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Found 12 results

  1. This is the official news thread for Elektronite Games
  2. Elektronite, in association with Kai Magazine, is pleased to present... TNT Cowboy A NEW game written for your Mattel Electronics Intellivision! TNT Cowboy is an explosive new Action/RPG game that transports you to the Wild West where people don't use guns to solve their problems, but TNT charges! Lots of very strange things are happening in this town. Gigantic animals are attacking the people and some folks have even seen ghosts! Don't wait a second more! Catch the first train to the town that will offer you the greatest adventure of your life! TNT Cowboy is currently ONLY available as a ROM for exclusive use on the LTO Flash! Intellivision Multicart. The price for the LTO Flash! ROM (Not for use with other multicarts nor emulators) is $20 US + $1.10 US PayPal fees. If you do not have an LTO Flash!, you may obtain one from Left Turn Only, LLC. at; http://ltoflash.leftturnonly.info/ Loose cartridge sales will go on sale in late May or June 2019 and be $40 US + Shipping. Manuals, overlays and boxes will be available separately (when available) for $30 US. We will be taking 'CIB' pre-orders at that time for the complete in box version of the game. People who buy the ROM and pre-pay for their complete in box copy (And cover PayPal charges) will get FREE SHIPPING when the 'CIB' version of the game is available. European customers take note: In the future we will be declaring replacement cost of the materials when shipping, NOT the retail cost. We hope to avoid unnecessary extra charges upon delivery. Please take that into consideration when deciding if you wish to support us by purchasing a copy. We know that there are a lot of choices when it comes to deciding where to spend your retrogaming dollars. There are presently a TON of choices in the very small Intellivision niche market. In fact, there may be too many choices at the moment. The truth is that we are starting to struggle a bit. That is why we are taking pre-oders for the complete in box edition. We just cannot manage to raise the tremendous amount of resources required to release games of the quality that you've come to expect from Elektronite without some help. We know that a $70 US investment in one of our 'complete in box' games is a lot to ask. Some people have been passing on our recent releases. Therefore, we are hoping to make our games more accessible and satisfy the people who want to use a multicart, those who want a loose cartridge as cheap as possible, and those who like to have full box versions of our games. We'd love to be able to accommodate the people who use emulation, but that is simply not possible at this time, until we've recovered our investment. Elektronite has hired a professional programmer to create 3 games for us. Ninja Odyssey, TNT Cowboy and Antropomorphic Force, also known as A.F. Check out a sneak peek here: https://youtu.be/MsxC2HRKY0M?t=1 ALL sales of TNT Cowboy ROMS are going towards the development costs of Antropomorphic Force. If we can cover development costs with your help, we can then commission 3 more games. Otherwise, Kai Magazine is probably going to return to MSX development, which would be a big loss for Intellivision fans. If you want to see more quality Elektronite/Kai Magazine games, don't delay, order today! HOW TO ORDER Please email your request to: elektronite (at) hotmail (dot com) Put TNT Cowboy LTO Flash! ROM in the title Please give the first FIVE characters (only) of your DRUID (unique LTO Flash! identifier) number. You can obtain the ID number by plugging your LTO Flash! cartridge into the computer via USB and using the Graphical User Interface to find out the number or using the Intellivision to read the ID number from the Intellivision screen. You do NOT need to copy out the full 32 character long ID number, however the first 5 characters MUST be accurate. Your ID number is NOT LTO-04-XXX. We will send you a PayPal address for you to submit your payment. PLEASE NOTE: After you pay, you should receive the rom within 24 hours but NO MORE than 48 hours. If you do NOT receive your ROM, please check your junk mail box. If the ROM is not there, please send us an email with an alternative email address where we may send the rom. It is our experience that some email domains throttle and delete emails with our roms attached.
  3. Elektronite is proud to present Ninja Odyssey for your enjoyment. The people from the remote village of Teguma always lived in peace and harmony but a few weeks ago all the animals begun to act aggressively and started attacking without provocation. Short after the villagers started to feel weak, sick, as if the life was being sucked out of them. They discovered that 3 ancestral ghosts entered our plane of existence through the 3 temples on the Teguma valley and they were draining the life force of all humans in order to return to life. But by the time they found out about the ghosts it was too late, everyone was too weak to do anything against them... Everyone except for one: The young Ninja Kasuhiro Kun still stands and he must travel to the 3 temples in order to defeat the ghosts before his life force is drained completely! And so, the biggest odyssey of his life begins! Video of Nija Odyssey: https://youtu.be/TYzE0Qhg5Dw Sales will begin on Saturday, February 23rd at 10am Pacific on the Naber Hood Games website. Until then, the buy button will be disabled, but you can view the products. Shipping will proceed immediately after sales start. There are three product purchase pages and are on the home page as follows: 1. Ninja Odyssey Cart Only. $40 plus shipping [a] 2. Ninja Odyssey Cart with ROM for LTO Flash Only. $50 plus shipping [a,b,c] 3. Ninja Odyssey ROM for LTO Flash Only. $20 delivery by email. [c,d] a) All carts will be shipped in a small bubble envelope. b) This version does not include $10 physical purchase discount. c) ROM sales are for the LTO Flash cart Only. ROMs will be encrypted to your LTO Flash cart. Your ROM purchase will not work on other multicarts, emulators or even other LTO Flash carts. You will need to send your order number and LTO Flash ID (located on the home TAB of the LTO Flash software) using the CONTACT US button on the website. Your encrypted ROM will be sent by email in a day or two. d) Includes a $10 discount for purchase of the physical game, cart only or CIB if/when that happens. It cannot be used when purchasing the cart with ROM option (#2). A user account for the website is required to receive or use this $10 discount. The discount is applied automatically to your user account when the ROM only option is purchased and shows the physical game at a discount of $10 off, so sign up before you make this purchase. One discount per customer. IMPORTANT: if you plan to purchase the ROM Only, make sure to create an account (if not already done) at the website first and use that account to make the purchase.
  4. I'm pleased to announce that the 2017 Elektronite game catalogue is now available at my Intv Extras site (http://markthompson.us/intellivision). The price is $5.50 plus postage, and I can ship starting tomorrow. It's got 12 pages of the Elektronite titles published over the last five years. Plus it has details about upcoming games planned for 2017 and beyond. Included are game descriptions and features, screens, box art, and programmer credits. It's professionally printed on glossy paper, just like the other catalogues I've done. In my mind, it's a catalogue with two purposes. It catalogues the games Elektronite has produced, and it works as a shopping guide like back in the day, since most of the games are for sale at naberhood.com. My sincere thanks go out to William Moeller for his enthusiastic support for this project. Any questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks.
  5. http://www.intellivi...rom-elektronite Programmed by catsfolly, Looks good!
  6. All, I've put together an order page for the D1K ARCADE ROM. There's nothing new here, it just shows you exactly what you're getting, and hopefully entices you into buying. :-) The "buy now" button is also linked to my yahoo address for payment, which is fixed at $15. Don't forget to include the nickname you want, up to 18 characters. Otherwise I will use the name associated with your PayPal account. Check it out: http://gamesforyouri...sion.com/d1krom
  7. The 2018 Elektronite Catalogue is an expanded version of last year's booklet. It's got 16 pages of games that have been released over the past seven years – plus several that are coming your way very, very soon! Just as you'd expect, it's got game details and screens, box art, and programmer credits. New this time around is a nice two-page history of Elektronite with some of that great artwork sprinkled in. They're available now on my Intv Extras website (http://markthompson.us/intellivision) From the home page, click on the link for Catalogs. The price is $5 plus postage, and I'll be ready to start shipping these on Monday. Thanks again for the support. I've got one or two other things on the drawing board, so stay tuned.
  8. I went on the Elektronite website and found the arcade version of Donkey Kong for the Intellivision, the only problem is I can't find where to buy it. Does anyone know who sells it?
  9. Hello all, I just want to let you know that Retro Gamer Magazine (no. 118, see below) is running a special article on Defender of the Crown. They also gave coverage to the Elektronite / Classic Game Publishers project. Well done! Enjoy!
  10. Hey everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that both the D1K ARCADE ROM and the D2K ARCADE ROM are now available for only $10 each, FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR. After that, the prices will revert back to $20, and $15, respectively. You can place your orders or find out more on my blogger homepage: http://www.carlmuellerjr.com/ As before, the sale price includes PDFs or scans of the instructions, overlays, box (back and front) - even the cartridge sticker - used in the actual physical release. In addition, each ROM is serial numbered and customized to include your name in the in-game credits. Please include a note with your payment if you want to use a special name (18 characters max). If you haven't tried this game out, what are you waiting for? No more excuses - play it anywhere, anytime, on real hardware or emulation! Thanks again, Carl Mueller, Jr.  
  11. Hey everyone, Just a friendly reminder that today is the D1K/D2K Holiday Sale's FINAL DAY! The D1K ARCADE ROM and the D2K ARCADE ROM are now only $10 each, but the offer expires at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. After that, the prices will revert back to $20, and $15, respectively. And why not buy both? :-) D2K may contain D1K's levels, but only D1K offers the options to play with Japanese screen-ordering! Impossible in the US version, this allows you to play the elevator screen and the pie factory at the lowest difficulty. In effect, this is the "easy" version of the game. You also proceed directly from board to board, without repetitions. You can place your orders or find out more on my blogger homepage: http://www.carlmuellerjr.com/ Included with your purchase are PDFs/scans of the instructions, overlays, box (back and front) - even the cartridge sticker - used in the actual physical release. In addition, each ROM is serial numbered and customized to include your name in the in-game credits. Please include a note with your payment if you want to use a special name (18 characters max). If you haven't tried this game out, what are you waiting for? No more excuses - play it anywhere, anytime, on real hardware or emulation! Also, if you've played and enjoyed D2K, please VOTE it the "Intellivision Game of the Year 2012" at the following link: http://www.atariage....-the-year-2012/ One final note: the D2K ARCADE physical release (complete-in-box) is now available bundled with Minehunter for ONLY $113 ($15 savings). This is part of our holiday sale and ends AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! For this and other great deals, click on the following link: http://www.gamesfory...ter_orders.html Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Elektronite and Classic Game Publishers, Inc.! Carl Mueller, Jr. CEO of Classic Game Publishers, Inc. [email protected]
  12. http://www.intellivi...rtwork-revealed Now I REALLY like the box art for this game.
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