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Found 25 results

  1. I'm selling off various games and game related items. All prices will have shipping included for the U.S. Atari 5200 booklets - $8 for them all Misc. - $ 8 for the rest (dragons lair / gta vice city / MK Armageddon) PC games - $20 for them all Sega Genesis Arcade Command - $25 Grand Theft Auto 3 Kubrick set - $20 Metal Gear Solid 4 - $30 Limited Run PS 4 games (sealed) - $30 each
  2. The following HDD's & Optical drives: 1.28 GB (Conner) $2 SOLD 1.28 GB (Fujitsu) $2 SOLD 3.49 GB (Fujitsu) $5 SOLD 4.3 GB (Samsung) $5 SOLD 6.48 GB (Maxtor) $10 40 GB (Maxtor) $15 80 GB (Western Digital) $20 120 GB (Maxtor) $25 48x CD-ROM $10 SOLD 16x DVD+/-R (DL & RAM) Omni-Burner $20 20x DVD-ROM $10 Or, $100 $75 for the lot. Good for classic systems. Well, the 4GB & smaller ones for DOS 6.2 and before. the 40GB & larger for Win95+. Same thing applies with Amiga's KS 3.1 for 4GG & less and 3.1.4 (or earlier with one of several extenders available.) The Optical drives are also good for earlier Most IDE based machines. They were all working when pulled from their respective systems, though they have been sitting in storage for several years. Prices do not include Shipping or PayPal fees.
  3. Hi everyone, I have 5 Atari 810 Disk drives that I'm looking to sell. Two of them have Happy enhancements in them. The two drives with the Happy enhancements work but sometimes will not read or write disks. Two of the other drives turn on, disk spins, etc, but will not read disks either. The 5th drive is not complete, but has some parts missing. If anyone is interested in purchasing them, please let me know. I live in Monroe, NC and could either ship them or meet to give them to you. I really don't know what they are worth in the condition that they are in, but the Happy enhancements both worked the last time the drives read disks. Thanks! -Kevin
  4. Many original and home-brew games for Atari 2600, ColecoVision and Intellivision for sale on eBay. Some rare games in there as well including mostly New & Like New with a couple of Good condition games. Troy
  5. Hi Folks, I am selling a Cheep Talk Synthesizer (pictures attached) for $59.00 + plus shipping and PayPal fees. It is working but I'm selling it "as is" without warranty or returns. It seems that this device was built by Andre LaMothe at the San Jose Computer (California) between 1983-1985. Andre is an old Atari 800 programer and well known computer scientist. See the great story at our AtariAge Forums: http://atariage.com/...computer-store/ Before I posted this sale I had already received a PM from Ken so he will have first choice... Best, DA
  6. SOLD! I'm going to be doing a bit of Spring cleaning soon. Since I'm really hurting on funds, I plan on selling my Atari 2600 Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer. It has been in my basement for a while, so I'd like to test the system before selling it. The system worked the last time I used it. It is in good cosmetic condition. RF cable has a little wiring exposed near the opening on the console, but I wrapped it with electrical tape. I plan on selling this system with the power supply and maybe a controller or two if requested. Might add more to this package. Don't be afraid to give me some polite input if you have a reasonable offer. I will post pictures soon, or I can send photos by PM or email. I accept Paypal. Thanks for looking! Hope to make a deal here at AtariAge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: Tested the system. Sadly, the system tries to run the game, displays properly for a few seconds, then gives out. My 4 switch had this issue until I gave it the correct power supply. I'm using a black Atari power supply with the big logo. It says it's compatible with the CX-2600. Made in Taiwan. From my understanding, there were a number of different power supplies for the Heavy Sixer. Early ones were grey. If you're still interested, I will sell it as-is for a massive discount. $25 excluding shipping. Please make an offer if that doesn't sound good. I can still send photos. It's a bit dusty, but in good shape. All aluminum switches are there and work fine. Not dirty at all, but could use light cart slot cleaning. Sunnyvale sticker is fully intact. Was once repaired by Atari2600.com based on the sticker on the bottom. Trim, woodgrain, plastic, and Atari logo are in very nice shape. I am not the first owner and did not mistreat it. I would consider this system worth restoring. I'd like to work with you on making a deal anyway. I can't repair it as I don't have the funds to invest in it. Let me know if you're still interested! Thanks for reading. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: SOLD!
  7. Hi. I already have a thread in the wanted section asking the question in the title above, but I figured that many arcade lovers and cabinet owners never look there but hang around here. I am looking for a non-conversion Neo Geo cabinet- 1, 2, or 4 slots is fine. Please PM me if you have one available or know of one around NJ. Thanks all and have a good weekend!
  8. I will have extremely limited access to AtariAge from July 11 to August 7. If you direct a question at me on the forms or PM me, it is highly unlikely I will be able to reply. Hello everyone! I've got a few things for sale. I can accept trades too! Make me an offer: I'm looking for Neo Geo MVS games and SNES essentials especially. See my signature for wanted thread link! Buyer pays all shipping costs. If you want I can ship at any USPS shipping speed (Priority, 2 Day, Overnight, etc.) if you want to pay for it. All prices are negotiable a bit, or buy a bunch to save on shipping and get a bundle deal! Pics upon request. Here is my AtariAge feedback. I'm relatively new here, so only a bit: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248558-kreatorkat/ I've currently got some games and cables for sale, highlighted by an N64 Console. 2600: Warlords cart only- $4. Cart great condition. Front label great, a small amount of fading on end label. NES: Silent Service- $4. Cart in great condition! Jordan vs. Bird 1 on 1- $2. This one is in pretty bad condition. There is wear on the label, but it is not ripped. The cartridge itself is a little dirty, could use a cleaning. The game does work, but if you're using a toaster NES that doesn't have its lockout chip disabled, as with many NES carts, you need to try a few times. N64: California Speed- $6. Nice condition, label slightly worn, but just barely. Looks fine really, just mentioning it. Top Gear Overdrive- $5. Front label is ever so slightly worn, but back label is slightly torn at the top. Black Console- $28 Sale This Week (till next Sunday) Only! Console works perfectly, decent condition but could use a small cleaning. Comes with Jumper Pack! No cords or controllers, but if you would like I do have N64 composite cables for sale below and a couple of controllers in bad condition I might be willing to part with. No expansion slot lid, but to be honest I prefer the look of no lid if you purchase an expansion pack, which is a necessary accessory IMHO. SNES: Family Feud- $5. Label has some wear in a few places. PS2: Breakin' Da Rules (CiB)- $5. Box has a bit of wear all around but very nice. Disk and manual are great. Wii: The Amazing Race (original disk, manual, and art, fake case)- $4. Manual and disk perfect, box not perfect. NBA 2K11 (CiB)- $6- Manual and disk perfect, box great with some residue on spine. Accessories: Adapter to replace your RF switch box! Similar to the ones in the Atariage store, provides convince and a slightly better picture- $2. Works, nothing else to it lol. Radioshack RF switch box- $3. Works, nothing else to it lol. All AV cables and Nintendo switchboxes $3 (all official)- -XBox 360 AV -SNES/N64/GC AV -NES/SNES RF box (also works with Genesis) -Genesis RF box (also works with NES/SNES) Thats all for now, Thanks! KreatorKat
  9. Relisting as possible bundle... Even though no replies (or even view,) cannot delete it
  10. Up for sale are the citrus3000psi RGB boards for the Colecovision/ADAM. These boards are designed to be soldered to the bottom of the VDP and provide RGBS to an output connector of your choice. To properly calibrate these boards, 3 onboard POTs are used to adjust each color individually. Please note that to properly calibrate the board, you MUST use an oscilloscope. If you do not calibrate with an oscilloscope and choose to adjust by eye, please note that any compatibility issues, damage, or world ending results via the summoning of Cthulu are solely your responsibility. Each kit is sold as a DIY and fully assembled/tested before shipping. If you receive a board and have issues, please contact me. If the issues are found to be related to misuse or improper installation, you are on your own. If there appears to be a defect in manufacturing, I will work with you towards an amicable resolution. No output connectors are provided, except with install service. Output connectors can be whatever you wish but the cables themselves must be pass-through, ie no capacitors or resistors installed. If you need assistance with purchasing cables or output connectors please reach out and I can answer your questions. Each board is $30 shipped in the Continental US (CONUS). If you do not feel confident with the installation or would prefer to have it installed for you, I will be providing install services with oscilloscope calibration of the board. Cost of this service is $80 including the board, but not including return shipping.
  11. Working 1571 floppy drive with RAM/ROM upgrade & CIA based parallel port installed (Burst Nibbler style.) The RAM/ROM has 2 external switches installed on the front for selecting the ROM version. Only the CBM 3.0 ROM that comes with the 1571 is currently installed - both switches down. All other positions result in a non-functioning drive. The RAM/ROM board allows for flashing the on-board chip for the other positions (requires opening the drive.) Instructions for this found HERE. Also has RAM expansion similar to the RAMBoard expansion. Includes drive, power cable, serial cable, & parallel cable. Asking $100 + Shipping & PayPal fees.
  12. $75 including domestic (US) shipping. Need to make some room, and also need holiday funds. If outside the US, I'll need to add $25 for the greatly increased shipping cost. *These were all working when I tested them* C060302A - BASIC B C061598B - OS (800XL) C012294B - POKEY C061618 - MMU (XL/XE) *Don't know about these, cannot test* C012402 & C014502 - BASIC A *These were working fine when tested - after minor repair on MB* Atari 800 Main Board Atari 800 PSU Daughter Board *Not working, cannot change out chips to test* C015500 - CPU (Personality) Card *Work sporadically, wiggle the card (no bracing,) and it would start working. Bump the system & it would stop* Mosaic 32K & Axlon 32K RAM cards Sorry, don't have a picture of the chips & they're already packaged up with everything else.
  13. The Bally Shrine was a web site run by Charles Taylor in the mid-to-late 1990s. Along with Lance Squire's Bally / Astrocade FAQ, The Bally Shrine is the first Astrocade-related website that I ever saw. It is quite difficult to find any references to this website, as it seems to have been gone since the early 2000s. I've uploaded a three-page print out of The Astrocade Sale/Trade web page to archive.org. The first page looks like this: This document was scanned from the Bob Fabris Collection. Of course, all of these items that are listed for sale are no longer available. Which is a true shame, as this was probably the last place where the Astrocade kiosk was sold brand new; they cost $100. This is the seldom-seen-except-in-pictures kiosk: Imagine getting this kiosk, brand new, for a hundred bucks?!? Charles was unable to get rid of all the kiosks; they took up too much space. I think he threw away the unsold kiosks. Curt Vendel build a homebrew Astrocade Kiosk that was displayed at the Philly Classic 3 in April 2002. You can read about that here: http://www.ballyalley.com/pics/hardware_pics/astrocade_kiosk/Homebrew_Astrocade_Kiosk/Homebrew_Astrocade_Kiosk.html It's strange that people claim that once something is added to the Internet that it is around forever, for The Bally Shrine website clearly shows that this isn't true. It's nice to be able to see this small portion of the website again, even if it is only a small detail of what was available there. You can download the printout of the website here: https://archive.org/details/TheBallyShrine1999AstroSaleTradeWebPage It's is both strange and cool to see this "website" again! Does anyone else remember The Bally Shrine website? Adam
  14. Hi, I've got a few items listed up on ebay in the UK - link sTeVE
  15. I have three unopened AtGames ColecoVision Flashback consoles with 61 games included, Dollar General "exclusive," with Antarctic Adventure and several overlays. Asking $30 each plus shipping, payment via PayPal. In the past I have just slapped a label on the retail box and shipped with no problems, but I will provide additional packaging if requested.
  16. I just posted a 65XE (NTSC) Computer for sale over on the marketplace if anyone is interested: 65XE For Sale
  17. I have some working TI peripheral cards that I no longer want and a few that are in need of repair. I've powered up the cards in a PEB with a F18A modified console and tested basic functionality to the best of my ability. If there appears to be something wrong with a card, it will be noted in the description. All equipment is sold as-is. Buyer pays for shipping. Figured I would experiment with a forum post for the TI community and if that doesn't go well for some reason, I'll look to other avenues. Serial ports were tested using MAss Transfer. Parallel ports were not tested as I do not have a printer. I did not test any battery circuits. Floppy controller read/write functionality was tested using Birdwell's Disk Utilities and a 40-track disk by initializing, copying, and comparing the contents. 1. TI 40-track DSSD floppy controller, upgradable to 80 track, in a silver metal TI32k case: $40 (pending sale) 1. TI RS232, silver metal case: $35 2. CorComp RS232, grey metal case: $30 (pending sale) 3. Myarc RS232, black plastic case: $30 4. RAVE ramdisk (Only 6 of the 17x 32K chip sockets are populated. Add a HC259 for DSR bank 2). The card does boot and works properly as a 32K card. I expect the other functionality will work when the card is populated with 32K LP chips. I used the card for Geneve memory development work. $125 5. Horizon RAMdisk, 8-bit. 384K? Closer to 256K. Light comes on but CFG does not detect the ramdisk. Worked once upon a time. Opportunity for repair. $75 $60. 6. Myarc 80-track DSDD floppy controller,no case: $215 7. Myarc 80-track DSDD floppy controller, AMA/B/C Modification, Paul Charlton v1.6 EPROM, no case: $235 8. CorComp 40-track DSDD floppy controller, standard EPROMS, black metal case, with manual: $175 9. SID Blaster card in a CorComp metal case, unable to test but was working when stored, $25 10. COMPUTE! Assembly Language on the TI Soft Cover book $7.00 11. IDE hard drive controller card. Will no longer load the IDE DSR. Bad logic chip? Opportunity for repair. $70 - Privately message me to purchase. - All sales are final. No refunds/no returns. - I use PayPal but am open to US Money orders. - Buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling. I will package multiple items into one box to save shipping if you buy more than one item. - Buyer is responsible for VAT customs etc. Do not ask me to lie on the customs forms. Edit: updated availability
  18. This MSX2+ system supports FM sound and plays both disks and carts. I bought it last year from a dealer who refurbishes them and the belt had been freshly replaced when I got it. Comes complete (I'm told) in box with the pictured books/docs. Comes with the MegaFlashRom SSC+ 2 slot SD + 512K RAM cart (retail price = $170). This is the full featured flashcart which allows you to not only play cart and disk game roms, but it also upgrades the RAM of your MSX system. Not pictured is the flashcart's box, which is also included. Altogether, I believe that this combo will play all MSX based software except the Turbo R enhanced mode supported by few games. Also comes with Hudson's Joycard Super II controller, composite/stereo cables and scart RGB cable. I'm no MSX expert and this setup was my attempt to get into MSX gaming on real hardware and I wanted the best overall setup I could find (I paid about $700 for everything). Feel free to correct anything I've said about support and such. I wasn't able to figure out how to get the flashcart (which I bought new) to play games, although I've since heard that there is a much friendly operating system to use with it. I got a different operating system working fine, just running games from that was my issue. My disk games (not included!) play fine though. Picture quality is amazing through RGB/component and the Joycard is the perfect pad. Price is $500 + shipping by Canadapost. Detailed photos: http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx1.jpg http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx2.jpg http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx3.jpg http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx4.jpg http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx5.jpg http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx6.jpg http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx7.jpg http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx8.jpg http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx9.jpg http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/msx10.jpg
  19. Hi all, Seems like every time I fall on hard times, another of my systems or pieces of my prized collection have to go up for sale. Here we are again. I have a "complete" Game.Com game system. It's the system itself with all 20 of the commercially released games - including the rare Wheel of Fortune 2. All games come with instructions, and other than Lights Out, which came packed in with the system, all the games come with their original boxes. 15 are in the square boxes (and 12 of those came in a plastic outer box which I had to cut to get into, but I cut them in such a way that the games slide right back inside). The other four are in those clam-shell style containers. All the games are in great condition, and are tested and working properly. The system is the Model 71-770, which allows you to insert two games and choose between them. It's been tested with a power supply and batteries (neither of which are included). The system looks great on the outside, the screen itself is scratch-free (and comes with the stylus) and there's no battery corrosion. However, while the game powers up and you can play the games and the included built-in apps, the screen display is for crap. There are multiple horizontal lines running the length of the display, and there's one vertical line. You can play games on it, but it's really hard to see. The pictures don't do the lines justice - it's quite bad. So I'd tell you that you're buying this to get a "complete" system, but in order to play, you'll want to buy another system. I put quote marks around "complete" because while it comes with all the games, I don't have the Internet connection or any other add-on. It's just the 20 games and the unit. As for price - at this point, I'm going to let you decide. Either post here or IM me with an offer, and we'll go from there. Shipping will be actual cost to send it using USPS, rounded up to the next dollar for handling. Cheers, Randy "Smeg" Pearson
  20. I have some cartridges for sale in the Marketplace if anyone is interested: Atari 8-Bit Computer Cartridges For Sale
  21. Here are some vintage Atari 5200 I currently have up for sale, as I am unloading almost all of my cartridges since I already have ROMs of them. $15.00 each including free CONUS shipping, complete with instruction manuals and original overlays where applicable. Here are the ones from Activision: ones from CBS Electronics: some from Sega: and a couple more here: PM me if interested, PayPal only please Note to Albert: More cartridges will be uploaded to this one topic soon, I will be selling them in salvos, but for now, I am just selling these.
  22. Atari 800XL - $100 Fully repaired & functional computer. Replaced OS chip with latest revision and system now works. Also cleaned mylar to stop sticking key (the "A" key was filling the screen with A's.) From the pics can see the keys no longer stick and the system will load and run games. Comes with Computer, PSU, RF Cable, & switch box. NTSC system. Atari 810 Floppy Drive - $100 Also repaired & functioning. can see from pic that a game loaded just fine. Can only see the corner of the drive in the pic (sorry.) Will take more if requested. Include Unit, PSU, & Serial cable. Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees. If both are purchased together will include the loaded game
  23. Bought a combo deal with a CI-7 cassette cable and a PC-324 printer for the TI-74 (which also works on the CC-40 with an adapter.) Don't need the PC-324. Does anyone want to buy it off of me for a fair price? $45 plus $5 shipping maybe? Will throw in a new assembled 64K board. Thanks!
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