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  1. Hurray!!! Our first Episode is on line for your Atari listening Pleasure. Please download it and give it a listen. We will be looking to have our podcast added to iTunes shortly. Episode 0 http://xegs8bit.com/episodes.htm Check out our new website http://xegs8bit.com/index.htm and drop by our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/AtariXEGS.and.8Bit.Game.Podcast/ If you have any suggestions, feedback, audio submissions, or would like a particular Xegs game reviewed we can be reached at [email protected] or visit our twitter account at https://twitter.com/XEGS8bitPodcast Hope you enjoy it, Thanks Bill, Michael & David
  2. Has there been any examples of an Atari ST game on a rom cartridge? Currently exploring the possibility of an ST home-brew game but rather than floppy disk doing a limited run on an ST cart. I presume bank switching could be used to overcome the rather limited cartridge capacity? thanks Barnie
  3. Dear Atari/Commodore/DOS Games Friends Due To Some Problems For Obtaining and Burning CD-ROM's, Bootable Image File For USB Flash Devices, "OSX16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.04 (USB).IMG", is Available, Just Now. Attention : Don't Use Any Boot-Flash Burner For Burning Bootable USB Flash Device. Use Hex File/Drive Editor, Only. Extract .7z File -> "OSX16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.04 (USB).IMG" 1) Open File (USB .IMG File) 2) Select All 2) Copy 3) Open Drives 4) Select and Open USB FLASH MEMORY AS PHYSICAL Drive 5) Paste Over 6) Save Changes. Don't Attempt To Open Drive In Windows (Contents Are Invisible). Plug USB Flash to USB Port Restart System and Select Boot Drive -> USB Good Luck
  4. I'm in starting phase of making an engine/game maker for 8-bit Ataris and would like to hear your thoughts. There are couple of routes it could take and I don't won't to make something no one would use Please answer the poll if topic interests you and you think you have a game in you that's just waiting to come out. Notes: - Plan is to make PC version first (Win,Linux, Mac) and later maybe native 8-bit version if there's interest in it. You write scripts, edit sprites, tiles, map, sfx, music on PC. Press a key and emulator starts your game. - Scrolling is tougher to make so first version will be single screens. If people ask for scrolling we'll see what can be done. - Most important question for me is if there are more coders or users interested in something like this. Game makers like Shoot'm'up construction set on C64 or AGD on Spectrum have almost no scripting capabilities and are limited to a certain types of games. AGD is better as it allows more freedom but still something better for coders exists. Good example is Pico 8 "Fantasy console". It's basically a simple 128x128x16 colors graphis engine with support for sprites, sound fx, music and player input. What makes it great is scripting based on Lua language. So you can make any kind of game you can stick inside memory limitations. - Graphics engine will be simple and probably slow at first with more graphics modes, sprites and speed later. ps. Here is a good article on Pico 8: http://www.indieretronews.com/2015/10/pico-8-8-bit-fantasy-console-from.html Thanks ! Vladimir.
  5. M.U.L.E. disk dump working in emulation. Cover has seen much better days. Includes folio, disk, & quick reference card. I cannot smell anything, but may have been stored in parents home for a time, and they were heavy smokers. So, please expect smoke smell (though hopefully there isn't any.) Also, I have a cat, so cat dander is to be expected. Asking $25 + shipping & PayPal fees.SOLD
  6. Nox Archaist is a new role playing game in development by 6502 Workshop exclusively for the Apple II platform and emulators, with floppy and hard disk support. We are excited to announce the first in a series of mini stories using the Nox Archaist engine to demo the newest features in the game. The Nox Archaist story line is still under development. Any names or characters used in these mini stories are not intended to depict real or imagined NPCs, events, or bovines in the actual game. Any similarities are coincidental. ----Nox Archaist S1E1: Shattered Sword---- In this episode our hero travels to town and faces an epic struggle to get his sword repaired after breaking it over an ogre's head. http://www.6502workshop.com/2016/11/nox-archaist-s1e1-shattered-sword.html New game play elements to look for in this video include: *Conversation with NPCs *NPCs moving between locations on the map based on their daily schedule *New interactive tiles ----About Nox Archaist---- Nox Archaist, by 6502 Workshop, is a 2D tile based fantasy RPG with a classic Apple II look and feel. Our mission is to develop a modern evolution of the Apple II RPG genre, while exploring how gameplay might have advanced in tile-based RPGs if large scale development had continued on the Apple II platform after the 1980s. http://www.noxarchaist.com
  7. Fairchild Channel F Collection Serial #: (319955) Console in excellent condition. Outer cardboard box has a bit of wear and damage but the unit has been kept in plastic for many years. The paperwork, registration card, and original pamphlet are all in excellent shape. The collection includes almost every game made for the system... Videocart-1 through Videocart 26. The only three that are missing are 16, 19 and 20. All games have original boxes and original manuals. I know the values rather well I am just curious if anyone here might want to make a serious offer. P
  8. Your mission: - go to Google Picture Search - type "Atari Breakout" into search field or click the link: https://www.google.com/search?q=atari+breakout&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=hlORUdrkC4TVtQbYp4CwDA&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAQ&biw=1440&bih=681
  9. There was a fish which was partying all night long and – how to say it so that no one is offended – she had one drink too much… Going back home in the very morning, she lost her aquarium key. Would you help the poor fish to find it? Mini-game "Sawfish" ie "Ryba pila" in Altirra BASIC. download * video
  10. I buy mine from CD Tradepost and a local store called Gamers. I was wondering if Sears sells games?
  11. I got a email from a AA member that gave me a wonderful idea that I'm super excited about! In fact I was so excited that I couldn't sleep last night just thinking of how I wanted to make this work. As everyone knows I have been helping JF raise money for his Cartridge Mold which is super important! Just in the last year Colecovision common games have really shot up in price to a average of about $5 per game (now I know there is always exceptions to that price, but that's not the point) so it is unrealistic to keep trying to recycle existing Colecovision Cartridges for homebrew games. So without this mold homebrews would go away as far as CollectorVision goes. So in a effort to raise some money so he can pay for this mold which costs a ton of money. I have a super rare prototype and I wanted to do something special for the AA Colecovision members. I'm setting up a raffle for Mario Bros #4 Prototype CIB. Every Atari Age member is welcome! The random winner will have this super rare game mailed to them for FREE no matter where they are in the world! Canada, USA, Europe, Japan, I mean anywhere I will ship this to you for FREE! This is the way the raffle will go. I will be selling numbers 1 though 105 for $10 each. You can buy as many numbers as you would like! In this thread if you would like to buy a number PM me and put PM sent in the thread. You can pick any number you would like from 1 to 105. The time and date of the PM will tell me who will get the number first. I will then send you the paypal info to gift the payment. Once the payment is made I will put your name next to the number that you picked. I will update the list as much as possible so everyone knows what numbers are available if a name is next to it that means the number is taken. As far as the payment goes I can only use Paypal, please when sending the money use the personal tab and pick gift in the paypal send option. I'm trying to raise money for Collectorvision and not paypal ok, paypal will take a cut if you do not do it like this. Also just so everyone knows I am taking a 0% cut on this! 100% of the money raised with this raffle is going straight to the Cart Mold fund! So For example: if John Sena sends me a PM for number 5 at 9:11am but then Zack Ryder sends me a PM asking for number 5 at 9:12am John Sena would get the number and Zack Ryder would need to pick a different number unless John Sena never pays for his number. I hope that makes since and if not feel free to ask. Now once all 105 numbers are sold I will give a 48 hour warning and during that time you can buy bonus numbers still at $10 a number, you can not pick these numbers as they will be assigned to you in the order they are bought. After the 48 hours is up I will post that the numbers are now closed and a winner will be picked at _____ day and at _____ time. I will use RANDOM.ORG to pick the winner. You can read about how the number is picked if you go to Random.org website, it's pretty cool and works perfect for this! It's truly random no matter if you are number 1 or 105 or anything in the middle. If you play around with it you will see. I will buy a paper for that day of the drawing to prove the date this raffle is ran on and video tape the picking of the winner and post it here on AA so everyone can see who the lucky person is. You must be a Atari Age member to be able to buy a number. JF and myself are excluded from this of course. Everyone else here on AA feel free to participated. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to give back to the homebrew community that gives us so much and also you have a chance of getting this Holy Grail game in your Collection for only $10! Thanks so much for everything that you guys and this Community has given me and it feels wonderful to help give back! Also if members like 65Gamerguy or anyone else that has a Youtube following, if they could help advertise this on your Youtube channel that would be great! Just make sure people understand that they must be a Atari Age member or become a Atari Age member to buy a raffle number. Maybe will also have a chance to grow your Community a bit though this great opportunity. I wish everyone Good Luck and I hope everyone enjoys this, I think it will be fun. I Forgot to mention and I'm sorry about that if someone else is wanting the same number as you but you don't pay within 48 hours the person wanting that number then has the option to take that number. I hope nothing like that comes up, but again I'm really trying to make this fair so if everyone can please make sure they pay within 48 hours of when I send them the return PM with the payment info that would be wonderful. When someone has paid they will have a dollar sign next to there name. I hope everyone will be ok with that and I'm going to try to use discretion as far as this goes, but its also not fair if some wants a number but the person who has it never pays so I do need to have a time limit on it. I really hope that will be ok. Thanks again Please go to http://www.atariage....bros-prototype/ to buy numbers as I can only keep one thread up to date.
  12. I just released a new game called Break Free, a kind of Break Out game. In this variant one can move the bat around up, down, left and right and the aim is not to break all the bricks but to break enough to find a key which will open the gate to break free to the next level. The game has 6 levels with 3 difficulty levels for each level. Powerups help you clear the level faster and the ball will not break if it hits the ground, it only breaks if it hits the pointy ground. A boss level spices up the end of each phase before moving to a harder level. In the harder levels the key will be hidden in a different tile every time. You can post your High Scores on a dedicated facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/BreakFreeHOF/ To give you an idea please follow : It took me almost a year to complete and had to engage a proper composer for the music pieces which I could not compose otherwise. Games is written in 100% GPL. Have Fun and comment... I plan to keep writing games and hopefully be a net contributor to this TI community.
  13. I'd always wanted to tweak a few things in the score/info panel for this game. Changes: 1. Panel and playfield fonts 2. Power meter and extra men left graphics 3. Activision logo HERO.rom
  14. I designed some new cover labels that fit directly onto Intellivision cartridges. These measure 1.9 x 2.5 inches and fit perfectly on the top of the games. They are high definition pictures on glossy die cut photo paper. So far I have made over 50 simulated screen shots and am now working on the hard to find & rarer games in the INTV line up. Those later titles will take a bit longer to make as I don't own a few of them. LMK if anyone is interested in putting them onto their own games. It really makes the cartridges pop with the new labels instead of the basic end caps they have now.
  15. I'm calling this one done and at version 1.0! Unless someone finds a major bug. The spiritual sequel and final installment of the Wizard's series published by long-gone-but-not-forgotten Rainbow software, Wizard's Doom is a new 3D dungeon game written in TI Extended BASIC with assembly language assistance. Features include: Three different character classes to play Procedurally generated dungeons for infinite replay Two dozen different monsters with varying characteristics and abilities Six dozen different items to find including weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, rings, and much more Save and load game feature Full manual in PDF format I also have a very limited print run of paper copies of the manual! If you want to acquire one, I will be happy to ship one to you at the cost of postage. (About $3 for U.S. domestic) Please private message me if interested! Only while supplies last! Wizard's Doom 1.0.1: WizardsDoom.zip
  16. An edit for the fonts in Rainbow Walker. I never liked the way they did some of the characters/numbers. No plans to edit the other graphics here, but I did adjust the sun and moon graphics a little. Who knows in the future though... What's changed: 1. Alpha characters 2. Numbers 3. Playfield score display numbers Rainbow Walker (5-1-2016).xex
  17. ] ZOMBi v0.54 beta >>>DOWNLOAD>>><<<HERE<<< continue reading for more details. Whether or not you've been following this thread :http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254360-graphics-on-your-ti-are-you-interested/ I hope you'll enjoy this. I started doing animation and graphics stuff on that other thread. Then I started using joystick controls etc.. I made a little pixel man that runs and jump. Then I added a random hole he could fall into or jump over. Then I got an idea for a game so I'm going to make it. It's called ZOMBi. GAME IS CURRENTLY in ALPHA version. Beta coming soon! (maybe) *IMPORTANT* - game is no longer playable in Extended Basic (way too slow to be considered playable). You must load the ZOMB54-A file into Editor Assembly Option 5 or load the .bin file on to a FlashRom99 or in to Classic99(8.bin) to play. (3 easiest methods, there are more) To play test, download the zip for the Source created in TidBit, 8.bin file & Extended Basic Text for Classic99 use and non-inverted rom created using Fred Kaal's Module Creator 2. Image compression and compiling made possible by Harry Wilhelm's XB256 and Harry Wilhelm's 256 Compressor - both available via Classic99. ZOMB54-A,-B,-C = EA5 files created using editor assembler cartridge via classic99. Use this to load option 5 DSKx.ZOMBI47-A ZOMB54-X = classic99 save file executable using Harry Wilhelm's XB256 ZOMBITS3-M = classic99 saved merge file of compressed title screens using Harry Wilhelm's Compiler ZOMBIV054-32K8.bin = FlashRom99 and Classic99 ready bin file 32k - copy to FlashRom99 or Load as cartridge in classic99. ZOMBtiV54MERGED.txt = Extended BASIC Merged code of ZOMB49-x above, in plain text for review only. ZOMBtiV54_source.txt = my original plain text source code created for TidBit translation. How To Play: About: This is meant to be a semi casual zombie survival game to escape a skyscraper. Play for score (session high score coming soon) Combat: Joystick up = A melee attack and is a swing attack that covers the space directly in front and behind the player. You get one attack per inventory item. Melee destroys loot. Joystick down = A ranged attack. Fires one bullet in the direction the player is facing. One shot per inventory item. Bullets destroy loot. Bullets miss everything within 5 spaces and will lose accuracy over long distances. Find the sweet spot. ZOMBiES: Will grab you and attack you at lower levels. Hold jump to escape, try hitting with melee, break away as fast as you can. DODGE: You can attempt to dodge zeds by jumping past them. LOOTING: Will slow you down, jump past it to dodge the loot if you need to. Controls: X=Quit, R=Reset game, Q and Controller Button = Jump, Joystick Left/Right moves left/right, Joystick up = melee attack - Joystick down = ranged attack. *Developer cheats for testing: Press B to advance a level downward - no points given - used to test loot balance level progression. Notes: Don't mash the jump button, press and hold. It is not possible to run over holes or run past loot without picking it up. The crumbling floor on each side of the hole? Be careful of loose gravel, you can slip and fall. Backstory: It's the zombie apocalypse. Hordes of the living dead are roaming the streets, you hear a helicopter and climb the tallest building level by crumbling level. You get to the roof and just as you make it to the end, the roof door is barred and you hear the helicopter motors fading in to the distance. Then you hear another sound. The sound of the dead creeping in and closer. They must have followed you. Now, it's time to get out. Escape to the ground floor street level. Good Luck. V0.54 changes: On Going - Optimize variables - reduce & reuse - save ram. Was able to free up 200-300k program space. More to come. Eliminated need for Melee and Ranged loot sprites. using call v/hChar instead. Reduces sprites per line in most cases and gets rid of 2 coinc checks for zeds. This also requires weapons and floors and walls be the same color. Going to play with the color and try out several different ones. Maybe give a new color every x levels.. . KNOWN ISSUES: NOT ALL FUNCTIONALITY HAS BEEN DEVELOPED AS OF THIS VERSION. Bullets missing zombies a lot more often now. Need to fix. On levels full of zombies, game is too slow to play. You can experience this on level 90. Press B to skip to the next board. Need to optimize COINC further. Highscore screen and you are dead screens need fixing to display score/highscore. Loot balance zombie distribution. Need to save zedstepr to fix all animation glitches where zed legs slide. To Do Next: On Going - Optimize variables - reduce & reuse - save ram Adjust girder and weapon loot color. Put back player damage while crouched. Use on GoSub to reduce amount of code? CHECK PERFORMANCE WITH 14 ZEDS, WITH 14 ZEDS FOLLOWING. ****super slow**** Change delay in title screens (check Sr. Falcons coments around v048-050) Mitigate known issues as they arise Continue to add more comments to source code Remove developer cheats. Running low on memory. Barely able to run in XB256 PC Overdrive via classic99. Maybe Not - Free Pass: At level 10 and below, you get one freepass to use per level. You use it or lose it at the exit. A free pass will give you 5 health, 10 melee and 10 ranged in inventory.You can use the free pass once per level from this point on. It will cost you 333 points each time used. Nothing is free. Use jump and hold joyst down when landing to use free pass power up. Final level showdown. Add SYMM to title. Add credits screen to include products used and community support. MUSIC/Soundtrack Then there's all the secondary stuff and polish. Like having Zombie death and loot destroyed animations with sound effects. Possibly redoing much of the existing artwork. Maybe change up ZEDai so they will randomly change direction instead of waiting to hit a hole. Change Log: V0.53 changes: FIXED* There was a glitch where graphics are lost and all sprites disappear during jump routines. Changed _JUMP from a GOSUB to a GOTO and RETURN to a GOTO _SPIDLE effectively by-passing any chance of creating the condition that was causing this. I HOPE. all my tests conclude this is fixed. V0.52 changes: FIXED* Weapons not working against zombies on bottom level of board. FIXED* There is a glitch where graphics are lost and all sprites disappear. FIXED* Bonus level every 10 levels starting at 90. V0.51 changes: Continued over-all code optimization. Optimize variables - reduce & reuse - focus on reducing ram requirements. New optimized collision detection checks. Zombi max speed and health increased at level 50. Alternate between Zombie movement and Zombie collision detection for better performance. Gutted out LO0T array and recoded combat coincs to conserve ram. Zeds now turn around with loot collision instead of walking over weapons for better performance. Bonus level every 10 levels (not tested) 90 - all zeds 80 - all zeds 70 - all hearts 60 - all ranged 50 - all melee 40 - all zeds 30 - all hearts 20 - all ranged 10 - all melee FIXED* zed va ranged loot no good. glitch with heartz bug reproducible. FIXED* Bullet Issues - visibility & collision issue. FIXED* NO ZED MOVEMENT DURING PLAYER JUMP? FIXED* No zed coinc during player fall. FIXED* Random loot throughout game will give multiple times. FIXED* When a lot of zombies on screen: FIXED* one of two on the same level = 1 Zombi will walk over holes. FIXED* Super slow performance during COINC checks and not turning around. Not so bad otherwise. FIXED* zed self collide get teleported to top level again. This darn glitch is back. Need to figure it out again. CHANGED - Zombies will not be able to change levels and there will be no crawler zombie due to 4 sprite per line limit. Maybe I'll make an f18a version. V0.50 changes: Fixed player/zombi collisions. Adjusted jumping animation Fixed double delay On instruction screen. Fixed .bin file issue that would crash classic99 and real iron upon load. It was a typo that made it through the assembly process. Fixed - Player can no longer hold jump button and skip across holes. V0.49 changes: More code optimizations. Namely in cleaning up and reducing variables. More source code comments. Removed looting delay for all items. Adjusted jump delay to discourage jump abuse. Increased player running speed by 2 (Doubling it). Adjusted Zombie hole collision turn around distance. Found and removed zombi random speed change at every cycle. This code was supposed to only be present when a Zombi is created and when a Zombi hits a hole to turn around or fall. Fixed Melee attack animation frame issue. Complete rework of all coinc routines resulting in huge performance gains. Number of Zombis no longer crushes performance. New arrays, one per loot item and one for all loot. V0.48 changes: Title and Instruction screens, move joystick to continue as well as hitting enter (for easy use on real consoles) Rewrote instructions for ranged. Changed girder graphics. Zeds at level 50 will fall to lower level as player descends. A lot more comments being added to source code. Fixed YAD screen goes to high score and not reset game. Fixed animation issues. Reassign charcodes to optimize animation performance. This broke everything and require going through all lines of code with a fine toothed comb. Which revealed many other bugs in the code that went undiscovered until now. Too many bug fixes to list when everything breaks. All items are now re-coded and fixed. V0.47 changes: Fixed dodging zed attacks. Removed player to zed coinc checks as we now have zed to player coinc checks. (more efficient) Adjusted Zombi attack rate.. V0.46 changes: Added more delay before jump. Added more delay at loot. Added a lot more comments to source code. Added 3 power ups to assist as things get difficult. At level 75 a health power up that will double your max health. At level 50 a ranged weapon power up that will double your capacity to 20. at level 25 a weapon power up that will double your melee weapon capacity to 20. At level 50 zombie health is increased by 50% At Level (board) 66 existing zombies will try to match the player's X position as best it can (chase the player) when on the same level At level 33 all zeds chase the player regardless of level they are on. Added framework for crawler. V0.45 changes: added more delay after jump. *needs more delay added delay at loot. *needs more delay zombies continue to move during player fall. *Fixed* High Score display between levels and at You Are Dead screens. Zombies destroy hearts upon contact. Rewrote the collisions a bit at the expense of performance. Will optimize in beta. V044 changes: Player starts game with full inventory. *Testing this out may revert to no inventory again* Rearranged source code for better readability (flow). Loot balanced to 25% Highscore YAD screen WIP. Needs a display at for actual score and test it first. *FIXED*Can't figure out why HSCORE not remaining. *FIXED* character Shooting stance *FIXED* last zed freezing when another zed killed. Zed teleporting to level1 - This was a bvuig related to how I was dealing with arrays. *FIXED* Melee attacks at far edge of levels could produce an out of range y coordinate for melee weapon attack sprite call. *FIXED* Bug in the way melee was being checked for coinc with loot AND ZEDS. *FIXED* a lot of bugs that were created by fixing previous bugs. too many to list. V043 changes: Improvements to jumping. Rewrote jumping behaviour. Title and instruction screen delay. To prevent skipping over instructions if ketpress not released soon enough. Ranged fixed (issues pertaining to bullets)- Completely rewrote the ranged attack routine. Bullets now destroy loot. *FIXED* No points for shooting zombies. You were getting points - the gui wasn't updating at kill time. *FIXED* Zombie health still at 2 hitpoints. Zombies noe have 4 hitpoints to start. 2 ranged shots or 4 melee to take one down. *FIXED* Need to spawn more zeds at begining of game - Adjusted Zombie and Loot balance *FIXED* Holes destroy bullets. - bullets now pass over holes.. Small chance a bullet will miss a Zombie. V042 changes: YOU ARE DEAD screen *fixed* Zombie walking animations *fixed* High Score displayed @death & level progression IDLE Step timer added - every (Board*2) steps, minus 1 point (encourages urgency). Bullets destroy loot Loot distribution balance adjusted - still testing. Gave Zombies more health. V041 changes: First iteration of Title and instruction screens are in game. YOU ARE DEAD screen reworked but incomplete. V040 changes: Zombie Health is now per zed. Currently 2hp. melee does 1, ranged does 2. Ranged weapons have no effect at close range and very long range. Find the sweet spot or miss. melee graphics changed. zed movement is now per zed with varying speeds. Loot distribution now evenly balanced, needs some tweaking. More code reduction and optimizing related to loot distribution and ranged combat. Loot balance issue - only guns lower than level 93 - FIXED Ded Zed - Sometimes Zombies spawn and do not move. - FIXED Zombies freeze during jumps. Can freeze them in time by holding jump button. - FIXED V039 changes: V039 changes: Zeds move! And that kills performance to the point that it cannot be played in Extended basic. So from this version on I'm including the TiBit source and Extended Basic source for review and include EA5 files and a .bin for use in flashrom99. If you want to play it in emulation, load the Editor Assembly Cartridge, option 5 load DSKx.ZOMBI39-A Gave player and zombies ability to exit sides of screen via doors to roll over the opposite side of screen. This eliminated a lot of over head and improved performance. Completely redid zed and charecter movement. It's not as smooth but it solves all colisions issues and it feels right for the game. fIXED BULLET VS zED ISSUES - SOME REMAIN. V038 changes: More code ops as I add more code. Side edge of screen glitch fixed. (Players could traverse the level by jumping and holding the joystick direction at the same time*not anymore) Much improved collisions and movement. Zombie spawn frequency adjusted. V 0.37 changes: Regained sprite by not using sprite for level exit.. Call hchar instead. COINC handled by screen position check. Loot balancing with board progression. (game balancing) More code optimizations: v37 after OLD (load): 6992 program free. 6992 stack v37 after RUN: 10606 stack free, 6000 program free. V 0.36 changes: Continued code optimizing. Also, Last version had label issues. It was a typo issue on my part using TidBit. I didn't think I uploaded that version since it was fixed prior to uploading v0.35. So here's 0.36 without the game crushing error. V 0.35 changes: Continued code optimizing. Console Ram: 24488 Program. v34 after OLD (load): 3797 program free. v34 after RUN: 2829 program free. v35 after OLD (load): 6734 PROGRAM FREE v34 after RUN: 6590 PROGRAM FREE V 0.34 changes: Added placeholders for moving zombies. Changed level count to reflect count down. Changed ExX in GUI to Level 99 levels to complete, Optimized a lot of code (Still a lot more to do) Moved development to TidBit (see source in zip) Console Ram: 11840 Stack, 24488 Program. v33 after OLD (load): 1554 program free. v33 after RUN: 10039 stack free, 730 program free. v34 after OLD (load): 3797 program free. v34 afterEUN: 10644 stack free, 2829 program free. V 0.33 changes: Added ranged weapon attacks Added more sounds Cleaned up all code comments and recoded an bunch of mistakes. V032 changes: Fixed Melee COINC issue caused by me debugging unrelated things. Added Zombie Hit indicator (Zombie flashes red when hit) Added more sounds V030 changes: Can jump while running. improved running speed. Re-Wrote Loot distribution and collision code and then fixed everything that I broke as a result. Fixed GUI display issue when ranged is full causing wrap around of value on the display. looting and zombie attacks slow you down. Added sounds for falling and loot pickup. Version 029 changes (*8/19/16) : Started high score frame work.. Zeds no longer die when in contact with player. Must be killed with Melee or Dodged for now. Added some sounds. ADJUSTED SCORING Fixed issue running across bottom floor caused by unused hole spawning there. Optimize COINC calls in regards to man vs loot and man vs wall. UNRELEASED: V028 changes: Major inefficiencies in dealing with sprites and sprite generation resolved Optimized coinc calls for better performance in regards to melee coinc detection Melee weapon attack system completed. Version 027 changes (*8/18/16) - X=Quit, R=Reset, J and Controller Button = Jump, Joystick Left/Right moves left/right, Joystick up = melee attack temporarily using just a high pitched sound for place holder. Joystick down = ranged attack temporarily using a noise for place holder. Adjusted running animations slightly. Set up weapon inventory. Entered new CHAR patterns and codes for ZEDS and combat. Setup empty framework for zed coinc and combat. version 0.26-081516 Level Progression Working with new GUI element. *Pushing Joystick up or down RESETS the game. Board progression works via the EXIT. Zombies do -1 heart/health damage. 0 health = death. Hearts = +1 health, 10 max. FIXED*Sometimes holes don't spawn where holes are supposed to spawn causing a "no exit" situation. I dunno why yet. FIXED*Sometimes loot doesn't spawn where it is supposed to. I dunno why yet. FIXED*Sometimes the player falls through the girders near or very far from the hole. I dunno why yet. New death screen. When at this screen, press any key, move joystick to push joystick button to play again. V030 changes: Can jump while running. improved running speed. Re-Wrote Loot distribution and collision code and then fixed everything that I broke as a result. Fixed GUI display issue when ranged is full causing wrap around of value on the display. looting and zombie attacks slow you down. Added sounds for falling and loot pickup. ZOMBiV054beta.zip
  18. So, a recent post on a blog about the lamented shutdown of Lucasarts made me remember two very good games by them... Rescue on Fractalus! and Koronis Rift. I played both of these on my brother's Color Computer 3, and they were just excellent! And surprisingly, I hadn't realized that they were originally written for the Atari 800 systems, and later ported to the Apple II and other systems. Which means the basic algorithms used should be very possible on the TI-99/4a! (There WAS an MSX version of Koronis Rift, but it was designed for the MSX2 systems... in fact, the screenshots on MobyGames suggest they were attempting to implement it for the MSX1 and changed their minds.) This has me thinking of a new project... one that actually is considerably different from my CRPG enough to not have cross-contamination. A real-time game with fractal terrain and full bitmap terrain rendering! On the techncial side, I was considering that the best work-around for the color palette limitations with bitmap mode would be to render the display area entirely in 1x4 pixel blocks, alternating between on and off, and then just use the color tables to control pixel placement. This would speed up plotting the display considerably. I'd also limit the view portal to around 32x12 characters (64x96 "pixels"), or 3k of display in color only. That's a reasonable enough buffer space to render the entire scene in CPU memory and then write it sequentially to the VDP. The game would probably NOT procedurally generate the fractal terrain for each "level"... the best algorithms for this involve recursive functions, so outsourcing the data to disk for loading makes the most sense. I need to prototype a few ideas here, but one idea is that the main "map" of points would be in byte coordinates, but the gameplay would be in word coordinates. I think that would generate a sufficiently "big" map. I think if a map consisted of around a thousand points which consumed 3 bytes each, 4-6k per map is manageable. (Objects on the map such as enemies and so forth would be stored in a separate array.) My main complaint is that nobody has ever posted a source code listing for either Rift or Fractalus. I'd be curious to know if they used z-index buffering or other techniques to create the main viewport. Adamantyr
  19. Hey guys, I have a game called 'Combat', which I am sure everyone has... Anyways, I know it's not rare at all because I always see copies of it at Tradeposts and Game stores. I have always been the kind of person who will fix something (if it can be done) rather then spend a buck. I fixed my paddle controllers, and 2600, they work like new. I was wondering if there is a way to fix a dead cart. When I put that game in the system it goes all black screen on me! All other 66 games I have work so it's defiantly not the console. Anybody know if I can repair it myself? I appreciate any help!
  20. So I was cleaning out my basement and I found this board. Guess what game it is. The first person to guess the correct game gets bragging rights.
  21. Hey everyone, This message will be somewhat brief, but I was wondering if anyone is looking to sell their Atari Jaguar system to me for an affordable price; roughly for a price range of 80 to 90 bucks. All I'm asking for is the console, one controller (two would be ideal), ac adapter, and Cybermorph for starters. As for a video source, I'll just use my NES RF adapter...but if you've got some AV cables available for the Jag, that'll be sweet! Anyway, if anyone can help me out with obtaining myself a Jag than what eBay is offering these days, I'll most sincerely appreciate it! Thanks, and have a great day! -AndyM1985
  22. Hi, I am David Vella from the small Island of Malta in Europe, approx 60 miles south of Italy. My parents purchased me a TI-99/4A in 1983 when I was still 16. I dabbled with Basic and extended basic writing some slow games, and soon moved on to MSX, Amiga and later PCs making software development my job. In early 2016 for some odd reason I pulled out my TI-99/4A from storage and hooked it up again. It only worked for a few minutes and broke down. To cut a long story short I purchased 3 units and several hardware such a Nano Peb, games etc... In February 2016 I heard about GPL and how it bridges the gap between Basic and Assembly. I though this would be a nice challenge, to write a game using 100% GPL. It took me til November 15th 2016 to finish the game, which is now available from arcade shopper on a custom UBERGROM cart thanks to James Fetzner. The promo video is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU9SCoX-KoY The Facebook Page to post your high scores : https://www.facebook.com/BreakFreeHOF/ Have fun.
  23. I am happy to announce the 6th Annual Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Charity Videogame show to help raise funds for the Childrens Justice and Advocacy Center(CJAC). Over the five shows, the show has helped raise over $24,500 to the Childrens Justice and Advocacy Center (CJAC) and we're convinced we can do better this year with your help! PRGE is once again absorbing much of the cost of putting on this show so that 100% of the admission will go directly to CJAC. It is CJAC's mission to provide children who have experienced sexual or physical abuse a coordinated community approach to investigation, prosecution and treatment that promotes their safety, healing, and well-being. We have moved the show this year to a wonderful venue. The show will be on Saturday, March 28, 2015 at the Cowlitz County Regional Conference Center in Longview WA. 1900 7th Ave Longview, WA. The event will be from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Directions: http://www.thecenterofthenorthwest.com/directions.html This years event is about 1 hour north of Portland or 2 hours south of Seattle on I-5. Doors open at 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Admission is $5, although we invite you to contribute more if you can! All admission goes straight to the non profit CJAC, which will be present at the show to answer further questions about how they service the community. Cowlitz County Conference Center 1900 7th Avenue Longview, WA 98632 What Can you Expect? Over 30 vendors from around the Northwest will be present. It will feature classic video game vendors, a freeplay gaming console arcade, a silent auction, and a retro videogame tournament. All this done for a good cause. Expect a ton of good deals on classic video game merchandise including video game systems, games, artwork, and accessories. In addition to outside video game vendors, there will be T-shirts and other merchandise specifically made for the event that will also be sold specifically to suport CJAC. The event is child-friendly so please feel free to bring the entire family! Further Announcements will be made, so stay tuned... for more info also stay connected by visiting our website for further announcements http://www.cowlitzgamers.moonfruit.com./ also visit our facebook event page made for the event! https://www.facebook.com/events/326631830818492/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  24. I couldn’t find a good checklist of third party games for the Atari 2600 anywhere online so I made one up. This list contains the common manufactures titles without label variations or prototypes. You can copy this list onto a single page of Word or Excel so it will be simple to keep a handy reference of your collection. file:///C:/Users/Admin/Documents/Atari%202600%20Checklist.htm
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