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Found 30 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm starting this new thread for the various adapters I make since the old thread was getting a bit long, and the original posting didn't contain the various adapters I now offer. The original thread can be found here. Here is the current lineup of adapters and extension cables I have for sale: Intellivision 1 Flashback Controller Adapters (for the original console, INTV, Radio Shack etc. variations with the "hard wired" controllers): These are $24/pair (only sold in pairs). Approximate length is 18 inches. Intellivision II / Sears Flashback Controller Adapters (for the Intellivision II and Sears consoles with the removable db9 connector controllers): These are $14 each, or two for $26. If desired, you can specify the color of the decorative heat shrink tubing near the cable ends. Black is also an option. If not specified, you will receive whatever color I have in stock at the time. Approximate length is 6 feet. Standard db9 controller extension cables - 6 foot length (for Intellivision II / Sears consoles, Atari 2600 / 7800, Sega Genesis, Atari and Commodore computers; basically anything that uses a standard db9 type connector): These are $7.00 each. Colecovision Y-Adapter cable - allows connection of standard Colecovision system controller and an additional compatible joystick (Atari 2600, etc) without the need to unplug / swap controllers one at a time. Should work fine on other consoles that use db9 connectors - but only tested on a Colecovision): These are $12 each. If desired, you can specify the color of the heat shrink tubing, including black. If not specified, you will receive whatever color I have in stock at the time. Approximate length is 24 inches. ----------------------------------------------- Please send me a PM here on Atari Age if you are interested in any of these cables. Include your shipping / address information, and preferably an email address, and I will get back to you with a total. Payment is via PayPal. Credit cards (processed through my business - White Flag Computing) are also an option if you don't use PayPal. You can also email [email protected] instead of sending a PM if you prefer. Shipping is not included in the above prices. USA orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail (usually flat rate small box, which is $6.80 - the price went up January 2016, it used to be $5.95). I can also ship USA orders via First Class Mail in a padded mailer for a little bit less. International orders will be shipped via USPS International First Class (padded mailer - price varies depending on weight and destination). Thanks!
  2. With the C64 Mini coming online (very, very soon) and the ZX Spectrum Next now in production, I am wondering if there would be any interest in a mini Atari 400/800. It seems to me that while the 2600 will live on, Atari's 8 bit line (400, 800, XL, XE, 5200) seems to be lost in the shuffle despite the longevity of this line. I just wonder if AtGames or any other retro company would be interested in doing something like this? Heck, if the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum can come back to life in new, modern iterations (C64 Mini and ZX Spectrum Next, respectively), then why can't the Atari 400/800. Thoughts? Opinions?
  3. My local Walmart is known for being horribly behind when it comes to toys and games. most of the time, their stock is 6 months to a year behind the Walmart 30 minutes from here. They also tend to skip waves when it comes to toys, making it really annoying to collectors and children. On to why I'm posting... I went to Walmart today and as I was passing the electronics, I happened to look down the video game isle and something caught my eye. They had the Atari Flashback portable, the Genesis Portable and Genesis Flashback, along with the Atari Flashback 8. I was amazed that they had these, since I've NEVER seen any of the retro systems here. I know the Atari Flashback Portable has been around for a while, but I'm not sure about the others. I know this doesn't seem like something really important, but knowing how horrible this Walmart is, I was really surprised. What makes this Walmart such a horrible store is the fact that we have a Distribution Center right here in town, yet nothing is ever stocked when it gets released. I'll give you an example, I collect Transformers. Like most other toy lines, they get released in waves. Let's say wave1 gets released in January in the next town. It may be May or June before it shows up here and that may be the only wave that ever shows up, since the next line starts before this Walmart ever gets the second wave in. This isn't just an issue in the toys, it's also the same in the electronics and games. The only thing they seem to stay up to date on are the Blue-rays. Even the PS4 games are late. So, I just wanted to share my amazement that something fairly interesting had shown up at "the Walmart that time forgot".
  4. One buglet that I've noticed with the Intellivision Flashback console... the volume of the IntelliVoice games/module seems to be WAY TOO LOW, compared to the other normal InTV sound effects for the IntelliVoice games. Is there any 'super-dooper-secret' menu that can be accessed to adjust the volume of the sysnthesized IntelliVoice sound effects (akin to the "Titan ROM Test" menu that can be accessed on the console)? Or, maybe a user hardware modification that could accomplish the same thing (note that I'm fully aware that would void the warranty)? The volume of those Intellivoice sound effects are just WAY TOO LOW! FYI (the "Titan ROM Test" menu): .
  5. I've recently had great fun with B-17 Bomber on the Intellivision Flashback. Wanted to create a thread to share tactics on playing this game. I've three questions: 1)Sometimes when I restart a round my plane starts at the North Pole rather than England. You fly for a few minutes, get back on the map, and then the round starts again as soon as the plane hits the map. Anyone else experience this? 2) Flak Bunkers, worth one point (I believe that is their name). What is the best way to hit them? They have three icons, I've found hitting to the bottom left (short of the target) seems to work. Also hitting the icon to the left or right seem to work. Seldom the center icon. 3) To fly in and line up so the target is center on the bomb-bay screen, what is the best way to fly in or select target for best result?
  6. Anyone excited for this? Got most of the way through it on my Jag but have never beaten it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D3ZWNVQ/?coliid=I226JGZLMT3J3R&colid=3C9JYID8UW0H3&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Makes me hopeful that maybe they'll do a physical copy of Another World for Switch. I've heard this game is so mind blowingly advanced that it's like a CD-ROM game on a cartridge!!
  7. I own the Atari Flashback 4 and also the Intellivision and Coleco units. The manuals that came with these units are a bit ass and doesn't cover the objectives of the games or the controls at all, which sucks. All or nearly all of these manuals can be found online, but it would take some considerable time to collect them all in one easy .zip file or the like, to be able to print them for easy access to controls and objectives. Have anyone done this and uploaded the file somewhere? I thought I'd ask before I embark upon this tedious work myself.
  8. Sorry for a second topic. But I could not edit the first poll. I am curious about how well the Intellivision flashback will sell? I am hoping it will sell well. I plan to gift several, after they are released ( hoping to pay $25-$30 ) But I did preorder 2 just to be certain I get them. Maybe they will be hard to find in my area etc. Atari Fans... Just kidding about the None, 0 or Less than 1... Remember, the video game war has been re-started by ATGAMES.
  9. What are the maximum specs that it will allow without turning into a brick? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, This is my first post here, but been lurking and taking in all the useful advice re atari! I'm looking for one of the black plastic controller ports thats soldered on to the pcb of an atari flashback 3-7. Can anyone help me please? I currently have one good and one melted one, that I accidently destroyed whilst trying to remove for a raspberry pi project. Any help greatly appreciated!
  11. Iam making a atari 5200 flashback In this topic i want to share with you how i make it
  12. Hello people! I have a lot of Team Pixelboy announcements to make, but I want to tie up some loose ends first so that I can post everything in a single News Bulletin. This will hopefully happen in about a week from now. Today, I just want to report some intriguing news that isn't directly related to Team Pixelboy. As this is April 1st, I thought it would be funny to post this on AtariAge today instead of later, just to keep people guessing. It this true or baloney? You be the judge! As many of you already know, a company called AtGames will be releasing a ColecoVision Flashback console later this year. They've been trying to get some homebrew games to add to their console's built-in games list (the console will not feature a cartridge port) and they haven't been all that successful. So they decided to give their console an edge by including one recognizable title on their new console that will truly be an exclusive gaming experience that you cannot get anywhere else: They managed to get a license from Capcom for an 8-bit version of Resident Evil Gaiden! AtGames outsourced the project to a small team of programmers, and it just so happens that one of these programmers is a friend of mine. At the moment, he's in charge of coding the intermissions of the game. This friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, asked me for some technical information about the MegaCart, because they want to break the 32K barrier with this Resident Evil game and make it a 512K game! This will truly be the ColecoVision Flashback's killer app! So anyway, I gave my friend the info he requested, and about a month later, he gave me a sneak peek at the opening intermission of the game to thank me for my help. This is darn good stuff, and I asked him if I could show this to others. My friend asked his boss who, against all odds, actually got permission from AtGames to release pictures and even a work-in-progress ROM, in order to generate some hype for their ColecoVision Flashback's main attraction. So here are a few pictures below, together with the ROM which you can try under blueMSX (remember to set the cartridge type to "ColecoVision MegaCart"). There's no game here, just the title screen and opening intermission, so just tap the fire button to progress through the texts until the software freezes. I guess I'll have to get myself a ColecoVision Flashback when it's released! resident_evil_gaiden_demo.zip
  13. I'm looking for a ColecoVision Flashback from Dollar General, that includes the Antarctic Adventure game. I don't need any of the packaging, if this helps for shipping. Just the console, with joysticks, power supply, overlays and manual in a bubbleope would be fine. Shoot a PayPal price with shipping to postal code L0R 2C0 in Ontario, Canada. Thanks!
  14. Has a anyone found if there is way to add Box Art to the SD card to show up in that white box saying SD?
  15. as a long time classic game fan I have a question. Why don't we have a flashback style machine that comes with homebrew games built in? it's my understanding that the FB2 is basically identical to the original 2600 (or at least close). I'm sure patents, etc. on the 2600 have expired since it was prior to the NES and NES clones are available cheap. It seems like someone should be able to produce a small, functioning copy of the 2600. slap a chip with as many homebrew games as we can find (getting proper permissions of course), add an sd slot and, of course, a real cart slot and presto, an awesome 2600 clone. Maybe the market can't support something like this as far as getting it into Wal Mart but I am pretty sure the fan base would have great interest. I know I would. It seems like all the major engineering work has been done (FB2) to make this happen. Frankly, some of the fan based devices that have been created over the years like cuttle carts, and controller interfaces, etc. make it seem to me like all of this should not only be possible, but not that difficult using mostly existing parts. (By that I mean not that difficult for the guys that do this kind of stuff cause it is all far beyond me.) the only stumbling block I see is financing a project like thils. If any of you engineer types with knowledge of such things could chime in and give a realistic cost to get something like this off the ground I would love to hear your thoughts. I guess all things considered, it might as well be 7800 compatible too. If any homebrew authors want to chime in about whether or not you would have interest in allowing your game(s) to be included in something like this.( I'm not suggesting you give up any rights and if a product were developed perhaps, like to be sold in the AA store, I'm sure some small royalty could be paid, etc.
  16. Polybius

    Atari Flashback2

    From the album: My Game Collection

    My (unmodded) Atari Flashback 2 Console
  17. For those that don't know, I decided I wanted my ColecoVision Flashback unit to have a similar feel of quality/finish as the INTV Flashback has. With that in mind I made a label kit that I feel addresses a couple of the physical short comings of the CVFB. I originally posted about this here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/224996-colecovision-flashback-system/page-57?do=findComment&comment=3092944. Since there was a little interest I decide to make this Facelift kit available for those who wish to update the look of their CVFB. The "CVFB Facelift Kit" comes with three labels. Two round controller labels and one system label. These labels have the familiar brush metal look of the original ColecoVision unit from back in the day. The cost is $10.00 per kit plus $6.00 shipping anywhere in the USA (outside the USA is $12.00 shipping). If you are interested please PM me. I invoice via PayPal so I will need your PayPal email address with that PM. If you guys have any questions please let me know. Here is the install video for the label kit:
  18. Its certainly not possible at all. Maybe there could be 2 arcade flashbacks: one for arcade games from The formative years of Atari up until the end of the Atari Inc. era in mid 1984, while the 2nd system would contain games made by Atari Games Corp.(AKA Atari's arcade branch after the home computer and console divisions of the company were sold to Mr. Tramiel.) What do you folks think??
  19. Hello! I’m starting a BRAND-NEW COLLECTION of archival materials (overlays, rules booklets, ancilliary items, and game cartridge boxes) for the INTELLIVISION video game computer system. This new project will take me quite some time, so—I’ll set up my 1st relevant post. I uploaded a .SVG template for an INTELLIVISION game overlay on Google Drive; please click on this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/#folders/0B126UWeG-OsRN0Zlc0UtNXo4T2M/0B126UWeG-OsRSnFrNlBtdjVqeFU/0B126UWeG-OsROTJFQkE5c3NtTkU/0B126UWeG-OsRfmRibU9VTXZSWUhZSl9lWU4ycVpiR0F6enV2WHEzNU4zeE9tcDY0TVktdDQ Intellivision Overlay Template—.SVG When you do use it in your graphics application, please select the whole overlay template, and select UNGROUP to break apart the separate elements to make editing easier. After doing your overlay design, select ALL the separate elements, and select GROUP to reconnect them into a SINGLE item. Choose SAVE AS, and enter an appropriate filename ([GAMENAME]_overlay.SVG) Thank You!
  20. From the album: Flashback Console Hardware

    Reference picture of SEGA Geneis HD Flashback 2017 motherboard - Back.
  21. From the album: My Game Collection

    My ColecoVision Flashback, Bought new, $40, at Dollar General
  22. Hello all, If anyone is looking for a flashback controller adapter for the Intellivision model 2609 or similar version, I have some for sale. They are a little more expensive to make than the other adapter so I'll be charging $15 for one and $25 for two. Those prices are including shipping in the US. These adapters do require you to open you machine for installation but it's only 6 screws and then it's plug and play after that. Here are some pictures.
  23. Well, it took a couple of days and way too much thinking and desoldering/soldering, but it's finally done... Here's a few pictures of my hacked ColecoVision Flashback... well, the insides and screen shots, at least. For this first test, I selected a few of my own games/utilities as well as most of the other half of the classic ColecoVision library. I've only tried out a few games, but so far they seem fine, although I noticed a few sound issues with JetPack and Squares (I'm sure the same thing happens with the standard 60/61 Flashback games). What next? CollectorVision Flashback? Best 60 (or 61? or 70?) Flashback?
  24. I would like to see this happen? What are the main drawbacks? They could made a new controller for this flashback like the did the flashback 1, which was modeled after the atari 7800. Pic related. It's what Infotari could model it after.
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