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Found 16 results

  1. Game Boy Micro (SOLD) +AC Adapter + Yu-Gi-Oh! game (AGB-AYWJ-JPN) Works. Good battery (sat in my closet for at least a year and powered up without needing charged) $70 + shipping to continental US only Pay Pal Only Game Boy Carrying Case "GB-80" (SOLD) $25 + shipping to continental US only Pay Pal only PICTURES Game Boy Micro Game Boy Carrying Case "GB-80"
  2. Hi, it's time to sell off all the things I don't need nor play. More stuff will come as I sift through my collection and/or this one is successful. Pay by PayPal if you can. Only shipping within the United States. PM me if you're interested in anything. DREAMCAST (CIB unless noted) $5 each ChuChu Rocket Hydro Thunder (missing instuction booklet) (pending) Midway's Greatest Vol. 1 Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness Namco Museum (pending) Rayman 2 Sega Rally 2 GAME BOY (original, all loose) $2.50 each Boxxle Donkey Kong Land (pending) Donkey Kong Land 2 (pending) Donkey Kong Land 3 (pending) Four-in-one fun pak vol. 2 High Stakes Gambling NBA Jam Oddworld Adventures Pac-Man (pending) Paperboy Revenge of the Gator Rugrats Movie GAME BOY ADVANCE (make offer) loose e-Reader with the following packs: CluClu Land (unopened but without card board back) Donkey Kong 3 Golf (unopened but without card board back) Mario Bros. Tennis GAMECUBE (CIB) ($5 each) Intellivision Lives! Kirby Air Ride Pinball Hall of Fame: Gottlieb collection Ratatouille (manual missing a few pages) Sonic Mega Collection (manual missing a few pages) SUPER NES Harley's Humongous Adventure (with box) - $5 NBA Jam (with box) - $5
  3. Hello everybody, today I have a simple question: what's your favorite mario party game: 1 through 10? Actually, its more complex than that. It would be cool to hear two answers: what is your favorite game, including biases like your first mario party, a favorite gaming party or experience, etc, as well as which game you believe is all around the best, unbiased. I personally had the most fun with Mario Party 8 because it was my first even though some other entries in the series were way better. I'm exited to hear your answers!
  4. Which is better, Game Gear or Game Boy? Nintendo had the games and sega had the pure power. So which was better? I think the Game Gear have great sonic games and is the better system. Have fun voting!
  5. Metal Jesus Rocks & John Riggs bring you a Nintendo Game Boy & Game Boy Color (GBC) BUYING GUIDE for new collectors! We talk about the hardware, colors, variants, accessories and then give you some Day 1 Purchase game recommendations in every genre. This is a fun guide that every new Game Boy owner should watch! Games Shown: Pokemon Yellow MegaMan II Gargoyle's Quest Donkey Kong Mole Mania Kwirk Faceball 2000 Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Final Fantasy Adventure Final Fantasy Legend II We forgot to mention the Japanese only Game Boy Light... Does anybody here own one?
  6. Why did the Game Boy use a Z80 instead of a 6502 like the NES (and the closely related 65816 of the SNES)? Were there any power advantages to the Z80 that would help with battery life? Wouldn't it have made more sense to use a 6502, than they could reuse code and make it easier to port NES games over.
  7. I need some jobs done with my AGS-101 Game Boy Advance SP: 1. The charging port (The rectangle port next to the link cable port) doesn't charge all the way and it's very finicky. Could be a bad ac adapter, I'll try a new one out maybe. Either case I'd like someone to take a look at the port to make sure it's not damaged. I'll get a new battery too for it. 2. The volume slider is almost unusable. I have tried cleaning the little slot out but it looks like it's going to need a new volume control module or whatever that thing is. 3. A check of the capacitors just to be safe.
  8. Hey there guys and gals. I got the itch to build a new backlit Game Boy with a custom colored shell, buttons, screen lens, backlight kit, etc. to use with my recently acquired EverDrive GB X7 and I have all the parts I need for the project except a donor Game Boy to strip for the motherboard, screen, and speaker. If any of you folks happen to have a beat up but still working Game Boy they wouldn't mind selling me for my project I'd be happy to buy it. The condition of the externals don't matter at all as long as everything still works properly and there isn't any scratches on the actual glass screen underneath the plastic screen lens. I'm looking to pay around $30 shipped for it and can pay via PayPal. Thanks for taking the time to view my ad and just shoot me a message if you happen to have one that you'd be interested in selling!
  9. Hey there guys and gals! I'm back again to put a little cash in my pocket (I should really consider legally changing my name to Aye Knead Munny), this time with some very nice Game Boy / Color games priced to sell. As usual to give you a reference for my reliability as a buyer and seller, you can see all the feedback I've received from selling games and related accessories on eBay over the last half a dozen or so years here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/hanz0d0g You can also find my AtariAge Marketplace User Feedback thread here: http://atariage.com/...pic/254880-jin/ Now that the formalities are out of the way, here's what I've got for sale! All games have a near mint condition label unless otherwise noted, are fully tested, and guaranteed to work perfectly. All games that use a save battery do have a working original production battery in them. The prices listed below do not include shipping costs, which will be calculated based on US zip code. International shipping is available upon request. As a nice bonus all games priced $20 or higher will come in an official Nintendo clear plastic case. Game Boy Games 4-In-1 FunPack - $3 Aerostar - SOLD All-Star Baseball 99 - SOLD Battle Unit Zeoth - SOLD Bram Stoker's Dracula - $9 The Castlevania Adventure - $12 Donkey Kong (Has two small scuffs on the label) - SOLD Double Dragon w/ manual - SOLD DragonHeart - $15 F-1 Race - $3 Faceball 2000 - SOLD The Final Fantasy Legend - SOLD Game & Watch Gallery - SOLD Gauntlet II (European Import) - $15 Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Has sharpie on back) - $5 Jurassic Park - $6 Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues - $10 Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball - $5 Kirby's Block Ball (Has one small scuff on the label) - SOLD Kirby's Pinball Land - $6 Marble Madness - $5 Mortal Kombat - $8 NBA Jam: Tournament Edition - $7 Nemesis - $6 Paperboy - $6 Pop'n TwinBee (European Import) - SOLD Quarth - $6 Skate or Die: Bad 'N Rad - $5 Space Invaders - SOLD Spot: The Cool Adventure - SOLD Super BattleTank - $4 The Sword of Hope - SOLD T2: The Arcade Game - $5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan - SOLD Tetris Attack - $5 Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 - SOLD Xenon 2 - SOLD Yoshi's Cookie - $6 Game Boy Color / Game Boy Games 720* (Has a few deep scratches on the label) - $3 Battleship - $4 Beatmania GB (Japanese Import) - $3 Centipede - $5 Frogger - $5 Harvest Moon 2 GBC - SOLD Hexcite: The Shapes of Victory - $5 Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver - $4 Montezuma's Return - $7 Pac-Man: Special Color Edition - $5 R-Type DX - SOLD Shadowgate Classic - SOLD Star Wars: Yoda Stories - $9 Titus the Fox - SOLD Game Boy Color Games 1942 - SOLD Aliens: Thanatos Encounter - SOLD Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare - SOLD Bionic Commando: Elite Forces - $11 Dragon's Lair - SOLD Mario Golf - $6 Sabrina the Animated Series: Zapped! - $4 SWiV (European Import) - SOLD Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 - $3 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 w/ manual - $5 Warlocked - SOLD Thanks for taking the time to view my sales thread and just shoot me a PM if you're interested in buying! Payment is accepted via PayPal or virgin sacrifices (human only please).
  10. Hey again guys and gals! I've got an auction going with 4 days left on it for a big lot of quality Game Boy / Color games that are all in really fantastic condition. If you're looking to get started collecting for the Game Boy / Color or would just like some new titles to fill out your collection with at a cheap price then feel free to check out my auction here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/112643535008
  11. Got a random grouping of items for sale! Not really looking for profit, but I'm not giving anything away either. I'm willing to work something out if someone just wants a lot of what is on here. I'd have pictures right now, but my phone is updating. I'll have pictures up after a bit of everything on here. Japanese Game Boy Games (Except Stargate) - $1 each (Buy 2, Get 1 Free) ------------------------------- Osawagase! Penguin Boy Animal Breeder Stargate (USA) Jungle no Ouja Tarchan Vitamina Oukoku Monogatari Hyper Load Runner Crayon Shin-Chan 3: Ora no Gokigen Athletic Game Boy Advance ------------------------------ Tron 2.0 Killer App (Cart only) - $2 Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed (Complete in box, Good condition) - $8 Risk / Battleship / Clue [GBA Triple cart] (Complete in box, mint condition) - $5 Paperboy / Rampage [GBA Double cart] (Complete in box, box worn in corner) - $6 All pictures on Imgur. ---> LINK Game Boy Games Closer image of the 3 boxed GBA games. There are closeups of the boxes in the original Imgur link.
  12. https://drive.google.com/open?id=19e_z4iKjBzTkbXiCe3U26IieKHddQFxYbZdZ5exxyGk I have decided to narrow my collection to mostly NES and VCS games. That said I also have consoles for most of these games that will be listed when I get time to research prices. If you have interest in a certain console let me know and I will try to move it to the top of my list of things to do. The more games you want to buy, the more willing I am to work on the pricing. If you have questions, please feel free to message me. Thank you for your time and attention.
  13. A few years ago, I got a Nintendo 64 with a bunch of games and the transfer pak. The accessory was part of the Pokemon Stadium bundle and I recently discovered that you could use the transfer pak to transfer your monsters to the N64 game, but also to play Pokemon Yellow, Red and Blue. I was wondering if that's a good way to experience those games on the big screen, since tracking down copies of Pokemon Stadium and any of the Game Boy games is going to be an expensive proposition for me. I know the N64 resolution is quite low and I don't know how its controller handles a traditional Pokemon, so does any of you have any experience with this? Is it worth adding those games to my collection so that I can play Pokemon on a big CRT? Or do you think that's just a waste of money? Any resources that you can throw my way will be greatly appreciated since the only thing I've found was a video on "My Life as Gaming". Thanks in advance!
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