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Found 13 results

  1. Please use this post only for final entry submissions. You may enter as many programs as you want. Please do not post comments here! Rules Games should be programmed in either TI BASIC or any version of Extended Basic currently available. Maximum total length of the program cannot exceed 10 lines, including DATA statements Disk or other storage access is NOT allowed. You must only use the facilities available within TI BASIC or the particular XB cartridge you chose. Entry format: Programs should be submitted as a disk image for ease of access by all. Make sure to state the running environment (TI BASIC, TIXB, RXB etc...). Also include the name or AA handle you wish to use for credit. Submission deadline: July 31st, 2019 midnight GMT Judging: A public poll will be created on this forum with all the eligible entries at the end of the contest, separated into 2 categories: TI BASIC and Extended Basic. The winning entry in each category will be the one with the highest number of votes. Prizes: 1x NIB Atari Flashback Blast! Volume 1 and 1x NIB Activision Flashback Blast! (winners will decide who gets what among themselves). Most of all, have fun!!!
  2. Here's an Extended Basic version of the classic board game Stratego where your opponent is the computer. The theme is the battle of Waterloo pitting Napoleon Bonaparte (you, with the blue units), Emperor of France, against the coalition forces led by the Duke of Wellington (the computer, with the red units). While the AI will put up a stiff defense, its success, or yours, will depend heavily on the initial setup of the forces on the field. The computer will vary its setup from game to game in order to avoid predictability. Designing the AI was pretty challenging because this is a game of incomplete information, and actually zero information at the start, and so the usual tree searches fail spectacularly. It turns out that programming common sense and strategic acumen is ridiculously difficult, particularly when memory is limited. There is definitely room for improvement, but with under 30 bytes of RAM left I had to make some tough choices, although I think the overall AI strength is pretty decent. At the very least it will not make idiotic mistakes Being an XB game fitted into 2 separate but linked programs, one for the initial setup and another for the main gameplay, it is pretty slow, so joystick jockeys need not apply. Average response time during the early and late game is about 55 seconds but can take several minutes during the middle game, and a complete game can easily take a couple of hours. UPDATE 4/7/19 With the help of Senior Falcon and his outstanding XB compiler, we were able to get Stratego to compile! Along the way, both the game and the compiler were enhanced, so make sure you check out the latest version of the latter, ISABELLA 2.0, under the XB development thread. Now, Stratego runs over 6x faster, with an average response time of 10 seconds only, and it gets shorter as the number of units dwindles! The AI has been beefed up as well since compilation freed up more memory, and I even managed to uncover a couple of deep bugs within the depth of that complex code. The game is now far more playable from a time-requirement standpoint, and I'm very pleased with the end-product. UPDATE 4/13/19 This last update does not make any enhancements to the gameplay. It combines the 2 parts of Stratego into one large program that is compiled using Senior Falcon's XB32K utility, thus eliminating the need to save/load data from disk when transitioning between the 2 parts, and in the process reducing the loading delay by a couple of minutes. This is mostly apparent for real hardware users however. Oh and the program now autoloads from XB. The manual has also been updated with the addition of a back cover as well. I think I'm going to officially sign off on this project at this point and call it done. Splash screen Setting up the forces Ready for battle! Combat resolution Napoleon ravaging Wellington's deep lines Wellington attempting a desperate right flank counter-attack Can you guess where the flag is? Napoleon wins the day! Enjoy! Here's the disk label courtesy of Omega. I do plan on creating a printed manual and disk package in very limited quantities hopefully in the next month or so. Stratego Manual.pdf STRATEGO.dsk
  3. I tried Compiler 2.12 but it doesn't create .bin files. What I'm trying to do is run my XB programs from flashrom99 so I need a way to compile XB in to BIN. I've searched and search for anything resembling a step by step and am at a loss.
  4. ] ZOMBi v0.54 beta >>>DOWNLOAD>>><<<HERE<<< continue reading for more details. Whether or not you've been following this thread :http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254360-graphics-on-your-ti-are-you-interested/ I hope you'll enjoy this. I started doing animation and graphics stuff on that other thread. Then I started using joystick controls etc.. I made a little pixel man that runs and jump. Then I added a random hole he could fall into or jump over. Then I got an idea for a game so I'm going to make it. It's called ZOMBi. GAME IS CURRENTLY in ALPHA version. Beta coming soon! (maybe) *IMPORTANT* - game is no longer playable in Extended Basic (way too slow to be considered playable). You must load the ZOMB54-A file into Editor Assembly Option 5 or load the .bin file on to a FlashRom99 or in to Classic99(8.bin) to play. (3 easiest methods, there are more) To play test, download the zip for the Source created in TidBit, 8.bin file & Extended Basic Text for Classic99 use and non-inverted rom created using Fred Kaal's Module Creator 2. Image compression and compiling made possible by Harry Wilhelm's XB256 and Harry Wilhelm's 256 Compressor - both available via Classic99. ZOMB54-A,-B,-C = EA5 files created using editor assembler cartridge via classic99. Use this to load option 5 DSKx.ZOMBI47-A ZOMB54-X = classic99 save file executable using Harry Wilhelm's XB256 ZOMBITS3-M = classic99 saved merge file of compressed title screens using Harry Wilhelm's Compiler ZOMBIV054-32K8.bin = FlashRom99 and Classic99 ready bin file 32k - copy to FlashRom99 or Load as cartridge in classic99. ZOMBtiV54MERGED.txt = Extended BASIC Merged code of ZOMB49-x above, in plain text for review only. ZOMBtiV54_source.txt = my original plain text source code created for TidBit translation. How To Play: About: This is meant to be a semi casual zombie survival game to escape a skyscraper. Play for score (session high score coming soon) Combat: Joystick up = A melee attack and is a swing attack that covers the space directly in front and behind the player. You get one attack per inventory item. Melee destroys loot. Joystick down = A ranged attack. Fires one bullet in the direction the player is facing. One shot per inventory item. Bullets destroy loot. Bullets miss everything within 5 spaces and will lose accuracy over long distances. Find the sweet spot. ZOMBiES: Will grab you and attack you at lower levels. Hold jump to escape, try hitting with melee, break away as fast as you can. DODGE: You can attempt to dodge zeds by jumping past them. LOOTING: Will slow you down, jump past it to dodge the loot if you need to. Controls: X=Quit, R=Reset game, Q and Controller Button = Jump, Joystick Left/Right moves left/right, Joystick up = melee attack - Joystick down = ranged attack. *Developer cheats for testing: Press B to advance a level downward - no points given - used to test loot balance level progression. Notes: Don't mash the jump button, press and hold. It is not possible to run over holes or run past loot without picking it up. The crumbling floor on each side of the hole? Be careful of loose gravel, you can slip and fall. Backstory: It's the zombie apocalypse. Hordes of the living dead are roaming the streets, you hear a helicopter and climb the tallest building level by crumbling level. You get to the roof and just as you make it to the end, the roof door is barred and you hear the helicopter motors fading in to the distance. Then you hear another sound. The sound of the dead creeping in and closer. They must have followed you. Now, it's time to get out. Escape to the ground floor street level. Good Luck. V0.54 changes: On Going - Optimize variables - reduce & reuse - save ram. Was able to free up 200-300k program space. More to come. Eliminated need for Melee and Ranged loot sprites. using call v/hChar instead. Reduces sprites per line in most cases and gets rid of 2 coinc checks for zeds. This also requires weapons and floors and walls be the same color. Going to play with the color and try out several different ones. Maybe give a new color every x levels.. . KNOWN ISSUES: NOT ALL FUNCTIONALITY HAS BEEN DEVELOPED AS OF THIS VERSION. Bullets missing zombies a lot more often now. Need to fix. On levels full of zombies, game is too slow to play. You can experience this on level 90. Press B to skip to the next board. Need to optimize COINC further. Highscore screen and you are dead screens need fixing to display score/highscore. Loot balance zombie distribution. Need to save zedstepr to fix all animation glitches where zed legs slide. To Do Next: On Going - Optimize variables - reduce & reuse - save ram Adjust girder and weapon loot color. Put back player damage while crouched. Use on GoSub to reduce amount of code? CHECK PERFORMANCE WITH 14 ZEDS, WITH 14 ZEDS FOLLOWING. ****super slow**** Change delay in title screens (check Sr. Falcons coments around v048-050) Mitigate known issues as they arise Continue to add more comments to source code Remove developer cheats. Running low on memory. Barely able to run in XB256 PC Overdrive via classic99. Maybe Not - Free Pass: At level 10 and below, you get one freepass to use per level. You use it or lose it at the exit. A free pass will give you 5 health, 10 melee and 10 ranged in inventory.You can use the free pass once per level from this point on. It will cost you 333 points each time used. Nothing is free. Use jump and hold joyst down when landing to use free pass power up. Final level showdown. Add SYMM to title. Add credits screen to include products used and community support. MUSIC/Soundtrack Then there's all the secondary stuff and polish. Like having Zombie death and loot destroyed animations with sound effects. Possibly redoing much of the existing artwork. Maybe change up ZEDai so they will randomly change direction instead of waiting to hit a hole. Change Log: V0.53 changes: FIXED* There was a glitch where graphics are lost and all sprites disappear during jump routines. Changed _JUMP from a GOSUB to a GOTO and RETURN to a GOTO _SPIDLE effectively by-passing any chance of creating the condition that was causing this. I HOPE. all my tests conclude this is fixed. V0.52 changes: FIXED* Weapons not working against zombies on bottom level of board. FIXED* There is a glitch where graphics are lost and all sprites disappear. FIXED* Bonus level every 10 levels starting at 90. V0.51 changes: Continued over-all code optimization. Optimize variables - reduce & reuse - focus on reducing ram requirements. New optimized collision detection checks. Zombi max speed and health increased at level 50. Alternate between Zombie movement and Zombie collision detection for better performance. Gutted out LO0T array and recoded combat coincs to conserve ram. Zeds now turn around with loot collision instead of walking over weapons for better performance. Bonus level every 10 levels (not tested) 90 - all zeds 80 - all zeds 70 - all hearts 60 - all ranged 50 - all melee 40 - all zeds 30 - all hearts 20 - all ranged 10 - all melee FIXED* zed va ranged loot no good. glitch with heartz bug reproducible. FIXED* Bullet Issues - visibility & collision issue. FIXED* NO ZED MOVEMENT DURING PLAYER JUMP? FIXED* No zed coinc during player fall. FIXED* Random loot throughout game will give multiple times. FIXED* When a lot of zombies on screen: FIXED* one of two on the same level = 1 Zombi will walk over holes. FIXED* Super slow performance during COINC checks and not turning around. Not so bad otherwise. FIXED* zed self collide get teleported to top level again. This darn glitch is back. Need to figure it out again. CHANGED - Zombies will not be able to change levels and there will be no crawler zombie due to 4 sprite per line limit. Maybe I'll make an f18a version. V0.50 changes: Fixed player/zombi collisions. Adjusted jumping animation Fixed double delay On instruction screen. Fixed .bin file issue that would crash classic99 and real iron upon load. It was a typo that made it through the assembly process. Fixed - Player can no longer hold jump button and skip across holes. V0.49 changes: More code optimizations. Namely in cleaning up and reducing variables. More source code comments. Removed looting delay for all items. Adjusted jump delay to discourage jump abuse. Increased player running speed by 2 (Doubling it). Adjusted Zombie hole collision turn around distance. Found and removed zombi random speed change at every cycle. This code was supposed to only be present when a Zombi is created and when a Zombi hits a hole to turn around or fall. Fixed Melee attack animation frame issue. Complete rework of all coinc routines resulting in huge performance gains. Number of Zombis no longer crushes performance. New arrays, one per loot item and one for all loot. V0.48 changes: Title and Instruction screens, move joystick to continue as well as hitting enter (for easy use on real consoles) Rewrote instructions for ranged. Changed girder graphics. Zeds at level 50 will fall to lower level as player descends. A lot more comments being added to source code. Fixed YAD screen goes to high score and not reset game. Fixed animation issues. Reassign charcodes to optimize animation performance. This broke everything and require going through all lines of code with a fine toothed comb. Which revealed many other bugs in the code that went undiscovered until now. Too many bug fixes to list when everything breaks. All items are now re-coded and fixed. V0.47 changes: Fixed dodging zed attacks. Removed player to zed coinc checks as we now have zed to player coinc checks. (more efficient) Adjusted Zombi attack rate.. V0.46 changes: Added more delay before jump. Added more delay at loot. Added a lot more comments to source code. Added 3 power ups to assist as things get difficult. At level 75 a health power up that will double your max health. At level 50 a ranged weapon power up that will double your capacity to 20. at level 25 a weapon power up that will double your melee weapon capacity to 20. At level 50 zombie health is increased by 50% At Level (board) 66 existing zombies will try to match the player's X position as best it can (chase the player) when on the same level At level 33 all zeds chase the player regardless of level they are on. Added framework for crawler. V0.45 changes: added more delay after jump. *needs more delay added delay at loot. *needs more delay zombies continue to move during player fall. *Fixed* High Score display between levels and at You Are Dead screens. Zombies destroy hearts upon contact. Rewrote the collisions a bit at the expense of performance. Will optimize in beta. V044 changes: Player starts game with full inventory. *Testing this out may revert to no inventory again* Rearranged source code for better readability (flow). Loot balanced to 25% Highscore YAD screen WIP. Needs a display at for actual score and test it first. *FIXED*Can't figure out why HSCORE not remaining. *FIXED* character Shooting stance *FIXED* last zed freezing when another zed killed. Zed teleporting to level1 - This was a bvuig related to how I was dealing with arrays. *FIXED* Melee attacks at far edge of levels could produce an out of range y coordinate for melee weapon attack sprite call. *FIXED* Bug in the way melee was being checked for coinc with loot AND ZEDS. *FIXED* a lot of bugs that were created by fixing previous bugs. too many to list. V043 changes: Improvements to jumping. Rewrote jumping behaviour. Title and instruction screen delay. To prevent skipping over instructions if ketpress not released soon enough. Ranged fixed (issues pertaining to bullets)- Completely rewrote the ranged attack routine. Bullets now destroy loot. *FIXED* No points for shooting zombies. You were getting points - the gui wasn't updating at kill time. *FIXED* Zombie health still at 2 hitpoints. Zombies noe have 4 hitpoints to start. 2 ranged shots or 4 melee to take one down. *FIXED* Need to spawn more zeds at begining of game - Adjusted Zombie and Loot balance *FIXED* Holes destroy bullets. - bullets now pass over holes.. Small chance a bullet will miss a Zombie. V042 changes: YOU ARE DEAD screen *fixed* Zombie walking animations *fixed* High Score displayed @death & level progression IDLE Step timer added - every (Board*2) steps, minus 1 point (encourages urgency). Bullets destroy loot Loot distribution balance adjusted - still testing. Gave Zombies more health. V041 changes: First iteration of Title and instruction screens are in game. YOU ARE DEAD screen reworked but incomplete. V040 changes: Zombie Health is now per zed. Currently 2hp. melee does 1, ranged does 2. Ranged weapons have no effect at close range and very long range. Find the sweet spot or miss. melee graphics changed. zed movement is now per zed with varying speeds. Loot distribution now evenly balanced, needs some tweaking. More code reduction and optimizing related to loot distribution and ranged combat. Loot balance issue - only guns lower than level 93 - FIXED Ded Zed - Sometimes Zombies spawn and do not move. - FIXED Zombies freeze during jumps. Can freeze them in time by holding jump button. - FIXED V039 changes: V039 changes: Zeds move! And that kills performance to the point that it cannot be played in Extended basic. So from this version on I'm including the TiBit source and Extended Basic source for review and include EA5 files and a .bin for use in flashrom99. If you want to play it in emulation, load the Editor Assembly Cartridge, option 5 load DSKx.ZOMBI39-A Gave player and zombies ability to exit sides of screen via doors to roll over the opposite side of screen. This eliminated a lot of over head and improved performance. Completely redid zed and charecter movement. It's not as smooth but it solves all colisions issues and it feels right for the game. fIXED BULLET VS zED ISSUES - SOME REMAIN. V038 changes: More code ops as I add more code. Side edge of screen glitch fixed. (Players could traverse the level by jumping and holding the joystick direction at the same time*not anymore) Much improved collisions and movement. Zombie spawn frequency adjusted. V 0.37 changes: Regained sprite by not using sprite for level exit.. Call hchar instead. COINC handled by screen position check. Loot balancing with board progression. (game balancing) More code optimizations: v37 after OLD (load): 6992 program free. 6992 stack v37 after RUN: 10606 stack free, 6000 program free. V 0.36 changes: Continued code optimizing. Also, Last version had label issues. It was a typo issue on my part using TidBit. I didn't think I uploaded that version since it was fixed prior to uploading v0.35. So here's 0.36 without the game crushing error. V 0.35 changes: Continued code optimizing. Console Ram: 24488 Program. v34 after OLD (load): 3797 program free. v34 after RUN: 2829 program free. v35 after OLD (load): 6734 PROGRAM FREE v34 after RUN: 6590 PROGRAM FREE V 0.34 changes: Added placeholders for moving zombies. Changed level count to reflect count down. Changed ExX in GUI to Level 99 levels to complete, Optimized a lot of code (Still a lot more to do) Moved development to TidBit (see source in zip) Console Ram: 11840 Stack, 24488 Program. v33 after OLD (load): 1554 program free. v33 after RUN: 10039 stack free, 730 program free. v34 after OLD (load): 3797 program free. v34 afterEUN: 10644 stack free, 2829 program free. V 0.33 changes: Added ranged weapon attacks Added more sounds Cleaned up all code comments and recoded an bunch of mistakes. V032 changes: Fixed Melee COINC issue caused by me debugging unrelated things. Added Zombie Hit indicator (Zombie flashes red when hit) Added more sounds V030 changes: Can jump while running. improved running speed. Re-Wrote Loot distribution and collision code and then fixed everything that I broke as a result. Fixed GUI display issue when ranged is full causing wrap around of value on the display. looting and zombie attacks slow you down. Added sounds for falling and loot pickup. Version 029 changes (*8/19/16) : Started high score frame work.. Zeds no longer die when in contact with player. Must be killed with Melee or Dodged for now. Added some sounds. ADJUSTED SCORING Fixed issue running across bottom floor caused by unused hole spawning there. Optimize COINC calls in regards to man vs loot and man vs wall. UNRELEASED: V028 changes: Major inefficiencies in dealing with sprites and sprite generation resolved Optimized coinc calls for better performance in regards to melee coinc detection Melee weapon attack system completed. Version 027 changes (*8/18/16) - X=Quit, R=Reset, J and Controller Button = Jump, Joystick Left/Right moves left/right, Joystick up = melee attack temporarily using just a high pitched sound for place holder. Joystick down = ranged attack temporarily using a noise for place holder. Adjusted running animations slightly. Set up weapon inventory. Entered new CHAR patterns and codes for ZEDS and combat. Setup empty framework for zed coinc and combat. version 0.26-081516 Level Progression Working with new GUI element. *Pushing Joystick up or down RESETS the game. Board progression works via the EXIT. Zombies do -1 heart/health damage. 0 health = death. Hearts = +1 health, 10 max. FIXED*Sometimes holes don't spawn where holes are supposed to spawn causing a "no exit" situation. I dunno why yet. FIXED*Sometimes loot doesn't spawn where it is supposed to. I dunno why yet. FIXED*Sometimes the player falls through the girders near or very far from the hole. I dunno why yet. New death screen. When at this screen, press any key, move joystick to push joystick button to play again. V030 changes: Can jump while running. improved running speed. Re-Wrote Loot distribution and collision code and then fixed everything that I broke as a result. Fixed GUI display issue when ranged is full causing wrap around of value on the display. looting and zombie attacks slow you down. Added sounds for falling and loot pickup. ZOMBiV054beta.zip
  5. Hi. A new creative programming challenge has launched that should be within the reach of most here. Only 10 lines of TI BASIC or Extended Basic (any flavor)! Details here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291836-official-10-liner-program-competition-thread/ Looking forward to what we can come up with!
  6. In 1985, I type a program on the Ti-99/4a and make a mistake. There was a bug in de Extended Basic Rom module and I have make a youtube movie to let see it. It's go wrong, if you choose for extended basic and type: 10 print list accept a See it in action, https://youtu.be/G8VKeentObk
  7. Quick and Dirty Video Tutorial: Attached here is an mp4 video from start to finish summarizing the method and applications I choose to use. They work for me assuming my code adheres to certain rules. First, I use Classic99. Harry Wilhelm's compiler comes with it along with a guide. in your class99 folder you'll see the contributor's folder. look in there for the docs.pdf and read them from start to finish. It's a full guide on how to get your AE5 file from your BASIC file as well as the rules you need to follow. From there I take my compiled program in to TI99Dir and convert it to a V9T9 file. Then I go in to Module creator to convert it in to a non inverted rom. Then I copy the produced bin file to my flashrom99 sd card, plug it in to a ti-99/4a and choose my file from the list. And it works, usually. This mp4 video>>xb2fr99.zip<< shows you the entire process from start to finish in 12 minutes and 20 seconds.
  8. Hi. When chain-loading XB programs, my usual process has been to save the variables to disk before loading the next program then retrieving them back. I was thinking, since low memory is preserved in XB during that process, why not use CALL LOAD to save the variables to low memory and retrieve them subsequently with a CALL PEEK? This would speed up the process tremendously. Am I missing something here?
  9. Hi. New game can be found in the Development section: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/288039-new-game-stratego/
  10. Shout out to Tursi and Senior Falcon. I ran in to another issue compiling today. I was determined not to ask for help. So I read all the things you guys posted and shared all the other times I had issues and it was a success. So happy. Thank you. For others drawn here because of the title, here's what happened and how it played out. I'm using classic99 with Harry Wilhelm's XB256 and his 256D Compiler to compile an Extended BASIC program. The program compiled without issue. It was the Assembler that threw this at me... . So without changing any DSK settings (I do not save all dv to windows text and I do not save in TIFiles format) I typed this into the compiler "DSK2.?w.Z43,TXT" The ?W being a flag for classic99 to tell it to save dv as windows text as long as I use the txt extension I think. I assumed that everything after the DSK2. was a filename character count. so ? to the second T equals 10 total characters. I could be mistaken but better safe than sorry. . Then I loaded the saved txt file into notepad++ with line numbers turned on and scrolled down to line number 1252. I found 1252 to contain a line reference to line 3500 and it was right above line 3500 with line 3490 preceding it. . I went to lines 3490 and 3500 in my Extended Basic program and found a typo! I'm so grateful for the knowledge everyone shares with the community. Bravo and thank you for making me that much more self reliant. So happy.
  11. I came across this site today https://gkanold.wixsite.com/homeputerium/kopie-von-basic-10liners-2019. I know we've done a similar contest in the past, but it allowed for DATA statements. It would be fun to launch a new contest for games programmed with only 10 lines of XB and nothing else and see what we can come up with. Any interest? We could submit them to the 2020 entries.
  12. This contest is now closed for new submissions. We only had 2 entries which you can find here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/224499-interactive-fiction-context-entries-submissions/?hl=%2Binteractive+%2Bfiction&do=findComment&comment=3020110 . Voting is open to all AtariAge members, and will be open till August 9th. If you plan on voting, please download the programs and give them a try. Any questions about the programs can be posted in this topic. The winner will be announced on August 10th and the prize will be an original copy of "Get Lamp: The Text Adventure Documentary" DVD by Jason Scott UPDATE: At the request of Sometimes99er, his entry was removed from the contest. Therefore, with only one entry left, there is little to vote on. I still hope you get to download the games and give them a try.
  13. I was contacted by Harry Wilhelm (@senior_falcon on this forum) and he requested me to add his latest revision of The Missing Link to the development resources thread. Check it out in the Development resources thread or download it here. Excellent work! Thank you @senior_falcon and welcome to our Atariage TI-99/4A programming group!
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