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Found 23 results

  1. From the album: Uh, retro stuff

    Family computer
  2. I got a Nintendo Family Computer (HVC-001) yesterday. I've been curious about these for a while and found what I think was an ok deal on ebay. Paid $52.99usd total shipped from a seller in Japan. $25 of that was shipping, but it was well packed and sent registered mail. The seller threw in a Super Mario Bros cart as an unexpected surprise. I'm setup and running with a proper us voltage switching 9vdc supply and enjoying the system so far. Pictured is the console running on my modern tv. The tv is doing a decent job on ch96..better than I expected actually. I am impressed by how small this model is compared to the NES. So, where to go from here? Any suggestions on Famicom specific games to look for? Btw, the Power-Joy famiclone (also pictured) first got me interested in the real hardware.
  3. Check out my auctions! Most end Friday, 5/11 at around 7pm. Thanks for your interest! eBay Seller: Desfeek
  4. classicgamer74


    I am interested in purchasing a Famicom. If it has some games, that would be nice, too, but not important. I'd like for it to have both controllers. Please let me know.
  5. Any NEX, NES, or Famicom fans out there? You might want to check out my auction. Thanks! https://www.ebay.com/itm/172989450754?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. There are no firm prices for anything, it's all offer based, I wanted to offer it here before I dumped them broken up on eBay. Bundles: Boxed NES (All Games are Boxed, Some are Complete) Boxed NBS Action Set (w/ original game, gun, and controllers) [some wear, see pictures) Seicross Michael Andretti's (World GP) Tetris The Hunt For Red October Fast Break Gold (Bandai) Rygar Star Voyager Super Mario 3 World Cup 1943 Dr. Chaos Gameboy Advance Package • Japanese Gameboy Advance (Complete) • Super Mario Advance Japanese Import (Complete) Unlicensed NES Package: Sunday Funday Raid 2020 Impossible Mission II Bible Adventures The Ultimate Stuntman Metal Fighter SNES Pirates: Pokemon Stadium (Boxed) Pokemon (Boxed) Digimon Supervision Package: • Super Vision (Complete) • Crystal Ball (Loose) • Tennis Pro 92 (Loose) • Magincross (Loose) Game Gear Package (All items are loose and packaged in the carry case unless otherwise noted, many games have manuals) • Game Gear • AC Adaptor (Official) • Battery Pack (Official) • Carrying Case (Offical) Games: • Sonic The Hedgebog 2 (x3) • RBI Baseball 94 • NBA Jame TE • WorldCup USA 94 • Super Columns • Super Columns (Boxed) • PGA Tour 96 • MicroMachines • Sonic Drift 2 • The Majors: Pro Baseball • NFL Quarterback Club 96 • NHL Hockey • Frank Thomas: Big Hurt • NFL 95 Neo Geo Pocket Color Package • Carbon Fiber Neo Geo Pocket Color (missing battery door) • AC Charger (SNK official) • Games: • metal Slug 1st Mission (Complete) • cool Boarders (Complete) • SNK vs. Capcom : Match of The Millennium (Complete) • Bust a Move Pocket (Complete) • Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 (Missing Manual) • Shanghai Mini (Loose) Consoles: • XBOX 360 w/ 20gb HD and iXTREME Firmware, not banned (rrod) Famiclones: • Gunboy (Damaged Box) • Gameplayer [PS1 Clone] (Complete) • New Century Joypad Player, 32 in 1 (Complete) Computer: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6450 1GB (Boxed) Games: NES: • 4 in 1 Quattro Adventure (Boxed) Genesis: • Vectorman (Sealed) • Zoop (Review Cart / Prototype) Genesis (Pirate): • Mortal Kombat 2 (Boxed) • The Incredible Hulk (Boxed) • Lion King 2 • Raiden Trad (Boxed) • Super 6 in 1 • Super Mario 2 1998 Megadrive: • Fatal Fury 2 (Boxed) SNES: • Super Noah’s Ark 3D (Loose) Super Famicom: • Final Fight Atari Lynx: • Pit-Fighter (Sealed) Gameboy Imports: • Bionic Commando –Japanese Import- [GB] (Loose) • Exodus : Journey to The Promised Land [GBC?] (Loose) • Kirbys Dream Land [GB] –CHINESE Import- (Loose)
  7. Looking for: Famicom with controllers FDS w/ RAM adapter I'm located in the US. Please drop me a line if you have one you'd like to sell! Thanks
  8. SmellyJelly

    Famicom Classic

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    I got this for Christmas last year. I typically use it when I'm at a friend's house.

    © SmellyJelly

  9. All prices are in U.S, funds, but I will gladly accept the equivalent in Canadian funds. Payment by paypal. All prices included shipping to mainland U.S. and Canada by Canada Post. I will not ship to other countries within the Americas. Shipping overseas with tracking & insurances costs hundreds of dollars. I will ship overseas untracked if you pay the difference in shipping, payment is made by paypal "gift" and you want to take the risk. I've sent many packages to Europe this way and none have been lost, but it can take a couple months to arrive. Red Famicom Twin system with newer belt and NESRGB, games and Sansuii pad: $400 shipped I can add the matching Famicom Everdrive pictured below for $80 The belt was supposed to have been replaced not long before I bought the system a few years ago, but I haven't spent many hours playing FDS games using the actual disk drive. Working Disk games load fast and work flawlessly. I've already sold most of the working FDS games I had. Zelda loads side A fine, but gets Error 27 loading side B. Galaxy Odyssey loads side A fine, but gets Error 27 loading side B. I have tried the audio cassette. Kiki Kikkai works fine. Kid Icarus works fine. The weird disk with different stickers on either side and the Castlevania case does not work. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(10).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(11).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(12).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(13).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(14).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(15).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(16).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(17).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(18).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin.JPG PC-FX $175 shipped http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(9).JPG Neo Geo CD system with AES stick and 4 games $300 shipped I can include an 8-way gate and arcade ball top if you like. All games play flawlessly. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(10).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(11).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(12).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(13).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd.JPG Neo Geo Omega CMVS system with AEST stick, power supply and component cable: $530 shipped I can add the NeoSD flashcart pictured below, with 32(?)GB microsd card for $350 The AES stick has an 8-way gate installed and arcade ball top. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(10).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(11).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(12).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(13).JPG Sega Master System with S-Video, composite and audio output mods + one controller: $80 shipped No power supply or video cables. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss.JPG HDG Genesis with "all" the mods: $150 shipped[b/] I'll update this with more info after I find the full list of work done. Definitely includes 2 overclock speeds, language switch, component, s-video, composite and audio output mods. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(.JPG Atari 5200 system with rebuilt controller and 27 game carts $300 shipped I can add an Atari 5200 Ultimate SD Cartridge for $90 and/or the pictured controller adapter + overlays set for $80 This system was cleaned and refurbished inside and out from the seller I bought it from. The controller was rebuilt with modern parts and works great. If you are interested I will test each cart again. I don't remember any being duds. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200.JPG Atari 2600 system with 2600RGB mods, refurbished paddle controllers and Harmony Encore flashcart $350 shipped http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(10).JPG Colecovision system fully refurbished and modded $300 shipped I can add the pictured Atarimax flash cart for $80 I also have a Famicom controller with full keypad, modified for Colecovision that will be available if the lot sells. This Colecovision console was refurbished and upgraded by Yurki and includes the following mods: 2 black controllers with ball knobs and straightened cords Composite and Audio out jack (cable included) RGB output (scart cable included) Pause button Bios skip LEDs to indicate Power On and Pause Comes with the original power supply, 2 original controllers, RGB scart cable and composite/left/right audio cable. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(10).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(11).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(12).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(13).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(14).JPG "Hong Kong Version" NES $200 shipped http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(.JPG Korean SNES/Hyundai Super Comboy $150 shipped http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(6).JPG Clear black/smoke gray Dreamcast system with 10 games and SD card adapter $220 shipped More details soon. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(6).JPG Just Breed CIB Famicom game with English translation: $90 shipped Authentic Famicom cart with translated rom chips installed. Saving works great. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/jbreed%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/jbreed%20(2).JPG Lagrange Point Famicom game with English translation: $90 shipped Authentic Famicom cart with translated rom chips installed. FM sound and saving works great. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/lagr%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/lagr%20(2).JPG
  10. Hi, although this is my first post, I am definitely not new here. I've poked around this site for years, now. With that said, I recently picked up a Famicom w/ Disk System for 40 dollars, sold as untested. While the Famicom, itself, does work, The Disk System is as I expected. The belt was destroyed. I cleaned that up and replaced it with a new belt. Now it works, but a new problem appears. This video explains the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfCVyB2c378 If you have any ideas, please let me know, that would be nice. Thanks.
  11. From last month's Akihabra haul: The floppy plugs into the cartridge slot, and doesn't seem to allow passthrough to run the Basic language cart. Is there a way to save or load from disk Basic programs? Perhaps there is a different version of Basic that runs from disk? (I gather there is a tape option, but that can't be the only option.
  12. Well a little while back I finally came across a Famicom adapter but I needed a case for it. I 3d print so the solution was simple. Unhappy with what Thingaverse had to offer I designed my own. It is clearly inspired by the honeybee, and the game genie for the handle. I would like to offer it to anyone in this group who 3d prints to do with as you please. I hope you enjoy! Edit: The image with Super Mario Bros. 3 is inaccurate. The label should be facing down to work. I'm not sure why I did that for the picture. I know better then that. Also if you download you will notice 2 versions of the top and bottom. One with support and one without. Support should not be necessary, but I was having issues with the part flexing during the print and it would come out warped. I added a sort of scaffold to the parts to prevent this. I believe this issue was due to old filament and high humidity in my area. I would recommend trying the files without support first and if you encounter issues try the other with support. In either case have your slicer set for no support because the support is built into the piece. Bumble stl.zip
  13. Trying to get some cash together to buy some new games, so here's some stuff I'm sellin'. Best Offers are also cool with me Shipping may vary depending on where the parcel needs to be shipped to, apologies for the lack of understanding of shipping fees, I am new to this, we can calculate shipping in a PM if you'd like. Combined shipping is also cool with me. FAMICOM GAMES: Mickey Mouse: Fushigi no Kuni no Daibouken $5 Golf Club Birdie Rush $3 Super Mario 14 $8 Youkai Club $8 Saiyukki World 2 $14 Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium '88 $3 NES GAMES: MagMax $3 Quattro Adventure 4 in 1 $7 Pac-Man (Tengen) $5 World Games $3 Ninja Gaiden 2 $10 Adventure Island $7 Conquest of the Crystal Palace $17 Mega Man 3 $16 Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt $5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $10 Platoon $3 Festers Quest $5 Kid Kool $8 Megaman Multicart (Contains all the original games and a ton of ROM Hacks) $30 ATARI 2600 GAMES: Vanguard $3 Bowling $3 Demons to Diamonds $3 Video Olympics $3 Super Challenge Football $3 Stampede $3 Space Jockey $3 Grand Prix $3 MISC: Famicom to NES Adapter $8 Game Genie $10 Sega Genesis Model 2 with Expansion port cover (No cables, just console) $18 If I get anything new in I will bump this thread. Thanks guys
  14. It's time to get rid of some stuff I don't use enough to keep around. I'm open to sales, but would prefer trades. Here's what I'm interested in: - Games: Lynx, Intellivision, 3DO, Saturn (Japan only), Mega CD (Japan only). - Hardware: Sears 2600, - Controllers: Genesis/MD 3 button, 2600 compatible Arcade stick First up: Nintendo Gamecube (modded with Xeno mod chip by Guntz, so it plays backups) with Gameboy Player, Raphnet SNES-to-GC adapter. I will include a disc with the Gameboy Interface (GBI) homebrew software for the GB Player, which is much better than the actual GBP startup disc from Nintendo. Also includes SFC gamepad, AC adapter and composite cables. This is for trade only, if you'd like to buy one of these, please contact Guntz. Next, some loose Famicom and Gameboy carts: I'm asking $100 shipped for the Famicom carts. Quick Step, Pitfall, Keystone- $15 for all 3 SECRET QUEST AND MONTEZUMA ARE SOLD I also have a lot of other loose VCS carts (Jr Pac Man, Worm War I, a bunch of commons). PM me if there are others you want that I might have. Next, a loose Atari Flashback 7, with AC adapter ($20) Finally, some random items, CIB Wico (ON HOLD), Saturn PAR (SOLD), CIB Columns ($20), Phantasy Star IV ($40) Thanks for checking this out!
  15. Hi, I just need some quick tips on the original Final Fantasy, all the guides I can find refer to the PS1 version, I find the game a little confusing, especially the weapon hierarchy. Just to be clear, the NES version being played on the Wii Virtual Console. I would like to know, 1. What are the best weapons and armour available if I have just arrived at Crescent Lake for each character class. 2. What level should I be for the airship quest? 3. Are there any items or magic with misleading names? Thank you
  16. I'm kind of new to the Famicom. Can anyone recommend some great Famicom games that were not ported to the NES? I know all about Patton and Doki Doki Panic. Thanks!!
  17. FYI: THE FM TOWNS MARTY IS CURRENTLY IN A PENDING SALE TO A MEMBER HERE THE FM TOWNS MARTY IS ACTING UP AND UNTIL I FIGURE OUT IF IT CAN BE FIXED IT'S OBVIOUSLY NOT FOR SALE (YES I tested it a couple of weeks before putting it up and it worked) As mentioned here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262684-selling-vintage-consoles-in-craigslist-no-takers/ I am having trouble finding interested parties on CL for some items I'd like to sell. (more in the future if these sell reasonably well) I was supposed to be traveling during this timeframe but shit happens so here I am, if they don't sell here off to eBay they go. I can only ship on weekends, shipping it's gonna be on the expensive side as some of the items are heavy. This is for US only. [FYI: the items are also on sale on CraigsList] For sale: 1) FM Towns Marty in good working conditions with new drive belt. 417US$ + shipping. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FM_Towns_Marty The machine is 24 years old so it's got a little yellowing, nothing major. Floppy drive works, CD reader works, everything ready for your enjoyment. It comes with: joypad mouse hookup cables There's also a bunch of "backups" (I will trash them if you don't want them, your call). No box or manuals. EDIT: Bonus - if interested I can throw in also a USB floppy Mode 3 compatible so you can make your own boot floppies when required (needs win7 to format as win8/10 dropped the support for Mode 3), I haven't used it in a while but I did make a couple of boots with it that worked flawlessly, tested working on 4/27/2017 in win10 (no mode3 test as I don't have a win7 around). 2) Japanese Sega Master System (which includes the FM sound system). 310US$ + shipping Work perfectly fine on NTSC US TV. The system has been recapped and modded for SVideo out as well as the back expansion port comes plugged with Gender Adapter (and internal mod to match US chip select). Thanks to the adapter and the mod this Japanese SMS can play all MarkIII/JapSMS carts AND all US carts (a couple of US games lock due to the FM subsystem). You can hear FM sound in US games that support it (there's a couple dozen of them, Fantasy Zone II being one of them). Comes with: compatible AC adapter Gender Adapter for expansion port (you plug US games here, at the back of the unit, check picture) 1 SMS controller Sega Paddle rotary controller in box (for games like Jap Megumi rescue etc...., but also supported in Outrun), pretty rare. 3D compatible shutter glasses (CRT needed to see the effect), the Jap SMS comes with the 3D adapter already built in. 2 MarkIII games (Fantasy Zone 1 and 2) cables FYI: the MasterED flash cart works perfectly plugged on the gender adapter, NOT INCLUDED, just FYI 3) Sharp Twin Famicom AN500B with disk, all in working conditions. 383US$ + shipping The NESRGB kit has been installed on the unit albeit only SVideo has been connected out. Power led mod. New drive belt. Comes with: EDN8 (it's the black cart in the pictures, I will let the SD card in if you so choose) compatible AC power adapter 2 Famicom disk based games (3D Hot Rally [shown in pic as a drive test as well] and Patlabor) 2 Famicom cart based games (Akumajo Densetsu aka Castelvania III Jap and Galaga [shown working]) Famicom Arkanoid cart + rotary controller + box [the box is in so so state] 3D interface unit + compatible 3D shutter glasses (need CRT TV to use them and yes 3D Hot Rally supports them) NES to FC adapter (naked, modded to support NES Castelvania 3) NES Castelvania 3 (it's finicky to get it working with the above adapter but it fully works) Homebrew NES to Famicom 2 ports adapter (to connect NES/Zapper/4play to Famicom) [not in picture] NES zapper alike (need a CRT and the homebrew adapter above port 2 ) NES 4play (support 4 players use via homebrew adapter above) 3 extra NES controllers (NES MAX, NES dogbone lookalike, NES Famicom lookalike) ... I have them laying around, nothing special to them really.
  18. There is a guy in Japan selling 1000 of them. http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w88928959
  19. So not too long ago I picked up a Japanese Saturn lot for a good price. Now I regret buying it since I don't want to pay the crazy prices for shmups on it. The system is CIB and has signs of yellowing but nothing major. Also have a memory cart as well. The system work just fine, just the third party AV/S-Video cable is a little wonky at time but works. The games are in the pictures: Nights Vitura Fighter Kids Fighters Megamix Mr. Bones Sonic Jam Last Gladiators Nissan GT Over Drivin' R Besides the items above I also picked up the following: Thunder Force V Special Pack Steeldom x 2 (one regular edition one special edition with the Saturn Link Cable) Hyper Reverthion Sega Rally Magical Drop III Drift King 97 Puyo Puyo 2 Puyo Puyo Sun Kururin Pa! Shingata Kururin Pa! I was thinking of maybe $250 before shipping for everything? I prefer selling in US due to oversea shipping cost is a nightmare. I don't know if there is any interest in this but I'll post it up here and check first. Of course if you want more pictures I would be more than happy to provide. Trades: Always looking for Famicom and Super Famicom games, message me what you have and we can take it from there. Thanks!
  20. It's a know fact that Nnitendo liek to pick up elements from their older systems and games to put them in newer ones. It's cheap and it add some fan service. But when it's made in a way that you have to be very curious and know your Nintendo story nicely, it's awesome! Putting things back in context : The Famicom Disk System was released in Japan only in the 80's, to read floppies on the Famicom. Because of the slow reading nature of floppies, and I suppose to let know the user that the system was working and booted, there was a boot screen included, the prompted the user to insert a disk. And it also included a tune. 20 years later, that tune is back, in a more synth feel, and slowed about 20 times. Good job Nintendo
  21. Hey gang!! I thought toay would be an appropriate day for a top ten discussion. With the tragic loss to Satoru Iwata R.I.P. On this day 32 years ago on July 15, 1983 The Nintendo Family Computer was released in Japan a.k.a. "The Famicom". In 3 more months it will be the 30th anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Released October 18, 1985 as a test market in the New York City metropolitan area. But released nationwide soon after in 1986. Then shortly after in 1987 in Europe. The NES and Atari 2600 is what brought my love for video games. But the NES gave me all of the nostalgia. Getting my system back in 1988. And the games brought me onto a fun and exciting journey and exploring neat worlds and not to mention some of the greatest sounds I have ever heard in gaming. Without further ado. I will lead off and share my top 10 favorite games on the NES. Famicom games are welcome and you are more than welcome to share some of your favorite NES memories. Here is my top 10. 1. The Legend of Zelda 2. Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse 3. Super Mario Bros. 3 4. Mega Man 2 5. Metroid 6. Mike Tyson's Punchout!! 7. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 8. Ninja Gaiden 9. Duck Tales 10. Contra
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