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Found 22 results

  1. Developing comlynx support for Atari Lynx homebrew could seems a difficult task, but I discovered that it's easy. I think that the real reasons for so few homebrew with comlynx support are that there aren't so many examples of code available, and comlynx is not well suported on emulators, making difficoult to test the code. Sage's version of handy should support comlynx emulation over UDP, but using two PC is not the best solution while testing, and on my PCs I wasn't able to make it work (it crashes trying to connect). Since I'm developig a game that uses a 2 players mode, and I have to wait long time before to have an SD cart or an EEPROM cart programmer PI hat, I decided to modify Sage's version of the emulator to run two instances of the emulator core in the same application, than crosslinked the TX and RX comlynx interfaces of the two cores to have a comlynx test enviroment that can run on a single PC and without relying on network protocols. I made a quick and dirty tweak of the code, so don't expect an advanced version of handy. It's buggy, plays sound from both emulators core (so better disable sound) and can't emulate commercial games comlynx connection. But it works very well as a testing tools for developers. It's possible to swap betwen the two cores with CTRL+N or from the emulator menu. The active core outputs to the screen and gets the keyboard input, the other one runs silently in background. This means that it's not possible to use the two cores at the same time. Attached you can find a build for windows and a zip with the modified sources. When I have time I'll add the sources to my github and post the link here. To encourage other developers to start using the comlynx feature in their games (this can give more chances to win in the atarigamers game competition of this summer ) I'm sharing here two code examples of comlynx use. The first one is a simple piece of code from karri already posted on the forum (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/154232-cc65-link-error/?do=findComment&comment=1888745) that doesn't seem to have attracted the attention of the other developers. I slightly modified karri's code and attached it here (testcon.zip). In this example some sample text is sent over the comlynx connection at the A key press and printed on the screen of the other endpoint. The B key clears the buffer. The direction keys move an Hello world text, so that placing it in different position can help to identify the two running instances. The second example is a simple but complete game, an implementation of Tic Tac Toe using a 2 player mode over comlynx. The game uses a simple handshake protocol to start the connection that defines the two players ID (I took the handshake protocol from the comlynx code example of Championship Rally posted here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/283514-multiplayer-comlynx-from-championship-rally/) and a simple communication protocol derived from a more complex one I'm developing for another game of mine. Here are some screeshots of the game: The game code is mine (wrote it in an hour), this means two things: - It's public domain (do whatever you want with it, you can also develop from it a full game with muisic, gfx and and AI for 1P mode, but hurry up before I do it first) - It can contain bugs. I really hope to see a lot of new homebrew games with comlynx support in the next future. Happy coding Note: The code axamples posted here aren't tested on real lynx yet. Please let me know if they work as expected. Handy_multi.zip handy-win32src-0.95-patched_multi.zip testcomlynx.zip tictactoe.zip
  2. Hi guys. I've been stuck for several days with a flu with only a MacBook laptop, and unable to test Mecha-9 and other games sent to me because the available emulators just doesn't handle VDP nuisances, Megacart and even less Super Game Module. So I ported my private emulator with support for Megacart and Super Game Module, you'll need to download also libSDL 2 from http://www.libsdl.org (there is a chance you should download it, because OS X v10.11.5 somehow doesn't recognize the integrated SDL library) It's pretty simple but it works like a charm at least in my Mac, and you can play any game from the original ones till Pac-Man Collection You need to boot into Terminal for using it, also you must download the BIOS coleco.rom I don't intend to update it in a looong time, so enjoy it! Edit: Nov/30/2017 v0.6.6, now Raspberry Pi version included, also added Ctrl+Fn+F4 to save a memory snapshot and Ctrl+Fn+F9 to log PSG values in each frame. (although keys are configurable, Ctrl for these isn't) Edit: May/25/2017 v0.6.5, joysticks are now configurable, support shortcuts for full screen and saves state of it for next time (Mac Cmd+Ctrl+f and Windows Alt+Enter), enhancement of VDP emulation and undocumented modes, correction of execution time for some Z80 instructions, and solved bug where Sammy Lightfoot would crash. Raspberry version not available yet. Edit: Feb/15/2016 v0.6.4, now ADAM keyboard can be fully configured (very useful for users with non-US keyboards), and finally Raspberry version compiled. Edit: Jan/11/2016 v0.6.3, better emulation for Z80 solves pitch problem in speech in Sewer Sam and Squish'Em Sam, keys F4 and F7 are now configurable, Expertype and ADAM Bomb 2 are now working, fixed some ADAM keys for Windows, added 64K RAM expansion for ADAM, fixed bug in joystick support (not tested), added code to show joystick movement when using F7 (show codes). Raspberry not updated in this version because I didn't found my external keyboard Edit: Nov/27/2015 v0.6.2, solves small bugs in Z80 and VDP emulation. Ctrl+Fn+F4 creates debugging snapshots. Allows to use two keys to activate one button (both pressed at same time). Allows for two keys to activate same button (for example two controllers). Raspberry now shows status messages (important for F7 key codes). More keys are configurable: video recording, audio recording, screenshots, enable/disable roller controller. When using Roller Controller the sensitivity has been adjusted (was too fast). Edit: Nov/05/2015 v0.6.1, small bugs fixed. Pause and Reset key couldn't use joystick. Better compression for AVI and safeguard if 2GB limit is reached. PAL switching didn't update BIOS European byte. Able to exit using # and * key at same time (only Raspberry) Edit: Nov/04/2015 v0.6.0, all platforms updated! Added fast startup of Colecovision BIOS, Roller Controller enabled/disabled with only Fn-F5, VIDEO RECORDING!!! using Fn-F6 (AVI with ZMBV codec, playable with VLC Player), support for Right Shift + Enter to exit in Raspberry PI (useful for Retropie). BTW, several people has donated to CoolCV for the Mac version and also for the Raspberry version, including a Raspberry PI (still stuck in snail mail) but I've got another one for the development using the donations Thanks for contributing!!! Edit: Sep/23/2015 v0.5.4, Mac only, allows controller mapping to be changed (creates Documents/coolcv_mapping.txt), changed Fn+F7 to show instead key codes and joystick button codes, support for Super Action Controllers (you need to activate buttons in mapping file). Edit: Sep/01/2015 v0.5.3, Mac only, added Fn+F10 to save PNG screenshots, now also checks for file numbers previously used and doesn't rewrite them. Now also accepts dropping ZIP files, the first ROM/COL/BIN file inside will be used as game ROM Edit: Aug/31/2015 v0.5.2, Mac only, documented Fn+F8 feature to accelerate disk/tape read in ADAM mode. Added new feature to record audio files using Fn+F9, it saves files in your Music folder. Note it reuses numbers if re-run, so copy any files you like. Now you can use Q*Bert sounds for your cellphone calls, for example Edit: Aug/25/2015 v0.5.1, highly experimental Raspberry PI version now available in post #91 http://atariage.com/forums/topic/240800-coolcv-emulator-for-mac-os-x-linux-and-windows/page-4?do=findComment&comment=3307835 Edit: Aug/08/2015 v0.5.1, controllers should feel smoother now. Solves a bug in VDP collision register (failed in Carnival) and also allows to run Super Donkey Kong prototype (1983) deactivating SGM support (it crashed because the game wrote to port 7FH) (now ZIP file includes all platforms) Edit: Jul/31/2015 v0.5 Added keypad support for controller 2 in keyboard and experimental Coleco ADAM support for DSK and DDP (check Read Me file for details) I've tested only SmartBASIC, Dragon's Lair and Donkey Kong Jr. (Aug/01/2015 added Linux and Windows versions) Edit: Jul/29/2015 v0.4 Now supports for controller 2 in keyboard. Higher audio volume. Also implemented support for two joysticks (tested by grips03) with Fn+F7 to switch buttons and now it can launch ROM files (use context menu in your ROM file, select get info, change application to CoolCV, change for all) though not sure why there is a small delay in launching. Jul/30/2015 just added Windows and Linux versions. Edit: Jul/26/2015 Now also compiled for Linux, 32 bits and 64 bits be sure to run the right version. Also you need to drop your ROM file into the window. If it's running slow, make smaller the window. Edit: Jul/25/2015 I compiled this for Windows (very early). Same as Mac version, but you need to drop your ROM file INTO the window. If it's running slow, make smaller the window. Edit: Jul/24/2015 v0.3 I've made this an integrated app for Mac. Now download it, open it, then drag&drop your ROM file over the icon appearing in task bar (bottom of screen). In fact you can put the app in the Launchpad for running it easily (no more command line!!) Edit: Jul/23/2015 v0.2 ok, I didn't resisted the temptation to add window resizing and full screen mode. Snapshot saving/restoring. -pal option. And improved aspect ratio. coolcv_v0.1.zip coolcv_v0.2.zip coolcv_v0.3.zip coolcv_v0.3_win.zip coolcv_v0.3_linux.zip coolcv_v0.4.zip coolcv_v0.4_win.zip coolcv_v0.4_linux.zip coolcv_v0.5.zip coolcv_v0.5_win.zip coolcv_v0.5_linux.zip coolcv_v0.5.1_all.zip coolcv_v0.5.2_mac.zip coolcv_v0.5.3_mac.zip coolcv_v0.5.4_mac.zip coolcv_v0.6.0_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.1_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.2_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.3_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.4_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.5_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.6_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.6_all_extra_games.zip
  3. I needed a project for learning advanced JavaScript for my work, so here is my proof of concept for a TI-99/4A emulator written in pure JavaScript: http://js99er.net You can run it from the web link or download and expand the zip to your local machine and open the index.html file. All that's required is an up-to-date browser (Google, Firefox, IE 10+). Currently only the CPU, VDP, PSG, RAM and a bit of the keyboard is emulated. There 's no system ROM, GROM, DSRs, disks, i.e. none of the console's 'operating system' (the opening screen is just a VDP dump). So the programs are limited to machine code that doesn't require any console routines. Luckily I had a few of those available If you want to attempt to load other programs than the bundled examples, take at the software folder and software.js to see how it works, but beware that it will probably not work. The programs are currently provided as JavaScript arrays. I have attached a small Java program (bin2js.jar) to turn binary files into JavaScript arrays. I have put this together in few weeks. This would not be possible without taking advantage other peoples' work. I'm in eternal debt to Tursi, from whom I have borrowed much of the CPU emulation (plus a little from MESS), the sound emulation is using components from TSS Chiptune Sound Library and JavaGear, and the VDP emulation was based on MSX.js but has been substantively rewritten. If anyone is interested in contributing to js99'er I'm thinking about turning it into a GitHub open source project. [EDIT] Joystick 1 is mapped to arrow keys + Tab like in Classic99. Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: This is now a fully working emulator capable of running most programs. Low levels disk access is only partially supported, and speech support is a hack. Apart from that it works, and it's the only emulator that supports most of the functionality of the F18A. rpk2json.zip js99er-2.5.zip
  4. Dear Members, "OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta Revision 05" (+ OSx32 Core Engine) Supports USB Sound Cards. Requirements: PC/LAPTOP System With, Universal Serial Bus (UHCI) Intel Pentium 133 And/Or Better/Higher 32MB RAM USB Sound Card "OSx16v622Br05[CD].7z" (Includes Atari 2600, DOS, NES, ... Games) 14.6MB "OSx16v622Br05[uSB].7z" (Includes Atari 2600, DOS, NES, ... Games) 14.6MB https://goo.gl/8WtKXn With Some Systems, End-Users may have problem (BOOT-USB, Only) After Calling/Executing The OSXVM (OSx32 Core Engine). In That Case, Source of The Problem Is System BIOS. You Can Use Any Easy-To-Use BOOT-USB Creator (Diskeditor Also). For Example : Rufus - The Reliable USB Formatting Utility (# 1MB) : http://rufus.akeo.ie "OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta Revision 05" Note : FM/OPL-2,3 Music Chips Not Supported. Some of DOS-Games, and All of Atari 2600 Games Have Real/HQ Sound Effects. Good Luck
  5. After "OSx16 Multi Bankswitch Board": http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242873-diy-multi-bs-with-atmega8-for-atari-2600/ Just "OSx16 Joystick-Mice Adapter." With This Adapter, Connect Atari Standard Joystick To PC/LAPTOP. Connect Adapter To Serial RS-2323 Port (COM PORT) And Play Atari Games Under OSx16 Operating System With Joystick. With Only : 1xMCU (Atmega8A) 1xTransistor 5xResistor 1xCapacitor 3xDiode 1xDB-9 - Male 1xDB-9 - Female Firmware and "OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta CD-ROM" (Schematic and Values and Device Driver are In CD-ROM) Address : http://1drv.ms/1iE3ci3
  6. Dear Atari/Commodore/DOS Games Friends Due To Some Problems For Obtaining and Burning CD-ROM's, Bootable Image File For USB Flash Devices, "OSX16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.04 (USB).IMG", is Available, Just Now. Attention : Don't Use Any Boot-Flash Burner For Burning Bootable USB Flash Device. Use Hex File/Drive Editor, Only. Extract .7z File -> "OSX16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.04 (USB).IMG" 1) Open File (USB .IMG File) 2) Select All 2) Copy 3) Open Drives 4) Select and Open USB FLASH MEMORY AS PHYSICAL Drive 5) Paste Over 6) Save Changes. Don't Attempt To Open Drive In Windows (Contents Are Invisible). Plug USB Flash to USB Port Restart System and Select Boot Drive -> USB Good Luck
  7. Hi *, What's the best atari 8bit emulator for MacOS? A short search on this forum did not show a clear favourite. A google search found Atari800MacX.. I am going to install this now. It seems Altirra has been not yet ported to MacOS.. a pitty. Are there any alternatives next to Atari800MacX? grtx twh!
  8. Here are the latest versions of ADAMem DOS and ADAMem SDL that were provided to me by Doug Slopsema. I have only tested out the DOS version by overwriting the old ADAMem DOS files that were provided with the Virtual ADAM v1.03 Frontend by Steve Pitman. The DOS version works beautifully with the CF Card backup image files (either the 60Mb Single or 100Mb Dual) that I have posted in the IDE CF Card thread. Here are some additional instructions for ADAMem DOS v1.81 that Doug provided as well: Here are a couple of updated ADAMEM compilations. Key change is the ability to work with both IDE master and IDE slave images. The MSDOS version can be used within Virtual ADAM v1.03 by replacing the adamem.exe in the adamem folder under the installation location. Hard drive images should be named hd_ide1.img and hd_ide2.img and be placed in the same folder. Use the included EXP.rom in the same folder for auto-booting to the hard drive (once again, please in the adamem folder). The WIN32 version is an SDL version as before that runs natively on Windows. Same filename requirements as MSDOS version. Feel free to post these on AtariAge and let me know if you run into any issues with them. Doug Slopsema Additional updates/notes are provided with the SDL version. ADAMEM_MSDOS_v1.81.zip ADAMEM_WIN32_v1.81.zip
  9. Hi guys. We have released a very big update do the web-based emulator Javatari. http://javatari.org It now has a new interface designed for mobile devices with touch-screen controls. Finally run Atari 2600 games on your iPhone/iPad! :-) Also, it can be installed on the device as a WebApp, then you can launch it directly through the app icon. In this mode it also works when offline! Several advancements were brought from the WebMSX project (http://webmsx.org). You can very easily put games on your own page, or show games running in the web with a single link to the Javatari page. Just pass the ROM URL address... Please refer to the project homepage for the docs and examples: https://github.com/ppeccin/javatari.js Some images on an iPhone6: Enjoy! Paulo
  10. I don't visit the ST forums often, so I hope this is the right place for this question.... What is the best DEDICATED Atari ST emulator out there? (Subjective I know) For years I was completely sold on Steem Engine, but a downgrade to Windows 10 seems to have slowed it down considerably (I also downgraded my PC's GPU when both my SLI cards died, which may have effect emulation speed as well (seems to have killed fullscreen anyway) Steem Engine is getting pretty old now, and the only other dedicated emulator I've tried and liked was WinSTon a gazillion years ago, so I'm wondering if there are any new emulation software out there that I may have missed.
  11. I'm close to release an updated release of Atari++, the portable Atari emulator. This will be in some sense a minor update as the emulator core will not change, though Os++ will (minor), and I will include a "System Disk" with additional utilities in place. I'm attaching a couple of screen shots on what is coming. - A "CONFIG.SYS" file will be included that releases additional memory to BASIC and Oss switching carts. All disk buffers will then be relocated, taking only 256 bytes of memory for Dos. - An updated version of the Antic "DiskIO" basic extension will also be included (see screen shot). This is a unique extension for Basic and Mac/65 that adds disk-specific extensions, for example a sorted directory dump and commands to load, save and modify files on disk. - In addition to the built-in command line processor of Dos 2.++, a menu driven DUP menu will be included as well (see screen shot). The DUP menu is unique in so far as you can configure it yourself, i.e. which features you want to have included. Command items can be "pulled out" of the main menu to save memory space, for example to copy a disk or files. All this stuff is actually more than 20 years old, but has now been ported to the ROM based infrastructure of Dos 2.++, so it is probably still useful for the community as I never released this before. Anyhow, anyone willing to help me to beta-test this, please let me know. Note that this requires the ROM-based Dos 2.++. It will (likely) not work with any other Dos. Greetings, Thomas
  12. I don't know if "7800 Emucoder" got banned, or if he decided to leave, but he PMed me a newer version of the Playstation Portable (PSP) emulator for the Atari 7800 that fixed the issue of the screen being cropped at the top and bottom. Was this fix available elsewhere? I can now play Scramble, Crystal Quest featuring Bentley Bear and Donkey Kong XM and see all of the screen. Attached is the file: PSP7800.zip
  13. I am starting work on a project I will call Stella's Cup of Java(Script) ​The Plan: Have it able to upload ROMS & the ability to fetch homebrews from here. ​ I also want to have some ROMS pre-available that are homebrews ONLY! Resizable display that stays crisp Table of 2 control schemes to choose from. Easily ported to PC & Mobile using a hybrid dev. platform. ​However, this will not work if I do not have enough research on​ the A26 & the hardware it haves. Anyone who is knowledgeable in these areas is welcome to help this project go smoothly. I will update my blog more frequently then this thread, so check there for updates. The HTML so far is: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title> Stella's cup of Java(Script) </title> </head> <body> <p> <canvas id="A26_PF"></canvas> <canvas id="A26_P0"></canvas> <canvas id="A26_P1"></canvas> <canvas id="A26_MS"></canvas> <table> </table> </p> </body> </html> Anyone who wants to suggest changes can post HTML frags in the comments in this thread.
  14. Haven't spent much time of late looking at emulation sites, but just checked out my all-time favorite emulation news site for the first time in years (EmuFrance) and saw that Marat Fayzullin has made a number of updates to ColEm. In the latest version released in October, he has begun to add ADAM Computer emulation! Here is the link: http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/
  15. Back when I was developing and testing the HDMI interface for my FPGA based Atari 2600, I noticed some minor, and some major differences in sound between the HDMI digital audio and the analog audio. After giving it some thought, I realized what was causing these differences, and I was able to rework my HDMI interface so that the digital audio sounds exactly like the analog audio. For some reason I felt compelled to document my findings, so I sat down and wrote about it. I was going to put it all down in a post here, but I got carried away, and my paper ended up being eleven pages long. So, instead of creating a monster post, I'll just attach a PDF of my write up. I am also including one of the test programs I wrote while investigating the issue. After reading my article, it will make more sense. This program sets up the audio registers to output a 748 Hz pure tone on one channel, and a 10.6 Hz tone on the other. Hold down the GAME SELECT switch to play the 748 Hz tone, and the GAME RESET switch to play the 10.6 Hz tone. Run this program on Stella, and then on a real 2600, and note the difference. TIA Sounding Off in the Digital Domain.pdf tremolo.bin
  16. Just some questions Hi, if I start the video recording I´ll get the error My settings are standard (I think): any idea ? thx
  17. Hi all, I was wondering what the best online vec emulator was. I've tried ParaJVE but never got my was around it. Which emu. What would you suggest? I haven't tried using another emu. yet. Where should I start? Can this emulator support homebrews along with all of the original titles? Can it also support discontinued titles such as dark tower? Megaman
  18. The IBM 5100 and 5110 were IBM's first "portable" computers. They had interpreters of the machine languages of IBM's much bigger machines System/3 and System/360 in their ROMs, and so this small computer could execute (slightly adapted) BASIC and APL language implementations of the large machines. I ported Christian Corti's great IBM 5110 emulator to JavaScript, so you can work with an emulated IBM 5110 directly in your (HTML5-capable) web browser. Disk and tape support are still to be done, and I could not test it with a US keyboard layout. I nonetheless wanted to share the WIP version to give you a first impression. If someone succeeded to dump IBM 5110 tapes or disks and could provide an image file, this would be great for further testing. Those who are interested, can try out the emulator and write some small BASIC or APL programs at http://members.aon.at/nkehrer Greetings Norbert
  19. Hi guys. I'm Orionsangel. I'm a life long gamer. I grew up with Atari and have had almost every console imaginable. I hung out in Arcades in the 80's. I still play games to this day even modern games. So last year I started making bezels for retro games on Mame. My idea was to bring the arcade experience at home without owning the arcade machines. Check them out. https://www.youtube.com/orionsangel Playlist - http://bit.ly/2u1Yl42 Here are some examples.
  20. "OSx16 Jmice Adapter Device Driver" Installation : Connect Adapter To Serial Port Boot System With OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.02 Type : OSxJmice (Upper/Lower Case Allowed) To Run "OSx16 Game Commander" : Type : OSxGC (Upper/Lower Case Allowed) Also;You Can Use Atari CX40 Joystick (And/OR Compatible) In Skyroads, Skyroads (XMAS Special), Wolf3d DOS Games Via "OSx16 Jmice Adapter Device". + 340 Atari 2600 (Play All With "OSx16 Jmice Adapter" And Atari Joystick, Just Now) + 20 DOS + 5 NES + 2 SEGA + 3 C<64 Games. Best Choice For Old and New PCs & Laptops Without HDD, FDD, Sound Card, Huge RAM, ... For Simulation The Atari 2600, And Using Its Original Joystick. Adapter Picture In : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246470-diy-osx16-joystick-mice-adapter-osxjmice/ CD-ROM ISO FILE : http://1drv.ms/1iE3ci3
  21. I found this auction in ebay: Someone of you had some experience to use it on TI-99/4A ? it seems to work like an HxC ? This is the main Website: http://www.thesvd.com/index.php Here where explain how use it on the TI-99/4A just i am curious because never seen it before
  22. Hi to everybody, I have coded several Action Script emulators such as Sega SC-3000, Sega Master System, Coleco Vision, MSX1 and some arcade games ( Pengo, Crush Roller, Pac Man, Lady Bug, Solomon's key and Bomb Jack ). I always have wanted to learn more about the TI-99/4a, and maybe to code a special online emulator. Can you suggest me a good doc to read to learn how this computer works? I mean, something that let me go deep in the hardware, which talks about hardware specs, memory map, bios, functions, I/O, everything... Is there something that explains what happens when you turn on the machine with or without a cartridge, or how the memory mapped I/O ports are read or written ? What is the Ti99 Bible ? Thank you.
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