loose) Swordquest: Earthworld Challenge foldout entry form Wico company product survey card for joystick Cookie Monster Munch Kid’s Controller overlay (two arrows missing) Alpha Beam with Ernie Kid’s Controller overlay (x2, both intact) Atari Manuals Atari 2600 CX2600 owner’s manual Star Raiders Pac-Man x2 Pac-Man (multi-language version) Space Invaders x2 Haunted House Tennis Keystone Capers River Raid Centipede Swordquest: Earthworld E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Raiders of the Lost Ark (front and back covers are loose) Cookie Monster Munch Alpha Beam with Ernie Pole Position Defender Strawberry Shortcake Musical Matchups Missile Command Missile Command (smaller sized version) Stampede Maze Craze Berzerk Starmaster Target Fun Colecovision Manuals Cosmic Avenger TimePilot Mr. Do! Zaxxon Omega Race Odyssey Alpine Skiing cart $2 Baseball cart $2 Sega Master System Penguin Land cart $9 SpellCaster cart $9 Input module for 3D Glasses (or if you have the glasses alone, they're in my Want list) Offer PS1 DEMO CD: Lunar Silver Star Story $3 Nintendo DS Starfox Command CIB (all inserts) $12 Nintendo DS empty boxes Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash w/ manual $7 Hot Wheels Beat That! w/ manual $3 Hot Wheels Track Attack w/ manual $3 Diddy Kong Racing DS w/ manual $3 Super Mario 64 DS w/o manual $3 Pokemon Black Version 2 box/manual and inserts (Nintendo code used) $8 Super Nintendo Super Scope, game, manual, no sensor $15 Sega Genesis Model 2 system with all hookups and 2 controllers, tested $20 Winter Olympic Games Lillehammer ’94 cart $1 Jurassic Park cart $1 Sega Game Gear Super Battle Tank CIB (box smooshed) $3 Sega Saturn Sega Rally disc only $2 Sega Dreamcast Sega Rally $3 Chu Chu Rocket $10 Toy Commander disc only (disc is really beat but works!) $2 Big Box PC Games Rebel Assault II CIB (Mac) $10 Ultimate Flight IV sealed $5 Populous: The Beginning sealed $30 Miscellaneous Manuals Poker & Blackjack Intellivision $1 NES Cleaning Kit $1 Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues SNES $2 Tom and Jerry SNES $1 WANT LIST As of now I want any games for Sega consoles or the NES. Interested in decent common games as much as uncommon/rare ones. Below are specific examples of what I'm looking for but again please let me know what you have. Chances are I need it! Master System Any uncommon/rare titles Cloud Master Slap Shot NA version Wonder Boy in Monster Land Alex Kidd series (sans The Lost Stars) 3D Glasses only, I already have the input for them Genesis Any uncommon/rare titles Revenge of Shinobi non-Best Of version Golden Axe non-Best Of version Splatterhouse 2 Toe Jam & Earl Sega CD Snatcher (my personal white whale) Eternal Champions CD Earthworm Jim CD Dreamcast Street Fighter III Double Impact Manual for Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves Cannon Spike SMS and Genesis manuals I need: Double Dragon SMS Rescue Mission SMS SpellCaster Walter Payton Football Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Need new cover art for Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars Need box and manual for Aztec Adventure, Global Defense, and Penguin Land 688 Attack Sub Shadow Dancer Spider-Man Quackshot Pinocchio Steel Empire Clue Castle of Illusion The Lion King Super Battleship Super Thunder Blade Tint Toons Acme All Stars Wonder Boy in Monster World (Genesis) Need cover art for Atomic Runner Need many box/manuals, can't really list them all but if you have some PM me
  19. Commodore64 on DE0 Nano/ DE2 FPGA FPGA64 with JiffyDOS and IEC interface (1541, uIEC/SD,...) Visit my blog : http://darfpga.blogspot.fr Look at my vid on You tube : http://youtu.be/Frgl8syf3cg
  20. Check out my auctions! Ends Monday, 1/29/2018 at around 7pm. Thanks for your interest! eBay Seller: Desfeek
  21. So...I know nothing of this system but am in the process of possibly acquiring these 3 games all cib and really decent for their age (some even have all pamphlets still)... -Wizard's Crown -DragonWorld -Tass Times in Tonetown Was hoping someone could give me some idea on complete in box prices as well to gauge an interest check if I do acquire these...pics will be provided once I have them and a big ty to all who can help and/or show interest...
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