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Found 5 results

  1. I own the Cuttle Cart, let's start with that. I'd like to know if there is a way to get normal ROMs like what you can download from this very site converted to the audio files that the Cuttle Cart and Super Charger use(I believe they're called binary files, but I'm not 100% on that). Supposedly there is a program that can do that on Stella Gets A New Brain, but surely that would be super outdated now, over 20 years after its initial release, and at the very least require several special plugins to get it to work on a newer computer like mine. I'm also not going to sugar coat it, I last used an emulator over 10 years ago in high school, and have never really programmed anything, so I probably face an uphill battle with this anyway. I'm hoping there is someone out there who can help me if it is possible, I would really appreciate it.
  2. Can anyone tell me the largest MMC cart that Chad Schell's Cuttle Cart 2 can handle for the Atari 7800? (Is there a max?) Thanks in advance, I just snagged a brand new CC2 off of ebay. Finally! Tom
  3. Hi guys, Making that final push to clear out my collection. I've really enjoyed having these rare games and I've displayed them for many years in my office. I have two young children and I want them to be able to play with anything in my office. So, I'm clearing out my entire collection finally. I have the following rare items that may be of interest to collectors. League of light and robot rubble. The boxes are not even built and are flat. Minehunter number 26 This auction is ending soon. Same game and robots #26 Stonix #26 4-tris (LTO) Cuttle cart 3 (no cart shell, but includes labels , cable and cart board. ) System changer (Going up today) -PENDING SALE Orphan overlays series 3 MIB Rocky and bullwinkle Adventures of tron Space Patrol Donkeykong (homebrew) Stadium mud buggies Congo Bongo Mountain madness super pro skiing Pending Sale All the other normal games CIB the hardware (console, voice etc) If you PM me, PM me with a reasonable offer unless I have it listed on Ebay. That reasonable offer will be slightly lower than what I think it might go for in auction. But let's be reasonable. And I'm more inclined to try to take my chances on ebay unless someone just HAS to have something I listed. :-) I will probably not get back right away as I only visit the forum occasionally. just watch my ebay "nicepurchase" Thanks guys and good luck! -Duane
  4. Hi guys: Does anyone have a scan of their CCII board (preferably hi-res if possible). I really only need the area just under the SD card holder (with the plastic part removed if possible)… I've decided to re-visit trying to fix my CCII so I have a multi-cart for my rec room, but the traces around that area are worn away. I want to try jumpering the traces to the chip that's directly underneath the SD card holder (just beneath the 'U7' label). Thanks, guys Bob
  5. KC Monster Maze! Demo video and more info on the order thread Comments and questions welcome here or there!
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