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Found 18 results

  1. Saw this thing on Pong Picture Page. Looks homemade, you can see the 2600 right there. Anyone have any info?
  2. Over $200 Value, selling for $140 ($60+ savings) + $30 shipping = $170 TOTAL Atari 5200 128-in-1 USB Flash MultiCart; Like New in Perfect Working Condition; ready for immediate use! Atari 5200 NTSC Console - Used (missing controller cover in back) in Perfect Working Condition RF adapter (replaces switch box); Like New in Perfect Working Condition Atari 5200 Trak-Ball - NEW in box! Packed and shipped safely and securely. PayPal accepted. eBay Seller ID troy_whelan Troy
  3. Aside from displaying the ColecoVision logo, what does the system ROM do?
  4. "The Console Living Room", this is really interesting site as there are 6 or so early console systems capable of being emulated through an modern browser, which the Atari 2600 & 7800 Pro are among them. For some folks who have problems setting up emulators to play some games, they have made it as easy just clicking to run. Check it out. Mike
  5. The only Ouya thread I could find was the unboxing one, which seems to mainly be pre-release info and some grumbling about yearly upgrades. I got my Ouya a few weeks ago and am actually liking it a lot so wanted to start a new point of discussion. I am intrigued by the possibilities. I know the opinion from some is that these are just oversized cell phone games, but I have an Android phone and I hate it for gaming. I am currently carrying a DS XL for Mario Kart action. The only game I play on the phone is that silly Dragonplay Poker which is stupid, but poker is a weakness and I want to get to 10 million fake chips. www.reddit.com/r/ouya is where I've been going for most of my Ouya info, but I am looking for some classic gamer perspective here. So far I have found the emulation to be great--the only thing missing right now that I would love is better 8-bit support. I've been using my Wii as an emulation machine, but the Ouya has so far been much easier and has easily passed the "wife test"--she can get on it and play some retro games without too much hassle. The default controller is also much better (on the Wii I am always having to dig out a classic controller). I've got XBMC installed, which is pretty great. Very good instructions. We've enjoyed playing many rounds of "You Don't Know Jack." The controllers are OK. Not great, but not horrible. It runs quietly. It does not take up a lot of space. When I have time for games, it's definitely in the mix. If they ever get friends lists and all of that sorted out (so far this is the most serious weakness in my view), my Ouya username is the same as here. Really interested in hearing the impressions of others!
  6. From the album: Games and Their Stories

    Although I don't have the system anymore (Mom gave it away to a goodwill when I upgraded up to a 360), I still have the box. I remember how hyped I was getting this console for my birthday. I had it up until 2010, as I arrived kind of late to the 7th generation. I clocked in hundreds upon hundreds of hours into the system, and it never once had any issues. I don't really have the heart in me to throw it away, hopefully it's out there still kicking it!
  7. Atari Lynx Everon Console in Box. PM me, Call me, Stop on by anytime if you have one.
  8. What home console do you think the Lynx is most similar to? This could either be graphically, regarding processor structure, the game library, or any combination or characteristic you could think of. Curious to hear what you all think!
  9. I have recently acquired an atari 2600 in box for 20 dollars.the box says "PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY NOT FOR RESALE" on the front and sides. I've also noticed that on the bottom of the system it says "promotional use only not for resale". And the switches seem to be less shiny than the regular 4 switch model. Does anybody know how many units were made of this, and how people still have these models to sell and keep?
  10. The Black and White console switch; what are you favourite games to play in grey scale? I've seen a few related threads but there are none I can find ranging the aspect of the Black and White switch I'm contemplating: The colour palette of the VCS is tremendous but it's grey scale compliment is also impressive and has a retro feel and ambiance all it's own - some of my favourite games to play in greyscale are: 1. Defender - even more fun than in colour. 2. Breakout - enough said 3. Pacman - has to be level six as well and it becomes an awesome game; more retro than any other pac version. 4. Space Invaders 5. Combat 6. Video Pinball 7. Chopper Command 8. Alien 9. Frogger 10. Boxing 11. Computer Chess 12. Pitfall There are some others that aren't implemented right like Mr Do (though it's great in colour) and some I'm not particularly inclined to play but playing these classics in greyscale makes me wish more of the greats had the BW palette option - I'm glad black and white Televisions were popular in the 70's
  11. SmellyJelly

    Famicom Classic

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    I got this for Christmas last year. I typically use it when I'm at a friend's house.

    © SmellyJelly

  12. Polybius

    Atari Flashback2

    From the album: My Game Collection

    My (unmodded) Atari Flashback 2 Console
  13. (First post. Long time lurker, couldn't remember my login info) So, after a ton of convincing, I finally got the wife on board with getting a floor model console TV. First, a little background information. Several years ago I picked up a Atari Flashback 2. I loved it to death. So naturally when they released a Sega Genesis, Colecovision and Intellivision Flashback, I had to have them. After all, I'm one of those, "I'd rather emulate than damage my rapidly aging hardware" people. Well, after my trusty CRT died, I decided to just use the big TV in the living room. After all, that was most convenient for those quick late night nostalgia trips. However, it never felt right. Well after about the 50th time hearing, "Wow! Those games look like hot dog poop" I decided it was time to get another CRT; but which one? After searching for a SCART monitor, I finally decided that for optimum nostalgia, a floor TV was required. For a while I was after a early to mid eighties model, until I came across a late 2002 Zenith 27" console. It was perfect! PiP tuner, multiple rca inputs, component inputs. Plus, it was only twenty bucks. Sold! So, a three-and-a-half hour drive later it was sitting in my living room next to the 55" LED. I gotta tell you, it was worth it. These games look amazing. My kids don't even bother the Xbox anymore. It's all, "Can we play Sonic? When can we play Pitfall? I want to play Mario!"... ...and I've never been prouder. tl;dr: Bought a new TV for gaming. Works great!
  14. SmellyJelly

    CRT Setup

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    Here's my setup with all of my cart games and some of my consoles. From clockwise starting in the top left we have the Pikachu Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1, Toploader NES, Model II Genesis, and a 4-switch Atari 2600. They all get their use, and I constantly am making sure the area itself is clean/dust-free.

    © SmellyJelly

  15. Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell an Atari 2600 "Vader" console that is having some issues. I took a chance on it at a thrift shop and cleaned it up a little bit but in my testing the unit, it does not play any games. It successfully receives power but does not display anything when a game is inserted. It does, however, power on when no game is inserted and displays random lines/video patterns and varying audio tunes. Not sure if this is a easy fix or not, but figured someone on here would be up to the repair task! I would be happy to include the console manual, power supply and an RF adapter for plug and play on a modern TV. Shoot me an offer and I can get you a shipping quote if you provide your zip code. Thanks!
  16. I'm mainly looking to see what other systems are owned by those who own Atari 8-bit computer systems. But, if you're devoted to playing a lot of Atari 8-bit on emulation, or if you're a former dedicated Atari 8-bit computer owner, go ahead and vote too. Personally, I only own a 2600 at the moment, which was the system my family used when I was young (needs the TIA replaced). I wouldn't mind having a 7800, as it covers the 2600 and then all of its own. But I'm in no hurry to get one, as I don't find the 7800 library all that great. I'm yet to find a compelling reason to get a 5200 when I own all of its games, some converted, to play on the 8-bit computers. None of the other consoles interest me, although I see the Lynx as a much more attractive system, now that its video can be fed to a monitor (after being modded). I have little interest in the other Atari computers; for their era, I'd rather own a Mac -- which I do (Quadra 605, in need of a cap job).
  17. Most people know LJN because of the pile of rather dubious games they released for the NES (some, imortalized in reviews by the Angry Video Game Nerd). This weekend, I discovered they made a console too. I found one at a Goodwill for fairly cheap with three cartridges included. It wasn't working quite right when I got it, necessitating taking it apart to figure out the issue. Turned out it had carbon dot buttons, much like the Atari 5200. Some aluminum foil later and it works fine again... such as it is. The LJN Video Art is a "edutainment" product released by LJN in 1987. Consisting of a console using interchangeable cartridges and a single specialized joystick, it can not exactly be classified as a game console, since its functionality is that of an electronic coloring book. Cartridges contain uncolored line art images that are displayed on the television screen. The "player" then uses the specialized controller to move a cursor on the the screen to color in the images. Colors may be chosen using a slider on the top end of the controller. Buttons on the console itself allow the player to change the background color, change the cursor to an eraser and change the "page" to a new image. The nine (or more) available cartridges came with a story book to use in conjunction with the Video Art console. I'm going to hook it up for my Video game party this weekend, along side Pong. It'll be fun to see which one of my firends wastes much time on this... thing. Does anyone have one of these? Thoughts? Memories? Head shakings?
  18. From the album: Smelly's Setup

    Here's my desk with some of my more modern consoles, my computer, and one of my favorite consoles of all time, the Atari Jaguar. I've always thought it looked cool/intriguing as a kid, and I recently picked it up. Other than that I have my PS3 super slim, a red Nintendo Wii, and a Halo Edition Xbox. I do use my computer to game (mainly for GoG/Steam games, occasionally Overwatch), but I definitely am on my consoles way more often.

    © SmellyJelly

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