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Found 22 results

  1. From the album: My Collection

  2. Dear Atari/Commodore/DOS Games Friends Due To Some Problems For Obtaining and Burning CD-ROM's, Bootable Image File For USB Flash Devices, "OSX16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.04 (USB).IMG", is Available, Just Now. Attention : Don't Use Any Boot-Flash Burner For Burning Bootable USB Flash Device. Use Hex File/Drive Editor, Only. Extract .7z File -> "OSX16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.04 (USB).IMG" 1) Open File (USB .IMG File) 2) Select All 2) Copy 3) Open Drives 4) Select and Open USB FLASH MEMORY AS PHYSICAL Drive 5) Paste Over 6) Save Changes. Don't Attempt To Open Drive In Windows (Contents Are Invisible). Plug USB Flash to USB Port Restart System and Select Boot Drive -> USB Good Luck
  3. I found out yesterday that someone had scanned this and posted it to Atarimania a while back (thanks to whoever did the scanning). It's an interesting little DOS, so I decided to add bookmarks and make it text searchable. Download here: K-DOS - Manual -------------------- BTW, while going through manual I noticed they mention a "K-COM I" terminal software cartridge. I'd never heard of this before. Has anyone every seen or heard of one of these before, or was it just vaporware?
  4. I've recently been thinking about building up some vintage PC systems for DOS-based applications and games. As part of that process (and as I mentioned the other day in a status update), I acquired an Amdek 310A, an MDA amber monochrome monitor much like the one I used with my first PCs: I've been on the lookout for one of these for a while, and I'm especially pleased with this one: it may not be apparent from the pictures, but this monitor has no screen burn and no case yellowing, and the glare filter mesh over the CRT is in perfect shape. Nostalgia aside, I like amber monitors mainly because I find them to be very easy on the eyes; they're still my favorite type of display for writing and for playing text games. I'm just glad I still had a Hercules-compatible graphics card in one of my parts drawers! DOS-based PCs have a reputation for being too much trouble to set up because of hardware conflicts and memory management headaches, but I still enjoy using them for several reasons: Once you put a DOS system together with the necessary drivers and memory managers and all the software you want (which doesn't really take much longer than building a modern computer from parts), you almost never need to make changes to it again. That's not a luxury you can easily enjoy with today's Web browsers and network-aware operating systems, where forced upgrades and security updates become an issue. But for a standalone system dedicated to writing or games or light-duty programming, it's comforting to know that, unless I have a catastrophic hardware failure, I won't need to mess with it again for ten years or more. Compared to today's bloatware, well-written software from that period is wonderfully efficient. A full-featured word processor like WordStar or XyWrite can fit into a couple of megabytes, and even a properly configured 25MHz 386SX boots faster than a lot of the Windows desktops that are still in service today. I have a lot of respect for DOSBox, and I've got it installed on my NVIDIA Shield for traveling, but there are still certain things that emulation can't do quite as well as real hardware. I haven't yet been able to replicate the exact look of the monitor pictured here on modern displays, for example. I won't be migrating entirely to one of these old machines, of course, but I can see myself happily using them even today for certain productive computing tasks, not just for games. Does anyone else still use vintage PC hardware or software? If so, feel free to post about it here! I'll post some more pictures once I get everything together. I eventually want to have several PC systems alongside the other vintage computers in my lab, each one representing a different era: a 386-class DOS system (this will be the one with the monochrome monitor), a 486-class VESA Local system for mid-90s DOS games, and a late-90s Win32 system (I've already started working on that one).
  5. Dear Members, "OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta Revision 05" (+ OSx32 Core Engine) Supports USB Sound Cards. Requirements: PC/LAPTOP System With, Universal Serial Bus (UHCI) Intel Pentium 133 And/Or Better/Higher 32MB RAM USB Sound Card "OSx16v622Br05[CD].7z" (Includes Atari 2600, DOS, NES, ... Games) 14.6MB "OSx16v622Br05[uSB].7z" (Includes Atari 2600, DOS, NES, ... Games) 14.6MB https://goo.gl/8WtKXn With Some Systems, End-Users may have problem (BOOT-USB, Only) After Calling/Executing The OSXVM (OSx32 Core Engine). In That Case, Source of The Problem Is System BIOS. You Can Use Any Easy-To-Use BOOT-USB Creator (Diskeditor Also). For Example : Rufus - The Reliable USB Formatting Utility (# 1MB) : http://rufus.akeo.ie "OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta Revision 05" Note : FM/OPL-2,3 Music Chips Not Supported. Some of DOS-Games, and All of Atari 2600 Games Have Real/HQ Sound Effects. Good Luck
  6. DoctorSpuds

    NOVA 9 (Dynamix)

    From the album: My Collection

  7. If anyone has an old manual for the PC app CADKEY version 3.0 (or even 2.x) and you decide to scan it into a PDF, please let me know! Thanks in advance: https://archive.org/stream/PC-Mag-1988-08-01#page/n145/mode/2up https://archive.org/stream/PC-Mag-1988-08-01#page/n133/mode/2up
  8. Getting tired of everything being sold as fixed price on eBay. Prices are just made up by sellers. Pricing trends are dictated by greed and stupidity. Few sellers know enough to price marketably. So here are some auctions. Pretty random vintage computing and modern gaming stuff. Shipping included (which in part dictates the starting bid). Get some deals. https://www.ebay.com/sch/ianoid/m.html?_ipg=200&_sop=10&_rdc=1
  9. Hello, a friend of mine is searching for a legit download of this game, which he owns, but which disappeared from his PC for some reason. Monkey Bytes gave him an activation code to unlock the demo, but they couldn't actually furnish him with a copy of the demo. They just told him to look around on the Web and find the demo and download and unlock it. Problem is he hasn't had much luck finding it. Does anybody know of a safe source for it? Tucows has the Mac Classic version, but not the Windows version. Speaking of Windows, these are the system requirements: Since my friend says the game had been on his computer, but then went away for some reason, I have to wonder if maybe his PC had been running it in some kind of compatibility mode, and then a Windows update might have broken that compatibility? Assuming he does find a copy of this game, is there anything special he'd need to do in order to successfully install and run it on an XP or Windows 7 machine? Thank you in advance for your help with this!
  10. Is there anyone out there who owns the DOS XL Manual that would be willing to scan the front and back covers (as per pictured below)? I have a good copy of the manual content that I'm working on getting the pages in proper order (may straighten them out too). Then I'll be bookmarking this and posting it to my website for download. It'd be much appreciated... Thanks.
  11. I got this from a former developer a while back, did some looking around and haven't come up with much on it. Any ideas? ATM, my SIO2PC is down due to lack of a real serial port. I hope to have a laptop built soon to rectify that.
  12. I'm entering that danger zone of the afternoon mental wall, so please forgive me if this has been discussed ad nauseum on the forum to little or no avail... But has anyone ever entertained the notion of coming up with an Atari 8-bit API (Atari Peripherals Index) that mod developers could use to allow programmers to identify add-ins and modifications of any given computer...? I picture it in my head as some sort of index that would work during the boot process, when the DOS or OS would do a cursory check of a pre-determined index in memory somewhere once the mods/add-ins are initialized. Each device would have an assigned API ID that, if found, sends the DOS or OS over to a special table where it would find allocated memory usages, device ID, and any other relevant information that could become accessible to the programmer either through the API vector, or direct (and risk later incompatibilities). This would have the added advantage of allowing multiple add-ins play nice with each other since the index and table assigns/allocates their respective memory addresses. It'd be the closest thing to an Atari PNP operation, too. Just a random brainworm... --Tim
  13. Hey guys, I am looking for ADOS in an ATR file that was created by Bill Wilkinson back in 1987. Does anyone have this disk image? I have googled it and found an article, but not the disk image.
  14. I hate to highjack Sikor's thread, but I'd like to see the results on a single page and tallied up. They only allow for 25 choices, so list your "Other..." if necessary.
  15. There are approximately 1.6 billion Star Wars games out there...and here are some of the WEIRD, odd and FORGOTTEN games released that (you’re glad) you never heard of.
  16. Is there a copy of this available anywhere? I haven't been able to find one yet -- although I have found other similar utilities (even one with the same name, designed for use with OS/A+). But I'm interested in this utility by Monarch in particular. Thanks, MF
  17. http://dosbeowulf.tripod.com/ Anyone seen or heard of this before? Tried it? Apparently it's a PC port/clone of a Linux computer cluster program.
  18. I'd like to announce opening up of a website I've been working on over the last few months. It's dedicated to programming, DOS, utilities and other serious (non-game related) software, documentation, and other resources. Most of these resources are available at other sites around the web as well, but the presentation, organization, and some content is unique; and some of the resources you'll not find together elsewhere. I'll also be using it to house documentation updates that I've done quite often (adding bookmarks and improving cover pages, etc.), which I'd formerly hosted at these file-sharing sites that seem to come and go from month to month. So it'll be a permanent location for those resources. The site is more focused on quality and interesting software, rather than quantity, OSS being one of the main focuses. Right now I just have enough content to get things started, but I'll be adding more content as time goes by. Some textual content is incomplete (section descriptions, etc.), and some graphics are just placeholders for the moment. So they'll be other changes to the site besides adding content in the future as well. If anyone has suggestions or resources that they think might fit into the scheme/concept of the site, please feel free to speak up / contribute. Check it out here: Serious Computerist
  19. I was talking about pulling out some of my old disks on the Atari Museum on Facebook, when I mentioned a program I found years ago called 'TOS'. Basically, it was a simple graphic user interface for the 8-bit computers that allowed the joystick to be used to do some simple functions. I don't have a working 8-bit compatible mouse or trackball to see if it works smoother with those. I'm not sure where I got it or who wrote it. There's not much info in the program itself. Under Desk: Basic, Boot, Info (TOS, v1.0, for public domain, © 1985) Under File: erase, protect, unprotect, rename, format SD, format DD Under view: Directory on screen, directory on window Under Options: Request on, request off If anyone has any information where this came from, please let me know. By the way, the attached screenshot is from within an emulator running as a 130XE, but it originally was running on my stock 800XL using DOS 2.5, a stock 1050 and a standard joystick. I haven't tested it with any other DOS versions, drives or machines. I've attached an ATR file with just the TOS program on it if anyone want to try it. It does require you to load DOS first, but apparently will work with or without BASIC. My original disk had other... er... unlicensed software on it. TOS.ATR
  20. Folks, To save me some typing, the following are cut 'n' pastes of several messages that I posted on another message forum: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Does anyone have any idea as to what "streaky" does in the PC CD DOS version of Tempest 2000? I've NEVER found or read about ANY cheats whatsoever for the DOS version of T2K throughout all of these years, but was recently browsing the executable with my trusty hex-editor (as I've done numerous times over the past two decades). In the executable is the text line "FLOSSIE WANTS TO CHEAT", and immediately following that, the following hex: 1F 14 13 12 1E 25 15 I just thought to myself, hmmm... That SURE looks like keyboard scan codes (and only JUST NOW thought that they looked like keyboard scan codes... RE: "as I've done numerous times over the past two decades" above - with age comes knowledge LOL!). Hehe, and YES indeedy, they are KB scan codes, and they spell "streaky" LOL (see linked pics)! I fired up the game, and then during gameplay typed "streaky" in. The web flashes colorfully (like when you obtain an extra life), and the female voice sound effect says "Yes!", but nothing appears to have changed (?). It MAY be just me, but gameplay seemed a bit easier after doing this, but I'm not sure (?). BTW, you can enter the "streaky" code several times, with the same results (the web flashes colorfully). Anyhow, has ANYONE ever heard of this before (and have any idea as to what it does), or have I found a totally hidden easter egg/cheat in this game that NO ONE has ever came across since the game's release in 1995 LOL (wouldn't be the first time)? Pic of DOS version TEMPEST.EXE in a hex-editor -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16691 Pic of Keyboard scan codes -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16692 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OK, I JUST figured it out! After starting a game, enter "streaky". THEN press F11 to enable the bonus level warp, or F12 to skip to the next level. Hehe, the way I figured this out... F11 and F12 are cheats for the MACINTOSH version of the game (and are NOT normal keys for the PC DOS version of the game)! Hehe, I'm thinking "YES" -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- P.S. I HAVE just now confirmed that the"streaky" cheat code ALSO works for the Interplay Windows 95 version of the game as well Note that you will need to type in the cheat code fairly quickly in order for the game to recognize it. As in the DOS version, the web flashes colorfully, and you'll hear the female voice sound effect "Yes!" if you have successfully entered the code (and the game recognizes it). P.P.S. The keyboard scan codes for the "streaky" code were sitting all by their lonesome in the Windows version executable <GRIN> (see linked pic). Pic of Windows version TEMPEST.EXE in a hex-editor -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16719 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ENJOY!
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